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The Gazette.
X'ubllaliait 1 o Tliundii or-
Cditor and Publisher.
Ono Year, rJtjuli .... . I.I1W
Entered at tlio Shiner, lox , roitofflco u
otou Kins, matter
Xliero Itclnir no Quorum tlio Home Ad
Jonruid Tho LotucMlnn Mndo by the
Doitiorriitl to tlio lonHlann Senators.
TJio tciiAto Talk TiirlfU
A Cntc In Mlilcli n Mcdrilesntuo Neighbor
Cimes I ntd of Truublp,
"It's tho Bimplost thing In tho
world," Bald tho friend of tho family,
just chloroform hur '
Hut will chlorofoim kill hor?'
'Certainly, and without suffering1 "
Havo ou oor trlod ItP"
'No Dutlhmo hoard of its bo
tag: fiuccoBsfully dono "
How much chloroform will it
"I haon't any Idon,"
"Will sha sutTor long-? '
"ludgol You aio too tondcr
acartod I'd cut her head oT if I
was in you i place, and mako ijuick
work of it, too '
An oxcitod Individual who oor
heaid this dialuguo fiom tho land
ing outaido of tho half closod door,
mado niu-h for tho nomas t drug
Ut i t Ion fc sell anybody any
shlor ' i if It is called for unloaa
oi w i t bo accessory to a raur
tor' i Ing to tho police station
lo mn u complaint," und ho darted
jut of ono door of the diugahop as a
ploasant appearing oung man ap
pealed at tho othoi
"How much chlotofinm does it
tako to kill a cat0"
"No you don t " said tho druggist,
"whero's om proscription?"
"Prescription? Dldu t I toll jou it
ft as a cat '
'Shoot tho cat"
"I havon t any gun Besides "
No prescription, no chloroform,"
incl tho diuggls$ closod tho discus
Tho owner of tho cat wont to othor
irug stores in tho Imraediato neigh
bor hood, but ho eoomed to bo bus
occtod and thoy all had tho same
3Djoction, refusing to sell him any
hlotoform, and rogatdlng him with
Whcnhorcaohodhls flat tho patrol
tvagon stood at tho door
Anybody sick hero?" askod the
officer In charge
Not in my part of tho houso,"
was tho ready answer
Who aro you goina' to chloro
form0" Inqulrod tho officer
0h, ha, hal How did you know
that I was going to ohloroform any
body? Have you seen my chumV"
fapon nothing Iiut you'vo boon
somplalnod of, and you 11 have to
coma to lie ad quarters to explain "
'Much obligod, I'm sure If 3 ou'H
come In I'll show you tho innocent
victim Sho's one of the family,
Ho led tho way to a rear room lu
tho building, who to nbatroi stood in
a. corner
Thoro she is,'1 ho Buld, giving tho
barrel a tilt, "bhe's been aillDg for
a vear, and I concludod It would bo a
klndnoss to havo her mercifully to
movod Poor kitty! Whowl"
Iho officer stooped and lookod into
tho birrel Xhero was nothing
there The cat had escaped Llko
tho neighbor who had complained,
sho may hao ovorhoaid tho dia
logue But it cost a week of inves
tigation on tho part of tho law and
tho settlement for a case of assault
and battery with tho oer officious
neighbor And tho cat noor camo
The Bteumor Vqullla
Tho steamer Aqutlla, which was
nearly tho cause of a quanol between
Chill and Argentina during tho
cUil war in Chill, and which
Anally romalnod tho property of tho
Santiago government was offered
for salo rtcontly. Tho vossol was
uBod as a Chilian transport, and tho
government rofusod to soil it to the
Brazilian rebels or to President
Peixoto, as it deslrod to remain
strictly neutral between tho rebels
and tho regular government at Rio
do Janeiro.
