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Wm. Cleudennin 5 00
C. M. Conover 4 Co 5 00
Compton A Moore 5 00
Dahlgren, Benson & Welch ... 500
Denton Colony Co, ...... 5 00
Dobrowolski 4 Stieren 5 00
G. A. Duerler Mfg. Co 5 00
Herbert Durand 5 00
Dalkowitz Broe 5 00
O. D. H. Pfeuffer & Co 5 00
H. C. Peldman 5 00
C. T. Finc.hman 5 00
J. B. Flannery & Co 5 00
Frank Bros. 5 00
Albert Friedrich (Buckhorn ssa
loon) 5 00
Clifton George 5 00
Thos. Goggnn S Brosi .....5.00
N, 8. Graham 5 00
A. J. Greiner 3 00
. Gueassz & Ferlet 5 00
M. Halff & Bs>. 5 00
Hendricks & Fenstermaker .... 5 00
Hugo. Schmeltzer 4 Co 5 Q 0
Fred Huinmert 3 00
Harry Hyman .......... 5 00
L. Kaufman 3 00
W. B. Kelly 5 00
Maverick-Ularke Litho Co 5 00
Menefee Realty Co 5 00
Merchants* Transfer Co. 3 00
Meerscheidt & Reutzel 5 00
E. W. Mills 5 00
Ogden. Brooks & Napier 5 00
D. i A. Oppenheimer 5 00
J. Oppenheimer & Co 5 00
Phelps & Jai-Ob’ ....'. 5 00
Pruitt Commission Co 5 00
.L. O. Rajpsey . 5 00
Sartor & Roempke 5 00
San Antonio Drug Co 5 00
San AntoMio Hardware C0.'.... 5 00
San Antonio Printing Co. .... 500
Schober Tee £ Brewing Co 5 00
W. F. Schutz. 5 00
E. P. Simmons 3 00
Sloan & Hagy 4 500
A. B. Stephens 5 00
Staacke Bros 5 00
Henry Terrrell 5 00
Union Trust Co 5 00
West & Gutzeit 5 00
E. Y. 'White Dyeing 4 Cleaning
Co 5 00
J. T. Williamps 5 00
Saul Wolfson Dry Goods C 0... 5 00
Wood-Brownlee Printing Co. .. 5 00
Woodward Carriage Co 5.00
Martin Wright 5 00
Augustus F. Beidler (cash) .... 100 00
“West Gardendale.’’
Associated Press.
N*w Orleans, La., May 20.— Willaim
Adler, recently convicted on a charge
of misapplying funds of the defunct
State National bank of New Orleans,
of which he war president, was this af
ternoon sentenced to serve six years in
the efederal prison at Atlanta, by
Judge Boarmen in United States court.
“West Gardendale.”
Associated Press.
Charlotte, N. C.. Ma 20.—A cloud
burst broke over ths city this after
noon and caused a panic in the dense
crowd gathered in front of the stand
from which President Taft was review
ing the Mecklenburg celebration parade.
No one was seriously hurt.
w. e. paineToTns -
w. E. Payne, manager of the South
ern hotel, and Mrs. M. C. Quitierez of
202 Seventh street, were married to
.day at 12 o'clock by Judge Fisk. After
a few days they will leave on a wed
ding trip to Havana, Cuba, and Flor
ida points. Mr. Payne and bride will
make their home in San Antonio, Mr.
Payne to continue as manager of the
It's Up to You
to say whether you will con
tinue to suffer from Stom
ach and Bowel Ills or adopt
the successful plan of thous
ands of others and take
Hostetter’s Stomach Bitters.
Be wise today for delay only
aggravates matters. This
well-known remedy is excel
lent for Poor Appetite, Sour
Risings, Dyspepsia, Indiges
t i o n, Costiveness and Bil
iousness. Get
Last Oppoatunity for These
White Dresses at Half
But a few remain—they are of net. sheer white organdies and
Swjsses. in a multitude of effects; some daintily trimmed with laces,
some trimmed with embroideries and many fancy dresses will be
found in the lot.. .The fact that the lingerie dress is the favored gar
ment for commencement, for party wear, indeed, for almost any
summer function, renders this sale of greatest importance—par
ticularly when the prices are considered.
