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Were we busy yesterday?
Well I guess yeb!
Bob Smart's Shoe Shop held the
whole bunch from 7 a. m. till 8 p. m.
No other shoe joint ever had such
a crowd of live ones on opening day.
On the day's wind-up • 'Gloomy
Gus'' led the score by four points,
then came ''Little Jim'* next, and
‘'Hurley's Cruser'* came third by
two points below ''Little Jim.'*
Others worthy of favorable mention
are "Happy Jack," "Dream," "Sissie,”
"Buzzard" and "Wise Guy." These
last mentioned toes did their share
of the day's record but they all had
to take their hats off to "Gloomy
Gus. "
Tomorrow I will address a letter to
the fathers of you mashers and dudes.
Yours shoefully,
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ehlnq and that after May 9 when We
go to the city hall we will see new
faces there."
After the applause had subsided the
convention went Into permanent or
ganization on motion of E. Griff Jones
by selecting Mr. Woodward as chair
man. Louis Heuermann secretary, An
tonio Salinas and W. B. Maddlgan as
sistant secretaries, Pat Stevens and
Theodore Banks sergeant-at-arms. Ike
T. Pryor was named for the position
of chairman, but withdrew in favor
of Mr. Woodward.
T. L. Conroy then presented the
following resolution for the organiza
tion of the citizens' party and it was
"Resolved that the citizens and
delegates here assembled, qualified
voters of the city of San Antonio, do
hereby form ourselves into a political
party to be known as the citizens’
party, the object of which shall be
to nominate candidates for the vari
ous offices to be filled at the ensuing
city election to be held on Mav 9
"Resolved, that we now proceed to 1
nominate candidates for each cf said 1
offices and it is further
"Resolved that the chairman of this
meeting be and he hereby is author
ized to appoint an executive commit
tee of twelve, eight of whom ‘shall be
appointed from the respective wards
of the city and four be appointed
from the city at large; said commit
tee to have plenary power and author
ity to carry out the purposes cf this
organization and to fill any and all
vacancies on said committee or on the
ticket of candidates after nominations
are made therefor.”
Chairman Woodward announced
that he would select the executive
committee of twelve within a few
days, after the various candidates
have been consulted.
The convention then proceeded
with the nominations and in present
ing the name of J. E. Webb for may
or. Thomas H. Franklin said:
"Only a few days ago over 7000
people expressed their disapproval of
the present city administration. I
take It that in a city of 100.000 the
people need a man who can do some
tEilng. This city is sufficiently large,
sufficiently intelligent to demand a
man for mayor who recognizes that a
public office Is a public trust A man
who. is big enough and broad enough
to be the mayor of all the people all
the time. We need a man who is suf
ficiently 17011 versed In law that he
will not cost the city $75,000 unneces
sarily. A man honest enough to re
gard the city as something more than
< political machine. It Is an honor
for me to be permitted to name a
man who will fill that office with hon
or and credit to himself and to
all cf you. J. E. Webb.”
A demonstration such as is seldom
seen in a city convention greeted the
nomination. As one man the delega
gates arose, waved hats and hands 1
and cheered. The nomination was |
made unanimous and Judge Webb
was escorted to the stage by T. L.
Conroy and Rufe Walker, where he
presented to the delegates his plat
“ Whatever may be the reason or ex
cuses for other citizens of San An
tonio for failure to embrace the op
portunity to become mayor of San An
tnlo," he said, "I wish to state that I
am here to become your candidate.
Not long ago If the suggestion had
been made that my name be used I
should have said ft was due to mis
judgment on the part of whoever sug
gested it. Now, I have burned the
bridges behind me. I am your candi
date to fight to the end. You have
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chosen me as your leader and now I
call on you to follow me to victory.
This great city is enthralled in the
meshes of a political machine and it
la time for the people cf San Antonio
to rise up and declare themselves free
and Independent citizens. On the one
hand stand the politicians and their
powerful friends, the corporations. On
the other side Ytand the people. I
shall align myself with the people. I
have perfect confidence in their abil
ity and Integrity to select their own
He then read his platform, which
the convention therupon ratified.
