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i .'
Tirmy hcort wbb hoi Mid rent If m
Anfl my Ufn vm dill of imp
And tho nnrdrn laid minn mi
"icnHHlfcrealrr than I coulil Imm r "
IfcUr acquaintance had not begun
in tji usual way Theie hud been ho
Jortflul lutimluittou: iu fact, they hud
cti r ptiftonally met et, to Con
ttnuit rultlifuVs In in l thoie was no
limi in her life thai hi? hntl not
rug-md ith It 1 11 y All time befoie that
jTfrnt vcut had faded into the dim,
shuttuwy past, and paled btfotc Iho
ITlonom sunshine of the blissful leal
iir Only a few hhoit month but to
th ilrt.'iny, fuiKlfui glil It was an
i-umlty, an oternltv filled wlthaper
Irvt ltht, "th light that never shorn
en hu d or se.i "
"And ho Is coming to inel ' she
muni d, ino bulmy spring day, in her
oft Not tli, n let tor bfgncd by a
! woman's name which simply broke
I her heart Tlio (otter Raid that ITai
old Uurgoyue had other ties; that
there was ono In the gioat Not thorn
metropolis to whomhovvasbetiothcd,
and to whom lie was ho devoted that
hu eouhl find no time to visit Con
I tnncc. And, Indeed, if this weie
I true she would not deslro him to
tome Who kept thu lottoi a socio t,
and hid its contents in hei own faith
' fill he-irt Hhe had not ceased to
lon h'tn that w.ift simply impossible;
1 but sh Know that ( they wero parted
foiever, and she st'iove iith all her
I strength to bo resigned Ms letters
I hud rtoivu so cold and commonplace,
I the old sweet comfort which they
. wore wool to hold was gone. Onco
' his letteis had retted her; now they
Ullea her lieirt vvltli a vague unrest,
S0M,,,hi,,S r il?r 'hi1 ilt uilll ' ' torn it asunder with ciu'cl pain
tow 1-oiiUici n home; 'his last letter ,
Ms dour letter siys, H will bo with secinod Brmitt than she could bom
ny sweet, true uonstance, in less
than a week, llefoio the fragrant
rrc bloom In the little garden you
hate o beautifully described to me;
tbilt gaidcn, sweetheart, which I can
rr in fancy, and the gi eat live oak
trfi with the rustic eat under It, ut
thi rtd of the garden walk I can see.
oon1" too, there, Tlear, diessed In the
jmtlygown which you vvoto when
vn hod jour plctuie painted for me
1 t,-,n t-tc your face, my daillng, with
Vtt oft white moonlight falling upon
It, lighting up your blue eyes join
wavy biown hair, jour sweet led lips
AV In a- little while vet how long
to nn t ngcr hoait I will hold you in
i arms, your .rightful place t will
rtbj kisses upon your Up'.; I will read
tne Mvcct secret In your dear blue
ry, F wilt sec you at lastl Oh, Con
Wine, that will bo best ot all! Tim
w or id may smile at out lov e. since w o
Jiavc never personally met, but be
twicn two congenlul hearts thero
iucdbcnoccrcmonl.il of thu world's
0 airing. Through the medium of
letters wo know uicli othet's natutcs;
n have learned to love each other,
ixd now wo will meet: and the ideal
will fade before the glory of the leal.
1 will torao direct to you: be waiting
for mo nt the- oak tice Vour
J vow often she had lead and re-icad
that letter! How slowly the days had
chagf d by, bringing neater the meet
ni lj days whose feet seemed clogged
with iron shackles. How she loved to
gaifo with silent raptuic on his
pictured face, the picture of
her boy, her bonny, bright,
bur d some. Harold What though ho
h.ul won a biilliant name In the fur
nit North what though the namo of
H.irld JJurgojnc, the rising voting
journalist, was upon evety lip hu
washers Hu filled her sad lonely
life to overflowing, and made up for
every loss that that life oontu.ned.
.At last the dav came when the meet
my took place. It was all just U3 they
, tail 'planned It; down in the moon
lit garden, beneath the live oak tiee.
