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Shiner gazette. (Shiner, Tex.) 1893-current, October 12, 1893, Image 5

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-? - " ten? i a.o
staple and fancy groceries.
These gentlemen are prepared to fit yon out in first-class style
in the line of family groceries, toilet articles and glassware
They also deal in all kinds of country produce. Best of atten
tion paid to customers; Tree delivery to all parts of the city
Give them a call and look over their large fstock of fresh
French Smith,
Agent for all NEWSPAPERS MAGAZINES, lti.
Papers a specialty.
Hand in your monev and save postage and exchange.
Ollicc at tlio Post oflice.
hi AnquAHTrits Fon
flgsuTOd (?oifljs, JPii?.
Lunch at all Hours. Trash Oity Beer always on Tap.
Shim it, : 'Ias.
I hive opened up a Millinciy Shop in Shiner iulnining S. A.
C lines ifc Bios.' store ami will he glad to see all who need nil) thing in
my line, which consists of
I foci confident that I can glo peifect satisfaction.
TiRUTWisrisr & woltbrs,
Thiso gentlemen hae secured all the latest improiements in ginning
machinery and havo spaicd no expense in this line. Their
., fein has-a capacity of 100 b ilea per day; and they can
guaiantce satisfaction.
Tirae Taiole.
Local time tiblo of the Sin An
tonio it Aransas Pass Riilwaj
Gonzales mixed, south hound,
pisses Slnnei at 12 " P. M West
bound at J 22 P. M
'Waco Expio, south, to Yoakum
1.21 P. M. North 2 "id P. M
SSecrat Sooisti's-
Shiner LoJge, Ho. Ill, A 0. TJ, W.
Meats the second Holiday In each
month, at tlio IIonls hall
JI E Wolteis r M U . J 0.
lllolim M.W..E r.lluhnuim.Ioii
mini., Julius Vol en, Oyersem. 1.
r. Woltoi-., Itccoiclif 1'. O bmltli,
rinanci ir, LouU Wasuier, lieie vn
Louis 'liuutweiu, Cluiilo, (im Van
nowltz.l V Henry Weinlteti, O
TiU'itus 11 P. Uuhmiimi In. LM
son. J. A Woltire Di. Eldsou, 31. h
Elueoher Lodge Ho. 20. 0. D, H. S,
-nra..ta th first Mild- thhd
1londu of each month, at tlio 3Ioirls
&"jl" E IVolters, President , John 0
rniohm, Vleo Picbldint, All In Hum
mel, Sec ; J H, IluobiiPi, Timis ,
liuuzJ Mnjer, Guidn, Otto llelii-
1,,. ,w T. V. . fMltie lilisol. O. l ;
Irustees. Wm HeiultliiuU, Qua
Luoiseiu Julius linegei.
Eathbono Lodgei K. of P.
r Moets first and third Tild ly nlfihts
In mipli mouth. ,
E J Mulr, O O.i Louis Culpepper,
V. CTomBuikett, K otlt and H ,
K. A. Curnes, Treus B J. loiuiKs,
Pulute. Jaolc Culpepper, M A , C.
H. riato, Jt r 0. L Williams, SI
1W, T. L JlcCurdy, I. O , Gliuika
Itlihtor, O Q.
A heal y storm cloud hung oi er
in the north lest Sunday night and
poi tended a storm hut we eio dis
appointed "In till neathoi all
nln signs fill." Tho onlj sign o
aio going to bmk on this till is the
old darkej's sign "When hit's
clouded up all loun' an' i thunder-
in' an' a llshlentn' an'
riin, den jou kin look
a pouun
out fin a
Continued from 1st Page.
ill pull it. If you peoplf oxpect
to ride on that thing jou'Ygot to
tix it with tho conductor. can't
promise you notliin' as tho com
pany don't allow the local to carry
"Whole will io find tho con
ductor?" said tho Colonel.
