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The Gazette.
Published I.vory Tluiradaj 03-
Editor and Publisher
One Year, postoflld..,,.,., J(
. 1 00
Entered at tho Shiner, Toi , Tostofllco e
lecond-tluss mutter.
A I rult VVhMi (iIohii mil) In tho IittumH
f till lnl!CH rM),
'i lu coco-domci 01 dnublo cocoa
nut palm ttoo is one of tho laigost
anil most lcmaikablo palm-. It is a
nntivp of and only found on a small
gioup of Islands callod tho Sey
chelles 'Jhco foim an aiohipolngo
in almost tho middle of tho Indian
ocean consisting of about eighty
Islands Seychelles aio tho homo of
tho so-called sea cocoanutoi Maldlvo
double cocoauut the coco do-inor. It
is tho fruit of a pocullarand 1 era ark
ably fine species of tho palm tribe,
indigenous to and only found on
ccitaln smtillor islands of tho gioup,
and nowheto olso in tho world.
BoUnUts give it tho narao Lodolcca
'lho fi uit is a laigc, doublo, oblong,
kldnoy-shapod nut, covered with a
thin husk. After tho lemoval of
this tho fiult has tho appeal aneo of
two oblong- nuts ihinly joined
together for over half tholr longth.
and which often woighs from thlity
to foity pounds. 'Ihcy aio borne In
bunches, each consisting of nine or
ten nuts, so that a whole bunch will
often weigh 100 pounds It takes
ten yeais to rlpon its fruit, tho al
bumen of which is similar In appear
ance and lines tho innei suifaco of
the nut, but, unlike that of the com
mon cocoauut, (s too hat J and homy
to soi vo as food Tho shnll is con
eitod into many useful and orna
mental nitlclos by the island natlos
Hut tho most linpoitaut pait is tho
leaves, which aie mclo into hats
and baskets.
So pi eat has tho demand been ol
late yoais for those that to obtain
thom the tiecs woto cut down and,
no caio being taken to extend now
plantations in lHbJ tho leading botanist-
in I'njjland petitioned tho gov
emment for protection against this
wasteful destmctlon, for fear that
tho slow gtowing, unique speclos
would eventually becomo extinct It
appears, howev or, from recent In
tly llctnjp lucked Up In th District
PrWou and Will He l'ut to Vtnrli on
tho St roots, In CotnpIIiBce UtU on
Oi.l IllM.
Washington, April 9. lho un
ceremonious manner In which tho
freight car load of forty unemployed
from Cincinnati was taken in chargo
by tho police Saturday night Is afore
cast of tho reception that awaits
Uotoy s army. This rooming the
men were brought into police court
and a chargo of agrancy brought
against them Tho local law against
vagrants applies to, nil men without
v islblo means of support w ho are
destitute and likely to become charges
upon tho city, who have no vocation
or means of gaining a ltvollhoood or
who solicit alms. 1 ho penalty is ninety
days in the woik houso at hard
labor, but it rests within the dlseie
tlon of tho judge to accept tholr prom
ises to leave tho city at once, or to
accept $200 bonds as suretj that they
will not becomo public charges. Theio
Is no doubt of tho application of th s
law to tho band from Texas under
Capt. Primrose, for the Bearch In tho
polico station of tho men showed that
the ca9h capital of tho company
amounts to $2. They received two
falily good meals jesterday and have
been passably comfortable except for
tho Ignominy of conllnomont in colls
usually occupied by ctltntoals.
