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j jAin;i;iiwfi3
siso til in remark he brought his I ttic lluor would bo raised several voice. ''Shell I hev to cum mill
foot down willi h resounding thump . inches while tho crowding utul , hist you agin Judy"?, "01 Ma,"
and happened to strike ono of the) fighting! made eei'ything tremble, paid tllat yonng lady, ''don't you
dugs, wheroupon it set up a dismal i ''Blast Uioin hogs, "said Old liirk, see tlio strangers arc laughing at
ka it tough times, you will j ,owl and jumping up in it rage I juinjihiplout of lied ami seizing tlio 'you, "No they aim lniighin at me
know what tough times are'. Jlr, York seracd a club and routed I poker, ll llix 'em," and throwing nuther." said Mrs. York setting
you sound .1 night at old man the w hole sntiadron of does. We i onen the door and calllnc the doKS1 her arms akimbo and civim.' us a
...... ' ., ...
he sailed out and started in on the! scorching look. They know hot'er
hogs, In a few minutes hu had than to laugh at a woman thats
.1 . lie liver, about midway seized this oiiiiiirtuiiltv In nlcad
i ( 'in Paris and Versailes and ' fatigue nnd requested Sir. York to
.11 qnc.uly a great many arolinw ui to our room for tlio night.
. . i 'died to stay all night with .Mr. York showed us Into u room
Iji'ii It was just sundown as f I ju-t back ol the porch. The floor
, i up in .front of tlio house. i'n.vlint wo called a puncheon lloor
i .a wilid 'ho guessed it was I being rough pine slabs split out
Li iiliul case, we could stay, or else the length of the room and fastened
i.nv illl night and o he said .we !,! wItli big spike nails. The
might as well get mil and make I furniture consisted of a big wide
itlu best of il So we had our team rucli bed stead, n couple of chairs
put 11(1 and want in and took seats , ,, ,,1 clothes press. Sir. Yorkset
.on 'the ii in li The house stood an
.it clearing and a vitv weedy garden
Hanked it on one side and a tough
looking wood pih on the other,
The house was hull! on blocks and
Blood two or three feet from the
Iground, le tvlng a very roomy space
.underneath. Th soil around the
York place was of the white sand
variety and looked too hato barren to
.raise sand burs. Six or eight tow
beaded children were playing
around in the sand and the mis
nnent they fi.iw us, thov one and all
left off play and came and stood in
a half circle around us. and with
lingers ill mouth and eyes wide
stretched they nulijcid us to a. cold
.critical examination. Their ages
ranged all the way from three or
four up to thirteen or fourteen, and
they seemed to regard us nearly as
.good as a oireur'., One of the smal
Jer ones said, ''you Bud, 'qiiiternw
din me or I'll tell ..Ma, 'make liud
.iiiit crowdin me he tviults lo keep
ine frnm lookln at the stranger."
itlu was comielIed to make a de
inonstr.vtioii with a pluo shiver bc-
tho candle down on the press
and said ''Well here you are gen
tlemen its you and th" bugs fur it
frnm now 'til day light, if they get
the best of you, why just holler and
I'll como in and take a hand."
with that he left us and went out
on tho porch. Tom
and J un dressed aud
blowing out the light crawled
routed the whole outfit, and peace
reigned once more. Tho old man
had no sooner got back in the
house and in bed than the hogs
were back with heavy reinforce
ments. What had been before
was nothing to the uproar t lint
now followed. "They're coming
through sure this lime,"
said Tom. and indeed it did seem
as though they were by the way
the floor cracked. The old man
stood it as long as ho could, but
finally it became unburn blu and he
made another sally with the dogs.
The fleas now began hostilities and
put upon as much ns I am," of
course wo did, Tom commenced
looking out of tho window and 1
jerked out my watch and opened
to bo intently studying the time of
day. After regarding us fixidly for
a few minutes Mrs. York ie
treated to tho, kitchen with Jod
and in a few minutes breakfast
was announced. Our experience
of the night beforo had sharpened
our appetites and we hailed (lie in
vitation with joy and thanksgiviiig.