'Oiertohis boardin' lion to of
courso. I'm a gom' oicr to call 'mi
now and it jou wan t to eeo im,
whj come along," and picking up
his lantern Tom led tho nay across
the s'.H-et whero a light was burn
ing in front of the door.
"Come right along upstair'1, Col
onel," slid Tom, "jou needn't bo
atr iid, j ou ain't a gom' to git hurt.'
Waiting for no further imitation
the) followed the caller up a flight
of stairs and into a room ihcte
there wcro u half a dozen beds all
standing in a row and all occupied.
while lumpers, oicrallB. hits, caps
and wearing apparel of all kinds
were scatteied mound tho room in
dire confusion, establishing the
fact be) ond a doubt that tho room
was occupied by railroad men.
Walking oier to the furtherest
bed, Tom gathered up tho bed
clothes and unceremoniously threw
thein on tho iloor.
"Now then, launch, corno out of
there," he called to tlio occupant of
tho bed, ' before I throw pou out.
Short) 's been ordejrejWmJh8lxty
fiie and tho oiTlcr is fur yW 'to g"it
up an' follir. Long Jim s ngoin'
to pull, broad guago is to Inako tho
powet. Sandy and Top Knot are
agoin' to twist tho rods an' jou're
to do tho figciin', so git up an' git
a curio on jourself."
Ulio only answer to this was a
smotheied jawn and a inuttci like,
"0, go on and let mo alone."
1 No I don't do nothing of the
kind What's tho matter with
jou?" and it ias easy
cold water oiei him, after which
ho stood him on his head and jam
med him up against tho iTall seier
al times with iiolcnco enough to
shako tho w holo house.
Jlr. Stoiens was by this time
sufiiciently anako to stand up and
swear and oicn nnko an cftort
towards (hissing. During all this
timo tho other occupants of the
room showed no indication of hiv
ing been disturbed hi tho upioir.
but Blumbcred on liko eo many
dead men.
"Railroad men beat all creation
when it comes to sleepin,'" said
old Tom.
(Continued Next Week )
lloii.n Ol
M. i:
J. c.
e. r.
s. r
..T.W. Hollow ay.
.. It. II. Loctsin.
Ann hmm.
Ollico next door to Graie's drug
store. Ofiico hours at all times
during tho day. Calls promptly
answered day and night.
Shiner, - - Texas
Geiioinl Piactltloner,
SniM'n, Tris.
Ofiico hetweon E. I Ituhmann's
and tho drug stoie.
Calls piomptlv attended. Resi
lience opposite Mithodist chinch
3Iultim Institute
Editoii CiAFrn Not much
nows this wnk, Still dry and'
dusty. Water drjing up in tho
tanks and pools; tome wells failing,
but don't bo une.isj , it will rain
some time.
Wo are expecting in tho near
Il!llirU LU 11UU1 UL bUlllU ,mi!l lllVll
in our niiust oi Having uusiness
with tho county clerk.
Messrs. Cooper and Undo Mc
Kay aio still absent, but guess they
will be homo this week. Wo aio
expecting somo dried fiBh when
they get Dacit.
Tho negroes on Peach creek kcop
on using then httlo guns. Another
ono n aB killed last Saturday night.
Tho muiderer is said to be an es-capcd-onvict.
Constable Taj lor
of Waelder brought him in lrom
San Antonio whero he w is anested
by tho conductor on whoso train ho
went there on.
Health of our section still remains
Allttlo dauchtei at Mr. Will
Hull's, only u lew daj s old. Moth
er and b-ibo doing well.
Uncle J.iko Hull went to tho
Primitiie association 1 ist Thursd ij
up in Willi imnn county.
Mr. J. I). McKay nrrhed hick to
to sco that' this section last Fridaj. Ho camo
Wo hear that Moulton's gunsmith
met with a sad accident jisterday
(Siturdaj). Whilo making somo
repairs ou a gun it was discharged
and tho ball struck him in tho
We hear that Mi Joe Cooper ban
returned from a tup to tho tar wist
ill tlio way out to Slajden.
