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Cruairy Dairy Co.
OL UMB 20, Ne. 203
Affidavit Is Filed By Inspector
Earl and an Arrest Will
Likely Follow Soon.
Mr. Earl Proposes to Keep Up
the Work Until Scales Are
All Properly Adjusted,
The Ding of an affidavit against a
grocoryman by J. P. Earl, eity inspector j
af weight a and meaanree, late yeeterdny
afternoon before Clerk Braden ef the
corporation eourt mark* the beginning
of one of the moot vigorous crusndM
ever waged in San Antonio against al
leged ebort weighte and measures. The
affidavit charges the groeeryman in
question with aeDing merobandiM by
weights and measures claimed to be de
Upon charges filed by Inspector Earl
.everai week* ago against the proprietor
of a meat market in this city a convic
tion was obtained. Since that time In
speetor Earl has determined to bring
about proaeeutions in every instance
where he belieVga that a violation is oc
curring in this particular, and does not
propose to discontinue in hie warfare
- nitil his investigations convince him
that every scale and measure used in
the transaction of any business enter
prise is justly and properly net. Even
then investigations are to be persistent
ly conducted that the weighte and meas
ures are maintained eorfeetly.
The warrant of arrest based ou the
chargee filed by Inepector Earl has been
placed in the hands of the police depart
ment and will doubtless be executed
during the day, in which event the case
will be called fot trial before Judge
Buckley in the police eourt tomorrow
morning. Details regarding the manner
of inspection, what the inspector found
in the case which caused him to file
charges against the merchant and the
defense that may ba offered by the de
fendant are aU scheduled to come out
when the case is aired in the corporation
court. *
The second case, wherein a dairyman
is cecuned of selling adulterated milk,
based upon the analysinby City Bacte
riologist Dr. John O. Kemp, promises
to come before the court tomorrow for
a hearing. The warrant of arrest has
not yet been served and executed, but
the police express the opinion that this
will be accomplished during the day.
In this .case it is alleged in the chargee
filed by Dr. 8. Burg, city physician, that
the 1, analysis as made by the bacteriolo
gist shows that the milk in question con
tained much watery fluid.
Frock Suits and High Hats Are
to Be Worn at the Presi
dential Affair.
What manner of drefis to be affected
by the members of the committee which
is to receive President Taft and look
after the -program of entertainment has
been discussed in some quarters and
there seems to be a misunderstanding
in regard to the matter. A report has
gone forth that the members of the
committee will have to don dress suits
but this is erroneous of course, as they
would not be “de rigeur’’ at noon
When seen today and asked in regard
to the matter, C. W. Ogden,
chairman of the executive committee,
stated that there would be no formal
dross except Prince Albert coats and
silk hats for those having the matter
of directly looking after the entertain
ment of the president in their hands.
This committee will be nearest to the
president. At the midday luncheon,
which will take place at the St. An
thony hotel next Monday, Prince Al
bert coats and high hats will be the
style of dress, says Judge Ogden.
Associated Press.
Havana, Oct. 12.—Communication
between this city and interior points,
which wps interrupted when yester
day’s storm tore down' the telegraph
and telephone wires, has not been re
newed today. Reports from nearby
places indicate the property loss, os
pecially to the westward, was heavy.
Four bodies were discovered among the
ruins of fallen homes here and it is be
lieved 12 lives were lost in this city.
At. least half the lighters in the harbor
when the storm broke are sunk or
stranded. - •
associated Press.
Jacksonville, Fla., Oct. 12.-—Reports
received by the weather bureau here
today indicates that the hurricane which
swept the southeast coast of Florida
vesterday and last night, veered di
rectly east from the Jupiter Islands
and spent its force in the neighborhood
of the Bahama Islands.
Tigerville Enthusiasts Do n
Overcoats and Start for
Bennett Park Early.
Men Who Opposed Each Other
In the First Game Are Prob
able Choices for Today.
Associated Press.
Detroit, Mich.. Oct. 12.—Wintry
blasts greeted the baseball eathusiasts
as they made their way to Bennett
park today for the fourth game of the
world’s ehampionship series between
Pittsburg and Detroit. Although the
sun shone brightly the air was too cold
for good baseball. A brisk chilling wind
prevailed and overcoats were about the
most popular item on the card.
