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Editorial Sounding Like the Good Old Special Message
Days—Contains a Warning to the Wicked Rich Man and
Desperate Radical Between Whom People Must Steer Hon
est Course, Hunter Says.
The Thraldom of Names.
Copyright, 1909, by the Outlook Co., to be published in Outlook June 19,
and the following reproduced herewith by special permission.
By Theo. B oosevelt.
It behooves our people never to fall under the thraldom of names, and
least of all to be misled by designing people who appeal to the reverence for
or antipathy toward a given name in order to achieve some alien purpose. Of
course sueh misuse of names is as old as the history of what wo understand
when we speak of civilized mankind. The rule of a mob may be every whit as
tyrannical and oppressive as the rule called a dictator; and the rule of an ali
garchy; whether this oligarchy is a plutocracy or a bureaucracy, or any other
small set of powerful men, may in its turn bo just as sordid and just aS’ blood
thirsty as that of a mob. But the a poligists for the mob of oligarchy or
dictator, in justifying the tyranny, use different words.
The mob leaders usually state that
all that they are doing is necessary in
order to advance the cause of “liber
ty,” while the dictator and the
oligarchy are usually defended upon
th Ie ground that the course they follow
is /absolutely necessary so as to secure
“order.” Many excellent people arc
taken in by the use of the word “lib
erty” at the one time, and the use
of the word “order” at the other, and
ignore the simple fact that despotism
is depotism, tyranny tyranny, oppres
sion oppression, whether committed by
one individual or by many individuals,
by a state or by a private corporation.
We in this country have be?n very
fortunate. Thanks to the teaching and
the practice of the men whom we most
revere as leaders, of the men like
Washington and Lincoln, we have hith
erto escaped the twin gulfs of despot
ism and mob rule, and we have never
been in any danger from the worst
forms of religious bitterness. But we
should therefore be all the more care
ful, as we deal with our industrial aud
social problems, not to fall into mis
takes similar to those which have
brought lasting disaster on less fortun
ately situated peoples.
* • •
First and foremost we must stand
firmly on a basis of good sound ethics.
We intend to do what is right for the
ample and sufficient reason that it is
right. If business is hurt by the stern
exposure of crookedness and the re
sult of efforts to punish the crooked
man, then business must be hurt, even
though good men are involved in the
hurting, until it so adjusts itself that
it is possible to prosecute wrong doing
without stampeding the business com
munity into a terror-strieken defense
of the wrong-doers and an angry as
sault upon those who have exposed
them. On the other hand, we must be-
“Texas Pride”
It may not have
made a city fam
ous buthas earned
an enviable repu
tation for excellence.
I ware, above all things, of being misled
। by wicked or foolish men who would
i condone homicide and violence, and
. apologize for the dynamiter and the
assassin because, forsooth, they choose
I to take the ground that crime is no
crime if the wicked man happens also
|to have been a shiftless'and unthrifty
or lazy man who has never amassed
property. It is essentiai”that we should
wrest the control of the government
out of the hands of rich men who use it
for unhealthy purposes, and should
keep it ont of their hands; and to this
end the first requisite is to provide
means adequately to deal with corpora
tions, which are essential to modern
business, but which, under the decisions
of the courts, and because of the short
sightedness of the public, have become
the chief factors in political and
business debasement. But it would be
i just as bad to put' the control of the
j government into the hands of dema-
I gogues and visionaries who seek to
I pander to ignorance and prejudice by
1 penalizing thrift and business enter-
I prise, and ruining all men of means,
with, as an attendant result, the ruin
of the entire community. The tyranny
of politicians with a bureaucracy be
hind them and a mass of ignorant peo
ple supporting them would be just as
insufferable as the tyranny of big cor
« • «
The sinister and adroit reactionary,
the sinister and violent radical, are
alike in this, that each works in the
end for the destruction of the cause
that he professedly champions.
• • •
It has been shown beyond power of
refutation that unrestricted individual
ism, for instance, means the destruction
of our forests and our water supply.
The dogma of “individualism” cannot
be permitted to interfere with the duty
of a great city to see that householders.
Smyrna Exporters Send Ex
cess Bill of Lading, Low Qual
ity Goods and Short Weight.
Associated Press..