jjorraatiou that in ono of these islands
It is tiuo that for many centuries
tho fiuit of this palm tree was
knowu only ftom specimens of it,
which, floating out to sea from the
islands, woio borne to and cast upon
tho Maldlvo and other coasts, the
Islands, tho homo of tho tico, being
at that period unknown So raie,
cuiious and mystoilous a fruit was
held in high rogurd and ctcorapd,
not only for a supposed lollglous
significance, but in modicino it was
bolloved to bo a sovereign antedoto
to poison lrom its raiity it com
manded a good pi ice in tho Oilent
Tho husk of tho nut Is a black, ilnd
llko substance, a quaiter of an Inch
thick. Undor this Is a shell bomo
thing in character and thickness
like the ordlnaiy cdiblo cocoanut
Ihe kernel of tho nut linos tho In
terior of tho shell to a thickness of
about an inch
Tho coco-do-mer was of old be
lieved by tho supoistltious Oriontuls
to bo tho fuilt of soma subinaiiuo
pulm troe Baio finds of such nuts
as were tin own up on tho Beashure
were valued by the Brahmin and
Hindoo fakirs or mendicant priests,
who, cutting them apart, would dec
orate tho polished halves with bands
of caivhig in low lolicf of inscrip
tions from tho Hindoo eeiiptutes
So finished, theso formed valued and
bacied bogging bowls, in which men
dicant priests 1 ecohed alms of money
or food.
Hold Jail Delivery
GitnrsiiLKa, Pa , April 7. A des
perately executed jail delivery was
successful hero last night, by which
eight cilmlnals escaped, When Jailer
McC'ready, with his assistant, Wm.
Mcbbeaiy, entered tho cell corridor
for the purpose of locking tho prison
eisupfortho night, Peter Madden,
ono of the most vicious prisoners con
fined in tho jail, jumped from his cell
door and stiuck McCready across tho
back of tho head with a pleco of load
pipe. Tho jailer went down as If ho
had been Bhot and lay unconscious on
tho floor with blood pouring from an
ugly gash across his sUull. Mchcaiy
made a brave stand, but was soon
a -victim of Madden1 s leaden
billy. While both men were in an
Insensible condition tho companions
Df Madden who vvcro in the plot
Jumped on them and beat them bru
tally. Tho prlsoneis tilled tho pock
ets of MnCrpfldv. Komir'no- t.hn Tlrnvs
;KgWM W ntmimummMi -' I ,fA ,-j.
uutcsaui v iui men uvuuu uuu iuduu
out of tho jail. An alarm was given
citomont by wholesale discharges o!
conductors within the past few days.
Tho discharges began on the Big Tour
and are continuing in increasing num
bers, and reaching to other roads. On
l-rlday, as previously announced, Ha
Big 1 our conductors wero dropped on
tho Chicago division and flvo on the
St. Louis division. Wednosday four
whoio discharged on tho Michigan
division, soven on tho Cleveland and
Indianapolis division and six on tho
other div lslons, making twonty
seven In all Pour on tho Po
orla and oastcrn divisions wero
also given their notices and others aie
booked to go. To-day Blxtoon Monon
men wero dropped, including all but
ono on tho Indianapolis division.
Nothing in years has caused bo much
excitement among railroad employes,
and all those left aro wondering who
will go next Ofilclals aro vory ro
tlcont over tho matter, but on,o of tho
ofilclals of tho Big Pour svstom de
clared this evening that it was a
plain case of "knocking down.11 Spot
ters had been at w oik, ho Bald, and
ho had at his ofll 0 positive proof
against every man who had been let
out on his division. Ho further de
c'a'red that many of those who had
been dioppod had beon living at tho
rato of $600 or f 100 per month while
drawing only $12 J.
Preparation Tor tho Mxtli Conjreis to
Ilo Held In Vr Moines in June
Tho sixth annual congress of tho
Scotch-1 rlsh society of Amei lea will bd
held in Dcs Moines, Iowa, fiom Juno
7 to 10, 1891. Not only mombois of
tho society, but all Scotch-Irish peo
plo und tholr descendants throughout
lho country, and tho local population,
without regard to nationality, arc
most coidlally Invited to attend and
participate in tho oxercises, which are
all of a popular charactor.
