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$3.50 Blucher Oxfords $2.39 $3.50 Eagle Oxfords $2.93
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Neckwear Saul Wolfson ddymdsco. Underwear
Continued from Page One
Marr, of Corsicana. placed the name
of Mr. Hoefgcn before the conven
tion and G. E. Allgaier, of Fort Worth,
re-nominated President Fricke. The
vote was: Fricke, 128; Hoefgcn, 94.
On motion of Mr. Hoefgen. the elec
tion of Mr. Fricke to a third term was
declared unanimous.
Mr. Hoefgen was then chosen first
Vice president unanimously by accla
John R. Spencer, of Waco; Z. D.
Duckworth, of Dalas and S. C. Betk
ley, of Austin, were the candidates for
secretary. The vote was; Spencer,
139; Duckworth, 56; Berkley. 27.
There were no contests for the other
Revise Constitution.
President Fricke was empowered to
appoint a committee of three to meet
in Galveston at least five days prior
to the next convention for the pur
pose of revising the constitution of the
federation. The following were ap
pointed: Henry W. E. Rabe, of Gal
veston; C. W. Woodman, of Fort
Worth, and Ed Cuningham, of Lyra.
Prior to the election of officers and
selecting the next meeting place, E.
Rosendahl, local organizer for the car
penters, gave an address'.
A resolution was adopted calling for
the enforcement of article 11. section
2, of the constitution, which provides
that no central body shall seat a dele
gate who is delinquent or who has been
expelled or rejected.
A resolution was adopted favoring
a law to require stationary engineers
to be licensed.
Greetings from Hopkins County
Farmers’ Union No. 35, were read.
A resolution inviting D. J. Neal,
Pty s 'dent of the Farmers’ Union, to
visit the labor organizations of Texas
RFAI looisiana Sugar Cane
Syrup is the most delicious
syrup in the world.
Those who have tasted the pure
pice of the cane will always be
haunted by that indefinable, delusive
something that makes it so good.
Breakfast Syrup
brings this goodness to
ever Y table. It’s the pure
J u,c e of the best Louisiana
Mf ■ sugar cane, unadulterated,
y Eliljjjl snnpiy clarified. Get a can
jISsIi to ay
at grocers
Penick & Ford, Ltd.
New Orleans, La.
Open Untit 10 P. M. Saturdays
Our Ready-for-Service
Apparel for Men
Has won success because of merit —and not because of the
arguments we have advanced.
We are thoroughly earnest and sincere in our claims —
but through them we can only hope to interest you to the
point of investigation, beyond that we can only place confi
dence in the clothes we sell.
It requires no technical knowledge, no expert eye in dis
tinguish from the usual run of "ready made,” the product of
craftsmen whose handiwork is so far above the average that
there is left practically no basis for comparison.
* X «
Plain and Fancy Weaves Priced From $lO.OO to $35.00
Straw Hats For Men
The newest conceptions of the foremost makers of Europe and Amer
ica, in a collection that is well calculated to meet every individual taste, the
variety is unquestionably the broadest we have ever shown. Included are
Panamas, Sennits, lightweight Leghorns and Bankoks, as well as a supe
rior array of the ever popular split and Mackinaw hats.
in the interests of forming closer rela
tions was carried.
The secretary's second report of re
ceipts and expenditures was read,
showing that since the first report de
livered at the outset of the convention,
the sum of $149.12 had been received as
per capita tax from locals; expenses
incurred. $159.40; balance, $981.17.
A motion calling upon the State Fed
eration to donate the sum of $lO to
—Photo bv Smith.
Of San Antonio, a member of the state
auditing committee..
— —
I the United Hatters to aid them in the
fight they are at present carrying on,
[ was carried.
Thanks to San Antonio.
Resolutions were adopted thanking
the people and press of San Antonio,
the local arrangement committee and
Messrs. Nat Washer and J. H. Kirk-
I patrick.
A special resolution was introduced
thanking the ladies of San Antonio
and suggesting that a female labor
league be organized here.
Ae resolution of sympathy was
adopted in relation to W. A. White
! president of the San Antonio Trades’
I Council, who is ill, suffering from a
recent accident.
The secretary wasWnstructed to have
printed 3000 copies of the proceedings
of the convention for distribution -pro
rata among the locals of the state and
to have printed 150 copies of the re
port of the joint legislative commit
tee for the same purpose.
