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dudelet aod ft eontlot
ooa wnera 1110 river wot
,0 dudelet with composure
Of oat with ill intent
n coatlot bu 1c il thn plat
ndlo thoduO" worn
?'be no aim w itUKfl t i 1 lat,
Us dire ml rtili
And suilkd to f i ujt i
Kr wliere thr i n lowc
TodliAppnlnt ti i
Tne dudolft o n t drown.
Tbe go it lot
Until his i
H4RUmpt hi
upon tin i s
TliflQ tun I &n t
II U etapt l
i 1 idolot
II n
it i tuoiesa rajo
i I might have ht
ro la vain ajil ho rollnauishod the
hclpo of e.er knowing
hieo davs latoi on loachlnir Paul
Inila touib he found Miat tho deed had
boin ropi aled H i It the sum -nipt
io ami an i u- on tho mi viou-.
day 2 but not the same foibonnmrt
lultofwiith he ilunff tho bouauot
lilcli someone had ugnin da rod to
- h boap of
innn x&lr'h up
pmo anuoi '
o that d a j had noon
AbiuP'h he nit -ioi t his medita
tions a1"1' "ahl 1" a voice Wmt was
kind atfl gentle but whose ibta
tlous be("l,fl tin. hcioh ctToitho
was in ikVg '
ou i"Utt now come Jieio again
moiMleiiL Piorutsi ttu that ou will
never ie,ftiri and that jou will
'tMl)jni xclusho iiht
rind to bung
lVhdom louim I y J u tlcutc (in on
11 triiiih tr (nr ir I Sin til Mulit
I tirnn mi 1 I roIlM IHrliml I rni Dinu
1 inn N tt4 Ilnmu llliitw
uitu am beau
Paulln dc Nimbi ouse died
pilng v r ono fenied that her
ban! would lohe his mind He
loved ti so aid ntly that it set
iraposs ole toi hiin to tc-lgn Ml
to thx angu h f lo-lng her
lo Ix th ten years of
man Led f l u I not boon Bin
lo-- lti nco in theli
taite ii I it t,is caused fre
quan an 1 hilu tho hudbam
dinsuti i t will his wife's eol
Bho on th otlu i hand ro
agalnm. the despot i-iu of his
which wub so xcliiHho and j
that In Its u ardot sho saw
eWehnoss than dovotion
Hut little by little Iholr ro
became loss stunned At lastt
comosions as well as theli i
de-die of lhhig happily togotfc
meioly of having tho appeal i
haj plncsH mado their homo 1
pf poi feet accoid, so none
friends wore in tho least surp
iho dopths of M de bambrei
ipalr utter this great surr
como to him
Ills grief showed itself in
tag though slightly romant
ner I'aulino from her oatl'e
hood had hoon ntni ignnth
io miu hi lutui yeatri no
bad passed without hoi b
bouquot of that sweetest of
Thev had become so rlosoly
iou wmi nci mat utter no
thn husband went to the
ijch morning and placod
lien ol them in the me
Ich suimountod her tor
ihidcd blossoms
Kwoio lendcied hi
lliotr contact wit
lostiiw -vlce and In
rled thorn to in jjqt
othoi foim hi lonll
In his own apaitm
brcubo made a noit
mcinorv o( his wif
cincouled rHf fth
Oie sonants ) a
laccd her j 1 trail
nOitialt ono nf tar
&ifch watfmuch admired at tho
rears atro It lepto-
' I'aulino in ball costume,
Rilling, with a bunch of
-lendci white hands
i mini hiLu V do
ntmkolf catefully filled
Tiumeu meli daj threw a brll-
TTant and l m radiance upon tho
face of the pic tu e as well as upon a
cushion bcncaih whoie he had at
iaunrcd thi objects thaf had been
most Identified with h's loed ono
tin Vist Moes 'he had worn tho
Inst handVcTchlef he had used hu
.fan, bet umbtdlu hei jewels and in
yajconf union of laces and costly fab
lcs, tho boiutuots which ho hail
di ouffht from tho cemotei y , and
which wete noei eohslgned to tho
tlamoH until the witheied petals
diopicd ftom thoii stems
1 voi$ evening "l de ambicupo
hubtcned to his loom and after
opening tho doois of the tabernacle
feu upon his knees bifoie tho poi
ti ait I oi a long tlmo he uu t iod on I
