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Shiner gazette. [volume] (Shiner, Tex.) 1893-current, July 20, 1893, Image 4

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I'rni I--
:.i in mi hsi av at
, -W. IViirrt, IIDITOIS.
IJ. Vi. in up-., IMtOl.
fences hi
8UiliCKIPT!t). UATI-.s.
One Ye r, Postpaid H.00
Six Month . .. .00
Tltrue Month') ,H0
lintoicJ at the Slnnei 'feso. Post
Ofli r tt i sci'nnd chsi maitct t
SniNEB, TES., THU., JULY, 20.1893
wnon c settlements of old German
families, uank li.irn", turn pikes,
lino horse, ttmo wall
.ind tlio 1 itcst f inning
onnvcnlinces arc found in nil these
communities. And so Mill this
county ho when it has lioi'n settled
,i long in tlic'8 old communities.
Ai!o mre growth is a heilthy
growth and is most to ho desired.
Every month thousand of Ger
mans and Bohemians land in New
Yoik troni the old country. Their
firt desire is to find firms and
whatever section of country is best
advertised and ofleis the best in
ducements for settlement leeches
them as permiiicnt citizens.
Thcio is no reason why the gioiter
number of these peoplo should not
como to Toxis and manv of
' .
peneral Merchan
Agents for-Standard Cultivators,
. Mowers and Rakes, Newton Wngonn, '
American &swihg Machines.
Highest Prices Paid for Cotton and Country Produce.
Christian Wagoner nnd family
tookj.i flying trip to Ilochheim,
Mis. C. 1.. Williams is visiting
Mis. liauingailen at Pchulcnburg
this week.
As Ilusinchs Mm mill Fanners,
t'l-itffri'-.s mill I'losporitj.
Yeai hy J ear Texas has boon
flowing in woillh and popuhtion.
llerbioid primes and fertilo vil- thorn to Lavaca county and they
leys aie being transformed from il1 if ho -'"l advantages of
grmng Unds into ticli, productive J tlio country aro properly made
faims with Inoad fields of rot- kmwn to them. No where in the
ton and corn. Her livers and in-1 United States, we maintain, can a1
iiumoriblo nih-jads ajo cam-ins1 '"M mako his money back so soon I
ll-i exports to the (iulf to be J a. "it ucr0 '" 1'ivaca county
shipped to all puts of the world, . Texas.
ThouHinds of cattle and sheep aro' We said before and wo repeat
being swiftly boun. noithw ird I that there h room right hero in
every day a,id Texas eittle aiethe i(inity of Fhiner for 1,000
ji miing into Cnicigo, pt. Louis, g-od, industiious cmigiants and
nnd the Ind'an Tentory and all every man haeagood laigo film.
iivei the world tlio tame oi her, Tlieie is in the enntv of Shiner
puwpeiity ia spreading. As time
passes Toxin will ndianco ti the
font with giant st'.idcs and the
diyis not far distant when she
will bo th1 bi..ner state of t)ie
f moil and t.H' I.ini' St.u will bo
hvnoiiviuous with bnindlcsj
wealth andi8T)uialiglary.
ae gi improve
1 i'1VCafflBKS'ViWr
' - inja!iayianjoniingiiviirovcr1l
i janimattw.xvmm
if- .
00,000 acres of good cotton land
not under cultivation Lot the
stream of emigration turn this way
and the plow and the cotton gin
will suporsedf- the lariat and brand
ing iion, and the looms of Man
chester and Birmingham nil!
weave tiom Texas tottoli, fabiics to
clothe the world.
Miss Huttio Hoos and Eddie
Homer aro visiting at E. F. Wol
teTs thii week.
The attack on the man Hoevrs,
Saturday night, seems to have been
utterly unproiokcd.
Dr. Ttitwilcr of riatonia
passed through town, Sunday, on
his nay to Goju lies.
Otto Koohlei, Wm. (irecn and
Wm. Dickson left Tuesday to at
tend court at Gonzales.
Mrs. Xiemeer of Moulton,
lime to Shinoi Tucdiy on a visit
to her son, John Nicmuyci.
The celebrated evangelist, Rev.
Collaul, passed through Shinei Fri
day on his way toGotuales.
