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Shiner gazette. (Shiner, Tex.) 1893-current, November 16, 1893, Image 3

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I Curo Djupepila mid Constipation
Pr Snoop b Tlostortttlve Neryo Ptllt eent free
wtta Modkal Hook to prove rafirl i. for 2c stamp
Drui;glsufSa Dit Sfioor.Uoxw lUcineWis.
TrouMas open doorfe In our hearts for
Christ tocomo in
hriTE 01 Ohio, Citt of Toiedo, I
T.UCA9 Cot NTT f
t RANK J Ciicnby makes oath that ho U
thn henior pnrtuer of the Arm of K J
Chkni t &,Co , iloinstusIncsH in the City
of Toledo County and Btato aforesaid and
that flnil Arm will Lav the sum of OlSK
HUNIHU 1 UOMjAHS for each and every
raoof Catarrh that cannot to cuied li
the use of IIai i a Cataiuui Ct ns
Rworu to Imforo me nnd mtscril cd In my
presence, this Oth day of December, A 1)
1811 A (ILLAbOV
, ' . Jsotary Put lie
3 fcEAt t
Hall Catarrh Cure Is taken Intel nally
nnd acts directly on the Moot and unit us
surfaces of the sjBteni I" end for tcstlmo
nials, fice
r j cnrNKY k co roiodo o
E3f"SoId by DniffjrfsU 75c
When you tiy to bo goo 1 try to bo good
for something
Dr .1 A. Hunter, KpcflntUt,
In diseases of tho Throat Limes nn 1
Heart, Catarrh nnd Uonfnowt 318 Main
ttroeet, Dallas, fox Bead for pamphlet
Tho penco of God is fcoiuothlug tho devil
enuuot brook
Pillion's ontimpln Cum
1 wtl 1 on n. Rt ininlor It tun bin tj I nt Cotii in.
tton It is ibo Ln bt UoukU Cure shumQuUs. RQl o
Uod does not want ft dollar from anj body
who is not willing to 1 o puro In heart
c t
My acquaintance with Boschec's
uermaiibyrupwasraaue about lour-
teeu yeans ago I contracted a cold
which resulted in a hoarseness and
cough which disabled me from fill
ing ray pulpit for a number of Sab
liaths After trying a plrjsician,
without obtaining relief I saw the
advertisement of j our remedy and
obtained a bottle. I iecei cd quick
and permanent help. I never hesi
tate to tell my experience. Kev V.
II Haggerty, Martinsville, N.J. 43
Ilia While City mid It Mtltora nn
Mewed hy a CIoia Observer of Peo
ple, ami Ihlngs m0iiio 1'letnrci Tnbeu
Irotu life
Vta v I
I ;
d&& AT
fflBfc tiPF
mszJiyn&f at-"
tfitAnhrogra If.nnta cptiHt fin thft fttOTOBCh UVTf
end kldnoj-s, nn t It a ilennnnt laxat!v 3hl
drink 1" ravin Irum hertw, nud U prei ored Tor vmi
m etuuly od tea. It Id culled
All dniSBlsts sell It nt 60o find tl n packago U
nu cannot set It apnrt tout a1Ureim for a free
MCJiua i mm w i nmiijr mruicmu inutuii
wcUcocli ilar A Irtrt-
Old Time
of treating
Colds and
Coughs were
based on the
idea of sup
pression. We
now know
that "feeding a
cold" is good doctrine.
Scoffs Emulsion
of cod-liver oil with hypo
phosphites, a rich fat-food,
cures the most stubborn
cough when ordinary medi
cines have failed. Pleasant
to take; easy to digest.
