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Tcuns: CiinIi, In Advance .
Congressional, $10.00
County,' WOO
1" reel net, $2.G0
II. F. Cw.rFi'iTK,
E. G. Peteuson.
S. L. Bennett.
cinet No. Three,
L. Tampke.
FOU CONSTABLE, Precinct Xo.3,
ROLL OF HONOR raid up Sub
scriptions of Inst week.
Richard Wendel.
John r. Phillips
Judge P. II. Green
Wm. Blakeslce
A. Giavo
August Seilitz.
Caldwell Smith
This is good neither for gardens.
And the rain fell on the just and
the unjust.
Chailie Muecke's now residence
is appioaching completion.
1'lovoi shooting and fishing af
foids plenty of amusement now.
When in Moulton go to Fritz
Helwig's saloon.
Mrs. Charles Wclhausen returned
fiom Ilcmpste id Sunday.
A H.ihnke went to Schulenbnrg
Barbecued meat on band ovcry
ftjday.ut theCity butcher shop.
T jJ&TJio iw poiincil mot'Sands toolci
.-Sho oWolVbffico MondaymfghUT
;,-j;L.My 'Favorite,".' cigars on Bale
at the Favorite Saloon.
M. Richter went to San Antonio
Monday on business.
Nick Brodes went to Halletb
ville on court business Monday.
Bismaik Saloon for 0. D. H.
S. cigars.
R. Jaoggli vtas up Friday collect
ing his rents.
I will sell good cord wood at $3.50
per cord. CiiasI'kml.
Aug. Schmidt and Aug. Schamm
spent Sunday at Aug. Jungernians,
Miss Selma Richter of Weimar
is visiting heio this week.
For the old reliable Standard Culti
vatois, go to Wolters Bios.
A. J. Lawrenco removed his fam
ily to Yoakum last week.
Just received a barrel of new Cal
ifornia orange cider at
J E MEnsEiiunaEu's.
E. G. Poteron was in town Sat
urday lustling the voters.
W. E. O'maly of Lake Charles, is
liore visiting Mrs. Thomas Hughes.
A. M. KoUcbue is an authoi
izedagentof the Gazette M tul
ton. J F Mittanekwent to Halletts
ville Wednesday on business
Henry and Will Kuesal vvero in
town, last Thursday.
Every style of Bpring and sum
mer hats at Miss Nolan's millinery
store. ,
Miss Fnnnie Kncglar and Mies
Hillie Jiuigbecker visited Lockhart
T. J. Burkett, City Marshall
elect letumed fiom Hochheim Sun
day. A fancy line of. millinery Roods
at Miss Nolan's. Next dojr to
Carnes Bros.
There was a feast at the Dickson
School House Saturday night.
Trallio has been exceedingly
heavy on the Sap for the past week
or ten days.
Oswald BueEchcr has returnod
to school at Bienham and lias or
dered the GAette sent to him
Cattlo are pouring into tho Indi
an Toritory from all over west Tex
as now.
Corns- and see mysurprise coun
ter of Glassware.
Hallettsviilo and Sweet Homo
weio treated to a soaking rain
The Fire Boys will from this on
meet every Tuesday and Friday
Miss Terca Spauldi ng of Yoakum
was visiting Mrs. Leo Hummol last
vi eek.
Apples, pecans and best as
sortment of candioa at Ed. Golo
man's. L. B. Richter went to Gonzales
Wednesday last week and returned
Henry Droyer Jr. went out to tke
liver on a fishing excursion Satur
day. Hamburger steak sandwiches
everyday in the week at Barny's
saloon, Moulton.
Mr. Leo Fahr of Moulton was
vintiing tho family of M. Richter
Dave Hughes and Prof. Ciouch
of Moulton weie in town Sunday.
J. C. Iilohm and Emil Ruhman
went to Halletttsville Monday.
Dr. R. L. Smith and J. R. Dan
iels went to Ilallettaville Monday.
The Hawkins Houso is the head
quarters for Shiner people when in
Hallettsviilo. Teinis, !H per day,
Joseph Baitsch of Dilworth was
in town Monday and ordered ths
Gaulite sent to him twelve
Wm. Frcy, Mis. Joo Zeitz, Mrs
Duell aic under the enroot Di. M.
L. Eidson this week.
Pocket knives, Pipes, Mil lors and
a good many other things very
cheap at J E Meuseiiukoeu's.