Washington. Jnne 19.—'“Look out for
an organized band of swindlers,” is
the warning sounded by Vice Consul
General E. A. Magnified at Smyrna,
Asiatic Turkey, in a report on the
pecuniary losses sustained by a number
of American business houses through
dishonest methods of the “Black
Band” at Smyrna. It is estimated
that $250,000 has been fraudulently ob
tained from European firms by the
Black Band during the last ten years
and officially published warnings in
Englund and Germany have had a salu
tary effect there. The members of the
band were recently released from prison
where they served sentences for fraud
practiced upon European firms through
practically a boycott by the steamship
“They are now practicing on Ameri
can importers,” says the vice consul,
“and I have received complaints from
American firms swindled in the most,
shameful manner. The various cham
bers of commerce in the United States
should warn importers to refrain from
dealing with the members of the
The names have been furnished to the
bureau of manufacturers. The swindling
is in the way of sending bills of lading
in excess of real value of shipments,
shipping raw material from Turkey of
lower quality than ordered and short
Signed Contract for Books, But
Didn't Know Cost.
Associated Press,
New York, June 19.—Mrs. Mary Low
Dickinson, the venerable authoress and
founder of the International Order of
King’s Daughters, is quite ill at her
home here, it was announced today,
following a law suit in which a judg
ment for $lO,OOO was given against her
recently in favor of a Boston publish
(ing house. The friends of Mrs. Dickin
-1 son, learning of her illness, because of
worry over the law suit, took up the
matter and as a result a rehearing of
tho case has been granted by the courts
and is scheduled to start on Monday,
but it is not likely that Mrs. Dickinson
will he able to leave her home then.
The suit was the outcome of a mis
understanding, the famous writer and
teacher having signed a contract to pur
chase a de luxe edition of foreign au
thors and at the same time had no
thought that the price would be any
where near what was eventually de
We are an aware that your husband
is the busiest man in the city. You
must insist on his giving up one hour
of his valuable time to enable us to
show him our beautiful acre farm addi
tion in West Gardendale, just beyond
the city limits. Your husband will bny
after seeing it. Everybody does. In
sist on his going today.
Grand Opera House Bldg.
small as well as big, live in decent and
healthy buildings, drink jgood water
and have the streets adequately lighted
and kept clean. Individual initiative,
the reign of individualism may be
crushed out just as effectively by the
unchecked growth of private monopoly
if the state does not interfere at all,
as it would be crushed out under com
munism, or as it would disappear, to
gether with everything else that makes
life worth living, if we adopted the
tenets of the extreme socialists.
In 1896 the party of discontent met
with a smashing defeat for the very
reason that, together with legitimate
attacks on real abuses, they combined
wholly illegitimate advocacy even of
the methods of dealing with these real
abuses, and in addition stood for abuses
of their own which, in far-reaching
damage, would have cast quite into
the shade the effects of the abuses
against which they warred. It was
essential both to the material and
moral progress of the country that
these forces should be beaten; and
beaten they were, overwhelmingly.
It would be easy to name several big
| corporations, each one of which has
i within its sphere crushed out all com
petition, so as to make, not only its
rivals, but its customers, as dependent
upon it as if the government had as
sumed complete charge of the product.
It would, in my judgment, be a very
unhealthy thing for the government
| thus to assume complete charge; but
it is even more unhealthy to permit a
private monopoly thus to assume it.
There must be law to control the big
men. and therefore especially the big
corporations, in the industrial world, iu
the interest of our industrial democracy
of today. This law must be efficient,
and therefore it must be administered
by executive officers, and not by law
suits in the courts. If this is not done,
the agitation to increase out of all
measure the share of the government
in this work will receive an enormous
Seventeen of Forty Patients
Resuscitated After Death En
sued and Nine Recover,
Associated Press.
New York, June 19.—Forty-five per
sons who have died recently form the
basis of a most remarkable report on
bringing the dead back to life, accord
ing to the Medical Record.
Of the forty-five cases treated under
the new theory of manipulating the
heart by the hand, seventeen patients
were resuscitated, nine with complete
recovery. The remaining eight died,
after a short time. Forty of the cases
treated are said to have been due to
the anesthetic administration. The re
port says that in each instance imme
diately after death ensued or not more
than five minutes afterward, the chest
was opened and the heart was given a
direct application of manual massage.
“After the chest cavity had been
opened, the hand is forced in and the
heart is grasped and pushed toward tho
anterior thoracic wails, according to
the Medical Record, “and the ventricles
are squeezed rhythmically at about nor
mal beats. Sometimes fifteen minutes
elapse before any response is obtained.