Sir. York lead tho way and took
tho head of tho table, "Now then
pitch in bovsitnd help voiir selves,"
G. STOLZ, Pro.
W. J, CARNS, ag''t,
gathered in force. Every few mill-! and harpooning a biscuit he sailed
llreakfast consisted ol hot
OltDEllS AM) Vol
wii.i. iik pleased.
1 111. IHL'UKIHSl CUIlblPieU (II 1IOL I "JjV Q r
r biscuits by the phitefull. a higj JL Cb ITS fCi f'H VI A
1 auu t";;'it! lmU! "r,,k'l idliuS dllu.
i syrup, blackberry ;am and a huge ww-4-. -w i w....i
I ..lirfli ill' 'lVli.il l.iim mvft.it, ttt.ir in
utcs Tom would run his hand
down under the cover and deliver
several resounding slaps." Just
under the cover and prepared to go I stick vonr head under the cover it
lo sleep. The bed tick had been minute. Slaruus," said Tom "and diih of 'fried ham, swimming in
stuffed wilh corn shucks and every ' listen to the liens, it sounds llko it ! gravy. Mrs. York poured out the I
time wo turned over the corn shucks swarm of bee-." And sure enough coH'cu and wo settled down to busi
rattled loud enough fo bo heard a lit did. l!v this t'uno tho hogs had ncs, Egg', ham, biscuits and
hundred yards. It had been grow-1 to be driven out again and so on cofVee disappeared with frightful
ug colder and colder as the eve- all l.igbt. Sleep was out of tho rapidity, "Them biscuits cant hi
ning closed in and the chilling No- que-tion, and a more -miserab'e, beat." said Sir. York, rnii"g
night I never spetit. Sir. York between nioutbfuls and tupping
and the dogs took cat naps between ' tho pile of biscuits with bis knife.
vember wind swept round the
house mournfully. Sir. York. Sirs.
York and the children gathered a-
8 STflATk iVM
sallies and tho fleas 'kept up active
round and scraps of the conversation operations all during the night. At
reached us from timo to time. a11 day break wo could stand it no
we could bear was. "Old Yules," j longer and maki.ng a busty toilet
suinpin another done with 'ini. i we beat n retreat to the front room,
'goin to titlr." the county.' n i Sir. York had built up it roaiing
llyo and bye the family began j (ire in the lire place and Sirs. York
dropping off to bed, and Sir. and was bustling round in the kitchen
Sirs. York were finally left alone, getting breakfast. The
when Slary Jane starts out to
make biscuits, siie makes 'em an
no mistake about it." and Sir.
York helps himself lo a cup of cut-
I handle the WIIKEI.OCK and tho
STECK A- (JO. celebrated l'iano".
Estey, Camp it ().. and t..ny
it Clark Organs,
Send all Order' lo
loro tins outlines couw no i net icil. ,,t last, they too retired for the all dispersed and tho dogs were
iv e noiu.-ou.aii iuiu3iiai.miuer( ui.hlg,t nmi jir., Iork',cpntlmieUUltfstrcto.led. uroinid tho, health enjoy-
Mt'illMsaiC- illiu lfoSffiiTilrw
nTvare ofS'blherV lodgerili about jTthe, donotedltlialShedireakfiisFHnfq-
-i ',"T KT. "SOM-.IVma?-' .lri". I- " f'.... . i .
Mho clatter, ot uisiies
wo woVcSvoryjSfircihiv ''roinTnded
of theu'i.'SuveruU lean,'' diungry
looking dors of the half cur, half
hound variety wero btretched
jtround on the porch, and regarded
lis v.'L'h anything but amiable looks.
