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Humor Kept Tiny Girl’s Face Sore
for Months—Grew Worse in Spite
of Doctor's Prescription—Scream
ed when Salves were Applied-
Brother Suffered from Tetter.
“ I will explain about Kathryn Rishel's
cure. She is four years old now. When
she was two
months, she had
tetter or ecze
ma on her face.
It commenced
on her cheeks
and kept spread
ing till it was al
most all over her
Jface. I had a
doctor to treat it
but it still kept
getting worse. I
tried many kinds
of salve but it
only got worse.
and when I would grease her poor little
face she would scream. I had to put
the salve on and then start to walk till
she would quiet down. I worried along
in this way till she was over one year
old. Then I thought I would try Cuti
cura, as I had used it for myself and it
had helped me very much.
“I got Cuticura Soap and Cuticura
Ointment. As soon as I began to use
them I saw a difference. She did not
need to cry when I treated her face.
The Cuticura Remedies commenced
right away to make it better. I used
several boxes of Cuticura Ointment and
used Cuticura Soap all the time and her
face was healed. She is four years old
now and J do not see any sighs of the
sores. Cuticura certainly did cure her.
"Our little boy had tetter also. He
is nearly two. I used Cuticura Soap and
Ointment for him and be was soon cured.
I used them right away so he didn't get
as sore as Kathrvn did. Mrs. Blanche
Rishel, Clintondale, Pa.. Oct. 22, 1908.*'
For more than thiity years the Cuti
cura Remedies have been the favorites
in tens of thousands of households, for
the treatment of eczemas, rashes, itch
ings. irritations and other torturing, dis
figuring humors of the skin and scalp.
Cutlrura Soap (25c.), CVtlevra Ointment <sor.)
and Cntimr. Resolvent iSOc.l. (or :n the form ot
Chocolate OoatM Pills. 25c. per Vial of 601 Sold
throushout the world. Potter Drue a Chern Corp..
Sole Props.. 135 Columbus Ave.. Boston, Mass.
•ycnttcur. Booklet, mailed free, tells all vou need
to know about Dlaeaaes ot the Skin. Scalp and Ualr.
A quick arrest was made by Detec- j
fives Stowe and Newnam yesterday
when Ramon de la Cruz, charged
with having stolen two mules from
Frank Walsh, a farmer on the Medina,
was apprehended near the Union Stock
yards, south of the city, after a chase
covering almost three miles. The mules
were recovered and Cruz is in the city
jail, while an affidavit filed against
him in Justice Fisk s court charges him
with theft.
An alleged attempt on the part of
Cruz to dispose of one of the mules to
Henry Pfefferling, a stockman on South
Flores street, resulted in his arrest. The
two animals were valued at $3OO.
Cruz, it is said, made his appearance at
the stock yards early yesterday and of
fered to sell one of the animals for $5O
to Mr. Pfefferling. The latter agreed to
make the purchase.
Cruz claimed that he had purchased
the mules from a Mr. Norton and when
Pfefferling announced that he was go
ing to telephone him, Cruz is said to
have hurriedly mounted the other mule
and ridden away. Headquarters was
notified and Detectives Newnam and
Stowe detailed on the case.
The long chase was then on and by
making inquiries the detectives, who
were in a buggy, managed to trail the
Mexican with the result that be was
finally overtaken in the southern por
tion of the city.
New York, Sept. 24.—Among the ar
rivals on the “St. Louis’’ were Misses
Alice Gordon, Jane Stafford and Con
stance Raymond, three members of Olga
Nethersole’s company, who spent part
of their vacation visiting Miss Nether
sole at her Highland home at Braemar,
It’s Just
Pure Juice IF
Louisiana sugar
cane juice—crushed
out and clarified.
Nothing added
nothing taken away.
We call it
Breakfast Syrup
You’ll call it
the best syrup you
ever tasted!
There’s really nothing
like it in
the whole
For Sala by all Grocan.
Penick & Ford. Ltd.