In conclusion. Judge Webb said:
“If you elect me, and I believe you
will (applause) it will not take me
thirty years to realize that I am the
mayor of all the people. Now, I shall
engage in this campaign as a business
and I shall not be known in the law
business until this controversy is end
ed. You have a right to know my
views on any question at any hour,
and under any circumstances. There
shall be no secrets between me and
the people.”
He was given another demonstra
tion. lasting for several minutes.
• Dr. L. L Shropshire nominated R.
H. Ward for city attorney, designa
ting him as an able lawyer who has
occupied high positions of trust and
whose ability is unquestioned. If
elected, he will not engage the city
in endless litigation expensive to the
taxpayers, he said. The nomination
was made unanimous. Mr. Ward was
unable to be present at the conven
tion because of injuries received in
an accident yesterday, but the chair
man was instructed to notify him of
his nomination.
Nominations All Unanimous.
The convention then proceeded to
name the remainder of the ticket and
as each nomination was made the
nominee was called upon to briefly
address the convention.
J. Ira Kirchevllle named Sam
Belden for recorder, briefly recalling
the fact that Mr. Belden served as a
soldier during the Spanish war and
that his father held a position in the
diplomatic service of the country. His
nomination was made unanimous as
were all the others.
Jake Rubiola was nominated for
assessor by Frank C. Davis and brief
ly thanked the convention, promising
to do all in his power to help elect
the ticket. Louis Heuermanp was
named for assessor by Ben Miller,
but withdrew In favor of Mr. Rubiola.
Arthur M. Scholz was nominated
for collector by Hayden Smith, who
said that as an employe of the col
lector’s office Mr. Scholz has made
many friends and is capable of fill
ing the position for which chosen.
The nomination of Frank Gallagher
for treasurer by Clinton G. Brown
brought forth cries of "Let 'er Go,
Gallagher." and in accepting the
nomination Mr. Gallagher declared
he would "let 'er go, Gallagher" and
help elect the ticket. In nominating
him Mr. Brown declared that the
people of San Antonio want some one
to take care of their money and they
don't want any more of it spent to
employ 300 or 400 thugs to keep vot
ers away from the polls. The declara
tion was loudly applauded.
E. J. Altgelt nominated Ben Kiol
bassa for auditor, declaring that he
had found one auditor who is not the
crank that all auditors tiro popular
ly supposed to be. Mr. Kiolbassa has
been a resident of San Antonio since
1854, or longer, he said, but is still a
boy. Mr. Kiolbassa, in accepting, said
he didn't want office, but as the party
had selected him he would do the
very best to win and conduct the of
fice as It should be conducted.
In nominating A. H. Jones for al
derman-at-large, Ike T. Pryor made
a happy speech, which was frequently
“If enthusiasm and unanimity
count for anything, you’ve got the
election wpn now,” said Mr. Pryor.
"This is the first political meeting I
ever attended in San Antonio or else-
•»'(Continued From Page One)
a permanent executive committee of
eight members, one from each ward,
and a chairman to have power to fill
vacancies on the party ticket during
the campaign.
Chairman Cook later announced the
following committee on platform: H.
E. Hildebrand, C. A. Davies, Albert
Hohrath, V. P. Brown G. B. Taliafer
ro, H. B. Salilway, R. P. Coon and
August Briam Jr. The committee se
lected to name candidates were James
Routledge. Fred Blhl, E. W. Tynan,
Mike Goggan, L. J. Hart, F. A. Chapa,
Nic Tengg Jr.. J. M. Lynch and C. V.
The committees retired to arrange
for the presentation of the platform
and the ticket. During the Interval
C. A. Davies, in response to a call for
him, addressed the gathering, telling
humorous stories and incidents of
other political campaigns. He paid
Mayor Callaghan a glowing tribute as
an honest man and an efficient chief
executive of the city. Judge Edward
Dwyer also addressed the gathering,
in which he said that the platform
atfout to be presented was the one
upon which the successful candidates
In the forthcoming election would
stand. C. M. Chambers followed In a
brief address, declaring that he was
for Callaghan first, last and all the
The chair then reported upon the
selection of the permanent executive
committee, the personnel of which is
as follows: H. E. Hildebrand, chair
man: Ward 1. Edwin Routledge;
Ward 2, Joaquin Guerrero; Ward 3,
C. A. Davies; Ward 4. Edwin Paschal;
Ward 5. Leonard Garza; Ward 6. A.
