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With the subscriptions set oppo
site their names, these 40 persons
yesterday qualified as the first
members of the organization which
announces the determination to
make “San Antonio the Beauti-,,-
ful” more than worthy of its nap»—
F. F. Collins $25. T.Conroy $lO.
W B. Kcllv *lO. J. A Mooreheau $lO,
J. 8. Carr $lO. J' *■ bmith f lO . J- H.
Kirkniirwl Joseph E. Smith $lO,
< Titox $10; H. O. Skinner
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$lO, A. M. Fischer $lO, .1. Fl«w<l wain
er $lO, Graham Dowdell* 1 ”* ”• L. Page
$lO. John Richey V,' Benjamin Wyche
$5, Mrs. Mattie tox James Van
landingham MJ*- M Deehman $5. T.
M. Paschal** 2^0 . Mr " T - M - Pa s ' h«l
$2.50 TZYr e h Bartlett $2, J. Lindsay
p?.eJh's2, Phil McLaughlen $2, Miss
Adina DeZavala $2, Theodore Plummer
$2, A. W. Hartman $2, C. G. Carter $2,
Mrs. C. Schasse $2, Mrs. J. S. Peter $2,
J. A. Henry $2. Mrs. A. 8. Abernethy
$2, Mrs. Belle Dilgrade $2, Mrs. Kate
8. Schenck $2, Mrs. Hugo Kauffmann
$2, Mrs. .Jeannette Noyes Evans $2,
Miss M. B. Fenwick $2, Mrs. H. C. Laue
। $2, Miss Adelina Maurice $2, Johnson
Square Deal club $2. Total $223.
| .Attended by men, women and even
i children of the public schools, a mass
meeting Tuesday afternoon at the
1 Chamber of Commerce resulted in the
formal ratification by the citizenship
of San Antonio of the Civic Improve
ment league.
Subscriptions reaching $223 were re
ceived, forty citizens became members,
the by-laws and constitution were read
and approved and it was decided that
practical work towards the purposes of
the league should be begun as early as
Ward chairmen who are to call mass
meetings in their respective wards to
further the work, at which permanent
chairmen arc to be elected and perman
ent ward organizations to be effected,
were named as follows: F. F. Collins,
First ward; A. M. Fischer, Fourth
ward; Terrell Bartlett, Fifth ward; T.
M. Dechman, Seventh ward; J. L. Bui
iis, Sixth ward.
Enthusiasm characterized the gather
ing during the entire two hours of its
session. One of the features of the
meeting was the evident interest that
the women of San Antonio are going to
show in the movement to beautify the
city. A large number of women were
present and several made addresses,
supporting the movement. The San An
tonio Federation of Women’s clubs, the
pioneer in civic beautification endeav
or, was represented by the following
communication from its president, Mrs.
Eli Hertzberg:
Mrs. Hertzberg’s Promise.
■‘To the Civic Improvement League,
W. B. Kelly, president:
“I regret exceedingly being unavoid
ably detained fronr attending your
meeting this afternoon. It is said that
when man wishes to succeed along Unes
of uplift, philanthropy and the beauti
ful, he invites the co-operation of wo
men. You have called the club women
of San Antonio and they gladly respond.
The Civic Improvement league that
stands for the beautifying of our be
i loved city, already so richly endowed
|by nature, has the hearty commenda-
The Christmas Toys
More toys in this toy store and greater val
ues than ever. And this is an invitation for
von to come tomorrow and see why everybody
is so enthusiastic about it. If you count first
look for anything, if von count sonnd economy
for anything, you will not delay.
tion of every club woman in San An
tonio, for civic work has claimed her
attention many years.
“The pioneer in thia work being the
women's clubs, so well known for all
that tends to the uplift of the commun
ity, and I ntn sure that the mothers
club* committee will use its influence in
securing the co operation of all of pie
mothers' clubs connected with the pub
lic schools, and in that way gads rhe a l
ded strength of (h»M<<lnds of public
school children-
“.Ata? stand ready to assist the Civic
.Improvement league as far us within
our power in this grand move for a San
Antonio beautiful and await your com
mands in the matter. Assured that
great success will attend your efforts,
believe me, respectfully yours,
“President San Antonio Federation of
Women's Clubs.' ’
Applause followed the reading of thir
communication by the secretary, Jo
seph Emerson Smith. Among other ex
pressions of approval from San Antonio
women was the declaration by Mrs.
