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. , . 7 m 1 -r - -
VOL. 1.
NO. 4,
A'. G. Wangemann.
Dry-Goods, Clothing, Boots,
Siioes, Hats and Caps, Groceries,
"B rafTS" "3 t "BO
' U I W 111 ' . Hy& s
Also vcrv Stalk Cuttors and Louisville Cotton ami Corn Planter.
JU1 kinds of Country Produce bought at highest market
prices. Uasn iJaia lor uotton oeea,
liolo lot
L Willi
I 1
7 iimnprvar
i Li u miiio LUmUU! BUI
Hcni1fiinrtcrn l'oi
long leaf pine, cypress well curb
ing, shingles, sashes, doors and
11 in fie Ooiunno Gliddcn, nnd Waukcgan Wire. Puling
JU1.1I1.U.& Wire Feme, Brick, Sawed burr oak and Mountain
ICcdilr Posts Atrmotor, t)mdi, Poikins and Enterpu-o Wind Mills.
Pumps, Cvhndcr Piping and all FliimlJci's goods, 'I ho idcbiitid
Mudebikcr Wagons, also liuggics, Hacks Stuioysand Vehicles of all
T am tne authorized agont of JI li. -Shiner and alio San Antonio and
Annuls Pisa Kuihond 'town Site Company tor the sale of all their lots
in tbt to ,in of Hliuier. W?A J ,
F nrotiostt to nll ei i thintrttb ilI earrv in stock as chtan as ihefcamo
nualitil can be bought olsew hcrejo defy 'nil Icnrnpetittnriii, Myvcl(ukf
Jlrf A Acrt Mqcllor. sneaks XJurnWrlftfiliiWnrt. iKolicmhn.WftTJH
mmnTitMiiK'icifi njunytcrvjw,, v wf'Xeim
C. JL. Wll.JLJtAia.Ki.
California Fruits,
Milk Shakos,
Sodi Water,
jSoionrJt, 10 nncl li cnt
Har.iln Counters.
in oni orchard an Uuk it
ot our apples an tuck 'cm, home
an pascd 'in around a pxjrtcndln
tint they wii? his'in Unbeknownst
to nobody llv in I suv the vvholo
affnraud follered Yates rlgl t homo
lint as ho wuz a paesin 'cm Wound
among his kin folks an
whit fine apples ho .had
tries I walked in an siysJWncn
von want mv apples, MclUYitisl
you como an ask for 'cm hilt don't
you como a sncaklti around Hut
nay my more, a takm 4i bell
Honors, without say in noiMi to
ain body?' "Somo pcoplo nW-o a
whole lot, of to do about small
mitteis" says Ann bmifl, Mis
Yates nitce, "You tend to your
own business Ann Sn iff," I sivs,
'mi you'll bo doin bit'ei tlnA von
Licrdonu before," an miliiliiii I
gathered'up the appk an put 'tin
bitk in tiio bucket iv tnkin Hon
in) aim f bid 'em all a polito good
cieim an struck i fin h uuo
an ' really Mrs. I'lckms )ou
should confine joun-Jt to the
plain f itts in the qisi.' int ipted
Mr. bniir'cs, "Xato binrl " haul
Mr Picken? seertl. You ought
toknoii betttrtlin til interrupt a
woman that's old eivWh , to bo
j our mother, I'e kno
slnte ou u iu a littlji
nifl aiound with notin a imt a
oincein slin." and MrJ Puk-
ens paused and regaid
SpaikB ixid ly, 'j Hat
iva; ',,"
IXtURll . to bo
owed pu ttr
n hiYor inn-
(I. H. HUi;nXItR. l'lioi iiisrou.)
Which are politeh served at the bar I mtpcclfulh ask the old
patrons of tho FAVORITE ind tho public gencwllv to gno me a call
'1 rAS
Fmvii, ------
ll Mi j
mi in ci'ii
?d rKoir
Tho (lA7i rn man was in Jloul
ton, Thursdii, and mtt with a
cordial reception Ho first mtt
Mi. T, ' Jackson, tho genial Jim
titooltho pcaco of that precinct,
and thiough his kind ollites the
Civritrh man was ablo to makt
atiju ilutanco of a number of Moul
ton buxnifs nun Wt are coir
to state th it Ml 1 ockinan lias litcn
eiioiisl) sick foi eonio tuno with
rhum itismand wo were unilile to
see him. Wt, found G. I. Uolincn
kamp at bis place ot biisincxs
across on the oornti from Iiichni'i
gtntral merclmndi-o store, and had
a pkasant that with him our the
business out look in Moulton, Mr
Rohntnkamk sulwnbcd tor the
Civi iti and h alive to tho inter
est ot bis town We next met
Moultou's popular H lUoonist T. J.