We hear that Messrs Parker and
Tannenburger haio found the plaeo
at last at Hempstead. They havo
mulo tneir Mrtuno but on, uiarl
they hue got to count tho tns
Prajer meeting last night and a
good number usohed to do bitter.
Mr. Jim Gardner is iisiting Mi.
Thomas Clark of the Instituti
Mr. Oicoige Mathus is iisiting at
Church net blindly at tl.a M.
E.chuuh by lloi. Ktllough.
Wo sco somo of Shinei's joung
people drlimg tho prmeipil streets
ol Uld .Moullon.
Success to the GA7nrf. XX.
E. Ollc, Rich lid Ahrnes and
Will Unities of Freiburg, Pajittu
county, passed through here last
melt on tlieir way to Uoliacl coun
ty on a prospecting trip.
E C. KaufiVnann and August
Win nkm, brother of Frit? W irnkcn
of this place, stopped oi ei in Shi
ner lust week, while on tneir way
to Yoakum and Cucro
Merchant Tailor. .J"
Call on tlio City Barber Shop foi a
neat shaie, shampoo or sea foam.
Hair cutting in all styles, pompa
dour a specialty. Two comfort
able chairs and two good woik
men. A. 0. Koepke, Prop.
Shiner, :i ij :: Tex.
Tom's tempci was rising rapidlj,
"if I was to go on jou'd sleep here
till tho judgment day and then
wheio'd I be? No sir, your name's
down as Dill Stoiens and jou'io
got to git up ur I break jou in two,
Thej sent mo in hero to nako jou
up and Em agoin' to do it ur break
our neck."
Hero tho mm addressed rolled
oi er and anneared to bo fixing to
go to sleep again.
"Dldjoueier sco such ducks?'
said Tom in deep disgust turning
to tho Colonel, '-hiro Ihaie to come
tin heio and beat 'cm put near to
death befoio I can git any of them
up and that's all tho thanks I git
fur it. Railroad men air tho hard
est to nako up of any ciittcri that
eier walked and I don't seo how it
ii eithei." Hero ho spit
hand and catching hold of tho
man In tho bed by nn arm and a
leg ho diagged him out on tho
' Now then air jou woko up, Bill
Steiens? If you ain't I kin put
l ou through a spechul courso of
Mr. Steiens still showing no
signs of being completely nwako
old Tom proceeded to drag him
over to the n ash stand and pour
from Cisco and reports hard times
in that scetion of countrj .
School at tho Institute moling on
nicely about bO scholais in attendance.
Mr. Chili is putting up a new
residence at tho Institute. His
Inn daughters aimed homo from
Kansas a lew dijs ago, wheio they
had been oi er ono jur. Ono of
our j'oung men heard when they
weio coming, and could not wait
for them to get to Moulton, but
went to Flatonla and camo down
on the train with them to Jioulton,
Ho will bale business at Hallcts
villo bifore long, so tho rumor goes.
No moro till next time.
H iMDLrn.
G. STOLZ, Pro.
w. J. caiins, ag-1;
Moulton Institute. No. a.
JIouito-j Inst. October 8th,
Editor Gazitte: Well hero wo
pnmn ntmlll with tllG SimO old Cri'l
I. , ,, II T :, .... .!.. ,...
on Ills urj wuainer. ina eu n.j
ian han V LPHn 1 IK Lfl WriLQ Willi.
Tho farmns are all through gath
ering now and preparing their land
for another jear so as to raiso moro
of that 7 cent cotton.
School opened on tho 2nd with a
full attendance. Mr. John Crouch
principal; James Murphy, assist
ant. Tho gills all liko Mr. Mur
phy but say ho is too bashful.
Misses Ada and Kennio Clark
letiirned Tuesday from Kansas
where they hao been for tho past
Pianos and
I handle tho WHEELOCK and tho
STECK A CO. iclebiatid Pianos,
Estoy, Camp it Co , and Storey
it Chirk Oigans.
Send all Orders to
U. 1 '

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