For Women and Misses For Girls 8 to 14 Years
.. „ $ 5.00 White Dresses for 12.75
$lO.OO Lingerie Dresses $ 5.50 Dresses for S 3 75
$12.50 Lingerie Dresses $ 6.75 ’ 7 - 50 White Dresses for #3.75
$15.00 Lingerie Dresses S 8.50 $ 8.50 White Dresses for $4.50
$20.00 Lingerie Dresses $lO.OO gio.OO White Dresses for $4.70
$25.00 Lingerie Dresses $12.50 $1250 whlte D re9 ses for $6.00
£S JSX «** **—<«
$37.50 Lingerie Dresses $lB.OO $17.50 White Dresses for $9.00
Waists 65c Undermuslins
Fifty dozen white shirt waists—lin One big sale table of these gowns,
gerie styles, trimmed in laces, em- skirts and drawers, all made of soft
broideries and pin tucks; all with nainsook and trimmed with laoes,
long sleeves. Biggest values of the embroideries or ribbons. Any of
year. These waists ou the lot of these under- a
sale Friday and Satur- A k/* muslins on sale Friday I
day for only VwV and B * turd *y at A •"V
50c to 65c Preparations o*7 —
to Aid Milady’s Beauty J/ C
!16 oz. bottle Osborne's Hydrogen Pe
roxide. i
50c bottle Lambert's Listerine.
50c jar Lucille et Cie Face Cream.
50c bottle Ricker's Violet Cerate.
50c bottle Pond's Extract.
50c bottle Remak Pine Tar Shampoo.
50c bottle Peerless Tar Shampoo.
30c bottle Danderine.
50c bottle Eau de Quinine.
50c bottle Hind’s Honev and Almond ! ___ .— —
Cream. CHOICE !
50c box Dr. Charles’ Flesh Food. f
50e box Dr. Wernettc’s Powder for, KMMK
False Teeth. ) ' J
65c bottle Lucille Toilet Water. I £ £
Ounce Lucille Extract —all ordors. 1 A U J
50c box La Blache Faee Powder. J
50c box Lucille et Cie Face Powder. /
Just a word of explanation about these Dutch Collars to the woman who is
deft with the embroidery needle Ten cents worth of embroidery floss
and a little time will convert one of th ese already pretty Dutch Collars
into the equal of any that sell at $2.50 to $3. They are of fine white linon
trimmed in cobwebby Valenciennes lace edging and insertion and are pret
tily stamped for embroidering. Ask the saleswoman in the Art spaa
Embroidery Dept.. Sec. E, Main Floor, how to get If*
a $2.50 Dutch collar for
The Economy Basement Presents a Formidable
Array of Friday and Saturday Bargains: Be Here
12 l-2c Suiting 9c.—An entire table
of Glasgow Suitings and linen fin
ished shrunk suitings in Copenha
gen, champagne, navy, white and
brown. Usual 12 1 2c quality, Q
Lawns-f Pretty figured effects on
light grounds —a multitude of styles
to select from. Our lowest previous
price was 3c. tomorrow and 4
Saturday, yard nV
Batistes —Five cases new lawns and
batistes in small figured effects and
neat floral designs on grounds of
light and medium color. Any Q
of them, yard OC
Tea Pots—English jet Tea Pots, in
fancy raised floral decora
tions; values up to 65c wjC
jG. A. R,, Confederate and the
i Spanish-American Wa r
Veterans Will Meet,
Plans for the biggest celebration of
| the Fourth of July in the history of San
Antonio were made at a meeting this
। forenoon at the office of Sloan 4 Hagy
j of joint committees of the Grand Amy
।of the Republic, United Confederate
| Veterans and Spanish War Veterans.
The commit.ees were called to order
at 10 o’clock and R. F. Alexander was
. elected chairman, W. W. Sloan treasurer
; and Henry Arnold secretary.
Sub-committees to arrange for the
[celebration we reappointed as follows:
Program—Sidney Tnttle, Godfrey Pe
| terson and E. S. d'Reilly.
Finance—L. L. Whittaker, R. G. Cal
laghan and E. R. Rowley.
Musie and oratory—John H- Bolton,
R. F. Alexander and R. G. Callaghan.
Railroad rates—L. L. Whittaker and
Godfrey Peterson.
