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Shiner gazette. [volume] (Shiner, Tex.) 1893-current, July 20, 1893, Image 5

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'f 'tfl'l-.'.Jiro-.affi'' JiAVeiYW
staple and fancy groceries.
Those oentlemen are m'enared lofitvou mil iiti fi'rst.-clfiss strip
ll in Hip liup of fiimilv "Toeprips. tnilot nrfip.lp.cj :nirl o'Ijisciwjiiy
.. - - . v. r. , r. ' ----- ..r,. 0...
They also deal m all kinds ot country produce. Best of attr
lion paid to customers; free delivery to. all parts of tile1 cr ;
Give them a call and look over tlieir larsre stock of fre .
Mn or,
M irshal
Uomib Of
M. K.
.1. C.
K. F.
8. F
...T. II. Hollow ay
....It. 31, Loessin,
Kadly Cut
A ninn named ,1. W. Reeves
who had been working out in thoj
lounlry neiir Miiucr, cainn intn
ton ri Hvtuvtlay night nnd became
'mwilwd iii a dlllictilty with some
unknoTti parties in tlio v.icant lot
tie ir the old Ycager anil Hcuriclis'
building. A bloody fight follnned
and liioves receUcd some ghistly
Knit'i wounds on tlic head, right
tdiouldor and back. Ho also re
ceived a had wound just hack of
the ear from n quirt. His ais-iil-aula
left him Ijiug on the platform
in fi i ml of the old stoic; where he
was funnel Sunday morning badly
exhausted lioni lots- of blood. Dr.
Kids m attended him and it ro
iiiicd moio tli ii a diiten stitches to
cloe tin wound on hi held, i-ov-nal
young men made up a puiso
nnd tt.li ted him on the way to
Waco to his friend, Sunday eve.
An Ingenious Unlce.
The i:i;3nt of the Jackson 1'iano
C'onfpany of Mississippi has a io-'
."v- .milql.lv 1.. . J . -.
Jf ... ntvj i. -.- Jlin 1 "V Wl,-
neeted with his'organs that enable;,'
perron to learn to play
in a f a hviri. Tlio nal" patent
enables littlo chlldri n to learn as
i ipidly as giown persona, The
agent, Mr Mcfrattcr, went to Ilien
ham this week, hut will return in
u leu days. Mr. Win. Camel has
purchased the -o!o light to sell tho
the oigans having the now patent
in I.avaci, Co1 iiado, Fayette and
Wharton counties. The instrument
is one of tho inostnscnil inventions
reeoi .led of late and Hill no doubt
conn into universal io.
A Xnrmw Kseniie.
A litilo deaf and dumb colored
boy, w ho lives at tho tectum house,
hid. i nanow cheapo fiom dcith,
Fiiday Ho was sitting on tlio
l.iih-o.ul track ua Hie train frum
Lockhait Mas approaching and
was all unaware of danger. Mr. Mc
( utdj the wife of the section boss,
h.ippenid to no him and tunning
dim n tho steps the pull, il the
little lUlnw the track just as the
ti.r'n "as upon him. It was an
exceedingly clos-e call and the
i tittle dnrkey oed his life ti Mrs.
u.M(C uidy's presence of mind.
jtM AVcii i:niiiiiicd i!aut.
Ur 9 l'mutwem A Wolteis ginned
flyliiir lii'-t bale by tlHr new Mun
nrgor b stern of maihinery Saturday.
The noil, was a complete success.
( A'ter un outlay of thousand of dol
lars Me-srs. Wolters & Traut
wein arc now prepared to get ouie
li'tuni from all their outlay They
have mi advertisement anothei part
of the paper which tho leaders of
the G.ui.ti'C would do well to
l'li.e Sliootlne;.
Thero was a prio shooting
match and haib.icno at Witting,
Sunday, which was participated in
In teams fr m Hallelsvllle, Sweet
Home, Sluncf ani Witting.
Me-sis. A. O. WdiiKomanu, K. F.