Praprl I Swiif Ttnni V Y All Arnsg (n
Mr 3 C JmeR,of
lulton, Arkansas,
" uaysoi
"About ten years nco I con-
tra'tod . Mvnm CA&a of blood nol-
soo Iadinc phyticlans presenbed toeCldno
aiirnieaicine,wuigu louuiviiooubany mici
X also lriiwl mercurial and notaBh remedies.
with nnaneoGBSful rOBUlU. butwlilch brouclit
cn an attack of mercurial rheumatism, that
made my life
one of agonj
lour ycar X gavo up all remedies an 1 began
using BBS Alter taking several bottles i.
was entirely cuve4 and able to resume work
1 19 in RroaKSSt jnouicme iur uiuwu
I ruituriTi t n rr tulnV nl hfl IT1fi.rl.ftt "
TreatlM o rinott and EMn Dlseaucs mailed
jrea. uwnrr trtwrjo i.vH wvuaui, u.
jvj CeatGwiKh Bytup iaiwiiood. t;eM
"I tof your pardon' he said, lUtlntf
his hat andstepplnfr aside
"No she should bee vour rjardon."
said tho occupnnt of the chair, and
ino apoioy Wiis proiieiea instantly.
'lhe other Incident was a little mora
amusing- A t rippled woman had been
wheeled to the 1 rench building1 and
was waitlnjf while her attendant went
ii side and presented her letter of in
troductlon to the commUslonei
A woman diessed in lusty mourn
Inc. evidently the motherlv soul frou.
Borne village or country neighborhood
who beat a'l het fi lends adits and
pilns vicariously, stooped oer and
said in the most tender and sympa
thctlc tones
If null just bathe that foot of
vouru in hot salt water eve ry night It'll
get well "
It 1b doubtful If there has evei been
an exposition Kkc this which has been
sogeneiolly attended by thcarious
crdersof Komnu tatlioliu sistcthood
rJ hey tire met with everywhere In
(ompunics of four and hl, habit d lu
uiac-K or in wnuo oi in gru witu
their girdles and olfs and trucifixes,
but tin lr blight faces show that their
lives of sodust n hao not diminished
their nbilltv to cujo the world and
its splendors, i hey are interested in
pictures of a sat red chiraeter, in thu
rich M&tments and nttat cloths that
form so latgiwi i art of the exhibit m
the Ionian u building flora the Catlm
He touut ic3 of I urofe and '-outh
Ai'ienc i
Uho C itholiL cleigj lie alho pieent
in imposing numbers l twos an!
tluees tliev studv thudifteitnt dcpiit
month in detail (.ml aio gennally
mustered in force in tho chapo , in
Titian s exhloit, or in tho educational
dlspl t of the Citholic stliooN tnd
unlvcrsitlcG in the Manufactures
I must not forget in this huiriul
Rummiij that Inigc and bus con
tinirent tho dour hiirmy, good tern
pered creatures men unit women who
mo brimming over with umeiiahio in
form ition lie or she, individually
considered, is a bustling busy person
ana generally iias in tow somo uum
blct and more retiring fiiend
Doubt is (sometimes depicted upon
the countenunce of tho intormce if I
mn ntiln a word but dilHtionce or a
X SISTJR OP C)IAltlT. m.cAlniinBcnf llmllntlnim wlilnl. thn
wan of the two not bectuiss he has informant does not possess keeps him
m '"BC ootaij, ui iiu una mum "" " SliCnt
Worlds Fair Letter 1
lm crowds which now
Jf dilly attend tho
Worlds Fair are
one of the most in
terestlng feature
Hi Is has been true
since the openlog,
but tho pertonnol
of tho viitors has
changed some
whit During the
summer, In the
months of luh
fcnd August, theie was a Urge and
Intelligent percent of teacher and
students. Thcro were prof -.ssorh with
a dozen degrees from the colleges and
universities east and west
Uoth have the same refined and in
telligfntficcs, but tbeli clothes were
a distinguishing difference Mho cast
em pedagogue was the bcttsr dressed
lecauso cast of tho Allcirhenlcs until
you reach tho extreme in Itoaton thero
is a greater anu greater regard for tho
outward man tho western student
does not care much but ho w ill with
iu tho next ten cars Tho school
teathcrs aro of all ages and eondl
tions, from tho fledgling lust out of
tho Normal school, to tho woman, full
of years and honors, who had seen re
lay after relay of boys and girl finish
their course, make their graduating
bow, and so progress to tho dignity of
a profession and a homo
I met one most interesting person of
this latter class She, with a charm
ing, bright eved joung giil, hei com
panion, sat at tamo wnn me one ciay
while I was lunching on the roof of
tho California building. Her face was
worn and thin, her hair white as snow.