L. Hicks; Ward 7, Lee Kilgore; Ward
8, Albert Rlne.
Upon motion by Mr. Hildebrand.
Chairman Cook was authorized, after
conferring with the candidates, to ap
point a campaign committee of such
number as he deemed proper to have
charge of the campaign throughout
the city. <
where. I tell you that because I feel
that this time it is the duty of every
good citizen to get out and work. If
there was ever a time when we need
good, clean government and a broad
administration. It is now. When any
city reaches 100.000 population it is
easy to get the next 100,000 if it has
a good, clean government. We have a
second Los Angeles here in our midst
if we will put in the right men to de
velop it. Give the mayor four alder
men-at-large who have executive abil
ity and business education and he
can't help but be a success. In
nominating Mr. Jones I want to tell
you it Is a good omen. I've nominated
a good many men in various organiza
tons and I never yet had one of them
lose out.”
George R. Gillette nominated Al
bert Steves Sr., declaring that as a
man of high business integrity he is
the sort of which civic government
is made.
C. S. Robinson nominated Paul
Meerscheidt and in accepting the
nomination Mr. Meerscheidt said the
occasion reminded him of twelve
years ago when the people of San An
tonio were fighting the machine.
"I’m not seeking office,” he said,
“but if the people of San Antonio are
calling on me now to help i.ie out
I'll respond to their call as J. did then.
I'm at their service and if you elect
me I’ll give you the best of my serv
Joseph Lamm was named by D. J.
Woodward and Mr. Lamm responded
Ward Aidermen Named.
Previous to the assembly of the
convention ward aidermen had been
named by the various ward delega
tions and after the remainder of the
ticket had been chosen the delega
tions presented the names of their
candidates, who were ratified by the
entire convention. They are: First,
H. A. Neal; Second. August Biesen
bach; Third. Chas. Gersdorf; Fourth.
Charles T. Fincham; Fifth. Joel A.
Lipscomb; Sixth, Robert F. Uhr; Sev
enth. Alexander Boynton; Eighth, P.
G. Lucas.
The only good contest of the con
vention came in the selection Of the
aldermanic candidate in the Sixth
ward. Both Robert F. Uhr and his
uncle, Matthias Uhr, were nominated
by the ward delegates. The nephew
was made the unanimous choice of
the delegation after It was seen he
had a majority of the delegation’s
Alexander Boynton, nominee of the
Seventh ward, designated as the ban
ner ward against the administration,
made a brief speech, declaring that
the Seventh in the May election would
do even better than it has done in the
“We want some streets and side
walks in the Seventh,” he said. "We
want streets that the fire wagons can
use if they are called to a fire In
that ward. We mean business and we
will roll up the biggest majority
against the administration ever known
in the Seventh."
After the ticket had been selected
delegates demanded that the candi
dates line up on the stage. They did
so and in Introducing them Chairman
Woodward asked the deelgates to
notice that new faces were being pre
“The interest you have taken con
vince me that each and every man
here will go out and constitute him
self a committee to fight in this cam
paign,” he said. "We’ll put In so many
ballots this time that they can’t jug
gle them against us in any manner,
shape or form.”
On the stage during the conven
tion were William Dobrowolskl, Ben
Kiolbassa, R. G. Caravajal, I. T.
Pryor, G. W. Saunders, E. J. Altgelt,
D. J. Woodward. J. N. Gallagher, L.
L. Shropshire. G. A. Duerler. Charles
Gutzelt, Albert Steves, Thomas H.
Franklin. Louis Heuermann, Frank
Davis, E. Griff Jones.
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Cleveland, O., March 28.—Despite
conflicting rumors concerning the con
dition of former Mayor Tom L John
son and the anxiety felt by his friends,
no definite statement as to his condi
tion was issued today.