Geneial Henry McCullough pas
sed thiough Tuesday on his nay to
JIisSE and Mrs Wm Wheeler
of Stock"dale,aie.visiting U S Cames
iaa?iv r'w ;-,-.
Miss' Nolan's millinery store.
W. 0. Goode was in town Friday
and reported tho lain very light at
his place about four miles north of
Mis Robert Wolters of Schulen
bnrg came down Thursday on a
visit to her son Edmund Wolteis.
beautiful 'assortment offtajtifi
"iloiv ers?i Ibbons! and' .laces"- at
Miss Lillio Kesslar of Schulon
buig was visiting her sister Mis.
Adolph Wangeinann hero this last
n,ovloa TT Flatn. T! .T Maiir.X
IUihman and 0 L Williams'
to Flatoni i Tuesday to lnst'
now Kof P Lodge theio
There were services at the C
olio church Snturd iv. Father 1
rest of HallettsvillB conducted Co
Fred Conners came into town
Sunday looking for a hand. Frd
must be going to make a no rid of
cotton this year.
W. B Haw ins of Hallottsville
passed through Sunday on his re
turn from tho reunion at Waco.
Squire Jackson, Win. Knuso.
Biriiey Lockmann and Prof, Walk
er attended court at Hallettsville
last week, from Moulton.
The GAzrrre office is printing
pingrammes for an entertiiiiment
to be given hv the G HE Cluh of
Moulton, Wednesday. April ISth
at Kotzebuo Hall Music by Prof
Tn Hallettsviilo last week Tom
Willis was elected Marshall and at
Yoakum J. D. Montgomery was
elected Mayor.
Gneral Agent of tho Lono Star
Brewery of Pan Antonio was in
town last week and visited Oil
worth in company withM. Richter
The cases ai'ainst businesl men
of Shiner and Moulton chaiged
with violating the Sundnv law,
were dirmissed fiom court last wci1
for lack of proof.
A full stock nf perfumeries1
brushes, toilet cases, combs, B'ation
nrv. school books, fancv toilet ar
ticles and notions of all kinds at
A. Gravo's drug store, n.nsr, Tex
Richard Wendlo letumed Thurs
day fiori a weeks visit to Colorado
county. Saturday ho brought
seven bales of cotton to town secur
ing the highest market price.
P. L, McCurdy visited Bee coun
ty last week and reports everything
suffering for rain in that section,
Tho cattle havo all been Bhipped
out to the territory.
A. G. Wangeniann had delivered
to him last Wednesday in his store
two pistols tli it scem-Hl to havo
been very valuable. At leaBt they
cost their owners 1-03.15 a piece in
the eounty couit.
Reports giro accounts of terrible
lain storms in the north and cen
tral parts of the state. The coun
try is said to be flooded in some
C. L. Williams is the agent for
tke genuine Waukegan and Glid
den birked wiro and warrants all
wire sold by him to be in perfect
condition and uninjured by con
tact with salt water,
Tho announcement of Robert
Mauldin for Constable for pre
cinct No. 3 appears in this is
sue of the Gazpite. Mr Mauldin
la meeting with plenty of encoui
agemeilt in his canvas
Emil Buescher of Moulton
passod thrnugh hero Monday on
his way to Houstin to attend a
meeting of stockholders.
P. Stuoike, Rohert, Charlie and
G. W. Kechenbuig wont to Hiph
Hill Favette county, oailv Sunday
morning to attend tho funeral ot
their cousin Gus Graf.
The infants of M.E. Wolters, J.
W. Hollow ay and S. A. Game's lit
tle daughter Lizzie have beou sick
this week. They wcte attended by
Dr Nae.
Will Bur-sing cane hack from
Sin Antonio, Sund ly on a iiit.
Will looks a little pile and has
giown moustache since ho left heie
last fall. He is taking a business
course and will he gone two or
thieo months jet.
The eastern pait of tho count
had oneof the heaviest rain fatls
Monday jtlmt has fallen'for.yyears.
ThriTJrnlindkr'Mv'AVuiflooded4 Olid
feiwEqBfetfytfWIWapfttfj1'tft&i -
alarmingly frequmiWhofd lately,
The Gabette hopes' and trusts that
no one will be so utterly base as to
set lire to Lavaca county's magnif
ficenM?) structuio at Hallottsville.
A. W. Himichs has exchanged
hit- town propeity heie tor tho dry
goods stock ot W. 1). Wofloid. Mr.
