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Get Ready For Labor Day
Friday and Saturday you can find many special bargains in
things you will want to wear on Labor Day. All over the store there are
special bargains. No matter where you turn bargains are thicker than raisins
in a cake. Be sure to take advantage of these Friday and Saturday bargains.
Wolfson Store Will Be Closed All Day Monday to Observe Labor Day

$30.00 Lingerie Dresses Friday and Saturday for $lO.OO
THE DRESSES could not possibly be made for our selling price—as a matter of fact our own price would not
pay for the lace and embroidery used in making them. This is a competition defying clearance of every Lin
gerie Dress that is left in the house. Some have been cut to one-third of their former price and there is not one in
the lot that is not marked down to less than one-half of its original price. The lot is small—come tomorrow and
come early —you’ll find the dress to wear on Labor Day among these.
$lO.OO for any Lingerie Dress That Sold for $30.00
All $22.50 Lingerie Dresses $B.OO ' All $12.00 Lingerie Dresses $5.00
All $B.OO Lingerie Dresses $3.50 All $6.50 L n‘erie Dresses $2.98
Fall Suit Models Allow
a Wide Latitude for Correct Style
The materials most largely in evidence for fall suits are wide
wales. Fancy weaves, mannish suitings, serges and worsteds in
Orleans and telegramme blue, Alpine green, artichoke, catawba,
raisin, smoke, black and gray. The coat lengths vary from 40 to
50 inches. Skirts with the Moyen Age. yoke are favored although
all around pleated models are shown in great variety, in sizes to
fit, both regular size and large figures.
At $lO. $l5, $2O. $25 and Up to $39.00
Fall Suits of the latest fabrics, single-breasted, satin lined coats from
40 to 50 inches long, with semi-fitted back, notch collar and close fitting
sleeves. All-around pleated skirts and skirts with Moyen Age yoke and full
pleated flounce. Priced to suit every purse, $lO.OO, $15.00, $20.00, $22.50,
$25.00 and up to $39.00.
Fall Hosiery
Be sure and see the many new pat
terns in women’s fancy Hose we are
showing. They are in checks, stripes
and dots of all sires and colors. Priced
at 50c, 75c, $l.OO and $1.25 a pair.
Children's Hose—ln black or in tan,
Ixl and 2xl ribbed. Friday Iff
and Saturday at the pair,.. 1 jC
School Hose —Boys’ and girls’ black
cotton hose for school wear, a 1 O
25c value, week-end price... lOC
Women's Hose—Fast black Stock
ings embroidered in colors, a 25c
value, Friday and S a t u r- 23c
Sunspun—The new hand embroid
ered linen Handkerchief for wom
en. an exceptional for Friday and
Saturday at the special price 25c
Handkerchiefs—B o t h embroidered
edge and hemstitched Handkerchiefs
for women. Special Friday
and Saturday at three for.
Handkerchiefs—All linen crossbar
and plain lace edge women’s 1 g —
Handkerchiefs, 25c values... 13C
Fall Tailored Waists $2 to $8.50
The popular waist for general wear this season is made of
linen preferably in tailored effects. They may be severely plain
or embroidered as your fancy dictates. Hundreds of them are
now read}' for you in the waist section. The price range is al
most as broad as the assortment of garments. Many pretty ones
are shown at every price between $2.00 and $8.50.
12 l-2c Towels 9c
All white linen Huck Towels 17x34
inches. A good one for hotels and
boarding houses. Friday and Sat
urday special at 9c each.
Towels—loc red bordered 17x C
34-inch Huck Towels OC
Towels—3oc scalloped edge 18x36-
inch linen Huck Towels, with
damask border wJC
Towels—3sc all linen knotted fringe
20x40-inch Damask Towels
with red or bine borders.... 4/C
All Linen 25c Glass Toweling—ln
red and white or blue and
white, 27 inches wide
All Linen Figured Huck Toweling—
-22 inches wide, assorted pat- C C
terns J Jf
All Linen Figured Huck Toweling—
-24 inches wide, assorted pat- Z
terns 0 JC
25c Pillow Cases 17c
Made of Fruit of the Loom mus
lin, 42x36-inch size, reduced from 25c
for Friday and Saturday to 17c.
Pillow Cases- 10c bleached muslin
hemmed 42x36-inch Pillow O
Cases are reduced to OC
Sheets—soc unbleached muslin, 81x
DO-inch hemmed Sheets for A O
Friday and Saturday tJC
Sheets—7oc heavy linen-finish mus
lin 81x90-inch Sheets, all in fl
one piece, torn and ironed... OJC
Spreads—l.so full size colored fringe
Crochet Spreads, in pink or 1 Iff’
red. are specially priced at. 1• 1 J
Spreads—sl.7s full size hemmed Cro
chet Spreads in Marseilles 1
patterns—good weight 1
Main Plaza
Labor Day Sale of Millinery
Startling Price Concessions
Here are rush-out prices on trimmed summer millinery.
