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The only baking: powder made
from Royal Grape
Cream of Tartar
Made from
That Is the Opinion of*Director|
Porter, of the Cincinnati
Atsoeuted Pr«»».
Cincinnati, 0., May 20.—“A1l this
talk about signaling to Mars, or even
the suggestion that Mars may be in-i
habited by intelligent beings, is pure,'
nonsense, in my opinion,” said Je’main
G. lortcr, director of the 'Jin'-nnaii
observatory and, professor of astronomy
at the Cincinnati university. “There
Is no basis whatever for believing thati
any signals can be sent from or to the,
planet or that there is any one there to
send or receive them.
“Personally, 1 do not think it possi
ble that life can exist on Mars. In the
first place, the temperature is extremely,
cold, far below anything we know of on
earth. Then the air is very rare—
much rarer than on the peaks of the
loftiest mountains we know anything
“A third great objection to the the
ory that Mars is inhabited is the fact
that we have no evidence that there
is any water whatever on the planet.
The so-called canals of Schiaparelli were
not so termed by their discoverer. He
calls them channels and does not con
tend that they contain water. I know
that some astronomers haxe contended
that the existence of these canals
proves Mars to be inhabited. T do not!
believe iU I think if these efforts to
signal to the planet are carried out it
vjl simply be a waste of money.”
THERE IS NOTHING that strikes terror to the
hearts of parents more than to be awakened in
the night by the ringing cough which accompanies
an attack of croup. The child may retire with
nothing but a slight cold and a few hours later the family
be aroused by the ominous symptoms. Every home where
there are small children should be prepared for these sud
den attacks, as prompt treatment is necessary. Do not
experiment with remedies of doubtful value, but get
that has been in use for nearly forty years and never known
to fail.
,! ! KS3S— -1 —BTOII 1 111 .LX.
Mr. Horner Krohn, of Lisbon,
lowa, iu a letter to the ruannfac
turers of Chamberlain’s Cough
Remedv praises this medicine for
what it has done for his children.
He says: "It has not only s«ved
them once but many a time. Only
two weeks ago my boy had the
croup so trad in the night that hail
it not been for having a bottle of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy in
the house he would have choked
before a doctor could have gotten
to the house. It is a medicine that
no one should be without at any
time.” Iris pleasant to take and
many children like it.
Attacks of croup are most likely to occur during the early
winter months, and every family with young children should
be prepared for it. Keep a bottle of CHAMBERLAIN S
COUGH REMEDY in your home. It only cost* a quarter,
large size 50 cents. Your druggist sells it
Carnegie hall was last night the
scene of a pretty commencement when
the graduating elass of Thomas' school
for girls gave a program of fourteen
excellently prepared numbers.
The salutatory, an interesting essay
on “College Athletics.” was given by
Miss Grace Hill. Miss Ollie Gallia gave
the valedictory, using for her theme
“The Pedigree of Words.” The class
poem was rendered by Miss Myrtle Mc-
Farland. and the class prophecy by
Miss Effie Smith. Mis Ola Mitehell read
an essay on “Summer's Driftwood For
Winter's Burning:” “America's Fn
crowned Queen” was Miss Annie Ray
Townsend's subject, and Miss May
Belle Arnim read an essay on “Own
ers of America.”
The following musical numbers were
pleasantly rendered:
“Marche Militaire,” i’ piano trio by
Miss Gertie Schultze. Miss Addie John
son and Miss Dorothy Rehmidt: a violin
solo by Miss Annie Ray Townsend; and
piano selections by Miss Bernice Barber
and Miss Martha Mathieu.
The class chorus, which opened and
closed the program, includ'd: Misses
May Belle Arnim. Mildred Arnim, Ber
nice Barber. Clarkie Denman. Mattie
Green. Vannie Harrell, Johnnie Harrell,
Ollie Gallia. Grace Hill. Martha Math
ieu. May Mohler. Effie Smith, Dorothy
Schmidt. Annie Ray Townsend. Edith
Wilder. Lillian Blackaller. Helen Eads.
Addie Johnson. Ola Mac Mitchell, Mal
tie Perry, Merle Antwright, Leota
Hutches, Undine Hugo. Thelma Mohler,
May Mohler, Thelma Hall. Ruth Jones.