Himichs will iemoe the stock to
Karnes City and y 't business
Tlif mlmnimr visitors to the Re
union at Waco loported heavy rains
... . . i . , . . , .j
a tnai
home in Hallettsviilo last Thu
day morning. She had been ill
consumption for more than a ye
The deceased was a sister of M
Thomas Hughes of tbii placo.
Mr. Cflnnie Freidrich of moi
ton was visiting heie this last wet1
She contemplates removing wl
her parents Mr. and Mis. Neel
fiom Moulton to Llano Llano cou
ty. soiuo time this month.
W. Tt Savers. W. B. Cavet. A. V
Haunan, Henry Quails. Gilfoi
Runsey, and Milam Fitzgerald i
fimi Ainu nnil R. Gelhorn of th
hIjcb iittHnded the Reunion of th
Texas Rangers at Waco last werk.
Wcndtland and Wagener pur
chased a lot from John Kolar last
n..l- nml T7rit.z and Otto Pfeil were
given tho contiact to movo the
blacksmith shops to tne new loca
tion. The work was completed
Monday and Tuesday.
'John Lockman shot a pelican
last Wednesday evening that
measured eiglii. feet from tip to tip.
It was DUie white. It was one of
a drove that John and Emil Lock-
man found on tho creek Wcdnes-
Tho ball given in honor of Mr.
and Mrs. Flench 0. Smith was well
attended. Music nas furnished by
tho Shiner String Band. Dancing
continued until about two o'clock.
Neal Nash of Cuero and Walter
Kokemot of Gonzah s weie present.
Also Miss Solma HichUrofWeimer
and Mies Nora ICokernot and Miss
Mabel Simpson of big Hill Ranch.
James Head and Mis. May Wi
ley, vrcro marrinl, Wednesday
morning April -Jth. at Lockhart
and left for Gahcston on a wod
ding tour Jim in well known to
the Gazette readers through his
being a brakesman on the Gon
zales mixed. There are two Jims
on this train, im Francis and Jim
; The new city Officials qualified
Monday and now tho city direct
ory reads:
Mavor J. C Blohra.
Marshal . . . T. J. Burkott.
C. H. Flato. Edmund Wolt.is.
L. Waguier Louis Trautwein.
M. E. Woltors.
Mrs. Titus BurnB died, Friday
morning at iitr home on the Cul
pepper place about three miles from
Shiner. Tho deceased had been ill
for neaily a year of a lingering com
piling She leaves a liM'bind and
ono child, a little gill. Tho inter
ment took placo at tho Bunyes
grave yard Fuday evening.
Rain commenced fall'.nga' dayl r ak
lant Fuday morning Apill lith aud
continued until about ton o'cloek.
It v&b hailod witli lejoicing by the
farmers and business men, who
weie anxious to see it continue
several dae. It will roquiie a
weeks general rain to benefit 'the
soil to any great extent. Com
plaints are cominir in fiom all ovor
tho stalo that tho diought is be
coming burdensome.
Tiio rim iiiij-i.
At the Fiiemen's meeting
Wodnesday night, the boys agiecd
to attend the May Feast at Yoa
kum May 3id. A motion was
made and cariied that caps and
belts beproyided fpr.the company
a.... ., i ilav urna'aanl Jn rPI, II Pailn ,.
f uch win iy threejof 3t he ffimbers.1
iThCb'ooka madeforltKefcompany,
t h'e'meeli liirTtho, "Bovs
to a keg J of 'beer ' by Christian
Died After a very biief illness,
Mr. John Bilek died very suddenly
early Wednesday moining and wiil
be buried to-day. Mr. Bilek was
industrious and well liked by all
who knew him. Ho leaves a wife
and many fliends to inouin his loss
Flatonia Aigus.
Mr. Bilek formerly held a posi
tion with Henry Krauseat Moulton
and it is with deep regret that ue
draw the blue pencil through his
name on our subscription books.
He removed to Flatonia with his
bnnt W1-" mnnHifl ncro.
A German or Bohemiati girl to
do houso work. Annlv at this of
I'or Miile.
A well improved farm of eh'hu
acres, adjoining the town of Moul
ton. icxa3. Uo acres in culthalion
All rich, good producing land, vri&h
house and tho best barn in tHe
county and nil modern improve
ments, good well, etc. Residence
about 1!50 yards from tho Catholio
church. For further information
opply at this office.