Helwigwhoin ad will be found in
anothii part ot the piper. Mr
lldwigalso subseubed as did sev
er il otlitis e also mtt Mr
Arnun Cunnerand Miller and Mr
McKay grocti Mi Krouse and
suici.il othtrs had gono to the
Woild's l'nu and Mi M li Mooro
wus absent in anothu pit of the
slitc. Hovel ill cais ot cattlo were
shipped Thurdaj.
It is oiirin tuitlo.i todovotca io
tion ot oiu spicu to Moulton ciieh
wtek and w will have ttvual tor
rchnondents to githtr up news tor
us in Moulton and vitimtv We
hope to have this dtpartment stai
ttd in tho noxt imic of tho paper
A Simil.i t'koU.
The barb it im and bluo rock
shuot given b) ttio Sinner gun club
on the 2,!th was si git it success
Contestants vhmil,a "t 1mm
The farmers Mend, the
merchants friend, the citizens
friend, and a TRUE FRIEID
A splonded advoriising medium at a low figure.
It contains the town county ancj
state news. f
Bring; rour job-work Iiore for -we oaai satas-
fy you liy ou neat work and prompt atte
tlOUi , I
An vo mean tn add moro advantages to our office in tho near fulJ
ve guarantco satielactlo i
IHTcroiul hitlghi
ouhIv. Ills Honor vi is 'dflighted
attlioliav Mr SpiikS ixcditd ins
bick set as ho has uujuiicil a gieit
disliko foi tint voting gc li
thium as he had .i suspicion that
ho kiew moie law than his Honor
did J Having cecuied in 1 po-os
sioiof the litld now. Mu Pick
enwproctcded to givo tho jurv a
tiillhistniv of hei iNptiuico with
Yates fimilv, lioni tnst In lat
lingdispotd of a lei. prohmr-
ies she continued An wlun I
rd the gun go oil 1 mii-
lov'vo killed i'luno," an d put
on my Inunct 1 put lui Old
Lcs house is fist as I could go it
Midi iti , saw inn i coiiun
1 put im the coin laid an Tom
and dum up In tli hay mow,
old Mis itts cilltd tho othn
ldn n an went an locked herself
in tho smokchousu an I
ildtntttto see'ui lui notlnn
1 1 up an n'cr dmn the conn-
tit through tho dooi. Sho did'ent
notlnn though asho knows tho
'cut du talk b.uk to ma m to
wlen I got tlnmigli M;ivm 'em a
co of mv mind I went home ind
l'lckens to bring suit against
mtcs in feoho got that loung Pago
in to do tho lawyer biiMiiess fin
nnho's to get half fur his tiou-
Mr. Pigo tuintd fioiv red
disclosuio md a ripple of
so pwutl over the court
(to 6E COTINtrn NFT wrM)
. V oljsco.
Gqo VcItco for he ilth. pe air.
and omfort, where deep i.attr is a
fact (id not apromlsJ, whereslii'ps
too tlep foi any other Texas port
sul tho h irboi witliVnse, where
tho (leap Boil is the bey In Amcu
ca H fruit giowing, gaidening and
farnlig Test daily trains over
VeliuiTirmirnl R'jy Kpiirsion
eacliSaturday from ftouston, ro
turlMonda) Wuto tlicCoinmcr
ciat'lub Vchsco,
v ilLIHttting,
' i-K-J.n
. j B-
. U T aHbM .u . . ,
: nini riini nr TTH mmtm iftLl ' .'
UUlTTnillT knoan iishc
tho Witling, Miinof
cttsvillt coiintstants, i
1 lie arrangtuients were all ef
thuviiv best nnd lluii was lin
a muiiiiiico ol gio I things toint and
ell nil . J ho luii lit cue win iollowul
at nignt b a bill PiuiiunciiJ.
nliKing those tj aj. tm k first inunies,
who ; r, ' Klitimin of buinti
Mtssis Now man and Piito ot Yoa
kum and Mutkltroy ntllillctsville
c A. iu SSI Fit.
Wo will publish from week to
week sketches of the principle land
owners of this vicinity. They aro
tho men whoct Stirling business
i)iiallties have been instrumental
in improving and developing this
part of the statt. The vm gnirci
ot unprovtintnt is alwajs cnin
osed of men who liavo a gonious
for ovti coming olistac'ts and dilh
cultiis of all kinds Their entei
terprisn knows no bounds nndj
their industry no tcationi
The) dei pen and improvo harbors!
render rivers navigable, lay outi
towns md build pioneer railroail
and aro ilnija alwavs iltvo auiil
alert to any natural advanties
aflord'd bv tho country. Promi
nent amout tiio principlo h
owners of .'..avAci county is I
Kcsslir who owns in the neiglibtr
hood of SQ 000 acres of land in this
comity alont Mr. Kcssler was
born in (fcrfnsny in 1S21 andcamo
to tho Unitt'tl States when lu was
tinycirsnld Iroicsidetl in Xtw
PJrleui. Austin comity Tc is until
14, when ho removed to Seliulon
buig PAjttto conntv, whtro ho
has suite i ended Mr. Ktssltr
was manitd In 1857 and has six
children one of whom is Mrs.