Naomi Jones.
Honors and special distinctions were
awarded by Prof. A. A. Thomas, prin
cipal of the school as follows:
Art: Misses Ollie Gallia and Johnnie
Daily attendance: Misses Lillian
Plackaller. Ciu-a Lo.ng. Edith Wilder.
Helen Snell. May Belle Arnim. Thelma
Hall, Ruth Jones.
Conduct: Misses Lillian Blaekaller,
Mamie Guinn, Gertie Schulr.e, Dorothy
•‘We guarantee every bottle of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy,”
savs W. M. Parish, Palmerston,
Ontario. "Out of the many bottles
sold last winter not one was re
turned. We recommend it espe
cially for children with croup.”
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is
famous for its prompt cures of
coughs, colds and croup. When
given as soon as the child becomes
hoarse an attack of croup may be
averted. This medicine is entirely
free from narcotics or injurious sub
stances of any kind and may be
f;iven to the little ones with abso
ute safety.
more tasteful,
healthful and nutri-
tious when raised with
Food is
Absolutely 1
.Pure y
Sixty-seven National Institu
tions Quit.
Associated Press.
Washington, D. C., May 20. —Owing
to the Oklahoma deposit guatantee law,
which went into effect in February,
1908, there has been a decrease in the
state miring the last year of sixty
seven national banks.
The statement of 242 national banks
as given by the reports of condition on
April 28, 1909, show a decrease in loans
and discounts since the last .all (Feb.
5, 1909) of $635,20, and a decrease in
the same item as shown a year ago
(May 14. 1908) of 81,085,890.’ Individ
ual deposits show a loss of $721,973
since the last call, but a gain of $651,-
339 over a year ago.
Total resources show a loss of $3,060,-
865 since the last call and a loss of
$2,422,356 over a year ago.
Schmidt, Norma Friedrich. Janie Finck.
Merle Antwright, Naomi and Ruth
Church attendance: Misses Bernice
Barber, Ollie Gallia. Mattie Green. Van
nie Harrell, Grace Hill. Addie Johnson,
Naomi Jones, Theresa and Cuca Long.
Martha Mathieu, Edith Wilder, May
Mohler. Thelma Mohler, May Belle
Arnim. Ruth Jones and Thelma Hall.
The members of the graduating class
for 1909 included:
Miss Ollie Gallia. Miss Grace Hill,
Miss Ola Mae Mitchell, Mis Annie Ray
Townsend. Miss May Belle Arnim. Miss
Myrtle McFarland and Miss Efffie
Gives Portrait Bearing Signa
ture to J. P. Morgan.
Associated Press.
New York. May 20.—Announcement
was made .yesterday that Emperor Wil
' iiam. in recognition of their good of
। fleer in connection with the exhibition
। <'i Ge.*.uan contemporary art, recently
> hctc st the Metropolitan museum, haj
preamtta to J. Pierpont Morgan, presi
de.it of the museum, his portrait bear
ing his signature, to Director Sir
Casper Purdon Clarke and Hugo Rein
[ singer, the commander’s cross of the
Order of the Crown of Prussia, and to
Edward Robinsnn. assistant director of
the museum, the officer's cross of the
Order of the Red Eagle.
The German consul general, Mr.
Frankcnscn. presented the decorations
to Mr. Reisinger and Mr. Robinson to
day. Mr. Morgan and Mr. Clarke are,
Ninth infantry band concert tonight
at 7:45 o'clock at band stand, upper
post. The program:
Overture. ‘Straddla Flofow
Selection, “Fontana” Hubbell
Grand Fantasia. “Old Folks at ....
Hmie” Dalbcy
Sextette from “Lucia di Lammer
moor” Danigatti
Selection. “Martha” Flotow
<.». t
Assneiattd Press.
Pilot Point. Tex.. May 20.—Joe Tay
lor. 14 vear-nld son of W. R. Taylor, liv
ing three miles south of town, was in
stantly killed in a peculiar manner yes !
terday, He was squirrel hunting with ’
some companions when their two dogs
began fighting. Joe Taylor ran to sepa
rate them and in so doing stumbled, fell ,
and broke his neck, dying distantly. I
Some of the Things He Would’
Do for New York.