A caboose drawn by engine 60
went through tho bridge in Mrs,
Hughes pasture, Saturday evening
about three o'clock. They were
running to Gonzales after cattle,
running backwards. Tho cabootq
had passed rifely over tho bridgrt
when tho structure gave, tlirowinjj
the engine from tbe track and tear
ing up tho track for'seve'al yanlii.
The engineer iuid fireman escaptd
bj jumping and nobody waB hurt,
'Hie wieck was cleaiod by one
o'clock Sunday morning ami the
Gonzales mixed pirce Vd on its
way. What might have been se
rious disaster oceured in the yards
iicre about thieo o'clock Sundaj V
morning. The c, nstruction tiain,
was running in on the siding when
a north hound cattlo train rin Into
the cabnojo smashing in tho drhjir
heads and shaking eierj thing lip
generally. Tho cattle train via
ablo to proceed on its way without
further delay.
There was a feast and b ill at tlje
Dickson school houso Satlirifay
ovenmg and night, tho proceeds t
go towaids the school huildiil
In company with E, J, Peterson
candidato for county ta collector,-
drove out to the gioundh about fonr
o'clock in the afternoon. The at
tendance wasjarge and tho wrilcr
liadHneLpleasuro of'foritiing the ac
quaintHcpfjafflnmber of farmer?
AmongthorsSlCrn,6t'iMrUrr Henry I
Meyer, lAlbon 'Fahr and McbsrH,
Wolfe, Wendelf Wemkeri. J'liu
Huohiier and seveial othois. Mr.
Fahr added his name to tho Ga
zette's subsciiption lUt asdid also
several others. J. II Hucbnor and
Moiitz Ellingcr weie piesent from
Shiner and Proi. Ciouch and Davei
Hughes from Moulton. Tho
pations of this school ooem highly
pleased with the woik done bv
Prof. John Brown heio and ho will
probably teach here again next
year. Latei in tho evjnng thn
writer and Mr. Peterson paitonk 6f
Alio abundant hospitality of Mi.
im. Dickson, whoto home is beait-
ifully situated on the brow of a
,iill about a mile olTof tho Niakil .
nd Shiner road. There is a new
pid being opened up by Mi. Dick-1
ma house which will be open for
avel some time this wek.
e language of
ono of our citizens, "It makes a
man feel leal good to put on a stake
and ridered shirt and patent leather
boxtoed hat, a clear tomcienco and
fifteen cents in money and cotve
down in town Sunday morning aud
get Koepko tn give him a clean
shavoand Willie Emler a five cent
shine. Then a man can sit around
and pick his teeth and look t-olemn
and wonder what tho weather is a
going to do. Then if he dos'ent
want to go a fishing, ho can ot up
a game of dominoes or set and look
nn nhllo somebody el-e plays, les,
Sir, Sumlay ib a great dai .'"'
John Keopko and" Miss Anna
"Vliumaeher at the lesidome of A
10 Koepko Tuosday. Apiil 10th.
Mr. JvoepKe is a nephew of A J
Koepka of this place. The young
ouplo will make their luturo homo
lit Hochheim.
Ilistorlc Couitliouso IJiirned.
JCuero, Texas, April 9th. The Do
Iltt oouniynouctuniiM) Is In ruins,
Ids moiiilng about thieo oVloek thu
Mil in nf 41 1 u wrtij h Oil ii I nnrl tint lu
Ickh RatljerliiK crowd saw one fifl
I old hind mailtB sink into usliejii' I
used almost beyond a'.doubt by iln
Incendiary. Tho tmlldlnfj was en
ilrely ot woodland niadoan iinraenso
Theitcords of nil tho ofiiees are
pieservod, tham.3 to a good vault
and safes. A tew of the papers In
the district cleik'snfllce weie burned
and aNo some lecords in the ooun.ty j
uii'i'a oilico was tho last opem'l iinif ,
it is now known that his hooks Ara
liKht as the siito was Kuaranteed lra-'
proof. v I
Thus passes away oni ! of tho h'-,
torio biiildliiK-iOt this section 'pio'
main pai t of it, us It stood j ester.Jay i
was ereotcil at UlU Ulinion i.i irfv ,
nnrt (ipempd us the temnlo Ot Justto
Ihiough the tij lug times from that'i
rtale up to lb78, when, alter an exeitt i
ltijr countv seat elei lion, tr was moyi
cd lo Clueio. The townrot Cllntofs-ll
no more, and now the IjhIIi(u(j
mnnnil which ho iuunyyivii0otriiein
orles pleasant and unpluasauiaut
clu teied I- goau.

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