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Picked Fighting Boats of Eight
Nations at Anchor In the
Hudson River Today.
Foreign Commanders Are Men
Who Have Made History and
Known to Americans,
Associated Press. |
New York, Sept. 25.—With more than |
three score of the picked fighting ships!
of eight nations, swinging nt anchor i
in the Hudson river, awaiting the com- '
ing of the Clermont and the Half Moon, j
sightseers at the Hudson-Fulton eele- :
bration looked upon the most impressive |
assembly of foreign warships that*has,
probably ever been seen in American I
waters. Riding in the river between
44th street and Spuytou Duyvil, be- j
sides the 50 vessels of the United States ;
Atlantic fleet under Rear Admiral Sea
ton Schroeder, the foreign navies are
represented by sixteen fighting craft in
all. Great Britain has four, Germany
has four also, France has two, Italy has
two, Mexico has one. Argentine has one
and Cuba has one.
Their massive hulls tugging lazily at
their anchorages represent the highest
development in construction from the;
great shipyards on the Clyde and the
best efforts of the German naval eon
atructors. The trimmest ships of
France, the pick of the fleet of Italy. I
are most impressive emissaries from the 1
old world to the new.
Swift cruisers with triple expansion j
engines and long rakish lines like grey- ,
hounds of the ocean; massive battle- ■
•hips mounted from turrets to the Hight j
ing tops with batteries of the highest,
type, swift torpedo boats and torpedo
boat destroyers, wonderful submarines .
—every type of fighting ship known to
the United States and eight other na
vies, four of them world-powers, are in
this impressive assembly.
The United States Atlantic fleet un-j'
der command of Rear Admiral Seaton :
Schroeder, is represented by the battle-1
ships Connecticut (16,000 tons), flagship; :
Vermont (16.000), Kansas (16.000),
Louisiana (16.000). Minnesota (16,000),
New Hampshire (16,000), Mississippi
(13,000), Idaho (13,000). Georgia (14,-.
948), New Jersey (14,948), Nebraska
(14,948), Rhode Island (14.948), Vir-|
ginia (14,948), Missouri (12,300), and
Ohio (12.440), the armored cruisers ।
North Carolina (14.500 tone), speed.
22.48 knots; New York (8200), Mon
tana (14,500 tons). 22 knots; the scout
cruisers Chester, Birmingham and Ga-,
leu (3750 tons), 25 knots), and a fleet .
of five submarines and 24 destroyers,
torpedo boats and other auxiliaries.
Rear Admiral Seaton Schroeder is,
outranked by both Admiral von Koester
of the German imperial navy and Ad
miral Sir Edward Seymour of the Brit
ish royal navy. A movement to peti- •
tion the president to place Admiral
Dowev in command was promptly halt
cd by Admiral Dewey himself, who said
that his health and age would not per
nut him to undertake eight days of full
dress duty and banqueting. The ap
pointment'of Admiral Seymour to these
waters is regarded as another evidence
of King Edward’s tact. Admiral Sey I
mour was in command of the British I
fleet in Manila bay on the dav when i
Commodore George Dewey annihilated I
the Spanish fleet, and the rejoinder of |
bis captain, Sir Ed word Chichester, to I
the German commander who inquired |
before Dewey went into action and
while the attitude of the German fleet, I
then at anchor in the same waters, was ;
still a matter of anxiety, what action
the English proposed to take, won him ;
instant popularity in this country and i
passed into history, crystalized in the i
sphorisms of Mr. Dooley:
“That,” said Sir Edward, with sig-
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•E. B. Chanel?* No - 102 •
nificant ambiguity, “is a matter known
i only to Admiral Dewey and myself.”
Admiral Seymour became still better
; and even more favorably known to
Americans during the international oc
cupation ol Pekin at the time of the
Boxer uprising. His fleet here consists
of the armored cruisers Inflexible (I*,-
500 tons), 25 knots; Drake (14,100
tons), 24 knots; Argyll (10,850 tons),
25 knots; and The Duke of Edinburgh
(13.550 tone). 22 knots).
