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Outlook for Season of Winter Gaiety Is Bright. J11TO A ib)(3)ffiin(Q) M an y Deli g^ ul Affairs of the Past Week~Com-
Plans Made for Many Elaborate Entertainments Will mgs and Goings of Prominent ban Antonians
My rule of life is not to have many
rules. It was Rousseau, you know, who
satd there was only one habit he would
have a ehild learn, and that was the
habit of never forming habits. 1
no rules. I may have some principles
Hut every virtue carried to excess be
comes its opposite, and that s Aristotle,
as you probably know.
My most earnest requirement of my
self is to use the English Uoguage in
such a way that I may never be misun
derstood—to choose words so inflexible
that my meaning may never be miscon
strued. I believe with Waldron .u Ms
“Mental Development in Regard to
Speech,” that lapses into the pronun
ciation or mispronunciation of child
hood signals the beginning of senile de
cay. And it may begin at the age of
Respect for other minds guides all
mv actions. And I have greater regard
for sincerity of soul than sincerity of
intellect. And I believe that any one
who has chosen teaching as her life ■
work has the right attitude toward so- :
The secret of living happily with your
alarm clock, I have found, is getting
up promptly. Then you do not become
a slave to your alarm clock. Leisure
is absolutely necessary. You must have
time, not so much for introspection as
for broad contemplation and compari
son, so that you can see where you
stand. How much leisure? That would
depend. The Bible says one-seventh,
doesn’t it?
This is the philosophy of life of Mrs.
Ella Flagg Young, who at the age c-f
sixty-four years has been electea su
perintendent of the public schools of
Chicago at a salary of $10,000 a year,
which is perhaps the highest salary paid
to any woman in the United States.
Mrs. Flagg, after twenty-live years’
service in the Chicago schools, was elect
ed to the highest position in ihe schools
after a vigorous campaign which lasted
three weeks. In the beginning of this
campaign her only champion was the
only woman on the school board, Mrs
O’Keefe, and in the end she was unani
mously elected. In Mrs. Young’s elec
tion, many of the stronger sex see dan
ger of a surrender of the public schools
to the influence of the feminine sex,
which will mean a feminization of the
public schools, and a tendency to make
the men as weak as the women.
When asked for her views along these
lines Mrs. Young said:
“I don’t like that implied distinction
between the minds of 1 men and women.
I don’t like the emphasis vnd prefer
ence given to the administrative beforei
the educational aim. of schorl work.
These are false attitudes fir which
men and women both are to blame cud
these are faults to be corrected
“I should like to see the work of
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J la so bannleM
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I -.w \ * e,t of ainjilar
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J • I
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h r io
Wlg»—Toupm A Spolalty |
1 teaching evenly divided among men end
' women. That thia is not so is due to
1 no preconcerted movement on the part
of woman to usurp the department of
education. It is the result of sociologi
| cal conditions in these chaotic times.
1 In my days at public school we had
! only men teachers. Surely chero is as
much to be feared in the exclusive in
: struction of men for a girl as in the
exolusive society of women for a boy.
“It is true that a girl is materially
benefited by the example of a woman
of high ideals. But in these days a .
girl brought up rightly for society—
society in the sociological sense —asso-
ciates with her father, brothers, cousins
and their men friends in goo.l propor-,
tion to the times she spends with mem I
bers of her 'own sex.
“ I do not believe that women are bet- 1
ter adapted to teaching than men be- ;
cause of their insight and sympathy
with the heart of a child. An instance ■
comes to me of a great, strong man of .
unusual intellectual attainments who I
have seen take his part in a conversa
tion upon the most abstruse subject,
while he tenderly undressed and put his
baby to bed, certainly not the t sual (us-1
tom, but detracting not the least from ,
his manliness.
“The rigid line drawn between man’s ,
sphere and woman’s sphere is a miscon- I
ception when you stop to think of it.
With all the woman’s boasting of sole 1
and solitary interest in her home, is
not the American man often admitted I
to be a slave husband? And do you ;
think he slaves unwillingly? No, in
“But I do not think the situation dis
couraging. The home is getting nearer
the school, but the school is getting ■
nearer the home. And there are many
old standards which need to be educated ,
out of the home by contact with the i
world, its events and progress as taken
account of in the schools.
“Formerly it was generally conceded
that there was joy enough In the home
for mother. Mother knew no greater
pleasure than to give up comforts and j
little luxuries and every advantage to i
her chamoring children. Occasionally
now a thoroughly modern and educated ;
woman will make the same observation.
But I notice it is usually made by some |
woman who has many other joys be-'
sides. Oftener than not. when this sub
ject comes up for discussion nowadays, 1
you will hear a dissenting voice from !
the mother.
