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HfiftCP 9 Then you know a.bout getting rid of things that take up veJueible space. You are
* — willing to almost give them away. You say they will do somebody else more good
... w« nK V wr a. wwes ZZZ .aa . 7 than they’ll do you, so you bundle them up and get them out of the house. WE ARE
IN PRECISELY THE SAME FIX and Monday and Tuesday we are going to part company with quantities of goods at such COMICALLY LOW
PRICES thea it is JUST LIKE GIVING THEM AWAY. WE HIVE LESOLVED THEY MUST GO. Theyare not going to be packedupT and they are
not going to occupy our shelves a day longer, we have other uses for our shelves. Fall stocks are beginning to arrive and we need room for them, so for
the enterprising shopper who comes here early tomorrow, there will be a festival of pick-ups. That is if they come in time.
Princess Dresses
Princess Dresses—panel fronts, nicely trimmed, all pastel shades.
$6.00 Princess Dresses now t $3.98
$B.OO Princess Dresses now.. 5.98
$lO.OO Princess Dresses now 6.98
$12.00 Princess Dresses now 7.98
A large line of ladies’ and misses’ Jumper Suits, trimmed 4
in the latest styles, in button and lace. Going at a cut price | X
Just received, 500 ladies’ Waists, the latest styles, nicely made, long
sleeves. They are made of India linons and lingerie fabrics,
embellished with embroideries, laces and pin tucks. Worth SC
I three times the money. Going at a cut price. Only XVV
Ladies* Skirts
All our Voile and Panama Skirts at the following prices?
$3.00 Ladies’ Panama Skirts. $1.98
$5.00 Ladles’ Panama Skirts. 2.98
$6.00 Ladies’ Panama Skirts. 3.98
$B.OO Ladies’ Voile Skirts 5.98
$9.50 Ladies’ Voile Skirts 6.98
$12.50 Ladies’ Voile Skirts... 8.98
Our Hats must move! Listen to us. Our millinerv trade is immense
and to fill the demands of our trade it is necessary to buy dozens of each
and every article. Whereas, millinery stores buy a third or quarter of a
dozen each and thereby lose the advantage that we gain in buying in large
quantities. When we buy low our patrons get the benefit. Hence these
prices, which are half:
$5.00 Trimmed Hats now .$2.48
$6.00 Trimmed Hats now A 3.00
$7.00 Trimmed Hats now 3.50
$B.OO Trimmed Hats now 4.00
$lO.OO Trimmed Hats now_ u 5.00
$12.00 Trimmed Hats now 6.00
Kaufman’s Department Store
Mother Forgets Her 4-Year-Old,
Leaving Him on a Street Car
San Antonio is getting to be a real
modern little city. Another evidence
of the modernity of the'old town came
to light yesterday when a mother on a
Sap street car alighted on Houston
street and left, her 4-yearold boy sit
ting comfortably on one of the front
seats. <,. ...
Now in Houston, Dallas and other lit
tle old-fashioned Texas towns the
mothers always take their kids with
them when they get off the cars.
But this little chap wasn’t any more
worried over the situation than his
mother was. He sat up on the seat and
watched the choo-choo wagons chug,
and enjoyed the ringing up of the fares
hugely and apparently wasn't bothered
over anything when the conductor dis
covered him.
When the brass-buttoned man asked
the kid who he belonged to, the answer
was prompt, if rather vague.
“Mamma,” was the answer.
$l.OO Package
Free To All
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Foso Quickly Removes Dandruff,
Stops Falling Hair and Itching Scalp,
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Men whose hair or beards or straggling
or all gone, women whose tresses have
h»en thinned by fever or hair falling out
requiring the use of switches; little chil
dren. boys and girts whose hair is coarse
and unruly, all find in this great remedy
just the relief that they want
I don't ask you to take my word for
it. Fill out free coupon below and mad
today for a free $l.OO package that will
- -ov« all I claim.