.Slit- fttood (.here, waiting for bin com
lug, one swift, eugcr glunut, and both
bauds were outstretched; then, his
iirros went about her, und her head
drooped upon his shouldei, and all
wty still. It was the meeting of twin
mjuU hearts that wcro mates In a
love too pure for earth
There were days ot happy compan
ionsshlp after that; days never to bo
forgotten, but alasl alt too brief. Hut
nothing on earth can last nothing so
fair, so HUo a drcara of heaven and
the sad, sad parting camo all too soon
"Constance, I will come back to
tod," he said, great tears Iu his beau
i if nl dark eyes, as he held her to his
heart in that last sad farewell a
fu,i o well destined to be eternal ''I
will comeback to you, my dear one,
fee fore the autumn leaves deck thu
trecu. This is April I will be with
jou before September, lie bravo and
itrcng, true heart, for 1 shall not
change. I shall live to make you hap
py. Xivo for me, my Uonstancu, for
Sour love is very dear to me! There
is none like it upon earth "
lio smiled into his oyes, her own
full of tears. Perhaps some preset
en to of the futuro crept over her
heuittt, and guvo hur warning a vague,
sn'btlo warning that that love would
be hr doom that the man uo madly
worshiped would bring her deepest
to-rroWi black despair.
He loved her with all his heart, but
his did not undeistand thU woman's
l.nttire, its warmth, and sensitiveness,
Itw depths of intensity and despair.
1 hey parted. He, to go back to the
frxeitoment of his career she, to bear
kll the sot row and desolation of hor
lot nlone, in u dull, unoentful round
f lifo's dally duties duties which
oiuetime3 seemed too heavy and
cumbersome for her, and her heart
wus no longer in her work
Time went uy. nc auury summer
weather was wearing slowly on to
rarly autumn. It was August; but
Harold was too occupied with his woik
Vo daie hope for a vacation.
He broke it to her as gently as pos
ifck. It meant so much to him to
them both, for surely they belonged
to inch other. If he did hla work
well now, at this particular juncture1,
hie fnture waB assured; and that futuro
wuld be hers, also, for were they not
I'olng to pass their lives together?
o he wrote; and Constance submitted
with patience. Ills success was hers
No Baorifico would be too great to at
T!n that ondj And she never told
bim of her own falling health, of the
weakened heart, the feeble stiength
She would not trouble him or bring a
tJowl to his brow her bright, bonny
by so dearly loved.
And bo, as the aya-gHded'by ran
MIv to him in IiIb busy, bustling life
seemed unrntti than she could boar"
One day a letter from Harold nr
rhud, more like his old letters than
any she had lecetvcd for u long tiufo
His woik was lighter now, and lie
could get leave of absence ho was
coming to Constance onco mote.
She huillod, a Had, wcaiy binlle, nnd
turned her face to the wall. Tor she
was a hopeless Invalid now, and It
was only a matter of time before her
buidea would be laid aside forever,
her sad life bo done. He did not
know or learn the ttuth .She had
concealed it all, with the unselfish do
site not to interfere with his advance
ment in life
A telegraphic message Hashed over
the wires one day in late September.
"Will be with you in three days," it
said. Hut Co ns tan co was past all hopo
now past all expectation, all desire.
Aftllctotl Willi tocouiotur AtmU for I If
tprti Ivatk Did nut Mnlk H Htfp for
I lt l Mb (IIvihi Ip Uy I lie
jfniiiiiic riirniiiHiM or jt.w
lork Illy uiiil lMAtlinrgotl
1 rvln His IfunltnttMn
lloflilutl u Jn
i urnlili
(nmMr.i loll Tttli'mr)
1'or fiomo tifiio there lias been an In
creasing number ot stories published
In tho newspapers ot Now York city,
telling ot manelous curoit ot lailous
dlsoasc that huo bctn raaclo by dif
ferent mcdlelnes and treatments H
has lonff been tho Intention of tho Ti lb
Tim (leriimn Srlioitllmy &tml(en Jlnnler
riiAn Ihoiti of otlior Countrlei.