Despite the weather conditions, how
ever, the crowd begun gathering early
at Bennett park. The brilliant rally
of Detroit in the closing innings of
yesterday's battle, despite the defeat,
has inspired ho|>e in the breasts of
local supporters.
Four umpires will be on duty during
the remaining games of the series. Two
will work in the regular positions be
hind the bat and on bases, while the
other two will be stationed at the end
of the right and left field foul lines.
The players will share in the receipts
of one more, dividing it 60 per cent to
the winners and 40 per cent to the
losing team. It is estimated the players
will receive about $43,000.
Mulliu and Adams arc expected to
oppose each other oa the slab today.
Following is the line-up:
Byrne,' third base; Leach, center
field; Clarke, left field; Wagner, short
short; Miller, second base; Absteiu,
first base; Wilson, right field; Gibson,
catcher; Adams, pitcher (or Lei field).
D. Jones, left field; Bush, shortstop;
Cobb, right field; Crawford, center
field; Delehanty, second base: Moriar
ity, third base; T. Jones, first base;
Sehmidt, catcher; Mullin, pitcher.
Mexican City Is Crowded With
Troops—Nearly Ready for
the Two Presidents.
Associated Press.
El Paso. Oct.. 12. —With thousands
of flags and countless yards of bunt
ing fluttering in the breezes while ar
mies of decorators are still at work,
Juarez and El Paso are almost ready
to welcome the president of the United
States and Mexico. Juarez is crowded
with troops, the flower of the Mexican
army arriving last night. The menu for
the banquet to be given in Juarez to
President Taft by President Diaz is
verv elaborate.
An aged woman, giving her name as
Knucky and residing at 906 Carson
street, was either knocked down by a
buggy or.fell down in trying to dodge
it, yesterday afternoon at 4:15 o’clock
at the corner of Commerce and Alamo
streets, and sustained a broken thigh
bone. The injured woman, with the
skin scraped from her face and in a
swoon was picked up by the officers on
that corner and after being placed in
the auto of Mr. Ridgeway, was rushed
to the Santa Rosa hospital for medical
treatment. She is reported as resting
easy today. Her attending physician
say that Mrs. Knucky suffered some
what from the shock and on account
of the extreme age of the patient they
fear that her injuries may prove seri
Of the many persons on the street
who witnessed the accident none were
able to say just how the accident actu
ally happened,
Associated Press.
New York. Oct. 12.—The National
Sporting club of London has invited
Abe Attell to box twenty rounds with
Jim Driseoll, but it is understood here
that Attell has demanded that the chib
post a $lO,OOO guarantee. As this club
had never been known to grant such a
request, the prospect for a fight between
Attell and Driscoll are not considered
is CAoes
Visits Old Soldiers’ Home Near
Los Angeles and Delivers
a Patriotic Speech.
Is Guest of Pasadena This Af
ternoon and Will Start Re
turn Trip at 9 O’Clock.

; Associated Press.
। Los Angeles, Cal., Oct .12.—The pres
j ident today began his second day's
i strenuous experience as the guest of Los
। Angeles and adjoining cities of south
i ern California. After a night's rest
।at the home of his sister, Mrs. Ed-
I wards, following the banquet in bis
I honor last night, the president arose
I early and was met by a local commit
-1 tec and taken by special trolley ear to
| the National soldiers' home at Sawtelle,
- ten miles from Los Angeles.
Thousands of old veterans congregat
-1 od at the station or lined the walks
through the grounds and cheered the
chief executive, whose speech to them,
j delivered from the steps of one of the
buildings, was filled with patriotic sen
j When the car reached Los Angeles on
the return journey it was met by auto-
I mobiles, into whiei. the party was load
;ed and the trip to Pasadena began. At
Pasadena Mayor Early of that city,
1 with an accompanying committee, met
| the presidential party and relieved the
. Los Angeles committee of its charge.
I Stops of a minute or two were made in
i Monrovia. Palm Drive. Clermont, Up
। lands and San Bernardino.
The president is scheduled to start
ion the return journey eastward shortly
I after 9 o’clock, and tomorrow will be
i in Arizona.
Associated Press. '
New York. Oct. 12. —The Belmont
: Park race meeting which closed yes
। terday did not show a financial loss,
but it is said that the profit will hardly
more than offset the loss in curred by
the spring meeting at that track. Next
year many of the big stakes will be re
duced in value, while the overnight
events to be run at Belmont Park will
be made more attractive to horsemen.
