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Reduced for Friday & Saturday
More money-savers—that's just what it means and you know it. Econ
omy is a duty you owe to yourself. Today we present a few facts which
you can easily verify when you come. Hundreds of other bargains
equally as tempting, though not mentioned, will be waiting here for you.
Women’s Lingerie Dresses:' All Bargains
Reductions averaging more than one-third on all of our Lingerie Dresses. At the former prices
they were unniatchable values. At the reduced prices one word tells the story—bargains. There are
some left from everything we showed this season, although, of course, not every model in every
size, but in every size there are many models. Run your eyes down this list:
$5.00 Lingerie Dresses 93.29 96.50 Lingerie Dresses 94-50
97.50 Lingerie Dresses 95.00 98.50 Lingerie Dresses 96.50
910.00 Lingerie Dresses 97.50 912.50 Lingerie Dresses 98.00
915.00 Lingerie Dresses 910.00 918.00 Lingerie Dresses 911.50
920.00 Lingerie Dresses 912.50 922.50 Lingerie Dresses 915.00
925.00 Lingerie Dresses 916.50 940.00 Lingerie Dresses 925.00
912.50 One-Piece Empire Linen Dresses 9 8.00
915.00 One-Piece Empire Linen Dresses 910.00
918.00 One-Piece Empire Linen Dresses 912.50
$1.50 Wash Skirts Friday and Saturday
Enough of the Skirts and enough variety of sizes so that every women who comes will find practical
certainty of correct fit. These skins are made of a good quality of white linene.
They are cut in the new five-gore model and have three folds of the material ■ ■ mg
on the bottom, white pearl buttons finish them. Considering this is the middle ■ *
of May instead of the first of August these $1.50 skins should make a stir at....
Skirts at 12.00 Skirts at $5.00 Skirts at $7.50
Blue, white and pink linen Skirts White linen and rep Skirts of va- Chiffon Panama Skirts in brown,
cut in the six gore model with an rious styles, some buttoned down the navy and black; also in novelties of
inverted pleat on the back. But- front, others have self fold on the tan and gray. Made up in a great
toned down the front by pearl vest bottom and some have walloping variety of "styles. Borne trimmed
buttons. A 3-inch fold finished by down the front- and around the bet- with folds of the material others
tailor stitching at foot. tom in « .flounce effeet. finished with buttons.
A Sale of Waists—Reduced More Than '4
These reductions will surely bring the shoppers down in good numbers. There are many more
than the ones we mention reduced for week-end selling. Not a waist in the lot but is worth fully one
quarter more than its present price.
$4.00 Waists: Sale Price $2.98 $6.00 Waists: Sale Price $3.89
White Batiste Waists made in a great variety of pret- Practical Waists of fine white Persian lawn made
ty styles, trimmed with linen laces in many effective ways. in the Gibson effect with the front and baek of all over
No better, cooler or more practical waist for outing or embroidery in new and effective designs; trimmed with
street wear during the hot weather than these regular bands and edges of Cluny lace. If you have need of
$4.00 waists at $2.98. such a waist bny while the lot lasts."
$3.00 Waists: Sale Price $1.98 $3.50 Waists: Sale Price $2.49
This is a value that cannot be matched in a day's In this lot there are about ten dozen waists made
journey. Waists of lawn with fronts of all over einbroid- in styles that are the most wanted this season. They
ery or trimmed with lace and embroidery in a variety of are of both batiste and lawn. Some trimmed with eni
ways aud waists of soft batiste embroidered with dainty broiderv and others with lace. Choice of any of these
blue sprays. Price 91.98. $3.50 waists for 92.49. ,
$2.00 Waists: Sale Price $1.39 $l.OO Waists: Sale Price 76c
Tailor made Waists of fancy striped madras with Correct styles for outing and street wear. White
tucked fronts and the newest long sleeves. Lingerie Lawn Waists trimmed with lace and embroidery and
Waists in dozens of different styles with trimmings of waists of fancy striped madras and gingham in strictly
lace and embroidery. Enough styles to suit every fancy man tailored effects with tucks down the front and
can be found among them at 91.39. back. Instead of $l.OO the price is 76c.
25c WEite English Repps at 20c a Yard
We are able to announce a fresh supply of these immensely popular goods fftr Friday and Satur
day selling—but step lively for they are sure to be snapped up quickly. Manv were disappointed by
not being able to secure their share of the last lot. They’re the heavy kind, 27 inches wide.
35c Mercerized Poplins at 25c a Yard
We also secured a few pieces of 27-inch Poplins in pink, tan. brown, black arfd white. It is ful
ly mercerized and a regular 35c values at 25c a vard.