Itubmann, Albert Mittllcr, C. K.
Holchak, Morris Kllfnger, Mayor
Ilullunay and lit. Wilson
wire over from i Snincr.
1'at Mnokleroy of Sweet Homo took
ii -i money mid K. F. It Jhmann of
yiJJlll toU EwCOllll.
Lemonade at Mcrscbenicr. I
California fiuits at Meiveber-
Cool City beer on tap nt Joe
IlUmnrk Saloon for 0. D. II.
S. cigirs.
Sida water and iee cream at
Oo to the liism.irk Saloon for
0. D. II. P. cigar.
"My Favorite." ig.irs on mIo
at the Favorite Saloon.
Ice cream at Mittanck on
Wednesday and Satuidajs.
(io to Wolters l'riio.lcir Hamil
ton Ilrown's boots and shoes,
(Io to Mittanek's for he cicam
on Wednesday and Satuid.n.
See the 3, 10 and U'ncnt bar
gain iininlers at Mersebeiger.
flolo Mittank fer iee cream
on Wedmsday and S,iturd.
Houston I'ost Ollieo cigar
best Ti cent cigar in town for sale at
1'alaeo Saloon.
San Antonio V1 Aiimsus
Ituilw.iy Coiiipnii).
l'ass AYorlil's r.ilr Cmiteist Voles.
.loseph F. .Meyer of Houston was
in tow n, Tuesday, on business.
Mis. Kalph Cainess and Miss
Mattio Wheeler left, Wednesday,
on an extended visi' to Stoclidale.
Stovo llolchak's two little bovs
returntdJjTuc'sday' from in visit to
' i 0.nMcMalion,-of Holton, has
been in town for tho last week,
Mr. MeMahon is in thedyeing bus
iness and has been very successful.
Mis, Wiley ThArnton, of Nickel,
was visiting in Shiner, Friday.
Mrs. Young accompanied her home
and lem.iined in Niekol until Sun
day. Theie was another ball at Wei
houten's glove, Tuc-day night; the
attendance was good and the mil
uic was furnished by tho Mexican
The presence of Miss Anna Rags
dale of l'latonia in Shiner Friday,
made one of our most piominent
young bnsincs, men supeilutivcly
Dr. Urower fiom Ellinger and
Countable J. .loinack of Fayette
x UK', passed through Shiner, Thui a
day. on the way to (JniiztiUw, to at
tend court.
Mih.Jo"ephine Shelv icturned
In llallctsille. Friday. Mrs. Dr.
Kidson accompanied her home. Miss
Shely isexce.Hlingly popular in Shi
ner and nil! bogie uly missed.
Miss Kvii Obet and Mr. A, W.
Freyer will be marriid in Houston
on Aifgut 1st. Miss Obet is well
known in Shinernnd vicinity and
her many friends will be pleased to
learn that she will bo at home in
Ymikuni after Sept, 1st.
Dr. II. I,. Smith has moved his
ollieo into the loom hick oftbonew
posto(ice. The Drs. now quarters
are extremely cool and pleasanc and
his old customers will find him
there at all horns during the day.
Miss Nannie Nolan returned to
her homo in Halletsville, Saturday,
niueli to the eorioiv of Shinei's
young people. Although she had
only lem.uneu in dinner a snrui
tini'c. sho had mado many warm
Messrs. Lohmann of the Herald,
Hlakele6 of tho Hallettsvillc Now
lira were in Shiner, Thursday, and
Fiiday. Thoy are two of tho most
plcasa'nt newspaper men in
this pirtof, the State. Cull again
The Qiui-hoMt nnd Host l.lnc
All Points North mill I'.a-I.
F.xcuision tickets to Chicago. St.
