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r '
Even New York, Used to Per*
sonalities, Is Amazed at
the Violence Used.
'. Integrity of Gaynor as a Judge
Is Boldly Attacked By His
Opponents In the Race.
Battle Between Gaynor, Hearst
and Bannard Bring Asser
tions of Treachery.

New York, Oet 21.—The three cor
’i j nered fight for the mayoralty of New
York io waxing warmer and the hurl
ing of epitheta and opprobrium by the
, , enndidatea toward each other goes on
with unnbated fury. Last night
is .of them made speeches, Hearst four,
4 Bannard three and Gaynor one, and
the talks were full of invective.
Ji. The campaign is one of the hardest
JV fought ever put up in the city of New
’’ York and interest in the final result
io intense.
Three men, Wm. J. Oaynor. justice
■ of the supreme court; Ott<\ Bannard,
. millionaire business man, and Wm. Ran-
T) dolph Hearst, newspaper owner, -are
thriving for the mayoralty honors. Gay
nor is Tammany and democratic. Ban
nard is republican and also represents
some organizations that want reform in
ciry expenditures. Hearst is anti-Tam
many and has his own party, the civic
alliance, which used to be the independ
ence league.
Oaynor was first in the field.
spring he wrote a letter to Mayor Mc-
Clellan, complaining against treatment
which the police had accorded Geb. B.
Dnffy, a working boy. Police Commis
sioner Bingham was ousted from office
as a result of the charges. Whereupon
every man who hates the police, includ-
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tHM«*«»*‘*f»***n | I ■ ll *** J *****f*Tt'rtTT*
«m many derent people who ksve
been ill treated by the bluecoats, re
joiced. And the name of Gaynor be
came famous. •
At thia point, enter Hearst. He sent
word to Gaynor that he wanted to see
him. Gaynor went to Hearst's home
sad Hearst asked him to run for mayor.
Then Hearst told Rudolph Block, one
of his editors, to put in the Hearst pa
pers anything favorable to Gaynor that
Gaynor might desire.
But Tammany, too, saw fine tim
ber in Oaynor, the judge who had
a reputation for baiting the police;
Gaynor wae a fine eloak for the Tam
many police system, with its cruel,
grinding graft.
And Gaynor accepted a Tam ma ay
The republicans picked Otto Ban
nsrd, a businees man. He had been
such a busy Itusinesa man that bis name
had never been in the papers. Every
body asked. “Who is Bannard!” They
found out be was rieh; that he had
been the quiet head of several move
ments for civic improvement and that
he was the founder and president of
the Provident Savings association, said
to be a philanthropic institution. There
upon the committee of 100, organized to
have the city ran on a business basis,
indorsed Bannard.
But Wm. R. Hearst, in the meantime,
had got mad at Gaynor for accepting
the Tammany nomination.
Hearst looked around for his inde
pendence league, which he organized in
the last presidential campaign. He
couldn’t find it. Tammany, at the pri
maries, had stolen it, emblem and all.
And, in the name of the independence
league, Tammany men nominated Tam
many candidates.
But the real members of the inde
pendence league held a great meeting
at Cooper Union and nominated Hearst.
There was the biggest shouting at that
meeting that the campaign had seen up
to then.
And Hearst accepted the nomination.
That set Gaynor loose.
“Treachery?” he eried. “He asked
me to run. He didn’t say on what
ticket. He ordered his editors to sup
port me. Four years ago he wanted
me to run for mayor. Does he only
mtke a promise to break it!”
The Hearst reply was a bomb. It
came through Wm. Ivins, a Hearst
supporter, in a publie speech.
“The anti-raeing bill was passed
June 11 of last year. The Hon. Pat
rick MeCarren (Democratic boss of
Brooklyn) left Albany on the after
noon of the passage o/ that act and
came to New York. Awaiting his ar
rival at the Hoffman house, in this city
were the Hon. Justice Wm. J. Gaynor
and Mr. Block, I believe , (Block is
Hearst’s editor), and Mr. Eugene Wood
(a lobbyist against the anti-racing
“Gaynor, with these three men, sat
Men, does your present physician satisfy you.
Has he made good ali his promises to you. Has
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These are important questions, which every pa
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sician. for he is doubtless doing his best for you
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that other doctors do. but rather to do that work
. which they cannot do.
What I solicit in particular Is obstinate cases
within my specialty; cases which general prac
titioners and alleged specialists have treated
and failed to cure; cases which have been aggra-
Scientists Organize Institute
and Will Build Hospital in
New York for Patients.
Assosisiod Pnoa.