Grand Admiral von Koester is also
well known to Americans. An intimate
friend of the kaiser, 50 years au offi
cer. and one of the committee which
drew up the plans resulting in the Ger
man-American Sonder-Klasse races at
Kiel and Marblehead, he recently re
tired ns commander-in-chief of the im
perial navy, to be succeeded by Prince
Henry of Prussia. He consented, how
ever, to accept the presidency of the
German Navy league and his appoint
ment to the Ilndson-Fulton command is
both a compliment to his own honora
ble career and to this country. His
fleet consists of the cruisers Dresden
(3544 tons), Herthar (3569), Victoria .
Luise (5569), and Bremen (5200).
France sends three battleships under
Admiral le Pord —the Verite (14.635'
tons), Justice (14,435), ami Liberte
(14,635), Italy sends two —the Etru-!
ria snd Etna; the Argentine Republic.)
the Netherlands, Mexico and Cuba, one '
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Money Orders Forged and Cashed tn
Number ot Northern Cities.
Associated Press.
Buffalo, N. Y., Sept. 25. —A money
order swindle which involves the loss
of thousands of dollars has been
brought to the attention of the police.
The man accused of working the game
is said to have been employed at one
time by the Montana Express company
at Butte, Mout. It is alleged that he
obtained possession of a number of
blank money orders and familiarized
himself with the signature of Agent
Currie of the company at Butte.
The money orders were not missed
until they had been filled out and cash
ed. The orders were made payable to
'J. W. Lee and wer e cashed by a person
I who signed that name.
The passing of the alleged forged
I money orders began at Tern* Haute,
I Ind., and tool: in every city of any con
- sequence between Terre Haute ami Buf
falo, ineluding Toledo, Lorain, Cleve
land, Ashtabula, Ohio and Erie, Pa.
Attorneys at law Suites 306-7 Frott
building. Both phones.
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Howell, Ind., Sept. 25.—8u1l frogs
nre at present a live political issue in
Howell, which is surrounded by ponds
teeming with frogs. At the coming mu
nicipal election an independent candi
date for mayor with a platform advo
cating extermination of the frogs by
filling in the ponds will run against can
didates of the republican, democratic
and prohibition parties. Apparently
the bull frog party will elect its can
Unable to Withstand Tax on
Strength Well-Known Under
taker Gives Up Life's Fight.
Following two operations within the
. past five weeks, Otto Riebe, the under-1
taker, died yesterday afternoon at 4:15 '
1 o'clock at a local hospital. Blood pois-i
j oning from the first infection is given
ias the cause of death. The last opera-;
I tion was performed on Mr. Riebe ten
I days ago. He rallied from the opera
tion rapidly and continued to improve
( until yesterday.
Yesterday afternoon at. 1 o’clock,
I however, his condition took a change
: for the worse, and he began to sink rap
j idly. The members of the family were
: hastily summoned to the bedside and all j
i were present when the end came.
Mr. Riebe was a native of Germany |
land was born in Berlin September 32,
1850. He came to this country" when;
21 years of age and spent several years!
in Maryland working at various trades, j
Eighteen years ago he came to San An
tonio and opened a marble yard and ।
; several months later purchased the !
i Heiner undertaking establishment.
His connection with the majority of
’ leading fraternal societies as a member I
■ and his lung residence in San Antonio i
I made him widely known and very popu- j
। lar with a large circle of friends.
Ue was at ene time a city sexton,
under a former Callaghan administra-1
; tion. Besides his wife, Mr. Riebe is
survived by two sons. Will and Paul
Riebe, and six daughters, Mr--. Cari'
■ Gerbes, Misses Martha, Elizabeth, Al- ‘
ma, Ida ard Hattie Riebe.
Tie funeral services, conducted by
Rev. O. Hartmann of the St. John’s:
Lutheran church, will be held at the
home. 668 Montana street, tomorrow af-,
ternoon at 4 o’clock. Sons of Hermann ,
and Lotus Lodge No. 89. Knights of :
Pythias, will conduct their burial rites'
and interment will be made in the Het- I
! matin Sons' cemetery.
Mr. Riebe Ins beer; fur a number or j
years chairman of the joint board of
I trustees of the tinea Knights of Pythias
Ue was a member of Lotus Lodge No.