“Where is your mamma!” asked the
eon ductor.
The youngster waved his arm !n four
different directions with an air of final
ity peculiar to 4yearolds.
Not knowing what else to do with
him, the conductor turned the kid in
at the Traction company's office like
he was a worn-out umbrella or a laundry
girl's lunch that had been left on the
The kid took a distinct liking to the
inspector in charge and adopted him
on sight. He was a bright little fellow,
who had evidently been taught just
where he lived as a protection against
just such a contingency.
The inspector, who, by the way, is
somewhat of a Sherlock Holmes him
self, figured it out all by himself that
as the kid was left on the Sap car he
must live out that way somewhere. So
the two of them, who were fast friends
by this time, boarded the next south-
Free $l.OO Package Coupon.
Fill in your name and address ,on
the blank lines below, cyt out the Cou
pon and mail to X F. Stokes. Mgr..
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close ten cents in stamps or silver as
an evidence of good faith and to help
cover packing, postage, etc , and a full
$l.OO package will be sent you at once
by mail prepaid free of charge.
Give full address —write plainly.
Ladies* Coat Suits
All of our fine linen fancy trimmed Suits, in all colors:
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Children's Dresses
A large assortment of children's Dresses, all sizes and colors. Something
you should not overlook, as they are money savers. You can buy them
cheaper ready made than the cost of the material. Very stylish. Made
of dotted Swiss, lingerie, batiste, trimmed with laces and W J
embroideries. Going at a cut price, from 50c to as high fl X
A lot of children’s Rompers and Russian Blouses going at a JO
cut price, from-48c to •
Men’s Suits
Our entire stock of men's Clothing now on sale at great reductions.
The entire line of high-grade clothing must go at these reduction prices,
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est up-to-date styles; made of cassi meres, serges, plaids, stripes and solid
All $lO.OO Men’s Summer Suits at $6.48
All $ll.OO Men’s Summer Suits at. 7.98
All $12.00 Men’s Summer Suits at 8.48
All $14.00 Men’s Summer Suits at. 9.48
All $15.00 Men’s Summer Suits at 10.48
AH $16.00 Men’s Summer Suits at 12.98
All $22.00 Men’s Summer Suits at 14.48
All $25.00 Men’s Summer Suits at 15.98
Men’s Extra Size Blue Linen Suits Must Go at $4.48
' bound car and started home. When
Guenther street was reached the young-
I ster remembered that here was the get-
I ting off place, and he promptly led his
* adopted protector to his home.
Some time later, when the frantic
mother, who had happened to rejnem
ber about the kid, rushed into the
Traction office, she was told by the
officials that her baby had been sent
home and forgotten about by that time.
Oh, yes—-San Antonio has an evi
dence every day that it is sure getting
to be a modern city.
Many Visits
From the Stork
Last Month
The stork visited 119 homes in San
Antonio during July, according to the
reports on file in the office of the
health oepartment. The birth recorl for
the mouth is the largest showing ever
made in the city, the previous record
having been 103 births.
This number is expected to be mate
rially swelled, as it is customary 'for
many reports to reach the office dur
ing the first week following the end
ing of each month. The number of male
births during the month is given as 57
and females <52. Of the total births, 8
wert of colored parentage.
Reckoning without the newspapers
cost Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Van Meter,
j the bride, a San Antonio girl, the loss
jof a secret, but brought them con
gratulations that could not have been
more complete had the secret held un
til voluntarily divulged.
April 25, Miss Sophie Knoll, daugh
ter of Mrs. A. Knoll, 113 South Mes
quite street, left here for Oklahoma,
where she accepted a position as book
keeper in the Western Union offices.
Here she met P. H. Van Meter, a mem
ber of the force of telegraphers, to
whom she ws married over two months
The marriage was kept a secret, but
a wepk ago Mrs. Knoll, while glancing
, over an old copy of an Oklahoma City
paper, noticed her daughter’s and Mr.
