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r iMMiEBi.
Another OIdf4lilantid Kentucky Killlnc,
and More Trouble I 1 eared V Jtuw
Id a Catliolln Churcli itt llmlcton,
Ia KncllRh InVFHtlui;.
Jacksonviut, riu , May 2?. A
special from Palatk a, 1 lorida,
caya Ycstciday mornlnp John Kano
was shot in the head and dangerously
wounded by Incst Wolfe Wolfo Is
a (jcrrnan and a mum bur o( the A 1
A , while Kano la an Irish Catholic
Wolfe is under arrest und Kano may
dfo About a month ago Dunford and
Nix, A. 1. A agents, who were try
ing to organize lodgo ot tho society
at Palatka, were bet upon and nearly
beaten to death for suylng that
all Catholic womou and all
Catholic priests wcie Immortal 'Iho
shooting vcsterduy was the outgrowth
of th.it affair. 1 celing i uns high be
tween the factions, and it is feared
that theio will be Author trouble
Another Kmtuiky MiooUiik
I,0U3 mi, Ky.( May 28 A apo
dal from llopkiusvlllo, Ky., says A
fatal shooting alTray took place Sat
urday night at a Country store neur
1'ilot Itoik, nine inilos cast of here,
itsulllng in ono man being killed and
another probably fatally wounded.
Nccl l'dwnrds Bhot and instantly
killed Samuel Martin, with whom ho
had some tioublo. John Martin a
brother of tho man killed, and J as. G.
ldwaids, father of Necl, drew tholr
weapons and began bring at each
other. They continued until both pis
tols wero emptied. James 0. Ld
waids was fatally wounded and Noel's
horbe was killed under htm. Tho af
fair has stirred up bad blood in tho
neighborhood, and more tiouble Is
hat tho
;ased wh
ability that tbo number of dead will
bo increased when all is known, is
tho record of Itho first day of trouble
hero, althougji tho roal lighting has
not jet begun, as tho deputies aro
awaiting reinforcements beforo begin
ning active operations. At 10 o'clock
yesterday morning cloven men started
to work in tho btrong mine Shortly
afterward a latgo party of striker
blow up tho shafthouso with powdor,
causing a loss of 25,000, and then
dropped 10U pounds of giant powder
down tho shaft, which was also ex
ploded, killing all the inmates. Mot
moio than 3U0 yards from thn Strong
shaft house sixteen men who had been
engaged to go to work In tho Inde
pendence mlno wero sunounded in
their bunkhoubo, and after a long pai
loy agreed to sunender 1 ach ono
was aimed with a rilio and a btace of
revolvers 'lhoy aro now In possession
of the bttikeis.
A How In Church,
IIalfton. Pa , March 28. During
a riot j estcrday atSt. Casimir's Polish
church at 1 reeland Victor Llpnoky
and Peter Yosmki wero fatally and
James 'iravinski and Joseph Dutch
wero less seriously injured by tho
weapons of tho police, and Chief of
Police James Gallughcr and Officer
Jones of the police force wero cut
and injured by stones thrown by tho
crowd. A factional fight bas been
w aged for a j ear in tho church
und the enemies of tho pastor,
1 ather Mazotos, attempted to pre
vent the men from firing tho church.
Ills police escort was attacked by the
,fli0b and the ofneers fired on them.
All Cleiir Now.
Louisa ille, Ky., May 23. Thirty
years ago John Ha7zard, a merchant
of Scottsburg, Ind., near Jefferson
vllle, collected a largo sum of money
and started for Louisville, ostensibly
to buy a new stock of goods, but ho
never returned homo. Ilia wife and
two childicn bolloved him dead. Tho
daughter, Addle, married and died,
leaving three children. Two days
ago tho son, George K. Hazzard, whb
is a poor man living near Scottsburg,
received a letter from Kansas stating
that his father had died there leaving
an ostato valued at "fGO.OOO, which he
had willed to his wife and two chil
dren Hazzard will go to Kansas im
mediately to claim his fortune.
