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flilE".A I
1 Iffl jJPm 1 ,"t V
MJUrtt-1 .Alilvl jn mo win
PVv-lt fii teroflSi3 Iwai
ordered to lenort
ut Iltnlon mr-
vVjf ' melts M Louis
H? Mo to o'stst in
j otgniiiztng now
It lookid like
row when I left Philadelphia and It
tin snott woiho ami worse tin wo
3 ceded fmthcr west Hv the ttmo
vvt reached I cue Haute Indiana,
things looked verj bluufor getting on
Anxious not to loo a chance to
each mv station I held the fort' in
the mrB the conductor assuring mo
Unit the engine and mail car would
go ahead mj how and thit 1 could bo
thus put through '
I was uwnkenulby tho btnkeman
who informed mt that tho conductor
h 1 1 gone to the hotel leaving htm to
vvako mc and say there was no hopo uf
anything on wheels going out that
night My rtliippointment tendered
mo angry and imicisonablc I rose
up in my witith and uiinthcmntiztd
thu loid and all connected with it,
high and low As ho advised mo to
st iv In tho cuts t determined not to
do ha
I had been for homo eight months it
mv home ictuverlng fiom an ngly
wound In tho face received In our
iirht ndvnnco against hiehmond, this
w is not entirely healed and mv head
wiiH'inabiig i 1 u go covering en
closing nU faco and head leivlng
only the left evo and in out n vislblt,
und tills, while it appealed to tho
i atrtotic made me a queer looking
In tho biggage car, chained to my
iti link, wis Mac my dog a large
Lngllsh grevhound a pet I had
brought fiom homo through a fueling
of bentiincnt Once determined to
sally foith I went to the baggago c ir,
untied Mae, opened my trunk ex
chingtl m dioss cnereo.it for ono of
jough blue drew on long boots out
side my trousers., and strapped on
i belt with two six shoot
ers In holsters. Uccehlng Information
as to the direction of tho liotol irom
the brakeman and calling Mac, we
plunged Into tho storm On nnd on
tnd on wobluudtrcd and stumbled,
tho poor dog keeping closo to mo nnd
whining piteously fauddenlj I heard
a noise nnd, forcing my way against
tho wind and snow tow aid It camo
1 bang up against tho side of a
house under tliis paitlal protection 1
locked along nnd was cheered by tho
bight of a gleam of light which camo
from an open window , I quickly
found the door of tho house, nnd with
Mac entered tho dingy bar room of a
third rate lager-beer saloon It was
about 11 o'clock at night, tho propria
tor was n rough srly Germin Ho
stared with astonishment us wo burst
in upon him
I 1 V J -?!J-ga
"''Can I stay hero to night? '
"flaw I"
"Why not? look heio old man I
Jlook pretty rough but 1 vc got money
to pay for everything 1 want or or
dcr," and I showed him a largo roll of
greenbacks ' If you can t give mo n
bed, make up your tire hero bo It will
keep all night, nnd 1 11 pay ou well
to let me sleep on chairs in this bar-o-oom
Veil " he replied with hesitation
'I haf von room got unt in t two bed
is bud der Is von innn dnrealreadv "
'J don t care If there a an elephant
in tho ono bed bo I get tho other,'
said I "Let's have it right off "
Per dog, ho w ill hero nhtay, eh0 '
,o sir eO that dog goes whero I
3o I'll pay for him like any other
'Christian, put It in tho bd) "
W 1th a grunt nnd a shrug tho heavy
old fellow lighted about half an inch
of tallow candle und telling me
' Como on denl ' led tho way out cf a
i side door, aud up dirty, rickety stairs
to what might bo called tho front
attic" As wo passed a door on tho
second floor, a woman's voice called
to tho man I suppose sho able ad him
what he was doing, as ho answered
that ho was only going to show ' ills
feller to bet"
The room in which ho placed mo
was mean in every way ono strip of
rag carpet In tho middle, a poor bed
undci each slope of the roof lie
placed the candlestick on a rude shelf,
and with a grunt took his departure
J hooked around and did not liko
- the appearance of things saw a lot
of rough clothing plied on a chair by
ono bedsfdei I took tho candle and
went quietly over to survey my room
mate, I was not prepossessed In Ills
favor He was a sallow looking chap
with a big black beard, and tangled
hair, tho outlines of his figure curled
aup under the blankets seemed to in
dicate that ho was about seven feet
high, and I con Id seo that he was
feigning sleep and watching me I
determined to "bluff it through " if
possibla 1'lacing tho caudle again on
tho shelf, I unbuttoned tho oveicont
and drew forth my big ' navies,
putting them on half cock I twirled
tho cylinder mound and looked care
full into each chamber then with a
high of relief, and as if to sa, ' That's
good for six shots unjhow,' 1 laid
them on tho bed I was to oeeupj
'Ihen I pulled tho old slouch hat as far
over mv cars us possible turned down
tho blankets and with boots over
coat, nnd hat on, turned Into tho bed
Iho pistols I placed ono on each stdo
of mc, tho knlfo I laid under ray back
I wakened Mac, who totall ex
ha listed was usleopon the floor, inado
him jump In and llo down closo to me,
nnd then pulled the blankets oer
ua both 1 (nick! dropped Into n
half sleep. A movement from the
other creaky bod awakened mo I
opened my oyes and by the dull snow
light which straggled thiough tho
window could see the outlines of tho
man in tho other bed, nnd ho was sit
ting up.
