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Twelve Witwi, u Maks Deliveries M
AH Farta of the CHv.
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VOLUME 29, Na. 272
President Taft and Texas Golf Champion Take Game Each in Tourney Today
scenes »nenDiiK Kasm/mn st Aberdeen s. d.
In the registration Un • »t Aberdeen, 8 D. ,
Rob Bank of $6500 In Wiscon
sin—Others Are Not So
Successful, ,
Associated Preu. f ,
Manitowoc. Wis., Oct. 21. —Banlf rob
bers looted the Rcadsville State bank
last night and. secured $6500 in cash
and negotiable papers. They made their
escape. . .
Associated Prats.
Minocqua, Wis.. Oct. 21.—Bandits
who dynamited the Bank of Minoequa
yesterday, securing several thousand
thousand dollars, are reported at bay
near Bradley.' A telegram for rein
forcements was received here this
morning and, additional armed men
hastened to Bradlev.
The conference of bishops of the
Catholic ehurch of the province of New
Orleans, which has the selection of a
candidate for the position of bishop
coadjutor to assist Bishop Forest of
this city, takes place today at New
Orleans, at the home of Arshbishop
Blenk. Nothing will be known as to the
identity of the candidate Chosen until
word comes from Rome, where the mat
ter is finally passed upon by the pope.
Because the selection has to do with
the creation of the office in San An
tonio, no little interest is manifested
in the matter among the local Catholic
clergy. While a petition has been cir
culated in this city among the laity
urging t-he selection of a coadjutor of
American birth, it is denied in certain
quarters that the removal of Father
Held of St. Henry’s parish has any
thing to do with the question now in
volved. and there are those who be
lieve that it is immaterial whether the
coadjutor be of American or foreign
birth and do not hesitate to say that
the best interest of religion would be
served equally as well regardless of
who the coadjutor be, every candidate
being fully capable of performing the
duties that may devolve upon him.
Associated Press.
Mohonk Lake. N. Y., Oct. 21. —“The
Philippines” was the subject of the dis
cussion at the Mohonk conference to
dav. Members of congress, judges and
educators and men interested in the
physical improvement of the islands
were speakers. A Filipino student was
also on the program.
Alleged Revolutionist Will Not
Be Tried Now—Adam Hear
ing on October 25..
Special Dispatch.
.Eagle Pass. Oct. 21.—The case of Ca
lixto Guerra,' the Mexican charged with
murder, robbery*and 'arson in connec
tion with the uprising at Las Vacas,
has been postponed until next January,
both sides agreeing. Mexico is seeking
to obtain the extradition of Guerra.
Guillermo Adam, another revolution
ist, charged with the same crimes as is
Guerra, is in jail here and will be given
a preliminary hearing October 25 at
Del Rio.
Adam was formerly tried before Fed
eral Commissioner Bothmer for extradi
tion, hut was released twice and rear
rested twice.
Pursued by an unidentified white
man. whose strange actions frightened
her, Mrs. M. Van Dueker ran scream
ing into her home on Nebraska street
at 11:30 o’clock last night. Relatives
and neighbors, attracted by the noise
and the barking of a dog, rushed to
her rescue to discover a man in
front yard.
Grappling with him. several men
managed to hold him until police head
quarters was communicated with and
Officer Rubiolo reached the
scene a few minutes later. Charged
with vagrancy the man, who gave his
name as J. G. Thorp, was lodged in jail
for the night.
Before Judge Buckley in the corpor
ation court this morning a fine of $25
was imposed against him. He made no
effort to deny the statements made
against him by the witnesses, saying
only that he had been mistaken for
another man; that he was passing at
the time and was grabbed for some
other person.
Mrs. Van Dueker was positive in her
identification, testifying that the de
fendant was on the same street ear
with her and that when she alighted
near her home the indivi.Aral followed
her. Other witnesses were as equally
positive the defendant was the man
seen in the yard.
—' •—-*
Presents Plans for Bridge—Terrell
Bartlett, consulting engineer, yesterday
presented to the county commissioners
the plans for the reinforced concrete
bridge, to be built by the county across
the Medina river. Action was deferred
on the plans.
Miss Nora Brown and her "shack.”
She expects to win a farm and ride
tn it
!Joe Solis Is Killed and Three
Others Are Badly Injured
In Oklahoma.
IA Dozen Men Were Engaged
i Near Opening of Shaft Af
fected and May Be Victims.
Spacial Dispatch.
McAlester. Okia . Oct. 21. —Joe Solis
was killed and three ather miners were
badly injured in an explosion this
morning in the. Rock Island Coal Min
ing company’s mine at Hartshorne.