Celebrate Fortieth Anniversary
of Founding of Party and
Plan for the Future.
Associated Press.
Chicago, Sept. 24.—The policy of the j
prohibition party in the national cam
paign of 1912, and possibly the presi-1
dential candidate, will be tentatively j
determined today by the scores of party j
leaders who are in Chicago to celebrate I
the 40th aniversary of the founding |
of the party at the hotel La Salle, which |
is built on the site of Farwell hall, in j
which the party was organized in 1864.
Notable members 'of the party, in
cluding former candidatee for the pres-1
idency and vice presidency, are in at-1
tendance and it is asserted the gather
ing will be tantamount to a national
convention in point o fattendance of
men who direct the affairs of the party.
It is said that a movement is on foot
to have adopted a rough draft of a 1912
platform which would deal with current
conditions politically, tariff and other
things as well as the basic principle of
abolishing the legalized liquor traffic, j
Among those here are John Russell,
aged 87. temporary chairman of the!
first convention and prohibition vice >
presidential candidate in 1872. who ar
rived from Boston yesterday, and John
P. St. John of Kansas, 76 years old,
who was presidential candidate in 1884.
With the sum of $lOOO set aside as a
building fund for a starter, the San
Antonio Trades Council proposes to own
its own home and steps will be taken
in the near future with that object in
view. This project was made possible
by the returns from the recent Labor
Day celebration in this city, but as
yet nothing definite could be given out
as to what the new structure would ।
cost and when the building would be I
The final committee reports on thel
Labor Day celebration show that 2000
men were in the parade on September j
6. and that double that number partici-;
pated in the festivities at Electric Park l
on that day. The finance committee!
reported that the sum of $lOOO had been (
realized from the event.
Before the meeting adjourned, the
council voted the sum of $5O for the
Taft entertainment fund and purchased
membership in the San Antonio Cham- j
ber of Commerce.
Associated Press.
Atlanta. Ga., Sept. 24.—1 t was offi
cially announced here yesterday that -
the general courtmartial recently held I
at Fort McPherson had returned a ver-1
diet of acquittal in the cases of Lieut.;
L. W. Hazlehurst and Private Grover ।
Elam of the 17th infantry, U. S. A.. |
charged with killing Private Edward
Coulter of the same regiment. Cotti-1
ter was shot and killed by Private
Elam, who was a member of an arrest
ing squad sent to quell a disturbance
in a saloon near the fort.
Lieut. Hazelhurst was in command of .
the squad.
against proprietary or advertised med
icines, as the sale of these remedies de
crease their incomes.
However this may be, the general
public is benefited by the use of snelt
standard medicines as Lydia E. Pink
ham’s Vegetable Compound, with its
wonderful record of thousands of cures
among suffering women. We are very
glad to say, however, that there are
hundreds of honest physicians in the
United States who do not hesitate to
recommend such medicines.
That is Way Watchman Takes to “Get
Even’’ for Being Overworked.
Associated Press.
Indianapolis, Ind., Sept. 24.—That he
had set fire to the McDougall kitchen
furniture factory Wednesday night in
order to “get even’’ with the com-!
pany, for, as he believed, overworking
him, was the confession of Otto Tru-
Lann, night watchman at the factory,
to the police yesterday. The fire de
stroyed the foundry and eleven resi
dences, causing total damage of about;
I $125,000.
“I am going to be on the square I
with you,” the police say Truhann told j
them after he had been questioned at'
length, “and you can believe me this
time. Those fellows down there work- '
ed me too hard and I decided to even |
up just a little.”
Following a session of ten days at
the St. Anthony hotel, the Texas pas
senger rate clerks who have been re
vising their rate sheets to conform with
that of the Interstate Commerce com
mission, adjourned yesterday after
R. O. McCormick, formerly commer
cial agent of the Rock Island-Frisco,
and at present in charge of the freight
bureau for the business men of Fort
Worth, was a visitor in the city yes
Garland Tobin, traveling passenger
agent of the International & Great
Northern, is in the city and will spend
a week here on business connected with
his road.