and there wore the deep lines actoss
tlie lore Head, ana at tne coiners ot the
mouth which the years will Inevitably
leave as an Index of character, if those
?, ears have not been blank of all feel
ng and sympathy and experience
Her dim eyes looked oil! upon the
domes and turrets and the waving
Hugs of tho stately buildings below us
nnd then turned tow ard tho lake where
the gracoful ships were Hying to and
fro, freighted with human beings
"What a stupendous sight it is," she
exclaimed, her oico trembling with
emotion "It is llko a vision of the
anocalypsc I passed through hero
when Chicago was a hamlet in the
awamns I taught school in a log
fechoof house when thiro was only one
road in tho western wart of tho stato
My schoolroom had a puncheon floor
and a fire nlacc. and some of the chll
drcn walked six miles through the
woods to school and homo again I
camo from Massachusetts to my now
home in tho west. It was then on the
frontlei, and I was mauydays in mak
ing the journej. And now look tit
this' No ono could have foreseen oi
have foretold such an achUicment. It
would have seemed then beyond the
possibility of human power "
The prevalent order, quiet, nnd pro
priety in so vast a gathering of iople
What do vou surmose them air'
said a ineok little matron to hei nngu
lar and taller cicerone glancing at a
decoration of some species of palmetto
in the California building
I hem Ihem s shark s teeth "
She said it with a decision that
would have silenced an opponent ntv
her humble admlicr only gacd ia
heightened wonder, murmuring sotto
loce, ' Shark's teeth
Ono morning, wllo making a clr
cuitof the giouncs on the Intra mural
road, my vis a vis was a young Penn
sylvania farmer, and a lino young fel
low he was, too. In spito of his few
trifling mistakes.
1 Tho Costa llyeca cafe," ho re
marked half in soliloquy, "X reekor.
that s ono of them cafes I've heard sc
much about"
n and him. sroovrn (n Ewr w dded).
occasion constant remark In all my
many visit I have never seen an in
toxic a tod man, nor havo I ever heard
an Indecorous word, nor have X seen
anywhere any indications of the pres
ence of disreputable persons of either
box They may be thorp, they doubt
less are, but the influence of universal
courten forces tfeem Into compliance
with tho conceded rule of good cm
duct, and they go about quietly and
Unobtrutlvely like all the rest.
Iho good temper and this universal
rourtesy meet one everywhere If vou
are jostled or inconvenienced tho
oflender, whoso conduct is unlnten
tional, instatitly begs jour pardon.
Iwoimtantei camo undei my notice
A oung (riil wheellnT a fr end in a
"hairiaii into a jyentimun who clW
aot see lyhttt wus, cjw ng
- ''""tgsi
Nothing can be substituted for
the Royal Baking Powder
and give as good results.
No other leavening agent will make sucli
light, sweet, delicious, wholesome food.
