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___ ,312 E. Houston Street __ ~
Saturday Is Our Last Opening Day
The time to buy your hats and trimmings is NOW,
If ever cherries were ripe—lf ever the water was
warm —If ever opportunity knocked at your door—
that time is NOW! Our Latch String Is Out. ;
Come and See.
All Opening Trimmed Hats at baragin prices. $15.00 beauties trimmed for
for our Opening and priced from $2,50, $3.50, $4 50, $5, $5.50, $lO, $l5 to $5O.
Ready-to-Wear Hats 98c, $1.25, $1.75 to $2.25. Children’s Trimmed Hats
; $2.00 to $3.25 and $5.00. Children’s Ready-to-Wear, 750, $125 to $2.00 and
I $2.25. Special Saturday, $lO Ostrich Plumes $5.00. One-half price sale Silk
; Petticoats, are priced $4.75 and up to $lO.OO.
By Madame D’Anjoa. ,
It you need advice write to ma
I want all tue readers of The Light
to bring their .roubles to me. Au
letters encloait.g stamped envelop,
t. Hl receive personal answer and
all eommunlcatlous wIU be held In
Doubter—The beauty mask may have
its uses, but only a brave woman will
attempt to wear one. If one fears bur
glars, the mask would prove a safety
guard, since no man could look upon
one without suffering the extreme emo
tions of fright and danger. The very
best beauty treatment is based on
health. If you have n reliable diges
tion, if yon are devoted to the bathing
habit, if you sleep well, and have the
correct proportion of work and rest,
the chances are you will not be in need
of many beautifying specialties. A
Millinery Shop.
Mme. Powell.
102 E. Com. Just at the bridge.
Uhe Wonder
Miss Margaret Sammer,
113 s Ave. C.
NEW FALL GOODS now on exhibit.
Successor to Mrs. Chas. Devlts.
Direct Importer of human hair goods.
I.adies' hair dresser and wig maker
Snampooing parlors, manicuring, face
massage, scalp treatment, hair dyeing.
Manufacturer of hair goods.
Terrell Building. 212 Avenue D. New
phone 1103.
E. L. FRANCOIS. Manager.
Miss t cofield’s
Opens Oct. 6th.
Kerrville. Texas.
MORE BANKERS in the 17 States in
which Jno. F. Draughon's 31 Colleges
are located, Indorse these Business Col
leges than indorse ALL others. If YOtl
want EVIDENCE and wanttoßlSE to theslo-a-day
Class, ask for FREE catalogue. Lessons BY MAIL if
preferred. Draughon's Practical Business College'
The “LION” Brand of
Macaroni, FpagheHi, Vermcelli, Noodles, Etc.
All grocers sell it.
1845 BAYLOR. COLLEG 1 FIR YOUNG WOMEN. Belton Texas 1933
Chartered by the Republic of Texas. Stands for separate education of young
women. Course of study equal to that of best colleges for men. Superior advan
tages ir. music, art. elocution Write for catalog
W. A. WILSON. D. D.. Pres.. Belton, Texas.
' — ' -- - x
N| |J T Now open. Hours 7to 9 o’clock. Four e 'enings each week. Indi
• r * • victual attention by careful teachers. Heckward students help d
St MODI ar, d couraged- Lo<v rates. Address SHAFER & DOWNEY, Pry-
*-■•'*-*"pric tors. House - d Streets, Soledad Block, San Antonio.
little powder is always necessary to
complete the toilet and an attachment
for a good cold cream to friction into
the face skin at night will bring good
Curly Locks—Women with naturally
curly hair can improve their appearance
very much by having a shampoo at a
beauty shop, and following the hirsute
tubbing with a water wave. The hair
is moistened thoroughly, then laid in
deep waves, after which it is netted
and dried quickly. This does away
with the fuzzy appearance. When fil
ing the finger nai s, shape them to a
ronnded point, wh ! eb is much more deli
cate than the so-called almond shape,
which makes the finger lips look broad
and ugly.