Here is the sale of women’s hats that many have been looking
for—many visitors from out of town who come to share in the
Day festivities will take advantage of it.
Without attempting to describe any of the hats offered we
will say that they are all this season’s shapes, trimmed in the
Wolfson inimitable styles with the best materials. The hat
you want to weal on Labor Day is here at one of these amaz
ingly low prices:
$B.OO and $lO.OO Trimmed Hats $3.50
$3.00, $4-00 and $5.00 Trimmed Hats $l.OO
$1.25 to $3.50 Walking Hats 75c
$2.00, $2.50 and $3.00 Shapes $l.OO
'7sc, $l.OO and $1.50 Shapes 50c
Dress Goods — Interesting Values
All that’s new and good is represented in broad variety, with a full
quota of the staple weaves in which the seasons make no change. Because
these new fabrics are so charmingly fresh, because varieties are remark
ably complete and because our prices are so wonderfully low, now is the
time to buy.
New Fall Fabrics at $l.OO
One hundred pieces of these fall dress goods await your choosing. There
are all wool satin finish striped novelties. All wool serges with white hair
line stripes on solid grounds. Novelty mixtures in check, stripe and hair
line effects. All wool taffeta and wool Ottoman cloth, 42 and 44 inches
wide in Orleans and Rouen bines, raisin, mulberry, artichoke, raspberry and
other new shades. To start the season $l.OO.
New Fall Fabrics at 75c
AU wool Panamas, Henriettas. Taffetas and Crepe Egyptas in a splen
did assortment of the new autnmn colorings as well as in black. All of
them are 44 inches wide. To start the season we mark them at 75c a yard.
New Fall Fabrics at 59c
Yard wide all wool Panamas. Nun’s Veilings, Mohair Novelties, Storm
Serges and Henriettas in black and colors, as well as Mohairsin cream and
colors. One hundred and twenty-five pieces to select from at 49c a yard.
50-inch Chiffon Panama in black and colors 50c
36-inch Poplar Cloth in black, cream and cdlors 29c
44-inch All Wool Black Taffeta 75c
40-inch All Wool Herringbone Serge 89c
44-inch All Wool Black Novelty Panama $l.OO
42-inch All Wool Black Voile $l.OO and $1.25
46-inch All Wool Black Voile. Crisp Finish, $1.50
42-inch All Wool Black Reversed Satin Stripe $1.50
See Our Table of 19c Wash Goods
On it you will find 32-inch colored madras shirting. 27-inch
striped linens, 36-inch solid colored linens, 27-inch English repps
and 27-inch cotton poplins. Take your choice of any of these
35c fabrics at 19c a yard.
Moyen Age Dress Featured
In a Splendidly Large Variety
We select as examples dresses in Morovingian modes of cachi
mere de soie and eolienne,*in black and colors. The bodice of
some has a V yoke of black silk net embroidered with gold thread
and an elaborate garniture of lace and jet, others have an elab
orately braided bodice and a yoke of gilt net. All have skirts
with Moyen Age yoke nd pleated flounce. They’re priced at $39.50.
Black Silk Jersey Dresses $16.50 to $34*50
Nothing that has been brought out in years is so well adapted to the
graceful figure of the average American woman. The tight-fitting Jersey
is made of the same material that silk gloves are. Some are severely plain
others are set off by bands of silk where they join the all-around pleated
Fall Novelty Skirts $4-50 to $8.50
Handsome models in wide wales. Knickerbocker suitings,
French serges and Panamas. The predominating colors are Or
leans, telegramme and Rouen blues, the new raisin, artichoke and
olive shades, mahogany, gray, sage and black. Made with the
Moyen Age yoke and pleated flounce or in the all-around pleated
styles, plain tailored or trimmed with straps of the materials and
buttons. Priced from $4.50 up to $18.50.
Main Plaza
$l.OO Listerine 59c
Tomorrow as an extra special in
the Perfumery Department we will
have on sale $l.OO bottles of the
genuine Lambert’s Listerine for 59c
Talcum Powder—A box of Tappan’s
Talcum Powder, week end 1 A
price IUC
Tooth Pow d e r—Colgate & Cojs
Tooth Powder, week-end 1
price 1 DC
Toilet Soap—Your choice of a 25c
box of Monte Carlo or Renais- 1 Q
sanee Antiseptic Toilet Soap. 1 Zv
Face Powder—Woodbury’s Complex
ion Powder, Friday and Sat
urday for only mOC
This new Poplin Bag comes ip most
all of the popular colors; it has a
silk cord and lining and is prettily
ornamented with patent leather. It
can be hung on the wrist, pinned on
the skirt or fastened to the belt.