I n;llh I orlo I f Mom nine
In 1 nglaiul tho period of mourning
foi a fathei-in law i twelve months
ten months black and two hull mourn
ing dure Is toldom worn although
tho napa period was forma ly hW
month1? loraputnt tho iierlod Is
tho sumo us above J ho longest po
lled for a bi other i m months
fha month Hock unl one
month of half mourning I ha
ci ape l oi lod w us formr-rh
months It is now ulmuft dUciuded
A wKo man run t-eo all thoro U inu fuul
head ever j lime lie o ens his mouth
Theie i no decJ moie heroic th iti to mr
no to jomt-elf
1 coj lo nro not uhi except w.km tiior
hao no Itnowk Ikc
Tho Ainlrlc !Utc(very
On nuuther psge of this Jsii h mi ?t
lintihthe urtlilu on the tioatuiunt tiuJ urt
of roiioiimi Hon iho sttt ioct ha-i lutolir
tlurn teeu 1 uniElit to tho attention of the press
; , i f t tho entire i unntrj in nrotultof i do n -
tlon vt the llililcnn 1 oaid or Hen th la
lhe ahnitnst prrud U font montlin uo jaimg Lonmiuiiuou u contusion- au
black no hnlf menu nlnk I ho T criod . '" ." luouimcndliiK Jwlatioii of af
. , , r'., , ', , I fectpil i rioiiH to si tclnl hoi ltak ti toil
or mourning fot i father-In law is fcI ,1k'. U1r se hhould other (.talolx.ani
often shortened to ei months uhtMi ' of henttti ft How tho cxnmplo of the Mlelf
lolutlves lesidc it .i tiWHltiaulo Kml?cI3 Ufcttnw IiiiiosbIMo tu mpnsura
flUlitnrn t, ntn nwh ntli, . W hat tliO lOllsupM llttH woill U O llltfew
Ulstitnco Iiomej.tn othii olk ncpo,,! nauutod hj thitxplrlt
"" i which should erva le every o Mtorlal rauo
V lait AVerth I rmiuiiHrlnj; (turn olleri I n refold off! ,000 to any phy
There nio many such o cmnr but lure Is 7.V"" V l " .......,w. .." , . -" "w
onewhUh cptclalj rmtimwl Jlwell toinvi
imi 7
lheoirei asiiomptlj acctitel ly l)r V
lime honorc-i andardlnlrornnt bulldiiiipnn
pnfcpblf il ph l pic and yn u ctn It ogalnbt dis
ot by luiiirln u e tool ounh couv ei l jn 1 1 tho
nlument iecelid Into the Mouurh lutotlool
m Wr1111'p;?a 'S ,COImtm, ' r01 , .T- Amkk of I Ddniatt who h-wf .ilrea ly
Ids W7 utit in order to autuite M?nr the JM, nguWied nllllhtlE by (uril,B w,mo
tlou re cBtabllshliiK the fimetloDH of dim- newctnjir lho man igomuut of lb
tlonumtaislmllailon ufona permimntlmls i lUconlei f-e'ectel ten ntlentn In vnrl
'"tomaehlcH In name nri umni trless n ey 0us htnges of tonsumptlon lho nrticl
luipait a plight htimulitfl iut ri "tile-not hint, lefcned to tolN tho Htoij of Dr Awkli
lejondthl" Much nme ! requlrtd nnd Hos Uucccs and of tl o aj merit of the $Ml M
tettti a htonmch 1 liters Htln the Mil Tun ' V tho llctoultr ifimiianv Dr inlrfc
n t mo h not only his winincnow inthi-K'eMt
deslio to lme his ttcutmeut tnitirtlal(r
tetel lifoio nnj iiionoy foi thu tnoilUluec
lins Ijccii ci endett 1 v the alToctt 1 He
and ho lily tissue ' lolhed with Increibhitt ofleit to hend to all local I hyslelrtui r
hinnRth throiuh this ur falling scenes tho ffarilletn nf hthnnl or cn lo or i rwi tint
..VAtem isdefeuucd oinlnct lufliiencespiejull lavLatUU m eillrfnm tilEfPiit 2
ilal l heullli Uku 11 1 Mitem in malaria InKcs "'rf inwilrtnoA suliu lent W
rheuiiiiiU-m ltldre and Ihtr tionlle and con show just what result will I o i io lutel ia
Btli atlon eadimtsL J lie fact that thoe ontllli nr
onlj scut to tho i ntient thrtiuKh his or her
1 1 e man who rtniiv oui u lAnformci phjslclnn is u Riiainnteo that, they will