A G Wingemann wife of our
worthy citucn nnd Merchant, A.
(i Wangemann. He has landed
interests in liy, Tajctti and Livo
Oik count!' a and is interested in
ntlur btlsintss rnkrpiices all
through sAnth i sum Texas
avoa county eon-
Si" :
Rogers, the lighlning lod rum
is itspoiisiblo foi tie fillnv i j.
'A JiHtuoof tlm piacu hid i.t. i
tornnd tin mairiigo eucnionv loi
i voting ctuiplu and afti r it wit
all ovti tho Gloom inioul in
q nnd ' v'tll biUiif, no wo i a -i
lid lion " ' Yuw," said the J s
ttu, utter you piv mo i dollei mi
fair bits an iuividiii nobodv cb
J ets"
Toll n M Kuiegu his moved
the old Post Olhco building lioui
eist main stiiLt to the vacant fcjiieo
littween the PaUto fcaloon and the
Ctl' moitmtikit Mi Kieugu
will u-o iho building tor a guiei il
giottiv feloioand the re ubi snt tin
(U I rn should watch Its lolumns
ioi his idvutismj nt, which will
appeal btloiominv weeks
Oiu woithv lowiismin A I
Laivrineo celtbi itod his lluitv m
ond birtlida , Pridiv, and tiealed
anmiikr ot his tnonds to a fine
(ake. Jinny leturns of tho same
Sjx'cl it i niiitiittinent.
To anv line m nding us a iliib
offivo snbs"iibMs t) t'l? D iottJ
paid in ad mie, wo will "end a
copy ot the G irettu ono ycai trco
Going tor cash, at W D Wof
fnnK loi tho ncNt !0 dajs, White
I'll pli mt Horn at 1 30 pu bauel
IliaOiiTrr can bo had for
11 00 per vcjr, eish In adv nice.
C L Willi vnd leeched a cai
of J)ni is liugglcs & hacks Mondiy.
Mis Mmnio Spcry Is visiting
Mrs. Vieinan this week
Ed Coleman has just lcciovcd a
fresh lot of gudon seed,
French O Smith went to
Luting on business, Tuesdnv
A blind book, agont was in town
Saturday ,
hi.hool leigut nai
luiiti md of about dOOOO ntl n.
Urn pirt of the count. Mi si
lcr Ins a buutiiul homo m fcchu
lenbuig ind ii widely and fivora
bly known for hn rare soml as
will as business ijualities
hnn Antonio A, Ariuisns Puss
It.illvvnv Cominiii.
Tiio Quit Ici'Ht nml Host lAna to
All Points North mid K ist.
ilkcuisiun tickets to Chlcaj.o St
Louis, Hannibal and Kans is City
are no on sale Commenting
I uno 1st, excursion tickets will
bo oil bile to all the puneipal feum
mer lesorts in Ihu Xorth and 1'ast
and to Corpus Cluisti HocLpnrt,
llocinr, Coniloit Ganahland Ktrr
v lllo at a rate of ono and one thud
firo for tho round tup 'IIkho
tickets will bo on salo ovtiv d ly
and bo good for return foi tluitv
d ij s Tntfcts w ill also bo on s do
to Roekpoitand Coipus Cluisti on
Situulnys only good lo uttirn tho
following Tucathy at a ono faro
Foi tm tin i information c ill on
E L Miutin, gen'l passenger mil
ticl tt agent Pan Antonio, or S. J,
Youngs ticket igtrt fclnncr
I have told my City meat mar
ket to Rudo'ph Weill uisi n ut d
liirtholdt illehtti audi ' .e lliis
oppoitunitv lo thank all ol mv old
cnstomeis lor then libiral patronage
Missis i lluii be n and Richteraio
steady business like young
mid I tnku It isure" In
plcisuiu in i ciommcndliig them
to the public1 mid I tm t my oh
custoineiD will give them the omit
undivitltd pilioni e and rou-tcous
troitmtnt Hat was rcorded pit
tvorsinco 1 'i ivt betn doing biiM
I ness in Si ner Jlv 1 fneids
and pat ens wi I lind , at tho
rick ntore )iitt acros
depot c hive just i
finest lot of luinbti ovci
salo in this part of tin
we aro pr partil to
cm nper tlicn it cv
iro else in iai

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