Jet Belts—Everything is jet this sea
son. We are showing a great variety
of the newest belt styles at
$1.50, $1.25, $l.OO and / DC
10c Domestic 7c
Friday and Saturday you can take
your choice of full yard wide
bleached or unbleached 10c Domes
tic for 7c.
Calico—Friday and Saturday you are
offered a line of standard
Calico at a yard for only DC
Lawns—All of our 9c fancy Lawns
are now on one table priced Z _
at the yard OC
10c Fancy Lawns 8c Yard
Cambric—A regular 1214 c full yard
wide Cambric tomorrow and 1
the next day for, yard IvC
Percale —Light and dark colors, in
yard wide 12Hc Percale to- t A
morrow and the next day for. 1 vC
Gingham—Amoskeag Dress Gingham
in ' ew fall patterns and col- 1 A
ors, the yard 1 UC
Suitings—Merlinette Suitings 1 C
in a full line of colors, yard — 1 J C
Gingham—New 32-inch Dress Ging
ham in fall patterns and col- 1 ff _
ors, 18c values , UC
Box Paper 50c
You are generally able to judge a
person’s taste and refinement by
their stationery. Some day yours
may be judged by your old letters.
Why not use Crane's Linen Lawnt
It is only 50c for a quire of Note
Paper and a package of
put up in a neat box.
12 V?c Gauze V ests lOc
"omen's low neck and sleeveless
gauze cotton Vests, tape finish at
neck and armholes, reduced to 10c.
Drawers—Knee length gauze cotton
knit Drawers with lace
flounce finish, a pair wJL
Plans Are Arranged to Formal
ly Launch It Some Time
During This Month.
Handsome Booklets to Be Dis
tributed Are' In the
Hands of the Printer.
San Antonio’s gn at publicity earn
paign, the biggest ever underakuu by
any city in the Urfited States, will be
formally launched dining the present
month. It was decided at a meeting if
the executive committee uf the Public,
ity League yesterday attention that
the municigpl ad verticil) g of the city
should begin at one.
Advertising for the attention of the
tourist classes wi]l be placed in the Oc
tober issues of the following nrigazines:
Everybody’s, McClure’s Outlook* Sue=
cess, Munsey’s, Country Life.
Homeseekers Are Desired.
Simultaneous with this will be begun
the exploitation of the eity for the
homeseekers and along al] other lines.
Advertising will be started in a num
ber of principal newspapers of the north
and east and in the following agricul
tural publications: Successful Farming,
Des Moines, Iowa; Missouri Valley Far
mer, Topeka; Farm Progress, St. Louis;
Ohio Farmer, Cleveland; Wisconsin Ag
riculturist, Racine; Orange Judd Farm
er, Chicago. Classified advertising in
various publications will he begun at
the same time.
Booklets Being Printed.
The various booklets to bo used in
the campaign are now in the hands of
the printers and will be rrady shortly.
The tourist book is called “San Anto
nio, the Beautiful.” It is the handsom
est ever issued paling w'th this city
and is produced in four colors. The
book for the homeseekers will be under
title ‘‘Farm Facts,” and will give
complete information about agricultural
conditions in the San Antenio courtry.
The total advertising circulation by
which the city will benefit will be sev
eral million.
C. C. Leal, assistant secretary of the
league, made a glowing report as to its
finances. It was shown that, upffto date,
the sum of $7825.28 has been collected.
Expenses havcrfcached $1929.11 and the
present balance on hand is $5956.17.
A movement to bring to San Antonio
the 1910 meeting of the American
Bankers’ association will be launched
this afternoon at 5 o’cloik when direc
tors of the Chamber of Commerce will
meet with a number of the leading
bankers of the city.
This season’s convention will be held
September 13 to 18 in Chicago. Among
the San Antonio delegates who are to
attend are Edwin Chamberiai i, Fr ;d
-erick Terrell and N. S. Graham It is
believed that there is a possibility of
securing the next convention for /his
city. It would bring here between 5000
and 7000 delegates
Plans for the enfertrinment of the
delegates to the Southwestern Medical
convention will also be talked over. *l’be
directors will be met by a committee
of doctors consisting of Doctors Rusiell
Caffery, W. B. Russ sn I ,G. H. MooJy.
