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Communications Received In
dicate That Record-Breaking
Attendance Will Be Here.
Arrangements are practically com
pleted for the annual meeting of the
Commercial Secretaries’ association,
which convenes in San Antonio next
Friday morning. Secretary Carringt in
of the association says that from the
large number of communications re
ceived he expects that there will be a
large attendance from al] parts of the
state. Special convention rates have
been secured from all railroads for the
meeting and tickets are good t.o re
turn December 14.
Mr. Carrington stated this morning
that it will be the aim of the new
Commercial Congress to be organized at
this gathering to work along rhe lines
of the Trans-Mississippi congress, that
the body will bo composed of the busi
ness element of the state and that all
will give a united pull for all parts of
Texas. Special invitations have been
sent out to all commercial bodies in
southwest Texas and a good attendance
is expected from that section. A dele
gation of farmers from Hondo has sig
nified its intention of attending the
meeting and is expected to arrive here
strong in numbers and. assist in swelling
the crowd.
The Fight Is On
Every moment of your life, when
you are at home or abroad,
awake o* asleep -
Between the poison germs that are in air,
food and water, — everywhere in fact, —
and the billions of your invisible friends,
the little soldier-corpuscles in your blood.
If these little soldiers are kept strong
and healthy by taking Hood’s Sarsa
parilla, you need have no fear of dis
ease. Begin using it at once if you are
at all under the weather, or have
troubles of the blood, stomach, liver
and kidneys. Get it of your druggist.
Local Politicians Look on Mo
berly's Appointment by the
Governor as Significant.
In the belief of San Antonio poli
ticians the recent appointment of Repre
sentative Moberly of Ennison county
to the office of assistant district at
torney to fill that vacancy, is a strong
indication that Governor Campbell does
not intend to call a special session of
the Thirty-first legislature.
Representative Moberly has been one
of the governor's strong men in the
lower state body. He has been a strong
advocate of the Campbell policies and
has been referred to as the governor's
“right-hand man.’’ He was supported
by the chief executive for speaker of
the house at the last session.
The removal of this strong adherent
from the ranks of the legislative body
is taken as an indication that there is
no further work in store for that body
during the Campbell administration.
Governor Campbell has made practi
eally no statement as to whether or not
he would call a special session to act
ion the report of the penitentiary in
- vestigating committee outside of the
iphrase, “I will call a special session
if there seems any imperative public
'necessity for one."
The recent appointment of Mr. Mo
berly, relieving him from legislative
ranks and breaking the governor's
strength in that body is regarded as
being almost equivalent to a declara
tion that the wishes of the penitentiary
investigation coinmitte for an immediate
special session will not be fulfilled
| The Model: How is that friend of
i yours who went to study in Paris?
The Artist: Oh, he's getting on fa
I moiisly.
I The Model: How do you know?
। Have you heard from him?
The Artist: No, that’s how I know
i he's doing so well.—lllustrated Bits.
Taft Wants Uncle Sam
to Be Nation's Doctor
Surgeon General Wyman and His Idea of What Uncle Sam Should Do.
Washington, Dec. S. —Vncle Sam : s work. Another big task will be to edn-
g >ing to turn family doctor to the com- '
mon people.
President Taft in his message to
congress recomendcd, it is believed, a
new department of public health, or
a new bureau to take care of the pen- .
pie’s ills.
At least this will bo a part of the '

.■ . |
When Your Joints are Stiff
and your muscles sore from cold or rheu- ;
matism, when you slip and sprain a joint, I
strain your side or bruise yourself, Pain- ।
killer will take out the soreness and iix ’
you right. Always have it with you, and I
use it freely. Avoid substitutes, there is |
but one P’ainkiller, Perry Davis’. Price '
25c., 35c. and 50%
We Tell You Again
In All Candor, We Repeat:
That you may go where you will, travel the country over, investigate every prop
osition of merit in San Antonio and you cannot find a real estate investment
that will appeal so strongly to a man’s best judgment as that
peerless block of acre tracts known as
T hp r p is not a nrooosition on the market that offers so much for the money—that offers so great an increase in the value
of vw investment in accordance with the amount of money required to put you in possession of the Property. We are
selhna acre tracts at the door of the biggest, most prosperous and fastest-growing city in Texas at prices demanded
for residence lots in country towns. Investigate the country over —go back into the history of the men of real wealth
in thk countryan yo vII find that fully three-fourths of them made their money by Investing in property adjoining
and** growing commercial center. These men bought land and let it lay idteuntil irt was demanded for
business and residence purposes. They had no such chance as you have today in Artesian Gardens.
