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Shiner gazette. (Shiner, Tex.) 1893-current, August 31, 1893, Image 5

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IMIHIIII l llWIPWIrrWliltlBlllilWIllMlllllMlllMBIIJIIlMWIMMIl"l'lM'llll lllJH " l""t WWb (! Mill Mil It I I I III I II III ll IMWWWl(WnWMWWPWl"W'""W""1 "I'J1 ' "f
W o I lo
These gentlemen are pjjefpto lit you out in first-class style
in the line of family gijpjies, toilet articles and glassware
They also deal in all kiiufs qf country produce. Best of attend
tioii paid to customerRree delivery to all parts of the city
Give them a call andnLookiOver their lame stock oi iresii
itaple and fancy groceries.
'.; ll f SALOO TST9
-iil4 ML , 7
I. Ii Aiiia n full linn f Uf T 1" T K K-V TniM.M) i..,fimAT)il A!1r..11 1
1 fl '" ' " 'l- " " 4JiV) J'lJIJiV V.i UlVKlllU. llffU it 11(11 USUI
Ipleto stock of STAPLE (5H0CEKIKS. Cilvo me a c:ill at tnv place
IUMI1USB. U IIUK'S HlHllll'WCSl 01 ftUinCl'. UOOll 111101111011 tO 11 1 1
Tims Table.
ocnl tiino table of tho Pun An-
o it Ar.iiiHas Pass Railway:
onzales mixed. Hoiith bound,
ses Shiner nt l-2:o5 I'. M. West
1 nt :'J2 1'. M.
R'nco Express, south, to Yoakum
P.,31. North 2:30 1. 31
Lodge, Ho. Ill, A. 0, TJ, 7.
i tin- sfpoiiiI 3Iotiduy lu onoli
at tho Morris hull.
. Wolters. 1. M. W.j J. 0.
i. 31 . W. I E. F. ltuhmann. Fore-
Julius WoLeis, Ovetsecr. K.
V.WV3. iteooi
General I'rnctltimicr,
SmxBn, Ti;xs.
OHico between E. F. Iluhniaun's
and llio drug store.
C.-illa promptly attended. Iles'i
dence oppoaito Methodist church.
Tin: Fort Worth Oazotto has tlio
following to say about tho defeat of
IT'S r,ocAtf;!
lry weather, yet nottso"
hist two days. Honda
tho first northcr&nihi
itrt appearanceahil
sinco which ti inahaBlbi
cotton also 1
to the coiintejmnuoj
farmer. llowtfveffiiv
laugh at onco nondo
together. FmiYkmbl
laughed for tlidjlnjtjTi
On SatiirdajJfllgL!,
at Scott's schooljln b,
tion between Kratl tt
Pius Freilag rCsulPil
lliction of several.
on tho person
Mcluinko beintr?
Freilag was ntSb:
Flatoni.i irhorrf- tli'j
Drs. Kaisar, Johnsj
were at onco called.
funned that two of f,
unite sovero, onoifrO
. A . . . .1, ,!,
i ing one ot the-f
the body. MrT
night. Jit- iinKqii-
hospitality of ojjjcer
caitiuuiv iiuiurn'iv
and to hi great surprise and relief
the "stone dm the woilc. air.
S. left for Hchnlenburg last Mon
day, highly elated that now his
liatut was wliolo again.
Fnyettc County Democrat: Ono
morning last week as Jlr. IHrton'sl T10 ony Kt.ulno euro foiZEnst
eleven year oiu (Uiugnier wai going i won hood, j;xiiausteii iitauiy. ivenn
nko and
ftUe in
Miila up-
tjvjjyed to
ftalico of
VI Ion
o in-
llio hoily. .nr.-jjjo. Wfff VaB over
hauled and ap.rCU' ulMI between
Scott's and MoiijtonVi -"l'iti diH'teul
ty ocqiuro(l"3bdutMl WJaturday
-aW. n-. -. n- .
iterdaiv1 funuug
II Ml t"- tan nit..
niovini! the
rydosjo") bote
Ir, Itbodo3
tho Urst nml third
,, IV n UTS, mm,, Mnrrtt?
r, Vice Pieshli-nt; AlviJ!fr.r'iz
4in.: AuuiMt MiirteiH. 'Iii'iis ..
