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The Kind You Have Always Bought, an<| which has been
in use for over 80 years, has borne the signature of
—- and has been made under his per
-Bonßi supervision since its infancy.
Allow no one to deceive you in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and “Jus t-as-good” are but
Experiments trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children—Experience against Experiment.
Cestorfa is a harmless substitute for Castor OU, Pare
gorio, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
scbstance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children’s Panacea—The Mother’s Friend.
Bears the Signature -of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
While San Antonians generally will
be pleased to hear of the success of
Seulptor Pompeo Coppini in having his
statue of Gen. John H. Morgan accept
ed by the Daughters of the Confederacy
of Lexington, Ky., perhaps the most
pleased person in the city is’ Major
Henry L. Ripley of Port Sam Houston,
whose beautiful saddle mare, Elsina,
served as a model for the horse on
which the figure of General Morgan is
While the statne of General Morgan
is startingly life like, it was the perfec
tion of the horse that caused the most
comment in Kentucky, the home of the
equine beautiful. The most noted horse
owners and breeders of the Blue Grass
state are unanimous in saying the Cop
pini horse is the most perfect specimen
the? ever saw in bronr.e.
The horse was modeled from life, Elsi
aa. Major Ripley’s horse, having sev-
Suspected of having assaulted and
robbed Esperion Sianz at an early hour
Sunday morning, at his home, 610 Za
valla 1 street. a Mexican was taken into
custody yesterday by the police and
is being held at headquarters pending
an investigation.
Sianz was found by the police about
2 o’clock last Sunday morning lying in
an unconscious condition in front of his
home, suffering from a large gash on
the left side of his head. He was taken
to the city hospital.
Sainz made a statement to the police
telling them that while asleep on his
front gallery he was struck on the head
with some heavy instrument. His cloth
ing was gone through and $33 taken
from him. He furnished a description
of a man seen loitering about the place
just before he went to sleep with the
result that the arrest was made this
morning. Sainz, however, is not posi
tive in his identification and the other
denies any connection with the assault
and robbery.
Moving pictures advocating the cause
of temperance will be a feature during
the closing nights of this week at the
tent meetings which are being conduct
ed by the prohibitionists at West Com
merce and San Jacinto streets. It is
planned to give the first series of the
pictures Thursday night.
Last night Rev. R. F. Stokes of San
Antonio delivered the principal address.
Afraid of Ghosts
Many people are afraid of ghosts. Few people
are afraid of germs. Yet the ghost is a fancy and
the germ ia a fact. If the germ could be magnified
to a size equal to its terrors it would appear more
terrible than any fire-breathing dragon. Germs
can’t be avoided. They are in the air we breathe,
the water we drink.
The germ ean only prosper when the condition
of the system gives it free scope to establish it
self and develop. When there is a deficiency of
vital force, languor, restlessness, a sallow cheek, 1
a hollow eye, when the appetite is poor and the
sleep is broken, it is time to guard against the germ. You can
fortify the body against all germs by the use of Dr. Pierce’s Gold
en Medical Discovery. It increases the vital power, cleanses the
system of elogging impurities, enriches the blood, puts the stom
ach and organs of digestion snd nutrition in working condition, so
thst the germ finds no weak or tainted spot in which to breed.
“Golden Medical Discovery” contains no alcohol, whisky or
habit-forming drugs. All its ingredients printed on its outside
wrapper. It is not a secret nostrum but a medicine op known
composition and with a record of 40 years »f cures. Accept no
aubatitute—there is nothing “just as good.” Ask your neighbors.
. . r. . . .
eral “sittings” in Coppini’s studio
in this city. She is, indeed, a beautiful
animal —the perfect type of the cavalry
horse. Sired by Garcon, a famous thor
oughbred who traces back along a long
line of other famous thoroughbreds,
which include Parole and Enwuirer, she
was dammed by a Kentucky saddler
who also boasted the bluest of Blue
Grass blood.
Aside from the facts, however, there
is a certain sentiment attached to the
incident that points out the certainty
hat the war is over for good and all.
The fact that a United States army horse
served as the model for a statue on
which is mounted a famous Confederate
general, and that this statue was ac
cepted by a committee oF Daughters of
the Confederacy is just another link to
draw the south and north closer to
gether and prove that there is no longer
any south or any north—but a reunited
whole in every sense of the word.