An Acre in Artesian Gardens Will Produce-the Purchase Price
Your land does not have to lay idle. An acre in Artesian Gardens will produce from $5OO to $lOOO every year in fruit and
aarden truck You can rent your acre for $25 to $5O a year. That is a net income, because we do not charge you
any interest on deferred payments, pay the taxes until 1911 and furnish you water free of charge. You pay frorn $250
to $450 for an acre tract, $5O cash and $lO per month. Your rent will soon pay for your land and get you the benefit
of the enhancement in value. Just so soon as you put your land in cultivation the price is enhanced 50 per cent. Arte
sian Gardens is the same character of soil as the Collins Gardens, and you cannot buy a foot of the Collins Gardens
propel have the same kind.and quantity of water supply and in addition surface
water in unlimited quantities is obtained at 40 feet, which is a double guarantee of sufficient and everlasting moist
ure for your crops. . .
Artesian Gardens are only half a mile from the city limits, on a perfect macadamized road that leads right into the heart of
the city—you can drive it in 30 minutes, and Artesian Gardens are only a few blocks from the San Fernando car line.
Make Your Home at Artesian Gardens
And vou can live better than bankers live—Live better on less money than it costs you to live now. You raise your own veg
d Stables, your own chickens and eggs: have a cow and a pig and a horse. It requires no money for these luxuries when
vou live in Artesian Gardens. You raise your children in a pure, untainted atmosphere—make them strong and
healthy and teach them self-dependence. That’s something to consider. You cannot procure a small lot in any rea
sonably desirable neighborhood for the money. Think of the convenience—the air space—the elbow room.
Give Us a Chance—We Will Prove It to You
If vou will call at our office, or let us call at yours, we will take you out to Artesian Gardens and let you judge for yourself as
to the truth of our statements and as to the merit of our proposition. Let us show you-you decide for yourself.
Jackson & Walker and T. N. Givens
Owners and Agents
I cate the public to keep will after it in
Uncle Sam, M. D.. in nut new at this
sort ot business. The marine hospital
service, the work of Dr. “Pure Food”
Wiley and the live stock inspection de
partment, conducted by the bureau of
animal industry, under Secretary James
Wilson’s direction, all show i* a small
I measure how far Uncle Sain, M. D., is
willing to go as the people * pulse
. feeler.
Thore are alreadv nine departments
| with cabinet officers and a prejudice
exists in congress against increasing
that number, Once a department is or
I ganizort its field of usefulness seems to
I increase by leaps and bounds. On the
i other hand those interested in quts*
tions of public hewltli insist that noth
ing .holt of an independent department
will serve to protect the health of the
nation in an adequate manner.
They urge. too. that such work must
be carried on independently and with
out subservience to interests of wealth
production or wealth-accumulation.
What view President Taft will fake
is as vet unsettled, but he is giving '.he
natter close attention. Surgeon Gen
eral Walter Wyman of the marine hos
pital service has submitted a report on
the subject which he spent months in
preparing. He is strong for a new de
partment. Dr. Charles A. Rood of < in
einnati, chairman of a special commit
tee representing the American Medical
association, has prepared his views at
the request of the president, and will,
it is understood. shortly present them in
person. The association is one ot the
numerous organizations which would
prefer a department to a bureau
A number of departments are con
cerned in the matter. The department
of commerce and labor always Ims felt
that questions affecting the mauuhu--
turde of foods should come within it*
jiTisdietion. The treasury department
has already a skeleton bureau known
as “bureau of public health and ma-
I Scrofula disfigures and
I causes life-long misery.