Miss ViiL'ie Smith is expected
home soon. She will stop a week
at Clifton on her way home.
Mr. Kline, rcpicscnting Mooio
and McKinnuu of (inhesion, was
in tow n Tuesday on business.
F. W. riato, of Flatonii the
father of C. II. Plato of this. town.
eamr down Saturdnv on a visit. , ,
G. H. P
t IP
AniSTo Cabinet Photos fa 50 ri.it I)uce.v. Views op Houes TikJ
on SitmiT Xotu y .
Shiner, : : Tesas.
liTTiionzaleSFn l,xe
--rortruu,-uno ..,ng
lilch was ... ....
Health- Of
ijines will he
luota oi ev'nrt
h' "t'te hn, is
io part so i ili2 and pimhuthe
t i avaea county the gatik-n upot
hi 1 tas. When tho state is fully
developed this county can ,fnd will
tmppoit the densest funning popu
lition of any county in the stale.
To whose industry is this sud
den transfonnation duo? the
.paoatiou i easily aii'weid,
'liand upon some high building in
Sliin"! and look out ovoi tin lieau
tifill fields and fauns houses that
'jnelvh dot tiio prairie in oveiy
uiiectiiiii. to tlio men whos.. plows
tmnvd the sod ami, w bos hands
L.iUm'd the giain, is.due the credit
ol uiuking l.avata county what it
i' Their pitisnt industry and
lifeless eneigi has inndo hill and
uillej gieen wilh,wain,g fieldi. of
.rn and thousands upon
iMustnds of bales of cplton attest
ni.ir-.UUas fumeis. These men
mm liDiii wneio too beautiful
1 me wends it way through the
ti irland and the H.irU moun-
n nil 'heir blue capped sum-,
i iward the sk.i . In their
'lnMe.tlic (-anui blood tint
I (. . il.C
ii i i In, Meadows aiound Sedan,
hi i energy and peiover-
e ii u knows no thwaitlug aie
l i, tctiMioa of iiL'iman Xntion-
All over the U. S, and es-
Some ligh ehowcrs fell, Sun
day. ev"'Al Vrghtning lod men aro in
Mr. C.
A. Kcsslei was in town
Mrs. ;d.
back Friday.
Wan'onian camo
t'hailey Wangcmaun i
Watch mil columns foi
fine new adr soon,
(iiiHtim Del'eiry ol Stonewall,
was in town, Friday.
Mr. MacFdinv oi Ha,llotsville
was in toun Tuesday.
TInnrv Ktiesel was in Yoakum
secial d.ijs last week.
1'iof. Ma.r and? Hob Hojkin
me intending the Xorvnnl.
Aug Steplun? ginned last sea.
sons 2,11)0 Inlof of cotton.
Di. Mitchel ol Frailsburg was in
town, Thnisday, on business.
Di. N.ue leports Mis, Lau's
condition pomonh.it impiovcd.
John Olholl went to Flatonii
Wedntsd.i), and letuined, Thuis-dav.
A now hardware firm and a
i .. i. i
ods of Gravellotte "ew S,WB,-V "m"v- "nu "u" "'
Mr,s II. W. Yeagor of Flatonia
was visiting in Shiner, Sunday and
Joe Marik and family wenlo
Flatonia. Satnr.lnv In hn nrnim sv-
.0 TVxa solhj. business oral days.
n. anil prosperous farm-
Mrs, Ciur Smith left for Clifton
Fiiday to join hoi hushand
who ii in tho grocery business tlieie.
Adolph Kunzoo and A. Zappe of
Ilalli'tsville, were in town sevpral
days this week isiting Mi. Hucb-
Just iccened atC. L. Williams
a car load of btudebaker wagons
and a car of Georgia spiing wa
gons. Mrs, McCuidy left for Greenville
in noi th Texas, Saturday, wheio
she w ill attend tho w edding of one of
her friend-.
In our uito un of tho K. of 1',
last week we omitud the names of
S. J. Young-., (lilt Walker and II,
When ou haie dandiuff call
on A. C. Ivoepke. IIo will cure tho
woist case witii ins cilcorateu
dandiufl cure.
lustieo Comt was m session,
Saturday; Liwjers llllis. l'anlun
and Allen weieover fioni Ilallcts-
villo in attendance at court,
Di. Scharnberg was called to
Fayette county last wtek, to attend
his wife's mother, Mrs. C. V. Laas,
who was repoited dying.