In an instant Iwas on tho alert, but
ma lo no movement Ho loaned for
ward and seemed to listen then ho
dropped down again In nbout five
minutes he once more raised himself,
nnd for a tlmo was motionless, then
ono leg wns put outside tho cover,
then tho other, and ho stood erect
With tho utmost caution ho Invested
his long legs In tho proper garments,
and thou, gathering up his other
clothing nnd boots in his nrms, ho
stole quietlj as a robber out of tho
I heard him descend tho stairs and
knock lightly on tho door of tho land
lord ft chamber several times ho
knocked, then tho door was opened
and I could hem tho dull muttering of
tho big German, tho shrill whispers of
a woman, and earnest, though low
tones which must bo thoso of tho
stranger Then tho two men went
down Into the bai mom, and I decided
that I was 'in for it' I crept out of
bed nnd went to tho dooi, no lock or
e itch was theie I looked foi soino
thing to brnco ngalnst it, nothing
could bo found One of the two chairs
had only threo legs and neither had
any back. I was caught In a trap
1 had fonght mj waj thiough every
crude, from nrlvnto to cautaln. in the
tteld und done every lino of dutj from
f ticket to pitched battle, but I never
ind such tiylng hours as I passed in
that bed I could recognize tho
shuttling of stocking shod feet on tho
first floor and could heai a steady
conversntiou for about fifteen minutes
lhcn all was quiet for a time Next
I heard a heny but cautious tread
isceiidlng to tho landlord s room, and
tho woman's whispers were renewed
Iho garret-room dooi was open just
a crack Theio I fastened raj gaze
To that point 1 directed tho barrels of
my pistols. I heard the stairs creak,
nnd tho wind howl
I watched and waited nnd finally I
fell asleep. When I awoke, Mac was
licking my faco and broad day-light
was streaming through tho window,
my pistols lay where they had fallen
from my hands I felt In my pockets
thero was my money nil right
Quickly I made my way downstairs
In tho bar-room which seemed rather
cozy by morning viow, was tho host,
who now looked an honest sturdy
fellow ' Can 1 havo breakfast for
myself and dog
Wull, I guess so, after a bit "
And all tho timo he was ej eing mo
most curiously I took u seat by the
hot stove, ho camo and rattled it a
little with the poker, and at last said
Say, vat mlt dat other feller you
do, lasht night, dot you so much him
skeer? '
' Do! ' said I ' I didn t do anything,
and as to 'skeer,' 1 11 bet a horse ho
wasn't half as much bkecred as I wns,
tho thundering big border ruillanl '
IIv Milinmlnj l dot a good ono was
Ho comes down all mlt der drimblls
und vakes mine wife und she myself
vnkes, und he say to me, 'Wot feryou
bent to my pot loom op dot feller mlt
a vito mask his fate on, unt ton pish
tols unt dot pig ploothoun' dog? I
shtay not dcr room in mlt no such
doothoun' unt murterln' cudtrote ' I
iaf do fih airs in do kitchen for him fix
unt ho at do daj light leaf mltout his
breakfast what for ho do last night
paid "
In spite of Its very tame, though
decidedly satisfactory ending, that
was as trying a night as ever I passed
in my lifo
What Is u Dew I omt
In soma of tho Fnglish chalk hills
whero shephcrdB feed their flocks,
wells are few and far between Now,
as water is us necessary for sheep as
for human beings, how is it gotP
Ilundiods of years ago a very slmplo
plan was employed for tho purpose
of collecting water, and this plan Is
in uso to day In certain parts of
hnglaad A pond is lormod and
mado water tight by filling in its
sides with clay If propor caro has
been shown in choosing a situation
for tho pond, it will bo found that
enough water gathers In It from the
rain, dow and evening mists that
hang about tho hill to satisfy tho
wants of the shoop In fact so ox
eollont do thoBO ponds answer tholr
purpose that many of them on tho
Hampshire hills aro nevor dry.