Belie Dilgrade, president of the San
Autonio Playgrounds association, that
,that organization would do all in its
| power to aid the league. She advanced
! the idea of: the necessity of providing
a municipal playground. ,
Miss Adiua DeZavala strongly endors
ed the movement. “The Indians in the
early days.” said she, “selected the
beautiful site of San Antonio for their
camp grounds. We can do no better
than follow the instincts of the red
men and make this the most beautiful
spot in the United States as it was the
picture spot of the wilds of the Indian
Other women who spoke were: Miss
Xb. Fenwick, Mrs. I. Noyes Evans
and Mrs. Conrad Schasse.
Objects of the League.
In opening the meeting, President
W. B. Kelly of the league announced
the purposes of the gathering in the
following address:
“This meeting of our citizens has
been called for the express purpose of
ratifying the organization of the Civic
league, the object of
which is to make Sau - Antonio the
beauty spot of Texas.
“The object of this organization is
worthy of the support of every man,
woman and child in this city. Let us
gather from this occasion an inspiration
for civie advancement, an unalterable
determination to keep abreast with the
progress of the day, continue to hold
the proud place we now occupy and as
pire to even a prouder place among the
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Unless Recourse is Had to Su
preme Court former Banker
Must Serve His Term.
His Attorney Makes Statement.
Woods Will be Taken
Into Custody Again.
“I have not yet had an oppor
tunity to consult with my client or
the other counsel in the case and
I do not know yet what will be the
next legal stop in the Woods case, I
—William Aubrey, attorney for
Will F. Woods, convicted San An
tonio banker.
Unless there is reconrsp to the su
preme court of the United States, Will
F. Woods, former vice president of the
Woods National bank, which failed ia
November, 1907, must serve his sen
teneu of eight years in the United
States prison at Fort Leavenworth,
Tne sentence, of Woods by the United
States circuit court in this city was af
firmed yesterday by the United States
court of appeals at New Orleans.
His conviction in this city in March,
1909. on five counts, including em
bezzlement. misappropriation of funds
of a national bank and converting tv
his own use the collateral of a national
bank, resulted in the appeal which was
affirmed yesterday.
As soon as United States Marshal
Nolte receives the mandate from the
high court at New Orleans. Woods will
again be taken into custody. He can
not again he admitted to bond until the
writ of certiorari has been properly
filed in the United States supremo
At present Woods is at liberty under
a $25,000 bond, his release having tak
en place last Juno. He has recently
been working in and near San Antonio
ns an insurance solicitor.
Headaches and Neuralgia from Colds
LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine, the world
wide Cold and Grip remedy removes
cause. Call for full name. Look for
signature E. W. GROVE. 25c.
J. W. Chalmers, Architect.
High-class architectural work. Office
541 Moore Bldg., San Antonio.
beautiful cities of our country. Let
every human being become imbued with
the spirit of progressiveness; let them
delve down into the innermost regions
o 1 their hearts and awaken that spirit
of civic pride that has been lying dor
mant for years; Jet this movement be
a rebuke to those little narrow-minded
souls that move within the stingy limi
tations of the horizon of their own sei
fishness, that they may see the bright
light of civic advancement and make
themselves of use to society; let us
move forward with the wheels of prog
ress, shoulder to shoulder, like the war
riors of old, make battle with the De
mon of Unsightliness; let us win this
battle, coining forth unscathed, grasp
ing the prize of victory, and not let us
stop until the blood of enthusiasm goes
coursing through the veins of every
man, woman and child, and let us ap
peal to the artistic side of human na
ture an<l make this a broad movement
encompassing every nook and corner
within-the confines of our great city.!’
Kirkpatrick Praises Women’s Work.