Children become strong
and lively when given small
doses of
Scott’s Emulsion
every day. The starved body
is fed; the swollen Stands
healed, and the tainted blood
vitalized. Good food, fresh
air and Scott’s Emulsion
conquer scrofula and many
other blood diseases.
Send lOe . name of naper and thia ad
Ra»fnta Hana and Child •
Boek. Each bank contains a Good Luca 1 onn. .
SCOTT & BOWNE. 409 Pent St.. N. Y.
217-218 Mackay Building
Irino hospital service,'’ of which Dr.
I Wyman is the head.
The department of agriculture, no.v
| charged with the entorcement of the
I pure food ami moat inspection acts,
i with the bureau of animal industry, is
। vitally interested.
I \ new Imreau or department would
I take over all existing bureaus or di
i visions relating to the puldie health
land would deprive the department ot
■ agriculture of ronsid, ruble of its busi
ness and prestige. For this reason Sec
'rotary Wilson is put down as opposing
i any change in the situation.
It Ims been felt, however, that-the
enforcement of an act regulating drugs
and nmnufmtured foods slionld have
I boon left to some department better
I equipped for the purpose , ami who-e
j existing work was more allied to the
i subject limn to the department of ag
rieultnre which i« concerned wi ll mat-
Iters relating to the farm, and whose
I scientists are trained in that direction.
| We have added to our printing office
' a neat series of holly borders, in col-
I ors, and other designs for Xmas print
' ing. Can be used for private mailing
j cards, announcements, invitations, pro
grammes and can be put to many other
I uses. See our show window. Clarke
' Printing Co., Light and Gazette Bldg.
The fire department responded to two
alarms of fire Tuesday as the re
suit of chimneys catching fire. The
first alarm came at 6 o'clock, causing
the department a run to West Ever
green street. No dainige resulted.
The second run occurred at 10
o'clock. When fire was started in the
heating stove at the home of Mrs, F.
Pfaendlcr, 103 Kansas street, the paper
used to elose the fine hole in the ad
joining room was forgotten, with the
result that it became ignited. An
alarm was turned in during the excite
nrent. The fire had been extinguished
before the arrival of the firemen.
Nothing new has developed in the
I reported combine among the chimney
j sweeps of this eity. Fire Chief Wright
I announces that the report that the
I chimney sweeps were permitted to
I charge oO cents per chimney was er
I roneons. Twenty five cents, he says, is
tbe charge fixed by the ordinance. Th"
sum of 25 cents may be charged for
each stove hole in a chimney.
Member of Fort Sam Houston
Medical Corps Is Promoted
to Chief Surgeon,
In a special order received at Fort
Sam Houston it is announced that Lieut.
Col. Henry 1. Raymond, medical corps,
I’nited States army, will be relieved
from duty at Fort Sam Houston and
proceed to St. Paul, Minn., as chief
surgeon of the department of North
Dakota. This comes as a consequence
of the retirement of Col. Chas. T.
Byrne, chief surgeon of the department
of the east and a general changing of
stations in thi* medical corps is the re
Lieut. Col. Raymond will be relieved
at Fort Sam Houston by Major Allen
M. Smith, medical reserve corps, who
will come here from the Presidio at
Monterey, Cal., after being properly re
lieved. The exact date of Lieut. Col.
Raymond ‘s departure depends on when
he is relieved by Major Smith.
Capt. Budd Back From East—Otho
W. Budd returned last night from an
। extensive trip in the cast and north.
While absent from the city he has vis
ited Washington. D. C., Fort Leaven
worth. Kan.. Chicago, 111.. Asheville, N.
• C., and many other points.
Fresh ■
I <lO Satisfying H
Two Million l-
Cups Drunk
Sold Everywhere
New Orleans, U. S. A. B||

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