They Kuow Its Flat,
Sturdy antagonists of tho con
cavists of Chicago, tho Koreshan
angels, havo arison In London. The
society of Pianists of that city has
gained In numbers and strength
sufficiently to publish n monthly
tnagazlno called the l!arth Review,
through which medium they hope
to convert tho groat body of
'Globularlsts," who think tho earth
1b round, to tho croed of tho pianists,
who know It to bo flat
WAsniNOTON, April 10 Somo rou
tino businoss was transacted at tho
opening of tho session of tho houso
Saturday Mr I ockwood of Now
York repotted back from tho Pacific
railroad commission tho resolution
calling upon the attorney general to
Inform tho house whether the stock
holders of tho Contial and Union
Prclllo rillroads uro liablo in any
tranncr to tho Unltod Statos for reml
burscmentfor bonds Issued under tho
various acts of congro3s authorizing
tho issue of bonds In aid of said roads
lho houso then went into committee
of tho whole Mi CVNcit of Massa
chusetts, in tho chair and took up
tho 111 mj appropriation bill lho bill
curios 4-M,50Ji,1S4 ui 4057 355 less
than tho appropriation for tho current
lineal j car During tho doluto on tho
bill tho roll was called under tho rule,
and no quorum being developed, tho
absentoos wero reported to tho houso,
and then at 3 5o, tho houso adjourned
It tamo Ton I ntc
W Amsoro, April 23 Iwonty
onoprlvato pension bills pisacd, toll
tho story of the daj s work In tho
houso ,cstuda, lho beneflt-torj of
ono 01 tho bills is an old ltidv, of 'JO,
tot ill blind tho widow of a soldior
of tho war of 1S12, und had died slnco
her bill was reported from last 1 rid ay
night s session W hen it was read
and about to bo placod upon its pas-sago
Mr Taylor of Indiana interriipt
el "Never mind, Mr bpcaker," said
ho that bill can bo laid asldo, tho
old ladv, isdead " lho member! who
had bdon chatting and laughing
stoppod 'Ihcro was a moment
of silence lho rollef for which
tho old lady had been striv
ing bj long was at hand,
but llko many another concessional
claim. It camo too late congress
could no longer glv o her re
lief Tho clerk paused anl then
went on reading tho next bill
Tho remainder of jesterday wai do
voted to tho consideration of private
bills, but only one that to rolmburso
Harry Johnson and some other lon
nesseo war claimants was disposod
of, and it was re-committod for fur
ther lnv ostlgation One other bill was
taken up, a bill to refer an Alabama
cotton claim to tho court of Claims
It mot with "stienuous opposition,
however, on the giound that It would
open tho way to other cotton claims,
aggregating SU'O.OOO.OQO, and was
not .oted on before the recess Tho
evening Ecsslon was devoted to pen
slon bills
o Common Clay A boat It
Policeman, discovering young
mother tying an elaborato box tied
with ribbons to lamp-post An1
pwhat air yoz doln' there, rauraP
Young Mother Why, you Bee, elr,
wo'vo got to h nd a whole lot of re
plies to lot t rs of congratulation on
baby's fliht anniversary nnd 1 don't
want tc put them in tho same hot
that eveiybody use
htiRftr Coitf Damons
Washington, April 30. Tho Dem
ocratic senators who havo been en
gnged In preparing a tarllT compro
mise considered the sugar duty espe
cially baturday and decided, besides
fixing a tariff of 40 per cent ad valo
rem on all sugars and J of a cent ad
ditional on ro lined sugar, to Impose a
furthor duty of 1-10 of a cent on sugar
Imported from countiios paving a
bounty to sugar producers This last
provision Is supposed to be aimed
especially at Germany, w hero a bounty
is paid on boet sugar It Is agreed
nUo to extend tho tlrao when tho
sugar schedule shall shall tako eitect
unulJanuary 1, 18J5, which will in
suro tho bounty under tho Mckinley
bill for this season's crop It is un
derstood that too su two provisions
havo been inserted in response to tho
earnest solicitations of tho Louisiana
ConiUereit TarlfE
Washington, April 30 The joint
resolution authorizing tho secretary
of tho treasury to mako partial pay
ments on vessels constructed and re
paired under tho control of tho trea
sury department to tho extent of 75
per oont of the value of the work
done, was passed Satnrday, and then
Mr Harris at 13 30 o'clock moved to
tako up tho tariff bill Mr Allen
asked permission to consider tho cal
endar. Mr, Harris stated that tho
tariff bill was more Important than all
tho bills on tho calendar put together,
und ho thoreforo felt Impelled to in
sist on his motion lho yeas and nays
were demanded and the motion was
agreed to 31 to 19.