Mr. York caino out and shook
hands all around and invited us
into supper, which consisted of an
abundance of applo butter, puinkin
pies, peach preserves, fried chicken,
i-wcct milk and collee. We done
jtmplo justico to everything and
iifter the dishe? were nearly all
fiiipty, wo etrolled out on the
poruh and lit a couple- of cigars.
Tom handed ono to Sir. York,
which filled that tientleiivin with
gratification, nntl after he had
pulled nitny unliitu with undis
guised relish he became very talk
ative and proved to give iif a his
tory of nil the country about and
uspeci.illy of some of his neighbors.
"Now Ihcrtj- them Yates's if there
nint suuiiin done with 'em. they
are going lo take tho couutry,"
here Sir. York, pauied and dis
charged a MiHey of tobacco juice
Atone of the 'hij, with meiring
dim. "Thi'ie- Old Slel! Yates
when ho ion:" to this strip of
timber ho (lid'ent lrno nutlnn and
no prospect of gittiu it. He
pitched in and got married and
raised a wh'.le pack ot children an
now ho things he's got a mortgage
on the who'c ia"e of creation un
has a duriied lai,- notion to foreclose.
Yon'ill sco 'mi aridnn round over
the country on his little, old pony
a.. i to look a' 'iin a body would
tnii.l: !m own"1 mom than (bid Al
uiifjity t.ii. elf. Yesire if thore
Itilit bitnip.n '. "ii witli thtuii YatoB
lliev aie i(oing '" take the country
slioie. They .ii .. ealin up all the
v', ' .lu In Iho ciuntry nn bujiu up
ill' the land, an it tryin to drivo
c orybodv else out into the wooda'i
i 'II il niit'ii dly have to rise up
use.' Aa tho winds grew
and colder the bogs began It accii
initiate under the hnue for protect-
and niTtling'
n'gs of knives and forks;
grew' louder aud loudei
ion from the cold. The bottom of passed.
th) house had been boarded up on ' Jlvs. York,, finally, concluded
three sides leaving the hack part that she needed hcln and shouted,
open, and the hogs had connnenced
gathering by tens and twenties and
crowding up towards tho front end
near the fire place. The first arri
vals got the best places and thoe
that came later commenced crowd
ing and then the trouble began,
An old timer would start out to
root her way up to the fire placo
and tho sipieel.s, grunts and
whoof, whoofs beeamo deafening
Tho music ranged all the way from
the shrill tenor of the six weeks
old ;iig to the hoarsn has" of tho
Veteran of live or six years. Tho
npiuar finally became d'afeniug
and tho dust commenced rising
through the lloor in ilouds. Fin
ally Old York jumped out of bod
and shouted, "Wast them hogs,
hero Hose, hero Tigo take 'em,"
and catching up a red hot poker
from the fuo place he opened the
dour and sallbd onl.. The- dogs
seemed to bo well trained and
dashing under the h mso they made
a furious att.ict on the hogs.
Each dog seized a shout aud backed
out with him and then went back
for another while Old York btood
in front of the opening and
each hog that ooino out a resound
ing whack with the poker, accom
panying each blow with a scathing
malediction . Tho lmgs all tried to
get1 out at once and tho uproar
shook tno whole house. As soon
,8 they were all out Sir. York mid
the dogs camo back in the house
and quiet reigned onco more Wo
were just dosing on to sleep when
the hogs commenced coming hack
agiin, in a short time tljey were all
buuk and the music w'.-ju in full
You Jody. Oj Jody" get up an
help your mother git breakfast."
A sound as if some one turning
over in the next room was the only
result of this call and after
waiting a few minutes
Sirs. York made another
demonstration, "Yon Jody air you
a comin? ur shall I luvi to come
in thero an hist' you,"? till no
answer, "If I hev tocome in there
I'll fetch you, I'll' asstiro you."
No results. By this timo Mrs.