T. F. Sullivan, master mechanic of
the Aransas Pass, with headquarters at
Yoakum, was a visitor in the city yes
98th After-Supper Event Tomorrow Night
All new fall and winter goods will be on the reduction list tomorrow night—New Wash Goods, New Flannels,New Dress
Goods, New Apparel for women and children, in fact, it’s all new, and it will be so priced to make it “pay you money to
come and share.’’ This 98th Event should interest every member of the family. And we are going to “try out” a new
proposition—to-wit: The selling of School Supplies at the popular After-Supper Events. If it doesn’t prove a “rip-roaring”
success the fault will not be ours, for when we start to win popular favor on a proposition we actually do something to win it.
Sale Starts at 7 o’Clock —Come and Share Its Economies
Pretty Tailored Coat Suits That
Women Will Be Glad toWear Are
Priced at $13.89 Instead of $17.50
To the woman who wants a neat suit for street wear—to the business woman who wants a nice
suit that will wear serviceably well—to every woman who will want a "second-best” suit this fall and
winter this news-message of $17.50 suits for $13.89 is of importance. These suits are made of an all
wool storm serge; the coats are 48 inches long, plain tailored and lined with good satin. Suits are full
pleated, with panel front. Colors are: navy, smoke, garnet and black. Saturday “After Supper”
these splendid $17.50 suits will be offered at $13.89.
A Corset Chance for Stout Women
Here is a corset assemblage—the few-of-a-kind of several good makes, in medium and short styles
priced at 59c because most are large sizes, 24 to 33. The verv corset you usually buy may be among
this lot of $l.OO and $1.25 kinds, if so, “After Supper” you can select it for 59c.
From Many Departments
A column of values that emphasize
the intent of this “After Supper” busi
ness. Every item represents a saving
for those industrious enough to come
for it.
50c Belts 25c
Six dozen black silk Elastic Belts, with
imitation jet buckle, two de
signs, 50c value .for
Fifteen dozen new Elastic Belts, black,
white and all colors, gilt and oxidized
buckles, new designs, values up A O
to 75c—for 'tOC
$1.50 Bags for $l.OO
Two gross Shopping Bags, black and
fancy leathers, gilt and gun metal trim
ming, covered frames, strap handle—
leather lined —coin purse—val- | HA
ties to $1.50 —choice for l.vU
$1.50 Scarfs $l.OO
Six dozen Silk Scarfs, printed, neat de
signs, two yards long—hemstitched
ends—sl.so value for 1 HA
only I.UU
Four dozen Silk Scarfs —printed and
floral designs—hemstitched ends, fine
quality—s2.oo values for 1 —
Neckwear at 25c
Twenty dozen pieces of new novelty
Neckwear, Stocks in lace and linen—
Jabots of lace and net—embroidered
and fancy ends—linen embroidered Col
lars—ail new effects, special
“After Supper” for JC
5Cc Ribbons 25c
Fancy Ribbons—warp prints, floral de
signs, all silk ribbon, 5 inches wide—
neat patterns for sashes or fancy work
uses. 50c ribbons, “After Sup —
per” for
Toilet Articles
Packer’s Tar Soap, 25c cake I 7
for 1/C
Mennen’s Talcum Powder, plain 1 A
or violet perfumed—for A VC
Dr. Graves’ Tooth Powder —25c 1 g
size for 1 3 C
Perfect Nail Polish—A brilliant 1 A
polish for the nails—box 1 VC
Jewelry Values
Hat Pins —black cameo heads, 1 A
10-inch pin—2sc values for IVv
Belt Pins—sterling front, Egyptian gold
and heavy gold plate, new de
signs—50c values for wJC
Ribbon Fobs —heavy gold plate slides
and pendants, safety catch, val- C A
ues up to $2.00, for DUC
Scarf Pins —cameo and stone set—gold
filled —large assortment, new do _
signs—values up to $1 —choice. wJt
2Cc Hosiery 10c
Children’s medium or heavy-weight
black cotton Hose, Ixl ribbed, double
knees, soles and toes—a good durable
quality, that we bought under price—■
worth 15c and 20c pair, “After 1 A
Supper” special for IVC
Women’s 35c garter-top. medium
weight lisle Hose, for 4jC
Ice Cream
Soda 3c
Just to please the children who
are coming to the school supplies <
sale, we will sell the W. & M. ice ?
