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_ A
Hero an two sons of the same man, but Ralph Thiry, one, is old enough
to bo the grandfather of his own brother, John Henry Jr, who was born
September 4, last.
John Henry Thiry Never Felt So Happy as He
Does Just Now—Son Old Enough to Be
Brother's Granddad.
By John Henry Thiry.
I’Wi 87 years old and a few day ago I b>came a father. If you ask
me kow I have kept my health, I am at a loss to answer. Perhaps it
was my motto that I have faithfully followed for the last 20 years—
since I was 66 years old.
My motto is: “Use, but do not abuse.” Before my
yeai I couldn’t get cigars too strong—l have smoked 65 ye»r». I
drank whiskey and my wine could never be served too strong. I took
everything I wanted and as much as I wanted. But within the last
20 years I have become moderate. I mnoke several cigars every day,
but I have them made especially for me and allow them to dry for
three months before smoking them.
j'pour water in my wine, and when I take my drink of whiskey be
fore I g o to bed at night I have warm water poured into it.
How am Iso healthy and strong and young at 87 f Perhaps the
nearest true answer of all is that I have kept my mind busy all my
life and have never allowed my thoughts to grow old. So I am young.
By W. G. Shepherd.
“At eventide it shall be light.”-
The Bible.
Long Island City, N. Y., Oct. 4.—
John Henry Thiry is 87 years old, but
on September 4 he became the father
of a bouncing baby boy.
He wasn’t as much surprised as were
scientists who have since' been pester
ing him for facts regarding his man
ner of living. Two years ago. when he
was 85, he had become the father of a
fine little baby girl. And two years
before that he had become the father
of a baby. And two years before that—
. But this is telling the story bpek
Here is the story, dates and all, of
the seeming miracle whereby.an old
man was living out the end of his life
alone, his wife dead, his two sons
grown and fathers themselves; the sto
ry of how this old grandfather began
a new family of his own that is young
er and livelier and even perhaps health
ier than the families of his sons. It’s
a story of one bright evening of life.
No wonder scientists in France, Aus
tria and Germany, as well as in the
Vnited States, are asking Thiry his se
Tn his fine old home in Long Island,
with it's vineyards and walled garden
behind it. sitting in his great library,
where <uire he thought he must spend
his declining years alope, he ’ll tell you
freelv shout the wonder.
But first yon must have some of the
wine he himself made from his own
grapes, and some Belgian That
is the custom of his native land.
“I marrred in Belgium when I was
26 years old. I was bor<. in 1822 and
t think I shall surely live until 1922.
Don’t you think so?” he asks, signifi
"My boys, Ralph and Joseph, were
born in Belgium in 1853 and 1854. In
1859 my wife and 1 brought the chil
dren to America and opened a book
store. I did pretty well financially}-
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f “The boys grew and we bought
this old homestead. .That was back in
I 1883. PTetty soon the boys were mar
I ried. They went off to start homes of
| their own.
“That left mother and I home alone,
j I retired from business and took care
of my grapes and wife, and we used
to have some pleasant times together,
in spite of missing the bovs.
But in 1886 she died. She was 63
I years old then, and when she died I
began to feci old. I saw that if I didn’t
j find a new interest in life I would
fade out of existence.
“That was how I instituted the sys
tem of school savings banks, which : s
now in operation in all parts of tho
world. I was summoned to tell educa
tors of my system, and I have the sat
isfaction of knowing that the biggest
part of my life work was done after I
was 60 years of age.
“At the Paris exposition I was
granted special honors by educators
for my savings system.”
Mrs. Thiry talks Interestingly, too.
She is in the thirties and- her name
was Margaret O’Connor. She was born
in Ireland.
“There was a little romance about
it,” she says. “But my husband thinks
we ought to keep that to ourselves.
“We met at the loonie of a banker
in New York, one evening in 1898.
“We were married within the year.
My husband was 75 years old then.
“The next year, on March 17. a
baby boy was born to us.» We named
him John Henry, after my husband.