Van Meter’s name in the list of those
to whom marriage licenses had been
issued. Correspondence brought out the
full story.
Balloon on Long Trip.
Associated Press.
Friedrichshafen. July 31.—The dirigi
ble balloon Zeppelini started from here
at 3:40 o'clock this morning to sail to
the I-rankfort air navigation exposi
tion. a distance of 220 miles, according:
to the route laid out. The moon was 1
shining brightly and the weather was;
, H. Collard Denies Anti-For
eign Sentiment Exists.
J. H. Collard, of this city, who has
.pent a number of years in Mexico and
is well acquainted with conditions in
he republic, says that many American
newspapers are doing incalculable harm
>y publishing articles written under a
false idea of the real conditions that
Txist in Mexico.
“I am personally acquainted with
Hundreds of Americana in Mexico, and
1 think they will all bear mo out in the
itatement, that if there is any one
thing about which all Mexicans agree,
it is. that they need, foreign capital,
and will do everything in their power
lo disprove the very statements made
in the editorial referred to,” said Mr.
Collard yesterday. “In fact these and
similar stories always cause a smile of
Serision among Americans who have
been there for any length of time.
“In Mexico City, and among mem
bers of the American colony, you fre
quently hear such stories referred to as
pipe dreams.’ It is a strange thing
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bitter W
I that people who are not even remotely
I interested in that country, know nioro
i about it than those of us who have
I been there for years.
I 1 San Antonians Are Investors.
“There are in this city at the pres
ent time many gentlemen who have in
vested their time and money in Mex.
ico, and I doubt if one of them would
' agree to the statements made, and yet
a gentleman who has been there once
told me that it was ‘preposterous for
mo to contend 'that there was not a i
widespread anti-foreign sentiment there
among the miners.’ Now mining men
', know that if this were true we couid
never get our work performed, and yet
we have found that they have made the
best laborers in the world.
“The fact that certain papers in
Mexico have advised the American pa
pers to keep out of the political agita
tions now going on in Mexico does not
justify the statement that there is a
foreign sentiment there and to draw
such an inference is real funny. ‘We
have nothing whatever to do with their
political quarrels, and it is good advice
to any foreigner to tell him to keep
out of it. That there is one or two
papers there, that are prejudiced
against Americans is true, but to con
clude from this, that there is an anti
foreign sentiment all over Mexico is
ridiculous. In fact Americans in Mex
ico have frequently discussed this very
thing among themselves, and have de
plored the fact, that many of our pa
pers in the United States, have not bet
ter information on this subject.
“It has been told so often, and ao
persistently, that men who are not fa
miliar with the real conditions take it
for granted, and rush into print and
repeat the oft-repeated story, and the .
people suppose of course, it must be
; true.
“It is sometimes supposed that there
I is no anti-foreign sentiment among the
more intelligent Mexicans, but as a
■ gentleman said to me this morning,
‘ all the lower class hate Americans. ’
। He got his information from a printer .
| who had possibly set type there for
! about a year, and was willing to take
his testimony against that of men who I
have worked hundreds of men in the I
I mines for years.
' Makes Protest.
“As an American, I protest against ;
such statements being repented, for it ;
is no greater injustice to Mexico than
it is to those of us who are interested
I there. True, there is a strike there
now, growing out of a demand to place
Mexican boys under the tutilage of
American train dispatchers, but this
does not prove that there is any ‘anti
foreign sentiment’ there. The same
thing would occur here and has occur
red here over and over again where the ;
management of any great corporation j j
has tried to place incompetent men in I
charge of concerns." that involved the I
lives of the public. True there is. and I
has always been a sentiment there in I
favor of protecting natives against for I
eign capitalists, and we have had the ■ I
same sentiment here, and besides that I
Men’s Trousers *
We still have a Urge assortment of men’s Trousers which we are of
fering at a great reduction:
$2.25 Men’s Trousers at $1.48
$2.50 Men’s Trousers at 1.69
$3.50 Men’s Trousers at 2.48
$4.00 Men’s Trousers at 2.98
$5.00 Men’s Trousers at 3.48
$6.00 Men’s Trousers at 4.43
Men’s Hats
At special cut prices, all shades and styles:
$1.50 Hats, special 98c
$2.00 Hats, special. _51.48
$2.50 Hats, special 1.73
$3.00 Hats, special 1.98
$4.00 Hats, special.. 2.98
Special sale on all our men’s Oxfords. Good values for the money.
