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Dr. Warnock is in town.
Lcmonado at Mersebergei'a.
ugust Kocpko wasquitn sick.
liring on jour cotton and got
California fruita at Merscber
gei's. Cool City beer on tap nt Joo
Bismark Saloon for 0. I). II
Soda water and ice cicam nt
Go to tho Bismark Saloon for
O D. II. S. cigar.
ltob Houston of Gonzales nas
in ton n, Satuulay. . -
Shiner is full of Mexicans just
non, hunting noilt.
Mr. rerrenknmp of Moulton
n as in ton n, .Monday.
U.K. Olio of Fajetto county
non the set ol silvern. ue that has
been on exhibition at Mcisoberger'a
lor somo tunc.
11. Foleom, repiesenting tho
Kellogg publishing company of
Houston, paid tho Gazette olhco a
Mait autumny
August Stephan lias been run
'ling on lull time. IIo his ginned
hetneen four and Iho hundred
"My ravoiite." clears on safe, bales up to date.
nt tho I'aioiite Saloon. jjs.
Just leceived. a carlo id of rust
jiicot oats at Wolteis Bros. "
Mis. W. W. Foro returned
from Che inside, last ntek.
Ieo eic.iin at Mittanck's on
M'edncsd.ty and Sahudas.
Go to Wollers Bros, for Hamil
ton Huron's boots and shoes.
Sample copies of the UASTTri:
can be had at tho Post ollire.
The Mioses Cole of Nickel uric
visiting in Shiner, Situid.iy.
Barbecued meat on liand every
da at tho City butcher shop.
Go to Mittunck's for ice crc.un
on Wednesday and S.itiuday.
Instead of icnting. buy a house
and lot from Jno. 31. Kiue'gei.
.1. G. Guinn of Galveston was
in ton u Satuulay on business.
See tho 0, 10 and 25 cent bar
gain counters at Mcrsebei gei's.
Go to Mittank's for ico cream
on Wednesday and aatuidi'Vs.
Tiautnoin it Woltors arof.nuv
iiiiiu uuui ui uiuu atiis mis wook.'k
rw 10 seiiiiiicir. coiLonvni7vurRBei .
i .. r,,i .-iwj.,"?j t .. rz-1 .,Z-..-jii TYimrjKw.w-.viKia: , ,j
f Trautncin & 'li ftd5P ueffertanaCTiliuM
ginned neaily lOUUlSK fijuancl
x. Ti.n n t i ,- ;r.inii,,iir unvwvii iioviiviuuuvupanaimmense
J- " JiWif Mil UtlllUO'J'tlilU'lllUI ii..''- 't " Ji F ?-; Mila
i..i-liirnTSTv,St,S,' MocICof Enxtnes while theio
ses J'liikciislein and Jnr-
don, who h.no hi en isiting m
Shinci for tho lint two neeks, kit
for home, Tucsda .
Dr. Schainbcig and nifonent
to Shelby, Fi id iv, to vutlcnd the
w eilding of Miss Mota Lass, a sistei
of Mis. Scliamberg.
Woltcrs Bros, linvo leeched
tho Impost stock of clotliing eei
Diluted lor sale m Shiner. Call and
examines their stock.
ton buier and Dr. Distel, the Mil
tiul l.Ifi. iiiMiianco man, nent to
Halie.sville, Monday.
I haio for palu 100 cords of
nood, al.i bugiin. Call at m
placo six miles net (it tnnn.
U. II, FiTzomui.n.
The Nickel schools will open
up on September 11th. They will
bo in ehnrgo of Piof, Walker ot
Kcrrville, a nephew of A. C. Walku
of this pIllLC.
hhiuvr meichantB aro pning
cash toi all cotton olleied on,t,hc
market. v Farmers nitre? comingi1, to
Sjhinci' nom'theylcimty ojvioaka
Red ' al cTSarsiana'iino tobac:
ityit tho City bakery;. ' , "r
Going for rash, at tho rock
store, lor tho next 30 days, White
Elephant Hour at lil.GO per barrel. w. j Carnes nas" In JIallcts-'.
Tho Sap pay car made its arj
pcaranee, Monday, occasioning
great rejoicing among railioad men
at this place.
Hoger Carnes left Wednesday
for San Marcos to attpnd school.