Enid—The home variety of manicure
treatment is seldom successful. Only a
skilled operator can remove the dead
cuticle about the nails, and do the
work properly. If you are suffering
from excessive perspiration, ft would
be a wise plan to use a reliable rem
edy. Such a preparation can bo pur
chased. It is a sure cure and absolute
ly harmless.
Economy—The girl who has a num
ber of silk princess frocks which she
has worn this summer will be wise to
purchase a long coat for the w’Dter.
There will be a lot of beautiful novel
ties, particularly English cheeks, "•'th
which gray furs look very dainty. Then
she can wear her silk gowns to the last
thread. Good wearing apparel is so
expensive one should arrange to get
the longest possible service from it.
In steam-heated apartments and offices
sueh gowns are quite warm enough. It
is only when you go out. of doors that
you should blanket and bundle up.
Susan—The woman who is interested
in self improvement, who endeavors
each day to follow the dictates of her
conscience, to do her work as sho can
do'it best, to be strength to the weak,
eyes to the blind and brains to the
stunid, will never know an envious or
jealons thought. It one’s mind is
small, one's views of life is very warn
ed. It is when afflicted with mental
weakness that a woman feels her own
lack of fortune and charms upon s-yht.
of another woman’s de'ight in enjoying
them. But even the bitterest ehvv
should not be permitted to develop into
hatred. If another is hanpier than yon
it may be because she delves a little
deeper in life's simple philosophise.
Perhaps she understands better that
she is the key to the situation.
Bexar Drug Co., cut price druggists;
get our prices first. The lowest in the
S _ |
pruts Sool
to Sat. i
■ I
■ f *4
Tomatoes, 50c basket
Mixed vegetable 5c each.
Chili peppers. 5c a dota
Sweet peppers, 4 tor oc.
Lettuce, a lor 5c
Game. 15c * pound.
Ceouage, 5c a pound.
Onions, So pound. 3 pounds for 10a
E»g plant, vc and luc.
Sweet potatoes. 25c and 30c peck.
Leeas. uc a bum.u.
Gietn beans. 15c quart, - quarts 25c.
Fouttoes. 3oc pe-k.
Kamsues. vc a buucn.
Rhubarb, 10c pound,
oaia. e quails lor 15c.
Horse r-disn, l»c pound, 10c bottle.
Rhubarb. 10c pound, 3 p.ounds 25c.
Blacked eyed peas. Sc qt.. shelled 15c qt
Cucumbers, 10c. 2 lor 15c.
Green btuipklns, 5c and 10c.
Ripe pumpkins. 10c to 25c
New butter beaus 30c quart
Celery, tec staiK. 3 tor Zoe.
Turnips. 5c bunch.
Beets. 5c bunch.
Canots. vc bunch.
Roasting ears. 25c a dozen.
Mustard greens. 5c bunch.
Squash 3»c and 40c dozen.
Cauliflower. 2uc pound.
Asparagus. 2 bunches 25c.
Bananas, 15c and Zoo dozen.
Oranges, 20c tu 50c dozen.
Lemons. 20c dozen.
Limes. 15c dozen.
Peaches. 35c basket.
Apples, me to 4uc dozen.
Cooking pears, 15c dozen.
Grapes, 2 lbs. 15c. 25c and 50c basket.
Sugar cane. 5c atallt
Pineapples 25c.
Cranberries 15c quart.
Quinces 30c and 40c dozen.
Pecans 15c pound.
Bom pan. 40c pound.
Spanish macaeiel. 35c pound
nee snapper, lac pound.
Fish, mixed, iZYzc pound.
Shrimp I2ttc pound.
Oysters, 55c to 75c per 100.
Country eggs. 20c dozen.
Yard eggs. 2-c and 39c uosen.
Creamery butter. 35c to 40 pound.
Country butter. 19c to 24c pound.