Louis, Hannibal and Kansas City i
are now on sale. Commencing
June 1st, exclusion tickets will ,
be on sale to all the piiucipal sum
mer resorts in the North and 'nt
and to Corpus Christ!, ltockport,
Hocrne, Comfort, Gnnnli! and Kf-rr-
ville at a rate of one and one-thin! i
faio for tlio lound tiip. These!
tickets will be on salo every d ly
and bo good for return for thirty !
days. Tickets w 111 also bo on silo
o llockport and Cm pus Cbristi on I
Satuulays only, good to lcturn the I
following Tuesday at a one faro j
For further information call on
1'. J. Martin, gen'l passenger and i
tilket agent San Antonio; or S. J.
Youngs, ticket sgcrt. Shinei.
J ,00"
31 1, 1
Go to Vclasio for health, sci air,
and comfoit; where deep water is a
fact and not aproinise; whcieships
too deep tor any other Texas port
sail in the harbor with ease; wheie
tho cheap soil is the best in Ameri
ca for fruit'growing, gardening and
The voto in the World's Fail
Cont"st of tin llalktsvillo New
lira for tho neond week is as fol
low": SIIlNi:!!.
Miss Hem ietta.Rif liter
" Yirgio Smith .
Miss Katie Me.N'iglit
llaltie Kainer . ...
" Aha Starey
" Maud Illlis '
' May Bvrn
' Annio I.indenbi'ig
' Miiud Volentlne
" I, nine Slllinniakir
' Mary Illlis .
" Josephine Slu-elj ....
' I.enori I.indenbofg .
" Mamie Howprton
' l.essio Morcland
" llerth i Suniish
' liert Seaicy .
" Maithy F.lstner
' Lena Turner .
' Luna Jones
' Loo Hall
" LttiDiekoy
Mis Ora Webb
Mr", lid Wangc n
(((fldt.M'l il TROM rtllST I'l L
ent Oflicers a.-"
M. II. WolicrR .. ..!'. M W.
J. ('. lllohm. .
K. V. Ilulimaii
Julius Wolters
K. F. Wolters
F. 0. Snnith
Louis Wendtland
Louis Trautweiiv
G. A, I'annewitz'
Ileii-y Wemkin
K. F ilhniii.iii
Dr. Fidson
J. A. Wolters
Dr. Kidson
Mi W
.Oll'lsii I
.Itecorih r
Kccelv r
Inside V.'
Trustei s
..M F
m o
tMTtKlhli'Jn-Mt;:,.. ...... 614
ir ..
' 1...I . .., ..V 1.1. -. . 1 o.
n Fr.titlif Itw tt r"'( Uilael 11 i (
roSSiaSmuXt, ,i ;t
IH1A-I f .urmt ' r (j1 n ! rt
rllkii slnr - 1 ifi Ik n at itu, Malar), t
Vtcij' trit j un- ir d M trsMm nt. Is -rrh.
cncli. gauirdayrfroinT Htjultorire?
turn Monday. Willi- the Commer
cial Club Yelasco.
D. A. I'aulus, Attorney nt Law,
will nttend the Justice's Comt in
Shiner on iird Satuiday in each
month. Notarial husine- at
tended f. 1 1 10-t.
We have on hand a nice line- n
latest style goods, such as hats,
laces, Honors, libbons, caps, etc.
Call and examine our goods at the
residince of Mis, Kato Sandfoid.
ZfMWAI.T (V G.U'IOllll.
JSiy-VINEOFCARDUl, n ronlo lor Women
Tiik G.zr.TrK wants couespon
dents nt the follow ing places lit
once. Mnnltou, Sweet Homo Nick
el, and Dilnortli. Write to the
Editor for terms ami advice.
Hfmr''Vf"'" M
''Mr'Ferd Lehman.. , . 7'
Mrs. D. A. I'aulus .. 3
Miss Anzic Lay .. 4
Mrs, Mollic I.iyton -'
Mrs. W. I). Ilawkin ITi
Mrs. W. 1'. llallord . 1
Misses llemutli I'.ichter Vir
gin Smith and Mis. I'd Wangcinan
are Shlnuri ciniilnt"3. The are
in tho lead and must b- kept time.