During all this time assistants should
be busy with artificial respiration, sa
line and adrenalin infusions, tongue
traction, intubation or trachaeotomy
and elevation of the pelvis and legs.”
Aged Couple Make Deeds
Without Conditions.
Associated Press.
Galesburg, 111., June 19.—Dr. Thos.
McClelland of Knox college, announces
the gift of practically their entire es
tate to Knox college by Dr. and Mrs.
J. V. N. Standish, widely known in
educational circles. Deeds without con
ditions were given by them to the col
lege for their home residence and for
Chicago property, altogether estimated
to be worth $85,000 to $lOO,OOO.
Dr. and Mrs. Standish, who are octo
genarians, wished to make final disposi
tion of their estate before leaving for
For many years Dr. Standish was
connected with the Lombard oaUege
and had been its president.
Comes Here From Floresville
to Consult Physician.
Sheriff Will L. Wright of Floresville,
who was stabbed near the heart by Re
fugiS Juareque while preparations were
being made to hang Juareque on June
11, arrived in tho city this morning
for the purpose of consulting a physi
cian relative to his wound.
Sheriff Wright’s wound continues to
give him trouble, but it is not consid
ered serious.
Associated Press.
Washington, June 19. —In succession
to Rev. Edward Hale, deceased, Rev.
Ulysses Pierce, pastor of All Souls Uni
tarian church of this city, has been des
ignated by a senate resolution to act as
chaplain until otherwise ordered.
Pierce is pastor of the church the presi
dent attends.
Associated Press.
Biloxi, Miss., June 19.—Alleging her
daughter had been wrongfully expelled
from the public schools in this city,
Mrs. Bradford has brought suit for
$5OOO damages against J. K. Boggan.
superintendent of schools here. The
husband of the plaintiff is a member of
the school board.
So Tired
It may be from overwork, but
the chances are its from an in
active LIVER —-
With a well conducted LIVER
one can do mountains of labor
without fatigue.
It adds a hundred per cent to
ones earning capacity.
It can be kept in healthful actloa
by, and only by
, What is Castoria.
ASTORIA is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops aun
Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor
other Narcotic substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms and allays
Feverishness. It cures Diarrhaa and Wind Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles,
cures Constipation and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the Stomach
and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. The children’s Panacea—-The
Mother’s Friend.
The Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has been in use for over
SO years, has borne the signature of Chas. H. Fletcher, and has been made under
his personal supervision since its infancy. Allow no one to deceive you in thin
All Counterfeits, Imitations and “ Just-as-good ” are but Experiments that trifle with
and endanger the health of Infants aud Children —Experience against Experiment.
01 Willi CANAL
That Is Cause of Difficulty of
Ship In Clearing.
Associated Press.
Washington, June 19.—Officials of
the Isthmian Canal commission in
Washington are not surprised at the
difficulty which the Cuban steamer
Oteri has met in trying to clear from
Colon for Brazil.
Both the United States and Panama
are anxious to prevent the embarkation
of laborers on the canal zone and the
action of the Panama government is an
evidence to the officials that she is try
ing ont in good faith, the decree of
President Obaldia forbidding the mak
ing of contracts with laborers on the
canal to perform services in other coun
The Isthmian Canal commission has
been handicapped to some extent by the
departure of laborers and the decree
made by President Obaldia met with
hearty approval. Panama feels that
her interests are linked with those of
the United States in the construction of
the cnnal and thinks that the commis
sion is entitled to the protection which
the decree accords.
We make a specialty of boarding
horses. Large stalls, clay floors, Garden
Stables. Open day and night. Phone 212.
Associated Press.
New York, June 19. —Emma Gold
man, in a speech last night in Hoboken,
advised dissatisfied bakers not to
strike, but to stay at work and to leave
the salt out of their bread. The re
sultant cramps in the bourgeois stom
ach, she believed, would stimulate
She denied that anarchy taught its
followers to carry bombs and revolvers
or that it preached murder.
Weary Looking Woman (at the
front door): What is it#
Canvasser: I am taking a school cen
Weary Looking Woman: Well, this
isn’t a school; it’s juw a large family.
“Do you ever get siek at seal”
“Never.” ’
“How do you manage itl”
“I don’t go to sea.”