Honey, 15c and 20c pound.
Comb honey, liltc pound.
Saur kraut. 5c bound.
Fri ers, 30c to 4it.
Broilers, 20c and Zsc.
Hens, 15c to 63c.
Baked Apples and Cream.
Eggs bcranioled with Tomatoes.
Rusks tZweiback.)
Baked Rice Escalloped with Cheese.
Candied Sweet Potatoes.
Steamed Pears. Best Ginger Drops.
Tea or Milk.
Tomato Bouillon with Baked Sticks.
Corned Beet.
Turnip Gups with Creamed Carrots,
'mail Potatoes Fried Whole in Deep Fut
Grape Juice Gelatin. Rolled Walers.
Demi Tasae.
Steamed Pears —Core yellow, eating
tears, steam until soft, but not broken.
Serve with cream.
Best Ginger Drops—One-half cup su
rar, one cup of molasses, scant half cup
>f butter; one teaspoon each of ginger,
Innamon. cloves, two teaspoons soda in
i cup of boiling wat<4. two and one-half
ups flour; add two well beaten eggs the
ast thing before baking. Bake in getn
ins and eat warm. Half the recipe will
nake about 12. *
801 l the turnips until soft Take out
the centers to form cups and fill with
creamed efirrots.
Select the smallest potatoes, scrub very
clem and fry in deep fat about half an
Grape Juice Gel -1 tin—One and one
fourth tab!espoonf”ls of gelatin soaked in
one-fourth cup of cold water. Dissolve
in tYvo cups of boiling hot grape juice
Add ore tablespoonful of lemon Juice and
two-thirds of a cun of sugar. Mold and
serve with whipped cream.
Rolled Wafers—One-fourth cup butter, i
one-hetf cim nowdewd sugar. one-Vnrth '
cun m’lk. seven-eieh»hs cun bread flour. ■
one-half teasroon ventlis. C-esm »he but
ter. edd sugar arsd-sHv and milk d-on!
bv d-on: then -dd flour and J
Sunes d very thin with a broad. long- .
bloded knife on a buttered. Inverted d-do
nfre rsn. Crease In Ih-ee-ln-b snnar.-M.
and bate in a elow oven until delicately
b-owred Pl-oe nep nn book of r-.n—p.
sons res ane-t erd roll while wartn in fy.
briar or cornncorla share. The cornuco
pia shane m-v be fitted w[ t h whipped
cream and used ax »
A beantifu] home wedding was sol
emnized last evening at the residence
of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Saunders, Los
Moras street, when their daughter, Ag
new Elisabeth, was married ho C. Dev
ereaux Cannon of Memphis, Tenn,
The ceremony was performed in the
front parlor, which was decorated in
white roses and ferns. The bay windows
were transformed Into a beautiful green
altar with pot plants and ent flowers.
Above tho altar a canopy of white
roses and carnations bound with white
satin ribbon was made, under this a
huge white bell, made of white flow
ers, was suspended by white ribbon.
The clapper was a pearl globe and on
either side white satin ribbon stream
ers hung. When the ceremony was fin
ished the maids pulled the ribbons and
the happy pair was showered in rico
and rose leaves.
Above the windows white roses and
ferns were draped effectively, and in
the window seats and mantels roses
and ferns were banked.
The back parlor was decorated in
white and pink roses and ferns.
Just before the bridal party entered
Miss Ilse Haarman sang “All for You”
in a sweet voice, Miss Ola Hoeke play
i iup Lohenerin’s wedding march.
The bridal party entered through the
back hall into the back parlor, thenca
to the altar, Rev. Arthur Jones lead
ing it, followed by Miss Carrie Fink,
bridesmaid, gowned in bine satin and
carrv : ng an arm bouquet of pink roses,
and Harry Hoeke, groomsman, Miss
Alice Hoeke. maid, of honor, in peach
satin, with pink arm bouquet, follow
ing, after which came the bride on the
arm of her father, G. W. Saunders.