A communication was read inviting
the officers and delegates to the con
vention to attend the sessions on the
second Monday in July of the Inter
national Longshoremen’s association a-t
Galveston, at which time delegates will
be present from twenty-five countries
and colonies, including the West In
dies. Philippine Islands, Sandwich
Islands, New Zealand and Australia.
After some protest, a resolution was
adopted declaring that the State Fed
eration recognized only the original
bodv of the National Electrical Work
ers and not the secessionists from the
St. Lsuis convention of September,
Pro Question Cut Out.
Reference to the prohibition question
was laid on the table when the resolu
tions committee reported yesterday aft
ernoon. A hard fight on this question
resulted. A majority report declared
prohibition not a subject for legislation
by the State Federation and was signed
by every member but erne of the com
mittee. A minority report was signed
by Max Andrews of Houston and in
substance said, “We herebv declare our
unalterable opposition to state-wide
prohibition.” Both resolutions were
tabled after a close contest.
Compulsory Education.
A resolution was adopted declaring
for a compulsory education law. Origin
ally it condemned the state legislature
saying that body refused to pass the
compulsory education bill because of
lack of funds in the treasury, but at
the same time appropriated large sums
for normal schools for the benefit of
rich men’s sons and daughters, but
later it was rewritten so as to take out
the sting.
Other Resolutions Adopted.
Resolutions were adopted declaring
that the only brick makers’ union in
Texas is at Thurber, for publication of
all laws of Texas in the interest of
laboring men, asking a state boiler in
spector, calling for the union label on
flour, to aid the farmers’ union and
condemning outside packers.
The following resolution touching on
labor conditions in Mexico was
Whereas, Eight milion laboring men
of Mexico are kept in perpetual peon
age and bondage, and
Whereas, The faintest effort for re
lief or liberties in suppressed by the
bullet and bayonet, and
Whereas. American capita] is profit
ing by and instigating said degradation
of labor; be it
Resolved, By the convention of the
Texas State Federation of Labor. That
| we most heartily condemn such degrada
-1 tion of labor, the infamous methods of
| suppressing every effort of alleviation,
and the persecution of those fearless
I characters who have assumed the lead
ership for better -conditions and have
I been convicted and are being tried as
I criminals in our United States. Be it
I further
I Resolved, That we extend our sincere
। sympathy to the submerged masses of
labor in Mexico and their pinioned
| leaders in the United States.
The New Version.
I never loved a dear gazelle,
A parrot or a playful cat.
The reason takes not long to tell; 1
They won’t allow ’em in a flat.
The Obliging Bard.
“Why don’t you write a poem on
this Turkish situation?”
“I guess I’ll have to. Alfred Austin
1 seems to be hanging unaccountably
— ■ < *» ■
. Both Beggared.
“These new spring hats beggar two
“And they are?”
“Description and dad. However,
O>nv aw both used to Heiner bciraar.il ”
Baptist Laymen's Missionary
Union Subscribe Good
Associated Press.
Louisville, Ky., May 14.—The offi
cers having been elected and the order
of business adopted without demur, the
Southern Baptist convention in pro
gress in Louisville is prepared for a
decisive action on the business to come
before it during the three days remain
ing before adjournment. With the ex
ception of the Woman *s Missionary
union, all auxiliary bodies of the con
vention had finished their labors when
President Joshua Levering called the
convention to order last night. Im
portant among these achievements was
that of the Laymen’s Missionary move
ment, which declaring it took eash to
spread the gospel, pledged the following
sums to the movement in a few min
utes: Alabama, $1500; Mississippi,
$500; Kentucky, $500; Georgia, $500;
South Carolina, $250; Louisiana, $250;
Virginia, $250; Oklahoma, $250, and
North Carolina, $250. T. G. Russ, of
Birmingham, declared he stood sponsor
for what Alabama would do and the
others voiced the loyalty of their states
in order.
The work cut out for today is im
portant. At one of its three sessions
the convention will make nominations
to fill seven vacancies on the board of
trustees of the Southern Baptist Theo
logical seminary. It must hear and
adopt the reports of B. D. Grav and R.
N. Williams for home and foreign mis
sion boards, respectively. It must vote
on whether it will carry the mission
flag into New Mexico as requested by
the American Baptist society. It must ’
appoint a committee to recommend one '
of several cities making a desperate [
fight for the next convention. With ।
the chances about in the order follow
ing: Baltimore, St. Joseph, Mo., Mem
phis and Asheville, N. C. The conven- i
tion will also discuss the work of the
Bible school board located at Nash
ville and at the night session will con
clude with a mass meeting in the in
terest of foreign missions. Much money
will probebly go forward to the various
causes espoused by the convention be
fore the day is out.