™ j
Associated Press.
New York, May 20.—“ Little Tim”
Sullivan, who, as vice chairman of the j
board of aidermen, is occupying the
mayor’s office in the absence of Mayor'
McClellan and President McGowan of
the board of aldermpn, has announced
three things he would de if he was the j
real mayor of six weeks. They arc:
“First, I would open up Coney Island '
r>n Sunday so that the poor people who
have to work the other six days in the
week -ould have a good time on the
only day left to them.
“Second. 1 would elose certain streets
on the east side to traffic during the
afternoon, se that the children who live
in the crowded tenement lupuses could'
1 have a place to play, where fhero would
he no fear of their being run over by
trucks and automobiles.
"Third. I would make a home for
New Yorkers by placing at the head of
city departments men who understand
conditions here and kuow what the
people want..”
A southern woman, a Colorado wo
man and three eastern women were
discussing the eternal question of the
attraction of the sexes, one evening.
Outside, on the balcony, four men
played bridge, oblivious of the wom
en's presence.
"In the south." said the southern
woman, "this situation could not ex
ist; the men would hurry to the wo
men when they had smoked their af
ter-dinner cigar, and they would be
making love, or pretending to; and
we would be listening to them, and
making believe we took them seri
"In the west.” said the Colorado
woman, "the men would be proposing
to us in a serious manner. Why, loot
at me! I am a grandmother at 38—
just because I went to Colorado to live
when I was 15. And I have been a
widow twice (a real widow, not a di
, vorcee); and I am a bride now. for
the third time. Western men have the
marrying habit."
■ "In the east," said one of the New
i York women, ’ men have the bridge
and club habit. They dine at the club
' together, then they go in fours to the
I theater, and after the theater they go
back to the club and play bridge till
I dawn."
i "And what do the women do?" ask
ed the southerner.
| “Why. they give suppers and card
’ parties to one another.” replied the
New Yorker. “Sometimes they, too.
make a party of three or four and go
to the theater, and sometimes they
lasso a stray man who will consent
to act as escort for a quartette of
women and come in for supper after
ward. They lionize such a man, how
ever ordinary he may be; and he ac
cepts their homage as his rightful due.
knowing how valuable an Individual
he Is in an eastern community.”
“And this state of things is getting
more marked every day," said anoth
er eastern woman, “It hi all the same
whether women are single or mar
ried; they are obliged to plan their
own pleasures and fill in their even
’ ings as best they may. without expect
ing any assistance from the men."
Now, what has led to such a sltua
Nowhere else In the civilized wor'd
can a similar condition be found in so
ciety. What peculiar characteristics of
the New York and New .England man i
and woman have brought about such
a situation? Ts it the money mania
which has made the men so oblivious
of, or indifferent to. their obligations
as fathers, husbands, brothers and lov
ers? Is it the extravagance of woman
which has driven men away into
herds, where each pays his own share
of expenses, at the chib dinner and !
the theater. Instead of paying for the
costly pleasure of a woman's sciety?
Whatever may be the cause, it is |
Perhaps you don't know how much
work is required of your kidneys and
bladder or of how much importance
they arc. Do you know that on these
important organs hinges good health?
। Many an apparently strong, healthy
1 man or woman has been stricken with
out notice by serious kidney and blad
der disease only to realize too late
what might have been prevented with
proper care and attentiop.
-Some of the early symptoms of weak
kidneys and bladder are lumbago, rheu
matism, catarrh of the bladder, pain or
dull ache in the back, joints or mus
cles. at times have headache or indi
gestion. dizziness, you max’ hax’c a sal
low complexion, puffy or dark circles
under the eves, sometimes feel as
though you bad heart trouble, may
have plenty of 'ambition but no
strength, get weak and waste away.
If you find you have some of the
symptoms mentioned, you need then a
remedy that will reach the scat of. the
disease and at the same time build up
the system generally.
Such a remedy is Swamp-Root, the
great kidney, liver and bladder remedy.
In thousands of cases it has accom- !
plished just the work you need per
formed new.