When the explosion occurred twenty
six hundred miners were working in the
mine. A dozen were engaged near the
opening of the shaft were affected and
others may lue'dead. Dan Hughes, Wm.
Finkson and James Johnson were seri
ously injured. The rescue of the en
tombed men was undertaken immediate
ly. The cause of the explosion is un
The body of John Bomroski, a second
victim, was recovered late this after
noon. It is thought six others who are
entombed may be alive. Hughes is prob
ably fatally burned.
ho mmis
Associated Press. < .
Little Rock, Oct, 21.—Suspected of
the murder of Mrs. McCook, mother
of James McCook, head warden at the
state convict farm of Lincoln county,
Will Johnson, a negro trusty, was
brought here today to avoid mob vio
lence. Mrs. McCook was found dead
near the stockade late yesterday. She
had been strangled to death with a
Associated Preis.
Omaha, Neb., Oct. 21.—Evangelistic
work occupied the time of the officers (
and delegates to the annual convention ’
of the Woman’s Christian Temperance j
Union .the greater part of today, desig- j
nated as “day of prayer.” The con
vention proper will begin tomorrow
when President Stevens calls to order
the delegates representing 300,000 wom
en iu every state in the union.
200,000 RUSH 10
City Women and Country, Far
mer Boys and City Men
in Stampede.
Stirring Scenes About the Reg
istration Office at Aber
deen, S. D. *
Indian Girls Are on the Outlook
to Secure White Husbands
During the Rush.
By J. H. McKsevsr.
Aberdeen, 8. D., Oct. 21.—When 200,-
000 people want a chance to win homci
in a free land drawing where 20,000
can be satisfied somebody is bound to
lose. The great inrush of homeseekers
here to registor during the past week
has brought to Aberdeen the title of
“the city of anxious hearts ”
Hundreds come on every train, reg
ister, then depart on the next train
east. As a consequence then is much
gloom among the citizens.
The proprietor of two big ice
houses, vacant for winter business,
bought whitewash by the barrel and
rented cots by the carload to accom
modate the lodgers which he supposed
were coming at 50 cents a night. A
swimming pool proprietor emptied out
the water and filled up the tank's bot
tom with cots. The women of the East
ern Stas lodge made a dormitory out
of the Masonic temple.
Now they are all sorry. For, though
the streets in Aberdeen are crowded
all day. the scene is made by an ever
shifting array of strange faces. The
“next train” has beaten the cot a
In short Aberdeen, which expected
a big wave of prosperity to follow th*
land hunters, is “stung.”
But there is something doing eyery
minute here these days. There's excite
ment in the air. Even the stolid Sioux,
(Continued on Page Seven.)
Allocated Preu.
Constantinople, Oct. 21. —Twenty-
five persons were drowned today fol
lowing the bursting of a dam at Lake
Derkos, thirty miles northwest of this
city. The lake supplies water for the
preparation Tall right
But Young New Yorker Will Recover
Despite Extraordinary Attempt
to Suicide.
Ataoclited Preis.
New York. Oct. 21.—Although a
young wan, who was found in Central
Park before daylight today made ex
ceptional preparations, the doctors say
that his effort to commit suicide will
be unsuccessful. A policeman found
him hanging to the railing of an iron
fence being suspended by a steel key
chain. He hail with him a quart bottlo
of chloroform and a quart bottle of‘a
strong solution of mercury bi-ehloride.
He had swallowed some of the chloral
before hanging himself. Tn view of the
quantity of drugs he possessed, the po
lice, who were unable fo get his name
from him, believe that he was probably
a drug clerk.
Business Houses on Fifth Avenue, New
York, Propose to Rival Broadway.
New York. Oct. 21.—1 f the efforts
of business houses and residents "along
Fifth avenue are successful, that street
is destined to become the most bril
liantly illuminated thoroughfare in tho
world. An organization has been form
e<l which proposes to install flaming
electric arc lamps close together from
the Washington arch to Fifty-ninth
street. Each of these lamps will be of
about 10,000 candlepower and diffuse
a reddish yellow light which will not
hurt the eyes. By this means the ho
tels and business meh expect to at
tract thousands of persons who devote
their time to Broadway.
Austin. Tex., Oct. 21.—Chartered to
dav: Youngblood Automobile company
of San Antonio; capital, $2OOO. Incor
porators: B. F. and J. A. Youngblood
and C. H. Kellam.
Defense. Has Many Witnesses.
Jury May Get the Case Some
Time Tomorrow Afternoon.