The bride was met at the altar by
the groom and best man, George Arm
The bride's gown was of white sat
in, en traine, trimmed in rose point and
chiffon. The veil was held in pin so
bv orange blossoms and she carried a
shower bouquet of white roses.
A reception followed the ceremony.
Mrs. Henrv Hoeke. Mrs. Thomas M.
Webb and Mrs. J. T. Smith welcomed
the guests into the hall, which was
decorated in white roses and ferns. In
the center a huge white flower heart
was suspended by white ribbons, with
a gold arrow piercing it.
In the parlors Mrs. G. W. Saunders,
Mrs. W ?. Jary of Fort Worth. Mrs.
L. L. Boyd, Mrs. R. G. Callahan and
Mrs. W. W. Sloan assisted the bridal,
partv in receiving.
Miss Tillie Piper and Mrs. Harry
Fowler had charge of the bride’s book,
which was on the porch.
The punch bowl was in a pretty lit
tle nook, decorated in pink roses and
under a canopy of reg'nn cornua an-1
was presided over bv Miss Elise Staf-1
fe] and Miss Elsie Seebe.
The wedding supper was served on |
the lawn, an immense horse-shoe shap
ed table accommodating 150 guests. An
eight-course supper was served.
Henry Hoeke w»s master of cere
monies with Ed Steves as toastmas
ter. He drank the health of the bride,
the groom and to both. Harrv Hoeke,
road a beautiful poem on Tennessee,
which was written by Mr. Sloan es
peciallv for the bride.
Mrs. Chris Dnllnig d-snk a toast to
the young ladies and Mrs. Smith to the
match makers.
Mr. Peterson drank the health of tfio
Tennessee nnd Texas products and W.
W. Sloan to the “better half.”
Captain Mel can made an impressive
toast to the “Happiness of the Bride
and Groom.”
Mrs Hoeke drank to the health of
the “Ones who had gone from under
the old roof, under the new.”
Harrv Fowler gave n talk on mar-1
Agrees With Him About Food.
A trained nurse says: “In tho prac
■ tiee of my profession I have found so
I many points in favor of Grape-Nuts
that I unhesitatingly recommend
1 it to s'] my pat’ents.
••It is delicate and pleasing to the
' pa'ate (an essential in food for tho
rick’' and can be adapted to all ages,
being softened with milk or cream for
babies or tho aged when deficiency of
1 teeth renders mastication imposs : blo.
I For fever patients or those on liqu'd
diet I find ‘Gra|>e-Nuts and albumen
water very nourishing and refreshing.’
•‘This recipe is my own idea and is
mad' 1 as follows: Soak a teaspoonful of
Grajs’ Nuts in a glass of water for an
hou. strain and serve with the beaten
wh'te of an egg and a spoonful .of fruit
iuice for flavouring. This affords a
groat deal of nourishment that even the
weakest stomach can assimilate with
out any distress.
“Mv husband is a physician and he
uses Grape Nuts himself and orders it
manv times for his patients.
•‘Personally I regard a dish of
Grape-Nuts with fresh or stewed fru : t
ns the ; deal breakfast for anyone—well
or i : ck. ”
In ary case of stomach trouble, ner
vous prostration or-’.‘rain fag, a 10
dm trial of Grape-Nuts will work won
ders toward nourishing and rebuilding
and in this way end : ng the trouble.
“There's a Reason,” and trial
Look in pkgs, for the famous little
book. The Road to Wellville. ”
Ever read the above letter? A new
one apreors from time to time. They
are genuine, true, and full of human
ried life and a few prospective grooms
gave talks, among them Ben Kiolbassa
and George Meyer on “How it feels
to be engaged.”
Rev. Arthur Jones spoke on the “Bud
and its fruit.” George Arniburst on
“How it feels to be the best man.”
Marshall Hearne spoke on the conta
gion of going to a wedding and end
ed “Altho’ I’m not married, I ought
to be married.”