-'A few lww snhsciibers: II. P.
Littleiield, S. II. Tietjen, Albin
Hnmmcll, F. (S. Warnken,
Joe Herzik, Ficd Wil!-s. Julius
Itichtei, A. L. May, Wm. Herder.
Let Shiner, Hallettsillo, and
Gonzales pull together lor tlio Air
lino lailroad and tho contorted
action wortld meaiii succese. M'hat
bay Herald? what say Drag Not?
Great credit is due Constable
Oito Ivoehler for his promnt actiqn,
in, regard to the trouble, baturday
nigliti. lleatsai moil 'one man ana
KEnsriRY- kxjjsshl,
Ml. Kuesel bus (-ceured tho solo right to -i the celebrated
jiiti'iit haine hook in Lavaca and DoWitt counties. He his
on hand a lino stock of Saddles, Whips, Harness, etc., and i
turns out none but ihst-class woik.
These gentlemen have secured all the latest inipioicmcnts in giunin;
machinery and hao spired no expense in this line Thti.'
gin has a c.ipicity of 7f) bales per day, and they cm
gu.uautce satisfaction.
S2-G0 TO Jjl3f
For Fruits, Candies, Toys, Notions, Family!
Groceries, Soda Water, Ice Cream, ct(
Come one, come all and seq his countless, bargains'
unuius ciruciua oi every uusonpuoii.
, :'.',;-,r: DEALEItl.V
City Bake
Daniel Boes, Prop.
Serves meal at all houis, and keeps on hand fre-sh bread and cake!
at all times. Fiesh fish direct from Corpus Oluisti everi Wednesday"
anu irway cu. ut 1U cents per pound.
l.oenteil justneross fiom ileliot.
In Immenso Stock at-
Which thev in e iHsno-.inir of nl i lose (lizuios '1 hc dent In all Kinds oP
ptilrjts, viunlshes anil mi oxnulslte Hue of wall paper. Thev have on h
it llrst-eliiss lot ol enlHns. These geiitl.'iuen inu i-on'-tiinilv In' ri m
tlieli stoeiv. Uiie tliem a call anil get ion noils worth lot oiiu Hollar.
c. ii, 1 1 ATO.
' HI
' niiiiHinit.es
1 t
.n.h a basis is inuWuble. j t - ",, r, . , ' llun" m" "Oiu.ie. ..u. nooniei- is a
wb. aim nun uv ijmuis ;ucv uiciieou iQ icariess,einccnioiiiet:riiiiiyn promji
ania a id 01uo nn- ( tiicngo and readv for tlutv. night or day.
. i . i in-ro wero snif on nom am-' put turn ,unuer imnusiorniHiinoii.g
ncarviMtnus to I ner, 'Mundav, one rar of cattle, bv I tho neaco and carrying concealed
A null inallty fonndod , Flato and Green to ew Oilcans ' weapon, and undrtubtodlv pieventert
l.it, t. (n L...1..1.1.. o'no car of eittle bv ( 1! Patton , serious troubles. Mr. Kochlerisa
-. i ,fTr"r-
' 2. & I.- !smr A ra f
new lumber yard just opened..
A first class lot ol lumber just leienett wlueli we win sell oi
cheaper than you can get lumber anywhere else in Lavaca county.
Also Shingles, Doors, Sashes, liuildeis' Hardwaie of all kind!
riarbed Wile, linck, Posts and Builders' Material ami MippUcs of
Wo mem lmsli.css niiil 111 outsell i.nj other Dm..
Shlliel. ---------- TeJ
supply jou with musical goods as cheap and giod as any h
North o. South.
TIu'nu Instilments for 1'ilccs anil Quality lire not evee
it u.
. - . - r - -m -x T. , m T . T T T T" - T F
D J i.L' JAM A' Vr U l 1 1 i
Di.ioo unnuo ixawi iuxvii. ,
Kipplid on short notice. Catalogues furnished on furnish
application. Anything and oierything in musical goods at

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