New York, Oet. SI.—A number of
noted physicians and surgeons have an
nnuneed the tentative organintinn of
the American Radium instituts to be
devoted to the treatmeat of cancer and
similar diseases. The object of the as
sociation is not commercial and plana
lo conquer eaacer through the applica
tion of radium.
Supplies of pitch blend for manufac
ture are to be drawn from Colorado and
other western localities where the ini
tial processes of extracting the radium
will be conducted. It is planned to
have a factory ig New York for the
preparation of radium. The first hos
pital where eancer patients are lo lie
treated will be in this city. snd it ia
considered probable that another will
be established in Chicago.
The market price of radium is *lOOO
for ten milligrams, er approximately
*2,700,000 a ponnd. The new institute
plans to manufsrtnre'sufficient radium
to be able to supply It to practitioners
throughout the country. The scientists
who place such great faith in radium
and who are establishing the institute
are not only providing the necessary
funds, but will devote much of their
time to promoting the success of the af
’own on the evening of June. It, 1908.
in the Hoffman house, and remained
Wore until 3 o'clock in the mornin;
and at that meeting Mr. Justice Gaynor
♦old MeCarren that the anti raring bill
ws« unconstitutional.”
At that meeting, Ivins charged, the
men framed up a test case to be
brought before Justice Gaynor. The as-
sistant district attorney of Brooklyn,
prevented the test case being brought
before Gaynor, but a test case was fin
ally got into Gaynor’s court Which did
not relate to race track betting, but
to the betting of a box of golf bulls on
the links.
Justice Gaynor, charged Ivins, wrote
an opinion on that case which will, if
it stands, insure the acquittal of all the
men who have been arrested for violat
ing the auti-betting law at race tracks.
“He hasn't resigned from the bench
yet, and he may not,” added Ivins, who.
is a lawyer. “If he doesn’t he may
disbar me for telling this truth, but I
am willing to take the chance.”
“Liar,” replied the dignified judge.
Then Justice Gaynor went after Ban
nard, telling a story df an important
meeting in one of New York’s tender
loin restaurants.
“How and where was his nomina
tion finally settled!” asked Gaynor.
“Mr. Sugar Trust Parsons, Timothy
Woodruff, in his nicest waistcont, and,.,
I believe, Mr. Ivins —if I dare to men
tion his name —went to Jack’s and sat
aronnd a table until 4 o’clock in the
morning. This was the day of the re
publican convention. I have taken the
trouble to inquire, atld I find that
Jack’s is an all-night saloon, frequent-'
ed by women who do not go to sleep
and by men who are worse than they..
There at a table at 4 o’clock in the'
morning these men decided that Mr.
Bannard should be the nominee on their
ticket. ’ ’
All of this mud slingiry; made the;
campaign—which started off slowly atf
first—a lively one. Tfie registration,
which had been behind, until the>-
Hearst-Ivins story eame up. jumped up.
with an increase of mafly thousands.
Hearst secured the indictment of men
who had stolen his party and his em
Did Hearst play traitor to Gaynor!
Did Gaynor, as a judge on the benchf
try to help the race track gamblers!
Was Bannard nominated in an all
night saloon, to the music of the laughr
ter of “women who do not sleep!”
Poor old New York.
These are the issues now and people
are forgetting all about the other big
things they have raved about for two
or three years—Tammany misrule, po
lice graft, enormous municipal expenr
ditures involving wholesale graft.
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Said the spider to the fly.
“Your dining room, you’d better say,'”
Replied the fly. “Not I!”
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Take No Substitute. *
Arkansas Woman Says She is
Legatee Named in Will and
Has Ample Proofs of It.
Ami Ha*K Pram
Jopeeboro. Ark., ‘Oet. 21.—Coming as
a sequel to an alnumt fnrgottea romance
of her girlhood d<rn, Mrs. John D. Er
via, wife of a <beene couaty farmer,
will probably be ,put in poweMioß of an
estate valued, it i* estimated, at *4,000,-
B- B. L. MeGoR, a Kentucky attorney,
executor of the oetate of a resident ot
that state, who* name he will aot dis
eloee, ia in Jeßßsboro securing proof as
to the Mm. Ervin, who as
serie that eke da the legatee named in
the will.
I flame years ago. it is asserted, Mra.
Ervin, then Mary Dnval, met a young
1 German who (Mid her of vast ancestral
i estates. The two became fast friends,
but. beeauee «f parental objection, the
marriage whirh he proposed did net oe
' ear. Instead, the young woman became
' the wife of a. farmer. Recently the man
i who flrat her hand died, naming
। in his will aa his legatee his former
i eweetheert. That she eaa produce am
i pie proof tdiat she is the person it de
। elared by Mra. Ervin. When the two
’ met, she declares, she resided with her
parents at’Carrnthersville,
Ash BillllPrim
New Fork, Oet. 21—Nineteen-year
old Leetter Feliei, who was arretted yet
terday on no graver charge thAn carry
ing a cwaeealed weapon, became insane
on leaning that a farmer near Albany
for whom he worked, and with whom
he had. a light on Tuesday night, had
died ai«i he was wanted by the Albany
authoittiea for murder. Feliei is vio
lent raid a central office detective is
constamtly in his eeli to keep him from
takinig his life. .