Health and Beauty Aid.
Cosmetics and lotions will not clear
your complexion of pimples and blotches
like Foley’s Orino Laxative, for indi
gestion, stomach and liver trouble and
habitual constipation. Cleanses the sys
tem and is pleasant to take. Bexar
Drug Co.
$lO.OO monthly will secure you one
your family will be provided for. It
is a sure road to wealth. Dahlgren,
Benson & Welch, owners, Grand Opera
House bldg.
Bexar Drug Co., cut price druggists;
get our prices first. The lowest in the
■» * ♦-
Attorneys at law. Snites 306-7 Frost
building. Both phones.
Drs. Hughes and Guinn, private eye,
ear. nose and throat infirmary, 403 St.
Mary St. Old phone 1690.
Bexar Drug Co., cut price druggists;
get our prices first. The lowest in the
R. Strohmeyer, 704 St. Mary street,
Plumber. Old phone 2947, new 1136.
FOR 5;\LE —34 large lots. 50-foot front,
near car line. Price $7650. W. J. Che
ney. 621 East Commerce street.
TWO-STORY 10-room house, almost new.
centrally located, two complete sets of
porcelain fixtures, three gas connections.
Ideal room and boarding house. Large lit
and stable, direct from owner. Price will
surprise you. Old phone 1334.
FOR RENT—A nice location for vegeta
ble and fruit stand ut 537 San Pedro
avenue. >l5 per month.
WANTED—An experienced deliveryman.
Apojy at Nichols Grocery Co., 207 Ave
nue C.
He Was Held for Shooting at
Prominent Politician Who Hq
Said Had Bilked Him.
Associated Prsss.
New Ulm, Minn., Sept. 2.—John Ha
ner, who was brought to the county jail
here yesterday from Sleepy Eye after
having been arrested for firing two
bullets from a revolver into ex-State
Senator Summerville, a prominent
Sleepy Eye lawyer and politician, com
mitted suicide in his cell by hanging
himself during the night. Haner charg
ed that Summerville traded him worth
less land in Missouri for valuable bus
iness property in Sleepy Eye and that
Summerville attacked him when he
sought a readjustment of the deal.
Associated Press.
Fresno. Cal., Sept. 2.—After eluding
officers for eight years, Alva Carter,
who is wanted in Amite City, La., upon
a charge of murdering a man named
Wall, was placed under arrest near
Coalinga yesterday by Sheriff Chitten
den. Carter has been working for three
years for a contracting firm in the oil
fields under the name of Charles Hun
derford. He admits he Js the man
wanted in Louisiana.
Associated Press.
Amite City, La., Sept. 2.—Alva Car
ter, under arrest at Fresno, Cal., is
wanted in Tangipahoa Parish for the
murder of David Wall, a fanner, eight
years ago in a fight with Wall, in the
northern part of the parish near the
Mississippi line. Carter, who was also
a farmer, is alleged to have shot and
killed Wall. He was arrested and
brought to the parish jaiLat Amite, but
later made his escape. Deputies will
be sent to Fresno with requisition pa
pers to bring him back for trial.
A tickling or dry cough can be
quickly loosened with Dr. Shoop’s
Cough Remedy. No opium, no chloro
form, nothing unsafe or harsh. Sold
by A. M. Fischer. t
Associated Press.
New York, Sept. 2. —E. H. Harriman
has purchased the historic Taylor farm
at Central Valley, thus beginning the
campaign by which it is said he ex
pects to extend his realty holdings for
twenty mi lei around the already vast
estate at Arden. Harriman is said to
have paid $20,000 for the Taylor place.
It was on the market for half this
amount before Harriman located at Ar
den. .
*»» ■ -
Do not be persuaded into taking any
thing but Foley’s Honey and Tar for
chronic coughs, bronchitis, hay fever,
asthma, and lung trouble, as it stops
the cough and heals the lungs.. Bexar
Drug Co.
Associated Preu.
St. Louis, Sept. 2.—Rev. Leopold
Bushart, eleventh president of St.
Louis university, from 1874 to 1877,
died here yesterday of old age. He
had been president also of St. Xavier
college at Cincinnati and rector of Mar
quette college at Milwaukee. He was
born at Renaix, Belgium, in 1833, and
entered the Novitiate Society of Jesus
in 1854.
A Burglar in Town
his name is ‘‘bad cough.” He doesn’t
care for gold or silver, but be will steal
your health away. ,If he appears in
your house arrest him at once with Bal
lard ’s Horehound Syrup, it may mean
consumption if you don’t. A cure for
all coughs, colds and ehest troubles.