this adoiatlon talking to tho pli- I
tureil fate and oxalting himbolf to I
tho biWioi that tho lips moved and i
spoke vt him t last uttoilj a
hausted'ho fell asleop with his eyes
Btill fijsod Ufonthe beautiful counten
ftjicey I
?(ifo moinin. of autumn when
accffulliig to ins imatlable custom
M do Simbioiieo an lid at 1 eto
I.u-huie he was much astonished to ;
find u bunch of stiane toaos In tho
lurn while his la half untied upon
I the tomb ssuredlj they wcid
'superb with their glowing Liimson
petals und long btems but theli j
proud biaut had not the chatm of
thobo with which he adorned Pau
line's gtavo Ills wcie tea lose
glolro de Dijon chosen by him bo-
caueo she had alwab pioreriou their
delicate tint and neifume to an
Ithout asking himself whence
came thcio llowein which teoimd to
him Iinpiiui usutpeis ho grasped
them with indignant hands and io
placed them with hU own Itut as he
was about to throw thiiu fai from
him ho paused looking at them and
a fooling of pit succeeded his sudden
I angoi No longoi did he cheilbh 111
will toward the poison who had do
I sited tints to pa homage to Pauline
J and whoso onh fault had been in not
comptelVpnding the prhlloged and
sacred olnHut tu oi ins uowets s
I he gontl) hVo th" crimson toes upon
tomb V JLOtuiiea
Jd huvcj
the leply
sighed tho
lately statted
lju-band de-
ioi " ho nald
io and let us
' liaushited
hnest Diudet
Aniimo Cm loin
tnnding has
Dm 1 nlli f Lnm It rood hit,
Wo dlsliko to talk un tho nboo
subject. Iho folly has buen pointed
out so manj tlmn and In Kominj
wajs by neatly oety ugrlcultuial
wilter or thlukoi that one would
think that eoij man in tho I nltod
Stales was us fully tmpiissed with it
as with tho follj of tumbling en bet
ting on anothoi man s game It is a
follj that is pinctifrd contluu ill
sajs tho Kansas City I ho stoi.k In
diiatoi Micn wo think the lesson
has been taught so fully that tho
dullost SLhoha compiehinds It, f-omo
onoilsosnnd asks a question whl h
shows that ho does not eon compio
bond tho fiist ptimiplos, and bconia
fno sphcio bo aa gu,tolc8s ail(1 innocent of all prac
1lrrfnn If H llcal kllOWlodgO Oil tills qU0-t Oil
sot foot in that n3 a I10W oul u -'10 oct-ft!i0n of
ttacrcd by ion-inns iu mo nuuici agum is a
16 minds dm In 'cSl,1J cw in a jouis agiliul-
.n Till (tl ,1 llim In il tin (ti 1.. ,..,1 ,1 .-. 1 1 .
houis spent in ; i-;r- -j i .. iuuun3
fcpbnnl wbnt t "lllllts that he Is a piogi cssio faimoi
and lias u patent way of ttunsfoim
ing tho Jcas cows in a genoiation
or two Into fii st class daily cuttlo
Ills proposition is tonoss tho Jeiso
cow with the Ilolstoin bull and then
cross the ptogony on tho loxas rat
tlo Ho tolls us "Vou will find
often a hulf-bicod Ilolstoin ft van
that Is afio or bIk gallon cow I
hao a gindo Joisoy cow that has
glon mo ilvo gallons of milk poi
da and could bo Incioasod to &ix
ilej milk at bost roglstots 12 per
cci;ttof ci cam and then addi
"ifef.v suppose wo cross on a Jot
bo coV with hor small slzo quick,
actho tomppiamont and richnoss of
milk but small quantity, say two
and one-half oi thieo gallons a day,
with a Ilolstoin bull of lino milk
family Lhoso being both full blood
animals tholt i ioguny would be 1m
pressed (in a at labia dogieo of
course) with tho characteristics of
both pai onts, hit gor nnd bottei
milkois than Jotsejs smaller and
richer milkers than Holstolns, and a
bottoi all pui pose cow than either,
and u bull calf from such a cross,
while- being a crrado. of olthor Bldo