I Ef Jamaica, Aqueduct and Empire City
1 can break even on their fall meeting
the racing season will have exceeded
I the expectations of the turf governors,
jto whom the outlook ahead appeared
rather dubious lest spring.
For Sun Antonio and vicinity,
tonight and Wednesday:
Fair; warmer Wednesday. ,
The maximum temperature ;
A for the 24 hours ending at 8;
o'clock this morning: was 86 de •;
s>oes and the minimum was 54
I Comparative temperatures for;
tliis year and last:
l»08 1905 |
4 a. m...... »6 nd '
RO a. m..;... 54 58
S a. in 55 51
IO a. in 65 6*
12 noon., 77 88
1 o in....'.. 78 75 I
One White Man and Three Ne
groes In Charge of Live
Stock Were Victims.
Boy Could Not Light Warning!
Lantern Because of Strong
Wind Blowing at Time.
Special Dispatch.
Greenville, Tex.. Oct. 12.—One white
man and three negroes were killed ear-;
ly this nlorning near Kingston, eight
miles north of here, when two M., K. &
T. freight trains collided. Both trains
were bound for Dallas. The engine ef
the first went dead at 4 o'clock this
morning and u boy with a lantern was ;
sent down the track to warn the on-1
coming second section. The boy was ;
unable to light the lantern on account
of the strong wind, so thn engineer
failed to see him signal aud the engine j
crashed into the caboose of the firft [
train with terrific force, splintering '
several cars to kindling wood. Two
other white men were perhaps fatally '
injured. '
The dead:.
Three negroes. ' 'A
FRANK BURK, hostler, 00-Shreve
port, La. ' . • ... f .
The injured: J. Kinney. Danyille, D
linois;A. T, Mndilen, Matton, THinois. ।
The inen were i«’ charge of a stock ex
hibit tin y were taken To the'Dallas
state fair. ’’ •
low TLOPmmt
Killing-Frost Last Night—Chi
cago Has a Slight Snow
Storm Today.
i Associated Press.
I Kansas City, Get. 12.—A temperature
of 28 degrees above zero prevailed to
day over all Kansas, the western half
of Missouri, northern Oklahoma and the
Tovas Panhandle, according to the local
weather bureau. A killing frost was
experienced last night in the southwest.
Associated Press.
Chicago. Oet. 12.—Chicago was visit
ed by a slight snow storm today. The
temperature, was close to freezing. To
ledo. Ohio, and South Bend. Indiana, re
ported snow flurries.
Scout Car Meets With a Warm,
Reception Along the Road, *
Incidents of the Trip.
Waco, OeE 11. —Although the Start
from Austin was not made by the |>ath
finder until nearly 10 o’clock, the little
Chalmers stuck to its task like a thor
oughbred and it rolled into Waco at
4;30 in excellent shape.
The quick trip was made' possible by
the excellent roads all the way aud the
ease with which it cun be logged. A
running description of the road is all
one needs to come from Austin to Waco.
The rain of last Friday put the route
in great shape from Georgetown to
this city.
For the most part, the only minute
logging necessary is in and out ot the
towns. As to the roads, all one has to
do is follow the telephone lines and
the rest is a cinch.
Belton was decided on as the lunch
ing station. Although our lunch was as
cold as the proverbial charity, the land
lady promised to have a nice hot meal
ready for the bunch when they roll in
on the 23rd.
j Stops were made today at George
town, Belton and Temple, where an en
thusiastie reception awaited ns.
One noticeable feature in this neck
of the woods is fhe good feeling shown
I by the farmers.
One am using incident today was the
imeeting of a moving family. Besides
the furniture thq covered wagon was
occupied by a man, his wife and about
seven children. ' When they saw us
the old man held up his hand for us to
stop, which we did. lie then unloaded
all the kids and he and his wife each
stood at one of'the mule’s heads. Wo
were then given the high sign.
Slowly we approached, while the kids
took places of safety outside the fence.
Morrison ran as slowly and quietly
as he could, fearing the skittish Mauds
would break away aud scatter furniture
for miles along the road.