Price 25c, 50c and $l.OO per bottle. Sold
by Bexar Drug Co.
Associated Preu.
Nashville, Sept. 2. —After going over
the records in the ease of J. H. Book
er Jr., the young cadet of the first
class, who was dismissed from the
United States military academy on Au
gust 19 on charges of alleged complic
ity in the recent hazing case, Secretary
of War Dickinson intimated the inves
tigation of the case would be re-opened.
A conference was held at Judge Dickin
son ’s home yesterday between Booker
and the secretary with the result that
chances of ethe re instatement of th
young cadet are improved.
Dr. Abernathy, the great English phy
sieian, said, ‘‘Watch your kidneys.
When they are affected, life is in dan
ger.” Foley’s Kidney Remedy makes
healthy kidneys, corrects urinary ir
regularities, and tones up the whole sys
tem. Bexar Drug Co.
I *■ Dr. W. Bobble, Hicks Bldg.
I Specialist, Dieeases of Men.
SEPTEMBER 2, 1909.
Includes Big Doings on Both
Sides of the Border for the
Two Presidents.
Associated Press.
El Paso, Sept. 2.—Presidents Taft and
Diaz will be received in this city and
Juarez on their arrival October 16 not
only by a magnificent military display,
but by ten thousand school children
singing the national anthems of the
two countries, and two of the most fa
mous bands in Mexico and by at least
two splendid military bands of the
United States army, according to an
nouncement made today.
President Taft will be met nt Rin
con, New Mexico, by two regiments of
United States regulars. At 10:30 Pros
ident Diaz will cross the river from
Juarez and meet President Taft in a
pavilion in front of the Chamber of
Commerce. After breakfast at the
chamber the two presidents will pro
ceed to Juarez, where President Taft
will be the guest of Mexico until 1:15
p. m. Returning to El Paso, Taft and
his cabinet officers with him will de
liver addresses and review a parade of
ten thousand school children and troops
At 6 o’clock Taft with his party will
attend a banquet given in his honor in
Juarez by President Diaz.
St. Louis, Sept. 2.—The dream of Jay
Gould for through train service from
the Mississippi to Pacific coast points
will be realized within a few months,
when the Missouri Pacific, in conjunc
tion with the Rio Grande system and
Western Pacific, all of them Gould
lines, will operate trains between St.
Louis and San Francisco.
The new service will be the first pro
vided over roads under the same owner
ship and control. Every mile of the
route will be part of the Gould system
under the personal direction of George
Gould. The Western Pacific is the
western link in the projected trans-con
tinental line of the Goulds. The new
route will be via Kansas City and Pueb
lo, with through sen-ice to Denver.
Mayor Callaghan will be asked either
this afternoon or tomorrow to appoint
a general committee of about 25 who
are to take charge of all arangements
for the entertainment of President Taft
on his visit here next month.
Thus far a sort of self-eonstitiitcd
committee of public spirited citizens
havp been acting in this respect. They
have been led by Charles W. Ogden, who
is also at the head of the movement
to secure the appointment of a complete
‘‘There has been no committee so
far,” said Mr. Ogden, ‘‘except a kind
of self-constituted one. It is now cer
tain President Taft is coming here and
as the time is drawing, near I think
some definite body of citizens should
have matters in charge. Mayor Callag
han may be asked to make these ap
pointments this afternoon.”
Children Cry
Word received from Ike T. Pryor,
who has been absent from the city since
the recent trans-Mississippi Commercial
congress, announces that he will return
here some time this month. Mr. Pryor
will take up arrangements at once for
the next convention of the congress,
which is in San Antonio.
Paine of women, head pains, or any
pain stopped in 20 minutes sure with
Dr. Shoop’s Pink Pain Tablets. See
full formula on 25c box. Sold by A.
M. Fischer.
Associated Press.
Nashville, Sept. 2. —A Newport,
Tenn., dispatch says John Cash, who
was arrested at Newport on a charge
of murdering A. L. Slagle, a prominent
lumberman, made a confession exon
erating all from the erime except him
self and John H. Spencer, who commit
ted suicide last week.
The little Candy Cold Cure Tablets
called Pre ven tics will in a few hours
safely check all Colds or LaGrippe.
Try them! 48—25 c. Sold by A. M.
—4»» —
Bexar Drug Co., cut price druggists;
get our prices first. The lowest in the
Mayor Callaghan this morning assum
ed charge of the reins of the municipal
government and the forenoon was with
out question a strenuous one for the
city’s chief executive.
Robert Bruce has returned from a
month’s stay at Galveston.
John Chaffin and Edward Risshe wD]
■ leave soon to enter eastern colleges.

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