This baby died the next year. W’e then
adopted a foundling who was born on
the same day that John Henry was
born. We didn’t name him John Henry
though, because I thought it might be
bad luck. We love him as if he were
our own child.
Then on June 14, 1901, Henrietta
was born. On December 11, 1903, a boy
was born to us. We wanted to name
him John Henry, but we were again
prevented from doing this by my fears.
So w? called him Francis.
“Then, on April 28', 1905, another
baby boy was born. We named him
John. He died in August of the same
year. ~ '
“Then, three days after Christinas,
in 1907,- a girl was born. We called her
Ernestine. ' ’ ■
“And on September 4 last our new
little boy was born. This time my hus
band had his way and named the baby
Johp Henry after himself.
“This is the strongest baby of them
all, and so we hope that my husband’s
name will go down to our children.
“Little John Henry is uncle to a
man 30 years old. son of Ralph Thiry.” I
How did the editor get even with
the citizens’ committee when it re
fused to put a current copy of the
Falchion in the Frogville opera house
“Bribed the bricklayers to insert a
list of the Falchon’s delinquent sub
scribers for the benefit of posterity.”
« ■ - .... ■ ■■ ■ 1 —— - - n wi ■ ■ ■ ■ i,
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British Officer Who Com
manded Moorish Troops Re
signed Because of Atrocities.
London, Oct. 6. —Kaid 'Belton, the
English officer who was appointed
commander of the Moorish troops by
Mulai Hafid 10 months ago, and who
recently resigned his post owing to
the atrocities practiced by the sultan
on his prisoners, has just arrived in
Mulai Hafid was most unwilling to
lose the services of an officer who
has been brilliantly successful througn
out the fighting that has taken place
in Morocco during the last 12 months,
and offered him in writing an extend
ed contract and increased emolu
Kaid Belton spoke yesterday of his
adventures in Morocco.
The kaid is a sun-tanned, soldierly
looking man, young—he is barely
turned 27 —spare, square shouldered,
with the keen, steady eye and resolute
mouth and chin of the experienced
fighting man. Young as he is, he has
seen as much active service as gen
erally falls to the lot of the middle
aged soldier; and his recent campaign
against En Hamara, the roghi, or
pretender, has left him in iron hard
“I was sorry for many reasons, - ’
he said, “to leave the sultan’s service.
But I think no self-respecting Eng
lishman could pretend to ifnore the
very kind of barbarity that England
herself has always been foremost in
putting down all the world over; and
as my representations in the matter
were ignored, I judged it best to re
sign as soon as I decently could.
A Free Hand.
“I would not leave the sultan’s
service until the rebellion was put
down and was firmly established again,
on the throne again; but, having seen
the campaign through from first to
last, 1 cannot, I think, be charged with
having neglected my duty or with go
ing back on the terms of my contract
And I must say that the sultan has al
always been exceedingly good to me,
both in personal matters and in re
spect to my commandership. He in
sisted that I should be given a free
hand in all field operations, and was
most cordial in his appreciation of
my successes. i
"On my way through Fez I received
the sultan’s thanks in publie. His
majesty placed his hand on my head
and said: ‘May God be ever with
you. ’
“I should like to say at tlfis point,”
said Kaid Belton, “that' in all these
expeditions my troops had behaved
beautifully. There was no head-tak
ing, no looting, no' complaints of any
kind from the villagers. I don’t claim
the credit for that, though. Kaid Sir
Harry Maclean spent 30 years of hard
work on the Moorish army, and that
is tho fruit of it.
“Then a strong expedition was or
ganized against his troops. But Ha- |
mara himself was taken, and. as you !
know, is now in a eage in Fez.
“It was at this point, and in tl»c
skirmishes of this last expedition, that
the tortures, head-takings and mutila
tions began. I sent protests in vain,
and when I tried to see the sultan
Mrs. Taft and Senorita Diaz,
Who Will Meet, Look Alike
At-the left, Mrs. Win. H. Taft. Senorita Diaz, Whom She will Meet in Mexico,
at the right.