I'rlberj Imettlgutloit,
Washington, May 25. Tho senato
bribery investigating commltteo has
gent tho testimony taken In the first
part of if inquiry, iclating to the at
tempted bribery of Senators Hunton
and Kjle. to the printer and expects
to report to tho senate within a few
days tho result of its investigation in
this direction. Tho report wilt ex
onerate Senators Hunton and Kyle in
the matter.
A Vftltmble Hill.
Jacob lome of Tort Deposit, Md ,
wont to Washington city the other
day to cell somo bonds. He recoived
500,000, and In order not to attract
attention to the large sum ot money,
had tho bills done up into a Bort of
paper ball, which ho carried in his
hand. He id an old man, and when
ho got off tho train ho fotgot all about
tho money, and left it lying on his
Beat. Some jotinjr men that were on
the train picked it up and amused
themsolves by tossing it buck and
f oi tli, throwing It on tho floor when
thoj left tho car. Tho conductor
called after them that they had left
thoir paper ball, but they paid no at
tention to him nsd wont on. Shortly
afterward the conductor leeched a
telegram, telling him that tho pack
age contained $00,000, and asking
him to take care of It until It was
called for. It almost took his breath
(roup 1 Contagion.
Hacteriologist Herman M. IUggs of
New York, has mado a roport to tho
board of health of the results of his
Investigations into 2G8 cases of so
called "membranous croup.1' Hesavs
that his observations1 justify the con
clusion that tho disease is nothing
more or less than laryngial diphtheria
Ho recommends that membranous
croup should bo put on tho list of con-
tk on i tagious diseases, concerning which
public indignation was strong against I Fur" irum P"y" "
. . fVia winnmmftn1ollnn utlll Tin nArmintl.
Soma Itrltluli J'xpeiidlturo.
Tho total expenditures of the Ilrit
ieh government postotlico tolegraph
eeivlco during tho last year wero
,11GG,G82 more than tho total receipts,
which wero 12,626,312. There is a
total balance of J.o00,7i)(i of expendi
tures ov or receipts, cov oring tho
wholo period since tho state took over
tho tolegraph service from tho private
Ancient lllrln.
A collection of bird bones recently
received bj tho Paris Academj of feci
nco indicates that at a period con
temporary with man, Madagascar
contained at least twelve species of
the gigantic birds, all incapablo of
flight Tho conditions under which
tho bones wero round indicate that
tho birds lived on shores, with troops
of small hippopotami, crocodiles and
It !") om.
Tho patents applied for in Washing
ton last jear numbered 40,000. Tho
total number of putents outstanding
on Jan 1 was 515,000. Tho receipts
of tho patent offleo aro $1,200,000 a
year and. the expenses -$150,000 less.
A Most I urloui Mob.
Amu am), Ky., May 25 At Ollvo
Hill, Ky., Wednesday night, a despe
rate eHott was mado by a mob of 100
men to lvnch Henry Ilensloy, tho
night operator of tho Chesapeake and
Ohio railroad ut that point 1 or sev
eral months preceding tho locont kill
ing of Calvin Scott by his son Jnmct
Ilensloy had been clandestinely meet
ing Scott's pretty 15-v car-old daugh
ter and a quart el over this led to his
death. After confession In
llenslcy and h nchin
talked of 'Iho mob formed about l)
o'clock whllo Hcntlcy was on duty.
Ho telegraphed tho state of aflalrs to
tho chlnf dispatcher and left tho
offlcc, escaping by a rear (loot. Un
der cover of darkness ho mado his
way to an engine in the yaids and
escaped. 'I bo mob becamo cm aged
at losing its gamo and ransacked tho
depot and did considerable damage.
Young Scott, tho murdorer, was re
moved to Grayson for safe keeping.
A llruvo 1'iaiirlitr,
Gltiiiuf. Ok , May 25 Hev G. W.
