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The Gazette.
-rtibli4Ui(l 1 titr lliurdj dj
C. Vi. WAKD,
editor and Publisher
Ono Yar, postpaid J(,... .,9 1 00
Entered t tho Bbiner, Tex ,
second-class matter
o Itrmnln
3 loir Mon Aro I nm polled
If a horse falls on the stioot, men
rtfo him up. If n man stumbles on
lifo's pathway, mon aro too apt to
epuin hlra and lot him dio 'Ihoso
Hho have dono wrong" and ropontod
ofton complain that the world is cold
,nnd merciless It may not soom so
to thoso of us who havo lecolved tho
golden mintage of Ilfo, who havo not
boon under tue world's ban and dls
ploasmo but bittor experience is
more able to testify of tlieso things
than we c Sneaking to a crimi
nal who bad served a sentancoin ono
of our stato pi isons, I asked him how
ho did
r I was guilty, i boro tho penalty
K ra ciimo, but," ho Bald, 'men
Pa old mo If 1 Binned, I buffered
Hut mon aio not satlsflod to restore
mo to their conildonco "
"A jail bird!" Ihe titlo Is tho
man's doom all too often IIo may
have glvon years of repentance for
tho mad impulso of a moment, but
nu outcast onco an outcast foroor
In his life
It Is difficult to make piison pun
ishment icformutor, but If dlMcult,
It Is not impossible. And enmity
has no better, no moio needed work
than to gho a man lotuinlng to so
ciety from a felon's coll every chanco
J I any criminals ato made &o bo
causo wo rmitiv demand thev shall bo
criminals, says tho Now Voik Lodgei. moralizing
Item of General Interost Cnrefiillr
Selected Troin Many Sources.
At 'athcrfonl n few days since a
man mod Dickson, whowasmov
vlng f loin 1 rath county to Itowie, was
atcldently shot ilo placed a shotgun
against his wagon wherl and In hitch
ing his horsus the gun was thrown
down and discharged About thirty
squirrel shot took ofTect In his leg be
low the hnto Ihe wound Is very
painful though not dangerous. One
of tho hot sea was shot also
On Juno tho first tho amount of
warrants registered weio about $100,
000. 'Jo meet theso warrants thcro
is nothing in sight and a liberal esti
mate on collodions by the middle of
tho month is $40,000 Jho deficiency
will continue to Increase, bo that a
$600,000 deficit when tho legislature
meets is not considered out of tho
Andy Jones and Ben Williams havo
been arrested at Lovelady, Houston
county, charged with disturbing ro
Hglous worship Ihe acts doveloped
by tho investigation showed that at
a country church naur town on Sun
day night Jones had shot at Williams
thrco times, but no ono was hurt All
parties aro coloied
At Galnesvlllo tho jury in tho caso
of tho State vs I Ua and 1 dgar lown
sond, chaigcd with tho mmdet of
Miss Hud's illlgltimato child, after
being out fotty-threo hours returned
a cidictof murdoi In tho socond de
greo, and placed tho punishment at a
sentence of twenty yeais imprison"
inent for each
'Jho city council of Fl Paso has de
creed that no woman Bhallbe allowed
to walk or rldo in tho streets of that
city wearing what is known as tho
dlided skirt Tho councllmen do
claicd tho practice, which has threat
ened to bctomo an opidemio in cer
tain circles, to bo indecent and do
At nentlor-oo, find Tearfully Manctvd.
A Most Ilemarkablo Accident at CMd
well 1 Mnn lomtil Do.d At Fort
Vorth hi i Uox tcr
Atiies, 'Jo-, Juno 4. Yesterday
morning as tho 5 o'clock west bound
passenger train was pulling out from
here tho engineer saw u mangled masi
of flesh and blood Ijlng on tho track
just below the j ard and in front of tho
Methodist church Jho tiahi was
stopped and the conductor camo back
to town and hunted up Deputy Sheriff
K. Richardson and reported tho dis
covery. Ho wont to tho sccno and
found tho bod to bo that of John
Sullivan a painter, who lhod near
tho ralhoad tiack, about 5U0 ni Is
from tho depot Jho body was takon
ft om tho track by Doputv Hi hardson
and tho train crow and laid upon a
plank and tho passenger train moved
on. Justlco Adams was notified and
an inquest was held Jho verdict
was that ho camo to his death bj bo
ing run over by a north-bound Cotton
Bolt oxtra ft eight train which passed
hero jostcrday morning about 1.15
Wo saj You aro a dog, u piiiah, In
wuoml havo noconfidonco lot whom
we havo no lespect Actions say
this And when a man has no repu
tation loft to livo and act for, ho is
apt to Blldo down Wo dcpilvo him
of a mainspring of his molality
It is well to bo wlo In troatlng
tho man who is down, but oh, don't
be over piudent' J hero Is charity
which hesitates to lollovo until tho
opportunity Is lo3t
"I stand hoi o foi tho thlid tlmo to
bo sentenced bocauso no man has
given mo a chanco since I fiist fell "
So said an appaiontly hardoned
criminal to tho judgo of a state su-
iv.HSArfiiaart . , . .... ...