Harvey Williams, Who Turned
State's Evidence, Was Star
Witness of Prosecution,
After having put 16 witnesses on
the stand, the state rested at noon to
day in the ease of Frank Matbaum, ex
city deteqtivc who is on trial in the
Thirty-seventh district court for burg-
Isry, '
Mnibaum is charged, under indict
ment, with burglarizing the Alamo bar
on the night of November 5, 1907. He
is charged with having had several ac
complice*. The robbery was sensatiMal, j
due to the fact that the safe, a small
one, was carried bodily out through tho
rear and carted away some distance,
where it was liroken open.
Testimony for the defense will I>e
taken up this afternoon. On this side
of the case, also, a large number >f
witnesses are to Im* heard. The case is
not expected to get to the jury until
late tomorrow. An interested spectator
at today’s trial was the mother of Mai
haunt. His wife and daughter ami bis
brother. Will Maibauin, were also in at
McCabe First Witness.
Police Captain Chas. McCabe was the
state's first witness on the opening of
the trial this morning. He told of hav
ing recovered the safe from the Blue
mol bar from the place where it ha I
been sunk, in what is known as the
“Blue Hole” of the Salado creek.
“Harvey Williams made a confes
sion,” said Copt, McCabe, “and toLI
us where to get the safe. We went out
there one night, taking Williams with
us. In the party were myself, Wil
liams and Policemen Sam Cook an I
“Williams pointed out the proper
spot and we probed for the safe with
a long polo, known as a fire hook and
used by the fire department. We fin
ally brought it to the surface. It was
covered with mud and slime.”
('apt. McCabe then identified a safe
(Continued on Page Seven.)
Associated Preis.
New York, Oct. 21. —Judge Lovett
has been elected president of the Union
Pacific to succeed the late E. H. Harri
The whole executive committee was
re-elected with Judge Lovett as chair
man, to which place he was elected as
Harriman's successor a few weeks ago.
Other members of the executive com
inittee are:
Henry Frick. Marvin Hughitt. Frank
Vanderlip, William Rockefeller aad
Jacob Schiff.
A. L. Mohler. J. C. Stubbs, Julius
Kruttschnitt and William Mahl are ap
pointed vice presidents; Messrs.
Stubbs, Kruttschnitt and Mahl were
also elected vice presidents of the
Oregon Short Line Railroad company,
a subordinate company of the Union J
Pacific. «
Special Dispatch.
Amarillo, Tex., Oet. 21. —Captain J.
H. Rogers of the Texas Rangers, this
morning completed his investigation of
the cause of the recent confit between
the local officers and the rangers sta
tioned here. He said that he will make
a full report to Adjutant General New
ton at Austin. Rogers refuses to di
vulge his findings while here. Consid
erable bitterness has of late been man
ifested toward the rangers and the lo
cal officers have been upheld by pub
lic sentiment..
CFor San Antonio and vicinity,
tonight and Friday:
L Partly cloudy to cloudy wea
OThc maximum temperature
for the 24 hours ending at 8
o'clock this morning was 80 de
grees and the minimum was 06
U degrees.
Comparative temperatures for
Dthis year and last:
tons 1909
4 a. m 70 69
6 a ni 71 67
YS a. tn 72 69
10 a. m 77 75
12 noon 82 79 I
1 p. 84 S 3
Situation Is Serious and Sher
iff Fears Mob Action Against I
the Negroes Held In Jail,
Governor Orders Local Militia;
Company Out to Protect
the Prisoners.
Special Dispatch.
Greenville, Tex., Oet. 21.—The Green
ville militia company was today ordered
out by the governor to protect the ne- .
groes now in Jail here, suspected of
having assaulted Mrs. W. J. Lloyd Tues
day night, from mob violence. Feeling
is intense against the blacks and threats
are heard on every side.
This morning Sheriff Hempsell wired
the governor that the situation was se
rious and asked that troops be ordered
to the scene. The governor immediately
ordered the captain of the local militia
■ company to report to the sheriff and
। take orders from him.
The alleged assault upon Mrs. Lloyd
I took place Tuesday night at 8:30 o’clock
near her home in the vicinity of the
Katy switch yards. The black assailant
made his escape in the dark. Blood
hounds were brought into use but failed
to take the scent.
The negroes arrested are held upon |
suspicion and none of them have been .
identified by Mrs. Lloyd.
It is hoped that violence will be ,
avoided by the presence of the troops.
Special Dispatch.
Henrietta. Tex., Oct. 21. —H. M.
Stockey, a young and well known bank
clerk of Bowie, died here from terri
ble burns caused by drinking carbolic
acid early this morning while in a
rooming house. Miss Marian Lyle was
later arrested in connection with the
death of Stockey.