McKlnney, known all oer the south
west as the cowboy preacher, who
founded tho town of McKinncy in tho
Cherokee strip last fall and becamo
postmaster, justice of tho peaco,
notary public, preacher, editor and
township cletk, has just added new
laurels to his achievements A few
davs ago a party of outlaws abducted
Miss Viola King, nged 15, from her
homo near McKlnney. A warrant
was issued for tho arrest of tho par
ties and McKlnney himself headed tho
posse that started out in puisult. llo
has just returned, bringing tho gill
whom he recovered from their
clutches in Beaver county after a
chase of over 200 miles on horse back
and a lively battle, In which tho out
laws were compelled to run, leaving
tho girl and their camp equipage behind.
.Now Way to Make Mhhk).
Cincinnati, O., May 25. 'Iho di
rectors of the Distillers and Cattle
Feeders company have decided after
long experiment to adopt ths Japan
era discovery, known as the Talca
mine process, .for making whisky,
President Greenhut estimates the
saving by tho process to be about 15
cents on a bushel of grain, and says
that a better product Is the result,
A 1'ltUliurc SulcNe.
Pittsburg, Pa., May 24. Capt. J.
K Merideth, the well known civil
engineer, committed suicide j eater
day In the basement of the Cafe
ltoyal, on Fifth avenue, by shooting
himself in the head, Ho was 50 years
old and leaves a widow and three
children, financial troubles are sup
posed to be the cause.
Kncllth InveitLns
El gin, HI., May 28. President
Avery of tho Elgin National Water
company has notified the stockholders
that a representative of an English
syndicate has offered $7,000,000for
the plant and that holders oi tnreo
fourths of the stock have agreed to
Lletrii Men Killed,
Curr-LE CiiEEKf Col , May 2G.
IHeven men killed, with a strong prob-
Kentucky Trngedr,
Louismlle, Ky.i May 21. A spe
cial from Pineville, Ky., says James
Middleton, Sinclair Mlddlelon and
The el low Glow of the Horizon,
Painted on the shy by the setting sun, Is beau
I l(ul Not bo the sallow e a fir on of a face ting
ed with blip Andohl theuopealtablediseom.
tort tlmt bile In the wrong? place produces
Twinges In the right side and under the right
shoulder blade, nausea, v ertigo, sick headache,
constipation, faulty digestion Not la an In
Btant can the symptoms of biliousness bo dls
Shaclclcford were shot and killed in 'h i,,t,ni rtl-nt thm. tnm
11 ana n county luesciay in a ngni wun digestion and regularity of the bowel, and
Gilbert Slayter and Uert and Xobo
Hcnscley. Ihc news was brought
hero 3esterday, but tho particulais
aro meager, lhcre was considciablo
excitement after tho affair, as tho
men are all well known. Tho sheriff
and posso lett Harlan coutthouo for
tho eceno of tho fight to nnestthc
men, who have fled to tho mountains
'1 he difllf ulty is said to hav o occurred
over tho wife of one of the men.
countt ract tendencies to moro aggravated
complaints which an interruption of these
luucuuus Liege is iiutuiiuium. imii.uviij vi
the kidnejsand bladder neuralgia, and ina
bllity to sleep, are also remedied by this gen
lul preventivo and n.'torathe of nerve forco
and tranquility. As an antidote tthe polon
of maiurla. it la unfailing and piompt A w
lass full three times a duj
Twenty Coin let ed.
IJcda Pfstii, May 20 Tho trial at
Klausenbei g of twenty-throe members
of the executive committee of tho
Roumanian national party In Hungary
on tho charge of trcuson is tauslng
tho publication of a document de
nouncing tho act of union of Austria
and Hungary was concluded jpster
day. Twenty of tho prisoners wero
convicted and sentenced to terms of
imprisonment ranging from eight
months to five ears and to pay tho
cost of publishing their sentences in
all court papers Ihrooof the pris
oners were acquitted.