89, Knights of Pythias; Siemerinit
Lodge, Order of Hermann Sons: Nai
<-hez Tribe No. 2. Improved Order of i
Red Men; Alamo Lodge, Knights and j
Ladies of Honor; Aerie No. 70, Frater
nal Order of Eagles; the Grand 1 rater- ,
nity, the National Protective Legion, j
the Beethoven Maennerehor and the
Lieder Kranz and Cheriton T< mple No,
1 Pythian Sisters.
Associated Preao.
Chicago. Sept. 25.—Prof. Phillip Fox. |
director of Dearborn observatory at;
Northwes’ern university, yesterday su-1
nonnced that on Thursday night he!
had an unusually good observation of i
the south polo of Mats, which is now ;
only 35,000.000 miles from the earth. I
Prof. Fox says the pole appeared to be i
a white peak, surrounded by an ie ■-}
elad area and apparently similar to the
poles of the earth.
Associated Pre«s.
Cincinnati. Sept. 25.—Governor liar-1
mon will deliver the address of wel ,
come to 1500 delegates and several >
thousand other visitors who are cx-|
pected Io attend the fifteenth annual!
convention of the Ohio Valley Improve
ment association in this city on Octo
ber 14.
The movement is in favor of gov
ernment aid toward securing a 9-foot
stage in the Ohio river.
Londoner Says Our Postal Service la of;
Higher Order and More Efficient.
AsrociMtd Praar.
Chicago, Sept. 25. —“Th* postal serv
ice of the United States is of high
order, and England has much to learn
from your system,” said C. 11. Cooke,
representing the London postal service, |
after examining the t'hicugo postoffice. 1
Mr. Cooke is visiting the large post-1
oirices <>f the United States.
“Tn London we employ 21,600 peo-]
pie," said Mr. Cooke, “while Chi-'
eago, with four times the amount of
tonnage that is handled by the London
service, employs only 6000 men.”
Mr. Cooke left last night for New
York. He came to Chicago from Seat
tle. He will submit a report to Comp
troller Robert Bruce of the London pos
tal service.
Duke of Abruzzi. Himself an Explorer,
is Glad American Succeeded.
AercciaUd Frr»«.
New York, Sept. 25.—The Duke of
the Abruzzi, who led a notable Tfaliau
Arctic expedition of 1900, has sent a
message of congratulation to this city
fcr Commander Peary. The message
“Turin, Sept. 24.—Commander Rob
ert E. Peary: May I congratulate you
on the result of your expedition! Am
very glad van have succeeded.
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In the Churches Tomorrow
South Side Baptist church. Nuthan and
Johnsm streets. T. C. pafttor* iIJ
.Madison street. .Old phvue Preach
ing. 11 n'clpek a. m. and S:l5 p. :v. by
! th** pastor. Sunday school at 9:45 a
• m., .’rofossor .1. K. Harri*, svperlntend
• ent. Aid at 4p.m.8. V.
p. U.. T' j 9 p. m. Prayer mecl
; ing Thursday at ’p. :u. Sunbeam Bard.
J Snnd: yatsp. m. Lud!« s’ Aid society at
j Ip. m. Tm-s iuy. Prayer nieetlng Thura
| day at 7:3A p. m.
• First Baptist cnuich, corner bt Foti: a
i :.nd Taylor streets, br. Weston Bruner,
j pastor; H; Oakland stre. v,
vid phone ia church Ftu*ly daily
h;VM 10 to o’eiauk. Huntley selmM. H:s'»
h m.. Profess >t J. 1L rranKlin. superin
tendent. Baruca and Vhilmtua tur
nil ar»‘S ages. At Ji a. m. f •'The Silver
j Lining/’ p. tn.. Baptist \oung People
rnjnn; 8 p. in.. “The Lure ol Bove.’ N«». ।
I 1. ■Your .dnney or Ynur Life.” Large or-
I chestra. Professor Homburg, director. At
i ip. nt. Friday, mission study class: 5
■ p. ’a.. Ladles’ Aid irs h-ty.
t Prospect Hill Baptist church, corner of.