Hfver, Golu; Otto lli'lnliniise,
Chas. .IllHiies. U. . Irus.
Wm. Janiler, Win. Weinltland,
EatVjono todgoi E. of P.
9 first mid third I'l Utny nights
i month.
Mulr. 0. O. : LouU OnlDetmer.
i'oni Hurki-tt. K. of It. nml 0.;
uriiof, 'J reus. H. ). lounps,
. Jacl: Cnlpciippr, 31 A., C.
0. 31. T.. C. L. WlllliniH. 31.
tt,. JlcCuidy, 1. a., Clmrles
u u.
$ ry """iw i"
fitho City Barber' Shop for a
"Jlmvo, shampoo or sea ton.
fling tn an styles, pnmpa-
, specialty. two comtort-
iihau-s and two good work-
A!5. Ikocpkc, rrop.
:: :: :: Tex.
i i.
- 'iinMffiWBB
icxt door to Grave's drug
Hico hours at all times
e day. Calls promptly
day and night.
prevailed mo -money oi mo punpw
U defeated by odds whoso increase
over the oxnoctations of tho ene
mies of silver a week ago I a sad
mimcntnry on tho virtue and con
stancy t-sisongresBioniil conviction.
Defeat brfuv ... ..u.pvi80 to the
bi-mctiillistt, for they foresaw and
predicted it. They know their en
emies and their power. Magnifi
cent as bus been their courage thoy
had no dream of inttant success.
Thoir appeal has not been to a con
gress mDi-o susceptible to tho prom
ises of tho administration's pio
hucksters thnn tn any other form
of argument, but to tho people.
, And the people at last not
G rover Cleveland, not tho present
congress, not star chamber meet
ings of a half dozen people hero
and there must and will settle
this question.
Ten millions of voters will finally
pass upon it not MO.OOO.ObO.
Every Ftep tnken so far in tho
progress toward demonetization is
merely a signal gun to call tho peo
ple to action. A year hence, no
man will dare to tell them, as was
told them a year ago, that this is
not an issue.
Let tho goldbimsiircss their tri
umph to the utmoSBgive them tho
senate and an easy fctory for nil
designs, and yet there would bo no
causo for discouragement of those
who are fighting the battles of tho
public. Greed novcr yet failed to
overlap itself.
Tho choice of tho Fifty-fourth
congress will bo the people's ans
wer to the attempt to hitch tho
republic to tho car of European
banks and their American branches.
Jleinorv. l'nlpltutlon of the Iienit.
l'lt-mntmn Deeuv, Lack of Ooull
Uence, Inability of the 3Ianlecl (eith
er sex.) nml Despondency, all of
which rollow In the trail r,f youthful
Eirors, Imprudence nml Excess.
ilMisitiveiygiituuiuee ineso i-ni-
to do e vet y till UK I claim for themo
Strug Is my Inlth lu Ilium that you eiiu
letnin thi'iii It they ilo lint help vou.
To Iiittiiilucti tlit'ce rlllM I will
send postpaid aliir;r Om; Dollar
liu'UnK'. which ouj-'ht to bo sulll
cli'iit to eme any ease of Debility, for
only 211c. ; enclosn ten two-cent
stamp. in u letter with your addles-
wiltton plalnlv, ami you will receive
the l'ir.LS by leturn mall.
With I ho positive msurunce on
my'li.-iit that you will never legiet the
day that you eaniu In possession el
this pileelcss lenieily. whoso In
Ilttence besliles restoilnf? the vital
force, extends Itself to tho Intellect
ual faculties, elevating the emotions
(llsiielllng tho hiiuu of lire uiid res
torliiKlts lileaslnif.
liead tho following testimonials
to whether I am uuilug people or not.