A Change for the Hotter,
Gray Harris 1b said to have boon
u model prisoner while he wue In jalL
Ho novcr gave anyboly any trouble
Hogan Well, then, It wasn't such
a bad Idea sondlng him to jail Ho
nevor mado that kind of a citizen
whllo he was outside. lexas Sittings.
Advanced Dairying nd Itl Tenilenclei
) dimming With Cotlo Total h
Doubling the Honor Crop I arm
Note anil Home Iltnti
Eiroet C renin Duller
Almost all tho dlfflcultles aud rUks
In making butter occur duilng tho
interval botwoon tho milking and
tho churning No doubt tjioio aro
somo that arlso frra improper feed
ing and uncleanllnoss In tho kocptng
of tho cows oi In tho process of
milking, but all thoso togothot ure
not so lnjuiious to tho huttei as
eirors in tho management of tho
cionra A writer In Countiy Gentle
man Bays Iho many mtornal
ohangos that occur In cioam by cx
posuio to tho ntmosphoto and to
vatiatlons of tcinpeiaturo that wo
know nio duo to tho action of nu
merous vnriotios of fungous getms
which incroaso to nn onormons ex
tent in the cream in tho short inter
nal during which It is kept to llpon,
or during which tho milk is kept for
tho ercara to rlso, aio a sufficient ex
planation of tho commfin defects of
tho largest proportion of tho buttei
that is made, Tho most careful but
tor maker can hnidly escape some of
theso difficulties without tho uso of
such nppaiatus as xoducos theso
risks to n minimum, oi i omo os them
altogether And under tho most
faorablo circumstances, n sudden
change of tho uoather may tender
unavailing all tho caio of tho most
skillful dairyman
Ihis being thus It Is only a iea
sonablo thing that tho tondoncy of
advanced daitying should bo toward
tho making of succt cicam butter
And this chango of tho program of
tho fine butter makci is not so much
tho tosult of any spoeial demand foi
this n a mo of butter bj consumers as
to tho fact that tho butter so mado
reaches them in tho very bost condl
tlon and It is tho ndvancod dalrymon
thomsoHos who made tho discos oij
lo i each this end has boon the study
of fino buttor makers for years, and
henco bo much has boon heard of
methods of ripening cream in tfaoh a
manner as to avoid as much ns possi
ble tho contact of tho cream with tho
air, and to keep it at as low a tern
peraturo as rosslblo until tho tlmo
comos for tho churning
It is not that tho insipid flavor of
the fresh butter raudo of Bvoot cream
has becomo tho fashion, for this kind
of buttor can haidty ovor reach tho
consumer because of the rapid chango
of tho butter after churning, but
rathoi that the buttor bo mado
roaches the tablo just at tho tlmo
when it, has attained tho sumo de
gree of ripenoss ad consequently
has tho aomo delicate flavoi and
aroma as when it formerly camo from
tho churn. Sour cream butter has
its best flavor at this tlmo, and overy
hour after that It will deteriorate
unless it Is poifectly sealed from tho
air Ihen, after a time it has
gradually ripened from internal slow
changes, and acquired its best flavor
Uut tho demand now is for butter in
tho form of ptessed cakes, all ready
for the tablo, and this form neces
sarily exposes the buttei to tho air
more than if It weio packed in palls
or tubs
Tho oxporimonts that have boon
made recently in churning the sweat
cream have all been satisfactory.
Thero has boen no loss of buttc, and
tho churning litis not occupied more
tlmo thau usual Xls buttor has
como from tho churn In tho right
condition so that it ripens in the in-
toival that nccosearily olupeos bo-
tweon tho making of it and tho uso
of it. rlhe buttor Is ripened instead
of the cream lhls should Uo clearly
understood so that thoso Intelligent
buttermakois who have all along
well known tho peculiar quality of
sweet cream buttor, Bhould realize
this fact, and thus leconcilo It with
their knowledge It is a question of
toims more than anything olse, and
nothing to alarm any ono
surplus honey frrim tho hlros, cratos
the finished sections, and extracts
tho partly-filled and uncapped combs.