: Bruna Vista and San Jacinto .streets. 1
| Sunday school at a. m., S, 11 Mount,
sup rlntendvnt Prcauhinv • vi rv Sunday
at 11 a. m. and 8:IF» p. m.. T. V. Nutl, ,
residence 1600 But nn Vista stn
Old phone rill. Prayer meeting every.
Wednesday night at x;L'.
Oatvary Pm nt Ist churrb. North Pi. e.'
and Hays >tr« ts. IL F. Stokes. pas\r. '
iTaki Nolan cai east. Prcariiing by tne
pastM* al 11 a. m. and 8 p. in. Bible
sciiool at a. m. Sunbeam Band at !
18:30 p m. Baptist People’s Pnion .
iat 7p. m.. Rot Overton, president. Mia-
I week pt r yer service Wednesday at 8 p
■in. Ladies* Aid socio tv at •» p-
, tn. Mrs. p. G. Simpson, president Mid
[ iveek player sen Ice W .dnosday at 7:30 ’
: P- m- : i
i EnM End Baptist mL.-’ion. corner Hay* ' <
land Nebraska street:. at 11 :
la. -n. and 7:3’» p. m. by Rw. W. 11. Pile*'. :
, Bible Hohoui. Ip. m.. A. F. Glover, su- i »
nerint. ndent. .Midweek prayer service on I
Thursday at 7:30 p. m.
J*ii>: Primitive Baptist church af San']
Antonio. U2O Austin stru t. Flr.-t song,]
practice 30 minutes. Gospel services oy<m ; ;
U 2 o'clock by Rider Blk Joh
Second song praclico, 30 minutes. Social |.
r xst 35 minutes. Vocalists and others are L
, cordially invked to utt nd. Free prcc'le o . I
1 Trinity Methodist Eplseopul chureh, on
(corner of Avenue C and I’eesn street
George T. Freeman, pastor. Sunday aer- ।
I vices: Sunday school session at 9:15 .i-
m. Epworth League eervlci at 1:30 p.
; m. At 11 o’clock the vusb'r will preacH
the second of a series on "The Church.” I
1 Communion You arc cordi lly invited to :
5 wnrshlp frith us.
West End Methodist church. P P .
Hardin, pastor. Sunday school at 9:40 •
o’clock a. in. N. J. MarshrU. auper»n-1
tendenL Morning sendee at 11 o’clock, j
No evening service.
West End Chapel, Colorado avenue.
Sunday school at I p ni. K. 11.
Fiiporintondent. Preaching at 7:15 p. m.
by R» v. S. H. Beall.
South Heights Methodist church. Jas.
W. Albritton, pastor. Sunday school at
9:45 o’clock a. Vi., C. L. Hunter, superin
j tendent. Epworth League meets at 7 p.
Im.. Miss Rhoda Roberts, president. Mid-।
week prayer meeting Wednesday evening ।
at 7:30 o’clock. Junior League at 3 p. m ।
I Miu Israel Parker, president. The pastor
will preach at It a. m. and 8 p. m.
1 Government 11111 Mothodist Episcopal
church, south, corner Pine and Mason
streets. R v. H. Gros< < ln«e. pastor. Sun
day school it 9:45 o'clock a. m., C- D-
Wnlfe, superintendent. Proaching at 71
a. in. unci & p. tn by th* pastor. Junior
| League meets at 4 p- m. Mis* McCauley,
। superintendent. Senior League at 7 p. ni.
: Horner Shaw, Revival services
I at both hours. Great good has been don<
I during the past week In the revival. Ser-
I will b held twice each day until other
wise announced. There will b<> a recep
tion nf new members at both services to
. morrow.
I Travin Park M. E church, south. S. H.
IC. Burgin, pastor. E. E. Swanson, as
sistant. Preaching at 11 a. m. arid 3 P
m. by the pastor. Sunday school at 9:30
Bstaca class at same hour, FL H. Wes-
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Local Druggitt
ter. leader. Phllathea class,. Mrs. H. C.