IIo nns accompanied by his lather,
W. J. Carnes.
When you haio dandruff call
on A. C. Kocpko. IIo nil! cure tho
worst case nun Ins celebrated
dandruff cuic.
vflle, Tuesday, on busihes3." ,
Dick On ens. S. II. Holers' as
sis tan t, leaves to-day for v"aco. 'f
Ed. Stubbs and Jas. Mucckerof
Witting were in Shiner, csterday.
Bob E'am of lading passed
through Shiner, Wednesday, on his
way to Yoakum.
0, K. Holchak has received a
full lino of prints, domestics, hats,
caps and dry goods of all kinds,
which ho pin chased whilo in Gal
veston. IIo is nroiiaied to sell 5011
everything in this line at rock
bottom prices.
Leo Kee, tho Chinese laundry
manat this place, wts severely
hurt Frfday qvet He became in-
r vuiveuiu a uiiueuiiy w uu uiiuin,
jho'Mti'tuaK Illlo insuranco irian
n- iierippjijafjiit'll wash lull, and Oiiflin
sirueiwniin nun uenair, iiucLuung
his slfull.Pf ' ; '
Awrction-.ynud named IJd.
Grilln'i'waSifound deud in tho real
of Webb'a'jsalobtijn Yoakum es
tcrdavf moriiiuK' . Ho- is tnmio-ul
to liavfiic"6Vbf .alcoholism or asih-
mar- Hoiis
SIiiN&bffii'nnlher victim of the
Tljcioirs.an "abundance of fruit
tobeficanned alid,ou can get oui
caiisxtiC!Proet.cl1s for milv "C
ecitsw!ejjd()zi'n., IIo has a fine
tbkM.Jruli cane on lnnd and
lsintfxiiiui'toidiHnof-o of iheni at
S. H. Newton, our ponnlar cnMoiico.".SllKSlll pell them to vou
Sperlal Annouiicciiicnt.
i Ttrahv one sending us a club
fv'o subscribers to tho Garotte.
paiiUnndvance, no will send a
IVmKr iAiiii " uuu j c.ii iivu.
IlehrVilviieBel is firinfr his pad
Ulestha'rrie6s, hridlcS, whips, etc..
111. priem mav can- not W oeaien
auynheie. '
li ..
Tor Hale. .
A good business, house on lot 1
Adverliso in the Gazette and
be in fashion.
Shiner w ill soon
1500 b lies of cotton.
have ginned
Ilayncs Blanchard, a bankir
of Guthrie. Kentucky, nab 111 lown,
John Ilarwood returned from
Ilalletsville, Tuecday night, where
ho had been in attendant at tomt
J, W. Kcifer of New OrL.ins
was in tonn, Wednesday. He was
representing a linn of cotton bu-
cis ol that city,
block 54. Goinc s'ut a bariraln
'U,000nillbuy'tho,place1?halfeaPh ,. , ,r . t. . , . f1
and theiemaiud?ron time to suiM , -1'rof. Mair leports tint hisas-tr
purchisei. For full 'purtlonlars "t.ints thmenr will be Miss Ls-'(
1 .. .. . n . ' lli. fc'lirwilf,,, ,,ii1 Mtb linn V,1. I
call on Mrs. John T. Brucnlng.
Fire at llulltsillle.
A heavy column of smoke in tho
direction of llnllctsville, attracted
attention, Fiula ce. on the streets
ol Shiner In the- e cuing, Win.
Gieen and Joo Hughes airmdlioiit
Il.illctswllo and hi might liens that
GeidiV gin had gone up in sinoko
and ilaine. The fire stilled in the
gin stand and h"fore tho firo de
partment an i'.'cd the gin nas al
most enliiely consumed. The loe
was estimated nt about 8,000, on
the buildings und machinery, bo
sides several bales ot cotton.
!ll,00 per ear.
Well seasoned wood foi sale b.y
August Schmidt, HOO per cold.
James Tilrbeville and family
went to Yoakum on a visit, Suu-lu.