"The tilal pnckuKO of Nervous De
bility 1'IIIs on sent mo dono mo
Kiioil. I wns troubled with what I
I'liiii'U iineiimiiiism in my tinmisaiiu
IPAwfn?,l,iSS.W Sift's03!'
poMtLliieTj';butIB bo lharesult
m' B1,in'' ill feolirigWjUHli'ladfcxlst--.1
b-tvi-en tho farnUJjjto t, li
tig '.nil lJehunkojS'oariil iut two
years, a sequel to tls3lui ted ad
vances oi cuniuf'nru.. i'ts now
told that the prccimtgutfl ictinlrof
from the houso to tho field which is
on the old Tulweiler place she step
ped on a rattlesnake which was
lying in tho road and unobserved
liy her. Tho reptile bit her on tho
instep of the foot, which was im
mediately scarified, poulticed and
whiskey given her. A physician
wns sent for who prescribed the
necessary remedies and tho young
miss although quite seiiously bitten
will recover.
Putting Off tho Miuuiiio.
There is no longer u pretenso of
concealment of tho purposo of tin
administration with respect to sil
ycr nn tho part of those who aio
authorized to speak for it. Mr
Vest, it will bo remembered, based
his great speech in the fenato on
tho assumption that the president's
message was a demand for a gold
basis for everv dollar of currency
outstanding in this country. He : " ' 'So,,, t0.
referred to tho recent significant , . . ., ,
... , , ,, I "Send me some more of thoso Pills
magazine articlo by Comptroller i ft8 tu0M, you (.,,, ,m, ,ono lmv
EckcIs. in which it was declared much rooU that I thousht I would
Blll 1UI invh- 'l,' lll-llf.
; , joii:: matiekins. (.-oiiinRion, n. v.
-Vt ' '
"f'Flml stompK ,'4veA.l.-for --
niDiu-iuloUiiKf-t 6f 5 our Nervous De
l.lllty'l'llls us thonalKot of you Iji
fiire done mo inure Rood thau any
medicine 1 have over taken."
V.U. Fiunsioxc. Ftedetlcksberg, O
hthaffigold ibasis- for the .United
ajiiosltion MvonldSTnotlmve J'b'een
If'fflW'S" .."'WW i.. -i,.'J iit ..,..
premises a tow mpn)
suited in .Mr. llehu'nli
Mr. Behunko fronwMj, flfritng's
j.Ticy. J
footElfty Splr.
liars to gfrajildlbrinc
.. I..Un .. r li..?iTSr I SiKi'jXT
fcW ItLUllU'JIl in, H
Lueeko two doll;
his horse home,
On the forenoon gfj
Mr. Spnhler recciveus!
in tho right hreast.Stl
tor was some rolativcmful'
lei- s we are nnnblePMEivbaiatno.
Tho wound was notydjmgortnsS;It
occurred in ono of thhrMigoiitRhero
and was tho outcropplnMSn firovi
ous ill-feeling. ' '' t'&i
Mr. J. Li Iancaster'$fa,h?hi
Messrs. E. M. nnd Tj.'AjcIm'p.'uigTd
through Monl'nn to-day,nRoti'to
Ciranchua, Bay countifyflr!ivhcra
thoy reside. ifW&fWfl
S. Jlangum nnd vife,thgo'tByf
with Mrs. Turman of ivaldSare
visiting relatives in IouHor75w'li
Who said MeteiSflCTraier
"' ""V tinuv "';u:i,zlij-ii?J:
Aruini know ailioiViog aboutllts"'';
... . . IH.--..' ,. TBC 1
l liter is oono?P.i'tt nn
Jloulton and if.aiU 'dnTut
broken soon it will bo an- Tfem'iSof
first importance. iHSfJOTSrow
. -- -. wmwmzS'
A uouiilo ol HiiaKo,Stprlci
Yoakum Graphic: MrJWiT."