Carter, leader. Epworth League at 7 p.
ni., L. E. Appleby, president. Prayer
meeting Wednesday at H o’clock. Good
music and a hearty welcome. Good ven
iU-ation and electric fans. The revival
can.palgn, conduct**! by the pastor u u
R-v. bum E. Bmwn, evangelist, will he
ghi at the morning Funice and continue
twk-' dnily lor two weeks at 10 a. in.
and 7:30 p. m. C. I’. Ctnry, the
not •d‘eh*»nis lorder, will conduct the cho
ms of fifty to one hundred voices, with
pipe organ, two pinnot and Ft ringed and
w ired luKtrutnen t u* compaTtiinenl. The
public Is cordially invited.
Ab-Kinky Avenue Methodist church.
Revival Furvices in prog.-eHs this we*k.
will vnntiniv through next w<—k, wltF
s<rviucs u-veiy night at 7:45. The pastor
is being assisted by Evangelist Will Hili
of Atlanta, Gu. Sotvkes Sunday at 11 a.
in. and 7:30 p. in. Sunday school at 9:15
«. in.
Presp. ot Hill M* Ih Hiisl entiroh, corner
Buena Vista and (Jiboln Htruots. Not’n
B. Harmon, pastor. S*i vkes • \ur.x Sun
da? morning and night nt 11 o’ulock ;md
.• • s ind ■ ■ >ol • t 9:30 i
W. E. Wo >di.i ii. supvxinteiuknt. Senior
Ikiracu class rno.dk in parsonage parlor.
Mrs. Harmon, teacher. Senior Philathca
ou church h*wn. Miss Lila Warnock, ।
tenclier. Ph-worth League at 5 p. m. Sun- ■
day. Mis* ora Cunningham, teacher. ;
Prayer muetiny Wcdi.us<i ty al 7:30 p. m. ■
Young rnun’s pray* r meeting Thnmla; 1
al 7:4.'«. pas’er's subject at the morn-
• wIU be **One Sin Perflated In
Fatal to the Soul.” Night topic evangelis
First Presbyterian ehuuch. unng tlic i
Young Alen’s Christian Association and’-
turinm. Avent ’. i» and Third street. Sun
day school a> J adult Blbjc clsea at
a. m. Divine worship conducted by the
pastor, Rev. Arthur Jones at 11 a. m. and
3 p. m Midweek sen-lee at p. m
Wednesday. I
L’tica I’r >by tor lan cLurvh, Utka street
near North Flor< s street. R v. Hugh W. .
Ho m, pestor, residence IDlrt Blanco road. .
new phuno STGS-gwn. Sunday school at .
9:36 a. m. Preachlrv services at H a. m. •
and 8:15 p. m. by the pastor. Westnun
ster League 7:3<» p. m. Prayer meeting
Wo.lnesdHy at 8:15 J. m.
Wes: End Presbytei um, W. A. Me- ;
Do veil, minister. Sunday school at 10 a. ;
m. Preaching at 11 a. ni. Junior Endea- I
vor Sunday at 3 p. n*. Senior Endeavor !
at 7 p. m. L tdius’ Aid society Tuesday ,
at 1 p. in. Pmyur and teachers’ meeting
Thursday’ at 7:15 p. ni. A hearty wel
come to ah.
Pine Street Presbyterian church, Vi-e j
ami Omaha streets. R -v. B D. I). Greer. I
pastor. RuMidence. tlx South Ha kberry ■
street; ncu phone 2740. Preaching Sun- ;
day at 11:00 a. m. and 8:00 p. m. Junior:
Mission Band Sunday it 4:30 p. m. Went
mil. ei Lcagw ■■ m<l »y it 7:15 p. m.
Coven nter* f Band Thursday at S p. m.
.Midweek pxayer :r.c« ting Wednesday at
S 1., m.
M Presbyterian church, cor- |
ner of Garden and King William streets.
Kev. Broolcs I. Dickey, pastor. Sunday
sciu 01, 9:30 a. in. C. F. Tallman biijK-r*
inb ?i knt. Services at 11 a. ni ..nd K
m. Pastor's residence, 5v9 South Prcsa
Madison Square Presbyterian cnu.ch,
corner of C.unden street and Lcxingt *n I
avenue. Arthur Lee O’Dell, minister. ‘
Sabbath school at ‘J.3O a. w Csual wor
ship at 1! o'clock u. m. and 8 o’clock I - 1
in. Christian Endeavor al 7 p. m. Teach- •
ers’ Bible uca’ at meeting Wednesday at i
m n. in. Wednesday prayer sei vices and |
teachers’ meeting nt 8:15. Monday nighL
Sept* mb. r ..'7. there will be a special ।
service at S o'clock, mainly for the pur- ,
pose of muetlng Dr. Fulk .ton of the •
fonnev Cumberland Presbyterian church,
now of Si. Louis. Som* special music ’
। will b- n ndered by the Hai wool Quar
> ’ Episcopal church, come, o'
Burn and Cherry streets Servlet a* .'