Sports— A. I, Lockwood, Godfrey Pe
| rerson, Sidney Tuttle and A. L. Baker.
Oratory—L. L. Whittaker, R. F. Alex
ander and R. G. Callaghan.
City and county officials and parks —
A. I. Loekwood. L. L. Whittaker anri
i R. F. Alexander.
We Have the Goods and Must Have Money
$2.50 Dutch Collars 50c
the big store
12 l-9c Madras 9c—Pretty madras,
full 27 inches wide, in plain white or
mercerized eheck and figured effects
—all white—just the thing for Q
waists or children's dresses, yd zC
16c Voile Bc—Cotton Voiles, full 30
inches wide, in plain blue, brown, Co
penhagen, black and cream. You
can't match them under 10c; O
tomorrow and Saturday, yard. ..OC
American Prints — American Print
ing Co.’s Foulards, in side band and
figured effects; also in black and
white and silver grey; 300 pieces
to select from; 12» yards
for /3C
Mason Jars—Complete with porce
lain lined caps and rubbers; CA_
quarts or pints now, dozen... JuC
Plans were made for a gigantic pa
rade in which will appear troops from
Fort Sam Houston and representatives
[ of all the patriotic organizations of the
The sub-committees were instructed
i to meet at once and commence work.
The general committee will not meet
again until called by its chairman or
। secretary.
The joint committee is made up of
| the following from the three organiza
tions named: Grand Army, L. L. Whit
: taker, John H. Bolton, A. I. Lockwood,
Sidney Tuttle and Henry Arnold; Con
i federate Veterans. R. F. Alexander, W.
,W. 81oan. A. L. Baker, E. R. Rowley
land Godfrey Peterson; Spanish War
i Veterans, R. G. Callaghan, Louis Mav
erick, Guy LeSturgeon, E. 8. O'Reilly
and Chae. Lunsford.
Oapt. H. Karber was chosen officer
of the day.
I Traveling men )
like them
Black burn's ■
Many reasons why.
I You try them just onee. _
For sale by Bexar Drug Co. I
and all other druggist*.
Embroideries Worth to 30c, 15c Yd.
The biggest embroidery values you have ever known at this
season of the year. Bought in the regular way these embroideries
would find ready sale at 30c yard. There are Swiss, nainsook and
cambric edges and insertions m matched patterns; also 18-inch
flouncings in a multitude of styles. Any of them at 15c yard.
At 7c At 19c
Less than half true value for fresh, Fine corset cover embroideries in a
pretty embroidery edges and inser- variety of dainty styles —some in
tions. They are of nainsook and modest designs, others in striking ef
cambric, in widths of 3 inches to 9 feets. Embroideries you cannot buy
inches —a variety of new and differ- in the regular way under 35c, in this
ent patterns; 15c values for, yard, 7c. sale, yard, 19c.
Snaps in Bolt Laces
Dainty German and French Valenciennes Lace Edges and
Insertions in a score or more of attractive patterns.
12 Yard Bolt Worth 50c for 29c
— 12 Yard Bolt Worth 75c for 39c
1000 Pieces of Silverware
Marked at Less Than True Value
You’ll be surprised at the pretty pieces of table silver a small
amount will buy. And every piece is warranted quadruple plate—
with the Joske guarantee of satisfaction back of every purchase you
make here. Special prices rule now for we have the goods and must
have money.
Salt and Pepper Set 35c Napkin Ring for 35c
Syrup Jar and Plate $1.50
& 1.75 " 5 »i?(2.50 —(3.00
CHILD’S 1 • 9 FERN wr SPOON A** •V V
Books for the
The Girl Graduate—sl.so edition $1.19
The Girl Graduate—red morrocco $2.69
My High School Days—sl.so edition for $1.19
My Graduation —splendidly bound $2.19
I The Christy Book—s2.oo edition for 89<* y
V- ..... ' — — * — -c/
50c to 75c Belt Sets 19c
Women’s Belt Sets consisting of front buckle and back slide to match.