Swindell, who lives near, y'ljjirTfr;
has been a sufferer for ?twc?SJylarr
lioin iuu uuu ui a cuiperneau!iiic
casin snake. Tho BnukobithIrOj.;to
tho richt forcfimrer. and thatjne'm-
ber had perished of flesh, a'ti'di'tho
muscular control was completely!
dostroyed, Ha tried every dSgW.
within tho rango of his acqiiain-j
camo to Yoakum nnd learne'dt!ia
Mr. Henry Hilman owned avalifg
aoio man sione; no nsKeu pcrmi:
sion to t:y..tho virtue ot this.
liar formation ot vegetable
publiclyTtakeryby.'"thf' comptroller!
of the currency without the express
assent of tho administration ho
The New York Herald has day
after day asserted, upon ''the high
est authority." to uso its on'n
phrase, that the president, will veto
any bill looking to tho increased
uso of silver as money.
Through tho Courier-Journal,
whoso Washington correspondent
is understood to be tho spokesman
for Mr. Carlisle, comes tho simc in
formation, and the Courier-Journal
wheeling into lino behind tho sec
retary of the treasury, now seeks to
undo its work of years for bi
metallism, and preaches every day
tho doom of silver as money.
I Mr. Uourko Cockran. who90 care
fully nrcnared speech in tho houso
on Saturday was recognized as a
quasi-ofliei.il deliverance, did not
pduplo to avow the hostilo intent
toward silver. I In declared "thcro
was no instance in tho history of
civilization where gold and silver
ever circulated side by side at any
ratio. It was impossible that they
should do so." There is no hiding
hero of tho design to drivo out sil
ver. Fort Worth Gazette.
hspeuuii Jmtt.y4fi
;--i '' '
Hallctsvillo New Era: Two boys
of,I)an Foliy, colored, wero fooling
witn a piMol Monday morning,
wligh it went off. cutting along tho
finger of ono of them and entering
tlmbody of tho other. Tho boy shot
in the body is in a dangdrous con
ditiorl. Hcjnry Creppon was in town.
, f'V - "
' j-See that fino stock of new
ClotliinK at llolchak s.
St-BsII. Itodgers, our popular
lililmhg rod man, has decided to
miner tus jieuuquuriers lor
weeks yet.
"Received tho medicine, think It
good; will order coiiio moie."
John Vii:sks, Droadlunds, 111.
"I received your meillclno and am
veiy liuieh plvaseil wlih it; it has
helped me nlteady. Enclosed Unit
money for another piicliiiKc."
T. 31. ANuniibox, Wcatvllle, 0.
$500 ES7ASD
will bo paid for a case of Lost Man
hood. Exhausted Vitality, Weak
Memory, I'alpitation of tho Heart,
Premature Decay, Lack of Confi
dence, Inability of tho Married of
either sex, and Despondency, that
I cannot cure.
Now after reading tho abovo if
you have any doubts about me or
inymedicinodo not send, but it
you really want to get cured I can
anil will guarantee to cure you, 1
havo been a Practicing Physician
lor a great many years and during
my experience I never came ncros.s
quite as good a remedy for Nervous
Debility as I offer here it is one of
tho most valuablo remedies ever
discovered and if I was a younger
person I would advertiso it every
where nt If 1.00 a Package, but get
ling well along in years and having
already made a fair sized fortune
in my medical practice, I hirvo no
desire now to get rich; all I care
for now is to bco how many pcoplo
I can cure, so that thoy may enjoy
this life. Now remember that for
a short time longer I will send yon
Ono Largo Pnckngo of theso pills,
if you will wrjip up two dime's and
send to me within ten days after
you receivo this paper. I hojio to
havo the pleasure of hearing from
you at onco.
Will I bo successful? or do you
prefer to remain a lifelong sufferer?
Enclose two dimes in your letter,
and send at onco to
Br A. H. Smith,
Avoh, N. T.
! and you will receivo a largo Ono
Dollar Package b,v return mail.

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