Tho objects of tho ocioty are purely
historical und social It Is entirely
non-sectarian and non-palttsan
Organized flvo jonis ago it has
stcadllv. giown In numbois und influ
ence until now It is ono of tho most
powerful organisations of its kind In
existence Perhaps no other or
ganisation of its slzo in this coun
try has a moio distinguished
and influential membership It
has beon welcomed to tho ic
spectivo states in which it ho.3 met
by tho hlghost ofilclal authoi itics, und
it assembles heie on the invitation of
tho highest oflicers and the strongest
organizations In Iowa.
As tho prestigo of tho .society in
creases with its age, each Buecooding
and within an hour four of tho es
caped convicts were recaptured, but
four others, tho worst of tho gang,
aio Btlll at liberty. They aro 1'eter
Madden and Michael Gorman, express
robbeis, Young Kelly and Harry
Owen, lobbers. A largo posse of
officers aro in pursuit. Tho wounds
of tho jailer and his assistant, whllo
serious, aro not considered fatal.
S11I 11c a. Dead Man.
Nnvv Okixin, La., Apill 5. A re
markable case is now on trial In the
civil dlstilct court wherein tho de
fendant, Patrick Kane, is dead. Sov-
erln Clentant, tho petitioner, clalmsJ-0innc"5sman Bryan of Nebrai
mat ivuno was a car unvcr ami mat
in a dispute relating to faro he
hnd in&ulted and abused him for
which ho wants "foOOO damages
When tho case was called tho attor
ney for Kano attempted to have jtho
caso discontinued on the ground that
Kano wus dead. Tho petitioner's
oiunsel objected holding that Kino's
succession w as rosponslblo for his
act" Judge Thoarm sustained tho
objection und tho case went to trial
Strong Language.
Baron Maulo onco lebuked tho'
ariogance of Mr. CrqssvveU, who had
been treating tho bench with a lack
of courtesy, in tho following terras
Mr. Crcsswoll, I am porfoctly
willing to admit ray vast Inferiority
to yourself. Still, I am a vertebratod
animal, and for tho last half-hour
you have Bpokon to mo in language
which God Almighty himself would
hesitate to address to a black
beetle " Argonaut
'Mlstnken Criticism.
One of tho most remarkable exam
ples of mistaken criticism is found in
Bentloj's edition of Milton. When
eve. eithor Benso or sound did not
puit tho critic, ho never hesitated to
amend aecoidlng to his own notion,
confidentially assuring tho leader
what Milton meant to say.
Teacher Do you understand
meaning of romorsor
Bad Bov los'in
Define it"
It's beln1 sony vou forgot to put
jour g'ography in your pauts "
congress Isan" Improvement on" tboao
that have gone colore; ana tno meet
ing at Pes Moines is therefore ex
pected to bo tho mostsucccssiui gatn
orinir of tho raco yet hold.
Uhe addresses of welcome will bo
delivered by Hon. Prank D. Jackson,
governor of Iowa, Col. John Scott,
president of the state society. Among
other distinguished speakers who will
deavor addresses will be Jtov. ur.
John Hall of Now York, Col. William
Preston Johnston of Now Orleans,
Judgo John M. Scott of Bloomlngton,
Hon John A. Kasson 01 ues iuomes,
Hon. Prank McCray or Indlanapollsl
Col John H, Koatloy of Marshalltow m
e-cnator McMillan of MiBaairy
Tho Senuto l'asscd Thrco Houoo Hills.
Tho llllt to Inaugurate ( lvll Service
Itul4 fur Diplomatic und Conuiar ber
t1c not IittnreiL
H'amiinoiov, April 9. Tho oflicers
of tho secret servlco of tho treasury
department have discovered a now
counterfeit of tho $20 note, Borles of
189J, check letter "C," W. S. Boso
cians, registor, and James W. Hyatt,
treasurer, Hamilton portrait. Tho
note has tho appearanco of being
printed from a wood cut. It Is about
threo-elghths or an inch Bhortor than
tho genuine and about a quarter of an
inch less in width. This fact shows
that the camera was used In' Its pro
duction. Tho seal is well tu-ecutod,
but Its color looks faded, Tho color
of tho treasury number is good, but
tho formation Is poor. Tho general
appeaunco of tho noto is bluish led
and tho lines of the lathe work, espe
cially on tho back, cannot be tracod.