Special Dispatch.
Fort Worth, Tex.. Oct. 21. —It is un
derstood here today that the Texas
Farmers’ Union will recommend the lo
cation of the state agricultural experi
mental station at Temple instead of at
Fort Worth. The members of the state
locating committee recently met here
with Jjieutenant Governor Davidson
and it was then reported that they
would select Fort Worth. The farmers,
it is believed, will prevail upon the
committee to select Temple.
Is Interpreted by Assistant Attorney
General —Defines Limita
tions of Job.
Austin, Tex., Oct. 21.—Answering |
questions propounded by P. L. Livau
dais as to his construction of the court;
stenographers’ law passed by the Thir-■
ty-first legislature. Assistant Attorney!
General Crawford today held: “That:
court stenographers are entitled only I
to per diem when in actual discharge of j
their duties, but not merely for attend-1
ance upon court: that it is not neces
sary for stenographers to furnish a,
statement of facts or a transcript in ,
appeal cases unless requested to do so ,
by either party, and when requested the
appellant shall pay for the transcript or
the statement of facts; that the law
does authorize their respective counties j
to furnish stationery for the court ste
nographers. ”
Livaudais is court stenographer of
the district court at Beaumont.
At fountains. Orders for keneueto. re
cotlini. lodaeo. slut affairs and family
Creamery Dairy Co. Phom 871
Demonstration of Yesterday
Causes the Fall of the
Spanish Cabinet. •
The Spanish cabinet, headed by Pr»»
mier Maura, resigned thia afternoon. 2
Wild scenes followed the annouaed*
ment of the resignation and the tMa M
ber was in an uproar for half aa houTy t
and exen then only partial order was rd» •
stored. With the fall of the Maura eab- ;
inet it is believed thst Spain is brought. 4
face to face with a crisis and that onlyl
the most diplomatic handling of the >J
situation ean prevent a great popular .
outbreak with a possibility of a general .
uprising in the event of failure.
Preceding the formstion of this eabi- .
net there has been no less than five lib
eral ministries in eighteen months. Tha
religious issue has been the roek oa
which these ministries were wrecked
and the accession to power of Seaor
Maura, who before held the premiership,
was regarded as a sweeping victory far
the Clericals, ami one likely to arouM ,
the revolutionary spirit.
This proved to be the case, the oppo- §
sition finally uniting against the gov
ernment's conduct and furtherance of
the war in Morocco. Stern measures
taken to put down the recent anti-war
demonstrations in Spain tended to in
flame the opposition and the execution
of Ferrer, followed by popular demon- j
strations of disapproval, brought mat- 8
ters to a crisis.
HIS pom

“I’m still holding my office and am "
ready to fight for it.”
“Next! ”
Thus bpoke C. M. Chambers, assistant
district attorney, this morning on hia .
return from Austin, where he appears* .
yesterday before the Texas court of :<
criminal appeals to defend the constitu- $
tionality of his appointment and his
right to office.
. Asked as to whether the opinion of
the court yesterday in the Moody case
was a final settlement of "his right to
office under the appointment by which
he holds it. Mr. Chambers said, “Well,
I’m still holding it, and I intend ta
keep on.”
The court held yesterday that the
question of constitutionality of Cham
bers' appointment was not properly
raised and not involved in the case. “ ,
According to this holding no move
is open to the enemies of the assistant
district attorney except by injunction
against the comptroller to seek to force
him to desist from paying the salary
from the state that goes with the office.
Anderson & Belden, who raised the
point in the Moody case, declare no
such move will be made by them.
Special Diipatch.
Austin, Tex.. Oct. 21.— The case of
the state against the Security Oil and
eight other companies, alleged to be
subsidiary to the Standard Oil company,
and charged with violating the anti
trust laws, was postponed today by Dis
trict Judge Calhoun. The case was set
for trial today, but the state’s attor
nev is giving precedence to the de
fendants in criminal suits.
pumii is sum
‘ Auociated Prill
Pensacolo. Fla., Oct. 21.—A lerrifie
,: downpour of rain almost equalling a
’ cloudburst, struck this city early today, ■ ,
stopping street ear traffic, putting th*
[City waterworks plant out of commis
sion and damaging other property.
Many streets were flooded to a depth
;' of tour inches. According to the weath
; er bureau, the rainfall amounted to 4.26
' inches in oue hour.
Associate I Pre at ।
Pittsburg. Pa.. Oet. 21.—Announce
ment was made today by the Standard
Oil company of a cut in prices of all
grades of crude oil except Ragland. Thn
Pennsylvania brand was reduced 5
cents and other grades from Y t« *

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