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Mt a meeting Friday afternoon at 5
o'rfiock, the stadium committee
present its report to the Chamber of
CoenmerciL Following the recent awak
ere ng of enthusiasm on the subject of
tine construction ot a mammoth stad
iugn in flan Pedro perk to-seat 20,000
pKrsons, a committee was appelated by
tl* chamber to make complete investi
gations and report back to the central
The members of the committee are:
Gleorge McQuaid, J/ H. Kirkpatrick,
.feke Wolff, H. E. Hildebrand and F.
E. Hillyer.
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pt bladder trouble could realize their
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Joee Defies Gov. Draper to Show Let
ter Asking wim te Veto Bight-
hour Law.
Associated Press.
Boston, Mass., Oct. 21.—Eugene N.
Foss, treasurer of the B. F. Sturtevant
company, in a statement denied that
he has’written a letter to Governor
Draper asking that he veto the eight
hour bill. Governor Draper, however,
read tonight at Marlboro, the letter
which he claims to have received coun
tersigned by Mr. Foss.
“I challenge Governor Draper to pro
duce any such letters,” says Mr. Foss
in his statement. “I never wrote Gov
ernor Draper any letter on the eight
hour bill, so-called. He dare not print
a photographic reprint of any alleged
letter of mine to him asking him to
veto this measure.” *
A statement issued also by the State
Federation of Labor, criticised Gover
nor Draper for his veto of the eight
hour bill.
y*r la&nt* N*d ChiMro.
Bl Uri Y« Mb Alwin Mult
Batrs ths
Special DUpstch.
Austin, Oct. 21.—Chartered yester
day: San Antonio Well Construction
Co. of San Antonio, capital stock
*2500; incorporators, Thomas J. Wren,
George J. Ksrsch and Thomas L. Black
mon; San Antonio Oil Well Drilling
company of San Antonio, capital stock
*2500. Incorporators. Thomas J. Wren,
George J. Karsch and Thomas L. Black
mon; Alamo Life. Health and Accident
Insurance society of San Antonio, no
capital stock. Incorporators. C. F.
Moore, M. Borola, Joseph Shelley,
Little Willie: Say, pa, what is a
synonym! >
Pa: A synonym, my son, is a word
that can be used in place of another
when you don't know how to spell the
other.—The Wasn
Council Takes Another Step in
Its Fight Against the Sal
vation Army Institution.
Attorney Ridgeway Has An
nounced That He Will Pro
ceed Just the Same.
The eity council took another stop
ia its fight against the erection of the
Salvation Army home on River
■venue yesterday afternoon, by unani
mously passing sn ordinance making it
a violation of the law to erect, conduct,
•wn or permit to be operated any build
iag, house, home or place for the
reformstioa of vagrants or for the keep
or care of mich within 500 yards of
any chunk, public park, school, or
phans’ home or inriitution of learning
of any kind. The penalty provided for
it is not less than *25 nor more than
*2OO, each day to constitute a separate
offense and liable to the infliction of
the penalty provided.
That the eity council would take this
step was intimated ia The Light and
Gazette IqH Sunday morning, lining
based upon the opinion rendered by
Judge Seeligson in the Forty-fifth dis
trict court relative to the mandamus
proceedings instituted by the Salvation
Army to compel the issuance of a per
mit for the construction of the rcsene
home, for which the city building in
■pector had refused to give a building
permit. A clause in this opinion wax
to the effect that the validity of an
ordinance prohibiting the erection or
maintenance of an institution of this
kind would in all probability stand the
teat, and that the question was not in
volved in the question before*the court,
this being whether the ordinance pro
hibiting the erection of a rescue home
in any part of the eity, without special
permit from the city council, was legal.
Two ordinances prohibiting the opera
tion of a rescue home nesr a park,
church or school were introduced yes
terday. one making it illegal to conduct
the institution 1 and the other providing
for a penalty. This ia done in order
that the former might go into , effect
immediately while the latter providing
the penalty must, unAr the charter, be
published for 20 days in a newspaper.
The ordinances were introduced by Al
derman Richter and passed unanimously
under the suspension of the rules.
Will Reopen Fight.