Miss I.illio Wlieelor is UItlnc
her sister, Mis. It. S. Carnes, this
Geo, Moss, a biothei-in-hw of
August Smith, left Fnday lor Gid
dings, Maui ice Kllinger and Paul
Franko took a Hing trip to Wied,
Mi. Kollman, who has luen
Hciiously ill for somo time, is con-
tlescent, '
Miss Claik of Yoakum is unit
ing Mis. Tinny Culpepper ,of this
place tins nee!:,
Julius Wolters and Bob Ksch'
inlnugncnt to Ilalletsville, Mon
d ly on business.
Stevo Holt link received f
beautiful white l.ibbit iiom Fay
ttoiillc, Sunday.
Fino Kentucky Daks, llombon,
1'vo and oilier biantls, cneap for
ish at J. II. Hucbuei's
Theio will bo sen ices at the
M. F. clutrch to-night (Tliursdny)
tondurted by Hov I.each
llobert Wolteis of Schulenburg
father of E. b Wolters of this
jilacf, is visiting in Shiner.
Shiner is paying mnro for rot
ton and cotton teed just now than
aiij of the adjoining tonus
Miss Anna Uagsdalo o Fla
t una passed through Shiner Tues
diy on the way to Gonzales.
Mis. IllaiiclieBl.ikn-liarrington
i expected homo from Ciliforma
about tho last of next month,
Mrs 16. A, Kessltr of Schulcn
laiig win, xisiting at A G. Wungf
luaun's, L'aturday and Sunday.
Grandma Schneider of Warrdn1
ion li "lsiting her (jranddaughter,
Mrs August Koepke, this nee!:.
Mrs, F. P. Miller and daughter
of New Krlirn weio visiting tho
iiiiitl of Jnlifs Wolters, last week
their new grocery store.
Go to C. Proetzel'a for fiuit
iais. Half gallon jais, $1.50 per
do?en. Qmit jars, ifl.20 per do.
Pint jjrs. l per doen and quart
cms, 75 cents tier doen.
Tin: Gazhttp w ants coi respon
dents at the tallowing nlnres at
once. Moulton, Sweet Homo Nick
el, and Dilnoith. Wiito to the
I'.dltor for tenns and adMce.
Tho fool washing that was to
hao taken place nt Bunting's
clioiil house near Nickel last Sab
bath Ins been postponed to the
fourth Sabbath in September.
, II. Kndgers rodded tho resi
dence of Trank Smvkcre. August
Martens, Joo Koch, Joe Horn, Fi itz
Wnnderlich, C. H. Mato, J. M.
Kruegcr and Max Wolteis recent!
I I licio is tunc 01 nrgimzinc m
hook and ladder company. Surehi
.ranrMfCnla of Nickel was
isiti(ig jfi&V- J- Games' Mon
dutfMryC?lcC..SKl ved thioughoul
the lotvm?ii'(l3,c.m lelate some
thj-illlngfmirr.ulycjs ol Ins adien
turl'SjwjiUois'grviifg under the stnis
ind biirBJlIafnar'tieinated in fifteen
great' (JAtijeg?aiTd5liis ltcollection of
mem iireryiviti unu siiiring.
ComLflcIngiAiiguBt 1st. I n ill
seizor fldlla)al of my bummer
dro'pspoofKcoiisis'finB of white and'
col jjicdjliAi nsipuslins, etc, at cost
pricc'a?jl)giiarunteo ovcrv thing to
bo nevv n nujuetroceived this spiing'
itT.Irniidllla convinced that I mean
jpsltrhataay.'MFpr cash only.
v' 1 &tiN8&B& Ttoci; Ktou.
TIie,jtWIltUh Une Star haljj
lOurjmRiosjuroiiiiguiiicr, oaiumay
njghtiyfalw'eliriiMcndeil. A largo
parofgouligrjeoilo attended
hdmljildrWjihgv wero: Misses
f.icckj'ljn'ieltortlon, Wendt
lahd, .SifearvfeEinkeiistein. Ella
manor ami
ltiohterSille!ir'Ktj.a Rich
el', MoujJ!
or, MoullcfMinbi'okcr, Wendtlnnd
.:.. rt,l-.,,!rWfl,
tor, vijariesric
Ihhuten. L. B. Rich
Uln T.,l,'.,n T)lnl,,,.
lui, uii,i irn X' itijii'i , ,r titiUD iviwut-i
Ottn KfcliteMalld Paul Stueickc
ir,ri ItUlltf
""r jm.''