The wedding cake was cut nnd Miss
Ola Hoeke cut the ring, and Richard
Friedrich the dime. Miss Hoeke w 11
become the next bride, she having
caught the bride’s bouquet, when it
was thrown by the bride from the
porch over a large crowd of young la
A reception was given at the depot
when they left for Memphis, their fu
ture home.
Cowbells were clamped on their suit
eases and goodbyes were said amid a
shower of rice and rose petals.
The bride’s gorng away drers was of
brown ehit’fon broadcloth, with hat and
accessories to match.
The wedding culminated a pretty lit
tle romance that started this summer
in Tennessee, the bride having met C
Devereaux Cannon this summer nt the
Confederate reunion.
Tho boys of Garden Academy will
entertain with a dance tomorrow even- >
ing at their new school room.
Twenty-three tables of interested
players enjoyed the regular monthly
card party given last night by tho
Knights of Columbus. Mrs. Hugo Jas
ter was the hostess for the evening, and
the prizes were awarded as follows:
Ladies’ first prize, Mrs. Frank L. Riley,
and gentleman’s first prize, Frank L. >
Filey. Ladies’ booby prize, Mrs. W. L. I
Bingaman, and gentleman's booby t
prize. A. B. Hillafi.
Mrs. J. J. Kearns will be hostess next
Thursday evening.
Mrs. Frank Dillon and Miss Margaret
Dillon of Mex'eo City are visiting in
San Antonio. Thev expect to leave for
home in the near future.
Alamo Rebekah Lodge No. 335 will
meet this evening at 8 o’clock at Odd
Fellows’ hall.
Don't waste your money buying plas
ters when you can get a bottle of
Chamberlain's Liniment for twenty-five
cents. A p ; ece of flannel dampened
with this liniment is superior to any
plaster for laine back, pains in the side
and chest, and much cheaper. Sold by
all druggists.
Amending Section 39 of Chapter 26 of
the Revised Criminal Ordinances.
Be it ordained by the City Council
of the City of San Antonio. Texas, that
Section 39 of Chapter 26 of the Re
vised Criminal Ordinances be so
amended as to hereafter read as fol
Sec. 39. —It shall be unlawful to
cure, store or receive green hides or
to poison dry h’des, or to cure, scour
or wash anv hide, skin or pelts of any
animal whatever, or wash same in alum
or other substances, within the city lim
its, except at places west of the Ala
zan Creek, north of Zavala street, and
south of the Cathol'C cemetery.
day of September, A D. 1909.
Attest: Mayor.
FRED FRIES. City Clerk.
This semi-fitting garment is easily
made and can be closely fitted by narrow
ing the front, which is straight, as far
down as the buttons extend. Below the
buttons the front flare gives extra full
This pattern is cut in three sizes, 33,
36 and 40 bust measure. Size 36 re
ouires 3% yards of 36 inch material
Price of pattern 429 is 10 cents.
No. 439.
Fill out blank and send to Pattern
Department of this newspaper.
“Pick It At Peck’s”
Bring In Your Puzzles, Girls
Tomorrow “Saturday** is the day we’re going t©
decide which little girl is going to have the fun of start
ing the fire in that dandy little “Buck’s" Junior Range.
Contest closes Tomorrow. “Saturday." Sept. 25.
1909, at 4:OO o'clock and all puzzles and "Five-
Reasons- Why" your mama and papa should "Pick it
at Peck's" must be in by that time. So bring them in i
ar once and as soon as we decide who the winner is
we'll make the a i noun cement in the daily papers and I
place tne name of the little girl who wins on a eard in
our window.

®|L •J’ PECK’S!
One Is In Hospital Near Death
and the Other Is In Jail
Pending Developments.
Rocks and Knives Are Used In
Knights Battle for the Affec
tions of a Dark Charmer.