The extracted honoy thus obtalnod
Is, if cured properly, of tho highest
grado for tablo uso, and soils for
nearly tho prico of tho comb honey
if customers aio mado acquainted
with its high excellence
Tho sections containing tho empty
combs ho lotums to tho supois, and
florae pleasant afternoon sets them
all out without covoib so tho bees
can got at them without hindrance,
and clean tho combs of ovciy drop of
adhoilng honoj in tho evoning,
aftet tho boos havo coased to fly, tho
tasos aro carrlcl and storod Into tho
beo proof honey-hou'-e A handy
comb lovclloi ' Is then hi ought into
uso, and tho combs lovelcd to even
thlcknoss and sot carefully away for
next j car IJy tho uso of propaicd
combs ho Is qulto smo ho can doable
tho whito honoy crop
Iho hives after tho honoj is re
moved, will havo an extra hlvo con
taining oltner frames oi drawn
combs, or full shoots of btood founda
tion placed on top of each colon to
bo flllod with daik fall honoy Thoio
should bo a queen excluding honey
boat d placed botweon tho biood
chambcr and thoso hives, Bono biood
can bo started in thorn. Ho keeps
tho honoj thus obtained foi feeding
and tenting an urmy of bees in tlmo
for next jeai s clovei and basswood
llelioriiliin- Ulth Cmistlc 1 otiish.
Professor Koborts is nn advocate of
dehorning, but prefers to ptovent iho
hoins fiom crowing Ho has mado
sorao oxpeilmouts in this matter at
tho oxpoiiment station which ho
sas wan ant tho following recom
mendations 1 That for ofllcloncy, choapnoss
and easo of application, stick caustic
potash can bo Bafoly loeommended
foi preventing the growth of horns
X Tho earlier the application ia
mado in tho life of tho calf tho brttcr
Tho following aro tho dlru ons
for applying tho caustic
Tho hulr should bo closolv clipped
flora tho sKln and tho llttlo horn
moistened with wutor to which soap
or a few drops of ammonia havo beon
added to dissoho tho oily secretion
of tho skin so that tho potash will
more readily adhoto to tho aurfneo of
tho horn Caro must bo takon not
to moisten tho Bkln oxcept on tho
horn whoio tho potash is to be ap
plied Ono end of a stick of causae
potaBh ia dipped in water until it Is
slightly BOftenod It Is then rubbod
on tho moistened surfaco of tho little
horn. This operation is repeated
from flvo to eight times, until tho
surfaco of the horn is slightly sensi
tive Iho whole operation nocd take
only a few minutes and tho calf is
nppatently insenslblo to It A slight
scab forms ovor tho surfaco of tho
budding horn and diops off in tho
oourso of a month or six weeks, leav
ing a porfectly smooth poll Journal
of Agriculture,
A Turn j .Lover
At I gg Harbor, N, J recently Misi
Adello bo am an and August Klein woro
to havo beon matrlcd Iho guests
had assembled at tho bcaman home
btend und evuryhin was in teadincss
foi tho ceicinony eseept tho groom.
1 hut individual failed to muko his np
) curanco but sent a note stating that
ho had boon called to Philadelphia to
tho bodsldo of a sick aunt, from whom
ho expected to got money at hoi death
iho noto Infoimcd tho bridu that ho
would icaih tho place in time foi tho
ecu niony, but as It ufteruuid turned
Meln missed his tialn When MIsi
Seaman was informed that Klein had
rot mado his appeaianco and It was
suggested to hei that ho mlht havo
niis-cd the train if ho was unavoidably
detained sho became angry and asked
to seo tho bobt man, a formn lover
n tuned Hatty Shuefei As a result of
tho confucncc Mi Shaofei led Miss
oamun lo wheio tho guest weio as
hemblcd gicatly to tl o ama ement of
tho fiicnds of both und tho weio
mm lied Klein airlvod lati i in tho
Juv. and was gitatly agitated ovor tho
turn artultd hud taken
Tho 1 lull mid I he lid
'Iho Neshumlny cieol , in Pennsyl
vania in luinj cauonolllltt tho ditches
of adjacent faims with vvutct fiom
eighteen Inches lo two feet deep
Altci j. tccont downpoui thice boys
went ilahing up tho cicek and in a
ditch tho bos espied Unco hue carp
Hopping about Ono of tho boys
jumped Into tho ditch and soized tho
luj,cst II bh Tho carp nourlj as big
as tho boj , had tho advantugo of be
ing in his nativ o element, and plunged
thiough tho water und mud until tho
boj s on f-hoi o thought that their com
panion would burely bo di owned Hut
at hibt tho tlsh gtow so weak fiom its
gieut cflorts that tho bojs diagged It
out upon the bank and thciohcldtt
until it ceased to struggle Then
they lugged thcit tiophy home, put it
on tho scales and found that It
weighed thlity two pounds
Tho I allacy of large Taaturei
It is not uncommon for Inoxpoil
enced stockmen to think they havo