Ylllwmn, nf llio 13 ATrTTP
turns. IhankTMittii tho Texas Vnr
waertslitiblisliij:! al Austin by
JiiliivjiSclinctfor tho tumnllincn
, .u;u:; i"x.. ..,.. i. r
iiurvmriitiu c,iiyi-i innjj tnui ti:
lishf-d IiTii?rocont issue of tho
WnVitlsa wijIi 1 n
iMrTfKllnewK hud tho
writtenTSMrSVdlne is on
ISuthl't.il Cok'Iil lltlon.
A number of ladies gntheicd at
tho ionlcnco ot Montr, lliehlei,
Sunday afternoon in honor o( the
biitliuiiy ot .Mis. itit liter. lliero
were picsent Jlepd lines A. G. an
Ki'inann, Ed. Wangcmaiin, C. A.
Kesslti, C. K. Holchak, Clialles
WclhauPcn, L. P. Anisler, Annie
Eschenburg, Paul SlueicKc, Mat
Wolteis, I.ouis Tiautwein and
Misses Tennie I.ieek, Emma and
Sclnia Miller. Hilda and Nuiinn
Jungbecker and Lena Kolluian
There nas a card patty at night at
nhieh, besides tho aboic oung
ladies, thcio were pretcnt Mess's,
Philip and Charles WelhaiiBan
Charlie Ampler, Chailio llklitcr,
Albert Jungbecker and Jtudi
dia Chricton and Miss Man Wtl-
huuscn. It has not been d finitely
tettled yet when school will open.
Charlio Hengst had lus aim
broken, Into Tuesday night, Ho
foil under a loaded wigou and tho
wheels pissed over his arm imctur
ingit. 'Iho arm was set by Dr.
A colored, man, named Si I.to
gave his mother and s'lstei a gtner
al beating up, Saluiilay morning.
lie objected to paying a line turtlio
and was committed to tho offinm
Miss Ilonto Hicks of Moulton
is visiting Mis. Win. Green (his
iwfk. Miss Hicks is adaughteivof
Dr. Hicks of ''Moulton, and has
l'ust iitunud after a two year'a les
denco in Virginia.
The weather siHdcnlv took n.
ohaiigu Monthw. ' noither U'fA
un and the ntoplc lue tiien fafcih-
ly leminiltd of autumn, The rout I
niuht" hao knocked the mosiiiii-
tos out and made sleep po-Mlile'l
once mine.
A l'lCttylloiui'.
tCRS 1 1 STfwfa Wr. f, W I, ! nrf7r 1 TZVZt 1 A V
-C..v.'J. isaw.. t.-i''s .,,m
luHi.r fin'
i'. NliuiHrjn (
Tliorn n m 1amI n WMIl' t;
." :, .' fj.tT.w.";vi i
to join ii once j i "j1"!?'
comp- n v qj
there cuulu us nntiuug
our little city. I
young miu ready
i Htnrtod.
K Mr. Bradlev.
Baldwin's hudwaio
New Orleans, was in town Sxtur
day pn business. He gavo it aS
his opinion that tho worst of tho
financial tiouble U uv r. , J
Mavor Hollow ny. Otto Walter,
C. F. Itichter, Augiint faehmidf anil
Ed. Wangemaiiu .diove out (tl
Hnriis' lake on Peadh creek. SittirS
day night and had a high gqotl
tuiio fishing and hunting;. 211
W. II. Fitzgerald who has been
instico of tho peace ol' the Nickel
piecinct for a number of cars has
sold out and moved to Gonzales
and Mayro QuebedeaUx has bpen
appointed to Bono out tho unox
pucd term.
Quo'ations from Gaheston re
ceived nt Shiner this week indicate
an upward rise in tho cotton mar
net. tne worst is uiiaouotraiv
.V '""VIWl
jj strffnntal
'". Shiiieriplet
ii aA'ItSisie
tf dtriie noto.Jiow tin Ga.kitk
i, Kitiwlii&.iiiU'iiViir mid meeting n
ng jHijiuIarapprgMti iuepioploi
over: banks, factories, snon1
loads und mercantile' hnusev-taty. hest dotting in tho countiy.