“Contact with the world, the affec
tation of man’s work, his manners, his
speech, his clothes will never unmake
the woman. Some of the most self
sufficient old maids are guilty of these
assumptions. These evidences that men
are becoming more domestic and women
more worldly are merely an indication
of full and even development.”
Mrs. Young declares that she does not
I intend to be an office superintendent,
I but will get out among the schools and
I endeavor to spread her ideas personally
I among the 6000 or "000 teachers, the
majority of whom she knqws personally.
It is said that Mrs. Young favors
' the revival of the three R's in learning
and that while adverse the fads and
frills in education is not in favor of
the entire elimination of manual train
ing, though she admits that the prob
; terns which it presents are not more
j than half solved.
Mrs. Young is a hard workVr and
studies hard. Many years ago she form
. ed the habit of giving up three evenings
a week to study, and now while she
rises at 6 o ’clock she guards her recrea
tion hours jealously.
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E. L. FRANCOIS, Hanager
Actress Here Warns Stage Struck Girls Against New York
| “I felt that if I had ability
[ would find out about it more
। quickly by going to New York
than my staying in my home towu. I
was right. But mind, I do not advise
every girl who gets stage struck to Irit
for New York. I’d advise some girls
uever to go there. ’ ’
Miss Rea Carlysie, pretfy and young,
spent a few weeks of her vacation here
among former friends, telling them how
it seemed to go away an inexperienced
girl and in less than two years come
back, having to her credit a season as
leading lady.
Chief of all her treasures is her con
tract to star in the same play next sea
It came about in this wise. Miss Car
lysie knew the -manager of a theater
here. When Margaret Illington was
playing at this theater, the manager in
troduced Miss Carlyslo to Frohman.
Frobman thought he saw a resemb
lance between Miss Carlysie and Marga
ret Illington, then his wife, and con
sented to give her a “try” if ever she
went to New York.
And she went, oh, yes. she went.
Armed with a letter from the friendly
manager to serve as a reminder to Mr.
Frohman, she packed her belongings
and beat it for New York.
Her first reading was bad. Mr. Fron
man said so.
“I’ve come all the way across the
continent to get your opinion, Mr. Froh
man,” she said quietly. She did not
shed a tear, shrug her shoulder, nor
stamp her foot. “Won’t you tell me
what’s the matter?”
Mr. Frohman set her to understudying
Effie Shannon.
At the second reading he sent her out I
visiting her sister, Mrs. John C. Ryan,
in Fort Worth, has returned home.
Mrs. John Frazer, who went abroad |
for her health, is now in Cologne. Mrs. I
Fred Cooke is also in Cologne, where
she is visiting her sister, Mrs. Herman
Miss Mattie Mooney returned home
Friday from an extended visit to her
sister, Mrs. Jack Meuesebach, in Phe
lan. She also visited in Elgin.
Miss Lulu Dullnig has gone to Del
Rio to be the guest of her sister, Mrs.
A. F. Dignowity.
Miss Clara Quinn has returned from
several weeks’ stay in New Braunfels.
Miss Belina May and Miss Lizette
Cain have returned home from a two
months’ visj| to friends and relatives
in Memphis.
Miss Nell Brawner is visiting Miss
Bess Durrett in For't Worth.
Miss Olive Chapman has returned
home after having spent nine months
with relatives in Haverhill, Mass.
At the card party given Thursday
evening by the Knights of Columbtis
Miss Loretta Piggott acted as hostess.
The first ladies’ prize vras won by
Mrs. Canning; the gentlemen’s prize by
; John Campbell, and the consolation by
i Judge M. E. Buckley. The booby was
awarded to Miss Lockwood.
Music was also a feature of the even
ing, selections being contributed by
Abdominal Supporters
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as Miss Illington’s understudy. Then [ In a couple of months she had hat
came an opportunity to act one night. contract with her own company.
Miss Hanlon and the Misses Spellessy.
Dancing concluded the entertainment.
Mrs. Mary E. Flato, Mrs. Sue E.
Frost and Mrs. T. B. Saunders and
children. Thomas and Vt*nita, arrived
yesterday to visit relatives in San An
Miss Blanche Felthouse who has been
visiting Mrs. Elmo Johnson in Galves
ton has returned home.
Miss Josephine Haltom who has been
visiting in Beaumont as the guest of
Mrs. W. W. Cunningham, has returned
Miss Elsie Jonas who has been at
tending the alumnae reunion and sum
mer school of the College of Industrial
Arts, has returned after spending an
enjoyable and profitable summer in
northern Texas and Oklahoma.
Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Gaddis and Miss
Zula Gaddis nnd John Gaddis leave
next week for their trip north. They
will sail from New Orleans on the
Comus. John Gaddis , will enter Law
renceville school in New Jersey.