secured excellent pasturo becauso
they can turn into a Held wheio
grass is a foot ormoiehlgh Except
with clover, and not alwaja with
that, a largo growth is not the swoet
est and most nutritious Very often,
Indeed, the untouohed grass in the
pasture field is loft uneaten becauso
it lacks tho sweotnoss which cattle
found in shorter and more nutritious
Wo havo ofton seen tho grass eaten
down almost to tho soil ovor an un
derdrain, while tho grass growgioen
and apparently just as good but un
eaten u fow feet away 'Ihen, too, a
dressing of minoial fertilizer, eltot
potash or phosphate, will do much to
sweeten this too large growth Prob
ably on most noils tho jjotash adds
phosphate also by making what the
soil contains more soluble. Ameri
can Cultivator
iJoubUiifi the White Honey Crop
Mr I) Taylor, in Tarm, Stook and
Hone, suys that at tho end of the
"hlto honey season ho removes all
Fnrm Notes
Fruit trees do bettei on
drained land
Many horses aro ruined by caio
leBsness In handling
Nothing adds moio to tho value of
the farm than a good orehuid
Giovvlng sheep Instead of taking
fertility from tho soil improves it
Iho apple boror borlns his woik
tho first j ear aftot planting tho trees
1 rim all the wood from J.ho cui
rant bushes as soon as tho leaves aio
It rarely if ev oi pays to whip a
horse Ihoy yield much qulckot to
kind treatment
It Is oxpenslvo to keep tho brood
bow on corn all winter Givo milk,
bran, roots, otc
If jou haven't tho cash to pay
with, hotter do without something
than to buy "on time "
Horn Iliati
Leather which Is dull and Btalnod
can ofton bo restored by n mixture
of oil and vinegar, well mixed
The covors of lard palls may bo
utilized for placing under pots and
saucepans when tho stovo is too hot
The most flesh foiralng food is
sugar Ihln people can't use too
much of it, fat peoplo can t uso too
llttlo of it
A thin piece of Bait pork bound to
a wound causod by stepping on a
nail or carpet tack will romove the
inflammation almost immediately and
prevent serious consequences.
In cases of Illness whero tho burn
ing thirst of tho patient cannot bo
assuagod by water or cracked ice it
is said that a teaspoonful of glycer
ine will affo-d prompt and compara
tively long relief
PerBplration stains may be re
moved from tho arras of whlto woolen
or silk dresses by sponging with
warm water into which ammonia has
beon pourod, and then with clear
water Pross tho pluco before it be
comes qulto dry.
Frabt oldory should always bo
honed on the wrong sido, on a soft
surfaco, suoh as heavy flannel or
foltlng, with a cloan whlto cloth
over it and should ho ironed until
thoroughly dry. In this way the dO'
Bign will bo baauUlully brought out
An I Tplodliijr Meteor
A tcmaiknblo meteor oxplodednear
Pompton N J , ono day rocently
In dcseilbintr tho nho lomenon. n wit
ness said that ' tho whole sky began
toglowbeioto tho meteoi camo tn
ieht I heio was no wavering In its
couiae, und, as it camo more noarly
ovethcad. it seemed to go faster.
buddenty It burst, and n thousand
pieces of many colois went fly lug in
evciy dtiectlon Uho glow, which
mingled with tho dawn, lasted for a
moment longer Uut It was not until
tho light faded away that tho report
L.uno Iho light lasted about thirty
Costly ltallwny
A now mountain i nil way has been
constiucted on tho hchafberg, In tho
SaUkummergut, often called tho lUgl
of Austria The mountain rises irom
Wulfgangsee, u beautiful lako situ
utcd an hour from Ischl Tho summit
is 3900 feet abovo tho level of the
lake, and tho length of tho line la
about thro and a halt miles 'ihero
are sovcral tunnels, ono of which Is
DOO feet long
Con co 1 ree State,
King Leopold of Belgium is sover
eign of tho Congo Jreo State, at his
death Belgium will succeed to his
rights In tho state, and will have the
right to annex it In the state at
present thero is a population of about
11,000,000, of whom 774 aro 1 uropo
ans, of thoso J88 are Belgians Iho
Btate is governed by a central govern
ment at Brussels, with a local govern
ment at Ho ma tho capital of tho state
of House
RE daily test
mg Royal Bak
ing Powder by
that most infal-
tho test of practical use.
They find it goes further,
makes lighter, sweeter,
finer-flavored, purer and
more wholesome food
than any other, and is al
ways uniform in lis work.
Its great qualities, thus
proven, are the cause of Its.
wonderful popularity, its salo
being greater than that of all
other cream of tartar baking
powders combined.
viw" f -t.-ti
jka iP h
Wt iiw Ji1 ),

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