\ . Dr. Hutchepon wl’l prea h
Tak*' Nnlan ypect car. g<»t off at Cherry •
sir e; r.U go one bk 'k north.
p 'H’a Memorial church. Govern- •
mem Hill. K -v. George D. Harris, rector.
Sixt* *n»h Sunday after Trinity. Morn
ing prayer and aermon at 11 unlock.
Evrnirg prayer at 8 ,< m. Sunday schoo:
at k<o a. ni. Rev. Mercer Johnston will i
TireaG*; .*( morning sun ice. Evening I
Pbc : a t s o’clock. Wednesday, “St. Mi
'La and AU Angels* Day.” Communion
at .:?•» a.
Mark’s Episcopal church, comer ot
l ,c ’ and Jefferson Greets, north side
/ravb* Square Kev. J. L. Patton, rec-tor.
• • m street; R* v. George Belscy, cu
ratf Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity
school at 9.36 a. m. Morning aer-
I al 11 o’clock. Evening service at '
r? communion at 7:36 a. m
*' 4 H. Remington will preach at the
! u*c rlnq an< ] evening services,
>t- Luke’s Episcopal church, Zavala;
I •‘’•.a L- ona street. Rev. E. J. Balstey. nc
-1J; ’ Sixteenth Sunday after ;
Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Holy com
-1 imin-.on . nd sermon at 11 a. m. Evening
I’ l ’ r and sermon at 8 o’clock.
Christian church. San Pedro
nd ?4ajn Avenues, J. B. Clefiver, niinls
r St AHion of Bible school at 9:30 a. m.
At H a ni.. reception of new members
। pa breaking the loaf; 6:45 p. m. session
■ rlstlan Endeavor. Theme. ' Mission?,
. Hom- .xnd Foreign.” Miss Blnckledge,
Preaching at 8 p. m. Thursday.
: •' m. session Indies' Aid. Friday at
m. choir teheaml, Prof. L. D. ;
i’’ ■ tt. musical director
Evangelical Association.
• its? church, romer Burnet and Chest- j
n ’ streets. Jx'o J. Ehrhardt, pastor. Our
; : v J ,ce> are conducted »n the English j
except as stated otherwise. At
in.. Sunday school. Professor C. A.
/ old. superintendent. German sermon,
- m. Young People’s Abiur.ee at 7:30
i' m. Sermon a t 8 p. m. Wcdnu/day. 7:15
1 ' m.. German prayer meeting. Friday.
17:45 p. m.. prayer meeting. Saturday. 4
!p. m.. catech* Lieu! clasn.
, Gtiiuan Evangelical Friedcnskirchc.
: Main avenue and Elmira street. Rev. Carl
। Sae-igcr, pastor. <*ld phone 1567. Sunday
' school it 9:15 ». m. German preaching ut
10:30 a. m. and S p. m. Kev. Herni. Haas
of Comfoit will preach both sermons.
1 Sunday schbol teachers' meeting next
Thurrday at 8 p. m. Choir rehearsal Fri
day at 8 p. m. IntrodiietionMn catechism
in German and English will commence on
Sat tn day morning at 10 o’clock.
GUb-u E: qlish Lutheran Church. Ave-
E and Fifth street, turcc blocks
from -Ju- poitoffice. Rev. j. C. Felger. ।
pasioT U -sidmee next to the church- 1
I’l - ne 2T»S. Sunday school at 9:39 a. in.