New York, June 9. —Charles Miller,
who has worked for $3O a month for
thirty-four years as a waiter behind
the lunch counter in the old Astor
house, resigned his job yesterday and
announced his intention of taking a trip
to Europe. At the hotel it was said
that Miller had accumulated a fortune
of $200,000 from working as a waiter.
He is familiarly known by many prom
inent men in the lower part of Manhat
tan and about his counter every day
could be found men on whom he had
been waiting for a quarter of a cent
Chronic Rheumatism.
This is the variety of rheumatism
that usually attacks the larger joints,
knees, hips and shoulders. It is aggra
vated by cold and damp weather, and
for this reason a man afflicted with it
can often foretell changes in the weath
er. Chamberlain's Liniment applied
freely and with vigorous rubbing re
lieves the pain and makes sleep and
rest possible. It will also effect a cure,
but will not prevent the recurrence of
the disease. For sale by all druggists.
George Harper, a former San Anto
nio man, who was employed while here
by the undertaking firm of Jas. T. Bur
nett & Co., is now located in Del Rio
in the same business, the firm name be
ing Harper & Betters. Mr. Harper
possesses many friends in San Antonio.
General Committee to Hear Re
ports From Subcommittees
Thursday Afternoon.
The committee having in charge the
proposed Fourth of July celebration
will hold a meeting Thursday at 4
o’clock at Sloan & Hagy’s on West
Commerce street, at which certain feat
ures of the celebration will be discussed
snd the plans outlined. Sub-committees
on arrangement will report and actual
work will be started.
Those in charge have taken it upon
themselves to have a regularly fine cele
bration and have received plenty of en
couragement. The feature of the day
will bg a big military parade and it is
understood that the officers and men
at Fort Sam Houston are heartily in ac
cord with this part of the movement.
The various military schools will also
be asked to take part and a parade
that will rival the Battle of Flowers
■pageant is expected.
Other features besides the parade
will be announced from time to time
and will depnd on the amount of finan
cial support given to the committee.
Picnics, dancing parties, a balloon as
cension, fireworks at night and athletic
contests have already been spoken of.
Benefit to Business Interests.
It is advanced that the celebration
will be of material benefit to the busi-’
ness interests as it will bring a large
number of people here from the sur
rounding towns and the committee has
already taken the matter of running ex
cursions up with the railroad compa
nies. A good celebration, such as pro
jected, will bring a large number of
fun seekers to San Antonio.
The Committees and Officers.
The Fourth of July general commit-
I tee is as follows:
G. A. R.—L. L. Whitaker, John H.
I Bolton, A. I. Lockwood, Sidney Tuttle,
Henry Arnold.
U. C. V.—R. F. Alexander, W. W.
Sloan, A. L. Baker, E. R. Rowley,
Godfrev Peterson.
S. W. V.—R. O. Callaghan, C. S.
Taylor, Henry Guyet, E> 8. O’Riley,
Henry Colenberg.
The officers are:
Chairman, R. F. Alexander; treasur
er, W. W. Sloan; secretary, Henry Ar
nold; grand marshal, Captain H. Kar
The following are the various com
Program: Tuttle, Peterson and
O ’Riley.
Music and military: Bolton, Lock
wood and Alexander.
Sports: Peterson, Bolton, Tuttle and
Parks and officials: Lockwood, Alex
ander and Whitaker.
Finance: Whitaker, Sloan and Cal
Railroad rates: Whitaker and Peter
Oratory: Whitaker, Callaghan and
Patriotic exercises: Callaghan and
The committee on patriotic exercises
was authorized to appoint sub-commit
tees of ladies to assist in the participa
tion of children in the day’s exercises
and taking part in the grand parade,
and securing transportation for them,
in autos and otherwise.
The sub committee of the IT. S. W.
V., in charge of the ball at San Pedro
park pavilion is as follows: Henry
Geyer, chairman; H. Kolenberg, Hans
Richter, C. 8. Taylor and Chas. Luns
Manhatton, Kan., June 4.—Mrs. S.
A. Robison is one of the well-to-do
business persons of Kansas.