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The following platform was adopted
at the convention which nominated
Mayor Callaghan for re-election last
"In inviting the support of all good
citizens for the candidates on the tick
et headed by Hon. Bryan Callaghan
as mayor, the People's party, in con
vention assembled, congratulates the
citizenship of San Antonio upon his
honest, wise and progressive adminis
tration of public affairs, under which
our city has advanced and prospered
until it is now the metropolis of Tex
as, and pledges:
"1. A continuance of those policies
represented by the present administra
tion and an increased efficiency in the
work of every department of the city
government commensurate with its
wonderful growth and the increasing
needs of our city.
"2. The financial management of
the city in the future, as in the past,
to be along business Unes, keeping ex
penditures within budget allowances,
and such a rate of tax levy commen
surate with our needs as will provide
sufficient funds for necessary public
Control Public Utilities.
"3. Such a control under the law
of all public utilities as will enforce
the best service at the minimum price,
safeguarding at the same time the in
terests of those whose investments in
good faith have been made in such
"4. Public franchises should not
be given away as a free will offering,
and. therefore, all such privileges to
be granted in the future must and
shall provide adequate compensation
to the city and its people, whose rights
must be thoroughly protected.
“5. We point to the great amount
of public work done in building
bridges, opening, widening and paving
of the streets and public places of the
city, and promise a continuance of the
administration's policy’ in that respect,
on such an enlarged scale as the city's
Increased revenues will permit.
Points With Pride.
”6. Public Improvements have been
made on a scale never before attempt
ed without a bond Issue. The back
floating debt of the city, as well as all
back tax warrants, have been paid,
and In the future the city’s revenue
can and will be used in constructing
public Improvements to the advantage
of the people, and not be required, a«
in the days before Mayor Callaghan
took office, for the payment of floating
debts created by preceding adminis
trations, due to an excess of expendi
tures over revenues.
”7. The wisdom of Mayor Calla
ghan's stand for local self-government
and his rigid adherence to the theory’
that the best governed people are
those who are governed least, has
borne fruit in the commercial and in
dustrial achievements of our people.
Unhampered by unnecessary regula
tions and unfettered by annoyances
from the municipal government, our
people have been free to pursue their
vocations along these lines which have
made for the present phenomenal
growth and prosperity of the city. As
a result of his watchful care and strict
enforcement of the laws of sanitation,
the danger from epidemic has been
"8. On the above declaration of
principles we invite the co-operation
and support of all good citizens in our
effort to continue the honest and pro
gressive present administration of
public affairs.”
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Belton. Tex.. 'March 28.—It was de
cided by the commercial club today to
push the building of an Interurban line
between here and Holland. Steps will
be taken immediately to co-operote
with Holland Interests tn having the
route surveyed.
Amorlated Presa.
Albany, N. Y., March 28.—The dem
ocratic caucus last Qight, having fail
ed to place a oandldate in nomination
for United States senator, the demo
crats will get together again tonight
for another try at IL Opinions differ
as to the probable outcome.
is instantly relieved by
Price*, Me., Me., and 91.00.
Following is the platform an
nounced by Judge Webb in accepting
the nomination for mayor on the
Citizens’ ticket last night:
"1. My previous declarations regard
ing the best methods of conducting
the municipal government of the city
of San Antonio ha.ve proven that I
am in favor of that form of city gov
ernment which accords most nearly
with the methods used in conducting
private enterprises, and that it should
be the policy of all city governments
to increase business methods and to
decrease the usual political methods,
and to that end I believe that every
dollar of the people’s money that is
expended should bring a fair return
for the Investment
"2. I believe that the mayor of the
city should be the representative of
all the people and not alone of the
people who elect him to the office,
and that it is his duty in his official
capacity, regardless of his personal
feelings or animosities, to treat every
citizen with that consideration that
is due from a public officer. And I
further believe that it is his duty re
gardless of his personal feelings to
treat guests within our gates with
that courtesy and consideration that
is due from a host to his guest.
"3. We are not now concerned with
the constitutionality or expediency of
the initiative, but If I am elected I
shall always give willing ear to the
suggestion of the people regarding
needed legislation and shall never for
get the inalienable right of the peo
ple to assemble themselves together
and by petition to call upon the gov
ernment for such legrelation as they
may deem necessary fdr their happi
ness, and I shall never consent to de
priving the people of valuable fran
chises without securing from them an
expression of their willingness to
make the grant by vote or otherwise.