L»tvin< >ur\ kes every Sunday in English 1
languag*. 10:30 a. in. and 3:30 o'clock p.
ri- f’h. ir practice and meeting of Sun
day behooF t* ' .-hers on Friday night. 1
Mct-ting ot Aid society at parson- ,
ig. on Tu« sday ai I p. in. Trustees' meet- ;
in. Thursday night. Th< Luther League
will i'.iv. a social meeting on Tuesday
night al the Hot Wells. An adult qftfe
< hutkHi will meet at the church at
I jh in. Thu children to receive instruc
tion for confirmation will meet at the ।
vh uuh on Monday. October I. at 4 p. ni. |
Tru>h us meeting on Friday night. Octo- '
her I.
St. John's Gennun Lutheran church. '
u;»rn r Ntiova an<| South Prosa streets,!
(». Hartmann, jiastor. Sunday school at ,
!»:2o a. m. s.'rvh ” at 10:30 a. in. Meet
ing * f Ixulies’ Aid society at 3 p. m. ;
Regular Sunday evening services, con- ■
du ted in the English language, uUI be
held every Sunday. Me dug of Lather
League atS o’clock Tuesday evening. I
I'hun h of Christ. Scientist, cor- I
m i- Fifth street and Avcnm D. No. 501. 1
Sunday services at 11 a. in. Wednesday I
serviced at Bp. m Sunda\ chool at 9:30 ।
a. m. Reading room open daily except on i
Sunday from Jtos p. m Subject for
Sunday “Reality,”
for Infants and Children.
Iha Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the y/Cy/.
fiigr.at ire cf
Contentment wiH be yours it von in
fnllv located on Castroville boulevard,
near Lady of Lake Academy. Buy
now before prices arc advanced. Dahl
gren. Benson & Welch, owners, Grand
Opera House bldg.
Dr. W. Robhie, Hlckn Bldg.
Specialist, Diseases of Men.
When early summer warmed the air You say I'm fickle? No, Um not
1 cooed a maid with features fair, * m 3™* as 1° heart and
Yet ere the autumn leaves came down p-. '. _ . , . .
for tbough I won a nut-brown hand,
I was engaged to one nut-brown. n was the fair one's greatly tanned.
Find her lover,
M plea 1 pine I. plus I. equals Mill. '
One Doctor
Ask your Juctor abcut Aotr s Cherry Pec
toral for throat and lung troubles. Doctors
hcae prescribed H for 70yeas,
SEPTEMBER 25, 1009.
Leader of Cowgirls In the 101
Ranch Show Is a Product
of the Prairie.
Edith Tantlinger, young, sunburned,
wholesome and energetic, leads the wild
west girls of the 101 Ranch Wild West
Show, which will be here on Monday,
October 4.
She is an exuberant product of the
Oklahoma prairie, who can toss a rope
over the horns of a fleeing steer, ride
the most obstreperous “nucker” or
bring down wild beast or bird with the
skill and speed of the eowboy. Mise
Tantlinger is western to her finger tips.
She is a graduate of an eastern sem
inary, but returned home with a fine
scorn for eastern life and luxuries.
Most of Miss Tantlinger’s hours were
heretofore spent in the saddle gallopiug
over the vast sweeps of fertile acres
of the 10! Ranch. She required no
guide, companion or protector in her
long lonely amblings. She fears noth
ing except, the man with a “biled”
shirt, and the prairie knows him not.
The cowboys believe that Mjss Tant
linger can make her coiffure as care
lessly and as expeditiously on the back
of a madly galloping horse as in the
dainty boudoir of her cottage home.
When the Miller Brothers loaded
their horses and buffaloes and long-horn
Texas steers on railroad cars and gave
the summons for cowboys and cowgirls
and Indians to clamber aboard, Mis,
Tantlinger was not to be left behind.
She has entered enthusiastically iuto
the spirit of the tour. She is the mer
riest. figure in the fun and frolic of
the arena and the coolest participant in
the serious moments of the varied por
trayals of western life and history. The
morning parades are her glory and de
light. There is no more pleasant mem
ory in all the 101 Ranch Wild West
Show than of this fresh and lively fem
inine figure.
Bexar Drug Co., cut price druggists;
get our prices first. The lowest in th«
Have only one doctor— just one! No
sense in running from one doctor to
another! Select the best one, then
stand by him. No sense in trying this
thing, that thing, for your cough. Care
fully, deliberately select the best cough
medicine, then take it. Stick to it.

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