onlyhalf-bieeds but, being thorough-I
school what
tlon-, oi rathot
would wo dis
pon tho hjran oi
text, which wo
mo it illumiuat
gospol tiuths to
Ik says the Phil-
A hen thctwlstot,
ijt lilm a twist "
fuithci foi an
endltlon of oui
the aeiago
lht tots of
so the supor'n
uciatlon is piob
eatost) leads thorn
id the diminutive
ruislato any woids
j beond tholr com-
veinaculai which
od of tho common,"
buck seats, whoso
I dictation did not
(text as well as they
j to the otheis and
bu lost in tho tiansit
j with w oids and on-
lost seculnt und start
hd bj tho tlmo tho
. ted all thtOLigh tho
mptU, well Blftod
mm without Doing'ooierveu-
What are j on dolnj heie mon
sieur? ' ho domandid
The stianei started looked tit
him and leplled iu a sweet but iiun
'Doubtless whatou torn self aro
do'n7 '
'I monsieur0 ' I come to pray at
mj wife's grave '
'I como to piav hoio, also"
Hy what light3'
Hi tho light which friendship has
Iven mo '
You wore then a friend of Mine
do umbiouse5
'I was hei friend '
A flush mounted to M do Sam
btouso's cheeks, and all of his old
suspicions again took possession of
You weioafilond who hid hiin
self fiora mo und whoso existoncomj
wife concealed " ho snid In n tiombl
ing voico "Is this tho loason that
ou havo piofanod hei tomb bj de
spoiling it of the floweis which I
huvo put upon ItP"
You romov ed mlno "
' Because thej hlled tho placo
which mine alono may occupy "
At thoso words the young man
sWaightonod himself as if to protost
to demand his rights but ho ip
poated suddenly to change his mind
and, low ci in,? his head he mm mined
'1 was wrong moiisieiu.and I ask
ioui p n don
Hut fui fiom calming tho husband
thoso w oids onh, excited him inoro
A Hood of eil thoughtH usailod him
and a gleam of angoi lit up his eyes
as ho fcci7od the aim ol tho Bti angoi
and bonding close to him hoaitely
Yju loved mv wife confoss it"
I he other lifted his head
1 loved hei much " ho said, in a
tone equally fico fiom boasting or
Pussho und resigned, ho awaltod
tho losult of tho husband's access of
fin Hut tho giaap on his aim
loosoned nnd ho saw M de Sanbiouso
slowly dtaw buck und pass his hands
oci his forehead as if to dissipate
his anger
K teirlblo conflict was going on lu
tho heat t of the wretched husband
Would ho not, in doinandjng a full
ixplanation fiom this j oung man,
run the risk of shattering the altar
upon which he had plucod his idol?
Would he not in TKuovorlner in his
wiinlpkmjjJfciivj'jMft were vol
inomory of
elf of the
i reoolloo
rmrrwi "iitfulli repliod
mamma, mentally conning oei hoi
tul If ng list t "I don t know any
iuelf poison V
Oh, j es, vou do peisisted tho
little one We biug about hoi ou
know" "Iho sweet lle and lho
was Indeed a unduj oenlng fav
ot ito in that home, but no one had
evei noticed that Oiillo ' had always
faith full j rondoiedono lino
lh faith we cau see rttu lair"
nd that cuiiosltv concerning
1 tta s Identity wa- tlfc within hei
Hiuall bosom
lhe tale will bcai re telling of tho
llttl-o gltl who wentaiound tho house
chanting I huidlj think I havo
any father, I hatdl think I havo au
fathei " as a letult of conscientious
drilling in a praet beginning, "I
hoaitlli thank thee heavenly
Iathoi,'but tho following may be
lanked among the dosiiublo class of
tho hitheito unpublished" A
small coloiol gltl, a ciltable lopsy
In oilginalltj abruptly pauwd ono
dav In her mlulsttatlous, dust brush
In hand and demanded of hoi staitlod
mistress What did ou bay was do
Lo-d's last name?