Another Itltr light.
WAmvnov, April 7. 'Ihe Demo
crats of tho house aro propailng for a
light over tho proposed ropoit 01 tho
stato bank ta. Tho party is almost
as hopelessly divided on this question
as on tho silver question and tho sec
tional lines which aVo diawn in tho
contest over tho seigniorage bill aio
likely to be as clearly doflnod in tho
coming struggle, 'lho same Demo
crats who oppose tho seigniorage bill
will oppose tho repeal 01 tho tax. Its
friends aro tho repiesentatlves of tho
Bouth and west. Tho Kepublicans
will oppose tho raeamuo to a man and
those eastern Democrats who hopo to
defeat the bill expect to do so with
tho Republican' assltanco.
Thre-o IUH 1'iimnl
Washington, April 9. On Satur
day the senato took up tho houso bill
authorizing tho loxas, Kansas ana 1 ort
Smith railroad company to biidgo tho
Sulphur i Ivor in Arkansas or Texas,
and It passed. House bill authorizing
a brldgo over tho Monongahcla iher
fiom tho borough of Ilankin to Mlflln
township was passed, Also tho house
bill to extend tho time tho St. Louis
and Bl mlngham 1 ailroad company
has within which to build a bridge
across the Tennessee at Clifton, Tonn.
Anto Suitnlned.
Washington, April 5. Mr. Bland
court then adjourned. He made a
strong address and after ho concluded
ho was congratulated on tho clearness
with which he had presented his sldo
of the question by Justice Gray who
called him to ono sldo for tho purpose.
Culberson was Intcri upted many
times by tho dliloront members
of tho court with questions,
Tho quostlons propounded gavo uo
certatn Indication of tho disposition
tho judgos propounding them toward
tho caso, but seemed to bo asked only
for information and to get a clear
view into tho case. Tho court ad
hered to Its tule limiting tho argu
ment to two hours on oachBido,
though an etTort was mado to get this
time extended. Mr. Coke of (VJallas
wIH closo for tho stato In the case
though Mr. Culberson will, this
morning pi obably occupy a short time
Tho time of Mr. Coko will thcre
foie bo lather limited Tho rallrord
side will bo tepiesonted by Mr Krutt
schnltt and Judgo Dillon Tho cai
now before tho court is the onto
against tho International and Grj3(tf
Northern. There aio four rafero
cases against as many toads In Tffjras.rf
Theso latter aro now heio, have been
advanced and the court has order?'
tho briefs itlcd in them within n week.
This can bo done In a day, as the
points In them aro the points involv cd
in tho present case with pi obably a
dllToienco In minor matters as to the
rates fixed by tho commission. It Is
thought that all tho cases will be de
cided at ono time, and thoso decisions
aro expected in about thteo weeks.
Urgent Jlclloloncy,
Washington', Apill C Tho house
refusing to accept tho sonata amend- '
ment to tho bill requiting lallroads in
Ol Glioma to establish stutlons at gov
ernm.attown sites, another confer J
onco was ordered. The senato bill to
give oflect to tho award of the Paris
tiibunal pioscribing icgulatlons for
tho piotectlon of fur seals in Behtlng "
sea was passed. Mr. Sayers of Texas ,
then moved that tho houso go into a
committee of tho whole for tho consid- K
elation of tho general appropriation
blll'j and pendingthataskedunantmous .
consent that it consider tho uigent J
deficiency bill, which carries some- I
thing over $1,000,000. lho motion
piovallcd and tho urgent deficiency
bill was passed with ono irapoitant
amendment providing for tho contin
uation of tho work o! the census br
loau until March 1, 1S95, and provid
ing for tho publication In a condensed
volume of 250 pages of an abstract ol
all tho data proem ed by tho census
After the 'tcPalcccy bill was disposed
of tho consideration of the postolflce
appropriation bill was resumed. Only
ono amenument was auoptoa yester-
iVV ,'.: . ,;; ",. one amenument was auoptoa yQBtera,A
tho prosldont otoed. Tho greatest
tumult ensued. Everybody were on
their feet at once, and nearly every
other man was talking. Just what
was said no ono In tho galleries couid
tell, but It was evident that tho gteat
majority of Democrats wanted tho
matter disposed of without further de
bate. Tho roll was callod, and the
eto was sustained by a vote of 115
for and 141 against it.