They arc in oxidized and gilt effects—some plain, some embossed,
others set with cameos, agates or brilliants. Values up
to 75c. but we have the goods and must have the money,
so «ny ot a big lot of belt sets go at X JF
Toilet Set—lt is attractively deco
rated in floral design and at the sale
price is cheaper than plain white.
Pieces are al] large size and guar
anteed. Usual $2.25 values, to re
duce stock, set of six pieces, । no
complete ..l.Jz
Baskets 7c—Glass Baskets for
flowers: they are tinted in blue,
green and pink. Bought to sell
at 25c; sale price / C
25c Pitchers 15c — Colonial shape
glass Pitchers, made of a good flint
glass; full quart size, usually | g
SSe. In this sale 1 3C
Tumblers—Thin Blown Tumblers, a
good quality, on sale tomorrow and
Saturday. Beautiful set of J _
six for Z4C
OFFICE of the light and ga
zette. San Antonio. Tex.. May 20.—
|lt was a peculiar market today. One
। prominent local man said:
"The market has behaved in a funny
manner todav The near months showv'l
[a sharp advance, while the late months
showed a falling off In prices. It looks
ito me Hwe there is a well defined plan
|of manipulation in progress, the longs
i forcing up the prices of the near months
| wbtl. unloading their holdings in the
late months.”
Open High Low Close day
Mav 11.41 11.50 11.34 11.45-49 11.30
(July 11.18 IU2S 11.08 11.20-21 11.14
(Oct 10 98 10.98 10.85 10.92-93 10.94
Barely steady.
Open High Law Cioee dey
July 11.34 11.45 11.35 11.33-34 11.85
j Oct 10.87 10.94 10.80 10 84-35 10.91
I Tone barely steady.
Open High Low Cloea day
Mav-June 5.8254 6.83 5.78 5.78 5.74
•luly-Aug. 5.87 5.89*4 5.84 W 5.804 5 80*4
Oct.-Nov. 5.50 583 6.77 M 5.7754 6.74
I ♦ ♦
■h*<- + + d-->4 + 4 + + + d-4->4 +
♦ ♦
♦++ + 4 +
Wheat— Open High Low Close
i May 130 130 130 110
$1.25 Dishes 39c—Covered Dishes of
semi porcelain in round and oval
shapes, all prettily decorated. Dishes
that were bought to sell at 'JQ
$1.25, oat they go at UzC
Butter Dishes — Individual Butter
Dishes of semi porcelain ware, all
daintily decorated. Usually 40c the
dozen. They go on sale at, J 1
each 12C
Cupa and Saucers — After Dinner
Cups and Saucers of semi-porcelain
ware, all attractively decorated. Us
ually $1 doaen. Choice, Cup P
and Saucer JC.
25c Tea Pots 15c—Blue Japanese
Tea Pots, with inside strained and
bamboo handle. Sold regularly at
25c. The Big Store will sell 1
them at, each 13C
July 11514 115% fls<4 115%
Corn —
May 73% 74 73% 83%
July 69% 69% 68% 68%
t May 55% 59% 59% 59%
July 52 52% 52 53%
*<s*4>4>4>4-*44*«4>4<4>4>4>4> +
♦ 4>
Today Tea'day 8»la»
I Liverpool, firm .... 5.95 5.83 10.000
I New York, quiet ..11.80 11.65 3825
New Orleans, firm 10% 10% 1575
Galveston, firm ....10% 10% 1004
Houston, steady ...10% 10% 655
KANSAS CITT. Mo , May 20 —Cash
quotations ruled today as follows:
Wheat: No. 2 hard. 130@>137. No. 2 red
Corn: No. 2. 73%@74%. No. 2 white.
Oats: No. 2, 55%©66, No. 2 white. 58®
NEV» YORK. May 20 — Cotton seed oil
quotations ruled todays as follows:
Close: May. 5.83096. June. 5.82087.
“West Gardendale.”
Mrs. N. E. Ruby.
Entered Into rest at 2:30 o'clock
Monday morning, May 17, 1900, Mrs.
‘N. E. Ruby, beloved mother of Mrs.
I Q. A. Balcom, in the 83rd year of her
j age. Friends are invited to attend the
; funeral Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock
! from the residence of her daughter,
j Mrs. O. A. Baleom, No. 129 California
' street. Interment in K. of P. ceme-
I tery.