Iho bewlldeied ladv, who had
no voi jiesumedto aj anything on
that subject leplled that bho did no
Know, but was acfuirdi
O vos vou t night It to mo
jousef It iu the blblo't and was
fuithm i queted to ' .lus1 say tho
1 oids piavei tnd III hIiow vou
W-iol ir S fbrotlin both parents, would wu
Vil aJ? w tho b08t bleeding bull for tho fail
AVzfO TteliU impiessljd by both silcfl
A?W mflwninpn aam " muBt bo ftul to impait tho
iiSi ,o ' 00g0q"all"ea of both 1,a,ont3 10 hIs
Ibis, it will bo observed, is uurolv
theoroctleal It Is a very fine thootj,
and we havo of ton heaid just this io
buU predicted by farmois and oven
biecdets It lsMiko a gxod inanj
other plausible theories uttoied hy
inoxpoiicuced and unlnfoimod men,
and uttoilj breuks down in practice
It violates ovoiy princlplo of coriect
bleeding Iho cioss brooding of two
thoroughbreds as which. dllTeiont as
tho Ilolstcln nnd thn .Tnrnnv . nnrl 1ht
crossing of tho produce on cattlo as I
wldoi iiuropont fiom olthoi as tho
lexnn does not perpetuate tho good
qualities of olthor, but gives tho
Texan blood, which la as thorough
bred in its way almost as any of
them, full rungo lhe result will bo
cattlo thut havo neither tho hardi
ness of a Texan, tho milking qualltlos
of the Holstetn or the liohneBs of
tho milk of tho Jetseys, but will bo
of as many colois and
qualities as Joseph's now
coat Uhousands of fanners havo
tried imllui experiments and tho
unhoisul testimony is that thev havo
all boon misoi able failures Wo sup
pose, however that oery man must
go thiough this once and hide tho
result bj disposal of tho entire Block
on his faun, and then take up some
other theory without carefully Invos
tigating and loumlng what has been
the pjnrticttl working out of tho
theoij wheioit has bocn tried It
is too into in tho day for men to doal
with such complicated laws as thoso
which govern tho tiuusmlsalon of
bhoiucmdlugU begun the obedlont qualities in the animals to begin
I nl nMtlnii rtt thn I nwl c tint irm iih.1 . .. ... . ... -
Wivk.w w .vwu i""" "" poiimenting attho toundatlon oai-
ly ovoiy man Is an impractical theo-
upon leaching tho petition Hal
lowed be thy name a dusk foio
llngei was pointed at hei intiiumph
DidntltollyouP Dat's 'is las'
namo Hallowed ' '
I etiiun Gt iib
Lemon gras3, known only in Cey
lon, grows to a height of six or
seven feet and ignites spontaneously.
At flist a slnglo cuil of sraoko oi
blight tongue of flame will be not
cied oon howovet, as the water
luns down tho stalks and mlnglos
with the oil and acids contained in
the pith of the cuiious hub fleioo
fires buist Into view heio, there und
ovoij place, soon coei!ng the whole
mountain In a sheet of flame.
1fd no Leather Trousers,
His Maternal Parent I am sorry.
YVlllloAwhack), to havo to do this
It (jpackj hurts mo a great deal
whaelo worso than it hurts
..... lltlU V V11U IfftWH 1V4V&4 4 4 1U4 V41UhUILU
wiiggiine ana siirwung- to oM-haW aora t mUo for garden
rlst until he learns wisdom by oxpor
ienco The first requislto to success
is to find out what has boon tho ex
perience of other men and thus as
cortain tho pilnciplos which govoin
tho practice and thon in tho light of
all the infoimation obtainable, follow
as far as possible in view of his con
ditions, what has been fouud tho
most practical by tho bost men
Small Vlodol 1 Hi Hi
lt Is frequently demonstrated in
various sections of the countiy that
email fauns under o, high state of
cultivation and properly managed
will pioduoo moio persors.1 comforts
and hotter pi oil t than a laigo farm
with a great vailoty, bays u writer in
Farmers Voice. Ihoie aro hundreds
of homes of from thiee to twenty
acres that stand us modola ot what
can be done financially with a limited
number of acres, ihoy make a spec
ialty of dne crop with from one-thlid
nnd small ft -lit foi home cons; mp
tlon Ono specialist of sK acies or
gi ound has i alsed onion sets foi
twentv joins with a half a i -f
choice fi lilt In 181) J the ptoluot of
ono acic of Bets bi ought in 1 '
Ihl" spi ing (last yeni was unfa 01