We were dumfounded as we neared
the crucial test to see that the suppos
edly scarry animals didn’t even prick
up their ears. Morrison, disgusted,
threw the engine over on the high gear,
making as much noise as possible, and
yet the mules oven refused to say
“Howdy” as wo shot past.
At a little town named Bruceville wo
stopped and asked a man in a big ।
black hat how to get out of town.
He said he wanted to go to Loreno, the |
next place, and that, although he had j
never ridden in an auto, he would show
us the way.
We took him into the rumble seat |
and started out. After getting to the;
top of a rather rough hill, during which I
our humble friend must have been shook
up sonic, we spied a nice stretch of
smooth road ahead.
Morrison grinned a grin, slid down
into his seat, pulled over the lever,
shoved down his throttle and the little!
roadster fairly got up and flew.
Our friend was game, all right. Ue |
never peeped, just hung on for dear life, (
while the tears rolled down his rather
chalky face.
When we slowed up in I.oreno he
jumped out, stretched his cramped arms j
and legs, felt of himself t'o see if all ;
of him arrived, wiped the water ovt
WEST IS $2,000,000
Big Tobacco Factories Are Damaged and Wil
Be Unable to Resume Work for Sev
eral Weeks Yet.
A,Mct(t«A Press.
Washington. D. C., Oet. 12.— AU danger to points on the gulf of Mexico
and the Atlantic coast from the West Indian hurricane, which wrecked Key
West, Fin., yesterday and swept north easterly over Florida, has passed, ac
cording to the weather bureau today. The tropical storm, after passing over
Key West crossed the Florida penin sulu and went ont to sea at Miami.
The disturbance is now continuing wi th unabated force northeasterly along
the gulf stream and is heading toward the Bermudas.
Assecisted Press.
Key West. Fla.. Oct. 12.—With the
city in the bands of the military au
thorities who were called ou by the
mayor for assistance, efforts are being
concent rat cd to<lay on ascertaining the
damage wrought by the hurricane
which swept in from the gulf yestet
day. The estimated damage to property’
in the city and harbor will reach $2.- .
No loss of life has been reported in
the city, but it is believed the death
toll will be heavy along the eastern
coast of the peninsula. Many vessels
which had been swept from their moor
ings during the blow yesterday after
noon managed to tide out the storm
during the night and limped back to
the piers this morning, but between
60 and 75 boats of all description* were
It is feared a nnmlier of lives were',
lost, in the city whole blocks of frame
structures were razed to th«' ground. ,
Brick houses also fell before the gale ,
while the great tobacco factories and ,
warehouses suffered considerably. It ,
will probably be several weeks before ,
they will be able to resume opetation*, ,
again. , i.
The city jail ft filled to oveiflowing
with vandals who were captured by the I
militia and police during the night. The i
thieves began operations as soon as I
the fury of the storm abated, wrecking,
the eleetrie light plant and plunging the |
city into darkqcss. The mayor im ■
‘mediately <O»1< stringent measures to
cojw with fhe situation and proclaimed |
martial law. The Kev We»f guard*
called out and patrolled the streets dur
ing the night. The United States guv I
eminent will be called on also for a*
sistaitee ill the storm swept territory. *
Hundreds are homeless today and are
being cared for in church buildings,
schools ami other roomy idnictiires
which escaped the fury of tub sfonn.
Rations are being distributed by the: (
citv authorities nnd it is expected help
will arrive during the day from the I (
state. ,
' i
Associated Press.
Tampa, Oct. 12.—News received |
Imre today indicates the west coast oft
the Florida peninsula escaped the full I
j force of the hurricane, which yesterday ।
l swept up froji the gulf, but great ,
anxiety is felt for shipping which is
known to have been in the path of the
■ storm. Every effort, was made Jo reach
all vessels by wireless, but without sue
-1 cess in many cases. Storm warnings
were ordered down along the west coast
at 10 o'clock last night, indicating the
hurricane had changed its course. It •
is now believed the damage from the .
' storm will be comparatively light in!
the interior. No news has been received
of the Mallorv line steamer Lampasas j
and the P. and O. steamer Olivette, the [
former having been due here at noon
uyesterday. It is believed they reached;
J harbor at Punta Gorda before the hur-[
; ricane reached its greatest intensity.
Associated Press.
Washington, D. Oct. 12. —Consul-1
i crable damage to army property at I
Key West resulted from the hurricane.