oier tho country aro rcsirminbnar $Ir.',Holchak can not At oi
iness and taking hack their mijn to? stock IcavS our uieneuro and i
woVk, and the clouds are rolling
awiiv from the financial ;ionzon
of the
inoijtrtionoiar nun best Know n u uv-
.'rtift,, rt fl.lj , a, .1 , i"wl u f, mo
lrnrri tlitt un wi'ul in.
strffnJelitiiljhi maUuv lus visits to
ShiuerjpTeasaht if nut pmdtable.
rJ-iyi, ,
gltai suiisiueiiuii
piiiciatoA'cooil U
and aio
ejicrofi?finiuii si ppoit of tho
panfejaniljwe lnal.e no idle boast
wiienlno predict that within a jeai
,i . ,, ,- . ,, , . , , -
mo UAZBTru.wiu nave tne nngtsti
ciruuiuiiuu ui any p ipcr in iuu
co'iint'vUSiThO fust dutv of a naner
1o befaith'ful and patiiotic to its
sprtrtfrljalid that is just what
ine,LnzETTE is endeavoring 10 uo.
gpl'hasilfflr question may not be
BcTtlod'hut'tho clothing question is
inn that to the Hatisliietum ot ev
ervbodr, C. K. huh 'ink has cus
tom inado and tailor ni.ido riuitj nt
prices that hive been put down to
tho lowest notch on account of the
hard times. Mr. Hnlcuak guaian
tees satisfaction anil if the suits do
not fit no piy is exacted. He gets
his goods tlnect fiolrt Wanamaker
AATlrown's mainiTioth whoWala
ihnnfcf, nf Pliljidplhlitn. n linnsn tVinf
raiiis I tuts (he reputation of furnishing the
y. ti
on in
ttf stock IcavS iour uieneuro and get a
ng nobby tailor mado uuit at a low
Mai or. ...I. W. Hollow ay,
Mnishal 11. II. Loeln.
Bomb Of Aidliimj,i,.
houis Wacirincr.
M. E. cSVolters.
J. C. fllllohm.
E. F. olteis. .
W &. F. 'tfwuo. I
BMnery?inthiljpai fihogTfate,
of a hill and to ho westward lie
miles upon miles of cotton field
and timber hinds.. On a clear day
tho court bouse at Gonzales, twelve
miles awn, is plainly vitible. The
creek that pusses nithin about a
quurtcr of a milo ot tho house is a
natural cnnosity; its banks are
precipitous and in some places nie
thirty or loity feet high. Tho water
is veny cold und neiii tans tho eai
round. A system ot naierwoiKS
dUlubules water to every pait ol
the hoiifco and giounds by means
of tanks and pipes; and beautiful
trets bIijiIo cery part of tho yarns
,Major Gcllhorn in a niitiio ot Ger
many and settled in this countr
n hen ho n as about tn en t -six e irs
old. He served in tho ciil wai
with distniction mid is a member
ot the oigjnlzittioii of Texas vet
Wiseman iinrsn.
M. h. White, Dallas; J. B. Wall,
Galveston; Chctcr Muise Coipus
Christi; F. W. Beltfen, P.irie, Texas;
Judge G. W. Parker of I,ako
Charles La, whb in town, Wednes
day. Ho expiessed himself well
pleased with Shiner and its sur
rounding country. He said: "I
liato been all over the state of Tex
as and Shiner is the cleanest,
handsomest little city 1 have evci
seen et and w lien I get leady to
buy pioperty in this part of the
statu I am going to ntvcbt ni
money light hero in this town and
I nm satisfied I mil never regict
mythoico. I hat o made a careful
inspection of your water supply
here and I am satisfied thero is an
abundance of watei for both mills
and factories and that it is only a
question ot time n hen they will be
built." Tho judge was on his nay
to San Marcos and announced bis
intention-to make a more extended
examination of Shiner's lcsomces
in the near future.
&. STOLZ, Proi
W. J. caens, aa:'tJ
c 1
han-lle.tho M'lIEELOCK ajkl'll
STUCK & CO. celebiated Plan!
Estey. Camp.it Co., and toi
& Clark Organs.
Send all Oiders to
yv. J. o.A.:R,2sn
Merchant tailed
Nowistho timo to adiortihC. , CnrArEST Piacb roit Voiu Cio
The neonlo will know wheio to tro ,. VI
- i ,, ., i j.u.
lor tneir gooeis wnen times get

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