SILK TISSUES— In a full assortment of colors. These are steadily increasing in price, but while
we have them we will make no change. The regular 39c quality for 29c a yard.
Cotton Voile 19c Broom Linen 25c
We have a special ailk stripe cotton Voile 27 inches Let us show vou the beat 36 inch brown linen that
wide in very desirable shades. Week end price 19c a yard, can be bought in San Antonio for 25c a yard.
Thousands of Wash Goods Remnants
Faster we sell the more chips. That's natural Every bolt of goods has a remnant end, and when we're so
busy as we have been thia spring we simply throw the ends aside—and now we have a day full. Something from
everything pretty in white, printed and woven-in-color fabrics. They will make children's clothes shirts
and w some eases fnll dresses for women. A snip of the shears—the length that falls to one side has been’sold at
full price. The length that left goes Friday and Saturday at exactly half price.
15c Gauze Vests 10c
Women's Gauze Cotton Low-Neck
and Sleeveless Vests—Taped finish
at neck and armboles. 10c each.
Lisle Vests—Women's gauze lisle
Vests, lace trimmed on the low neck
and at the armholes. 15 a ejl/
vests for
Summer Drawers—Gauze ribbed cot
ton open or closed drawers for wom
en: knee tight or with a
wide lace flounce 2DC
7c Shirting Prints, Dress Ginghams and Batistes 5c
Leads in quality all of the 5c stuffs we ever saw. American Shirtings in summery colorings, dress
ginghams in the newest patterns and fancy batistes in endless variation of color schemes and pat
terns. Every >ard of them well worth 7c. Make your choice of the lot for sc a vard.
6c Fancy Lawns, a A ard 4c 8 l-2c Unbleached Domestic, 36 inch, 6c
, c Urgandies and Lawns 8c 10c Bleached Domestic. 36 inch, 7c
12 }« 2 A ess Gmghams. a Yard lOc 10c Cambric, a Full Yard Wide. 7c
i n Checks, of Blue. Green. Brown. Red and Black. 7c
Solld , or . Fa °cy. 12 l-2c 12 l-2c Dress Duck, solid colors. 10c
18c Merlinette Suiting, solid colors. 15c 28c Unbleached Sheeting. 10x4 width. 23c
5c Barber Towels, red border and hem. 3c 5c Rubdry and Turkish Wash Rags. 3c
4 c Turkish I owels. fringe and red border, 4c 12 1 -2c Rubdry and Crash Towels. 9c
Main Plaza
Every Item Below Is at a Special Pric
75c Lace Hose 59c
Women's Fast Black Lisle Hose-
All-over lace and lace boot. 75c stock
ing, specially priced at 59c.
Fancy Hose—They have white
grounds with checks and polka dots
of all colors. Regular 50c Qrx
stockings a pair DJ/C
Women’s Hose —Stainless black dye
cotton stockings that are well worth
12i£e a pair. An extra ape- q
cial at OC
Main Plaza
New Belts at 50c
Silk Elastic Belts—With kid and
silk jetted dip fronts. Shown in
brown, blue, white and black. 50c.
Moire Belts—They are here in all of
the prevailing light shades, with
pretty gilt buckles. Regit- ,
lar 35c values for ju L C
Hand Bags—Genuine leather, large
size bags, with covered frame and
leather lining, fitted with qzw
eoin purse. $1.25 values. ... ©yC
(Lenseless Photo by Powwow, Nairobi.)
Telless Aerogram from “The Mombasa
Liar.' *
(Copyrot, 1909.)
Mombasa, May 20.—(Very Special.) '
—Again has a runner come breathlessly
from Nairobi with a startling dispatch,
announcing that now Col. Roosevelt has
secured what is evidently the only sur- [
viving specimen of the true ancestor
of man, the Pithecanthropis Alalua. Tt
was captured by Col. Roosevelt himself.
The Pithecanthropis Alains was flush-'
ed in the high grass of the Wallolah
plateau. Just as one of bis party was
drawing a bead on it to shoot it as a
specie of dwarf anthropoid ape, it gave:
the high sign to Col. Roosevelt, who
quickly dismounted from his poneho
and snatched it up in time to save its
life. It is still in its infancy, age es-!
timated at about 11 years. No trace.
Strength of
Discuss Ways and Means of
Combatting Opposition at
Annual Banquet Last
Night at Chicago,
Associated Press.
Chicago, 111., May 20.—The strength
of the temperance movement was con
ceded at the annual banquet of the
Society of Brewing Technology and
numerous suggestions were offered ou
how to combat the opposition.
“We must be on our guard or be
put out of business,” declared Chas.
J. Vopicka.
“For years the child at school has
been taught that aleohol is a poison
and that it is sinful to partake of beer.