Year ntior year tlio (ierman jryin
iinsla, high schools and unlvcrsltlos
tend out Into tho woild, thero to
look toi' a IMiifr, inultltudcs of oioi
wi ought youths, teeming with in
stmetloii which has unllttod them
for bread-earning by tho practlco of
unv jiuioly mcohnnlcal craft or petty
tiado and has Imbued thorn with
many of the tastes and sympathies
that can onlv bo jirodiictlvo of happl
iioss, or oven enjoymont, to thoso
who aro cnablod to take tlioir stand
und maintain it in ono or tho upper
social sphores. 'Ihoso youths, say 8
tho London Telogiaph, hao been
"put thioiigh tho mill" with a sever
ity of which tho Hi Itlsh public school
liavo not
i f. .i r ii, ,i i. W nr-d unliorslty man'
in,..ii ..:ii,.t,uiin i ..,i a" ovc" approiinato notion
gh the itiuth to tho world as a matter '":. ni?n,T,l llk,, V' ,81501 "r
ofnows. Happening on tho caso of ' ?' '"f "mJ Bn "." (f, r;rr;
Geo. IHommedlou tho other daj an in- " ,t.ho ' ' st I'1?. U, ls on ' dovo1!1
vestlgatlon as made with tliisiosulti 1 " V, 'T,',01 plal, .(i.amos' 8Vch
Uhe burden laid upon her had been
gi enter than rhe could bear and she
had succumbed
Hatold liurt'ovne was preparing fBP' bayro of 280 otli Ave. mado a trial ol
his journey. Alt was in readiness at tho 1 tench method of stretching tho
last, and his face mis alight with hope, I iplno. Although I rocelved,no bonellt
When tho loportcr i ailed on Mr
1llommodleu at tho josldenco ot his
rouilu, Mt. Kdward Houfjhtallng, li71
W ltl4th St., he said 1 am 01 jears
of ago, and was born In Hudson. N. Y.
I served my tlmo In tho army, bolng
corporal of Company A, 21st N. J Vol
unteers. It has been about flftoeu j ears
blnco I noticed the first symptoms of
my disease. I .consulted Dr. Allen of
YorkUllc, und also Dr. Piatt. Blnce
deceased. Dr. Piatt oxhaustod hl-i
powers In my behalf and finally told mo
that he could da nothing more for inc.
"Hually I was advised by Dr. Gill to
Co to the well-known EOicnlist, Dr.
Hamilton. Do gave me a most thor
ough examination and did mo no good.
I felt 1 w as growing woakor every day,
and wont to the Manhattan Hospital,
ut -list bt. and Purl: Ave., and was un
der treatment by Dr. Pcguin. Ho
ti cated me foi about three month?, and
then told mo that I had locomotor
ataxia and was beyond the aid of med
ical science. I was now a complete
physical wieckj all power, feeling nnd
color had left my legs, and it was Im
possible for mo to feel tho moat severe
pinch or oven the tbiust of u needle.
lf my skin was scratched there
would bo no flow of blood whatever,
and It would tako It fully blx weeks to
heal up. In tho night I would have to
feel around to find my legs My pains
wcro excruciating and at times almost
unbearable. I would take large doses
of morphine lo deaden tho pains.
About five yeais ago Di.LowJaA.
I ftp in IJiis treatment! shall always feel
grateful to Dr. Sayro for his gteat In
terest and kindness. ,
"&o sevoro hud my case become by
this time thatlmuld not walk without
and his heait was full of happiness
'Only throe days moie and I
hi i. ill see my darling." ho said to
himself, as he stood alone in his room,
wlh his trunk packed nnd ready:
'r! 1 tr tlitrsi cliiff jlfiiru nurl T c I nil
hold her In my arms onco more never assistance, and was almost ready to
more to pari My Constance, tho ffhpuplifc.
bruve, uoblo Constance, my own for- ( "I began tho uso of Pink Pills for
evei now!" Tale Peoplo in Soptombev last I took
Some ono cnlorod Uio room, Harold them rather Irregularly at first with
did not know whom. A telegram was .ha rold wntnr tmatment. Tnniarv
J". i liSn? 1,.7-IKl,' Bhort rae l wa3 convinced that I was
vague apprehension, lie tore it open, ... , .. it, .i
and read these fatal words: ffettliiB better and I began tho uso of
'Constanco died an hour ago. Her Q Pl-3 m earnest, taKiug auout ono
box every five days,
Tho first sign of Improvement was
in November, lBOi.', when I had a rush
of blood to tho head and feet causing u
stinging and prickling sensation.
February 22d, 1893, was the first tlmo
in five years I had over seon any sign
of blood in my feet. From this tlmo
on I began to improve. My strength
ana appetite have gradually returnca-
a Drop iu Kcc. 1 now have perfect control of my
lie was a haticrhtv swell and ho eot bowels, ana tho pains have gradually
off tho elevated train nt Klovonth left me. I can sit and wrlto by tho
street: he carried a neat snuare hour and walk up stairs by balancing
package dono up in white papor. It mv self with my handB. Without doubt ting bits of cotton in tho bedroom
might tiavo
last word swero, IIarold Cloodby.'