Special Investigations.
Washington, Apill 9. Representa
tives Boatner, Terry and C. W. Stono
left for Milwaukoo Saturday night to
conduct tho investigation of the anti-
Btrlko decisions of Judge Jenkins. At
C. Grivand Uev. Howard Jo. L m tho samo time llonresentatlvo Bank-
of CI icago, Bov. Dr. Hamilton w head's special committee to examine
Cincinnati and others whoso namc the condition of the Chicago postofllco
will be given to tho public at a later leaves for Chicago. Both committees
dato, ' 'begin tholr ivostlgatlons to-day.
Kojucoa rauroaa iaro win uo secur- v .
i J
A ratal lUow.
Sr. Louis Mo, April 7 At the
Madison, 111., laco track yesterday
evening Patrick O'Neill tried to col
lect a bill of a California horse owner
named Owon Albert Moody, who
had chargo of Owen's horses, could
not in Owen s absence, Batlsly tho
3ollector, who then attempted to lead
3ff ono of the racers. O'Neill, who
was standing by, mado a threatening
.-nove towaid Moody, who pulled hla
revolver and filed two shots, seriously
wounding a bystander named Wm
Tayloi, better known as "English
BUI.;' O'Neill sei?pd a pitchfork and
struck Moody over the head, causing
a fatal Injury.
Iover' TruBO'lrt
Chicago, 111.. April 7. Arthur La
verle, 28 years of age, son of a wealthy
liquor dealor, Bhot and killed his
fiancee, Mrs. Drama Levi, last night.
The young man bad bean drinking
heavily of late, and some time ago tho
father of the young woman ordered
him from the houBe. This, as far as
known, was the only cause of the
trouble. Laverle, after talking pleas
antly with her yesterday evening, Bhot
tho woman through tho heart, killing
her instantly, and then turning his
revolver upon himself Inflicted a
wound that may piove fatal.
The j Wero to I rec,
Indiana! olis Ind., April G. Bail
load trainmen in this bection have
been thrown into a high stato of, ox-
ed for all visitors and all who attend
may bo suro of a hearty welcome and
warm hospitality. Preparations have
been mado on an extenslvo scalo to
entertain visitors whether members
of tho society or not. Thoso who
wish to becomo members, howover,
will find this an excellent opportunity
to join. Tho only requisites for mem
ship are Seotch-Iilsh blood In any de.
gree, good charactor and nominal
duos with which aro furnished free
the valuable historical woiks Issued
bv tho society. Por information con
cerning the national society address
A. U. rloyd, secretary, lnoxviuo,
Tenn , but communications in refer
ence to local arrangements should bo
dlrrctedtoP. M. Casady, chairman
of the local committee, Des Moines,
Kt-I'rleit Slattory Lectures.
San Puancisco, Cal., April 6. Por
awl lie Wednesday night it looked as
If nx-Prlest Slattery and his wife
woi Id be the central figures of a bat
tle if religious factions. Slattery was
bill :d to lecture in Odd Fellows hall
on 'Why Priests Do Not Wed." The
hal was ciowded and on the outside
fully 2000 pooplo gathered. Cries of
'lynch him," "hang him" and "kill
hlni" went up. During these demon
strations he lecelved a noto stating
that a mob was waiting for him out
sld 3, but'he said ho was not afraid.
Wl en the loctuto was over raombors
of the A. 1' A. formed a guard about
thii ox-priest's carriage. When tho
leuturer and his wife appeared thoy
were hooted and ieered by the crowd.