That is a terrible mistake. None of our
predecessors have raised a finger in
protest. We must prove by experts that
the men who drinks moderately is the
healthier man. Then, we must teach the
young men to think for themselves and
not listen to hypocrites.
“We don't want special privileges—
just justice. We must see to it that the
inen elected to public office are honor
able, honest and liberal. Clean out the
indecent from the business and install
the respectable element, as they do in
Germany and England.’”
The session of the police court this'
morning was brief. The police report'
the night rather and little or
nothing to do beyond the patroiing of
their respective beats.
Bill Bolding, a pegro, who was ch arg
ed with having engaged in an affray
with Horace Cutly, another negro, ou
November 22, 1908, was arrested last
night and fined $5. Cutly, who since
the difficulty has been involved in a
more serious altercation, is still at
A trio composed of Charles Miller,
Benjamin Eli and Louis Schultz, ap
poared before the cdutt charged with
having disturbed the peace. They wore
arrested yesterday afternoon by Officer
Wahrmuad in a saloon at the comer of
t Commerce and Medina streets, where i.t
is alleged they had become loud in their
talk. A fine of $5 was imposed against
M. Sarita, the man of many hats, who
was arrested by the police late Satur
day night on a charge of being drunk,
was fined $5. The defendant claimed
Extra! Roosevelt Captures
A Forbear Of Man!
i of its parents was discovered, they evi
dently having fallen prey to lions, and
' it was living on cocoanut milk and co
. coanut butter. Col. Roosevelt imme
diately adopted it and is rearing it with
giraffe's milk from a bottle, with the
j intention of taking It home alive to the
Smithsonian institution. The creature
[ is very intelligent, and has a simplified
language of its own which its captor is
rapidly learning, and very likely he
will soon be able to elicit from it some
thing of its history. The natives have
affectionately named it Bwana Gink, or
{ “Little Master.”
Bwana Gink, needless to state, has
become a general favorite in camp.
; Col. Roosevelt promises to write $760,-
000 worth of books about it, and feels
that this find alone amply repays him
' for braving the dangers of interior Af
| rica.
Pros '
by Brewers
The first peaches of the season were
brought in this morning by I. F. Avant
of this city. They are of the Japan
Dwarf Blood variety, a freestone
peach, and arc of good quality.
Green grapes for preserving are on
the market now, retailing for 40 cent a
The supply of vegetables is good,
beans, cucumbers and tomatoes particu
larly coming in in large quantities.
that he did not know how he came in
possession of so many hats, but believ
ed that during his spree he may have
purchased them or may have found
them. It was news to him. he said.
Maud Cockerell, a uegress, charged
with abusive language towards F. Hr
Hagner, a collector, was fined $lO.
Thousands Have Kidney Diseaas and
Do Not Know It.
Mr. Guy C. Clarkson, of Tampa. Fla.,
who suffered from Kidney Disease for
some time, says he was much benefited
by Warner’s Safe Cure and Safe Pills.
On Dec. 5, 1908, Mr. Clarkson wrote:
“I suffered from kidney and liver
troubles and received no aid until I
took Warner's Safe Cure and the Safe
Pills. I was greatly benefited by these
and heartily recommend Warner’s Safe
Cure and Safe Pills to all who Suffer
from kidney and liver disease.”
Safe Cure is the only absolutely safe
and certain cure for all these forms of
kidney liver and bladder diseases. 1t
is purely vegetable, free from harmful
drugs found in many so-called kidney
cures, contains no sediment and is
pleasant to take.
For sale at all drug stores, 50c. and
$l.OO a bottle.
Refuse substitutes and imitations.
Thev are worthless and very often ex
ceedingly dangerous.
Ask for Warner’s Safe Cure, it will
cure you.
Constipation and Indigestion.
coated, absolutely free from injurious
substances, a perfect laxative, will cure
Indigestion, Biliousness, Torpid Liver
and Constipation. They do not gripe.
Trial SoUl.Fr..
Oases of the kidnevs, liver, bladder and
will cure them, a trial bottle will be
sent FREE OF CHARGE postpaid to
anv one who will write ’ WARNER’S
SAFE CURE CO.. Rochester, N. Y„ and
mention having seen this liberal offer
in The San Antonio Light and Gazette.
The genuineness of this offer is fully
guaranteed by the publisher.
Victrola $2OO
•cetti listening to his own voice on the Victrola
The new style Victor.
The l ic/roia is the greatest advance made in
any musical instalment since the Victor was in
vented. An entirely new type on an improved
principle; not a mere concealing cabinet. The
Vlcfrota is complete in itself.