'Old Hutch" In it right.
Chicago, 111.. May 2G B. P.
Hutchinson, known as "Old Hutch,"
tho famous boaid of tiade operator,
Millionaire Ed Crura, another oper
ator, a hotel clerk named ISlanchard,
and Uartender Hlxon, engaged In a
rough and tumble fight at McCoy's
hotel Thursday night, and Hlxon was
stabbed in the thigh by Crum The
quarrel grew out of a heated argu
ment, and all the combatants were
freely pounded beforo outsiders could
separate them Hlxon's wounds aro
not dangerous and Millionaire Crum
was not arrested.
Supposed Mctlm Alive.
Jackson, Mich., May 24. John
Van Inman, serving a lifo sentence
in the state prtaion for murdering his
brother-in-law, John Ciovvi In 1885,
was seen jesterday Ho was over
joyed when told of the report from
Muncie. and that Crow was alive and
on his way to Jackson; but said that
he had always felt sure that ho wouia
teturn somo day. Thus far Crow has
not called at tho prison, nor Is his
name on any hotel register in tho cltj. j
The real character of a man is found out
only by bis Amusements
Tho IudlcA.
The nleftsant effect nnd nerfect safety
with which ladies may use the California
lqutfl laxative, byrup or i igs, unuer an
venditions, makes it their favorite remedy
io got tho true and genulno article, look
or tho name of tho California Tie Syrup
Co , printed near tho bottom of tha pack-
What benevo'enco would dictate,
ienco would confirm
I want ererr man and woman in tho
tJnlted btates -who ore interosted in tho
spintn nnd whisky habits to havo one of
ilY NOOKS OU ineBB uisuuses lumraa, u
U Woolley, Atlanta, Ua , box 377, and ono
will be sent you free
There are nono to weak that -we may
venture to injure them with impunity.
MiUoli'a Consumption Cure
In kM on a guamntw. It cur a Incipient lonsump.
imp, HtotUebentOoMB Curu. 23sL.,a0vU.& tllu,
Happy days wo may experieuce, but not
happy life
both In the way it acts, and In tho way it's
old, is Dr. Pierco'B Golden Medical Dhcov
ery. a iAn nrnMatnn nf rdlseues startfroma
torpid liver d impure blood. Take It, as
you ouftht. when you foel the tint symp
toms (languor, low of appetite, dullnesn, de
prosilon). As on appeiiring;, restorative
build up the needed flesh
and, strength, there' noth
ing to equal It It rouses
every organ loto healthful
action, purifies and en
riches the blood, braces up
tho whole system, and re
stores health and vigor.
Mrs Scsxk GOEDERT, of
tjw n.tifanCauntu. Minn .
-. -'i.T.r .'iT." .1 z
i at o uikfii luruu
i v J
Mrs GozDEnT.
r iv
Medical Dbcovery1 i and
feel quite well ana strong
now, bo that 1 am ablet to
do mj work wlthouc tho
Itaat fatlgud"
Guar- HH
antecsa 13
SIDE from the fact that the
cheap baking powders contain
alum, which causes indigestion and
other serious ailments, their use is
It takes three pounds of the best
of them to go as far as one pound
of the Royal Baking Powder, be
cause they are deficient in leavening
There is both health and econ
omy in the use of the Royal Baking
V MUbeluitcil (,ij,
V curious instance of superstition
is related as lately happening in Chi
na Tho Grand canal at HnnglLo has
latently overflowed its banks twice,
causing a great deal of destruction
and suffering. Li Hung Chang, tho
governor general of tho province, has
caused a formal investigation of tho
matter to bo made and officially an
nounces that tho overflows wero
caused by the deviltry of tho river
god, who had concealed himself In
tho canal there and was annoyed about
something, A number of natives
claim to have seen tho god about in
various disguises at difleront times
Orders havo been issued for the erec
tion of a templo on tho spot to pac
ify tho uneasy deity It mav
bo noted that tho only concep
tions that tho Chinceo havo of dotty
aro malevolent spirits, with moro oi
less powei over hur n destinies,
whoso nngr is to bo averted and ap
peased on all occasions.