cream soda for 3c. The best flavor- J
ings—the best syrups—the best of S
everything. >
After Supper
3c Glass
$B.OO Net Waists for 52.95
Ordinarily we’d pay twice $2.95 for such Waists, but a maker who
could get no more of the net, was forced to discontinue this number, and
we bought the few dozen he bad at less than the net alone is worth. They
are prettily tucked and button trimmed. Besides white and cream, these
good colors are among them: raisin, wisteria, brown, navy and green. Usual
$B.OO values, “After Supper” for $2.95.
$1.50 Heatherbloom Petticoats 85c
Many women prefer the “Heatherbloom” Petticoats because they are
as light-weight as taffeta, rustle like taffeta and wear longer. “After Sup
per” we will place on sale the $1.50 styles, made with deep flounce and ex
tra dust ruffles, for 85c.
Women’s $2.25 Coat Sweaters $1.89
Women’s all-wool Coat Sweaters, trimmed down front with pearl but
tons—white, cardinal, gray and navy—regularly priced at $2.25. At the
“After Supper” event for $1.89.
$1.50 Long Crepe Kimonos $1.29
Women’s $1.50 long Crepe Kimonos in lavender, blue, red and cream,
with satin bands of solid color to harmonize; also in Japanese designs;
“After Supper” for $1.29.
Infants* 75c Caps for 59c
Infants’ Caps, made of chiffon silk, entire front of cap pin tucked, with
hemstitched edge, finished with frill of half-inch lace, lining and ties to
match material of cap. Regular s7sc values “After Supper” for 59c.
Infants* 39c Sncqvies 25c
Infants’ fall Saeques, made of fine outing flannel in kimono style, with
solid and polka dotted bands on neck and sleeve; colors: pink, blue and
white. Regular 39c values “After Supper” for 25c.
25c Gingham Aprons for 19c
Ladies’ Aprons, made of blue and white checked gingham, with large
bib and straps over shoulder down to waist line, full length ties. Regular
25c values “After Supper” for 19c.
You Can Save 40c on Each
of These 84 Velvet Rugs
“Oughtn’t” to be a one of these Rugs left after the first hour’s sell
ing. They are fine velvet, in beautiful colorings—Oriental, Persian and
floral patterns. Both are 27x54 inches.
Thirty-six that were $1.75 each, “After Supper” for $1.35
Forty-eight that were $2.25 each, “After Supper” for $1.85
Choose from about one hundred Pictures, in Mission frames, sizes 15x18
inches—a variety of subjects, marine, mountain, pastoral, etc. —reproduc-
tions of meritorious art. Our regular price $1.50 (art stores would charge
$3.00) —“After Supper” at 75c.
Shoe Savings That Count
W. & M.’s Shoes at full prices are always top values—that’s certain!
Our regular prices rule 25c to 50c a pair less for the same styles and quali
ties—that’s equally certain! When W. & M. Shoes are sold for less than
W. & M. regular prices then they are BARGAINS indeed—savings that
Here are examples for “After Supper” selling:
Little gents’ Shoes, in kid and box
calf, extension soles, new mannish
lasts, with low heels, Blucher style.