In a short but desperate duel over
the affections of a dusky belle, Leßoy
Harvey, aged 17 years, was perhaps
fatally stabbed. Fred Goode, 28 years,
the other suitor for the hand of the
maiden, was struck on the head with
a rock and a severe scalp wound in
flicted. That the green-eyed monster
was the underlying motive for the
fracas there is no depute.
The clash came when Harvey enter
ed the garden, just north of San Pedro
park, shortly after II o’clock last
night, to bo “stung” as by a bolt
from the clears when his eyes fell upon
Goode, his enemy, and the soft-eyed
damsel, “spooning” on a bench in the
bright moonlight.
Goode does not deny that he plunged
a knife into Harvey's side, but says
that he did not do so until the other
attempted to cause “his company” to
abandon him to “fly with the other,”
and then bounced a rock on his brain
box. Both are negroes.
One Near Death.
Harvey is at tho city hospital in the
shadow of death, little hope being en
tertained for his recovery, although
his condition was slightly improved
this morning. He was not expected to
survive the night when treated by Dr.
Dinwiddie shortly after the affray.
Goode is in the city jail with a tem
porary charge of assault to murder
against him, pending the outcome of
Harvey’s injuries.
According to the information gleaned
the girl put in their appearance at tho
Gray, faded, streaky hair
is an unnatural disfigure
ment which, if you have it,
it is your duty to yourself
and your friends to get rid
of as soon as possible. It
is a serious injury to you in
your social and business
life. It holds you back when
you should go forward. It
is a source of embarrassment
and mortification to you.
•1 and 50c. Bottle, at an Dram
214 times a, much a, tbe KOc. alac.
-The Care of the Hair,” PHILO HAY
For Sale By Bexar Drug Co-
SEPTEMBER 24. 1909.
I beer garden just north of San Pedra
park. Shortly after their arrival, Har
vey is said to have shown up and took
I offense at the girl being accompanied
by Goode. In the quarrel that followed,
1 Harvey was stabbed in the left breast.
How It Started.
“Ah was sitting on a bench with
tnah girl, when Harvey came up and
wanted to pick a fuss with me,” said
Goode, when asked about the trouble
this morning. “Ah told him to go away
and mind his own business, but ho kept
on and wanted mah girl to quit
Several, boys took him away and talked
to him, but he returned and kept on
trying to start trouble.
“Ah 'mgw.noto start some hot lead
flying about yore in a minute,” Goodo
said Harvey remarked to him.
“Well, you all had better not start
any at me, because yon all will get
some yourself." Goode said he replied.
“Harvey walked away and a little
later eame back and started at me.”
continued Goode. “Just as Ah got up,
he threw a rock at me and struck ma
on the head. Ah rushed at him and he
fell over some barrels and Ah struck
him with mah knife. Ah used a pocket
Delegates a-e wanted by the Cham
ber of Commerce to represent that or
ganization at the Inland Waterway
conference to be held at Corpus Chris
ti. October 21,2 and 3. President Taft
will speak and other notables will be in
A letter has been received by the
secretary inviting him to send exhibits
from southwest Texas to the Exposition
Internacional de Agriculture to be held
in Buenos Ayres in 1910.
Exhibits are also asked for the
Brussels exposition in 1910.
Delegates from San Antonio have
been requested for the National Farm
Land congress at Chicago, November
Get rid of it, by all means,
but don’t try to do so by the
use of dyes, whose effect is
but temporary and unsatis
factory and which may per
manently injure your hair.
Use Hay's Hair Health. That
is not a dye. It doesn’t color
your hair. It simply cures
it—restores it to health —
gives it back the color, soft
ness and histrous luxuriance
it had when it was the pride
of your life instead of an
Use Hay’s Hair Health
now, and begin to reap the
benefit. It will stop your
hair from falling out and re
move dandruff. It will keep
your scalp as clean and
healthy as that of a baby.
Data. Tbe Collar bottle eaatataa
Sead Sc. for aacfwl book,

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