Tor thu bimlcti laid upon her
.Seemed if-eater than ho could bear
"ud forever utiafororor,
At lots a.s tlio rivnr flows
Ai ona ud Urn Iw trt h&a pansloas.
At Ioiik ns life hm vi oca -
' Iho moon uniJ.it; broken retlcotlon
Atul lift nhidowrt shall uppoar,
An the aymbol of lovo In hbaven
AnJ Its wavef laj fnioo bore."
as tlioso which conslituto an Im-
poitnnt feature of our educational
cm i Ionium and me specifically asso
ciativa In churactcr, uio unknown to
tho boya who attend (tcrraan gym
nusla and Konlscculon All tlioso
establishments uro in tho nature of
day tchools Thoy do not tako in
boarders, no Ioisuro moment of tho
boholur'H lifo U spent within thoir
precincts, cou&oqucntly no pluj
grounds nro attached to them, and
thoy uro exclusively utilized lor
study. Thero ls no such thing as
cricket or football, rowing ot papor
chasing at u (iormun school, not
vvoio thoso or any other open-air
sports tolerated by tho management
of an educational institution, nor
would thero bo any tlmo for indul
gence In them.
It may bo said of tho avoingo Gci-
man school boy that during tho sov
cn ,car-j or so which ho passes In
worklne ms way up from 'aoxta" to
"mima" his labors never coase save
during meal times und sleeping
noma, and aro only lightened to u
certain extent by his annual summci
vacation, which, however, is abun
dantly fraught with tasks calling for
caroful fulfillment era ho tuturns to
tho logular toutino of school lifo
This routlno begins ut 8 n. m. and
lasts with nn interval fur noccssary
refreshment, until a latu hour of tho
afternoon Miould tho "gymnaslast1'
happen to lesldo at any conilde ruble
distance from his school ho Is com
polled to liso at 0 or a llttlo after In
otdcr to dress, get his breakfast.cast
a g lun co at his lesson books and ex
ercises, and reach tho gymnasium In
tlmo to avert an imposition for un
punctuality When ho leturns homo
nt tho end of school hours ho carries
with him a quantity of work, tho ad
equate pioparatlou of which for sub
mission to his teachers noxt morning
a ill occupy him until 10 p. m if ho
bo u. quick student, and probably un
til midnight If he be a slow ono Tor
healthful locroatlon nay, for abso
lute rett he has not had five min
utes at his disposal throughout tho
working day. Week in. weok out,
excepting on Sundays, with htm it is
toil and trudge, toll and trudge.
ll't u IHtlo Uiiyllmy lltivc.
A pair of nippers and half a dozen
olghteon-lnch gas-humor tubes," was
tho order plvon by a jaunty young
woman who isltod a hardware store
tho other day. "That lady," said
thu proprietor aftor her departure,
"is uu uctross, and Is just going on
tho road. All theatrical peoplo while
traveling carry nippers and tips with
thorn. Themanugois of hotels in
small tovvus try to save gas by put
boon candv but It was 1 am a. new man from tho ground up,
eErtrs. for if vou nleaso. ho drooDed it and I have every reason to belelve
did this haughty, howling swell that I will be halo und hearty in less
dropped it right on the platform., than months. I havo taken about 12
Eggs are a bad thing to drop when boxct of pills.'
Sn orn to before mo this Eleventh day
of March, 1893. II. E. Melyiill,
Commissioner of Deeds.
fsLAU Now York City.
An analysis of Dr. Williams' PJnk
rills show that they contain, lu a con-
you wish to conceal tho fuct that you
have them Uut when that awful
crash and splash and ghastly rovela
tion camo, one gentleman showod
the norvo of a horo Not by trying
to pick thorn up, you may bo Buro;
no, he novor moved a muscle, he doused foim, alt tho element noces
slmply walked on without u glunoo eaty to give new life and tlchncss to
at tho wrock. inose mat am not tho biooa ana resioro snauerea nerves.
actually see tho drop never would They aio an unfailing specific for such
havo suspected him htm the least diseases as locomotor ataxia, partial
ot anybody in sight. There Is a eight ' paralysis, St. Vitus' dance, sciatica,
of peoplo vrho do a little light house-1 neuralgia, rheumatism, nervous head-
keeping on tho Bly. now xork llo i ache, the after eifeot of la grippe, pal-
Ileml nclie.