York's patience was evidently fail
ing and jerking open tho kitchen
door she passed through the sit
ting rqom like a cyclone. She had
her shirts tucked up and a pine
shiver in her- baud and opening
a back room door she passed in
and closed the door. Tom was de
lighted beyond expression at this
little episode and wo both listened
intently in order to hear what
passed. As the door closed behind
Mrs York we heard several ro.
sounding whacks and a Hud
thump announced the arrival of
some bodys baro feet on the floor.
I'retty soon Sirs. York enmo back
looking a llttlo llurid aa though
she had been making violent ex
ertion. Wo expected to eeo a big
chnuok of n boy como out of the
bed room, but judge of our aston
ishment when instead of n boy it
strapping big girl eighteen or uino
teen years old cimo out, carrying
her shoes in her hand. Giving us
a sheepish) "Howdy strangers."
she walked out on tho porch and
took n heavy dip of snulf. This
opporatlon was somewhat pro.
fee. "1 like my codec biliti hot,
he said" and purty near strong
enough to cut a hair, an then about
two cups and a half or three cups
hogs had kind.th warms a body's stomach
up," and Mr. York helped himself
liimsell to, a couple ol fried .egs,
aVdTafsllcTofwham. ;!As"ibreakfarsuV
WirimfiSerSa livTosiTof
the York off "eprlrfg hr.,1 collected
as time I and were regarding our attacks on
' I hn liiui.liit.1 nml mr.rti u'itli iiiiv.
... w.....s. "eft" .'
thing hut favor. As the plate of
biscuits grew smaller and smaller
their remarks and observations
partook .of a decidedly hostile
nature. "There wont be none left
fur us," said one, they're agoin to
clean up everything," said another,
that slim feller has et twelve.
said the liretone." "Thats notbin."
said tho second, Ibat tall feller with
such big years has et fourteen an'e
reachin fur the fifteenth," Tom
suddenly discovered he had enough
and pushed hack his chair, at this
moment Sirs. York swooped down
on the caucus behind the door and
routed it with several well directed
slap'. "A body would think them
children never had no raisin."
Hern she paused and regarded
York fixidly, that gentleman how
ever appeared to bo deeply inter,
est'ed in his breakfast and kept his
eye on Ilia plate. "I believe York
would set an see the whole family
go to distraction right before his
eyes an never lift a finger," And
Sirs. York paused and waited for
York'.to say sonithing back. That
g.-utlcman had no such Intentions
however and aftor waiting in vain
for it reply she returned to tho sit
ting room. As soon as sho was
out'of hearing Mr. York leaned
over the table and sa,i I in it hoarse
whisper. "Them biscuits she
bakes cant bj ba.it.'.' And ho took
anotherbiscuit and another fried
egg an'd. took a fresh start, Tom
and I had had enough however
and paying our bill we stepped
into our 'buggy andd rove oil' fully
persuaded 111 our own minds that
wo would'nover forget the night
we spent at Sir. orks.
pi oiglitii'. iRsacro the whole I blast. Sjme old porker wou)d get'heraf .earaiico in the kitchen door j a good, cheap lot of Ji hn SI. Kriio-
uhoo.b .u I h of 'em," to emplii-hU fcsci j;s a.
Clias. "Wolha-asoii,
Sloney sent to all parts of Kn
rope by our Bank Sloney Order
System, free of charge and trouble
to the recipient.
rofr!iinal partis.
Ollico next door to Grave's iVur
store. Ollico hour at all times
during the day, Calls pumipily
answered day and night.
Shiner, - - - T mis.
j. a. marikT
Merchant tailor.
ClICAl'F.sf I'r.ACK Foil YOl It t't Hill
Call on the City Barber hop for a
neat shave, shampoo or sea loam
Har culling in all styles, pnmpa
dour a specialty. Two comfort
able chairs and two good workmen.
longed and Mrs. York finally made Ill8tcna renlinK j,,, rtm buy I A. C. Koejlke, Pl'Op.
uud'ngiiny and inquired in a shrill gcri

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