Believes in Purity of Ballot.
"4. I believe In the purity of the
ballot and that all illegal voting ought
to stop, and that it is the duty of
every public official to safeguard the
ballot by every means within his
power, and I condemn the use of the
police force of the city In arresting
people or intimidating them for the
purpose of favoring any political par
ty or of preventing the free and secret
exercise of the ballot.
“5. I believe that the police force
should be conservators of the peace
and that they should treat all of the
citizens alike and that they should
never be told to make any distinction
between citizens in the enforcement
of the law.
"6. I am unalterably opposed to the
unlawful assessment and tolling of
the wages of the poor employes of the
city for campaign purposes, and if
elected I will stop the nefarious prac
tice which has gained a footing In
this fair city.
“7. I am likewise opposed to police
officers and other employes of the
city who are paid their wages out of
the public treasury devoting their
time to campaigning for the party in
power or for any other party, and
maintain that as long as they are in
the pay of the public they should be
public servants, and if elected I shall
eliminate thlg practice which has also
gained a timing in the city of San
Encourage Manufactures.
“8. I do not believe that sufficient
attention has heretofore been given
to or proper appreciation shown of
the great army post, situated within
our boundaries, or that sufficient en
couragement has been given to the
factories and manufacturing estab
lishments and those enterprises that
tend to build up our city.
"9. The streets, driveways and [
parks of this city have been and are I
neglected; the city government should
give more earnest attention to their
improvement in the future than has
been done in the past.,
"10. I believe In the equal taxation
of property and that the practice of
taxing one man's property at one
value and another man's property at
a different value for political reasons
or because one of the parties is In
favor of the administration and the
other against It is contrary to public
policy and wholly inexcusable.
"11. I believe in the absolute de
struction of a political machine in
city politics and in rotation in office,
and that no one man or set of men
should monopolize the offices of the
city to the exclusion of other citi
Ask for a Household Premium Cer
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176. , * *
Taylor, Tex.. March 28.—Alice, the
12-vear-old daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. C. B. M cInlrP ’ d,ed Sunday
morning after a lengthy Illness. Lit
tle girls acted as pallbearers. The fu
neral service wae conducted at St.
Mary’s Catholic church. Rev. Father
Theodore Drees officiating, and fol
lowed by Interment in the Catholic
$123,600 IS
(Continued from page 1.)
needed will be subscribed before the
end of the week. The committees have
been fairly started on their way and
the closing days of the campaign will
be in reality the whirlwind finish the
business men plan.
One of the strongest arguments in
support of the Brownsville road yet
brought forth Is the fact that the road
into Galveston, now part of the Banta
Fe system, was built on exactly Identi
cal plans. A construction company
was organized, stock sold, the road
planned, bonuses secured, towns laid
out and the road finished. Later it
was sold to the Santa Fe and the men
who backed it from the start were re
warded for their faith and investments
with big profit in money.
It Is estimated that the road from
San Antonio can be built for $10,000
a mile. Only one stream of import
ance will require a large bridge—the
Nueces. It is estimated that bridge
can be built for $300,000 and allow
ance has been made for that expense
in the estimate of what the road will
cost. The nature of the country
through which It will run will not re
quire many detours and experts say
the road should not exceed 276 miles
in length. On the basis of $10,000 a
mile the cost is placed at $2,750,000
and big land owners along the route to
be traversed have signified a willing
ness to give bonuses approximating
$2,500,000. They can well afford to
do so. because of the increase that will
be made In the value of their lands
when the road is built. Towns in the
territory to be traversed by the road
are anxious to be on the line and will
offer bonuses. It Is declared the road
can easily be bonded for $15,000 a
$123,000 Is Needed Now.