When Mrs. Win. 11. Taft greets
Senorita Carmen de Diaz at Ciudad
Juarez, Mex., across Ihe river from El
Paso on Oct. I<>, it will be the second
time in American ristory that the wives
of the rulers of United States and Mex
ico have met. Elevi n years ago the late
Mrs. Wm. McKinley participated . in
such a meeting.
Study these pictures of the “first
personally, he, knowing my object, de
clined to grant an audience. He sent
instead, when I threatened to resign,
his offer of an extended contract and
larger pay.
.“But this was not what 1 wanted.
I simply could not stand the treatment
of the prisoners. On the last official
parade which I attended in Fez, 93
human heads were held up before the
sultan on the ends of rifles. Later in
the same day 20 of the roghi s officers
had their right hands cut off at tho
“The hands were taken to Mulai
Hafid on a tray, as a proof that his
orders had been carried out. •
Superb Courage.
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ladies” of United States nnd Mexico.
Do you seo the resemblance between
them I Mrs. Taft is a blond and Sc
norita Diaz a brqnet, but outside that
they look enough alike to be twin sis
Does the power to hold sway over
others produce a look that is character
istic? Hardly, women will answer, for
Mrs. Taft is as democratic as the se
norita is imperious.
superb courage of the Moor, let m<
tell you of one incident I saw at these
mutilations. After the hatul of a
prisoner had been severed, the stump
was thrust into a caldron of boiling
oil—not, you understand, by way of
further torture, but simply to stop
the bleeding. Well, I never heard so
| much as a whimper from a single olio
of those 20 men. That in itself was
hardihood enough; but that is not all.
“One prisoner, having stretched out
his right arm and suffered the mutila
tion,' walked over to the caldron of
oil, which was placed on a fire. The
man had a cigarette between his lips,
and while the stump o fhis arm was
plunged in the boiling liquid he calmly
stooped and lighted his cigarette at
the flames.
“Later on 300 more heads were
brought in . I tried to see the sultan
again, but in vain. It was no good
protesting to the wazirs (the minis
ters). They said, probably with per
fect truth, that if they dared to say
a word against the sultan’s orders
they would lose their own heads,
“Next" day, therefore, I ieft Fez,
without seeing the sultan.”
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8 ■
Mexico City, Oct. 6—Headed, it is
reported, by Captain Francisco Rule
of Pachuca, haciendados and wholesale
pulque dealers of the state of Hidalgo,
are now organizing a pulque trust along
the lines of the one recently organized
and now operating in the federal dis
trict. As pronounced the Hidalgo trust
will be benevolent in nature and its
aims will be those of the federal dis
trict organization —the weeding out of
places where the drink is adulterated
and the securing of laws designed to
protect the consumer and prevent;
Haciendados coming from Pachuca ■
say that Captain Rule, a millionaire in
his own right and principal owner of
La Blanca mine, is going into the pro
ject mainly from philanthropic motives.
His aim, so the reports state, is not so
much to corner the pulque supply as it j
is to better the drink served and force
dealers to serve it pure and unndulterat-1
i cd to customers. In this way, he be- j
i lieves that many of the abuses con- (
nectcd with pulque drinking may be 1
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OCTOBER «, l«».
eliminated, and the general condition
-t the poorer classes who depend on
this for a beverage will be assisted.
Associated with Captain Rule are said
to be the principal haeiendados of the
state of Hidalgo. Captain Rule him
self owns large tracts on which the ma
guey grows and he will take the ini
tial step to enforce the purity regula
tions which are expected to spread over
the entire state. When the organiza
tion is completed it will take a stand
much like that of the City of Mexico
organization, thus acting for the gen
eral betterment of the poorer classes,
which are the most liberal consumers of
We hereby desire to express our heart
felt thanks to the many kind friends,
also the Woodmen of the World, who
so lavishly assisted us in our hour of
bereavement, the death” of our beloved
husband and father, L. P. Sowell; also
for the beautiful floral offerings. These
friends will ever live in our hearts. May
richest blessings be theirs.
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