A reverent stillness crept among all
delegates last night when the former
“Demosthenes of the Baptistry,” Dr.
Hawthorne, of Richmond, Va., nominat
ed B. F. Reilly, of Texas, for vice presi
dent. Leaning upon a crutch and with
shreds of voice that once stirred the
south to its heart’s core, Dr. Haw
thorne admitted hie days of swaying
the thousands were ended.
Malaria Makes Pale Blood.
The Old Standard GROVE’S TASTE
LESS CHILL TONIC, drives out ma
laria and builds up the system. For
grown people and children, 50c.
Mrs. W. B. Mitchell, who came here
for the carnival on a visit to her father,
Fred Hayes, returned to her home in (
Durango today, where he husband, W.;
B. Mitchell, late of San Antonio, isl
superintendent of electricity at the Pe-1
noles mines. "
♦ > » .
The New King.
He plunked the lion through and
With gun held straight and steady;
We yell, “The king of beasfs is dead! ”
And holler, “Long live Teddy.”

“You say that busted sport is going
to get even with the ponies?”
“Yes, the horses broke him, and
now he has got a job breaking horses. ’ ’ I
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ZETTE San Antonio, Texas, May 14.—
The cotton market was still in a feverish
condition today. During the session a bear
raid sent price? off some 10 points frem
the high, but the bulls neli their own
and the market showed no losses. Most
of the "dope" today was bullish and un
less a heavy general rain falls ths mar
ket will go still higher.
_ —. . Tester-
Open High Low Close xday
July 10.80 10.98 10.80 10.86-88 10 86
Oct 10.78 10.96 10.75 10.84-85 10.52
Tone feverish.
Open High Low Close day
May-June 5.70 5.70 5.6714 5.6884 5.71
July-Aug. 5.75 5.78 5.7484 6.7684 5.78
Oct.-Nov. 5.71 5.72 84 5.6884 5.7 184 5.72 84
Tone steady.
Open High Low Close day
July 10.88 11.02 J 0.89 10.97-98 10.94
Oct 10.71 10.83 10.69 10.78-79 10.75
Tone firm.
••• A
♦++ + + 4
Today Yes'day Sales
Liverpool, quiet .J 5.78 5.78 IO.OM
New York, quiet ....11,35 11.30 218
New Orleans, firm.... 10% 10% 3200
Galveston, steady ....10 11-16 10-11-66 —
Houston, firm io% io% 117
♦++++ + + + 4 + ++ + t
Wheat— Open High Low Close
127% 128 127% 128
_ Ju >y 112% 114 112% 113%
May 7384 73% 7384 7384
M* 69% 69% 69 69
May 68% 59% 58% 59%
Ju ‘y 51% 51% 51% el%
NEW YORK, May 14—Cotton seed oil
quotations today ruled as follows:
Close: May, 579-81. June 581-85.
We Wish To Impress
Upon You
That clothes made to your
measure and requirements
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the ready-to-wear kind. No
ill-fitting garments here, be
cause they are made to your
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The newest shades and pat
terns are here for you, at
221 East Houston Stroot
T. A. Binford, Mfr.
E. C. Sturgs of Denison is a business
visitor in the city.
O. M. McElue of Fort Worth is here
attending to business affairs.
Dr. F. J. Combe of Brownsville is
spending a few days in the city.
J. T. Burnett of Palestine spent yes
terday in the eity.
J. W. Goodbar of St. Louis is regis
tered at the Menger hotel.
L. S. Alexander of Victoria is a bus
iness visitor here today.
W. A. McChire of Houston is in the
city on business.
- Howard J. Justin of Norwood, Ohio,
is a guest at the Menger.
/■ menter & oO M 11
la Rosenb4°co. Il
Store Open Monday Evenings
MAY 14, 1909.
Cecil Lyon of Shermna, chairman oi
the Republican State Executive com
mittee, arrived in the city this morning
for a short stay on business. Mr. Lyon
is a guest at the Menger hotel.
A. M. Turney and wife of Alpine are
spending a few days in the city. They
are registered at the Menger hotel.
“Well, Johnny, I suppose you art
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