Miss Stella Ross who has been at
tending the summer school of the Co
lumbia university, has completed her
course and will visit Boston, Phila
delphia, Baltimore , Washington and
Miss Helen Hill left yesterday with
her sister, Mrs. Ivan Vick to visit in
Houston for a week.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Fabra announce
the marriage of their daughter, Tina,
to William R. Eaton, Jr., which w®s ।
solemnized last evening’ at 7:30 o’clock,!
in the presence of only’ the immediate
Mr. and Mrs. Eaton left this morn-1
ing for their future home ,in Galves
Mrs. Ella Gillis and Gillis and Frank j
Lewis have returned from a delightful
three months’ tour qf Seattle, Colorado,
California and Oregon.
Miss Myrtle Burrier of Fredericks-1
burg is visiting her sister, Mrs. Chester:
Basse, on Barrera street.
Miss Hazel Comstoek was hostess to
the Sans Souci club yesterday after
noon at her home on Eighth street.
The dining room was decorated with
pot plants and the dining table which
was surrounded with pot plants was
decorated with ferns. The center
piece was a beautiful dish of ferns,
resting on a white lace doilie.
Refreshments were served to about
eight members.
Miss Hulda Draeger will return Mon
day from Del Rio, where she has been
visiting her cousin, Miss Josephine
Drmger, for a month. She will be ac
companied home by Miss Josephine
Draeger, who will later re-enter Bell
mont college.
_ *
Mrs. Johanna Tynan haw returned
from a several weeks’ visit to her
daughter, Mrs. H. B. Rice, in Com
fort. .
Miss Georgia Vnderwood has re
tunfed from a several weeks’ visit
to Mineral Wells.
Mrs. W. M. Morgan and children,
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who have been visiting Mrs. Alford
in Austin, will return home today.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Harris, who have
spent the winter and summer in San
Antonio, have returned to their home
in Milwaukee, Wis.
Miss Lola Lacy has returned from
the Kentuck ranch, near Alice, where
she has been a membbr of a delight
ful house party.
Miss Alice Breeding has returned
from Kerrville, where she spent the
A quiet wedding was celebrated lai.'-,
evening at the home of the bride'i
parents, Mr. aud Mrs. J. J. Aaro,,
130 Hicks avenue, when Miss OEve
Aaron and John F. Burton of Galves
ton. were married. Rev. Bell of the
Riverside church performed the cere
mony. Only the family and a fl-w
intimate friends were present.
Mr. and Mrs. Burton left on the
evening train for their future home
in Galveston.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Vanlandinghum,'
! Luther and Earle, and Miss Marie
Vanlandingham, Miss Zada, Ludy
and Miss Mertie Peters, Misi Esuie
and Miss Katie Shaw, J. A. Williams
and Grover Shaw have returned frean
Corpus Christi, where they apent 10
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Caruthers and chil
dren have returned from Corpus’ Chris-
I ti.
Misses Mamie and Eva I’efierson will
leave Monday for EI Paso to visit rcl
j atives for several weeks.
A. J. Castanola Jr., entertained with
' a dinner at the St. Anthony hotel
• Friday evening. Coven were laid for
Albert H. Moran, Edgar Tommins,
[Gregory Smith and tie host.
The hay ride that was to have been
i given this evening by the Beetfhoven
Juniors has been postponed on account
Iof the weather.
The members of the Beethoven Jn
11 nior club entertained with a novel
I outing Saturday evening. The guests
Iof honor were Albert Moran of St.
। Louis and Miss Katherine Josephine
Moran. They are prospective member!
! of the club.
। Miss Hazel Skinner entertained with
i a dinner at the Menger hotel Thurs
. day evening in honor of Miss Kathn
rine Moran.
Mrs. T. C. Frost has gone to Ft.
Snelling at St. Paul to attend the mat
riagc of her sister. Miss Grace Bea’l,
which will take place Sept. 1. Mis.
Frost will lie matron of honor.
Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Berkshire
leave Sept. 29 for,El Paso where they 1
will make their future home.
Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Adams and
’ ruig t Xdams are expected home Sept.
Miss Margaret Braswell has retain
ed from Corpus Christi.
Greetings have been received from
Gustav Pagenstecher, who is having
a delightful time in the City of
! ico.
Carl Beeman will arrive the first
'of September from his home in Dal
las. to attend'the district convention
of the < hristian Endeavor society of
which he is president.
Dewitt McLaughlin and True
Strong will arrive in San Antonio
Sept. 1.
Shelby Lewis of Waco is visiting his
sister. Mrs. Henry Hart.
Miss Mary Fames of Laredo will ar
rive in a few days to enter the board
ing department of Mulholland school.
Miss Marguerite Bailey will arrive
I this evening from Roekport, where
Here’s a list of New
Things that the Wolff
Store is showing.
n Nearly three hundred hats, ready for Fall and Winter,
are here. New colors and novel shapes are conspicu
ously good.