Men and women in love Imagine them
selves In pretty much evcrj thing else that
is worrying and unrestful
ALlirilT BURCH, West Toledo, Ohio,
sayai "Halls Catarrh Cure taved my
lifo." Write him for artieuhiru Sold by
Druggists, 75c.
It is a wise thing to heed your father's
friend In advice.
Limns needing a tonic, or children who
want building: up, fhould tale Urown'a
Iron Bitters It is rleni-nnt to tale, cures
Malaria, Indigestion, Bilioubness and Liver
vo in plain is, makes toe iiioou rich and pure.
It is only tho vomen who can lawfully
hold up a trnln fi
7 he Homily of Nlasirn
Can nover bo described and It has
never been pictured so adequately and
satisfactorily as in tho splendid port
folio just lasuo by tho Michigan Cen
tral, "Tho Niagara Tails Itouto " It
contains ilfteen largo plates from the
v.ory best instantaneous photograph,
which cannot bo bought for as many
dollars. All those will bo sent for 10
cents by Thank J. Hkamiali, Advtg
Agent. Michigan Central, 402 Monad
nock block, Chicago.
Vothfnf will do moro to Improve the
looks than ruushlne In tho heart
No MlSEHAt water v.111 pro Itico the 1 mie
flclal results that follow Ul Inx ONL or
moie of "BULCHAM8 PILLH ' with a
glnsi of water
Tho sweetest temporal wIvoj aro not
a'w a s tho 1 est cooks
Mint per&ons are broken down from
overwork or household cara Brown'B
Iron Bitters rebuilds tho system, aids diges
tion, remove excesi of Mle, and cures
rrmiana ASpiencua tomo tor women ana
Iho mnn who take tin rako tliluks he it
only receiving his dessert
Western Amerlciut "rf.nerr.
Tho Chicago, Milwaukee t Ht Paul IVy
has now rendy for dlittthutton ft sixteen
I ngo portfolio oC hienos nlout; its Hue, ball
tones, of the fiio of tho World a Pair port"
folloH lately iiued lhoy aid only tea
cents ouch anl cau be obtaitio 1 without do
lu b remlttluK the amount to Geo IL
llEArroiiD, General l'a Agent, Chicago,
Find a man who hai no hobby and you
will find ono who is not happy
' Ilnnnon' MarIo Corn Sa1t.m
VViirmnted to euro or money rUuniud. Aik youf
di ut'Bist lor It. I riLol3(.cma.
Our own heart, and not other men't
opinlorm, forms our true lonor
Dr. J, A. Huotor, tSpeotslUb. m
In diaifltj!VJtbe lliroat. Luom an
Heart, Catarrh tad Deafness 815 Mui
itreeet, Dallas, Tex Bond for pamphltU.
Tho teacher who is nttompthiiE to teack
without inspiring tho pupil with a desire U
Itarn Is hammerluff ou cold Iron
A lipiwiiiiDf IB 11.1 mi in ou ii am oiitii
cltbtL h lnnnomwdmyyii-iBUtti
iGAutit ot iri , which u t pr hot tit nJ
tn rdrr Ihn all ii j gl, li ft (lr bUI,
ill tnj ft Ban pi . lllr.nniy pMM ftt
hargMprtjiftlJ, in rtrljl ot tic. TA.C1
frtrklr jilinp!" u lb b!arkbJa, t!l".
t,41 iliiUi Ihtf n r mIjd Addrtm
&ft S.
Elerirlcal Suppllii. T YC
4Tinei umi, rumpi rrrsc.
Dallas, Texos
A weak man needs Jut as much watch
ing as a bad one
.TT i fl"glf-I"Hga Xji
.HByflLaila, SORENESS.
B K "V .T
I Jyf7 V

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