I Two barrack buildings are unsafe and ’
are not considered repairable. The hos- '
; pital was partially unroofed and sup- j
plies for that section were badly J
wrecked. The condensing plant was
wrecked and all buildings belonging
to the army flooded from the rains. The!
hurricane blow at a rate of 80 miles
an hour and continued for six hours.
। Special Dispatch.
Waco. Tex., Oet. 12.—The old Ross
homestead, built by Shanley Ross, fath
I er of former Governor L. S. Ross, in
I 1859, was destroyed by first last night. .
• It was one of the oldest landmarks In ,
! the city. ;
of his eyes and walked off without- a
By the time 1 had made some nota- j
lions in the log our friend was surround
i ed bv a big crowd, which he was enter-1
taining with a glowing account of his!,
I ride. To tell the truth. I was hanging j
on ju’t a bit myself. But I was so sun- i
'burned I couldn't get white and my I
: goggles kept protested my eyes. • i
En every town our car has attracted i
much attention aud in the small towns
is surrounded by an admiring group |
' whenever a stop is made. 4
• t tX ■, -_ ■
caption*. loA«e*. club affaire ao4 f*mu
Creamery Dairy Co. PlionoitTl
Issues Proclamation Asking the
Citizens to Beautify the
President’s Pathway, ,
To the Citizens of Ban Antonio,
Whereas, Hi* excellency. Wm.
Howard Taft, president of the
United States of America, de
siring to strengthen the ties of
friendship nnd loyalty that now
exist between him and the citi
zens of this city, and to be
come better acquainted with
conditions existing iq and about
this city for purposea of state
ns well as pleasure, graciously
has accepted the formal invita
tion of this city to ho our guest
on the days of Oet. 17 and IS.
Whereas, in honor thereof, thn
city e.onncil of Hnn Antonio has
requested me to issue a procla
mation. calling upon all worthy
citizens living along or owning
prrqierfy along the streets ana
routes our president will tra
verse while in this city, to
decorate their homes and places
of.business with appropriate
colors; therefore, in obedience
to the request of the eity coun
cil of San Antonio, do hereby
call on all worthy citizens and
property owners above describ
ed and upon all others, to place
appropriate decorations on their
homes and places of business,
nlong the routes herein set ont
♦<• -1- 4- -t- 4- ❖4-•$ •$ 4 +♦♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
The above is the proclamation issued
by Mayor Callaghan, pursuant to a
resolution passed by the city council
on Oct. 4. calling upon the citizens of
San Antonio to decorate their respec
tive places of business or residence
along the route to be traversed by
President Taft, upon the occasion of
his visit, to this city next week.
For the information of those resid
ing along the route to be taken by the
president while in the city and place
desired to be decorated by the mayor at
outlined in his proclamation, the presi
dent is scheduled to arrive in the city
over the Southern Pacific at 7:30
o'clock next Sunday evening.
From the depot he will go east along
Commerce street to Navarro street to
the St. Anthony. He will leave the ho
tel at 8 o'clock that evening, going
over Travis street to Avenue D, thence
to Grayson street and on to New Braun
fels avenue. From this point he goes
to Wilson street to the gift chapel,
where dedication exercises occur. He
will return to the city over the same
The same route will be covered the
next morning, except that he will turn
off at Grayson street, and into the post
grounds. Returning to the eity the
party will go over Wilson street tn
New Braunfels avenue, along Grayson
street. Avenue D. Third street, Avenne
E. East Houston street. Nacogdoches
street. East Crockett street and into
Alamo plaza, where he will deliver an
Front the Alamo plaza grand stand
he will go to East Commerce street to
Navarro and thence to his hotel for
luncheon. In the afternoon he will go
over Travis street to St. Mary street
and into Commerce, then to Main plaza.
Trevino street, aeross Military plaza
to South Flores and thence to the San
Antonio & Aransas Pass depot.
The weekly luncheon of the San Ao
tonio Advertising club took place at
he Monger hotel this afternoon and an
nteresting discussion on advertisinc
nras had. Mr. Ratteree road a paper on
"Current Adrertisinft” whieii eon
ained much food for thought, and Mr.
'olvort discussed the subject of “ Ad
rnrtising Xs It Should Be. and Not An
[t Is Today,” in nn exhaustive

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