hhould lo well irtr iicil f(i Irwl roads nnd stand the test to which they may h suh
innii, u.riiiint fetted I modicaloxToits Ur Attiick li
loiiKiiMininci willinntoleteathihjsiclanatid euch i
Cllllll IMdlv tlr-ntjiidgensto whether ho has a -ooni
I tMied what hetlaims Ihora U a(roaly
The plrnant flnvor Rtnlle ft'tlon an 1 the testimony ot i hjslclaua mil i utiwitt
fcootlilnR eireitsof Hjrupof Up- when in who havo found itosons foi endowing the
need of a laxative nnd if thi father or jdlcoveir In tho faco of sucli ovi Who of
. ,i - i -,r,t - i rf,,,t nftMh.tnfnt iN wotth tneic urn to but littlo hewitiincj
mother loroMlve or Irlious tl o mot grnt ,n rolltmmmB thodlscovery agreut booi
Ifilng remits fellow its nn o that it In 1 10 M;iTeiIui mankind aud tborefuro of (a
tholest fnmilj reined Vi own n I evcrj calculallo icncflt to tho wholo human rac
famUj thould hive n U ttk on hnud
? unrcgenerate man has ever loen auv
bcttci than Adam wos on tl o da lib was
I ut out of the garden
Surr f liront or f oncli, If unered
to i losresf, often lesults In nn huuratla
lhioat oi Innx timible nvn liion
tfilil In :lt gho mstimt rdhf
HicUanpRU the one that npienls tho
met J et tl o fault finfhr inn lie n note '
Brown h lion IlitterH etnes Dyiep-Ia,
Malaria UIliousuwi up 1 (lenernl Pebflltj
Uives strength nu iiittxtui Ttnus iae
uerves cieatos ajjotitt lhe lent tonlo
foi Vtrfein, ilotters wtali women and
Tho man who lives to help other pion'e
will oon have other poojlo living to tielj
irtho lliitiy l ttiiilnirTrelli,
riurd and u Hat nil nd nelltrtel rfi j Uu.
Vmi o faooTiiitu Stbcp for Chttaren Terti at
MR Arr M5 GTtANOril OF J AllfK IllKIj
The word wns pronounced to rhyme
with safe, but he did not know it -nan
wrong, and ho was a delightful cv
aaiple of the bliss of Ignorance
ills companion was somewhat mora
styllshlj dressed and evinced some
knowledge of urban life. Still ho re
lied wholly iipon tho statement oJ
the voung farmer
'hat are tlipse"1' ho asked point
ing to a rem of steam launches moored
at their plor lhem? They call
them gondolas now " heioplied with
nevi r an instant shositatlon lie wag
most entertaining and I talheu .o him
all the way round tho loon and back
It was not conceit, but jubt a Fort of
contentment in nw own cnuowments
and If these endowments were fault?
in spots, ho was unaware of it
I have endeavorod to nccountforth
subdued tones tho differential man
ncrs, the dignified bearing of the un
classified thousands who daily pour In
at the gate of the Exposition I now
unhesitatingly attribute it to tho
moral and spiritual force of
art, beauty, and tho magnltudo
of the very work that has
been achieved lhe dullest soul per
ceives it half untonsciously and is
quickened into delight, Its purity and
grandeur shame then reverent and the
base, while those who look upon It
with a reverential understanding and
an enlightened soul are moved with
tho highest emotions of gratitude to
Ood for all the gifts he has bestowiul
upon his creatures the powers with
which he lias endowed thena and which
here find the hlphcst and, fullest ex
pression It ta the fruition of nil the
ages tho monument to that universal
peace which lias prevailed throughout
Christendom far two decades wherein
humn industry and skill, not crippled
and declmlnntcd by wai, havo had
their pcrfer t wor r.