Detain ot Known.
VA8iiingtov, April 28 Tho de
tails of tho agreement botween tho
quarreling elements of tho Domocrntie
party in tho eenato are not given, but
thoro is no one hero that belteves
that on tho final outcome thoro will
bo throo Democrats who will vote
against tho bill In fact, it is thought
by tho best informed, that when tho
timo comes, every Democrat, includ
ing Hill, will cast his voto for tho bill
The only question now among Demo
crats is whoa the vot can bo had
TnrU Cuuiproml it
WASinNOTtfts, April 27, Tho prin
cipal changes to bo mado In the tariff
bill in accord an co with tho agrooment
mado yesterday by tho Democratic
senators aro in the income tax and
sugar schedule. The sugar men havo
beou from the flrst clamorous for an
ad valorem inBtoad of a Bpeclllc duty,
und that chango has been conceded
Tho details havo not been absolutely
fixed, but thero is little doubt that tho
sugar schedulo will bo entirely sup
planted by a new one, which will pro
vIijo a uniform duty of 40 per cent ad
valorem, Vflth an addition of 4 of a
cent for reflnod sugar Tho principal
chango in tho incomo tax Is a pro
vision for tho limitation of tho tlmo
that tho law shall remain in operation
'1 his is another matter of detail which
has not been absolutely agreed upon,
but tho principlo hav Ing been conceded
tho senators who have tho compromise
in htnd do not consider thero is any
posslbllty of failure on account of tho
porlod. It will probably bo about
ilvo or six years Thoro has boon no
chango In the rato of taxation, which
will bo loft at 2 por cent on amounts
In excess uf $4000 A numbei of
changes In tho rato of duty will bo
mado in tho Iron schedule, in which
there will bo a slight advanco over
tho rates fixed by tho pending bill
Carpets also secure an advance In
man easos tho rates fixed in tho
house bill will roplaco thoso of the
bill reported to tho senate by tho
finance committee Another mater
ial concession which will bo malo to
tno diHafloctod sonators will be tho
restoration of tho Bpecifio s stoni
In ta rny plates whero tho
financo committco changed tho
houso bill b tho substitution
of an ad valorom duty lho manu
facturers havo mado complaint of tho
ad valorem system because of tho op
portunity which the) say, It offers
for fraud Tholr honators havo sup
ported them in this representation,
and tho financo committee, whilo still
retaining their confldonco in tho fair
ness of ad valorom methods has yield
ed tho point in many instiucos for tho
sako of harmony and with tho hopo of
securing tho support of tho united
party in tho senato Xhero will bo
no chanco In tho ratos llxed on iron
oro, lead ore or coal and wool will
remain on tho froo list The whisky
tax as reported by tho flnanco com
mittoo will also be undisturbed.
A CompromtfS Hide.
Washingtov, April 2 Thero is a
rumor, very posslblj a correct ono, !
that tho concession has been mado to
thoso senators opposing tho Incomo
tax by a limitation of tho time for
which it shall bo levied In other
words that this tix Is to bo lovled
from fivo to oight years In tho sen
ato jesterday Jdovoloped that the
Incomo taj? Unoy.to belevled ,on
building associations whero such as
soolatlon aro co operative and intend
ed to build homes for tho membors of
tho association It is also dovoloped
that tho financo committoo havo about
thlrty-nlno amendments to bo oTored
to tlio bill, but it aid not
develop whether or not thoy
wore of such character as would
change items materlallj or wore in
tho lino of porfoctlng tho bill in tho
matter of its administration lhat
thero aro to bo somo material changes
Is apparent but tho Democrats stoutly
insist that tho reduction contemplated
by the present bill will not bo inter
fered with by amendments
VAsniNGTOf, April 28. It was not
until seventeen minutes after 11 yes
torday that enough senators woro In
their soaH to mako a quorum Mr.
Allen endeavored to call up his
Coxey resolution as unfinished busi
ness but Mr Harris objectod,
stating that there was no such
thing as unfinished business.