One day, several years ago, her hus
band, a real estate agent, met death in
an aceident. He had not been highly
successful, and the family was depend
ent on Mrs. Robison.
One morning, after- the funeral, she
went down to the office to sec'what the
real estate business was like. She dis
covered that her husband had several
deals “hanging fire.’’ She pushed those
through and got the money. Before long
she was heart and soul in the business,
and since then she has made a small
Keen It On Hand
Woman’s Tonic
When you’re tired and nervous, worn out and weak, you need a
good tonic. You need a strength-giving, invigorating medicine.
Naturally, you want something of known merit —a standard preparation.
Try Cardui, the popular medicine for women. This preparation
has been successfully used, by thousands of women, for more than half
a century. Letters come to us daily, telling of the benefit and relief
Cardui has given. These letters recommend Cardui for headache,
dizziness, fainting, pains in the side or limbs, and for all those troubles
from which only women suffer.
Take CARDUI ..
Her Donations for Public Pur
poses Amount to Over Twen
ty-five Million Dollars.
Associated Press.
New York. June 9.—ln less than
three years, Mrs. Russell Sage has spent
more than $25,000,000 for public pur
poses and the benefit of mankind. The
recent investigation abroad of the ques
tion of working men’s insurance ami
the establishment of a gigantic employ
ment bureau call attention anew to her
prolific bounty.
It took Russel] Sage fifty years to
get $65,000,000. This great sum
amounted to $3500 a day for the life
time of the financier.
Mrs. Sage is now giving away the for
tune at the rate of $25,000 a day. If
the widow continues her charity at the
pace she has set all will be gone in five
years. Comparison of the financier’s
power to make money with Mrs. Sage's
faculty of giving it away shows that
the widow is giving away $2 in the
same time that it took Mr. Sage to ac
cumulate “thirty cents.”
One Convict Got Away, But Is
Finally Recaptured By a
Young Farmer Girl.
Associated Press.
Joliet, 111., June 9. —A jail delivery
plot by which more than 100 men were
to have eseaped from the state prison
was thwarted by the coolness of a hand
ful of guards today when 150 convicts
were held under threatening rifles after
one of their number had broken from
the stone quarry line and made his es
For a time, while August Valter,
the running eonviet, was making his
wild dAsh from the line, lives of pas
sengers in two electric cars were men
aced by the rifles of the guards as they
were aimed in a vain attempt to catch
a glimpse of the fleeing prisoner as he
raced side by side with the speeding
Valter, who was picked by the lead
ers of the plot to make the first break
for liberty, was captured after a chase
of two hours through the country. He
was trapped in a shed by the daughter
of a fanner who had been notified of
his escape over the telephone.
Ashamed to See
Visitors Arrive
Housewife Who So Feels Because
of Old Linoleum Can Easily
Make It Like New.
Are you achamed to have guests come into
your home because you now there are worn
spots in the linoleum? Because you know the
coloring hat become dull and the figure lost
and you don’t want your visitors to get the im
pression that you are allowing your home to
det run down?
If you will only buy a quart can of Linoleum
Lustre, which covers 160 square feet—costs much
less than new floor covering—and apply it in the
evening, or have your little boy or girl do it. it
will be dry in the naprning and the former
brldhtneas of the colorind and patterns
will ba restored.
Linoleum Lustre is a protective coating which
while it dries herd snd cannot be worn throng
in years, thus preserving the life of the linoleum
or oil doth, still remnins elastic and will not
crack or check. Linoleum lustre will rrake
your old linoleum look like new. or will keep
the new from ever looking He the old. At al!
dealers. Made by
For sale in San Antonio by A. Mc-
Special Dispatch.
Dayton, 0., June 9.—Wilbur Wright, j
Orville Wright—popular heroes.
But—Lorin Wright, the man behind
the business.
And Lorin Wright,’ brother of the I
“kings of the air,” has a big business
before him, too.
Suppose, 15 years ago, some one man
held all the patents ou automobiles.
What a job he would have had be- 1
fore him to plan the great industry of
making and selling automobiles, as it
exists today! It wouldn’t be a one
man job, by any means.
Yet Lorin Wright's business is to j
plan this very thing.