Guarded by A. P. A. men they en
tered tho cairlago and ware driven at
gallop through the crowd. Thq
mb attempted to follow, but was dU-
Nicaragua Canal.
Washington, April 7. Tho sonato
committee on foreign relations hold
two meotlngs yesterday and consid
ered tho Nicaragua canal bill. It has
boen decided to repot t tho bill Intro
duced by Senator Morgan fav oi ably as
soon as ho can prepare a report upon
tho moasiue upon which he is now on-gaged.
Ufilirln? Son Hill Signed.
Washington, April 7 The presi
dent received tho bill to carry Into
effect tho report of the Behrlng sea
arbitration commission yesterday
evening and immediately afilxod
his signature to It Tho bill now goes
to tho stato department and a procla
mation setting forth its provisions
will probably bo issued.
Sleets With Ufaor.
Washingion, April 9. Ihe senate
bill to inaugurate civil service exam
inations for tho diplomatic and con
sular service does not meet with favor
among members of tho foreign aflalrs
commltteo of the house. The feeling
is that theio is no possibility of Its
being favorably acted upon.
Squabbled all Dij.
Washington-, April 9 Saturday tho
house spent tho day in filibustering
and failed to pass a single motion or
to agtee to anj thing except to ad
journ. CoinmlRiton Cnsei.
Washington, April 5 The Texas
commission cases camo up before the
supremo touit yesterday at 3 o'clock
and Attorney (icneral Culberson made
the opening argument for tho utate.
He spoko for about an hour and the
tabllshment of star routes to now
UUSbUIUVUill .LUU U1U1U li14lf II 111 VUUIV I
to-day on an amendment to aboil bb .
tho f20U,000 subsidy for the fast
southern mall trains running between
Spilngfleld, Mass., ia New York and
Washington to Atlanta and Now Or
Quito n Llvelr Tilt.
Washington, April 7. A lively till
occurred between Mr. O'Neill (UemoJ
crat) of Missouri, who was seated laii
Tuesday, and his Democratic coll
league, Mr. Morgan of Missouri. MrJ
O'Neill rose to a question of prlvllegi
avd road from a newspaper an intqr
vlow with Mr. Morgan, in wnicu tnj
latter explained as his reason for vot
ing against Mr. O'Neill, that thcrl
had been an agreement with tho cori
tcstant and contesteo in that caso tl
let the plain intont of tho voter cour
"Mr. O'Neill could .not break thii
agreement," Mr Morgan wasquotei
as savlrg, "without dishonor, anl
ho asks too much when ho asli!
us to join him in dishonor." Ml
O'Neill denied that he had enteu-
Into such agrcomont with Mr. Joy
was represented In tho intervle
He mado a statement and concludi
it with a protest against the tre
ment ho had received. Mr Morg:
replied "I had hoped that wo h
onough of tho O'Neill-Joy contest'
election case. I had hoped that A
O'Neill would bo content with dev
ing himself to the duties Mi Joy w
elected to discharge." Hopubllt
applause. I He avowed tho auth
ticity of the interview and read fr
the record to bqow that Mr. O'N
had violated his agreement
To Cut Salaries.
Washington! April G So
amusement was created by the in
ductlon of the following resolution
Mr. George of Mississippi, "lies
ed, that In view of tho present
pressed financial condition of the
pie, tho low price of agriculture
other pioducts, the indebtednes-
tho peoplo and tho Increased valu,
tnonev. tho Lommitteo on jucuc.
bo directed to prepare a bill toi
by 20 por cent all otncial incomes'
nrotoctod by the statutes oi
United States. The resolution wu
ferred. A similar resolution wasj
troduced in tho house a few days
y a Populist.
Washington, April 0, Tbo r
dont has approved the joint rosol
maWng pi ovlslon for tho satarie
oxpunsjS of additional deputy i n
ors of levenue to enforce the th
exclusion act. " V

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