Entire stock consists of patent leather, tan and vici:
$2.25 Men’s Oxfords now _.51.48
$2.75 Men’s Oxfords now 1.73
$3.00 Men’s Oxfords now 1.98
$3.50 Men’s Oxfords now 2.48
$3.75 Men’s Oxfords now. 2.98
$4.00 Men’s Oxfords now 3.00
$4.50 Men’s Oxfords now 3.48
$5.00 Men’s Oxfords now 4.00
$6.00 Men’s Oxfords now 4.98
J adies’ and children's Shoes, closing out all our canvas Slippers at half
price; also all black vici, patent leather and tan Oxfords A
at remarkably low prices. They must go. Worth three 9 /I
times the money. From 98c to bl 9
Cor. Dolorosa and S. Flores Streets
Opposite Southern Hotel V* A Transfer From
Any Street Car Will Land You at Our Door
we have put 'the sentiment into statu
tory law. There is no state or coun
try on earth that has legislated more
against foreign capital than Texas;
and if it is right for us to say ‘Texas
for Texans,’ then it cannot be wrong
for Mexicans to say ‘Mexico for Mex-
। ieans. ’
“It is to be hoped that such state
ments will be stopped, or at least that
those who undertake to discuss Mexico
will get more reliable information be
fore drawing such far-fetched con
“For the truth of what I have said,
I most respectfully refer to any and
all the mining men of this city who
have been in Mexico for any length of
time. If they do not know, then no one
does, and certainly not those who have j
merely passed through that country or j
read the daily news reported by men
who never saw inside of Mexico.”
The fire department responded to 24
alarms of fire during the month of
July. In the majority or instances the
fires were of small consequence. The
total loss by fire during the month was
comparatively small.
A few dollars invested every month
will help you own one of our WEST
BAN FARMS, where you caj have a
horse, a cow, poultry yard, vegetable
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Benson & Welch, owners, Grand Opera
House bldg.
that will demonstrate to every
/OX [Bon brew
It is the “Pioneer Product” of a
Jg Pioneer Establishment — backed
b Y a double reputation for whole
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Bottlers of Pure, Non-Alcoholic Beverages
AUGUST 1, 1900.
570 IN JULI -
Fines Assessed by Recorder
Buckley Aggregated $3521,
Increase Over June,
With a total of 570 arrests and fines
imposed in the police court aggregating
: $3521, the police department was busy
I during July. The fines imposed by
Judge Buckley show an increase of
$779 as compared with those lodged
against defendants haled before the
corporation court in June.
The report of the workings of the
police department for the month was
completed yesterday afternoon by Jos
' Braden, clerk of the corporation court.
In addition to the cases tried in the
police court, 30 cases were transferred
to the county court and 14 to the juven
ile court. A decrease is shown in ths
। arrests of automobilists, indicating that
“scorching” is less indulged than here
tofore. But five arrests were made fo«
violations of the ordinance regulating
the speed of automobiles, as compared
with twelve for the previous month.
The arrests are classified as follows:
Disturbing the peace, 72; assaults, 41 j
affrays, 93; abusive language, 14; nuis
ances. 7; drunks, 98: vagrancy, 108|
stale meat, 1; thefts, 21; carrying
weapons, 9; miscellaneous, 111.
Of the eighty-eight millions of popu
lation of the United States, one-third,
speaking in round numbers, are found
in the thirteen original states.

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