I “West Gardendale-”
200 Parasols at $3.39
And they are by far the prettiest and most attractive styles vott
have ever seen at a like figure.. .Made of fancy taffeta, pongee, lin
en and plain colored silks, some plain, many set off with hemstitch
ing or fancy border of contrasting color effects. Easilv 200 to select
from and any of them $3.39.
Ribbon Bows
Hair Bows already tied bear very special prices for tomorrow
and Saturday.
Hair Bows of striped, plaid or plain colored ribbons; also in
Dresden effects, 47c.
(Ribbon Department—Section D, Main Floor)
Something New
In An Old Favorite
The rag doll of other days is here in Sis Hopkins, Topsy, Sambo and
Little Jap styles. These nonbreakable, indestructible dollls are aH
correctly dressed to portray the character whose name they bear—
and the costume is so made that it may be taken off or
put on at will. Get a 1909 rag doll—one of the little
ones will love but can’t break y
Wb Ite Mountain Hardwood
Refrigerators Specially Priced
White Mountain Refrigerators excel not only in the quality of
case stock and finish, but interior construction. Shelves SLIDE
with the food on them and can be ADJUSTED at various heights
WITHOUT the use of tools. ICY currents of dry, COLD, food
preserving air are constantly circulating throughout the refrigerator.
ALL impurities REMOVED automatically through patent trap. No
backward flow of gas or moisture. Handsomely embossed case.
30-lb. Ice Capacity, Regularly $14.85, for $11.48
50-lb. Ice Capacity, on Sale Now for $16.98
75-lb. Ice Capacity, on Sale Now for $19.98
(Economy Basement)
Joske Ice Cream
Absolutely Pure Qt.
The big new freezer has been installed and we are again
making our own ice cream.. .Just think, in less than sixty days
our new plant proved inadequate. But now the capacity has
been doubled and
For Friday We Offer )
the Beat Ice Cream— (
Chocolate, Vanilla or i
Strawberry, at quart )
Remember, purity and sanitation are all important factors
in this plant of ours. The pure Jersey cream goes into the freez
er and when frozen passes automatically into the can—the
hands never come in contact with the cream or ice cream. It
is just one more step forward in the Big Store's determination
purity and sanitation. I
Saturday Last Day
Demonstration Vantine Preparat’n
Come in tomorrow and let the specialist in charge of the demonstration
show you the superiority of Vantine preparations, including Face Creams
Powders, Perfumes, Soaps, Toilet Water, ete Let her explain to you
how easy it is to attain a soft, smooth skin with a perfect complexion
Come in’tomorrow or any day this week. It will be time well spent.
Pretty souvenirs to all Dainty packets of toilet necessities free to
purchaeers of any of the Vantine preparations.
Section O, Main Floor.)
Joske Bros. Co.
Tulsa, Okla., May 20.—George Com
eron and wife were fatally buwied by
the explosion of a gas stove this morn
ing. Fire, which followed, destroyed
the home and contents. The loss was
■ ' —
Blotchee, pimples, flesh worms, black
heads, are unsightly and denote impure
blood. Hollister’s Rocky Mountain Tea
will drive them away, carrying people
clear to the top floor of health and bap
piness. 35 cents. Tea or Tablets. Lone
Star Drug Store.
“West Gardendale.”
“West Gardendale.”
Walter R. Richardson branch. Wom
an’s auxiliary, will meet tomorrow af
ternoon at 3:30 o'clock at the residence
of Mrs. A. W. Houston, the presides!,
303 Pecan street.
Chlldrwn Cry
“West Gardendale.”
“West Gardendale.”
Yellow wagon stove wood, $5.50 a
“West Gardeylale.”
“West jGardendala.” I
MAY 20, 1909.
Pains of women, bean patna. or any
pain stopped in 30 minutes sure, with Dr.
Shoop’s Pink Pain Tablets. See full for
mula en 31c box. Sold by A. M. Fiscbar.
“West Gardendale.’*
We make a specialty of boarding
horses. Large stalls, elay floors, Gar
den Staples. Open day and night.
Phone 212.
Are You a Stock Salesman?
We have some good openings for the right man.
Advanced ideas along all lines.
The Equitable Life Ins. Co.

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