We invito all tho friend-, d Shi
nersc.inidates fir tin- New 1'ia's
Worlds Fair Contest n lio ale -uh-scribers
to tint out and vote th-m.
llurr.ih for Shiner' She leads
I in gilHutry. S;e th ios,ilt of the
sec mil week of the New Kras
Worlds Fair contest.
I Tho llilletsvllle New Kra is in
1 the midst of a iting contest tint,'
promiseu to lie very lnt'-re-ting
I Tho piuo gi'uud In the the three
I I idics- who recieve theinist votis is
a twowceks trip tothe Worlds Fair.
rf-DLACK.DaAUQHT. cu,M Cootioa I Tl' I'"0!' ,,U'10nS '" t0 JU- ' '"
i 4 1 .,i .i.iKitir.n i t in inn
A iiiv urmfirv fitfirn ui lint tM' -l'-" " "i
w.,i :., e i,, tU, n.af ,. Ann. . i.niro.ui, hi
aflniiHsinii to
r.r.r.kioo. ";i
i t 'iuiuu, JLI
lamia 1 ifei. tkciutm
curl) folion, Tun.r, S'nlrl Hi
LfidlM y i muaii ft imlwnej s J wfc n r 4 U
.. ,.. U . ... ,,m,,l 1 .jn.
3 0 u ts S s
ilVVTng ijiiii tll, ffrlul? Ait, llt Ik!
JLSftSlSXnk "JJwsUAMlAiS fin Ji?.a.'g,Ai
IiIPPUAN BE03., Eavanrah, Ga,
nook on Wood DUeas.es mailt.il free.
iik Imting
.. 1 ! ci.t. ".u ii.., ... a.,. ' 1.11 ro.u. hlcuninir oir lan, iiui '
...i, ft'i... (i :it i. ..,1 1 1 xiionse. nnniir'smn to tho rnir
LI.1L, j JV1 illlll iil "J wiu 1 11 i-vu 1 f
1 kmmb&&Pi '
of good, solid business men and the i-'iouiiiis ami u ma,. ....- ( u h 5 a rn m' trWStf
readeis of the liunK Bhoitld , f Midway I'lalsanee. It is -in en-,' W 15 i r fiV . J
1 There is an abundance of fruit tlftt means our iiinidates are going mf$Viffiapjte!y
I to be canned and you can get your to th' Fair. ijli W'r''WVr
I cans atC. IVoeUol's for .mlv 75 1 -aiiji.lJi ".
tents per diuen. lie has a finf
stock of fruit cms on hand and
is anxious to dispose of them, at
onie. IIu will sell them to you
cheaper than jou (an obtain them
any place else.
MeElrM'&WINC OF CAnDUUor locmlcdlKaBos
Scientific American
Ancnoy for
r, it tirr'&jxijw.
ItP'iV rUji Trr-ir'cfn;
Drulrle li mf r. i U C k, SAVANIJAlU
TOAne. MAHk3i
OEB1UN I'fll bit 1 f
Tor intomintlnn and f roo nanrtbpo "wr K
TIuj ))i1l ntJ Welliuuscn't? groo,
ThtuRilnv iiiaht wn" nronounctd a
BiiccPM. ' Thure wero ftbout tiu-lve Jji
1 xi.. 1 .1 ,!...,,:.,.. ; .t ui mi h fia I iirfiiitrut ucinr
couples ill .meiiuanra ami uui.cmik ;u7;"b-;a-titiiihJrV.ja.aii!mii.a
loniiuueu uuim i;ou a, 111. mu
music was furnished by tlio Stan
dard piano man. oreat creuii is t JjOTM,flreui,,0,,nT,rt,ntiiiopmTiiiti
duo Mr. Kscheiiburg lor making tlie SS'WWrSliSriSwK"
ball such a decided succesn ' L"fJlSMX'it"TJ kl0'
fcifiitifiic gmevicau

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