It in tho, benediction of labor, the
montei pie a of cWiliatlon, rind nil
lemain nn lucent vt i ml on c ample
foi gcVfMtions aii'i f r inc vet ur
borv 'hi II ivioi r
"e tan ulnars get goal out of our
trout les 1) talking thorn 07er with tb
"HniMim m Pidgin Lorn snlv '
Wmr intitltu i oinJ r Jim! "l vu your
druffbitt U it 1 kul3L(.ntt
lhe devil hot no quairol with thMiiatc
who hax nti tonlroversy with hlnifl'slf
Huuarj inenneei nil I(r taltc
tl tj want is I lend
I nue'ft lleillt iiu titi' if lion
cl 1 at li u) . In trdir lo to henlth
this ii i eeewiry fureh ttnFti ation,
headache Ltdne and llrcr tiouhle- nut
regulate tho htoniuth ntid toweJtj iVIc
&0o aud II 00, n, all il(tdet
iinrni) fort c li J-trtifc enough thit
liai no tonnnls in ft
Mai aria enred mil en 1 hated fiom tho
lyoteui Hiowim Iron KiltUH wlikh
enrichis the Uootl tones tht uirvts aids
digentlu.i 'Vcth H (hium on i crsons in
feeueiaUUhitilth Rulufc, nw cuctu and
As kooii as In is haled we an willing to
gu to war nnd light it
Hfeuum s 1 in nunklv cure i . lend
ttihe weak stomntli Impair?-1 ligation
(ousttintlcu dl-oidtied lier t
rany n man Is riht fn hi luartnlioti
wioug 111 his head
Fives you a fctUritf of horror an
arcad lhcieHnolonHrt rn ceasdy lor
Its uto In man dtema s lotuicilr ie
U aided as lucutublo without oultitie
Tha Trijnp'i of Goiiscrvalita Surgary
s well llluit mud bj tho fact that
nilDTIIPP or llreath U now radt
tlUrlUnE: canu curort without the
knlfoand without pain Clumsy, clinf
Ing truBBca eim bo thrown away l 1 hr
novcr euro but otten Induoo latlitin
i lation str atuul it Ion and death
TIIMinnR; Ovarian llbrolltUtirlnol
lUII.UIIu nndi lany othera aro no
removed without tho perdu of cut
tln nj crnlknn
other dlacoses of tho lower bowel, on
permanently cured vrithoJt IjUu or
rnRort lo lho kullo
CThWP ii tin niadl r no thaUo"
wlUiau i0W Urpe f3 rrnihcd. iH
erlzed waehed out nnd i rloctly r
innr4 without cuttlnff
OTRinTIIRF ot brlnary ramps I
0 1 n tu I U II t. tlB(i rCmo "d w llhout
cuttlnn1 lu hundreds of cases lor
pamphlet, references and all i urtic
Jura send 11) cents (in stamps) 1
"Worlds Dispensary Medical AaaocJi
tlon OOJ Main fit liuffalo N
ji3?taa fr?ii-Ei
Mule ( all nty m aivl
t 4 I 1 lilt At HM-uliltMU.
ii nt it (tin ii amen
M " rlii i kst, i tost accuiitto uiul lo mi net, ujX
OTOht modirii
ISja now rt ad lu Jt-1 una ilv
Patents, Trademarks,
Exftinlnutiou ul Ad, fee ti rs.fnuility of
InvciitKi) ht;nlrr' luvei torn (lull rlliwtUa
i Mem, fatsici o nam VAsgwirw at
MEEDLES, fc'r,";
nn iu i f ? u...iiA..i...i...i...au
-vl jU&.hlu,
It ii tor 4 Oilr.
j TIIK TlUDt ttiriuiu.
At i- Price -SHS
its rxxTa woiuiP.
vmani ii iuu uuuuuih tLuimttu w,, i
ssrt!iKni. rtxsY taie uimniOTEn. w n u Dallas.
m ui in Nn it r.n -in tftfm
MS3 tl war N V Writ u t, ii tlLu
liufi l, llrti
uium n T''V
I tilt
VK;J"'lTliomaRon,s Eya ffjlsr.

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