With $376,400 already subscribed at
noon today and many committees not
beard from, the total to be secured Is
$123,600. It must be on the list in
four days, and the business men are
determined it shall be there. They
count on the oft-demonstrated public
spirited character of the people of San
Antonio to safeguard the city’s future
and on the investment feature pre
sented to bring the subscriptions need
ed. That substantial business men re
gard the Investment as a worthy one
is demonstrated by the liberality with
which sd~many well known ones are
taking stock. With sllghdy over $100,-
000 to secure, the bunness men are
confident it will all be subscribed be
fore the end of the week.
A discussion of the possibilities of
the country by Dr. W. B. Phillips, as
published in the Light on last Sun
day, has shown the people of San An
tonio the enormous resources of the
territory which will be opened up to
this city and that fact is making more
friends for the project. Dr. Phillips
told In plain language the possibilities
of the territory and people of San An
tonio realize this city must take ac
tion to prevent the trade of that won
derful section going to other cities
having more direct rail and water
28 III Fill Oil
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Washington, March 28. —Twenty-
eight men in the crew of the steamer
D. N. Luckenback of New York,
which grounded eight miles from Key
West yesterday while bound from
Tampa to Baltimore, are in peril and
owners of Ihe vessel today asked the
navy department to send the naval
tug Massoit from Key West to assist
the Luckenback. The revenue cutter
Forward Is standing by the steamer.
Assistant Secretary of the Navy
Winthrop sent orders today to the
naval station at Key West to have
the tug Massasoit render assistance.
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Austin, Tex., March 28.—The secre
tary of state today filed the charter
ot the Southwestern Traction com
pany of Temple that is to build an
Interurban Une between Temple and
Belton. It has a capital stock of
$165,000 and its incorporators are A.
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Gregor. W. G. Haag, W. G. Bentley.
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The »nti»eptic powder to be ehaken Into
the shoes. It you want reit and comfort for
tired, arhing. swollen. ■wealing feet, use
Allen's Fool-Ease. Relieve. corns and bun
ions of all pain and prevents blisters, sore
and callous spocs. Always use it to Break in
New Shoos. It is tho greatest oomfort dis
covery of the age Try it to-day. Bold every
where, 25 eta. Don’t accept any substitute.
For FREE trial package, address Allen S.
Olntsted, Ue Roy, N. Y.
Headaches, Colds, Indigesrioi
Pains, Constipation, Sour Stomac]
Dizziness? if you are not, the ma
effective, prompt and pleasan
method of getting rid of them is I
take, now and then, a desertspool
ful of the ever refreshing and tnil
beneficial laxative remedy—Syru
of Firn and Elixir of Senna. It I
well Known throughout the worj
as the best of family laxative ram
dies, because it acts so gently an
strengthens naturally without in
taring the system in any way.
To get its beneficial effects it I
always necessary to buy the cent
ine, manufactured by the Californt
Fig Syrup Co., bearing the nan
of the Company, plainly printed c
the front of every package.
Do Not Mako * Miotako.
LUCCHESE BBOS. give the beat eaUefactlq
of the city.
New Phone 116.
Texaa and Kaneae oats, riee meal, rock
aalt, bulla and meaL
419 Main Ave. Both Pbonee 268.
Red Swan
35c per pound
Tour earpeta. mattinge, npbolotored ft
Bltnre. etc., eleaned with er without a
naval. Wo aleo sew and relay earpolo M
Maevete mattreooM.
Hansen Bros,
Betabliehod IMO. I
$M Aaetta Street, Both new*
■ - . . ■ ■<
Get Exhilaration And
Energy From Your Bal
It cleanses and refreshes the skin, lets tt
pores breathe, removes dead cuticls
and stimulates circulation.
Alt Grocers and Druggista
/■ fT3* ,0G£ ll LI
Onr Crown and Bridge Work
tt E AO P® 1- tooth *s tbe best
that high grade
gold (22k) and expert workman*
ship can produce.
Both Phones. Hicks Bldg.
The King of Coffees
is the best and cheap
est ydu can buy. Our
retail price is still
35c a Pound *
220 W. Oommerco St. Both Phonoo 311 ,
113 Avt C . ’ BOTH PHOMtb
204-200 W. Commerce St.
Morales Transfer Co
Hauling and Storage
WaraheuM a A. P. Treok.
OM Phono 1604. Now Phone SM

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