The sounding board surface amplifies and
reflects the tone waves, and the melody issues
from behind the modifying doors, loud or soft
as desired.
Simple and elegant in design, the is
specially constructed to make the beautiful Victor
music—clear and natural as it was before—richer,
sweeter and more lifelike than ever.
Ser and hear the rictrola at the nearest Victor dealer’s
Write to us for complete catalotaes of the virior-tw to JMO-
and of 3000 Vtrtav Records.
Victor Talking Machine C®, Camden, N. J.
To ret best results, use only Victor Needles on
Victor Records.
A cratch list of now Victor Record* for May
will be farad in Ae May number of Century. Ewcry
li cjjeawT* ** ***•••*’•’ Sedbaer’ai and June
Cor. Navarro & Houston St. San Antonio, Tex.
Other Nations Taking It Up
and the United States Will
Increase Equipment,
Associated Ptom
Washington, D. C„ May 20 —ln dis
closing danger in navigation and dMay
it transportation the submarine signal
bill has become an effective agent and
is being adopted by maritime interest*
generally, according to the hydrograph
ic office of th# navy.
The government, recognizing the sub
stantihl service rendered to shipping
by the submarine bells, has decided to
At Meeting Tonight Plans Will
Be Made for More Sanitary
San Antonio.
That the members of the health de
partment propose to have the present ।
war on flies and mosquitoes properly
conducted is evidenced in the fact that
the health officials will personally visit:
sections of the eity, where most com ■
plaint is being made. Definite steps
towards furthering the eampaigu will |
be taken at a meeting of the board of ।
health this evening.
The health authorities are sincere in ,
their work and to be sure that the pres
ent .campaign against the fly and mos I
quito and for the maintenance of the
present sanitary condition of this city |
is properly carried on, Dr. Barnitz, pres-1
ident of the board, and the other mem-1
hers will make personal inspections in
many sections of San Antonio.
The members are determined that a
searching and thorough investigation of
the sanitary conditions pretaHing in
the city be made. Notwithstanding
they are confident the inspectors are
properly conducting the work, they de
sire to ascertain that the best methods
are being employed. The instantaneous
co-operation of the citizens is greatly
appreciated by the health department,
for they say that without it their ef
forts would avail but little and much
. of the work would have to be accom
plished by resorting to the courts.
Special attention is to be paid with
MAY 20. 1909.
The most wonderful
of all musical instruments
extend their installation from time to
time to light vessels and stations on
both coasts and upon the great lakes.
At present 46 of the light vessels are
thus equipped and the signals which
they send out are of undoubted value
to deep water navigation. Canada also
has taken up the equipment of her
coasts and England. Germany. Holland,
Franes, Sweden and Denmark are do
ing likewise.
The bells operate during fogs and at
night and the sound waves emitted by
the bell under water have been know*
to travel as far as 27 miles. These
sound waves are picked up by the re
ceiving microphones on board ships and
by the code signal of each station the
navigator is able to tell where he is
reference to the eradication of breed
ing places for flies and mosquitoes.
Such places as are likely to prove the
best places for the hatching of
pests will be given special attention and
the board will do its utmost towards
eliminating such conditions.
It is possible that at the session of
the members this evening a resolution
will be adopted directing that a peti
tion be introduced in the city council
requesting that additional inspectors bs
appointed. The present work is being
carried out by tbe regular force, which,
while proving quite satisfactory, is
claimed to be not perfect. The routine
work in keeping the city in a perfectly
sanitary condition cannot be abandoned
and for the special work during the hot
weather it is contended that extra help
must be obtained.
Much routine work is scheduled to
I'omc up for consideration at the meet
Putting It Succinctly.
“Do you think marriage is a fail
“Yes; and a man's wife is the re
■ —■ 0 > — —
The latest twist in the wheat
tion is pretzels.
ROUGH ON RATS, unbeatable exterminator.
ROUGH ON BEDBUGS. Powder or Ltq'd. SSe
ROUGH ON PLEAS. Powder or Liquid, 25c.
ROUGH ON ROACHES, Powd. 15c. Us'd 25e
ROUGH ON HEN LICE. Neet Powder, 25c. .
ROUGH ON SKEETERS, agreeable in use 25*
Pe <3l* Rats, Mice
g&JySrStor rHE old
Unbeatable Exterminator
|R‘,'f Std Bugs)
I Liquid, epout cane. Destroys all adult Bed ■
■ Bus*, and prevents turtber botebtng of ■
■ their pinta. IR . 1 pint. Sir 1 «»:■
■ cane, sl.s#, K gala.. *<.oo. At Bruggnte. ■
H ES. WELLS, CbeartM. Jenny City, N. J. I

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