Tho chair so ruled. Mr Harris' mo
tion to take up tho tariff bill was
agreed to 20 to 16 Mr. Dolph
yielding to Mr Lindsay his right to
tho floor, tho Kentucky senator Bpoko
in support of the tariff bill
In Cominlttt of the Whole
Wabiiingtok, April 26 Tho house
wont into committee of tho wholo yes
terday morning after approving the
journal Mr BaPy of Texas, In tho
chair, and resumed the consideration
of the diplomatic and consular appro
priation bill Mr Cannon of Illinois,
continued the role of economist, In
sisting upon an explanation of ovcrv
small Increase in the bill and offering
amendments to reduce the appropria
tions wnenover opportunity oiroreu,
Meyt' Measure.
Washington, April 27. Represen
tative Meyers of Louisiana Is confi
dent that his compromise proposition
on the silver question will pass the
houso, notwithstanding tho action of
the Bland coinage committoo in
pigeon-holelng it for tho present ses
sion Mr. Mojer will no longer ad
dress his efforts to tho committoo, but
will get tho compromise dlreotly be
foro the houso as n Bubstltuto to any
frco coinage bill Bland may roport
Itronxe Tablet Itetolutlon.
Washington, April 25 Tho sonata
joint resolatton authorizing tho la) log
of a bronze tablet to commemorato
tho 100th anniversary of tho laying
of the corner etono of tho capltol was
taken up nnd passed on motion of
Mr. B)nuiupf Indiana.
Mwr nadolpli Welhaaini cmdL B lUchl.r bar. ptirchMcd tho moot mar
hit at O U Floto and will lupply tho poopla of b'hlncr with th beat th.
country afford. Ihoj lntond to l.tlsfj .rerybody
BHINffiR. TB32C.A.S,
jEisras: o. smith,
A unit for all Newspaperi. Magazine Etc Stftte papors a specialty
Office Rtthe PomoOIco
Hand In Your Honey and Savo Postage and Exchange.
F. j kcexj-w-ecb-,
(Successor to ED BCE1I1I )
A Tool Hall run In connection v. lth tho Saloon.
Saloon In Moulton.
Most Fopular
Tho Quickest and Best Lino to all Points
wnsr dou:jd
Lockhait, MKoa No 2D 12 55
5an Antonio Express Xo 21. 1 21
EASr 110UND.
Waco Fxpress No 22 .
I.oclthatt, Mltcd No 21
r V
Tor further information cnll on K J MAU11N, general passenger Qna I
igeut, Bnn Antonio or S J YOUNGS, ticket agent, bhluer
1 -$' 4 ;i.
THINER LODGE No. Ill A. 0. U. W,
Hoc a the second Jlondoy In each month at i
iae orna nan
Johi O. Blohm P M W t Louie Wegener,
M W t towti Trautweli . P t CI A I annewrtz,
D,E F Walters, K .Eiwarrt Bcbulz ftlnan
eteriMtxE WalUrs ItiL F liuhmann, G ,
a A. Walters, 1 U ,Q Vueraen O U ; Dr
U L E.4ion M E (M L EldsoQ, E V Huh
bcn vi 1 J A Walters, trmteii
- AGEfjT,
Give ntm Your Orders and Tool
WU1 bo Ilcucd.
. Tll
i t- i
Pianos irgaj$
I handlo tho Whooloclc a
Stock &. Co oolobrated Va
anos, Etoy, Camp & Co.
ana titoroy & Clarlr
Soud All Order, to
- Texas,
Office In National Bank Building,
OASt V. XATE, M. D.,
General I'ractltloner,
Offlce between E V Rahmatm s and the
drug? store Ctlls promptly attended. Rest
dence oppoilU Methodist cburolu
I'lifelclnn nnd Surgeon
next door to GraTes' drug store. Offlce
hour at all time during the dar Calls
promptly answered day and night.
C T. MIT Oil ELL, AK. D ,
All time during the dar, Offlce next door to
wangemanns etore
CUa Promptly Attended to.
Merchant Tailor.
Ch..pent Place for lour
Shiner, - - Texas.
Barber Sho
Call on tho City Dnrber shop fj
Heat fchavo, Shampoo or
Foam. Ilalr cutting in
styles. Pompadour a
A. C- K0EPKE, Prop.!

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