J. H. Kirkpatrick praised woman's
work along civic lines. You men of
Sanj Antonio,’’ said he, “are not go
ing to put through any great work
without the women baek of\you. The
women have been hammering along
this line at this same thing for a long
time. We are now merely taking part
of-the load off of their shoulders.’’ 11,
was on Mr. Kirkpatrick’s suggestion
that ward chairmen were appointed.
It had been expected that Mayor Cal
laghan would be present at the meeting.
The mayor, however, was unable to at
tend, but sent word through Secretary
Smith that he. Was with the gathering
in spirit and cordially accepted the in
vitation to he an honorary member.
Communications were sent by Phil H.
McLaughlin of the Amateur Athletic
union nnd by W. B. Raymond of the
West Texas Military academy and rea l
by the secretary. The former suggest
ed a meeting of all the pupils and stu
dents of local schools, public nnd pri
vate. to enlist their forces in the
Addresses were made by A. W. Hart
; man, secretary of the International
I Hub, John Richey, Tlios. L. Conroy,
I Pom pen Coppini and others, all aMng
the lines of beautifying the city.
Seventy-two Miles an Hour
Wind Blows, Power Wires
Break; City Is In Darkness.
Assoetated Praia.
Buffalo, Dee. B.—A seventy-two mile
an hour gale which started last night,
blew down telegraph poles, trees, un
roofed small buildings and broke power
wires. The city was in darkness last
night. A dredge iu the river sank, the
crew being rescued after a fierce strug
Associated Preis.
Norfolk, Neb., Dec. B.—Northern Ne
braska, southern and western South
Dakota and northern Wyoming today
suffered from the coldest weather of
the winter. The temperature is twelve
below here, at Deadwood seventeen be
low and at Lander, Wyo., twenty be
Omahß Dec. 8. —The cold wave con
tinues today, the thermometer register
ing seven below zero. At Sioux City
it is eight below.
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Be sure and ask for ‘‘Mrs. Winslow’s
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25c. a bottle.
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Bldg. .
Never in the s'xty-four years of this store’s existence has it gathered together
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Little City is Getting its Share
of the Boom That is on in
Southwest Texas.
Spiclal DiipaUh.
San Marron, Tex., Dee. B.—San Mar
con is getting its share of the building
boom that is going on in southwest
Texas, and the city presents an appear
ance of prosperity on ail sides. The
ground is being cleared and plans are
being perfected by T. C. Griffin for a
$30,01:0 business house opposite the
new $40,000 First National bank build
There is a well defined rumor that a
new opera house is to be built in the
near future and the need of oue lends
color to the rumor. It is acknowledged
that local conditions arc propitions and
it is said that men with capital have
their eyes turned this way.
4 contract has been let which .calls
for work to commence within sixty
doys on the new bridge across the Blan
co'river on the road between San Mar
cos and Kyle. The work will be push
ed to a finish and is to be completed
early in the new year. The bridge will
greatly improve the automobile road be
tween San Antonio and Austin.
The San Marcos Jockey club is erect
ing a grandstand at Park track and
making other improvements to guaran-
| F. GROOS & CO., Bankers
I Fori op n Exchange Travelers* Checks
Sartor & Sprague
Jewellers and Silversmiths
Solid Gold Cuff Links
$1.75 per pair
with Monogram. Free
Sapphire and Diamond
Ring $50.00
All Stones Perfect
With Genuine Ruby
Center $55.00
DECEMBER 8, 1000.
tee the success of the January neo
J. A. Montgomery of Maxwell will
arrive here shortly and it is announce*!
that he will erect sevenl business
houses on his lots on Fort street.
Goslin * Wright have concluded work
on the roof of the new building for the
l int National hank. They also have
tie contract for the roof on the new
Fbrnry of the Southwest Texas Normal
Drs. B. H. * Nettie G. Gray,
Homeopaths, Hicks Building.
A. Collmann, plumber, 416 Maia ave.
Kidneys, Bladder, Skin. Blood, Nerves
and Private Diseases of Men.
Offices and Laboratory Fourth Floor
Hlcka Building.
Hours 9 to 12 and 2 to 6.
in Silk x.
All Goods I

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