Sample Bottle of Swamp Root Free
by Mail.
Send to Dr. Kilmer A <'o„ Bingham
ton. N. 5'.. for a sample hottie. Tt will
coniine* anyone. You will also receive
a booklet of valuable information, toll
ing all about the kidneys and bladder.
When writing, be sure and mention The
San Antonio Light and Gazette. For
sale at all drug stores. Price fifty cents
and one dollar.
2 Days Specials For the Money-Savers
In addition to the 12 items quoted below, we will offer
several hundredthatarenot advertised. Theseonly serve
to show what savings you can expect the next 2 days.
Embroidery, Worth 20c
Swiss and Nainsook Edging 2
to 4 inches /W]
Ou r regular 20c W
values for 0n1y... JL
Ginghams, Worth
Fancy stripes and figures, ex
tra good value for pee]
Friday and Satur- of*
day, yard only ]
Up to $3.50 Skirts
To close out about twenty pret
ty white linen Skirts that hai e
been slightly soiled from hand
ling. $2.50 to $3.50 values.
Special for Friday x-j
and Saturday sgsa
choice of the lot.
Corsets Worth up to $1.50 Linon: Special Hats Worth $12.50
14 left out of the 60 we had 40 inch White India Linon, regu- 6 tastefully Trimmed Hats worth
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Found 0 u t Strength of Cer
vera's Fleet for Sompson.
New York. May 20. —Capt. Rochester
Cuming. Ivho, as a lieutenant, on the
converted scout ship Harvard, carried
the first news of the strength of Cer
vera's squadron in Santiago harbor be
fore the battle which terminated the
Spanish naval power, is dead at his
1 home in Englewood, N. J. Captain
Cuming, who io recent years had been
1 in command of Oliver Harriman's pri
vate yacht, was sent ashore from the
Harvard by Admiral Sampson soon
after Cervera's fleet entered the harbor
of Santiago and after a perilous jour
ney he reported to the American com
mander the strength of the Spanish j
naval forces.
■ a deplorable and unnatural state of
It is a condition which calls for se
’ rious thought and for self-analysis on
the part of both men and women.
Of course, the woman is the great
er sufferer from this social separation
of the sexes. With all, her newly ac
quired rights, woman is still deprived
of many privileges enjoyed by men.
Women's clubs are not enjoyable
। evening resorts; restaurants and bo
-1 tel lobbies, where men meet and play
! cards, are virtually inaccessible to
' their women friends, and even the
theater can be but an occasional
! pleasure to her without the escort of ।
an agreeable man.
The excitement of bridge, played ।
for money in private homes, is al
most her only resource, unless she is j
! a woman with a profession or an ab-1
sorbing accomplishment like music,
I which distracts her mind and fills her
I evenings, or is a worker In the world
।of charities.
But there can be no satisfactory
I substitute in life for lost romance.
1 When that is eliminated, there must
always be a void: and when even the I
: pleasant comradeship of the sexes,
1 the friendly associations which bring
] men and women together for mutual I
| enjoyment, are stricken out of the
- program of existence, and men leave
women to find their own amusements
.while they herd together in business
offices, clubs and hotels, what a trav-1
i esty and a tragedy our social struc
-1 ture seems!
And with such a state of affairs
[ growing worse instead of better, can
■we wonder if American women with
money buy titles to amuse themselves
and accept the man who is thrown in
, with the title, because he knows how
to be “agreeable,” even when offen
sively disloyal?
But where lies the fault of this un
natural condition? Who can point to
a cause and name a cure for the un
social habits of “busy" American men
and lonely American women?
————♦ ♦ —
If vou want to feel well, look well
and be well, take Foley's Kidney
Remedy. It tones up the kidneys and
hladdei. purifies the blood and re
stores health and strength. Pleasant
to take and contains no harmful drugs.
Why not commence today? Bexar
Drug Co.
Drs. Hassell & Hassell. Osteopaths,
33G Moors bnlldiiiM.
“West Gardendale.”
Scrofula is eradicated and all kin ,
dred diseases are cured by Hood's Sar
“West Gardendale.”