In tho early English days thero
wero temeatea "lor headache, ana
for old headache, and for ache o:
pltatloa of tho heart, pale and sallow
complexions, and all forms of weak
ness olther'iu male or female Vink
Fills are sold bv all dealers, or will bo
sent post paid on receipt of price, (50
half tho head."' "Eyo work and cont ft bo- r ? he '""-l
burners, thus Impeding tho flow.
Tho mlnuto an actor strikes a light
and detects this ho pulls out his nip
pers and tips. Off coraos tho 'faked'
burner and on goos ono that lots tho
full head of gas como through. l)o-
foro leaving ho arranges things us he
found them nnd goos merrily along
to get tho bettor of the next econom
ical landlord on IiIb route.
A Safe Ilnuk.
Tho Emperor Duc-Tu, of Cochin
China protects his treasures by plao
Ing them in hollow trunks of trees,
which float about- a huge tank situa
ted in tho center ot tho royal palace.
Thero are twenty crocodiles in tho
tank as well. When he wishes to
lto7l llakluff l'ur(lor'lfon all tha lion
on In trenifth nmt Wine 'O
Ter Cent. Ahovottn Jiar
cat Competitor,
Tho Roal Making Powder baa the
Anvlablo lecord ot haviagtecclvcd the
highest awatd fur urtlcles of its claB-t
greatest strength, purest ingredi
ents, most perfectly comblnod wher
ever exhibited in competition with
othnis. The tesult at tho Chicago
Wot Id's Ealt Is no oxception. In tho
oxhlbltlon of form or jears, at tho Cen
tennial at Paris, Vienna and at tho
various Stato and Industrial fairs,
vvhero it has been oxhlbltod, judge-that
o luvatiably avvatded tho lloyal
Baking Povvdor the highest honors.
At tho recent World's Pair tho ex
amination for the baking povvdor
awards wore directed by the chief
chemist of tho Agricultural Depait
ment at Washington Tho-chicl chem
ist's official report of the tost of the
baking powders, which was made lor
tho specific purpose of ascertaining
which was tho best, shows tho leaven
ing strongth of tho Koyal to bo 160
cubic inches of curbontc gas per ounco
ot powder. Of tho ctcam ol tartur
baking powdeis exhibited, the noxt
highest in strength tested contained
but 133 cubic inches of leavening gas.
The other powders gave an average of
111. The Koyal, theiefore, was found
of 20 per cent, gtoatcr leavening
Btrougth than its neatest competitor,
and Ai pet cent, abovo tho average of
all the other tests. Its superiority lu
other respects, however, in the qual
ity of tho food it makes as to fineness,
delicacy and wholebomeness, could not
bo measutcd by figuies.
It Is those high qualities, known nnd
appreciated by the women of the coun
try for bo many yoar-j, that have
caused tho snlos of the Ho-,al Making
Powder, as shown by statistics, to ex
ceed the sale of all oilier baking pow
ders combined.
Wo inter of CorA.
The (.oven wonders of Corea are a
hot mineral spilng, near Kin Shantoa?
which Is capable of curing any disease,
no matter how Beilous; two wells, ono
at oach end of the peninsula, which
have the peoullar characteristic that
when one is full the other Ii empty a
cold eavo from which Issues constant
ly an ice-cold wind of great force, a
pine forest which cannot bo eradi
cated; a "hovering stone" of massive
rectangular ahapo, freo on all sides, a
hot stone, which has been lying from
time immemoi lal on tho bummlt of a
hill and ovolvlng a glowing boat, ftn(-th-HI;-a
"sweating Muddha," on vhicb.no,X
a blade of giass or a flower or tteo
has flout Ishcd for thirty yearb.
About ONI Niiylnff.
When ono sajs of anything that ft
Is "not wotth a stiavv," ono means to
Imply that it is vvoithlcs, for what
can bo the value of a btraw? 'iho it
older saying was "not worth a ru-ili," I
and this bring! out the origin of tho
phruso better. In tho days befote
cat pots it w as tu j custom to strew the
floor with iusno3. When guests of
rank wero entertained, rushes, gieen,
fresh and sweet, were sptead for
them, but folk of lovvor degree had to
bo content with tushes that had al
ready bocn used, while still humbler
persons that had to do without anj,
as not even being "worth a lush."
llakoti 'Women.