The passage of these ordinances will
doubtless reopen the war between the
eity- of San Antonio and the Salva
tion Army. T. H. Ridgway, counsel for
the ‘Army, has announced that he would
proceed in the matter just as soon as
the council passed these ordinances,
which came to him as no surprise. Just
what steps he will take have not yet
been disclosed.
At the instance of Chairman Mauer
mann of the finance committee, an or
dinance was introduced authorizing the
to issue warrants on the city
treasurer for *150,000 with which to
pay a bond issue of 1887, in that
amount, being 5 per cent bonds. How
best to finance the city and at'the
same time take care of this issue, which
has given the council trouble on nu
merous occasions, will form a topic of
no little import at the next meeting of
the council, when the ordinance comes
up on its second reading.
Mayor Callaghan suggested that the
ordinance introduced by Chairman
Mauermann be allowed to go over on its
first reading, there being a serious
question involved in this particular
bond issue and the city's sinking fund.
Two years ago the city tentatively
withdrew this issue with the intention
of reselling it at a lower rate of inter
est, but the financial market at the
time would not permit or justify such
a step. _ j
Mayor Callaghan in speaking on the
issue made the following statement,
that the councilmen may be guided in
their future movements relative to the
disposition of the issue:
Two Per Cent Not Enough.
“The state constitution permits .1
city to issue bonds provided it yearly
levies enough money to pay the inter
est and to place 2 per eent of the issue
in the sinking fund. We have obeyed
the law and have done this. But here
is the trouble. Two per cent a year
in twenty years will amount to but 40
per eent’of the par value of the bond
and the siking fund therefore wool I
not be sufficient to redeem the bonds.
The bonds either should have a longer
life or the city should levy more than
2 per cent annually.
♦ ‘ Consequently we have not been levy
ing enough money to pay the bonds on 1
maturity as they fall due. Again, years
ago, the yty treasurers have applied all
the money levied for the redemption of
bond issues to one general sinking fund.
Consequently as each issue came due
there was enough to redeem them, but
part of this money belonged to issues
that had not yet matured. From that
prevision of the constitution which says
a eity can sell bonds by levying 2 per
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Phonegrapiis, Record* and Supplies
. ।
cent for a sinking fund for their re- j
demption, I believe ■ proper construc
tion of this clause would mean that
when the bonds come due, if the siking
fund is not sufficient to redeem the
bonds, the city has a right to issue re
funding bonds; that i«, pay what is in
the sinking fund and issue new bonds
for the balance instead of being oblig
ed to recall the entire issue or none.”
The mayor added that the city his
paid *300.000 in redeemed bonds of
different issues. He attributed the
whole trouble to the pooling of the
sinking fund, instead of each bond -s
-siie having its own. separate sinking
Aldermnn C. C. Smith had an ordin
ance passed permitting W. Luke and C.
T. Crider to lay sewers connecting with
Brooklyn avenue. An ordinance up- ■
propriated *35 to pay - Mrs. P. Bate ,
for sewer connection. An ordinance
was passed directing the San Antonio
Gas & Electric Light company to place
arc lights at the entrance of the Nolan
street subway. The school of the Sis
ters of the Divine Providence was ex
empted from taxation In compliance
with a petition from the Kt. Rev. H. H. ।
Constanineau, O. M. I.
The petition of Thomas H. Gray to I
erect a three-story steam laundry on
Tjosoya street, was favorably reported
upon. /
Sidewalk Construction.
Alderman Smith, chairman of the
sidewalk committee, made no official
report. Ho reported verbally, however,
that during the last two weeks over
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ter>. E'eltnom. Timthim. Do ar he taut, lation. A blood purifler,a nervetonic,
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dealer ar Irom its.
n Lakeaid. Aroma. OMagn. N. X
3000 lineal feet of first class cement
sidewalks had been constructed within
a radius of one mile from the heart
of the eity.
Petitions introduced and referred
were as follows:
For an elgctric sign at 302 South Al
amo street; an ordinance appropriating
*BOOO to complete the widening of Du
rango street; F. Blanch., damngns to
team by hose enri; to have Menchnen
street cleaned; 8. W, Attwall. building
permit; are light on Cameron Struct;
for the construction of a private sewer
on Starr street, to be laid under juris
diction of the eity and to beeom. eity
property when paid for by connecting
property owners.
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with the weakest stomach, contains the
most soothing, healing, strengthening
and curative elements. Makes yon well
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Star Drug Store.
AMOciatod Pr«»».
Chicago, 111., Oct. 21.—The Gaiety
Theater company, a New York corpora
tion. is to erect a combined theater and
hotel building nine stories high in
('lark street between Madison and
Washington streets. The theater will
be in readiness for the opening produc
tion, according to the plans, by Oet.
1, of next year. The hotel will be ready
for occupancy one month Inter.

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