Sizes 9 to 13’,i. Nobby footwear,
built to wea r. Sold regularly at
$1.75. “After Supper” j
Women’s cloth top Button Shoes,
double soles, patent tips, new short
vamp, with Cuban heels, snappy, new
and up-to-date, suitable for general
wear. Usual $2.50 values, A Art
“After Supper” 6«VV
Men’s New $l.OO Negligee Shirts for 79c
You’ll see by glancing in haberdasher windows that these same styles and qualities are priced at $1.25 and sometimes $1.50.
But these are W. &M. $l.OO Shirts—the best that one hundred cents can possibly buy. And it is these W. &M. $l.OO Shirts that will
be sold here “After Supper” for 79c. These are new black and white stripes and figures—coat styles, with cuffs attached. Pleated
bosoms. All sizes from 14 to 17—now. come! 79c.
Three sOc Four-in-Hands for SI.OO
New fall style silk Four-in-Hand Ties—dots, stripes, figures, all new
colors and patterns. Regularly 50c each. “After Supper” three for $l.OO.
Buy Boys’ Clothing “After Supper” and Save Money
Bring your boy here and buy his suit “After Supper” and pocket the difference—and it’s considerable. These are all popular
style two-piece Suits, made of medium weight worsteds, cheviots, serges, homespuns, in gray plaids and checks, brown stripes and
solid blues. Sizes are 6to 16. Read the prices—and come and see the suits.
10c Cotton Challies 74c
10e fancy cotton Challies, Per
sian designs of floral effects—-for
kimonos and tea gowns * 1 After
Supper ” 7VaC yard.
Wolff (SL Marx Co.
$1.50 Framed Pictures for 75c
Regular Prices $6.00 $5.00 $4.00 $3.50 $3.00 $2.50 $2.00 $1.50
“After-Supper Prices” $4.50 $4.00 $5.00 $2.75 $2.50 $2.00 $1.50 $1.20
The finer the suit you buy the greater the percentage of saving.
Young ladies’ School Shoes, in don
gola kid, extension soles, patent tips,
Blucher styles, with medium heels.
Shoes that have the style and wear
ing qualities of $2.00 foot- 1 C A
wear “After Supper” for. I.JV
Last Call. Women’s Oxfords, iu vici
kid, single and double soles, plain
and tipped toes, in all styles of heels.
Black and tan. Our entire line of
$2.00 1 o w-c u t footwear | O
“After Supper” at 1J J
35c Madras Waisting2sc
35c and 40c white mercerized
Madras Waistings, very silky lus
ter, jacquard effects and striped
designs—“ After Supper” 25c yd.
School Supplies at Half
It is just as important to teach children the lesson of econ
omy as it is that thev should acquire the rudiments of education—
the “Three Rs.” Economy, after all, is the basic principle of
success—the real foundation on which to build fortunes. We
want to help to teach the children of San Antonio their first les
sons in economy —to let them see and learn the value of money
in making their purchases. And at the “After Supper” event
Saturday night we will open the “School of Economy”—which
will eventually, if the lessons are properly applied, matriculate
them to the “University of Success.”
Where the Sale Will Be Held
For convenience we will hold the first sale in the piece goods aisle—all
the big table counters in the rear will be spread with the bargains—some
will be half price, some less than half price and a saving of not less than a
fourth or a third will be the rule on others —everything will be sold at
CONVINCINGLY LOWERED PRICES... Bring the children and let them
make their selections—let them DO THE shopping.