Miss Carrie l,ano Chapman sa3
that moro than half of the women who
own property in Dakota uio graduates
of eastern colleges. 'Ihete Js, she
says, a little south of tho Ciow Cteelc 2
tescrvation a section of women, every A
ono'of whom is a bona fide farmer
bho says: "Tho fields aro plowed and - ?
crops gathered by women. One of
tho most Intellectual and most lefined
woman of tho section Is a biceder ot
fine horses. Shechas uo hired men
All the help are women. Among
these women are graduates of unlver- i
slties. Among them are old maids, -young
maids and widows."
Tlia Sen.
The whole sea Is composed of tlia
Atlantic and PaoJfie, tholndlaq ocean,
tho Arctic and Antarctic seas and va
rious smaller bodies of water. It has
an uiea of 40,000,000 fiquaio miles,
and would form a circle of 13,350 miles
in diameter. Tho relative she of tlio
areas ot tho whole surface ot tho eat th,
of the whole sea, of the Pacific and of
draw upon his bank all tho teptllos i ;w ol wo iu uu ui
aro killed: but this cannot take At antio can be represented by'asver
place without the joint consent of tho f aJ V?1' l ie f"p'ae. "J ".
emperor and his minister of finance. ha" dollar for ihp Surface pf 0)0 whole.
1 I tan n. 9.ri r-nnt. iIpa fnr thn HlirlfirA nf
fiend's temptations" aro also mon
tloned in this catalogue. Ache of
halt tho head, or homlcrania, from
which Usorgo Eliot Buffered sa
muoh. has boon considered a dis
tinctively modorn disease, but theie
is nothing now.
owly to her, in her lonellnew. and Dora-
A Foollah i-3tlon.
-Oh, I'm In each distress
fadness Harold Burgoyno never 1 mind, and I want your advice. I am
are never sold Jn bulk or by the 100)
by addressing Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co. Schenectady, N. V., or Brook
vllle, Ontario.
Th Great rit Hole.
The w oi Id's greatest pest hole is at
last to bo cleansed. Tho sultan of
Turkey has resolved to put Mecca into
something liko a healthy condition.
fadness Harold Burgoyno never 1 mind, ana I want your aavice, i am Th8'(-ocl9lon u lhe efTactof an intlma-
urcamea inai m ,n.1"" f -.VP4 "Y uroo wen nuu x uou w KUuW . rQm th ,,rUUh novernmont that
unless tho holy city Is cleansed 1$ will
aifxivlv but surelv fadlncr avvav. Still.
with enbllme unselfishness, fhe hid it
Fom him, and wrote as cheerfully to
Ihn as she oould, trying to cover up
'tbe smart and the pala "
Then, ono day, there en me a lutter
no Constance a letter from th far
which to accept.
Claio Which one has tho most
Dot a If I knotv that, do you sup
poso I'd waste prodou tlmo running
around for advice?
take means to prevent tho annual nil-
grlmago from India. The sultan has
decided not only to cleanse tho town,
but to t-reet at his poruonal expense u
great lodging house capable oi con
taining 6000 persons,
Collettlnfr Tnxci In Bttxonj.
Tho government of Saxony has
adopted a novel method to seouru
tho payment of taxos. Tho names of
porsons who did not pay their taxes
Inst year aro printed and hung up in
all the restauranti and saloons. Tho
proprietors dure not servo those
mentioned on tho lists with food or
drink, under penalty of losing their
!fttl llotlUs Uurml Like llami.
Tho ancient Ethiopians salted tho
bodies of thoir dead and hung thorn
up in aismokohouso tt bo dried and
3urcd They vvoto thus kopt for a
rear, when, perfectly proservod,
they wo ro turned over to tho icla
tWos for burial
tea, a 25 cent piece for the surface of
Iho Pacific and a silver half dime for
(ho surface of the Atlantic.
Kqual Kl-fbt.
New Zealand is the first ot English
tolonles to give womon equal political t
ights with mon, A bill giving thorn
moh rights' has just become lawf It
Ives to all women, married or single
lhe same right to vote as Is now poa
tessed by men, Tho firstieleotlon un ,
ler the new- law will be held in De-
tember. Tho only'other stated in.tho
world in which men and women havo
the same political status Is Wypming-
ind Colorado in tm country.
Let too buslnei.a of others alouo und at
tend to your own.
He who purposelychentshUfrieud would.
tbtathu Ood,

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