Letters from Prominent Physicians
addressed to Chas. H. Fletcher;
Dr. F. Gerald Blattner, of Buffalo, N. Y., wys: "Your Caatoria Is good
for children and I frequently prescribe it, always obtaining the desired
Dr. Gustavo A. Elsengraeber, of St. Paul, Minn., says: "I have need
your Castoria repeatedly in my practice with good results, and can recom
mend it as an excellent, mild and harmless remedy for children.”
Dr. E. J. Dennis, of St. Louis, Mo., says: "I have used and prescribed
your Castoria in my sanitarium and outside practice for a number of years
and find it to be an excellent remedy for children.”
Dr. S. A. Buchanan, of Philadelphia, Pa., says: "I have used your Cas
toria in the case of my own baby and find it pleasant to take, and have
obtained excellent results from its use.”
Dr. J. E. Simpson, of Chicago, 111., says: "I have used your Castoria In
eases of oollc in children and have fouxM it the best medicine of its kind
on the market.”
Dr. R. E. of Omaha, Neb., says: "I find your Castoria to be a
Standard family remedy. It is the best thing for infants and children 1
have ever known and I recommend IL”
Dr. L. R. Robinson, of Kansas City, Mo., says: "Your Castoria certainly
has merit Is not its age, its continued use by mothers through all these
years, and the many attempts to imitate it sufficient recommendations
What can a physician add? Leave it to the mothers.”
Dr. Edwin F. Pardee, of New York City, says: "Fer several years I have
recommended your Castoria and shall always continue to do so, as it has
Invariably produced beneficial results.”
Dr. N. B. Sizer, of Brooklyn, N. Y, says: "I object to what are called
patent medicines, where maker alone knows what ingredients are put Im
them, but I know the formula of your Castoria and advise its use.” ,
The Kind You fave Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
twc tv ■vnray emerr. new oitv>
Des Moines Woman Pleads In
Vain to Retain It.
Associated Press.
Des Moines, la., June 19.—Because
her wooden leg had been listed as
household property, Mrs. Charles Har
riding was compelled to unstrap the me
chanical member at the knee and lay it
on top of the other humble household
goods which were being carted away un
der a mortgage foreclosure. Sobbing,
Mrs. Harriding pleaded with the loan
company to leave her the wooden leg
as she would be helpless without it, but
hor entreaties were in vain.
Found It Couldn't Be Driven
Eighteen Miles an Hour.
Associated Press.
Chicago. June 19.—“ I’ll give you
that machine if it will run eighteen
miles an hour or more,” declared Louis
V. Deb, president of the Metallic Man
ufacturing company, to Policeman
Smithwick, who had just told Judge
Scovel that he had timed Deb’s chauf
feur with a stop watch and found he
was running 18 3-4 mile* an hour. The
policeman smiled and took the car to
Washington boulevard with a chauffeur
and a timer for a teat. He returned
within an hour and ruefully reported
san fl n ton io Commission Qo.
Commissions executed on all sporting events. Direct private wires
te Denver, Latonia and Canadian tracks.
JUNE ip, 1909.
Trip Is Merely for Pleasure and
to See Sights.
Associated Press.
Chicago, June 19.—Mrs. J. R. Ra»
sey, driving a four cylinder touring car,
arrived here yesterday from New York
and will continue her tour to San Fran
cisco on Monday. She is accompanied
by three feminine friends.
“Our journey is entirely for pleas
ure and sight-seeing,” said Mrs. Ram
sey. “We left New York city a week
ago Wednesday and have been taking
it easy. We expect to reach the coast
about the first of August.
“We have been making about 100
miles a day.”
that the machine could not run more
than ten miles an hour.
“Discharged,” said the court and
Deb’s chauffeur drove off with the low
gear, one cylinder automobile.
The real difference in men is not the
laek of opportunity, but the lack of ca
pacity to discern opportunity and power
to take advantage of opportunity. Buy
West Gardendale farms NOW.
Grand Opera House Bldg.
-4 > a
Persons interested in the estate of
Dominga Quintana, deceased, will take
notice that the undersigned duly qual
ified as executor and executrix, te
snectively, of said estate on the first
day of June, A. D. 1909. Personshaving
claims against said estate will present
thorn to the undersigned within the
time prescribed by law. Our postoffice
address is 317 South Flores street, San
Antonio, Tex.

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