Here is a part of the list—check it and bring it along:
School Book Bags and Satchels
70c Hemp Bag, double handle, extra pocket, for 5c
15c Knit Bag, with draw string, assorted colors, for 12c
25c Knit Bag, with draw strings, assorted colors, for 17c
50c Knit Bags, with rings, variety of colors, for 33c
69c Rubber Lined Bags, with rings, water-proof, for 93c
25c Rubber Lined Bags, with rings, draw strings, for 17c
59c Rubber Lined Bags, with draw strings, plaid patterns, for 39c
39c Bags, with leather shoulder straps, for 23c
25c Bags, with leather shoulder straps, dot patterns, 19c
19c Openwork Hemp Bags, with straps, for 13c
39c Oil Cloth Bags, with leather straps, for 23c
10c Oil Cloth Bags, with leather handles, for 8c
$1.69 Corduroy Bags, with extra pocket, for $1.23
$2 All Leather Bags, extra pocket, handles or straps, for $1.39
$2 Extra Heavy Cloth Bags, with leather edge and straps, for $1.39
59c Plaid Bags, with extra pockeis, for 39c
25c Fibre Book Satchels, brass trimmed, for 17c
69c Canvas Covered Book Case, brass trimmed, for 93c
$l.OO Canvas Covered Book Case, brass trimmed, for 99c
. Lunch Baskets and Boxes
10c and 15c Fibre Lunch Baskets for 9c and 6c
25c Collapsible Lunch Box, “space-saver,” for 9c
39c Japanese Straw Basket, double handles, for 27c
25c Japanese Straw Basket, double handles, small, for 19c
15c and 25c Wicker Baskets, wooden bottoms, 12c and 17c
50c, 69c and $1 Genuine Palm Baskets, 3 sizes, 33c, 91c and 59c
10c Split Baskets, red, white and blue, for 5c
10c, 15c and 25c Fancy Straw Baskets, for 9c, 7c and 11c
Book Straps (Parcel Straps. Too)
5c and 10c Single Straps, medium and extra long, 3c and 6c
10c, 15c and 25c Double Straps, leather handles, 7c, 11c and 19c
50c Double Straps, large, 33c—79c Double Straps, fancy leather. 59c
Pencil Boxes and Fixtures
50c Japanese Hardwood Pencil Boxes for 29c
20c and 10c Pencil Boxes, black-finish decorated, 13c and 7c
25c and 39c Jap Pencil Boxes, decorated Tops, 17c and 21c
75c Jap Pencil Box, glass top, with knife, pencils, ink stand, etc., 99c
25c and 50c Jap Pencil Box, glass top, fitted, 19c and 39c
10c Combination Pencil Box and Ruler, sc—loc Ruler and Strap, 6c
15c Combination Pencil Box, Ruler and Strap, 11c
Ink and Pencil Tablets
5c Pencil Tablets, Various sizes, 70 to 150 sheets, 9c
10c Ink Tablets, “The S. A.,” linen bond finish, note or
letter size, 90 sheets, for 9c
5c “Beats All" Ink Tablet, 83 Sheets, 6x9-inch, for 9c
5c “Golf Links” Ink Tablet, 57 sheets, for 3c
10c “Superfine” Ink Tablet, 59 sheets, for 6c
5c Double-Ruled Composition Books and Writing Pads, 3c
Miscellaneous Supplies
50c “Teddy Bear” Pencil Assortment—contains pens, pen holder,
pencils, erasers, pencil sharpener and compass —for 39c
10c Plain Cedar Pencils, per dozen, 8c
“Beats AH" Cedar Pencils, 3 for 5c
5c Mecca Pencils, nickel tip and eraser, 9c
5c Box of Soft Slate Pencils for 3c—2sc Box of Water Colors for 21c
5c Cork Tipped Pen Holders for 9c
2 for 5c Nickel Tipped Pen Holders. 3 for 5c
5c Pencil Sharpener 3c 5c Bottle Black Ink 3c
5c Pen and Pencil Combination for 3c
Men’s 35c Half Hose for 25c
Men’s fine gauze lisle thread Half Hose—black and solid colors. In
stead of paying $l.OO for three pair, buy them “After Supper” four pair
for $l.OO or 25c each.
Cotton Suitings 9c
27-inch fancy cotton Dress Suit
ings in light, medium and dark
grounds, mostly two toned stripe
effects. Regularly 12%e. “Af
ter Suppef” 9c.
SEPTEMBER 24, 1909.
60c Flannel 39c
36-ineh white wool Flannels for
nice underwear, the medium
weight, soft and nicely finished,
regularly 60c yard—“ After Sup
per” 39c.

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