able to onions) tho si mo ane loai u
him $1,010 lhis fruit consists n
cholco plums, peai s qulnc s pom h
and boiilos Anothoi giowci has
ten an os of gi apes and twou les laid
out in ii maikeb gulden Ihi- i t
fawned lo ulitj foi tho vim inula
paiadiso for tho mui ket giutbn
twclvo aeies lu ill Ho Is u memb
of the giupo giowoif union and deal
dlietth with tho wholesale ttail
doing uwuj with all middle oi on
mission men Ho livos llitc n ml
ftom tho i it but foi all that
guidon piodiu ts aro tukon thet an
dclheied dlieit to ciiHtomei
Some of theso small faimi is ma a
a specialty of ono thin nnd some i
othet mid aro known b) the
oipeciiil tiudo as onion giape.flowei
benj tpociallst Ihoh neat and lu
iu lent icsldonccs thoii well 1 opt
lawn1 dotted In summer with guv
bods shiulo tieos and bhiub-i show
platgiily that thoio Is not only added
bank ntock fiom cai to joai, but
cultuio and lelincmont as well Now
what is being done In ono place can
bo done in anothei, nnd if some of
tho&o faimeis known as land pooi"
would dispone of pait of tholt posses
kIoiis and devote tho proceeds to thd
pioductlon of tho comforts and lux
uilcs for their families, theli homes
and theli suiroundlngs wo would
heat less of deserted fatms, and the
children would grow up to love the
farm more and would be less liable to
make tho city theli heme
( no ol I won,
C S Smith, a Wisconsin llockmas
ter, speaking of the caio of owe
sas ho feods com foi a, grain ration
and all tho clovoi hay they will eat
up clean, up to about two months of
tho expected lamb crop Thon eom
raenco feeding bran nnd oats mixed
In small quantities at first but cn
oral I j Inercaso tho biau and oats aud
doctoase tho shock com so that at
about two weeks bofoie thotiopjou
have them on biun aud oats about
ono nint each moinin' and ovenlug
with all tho clover hay they will eat
up clean A chango to straw or
othet kinds of hay Is good, and eatenA
with a relish Keon thoirob.iiwni l
beddod, a chjin
tho owes'
sholtei, tli
Btotmv weaxi
should be pio?
tho shcop aio
ally dutlng a
Journal of AgricuR
I lowers look ju
the o is lust as delign
when on tho farmer a t"3
on anyono olse's table
spise flowers Iholr elcl
svveetnoss ate restful and!
He foi o putting awaj your!
oiush it over with a
posed of a gltl each of llnsoedl
kerosene, and a tablospoonii
spliits of turpentine woll shake
gothoi Ibis will otfectually jl
vent rusi
Chlckon has become tho reirulatloo
dish to soi vo to ministers, regaidless
of denomination Wheieverthov go
they find this fowl piepnied for th om
it muBt bo a lolief occasionally to ar
livo at a placo unexpectedly ami find
beefsteak, oi codfish, 01 Irish Btevv,
In place of the inevitable chlckon,
foi sweet variety's sako
1 u nn otos
vanuio should bo well lottod before
putting on the giound
1 ho eoll should bo vv orkod thorough
ly boforo potaoos aio planted
It is said that hops planted on tha
upland aio fieoi fiom Ilea than those
planted in tho liver bottoms,
Apply wood ashos to the potato
crop utter planting sowing btqaa
cast attho rato of about GQU pouhdi
pcracio All toot crops aro f bene
fited bj ashes
Ono pound of Paris green to SOO
poundB of wutei, with ubouo fifteoi
pounds ot soit soap is good forBprau
Ing tho codling moth It should bl
used sovoial times about fifteen day!
lhe Indiana exiorimont staUon
concludes that deep bioaklng and
shallow ciltivntlon is best, also that
stable manure produces bettor and
more lasting effects on soil than com
meiclal fertilizers.
The Oiegon Agricultural Experi
ment station advises wrapping trees
with burlap as well as sptaying them
for the codling moth Every the or
six days tho wrapping is removed
and the larvro found beneath killed.
Tho agricultmlst at tho Illinois
experiment station Bays that tho uni
form results of tho experiments for
fivo veai a past indicate that an in
crease of at least fivo bushels per
acre ovoi average yields may be
eecuied without increase, la iost of I
producing the crop.

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