* Suits are selling. Women have found it advantageous
to make selection'now. while styles are distinct, and
before the garments have been shown. This does not
mean only expensive suits.
*; Particular interest is being shown in the dresses at
Wolff’s. Women seem to find here the dresses that
meet with their approval. We have had quite a few
compliments on the pretty effects of these dresses, and
on the color-variety.
U New Skirts and new waists are meeting with favor.
Skirts at $10 to $16 are in greatest demand, and the
supply is best at these prices*
Summer garments are cleaning up at very nearly
she has been visiting Misses Barnard
Watts, Emilee Chapman, Mrs. Wurz
bach, Isabel Cleaver and Mignon
Mrs. Wm. Seng entertained with a
pretty little party last evening in hon
or of her son, Clemont Durst Seng,
and the Alamo Defenders.
The receiving halls and dining room
looked quite festive in their scarlet
and green decorations.
In the receiving rooms the walls were
draped with creeping vines and red
The dining room was charmingly
decorated with pot plants, trailing ivy
and the red bells that were suspended
from the chandelier. Ivy screens were
used effectively around -the table.
The boys marched to the table where
the refreshments were served.
Mrs, F. Farnsworth and Miss Farns
worth, accompanied by Mrs. Mateer,
left last night for the coast to spend
a week.
Mr. and Mrs. Guinn and daughters,
Misses Marguerite, Bessie and Mamie
Guinn, will return to their home about
October 1st. They are at present en
joying their summer home on Silver
lake, near Ft. Davis.
Miss Florida Booth will return to
her home iu Washington, D. C., Sep
tember 6th. While here, Miss Booth
was the guest of Miss Helen Edwards,
Misses Marjorie and Katharine Me-
Gown and Misses Marjorie and Anna
Delle Hicks.
• Mies Booth was entertained royally
while here, having been the honoree
of a number of parties and was the
honoree at a house party given by her
aunt, Mrs. H. P. Drought at her sum
mer home, Droughtfels, near Waring.
Dr. Charlotte Shaefer, professor in
the medical department at Galveston,
is spending a few weeks visiting her
parents, Mr. and Mfs. J. H. Schaefer.
51S Avenue C.
Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Morey announce
the engagement of their daughter,
Charlotte Janie, to Jesse W. Pool of
Marfa, Texas. The date of the wed
ding will be announced later. It will
take place at the home of the bride’s
cousin, Judge John Shields, of Marfa.
Mr. and Mrs. John Bollons and Miss
Winnifred-and Miss Helen Bollons will
leave next week for Virginia and
Washington, where they will spend a
Miss Ruth Leonard, who has been
the guest of Lieutenant and Mrs.'Will
Leonard at Fort Sam Houston, has re
turned to- her home in Austin.
Mrs J. P. Shields entertained yester
day at her home in Marfa with a
luncheon and linen t shower in honor of
Miss Janie Money, who is one of the
The board of directors of the Pro
testant Orphans’ home will meet Wed
nesday morning at 10 o clock at the
home. After the business session the
members will partake of the lunca
which they have provided, and will re-
I main in the afternoon to cut out gar
| ments 'or the children. Mrs. M. E.
I Looney is again matron at the home.
— I <
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AUGUST 29, 1909.
in St. Louis visiting friends has re
turned. She will leave next week for
New York, accompanied by her daugh
ter, Miss Armine Reilly, who will again
enter Vassar.
Miss Jennie Burton is becoming quite
a belle in Monterey where she is visit
ing. She has been the houoree at a
number of things given at the Country
club and is considered one of the most
popular girls who has ever been enter
tained in Mexico.
The regular meeting of the Alamo
Mission chapter. Daughters of the Re
public, will be he)<l on Wednesday aft
ernoon, at 3:30, at the home of Mrs. O.
M. Farnsworth, 212 Nueva street.
The ice cream festival that was to
have been given Wednesday for the
benefit of the Free Kindergarten as
sociation, has been postponed ou ac
count <if the bad weather, until Mon
day, August 30th. It will be given in
the school yard on Pecos street.
Miss Dea Carter of Mason, is ex
pected to arrive soon to attend Bonn
Avon school.
Mrs. Rebecca Leech of St. Louis,
will arrive here about the middle of
September from Lake Chautauqua,
where she has spent the summer. She
will visit her daughters, Mrs. Laura
M. Hamiltbli and Mrs. Ada Allen
Leech, for several months.
Herman Froebel has returned from
Corpus Christi where he was a guest
of the Trueharts at their summer
home. «
Benton Davies will arrive next
week from Corpus Christi where he has
been visiting John Howard.
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New Phone 101«. Old Phone 11W.

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