Linens, Worth 35c
Fancy striped Linen 27 and 32-
inch widths.
ty of shades. 25c W
30c and 35c values.
Wash Rags, Worth 5c
Size 12x12, fine hygienic
Turkish Wash Cloths, a
bound. Special for
two days 0n1y....!.'..
Up to $l7 Voile Skirts
To close out eighteen hand
some, wire warp Voiles, full
pleated, in blue, brown, cream
and steel colors. Our regular
$lO.OO to $17.00 values on spe
cial sale for Fri- XX O
day and Satur- ~ J Cl
Phantom Airship Has
England Up in the Ait
Newspapers Are Skeptical, But
All Print Details of the Ap
pearance of the Ghost
like Aeroplane.
Associated Tress.
, Chicago, 111., May 20.—A special
. cable from London to the Tribune says:
The mysterious aeroplane or airship, J
I the alleged performances of which have |
been mentioned, is becoming a per- i
I petual nightmare. The newspapers for
some timi. past have recorded testimony ,
of various persons who declare they '
have heard or seen it flying over the
eastern counties and the North sea.
Now this latest flying Dutchman has
turned up in the neighborhood of Car
diff, where a wayfarer, according to his
own account, saw g cigar-shaped air
ship aground on the summit of Caerphil
ly mountain about midnight this morn
ing. He tells a circumstantial story. I
He rblatcs how he watched the two
men forming the crew, apparently re- 1
ersa x Becoming a mother should be a
Mjh source of joy, but the suffering
JL incident to the ordeal makes
.I _ anticipation one of dread.
'■p y x Mother’s Friend is the only rem>
JL yJ J c dy u hich relieves women ol
much of the pain of maternity;
this hour, dreaded as woman’s severest trial, is not only made less pain
ful, but danger is avoided by its use. Those who use this remedy are
no longer despondent or gloomy; nervousness, nausea and other distress
ing conditions are overcome, v JT
and the system is prepared f>>r Emft mIS
the coming event. “It is worth M I S
its weight in gold,” say many '
who have ysed it.
Il 0U per bottle. Book of value to HORI g jH U KUkil
■II expecUnt mothers mailed free. E y B S aW
Tkr Bradfield R«f«Utor Atlaata, Ga.
. —■ 1 1
Price* of all Building Material are cheaper now
than for a long time, and there is every indica
tion that prices will never be lower.
Hillyer-Deutsch-Jarratt Co,
Both Pones 329 and 255
j F6R S A L E 1
J 1885 acres located 7 miles southeast of Stockdale and surveyed Into J
• tracts of 166 to 350 acres each, some improved and others unimproved, e
• Sell, black sandy and shelly mesquite land, clay subsoil. Near church •
• and school. Reasonable prices and terms. Far fun particulars write *
E F R NO - 102 EAST
• vnanaier, crockett st. :
• e
MAY 20. 1909.
Lace Hose, Worth 35c
Fine black boot lace Hose, all
iizei. Regular 35c
values. Friday and W ~ J
Saturday .... JL • V
New Jabots, Worth 25c
Lawn and net, white, cream
and ecru. A
two-day »ale of 25c W
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Bargain Rack
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gerie Dresses of sheer lawn,
trimmed with lace and em
broidery insertion; also pretty
skirts. Regular $2.50 to $5.50
values on m
sale Friday and Sat RJ 1K
urday up from jF
pairing the machine until they saw the
watcher when they hastily embarked
and soared away.
A newspaper reporter went to the
scene and found the ground had been
torn as if by a plowshare and various
printed papers, one in French contain
ing the technical directions and numer
ous newspaper cuttings dealing with
aeronautics. While some newspapers
1 profess skepticism, all printed details.
A large proportion of the public, pps
i sessed of the anti-German mania, are
, convinced their arch-eneinv is among
1 Girls will smile through the years.
Their eyes will always glisten with
They will never be hidden by tears.
If they take Rocky Mountain Tea.
Lone Star Drug Store.
When Women Rule.
“The beautiful district attorney
needs a little powder on her nose.” cov
ertly commented counsel for the de
“The stylish counsel for the defense
looks like a fright in that hat,” rc
torted the lady who was prosecuting
the case.

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