He and his brothers believe that aero [
planes will be as popular as automobiles. ’
for purposes of sport, at some near
In getting the business of the future
in hand, the first thing to do, of course,
is to protect patents.
“Practically all the flying machines
that are being tried out in this coun
try,” said Lorin Wright, “are patent
ed after the Wright machine. Howexor,
as long as we are not out of the experi
mental stage and the business of man
ufacturing aeroplanes is still in its in- 1
fancy we will not fight imitators, who !
are experimenting, but we will see to
it that no machines are marketed that |
infringe on the Wright patents.”
Special Dispatch.
New York, June 9.—Ernest Frye, 256
West Fifty-sixth street, who lost a leg
in an automobile accident two weeks
ago, is suffering a at the hos
pital. For a time he seemed to be re
covering, but one day he complained
that his toes on the amputated leg hurt
him. The doctors tried to convince him
that this was impossible, and all imag
“It may be imaginary, all right,”
said Frye, but I know when my toes
hurt me, better than anybody else
dots. ’ *
Frye thinks that if the buried leg is
exhumed and the toes treated he will
feel better.
Note this letter from Mrs. R. C. Berry, 124 N. Borke St., Kansas
City, Kans. She writes: "I am more than pleased with the results
obtained from Cardui. I have taken 5 bottles and
am In much better health than ever before. I was
troubled with female disorders and suffered so
much that I could not be left alone. I found relief
la Cardui and keep It in the house all the time.”
Cardui Is a purely vegetable preparation,
scientifically prepared and consisting only of harm
less ingredients. It’s a safe, reliable medicine.
Try Cardui. It’s the tonic yeu need.
For sale at all druggists.
“Flying machines will probably en-
I joy a popularity like that attained by
automobiles. This will be as soon as
the public gets acquainted with them,
i learns how to operate them and out
-1 grows the common dread of getting
away from the earth.
“Americans are not yet buying flying
machines. They couldn't handle one of
our machines if they had it. They must
first be taught its mechanism and how
to operate it.
‘ ‘ We are ready to make and sell ma
chines any time, now. We have fixed
the price at $7500 and we will agree
I to teach purchasers how to fly their ma
chines. ”
In the Wright brothers’ shop in Day
! ton four machines have been made.
। One was used in France, one at Fort
Meyer and two machines are still in
| storage, never having been used.
Many machines are being made, how
ever, in Europe for European armies
and sportsmen.
Just like the balance of the Quick
Meal Family, economical and safe
JUNE 9, 1909.
West Point Fall Before Its
Guns and Conquerors March
Into the Academy.
Associated Press.
New York, June 9.—While We*
Point was celebrating its graduating
exercises last night and entertaining
200 or more women visitors, the Mili
tary Academy was captured by a hos
tile fleet of war vessels which came
down the river, bombarded the strong
hold, repulsed the defending forces and
marched a conquering army into the
fortifications. The attack was a com
plete surprise th the visitors and when
the search lights on the hills picked out
the enemy, a fleet in the river, and the
bombarding began, there was much ex
citement. The attacking force was
commanded by a regular army officer,
as were the defenders, while three lieu
tenants were members of the graduat
ing class of West Point. The attack on
the military college and its subsequent
investment was a novel feature of ths
commencement exercises and was so
successful that it is likely to be re
peated every year.
Associated Press.
Chicago, HI., June 9.—Twenty boys
of the Charles street school for boys
voluntarily have supplied the cuticle
necessary to perform a grafting opera
tion on Elmer Monte, aged 14 years, of
Chicago. Ten others will submit to
the knife to complete the cure. Monte
was burned severely on the sides, back
and legs when he fell against a red hoe
Will cure, any case of, Kidney
or Bladder disease that is not
beyond the reach oft medicine.
B. Spiegel. 1204 N. yivftn.
tad., writes: Fbr over four year.twas troubled
with a kiduey aad blaildor Vuitton. Iloettma
sod was unable to wjrk. 'Three phnlftamMk.es
to help tae and t wks given no todie. Fo’eyY
Kidney Cure was rgnteaWndua and the first
bottle gave me andofter-thkiaXtSS
second[bottle I wee entirety cured."
Two Sizes SO Cents and sl,o*

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