him, must havo a chanco Give it to
him, to uso If ho will do bo, tp abuso
if BtiU unroformod, but havo it ho
Roccntly at IJonham tho pumpa at
tho waterworks wcro sot at work to
fill tho standpipe Lverythlng worked
emoothlj until about forty feet of
watot was In Iho pipe when tho main
leading Into tho plpo buist Having
no oxtra main, work Is suspended
temporarily until plpo can be pro
cured In lesponso to an Inquiry from tho
railroad commission, tho attornoy
genet al's olilco has lulcd that the act
establishing tho commission repeals
article U6 of tho revised atatutos,
which piescribes maximum freight
rates The commission will now pro
ceed tftmako ayuiwal moichandJi,
The judgment of the district court
In tho caso of Paulino V Gonzales s
tho city of Galveston for $5,000 with
must, cio our duty to God and man interest, amounting in tho aggregato
is comploto And when nearing tho to 15,585 55, has been aflli med by tho
goal of lifo's journoy wo look back civil court of appeals, and process has
upon tho way our feet have trodden, been issuod to carry into ofTect tho
our greatest satisfaction will hover i judgment against tho city
around tho plaoo una tlmo whoro and 1ocently, ncar golU AustIn county,
jhon wo helped tho man who wa. w j j, a bkemaa on tl0
n Santa lo, had a leg and an arm
Tho stnrmUt itogioii icimun cut oIV. He was riding on the pilot of
Tho watois of Capo Horn havo nocr tho englno and fell off and two box
boon unvlsitod by stonns for moto cars ran over him Ho leaves a
than a week or two at a Btitch joung wlfo Ills patents lho in
within tho momoiy of man Stand
ing on tho outpost of tho world Lapo
Horn Is tho meeting placo of cui
jontB of ory dlffoient tempoiatuios,
(rom tho ic cold wateis of tho Ant-
nitcio unit to tuo urazinan arm re
Crop prospects aro good both for
corn and cotton at Jacksonville, Cher
okee county Tho peach ctop now is
about one-fourth of a ciop Nona
ruvlan loturn cunonts The pro- "", Decn smppea yoi. as tno May
tailing winds ato from tho north- pe ichos wcie all killed. JTho only
wost and west, and thoso coming shipments mado so far aro Chickasaw
from the warm loglonsof tho Pacific, rum9
condenso Into fogs, which tho sailors I A Mexican named Guadalude Anaya
call Capo Horn blankets," and was arrested recontlj at Kenedy,
which aio tho sure foioiunnois of Karnes county. Ho Is au oscaped
storms Jho oxtrcmoly low lool to convict, bavin been bont from III
which tho glacleis of J lorra del j dalgo county iea years for murder
ruogo descend, tho porpotual con- Ho had served about ono jear and
golatlon of tho subsoil, tho meeting y,in be sent to servo his unoxplrod
i cunuicung winus ui very uiiierenb term
lho gold medal for olocutlon at tho
Alexander instltuto, at Kilgorc,
Gregg county, was presented to It
M. McCarter of Houston county bv
tho committee of awards 1-ittlo
Waggle Barnett, daughter of Ui Bai.
nett, received honotable memtlon
A small wreck occurred at tho depot
at Bonhuin tho other evening As
tho eastbound passenger train ran Into
tho yard tho engine and three cars
loft the track. Tho online was so
badly damaged that it had to bo taken
ltted Well on Nothing
As showing how easily LondonD
shopkeepeis aro takon In, Miss Hal-
Uday. a youn lady of yo, of no oo-fl
cupatlon, and with no visible moan I
of subsistence, has just passed ho
examination in banki uptcy wltll
(10,000 liabilities and no assets '
Urimken llother
Tho discovery has been raado by
German phlslolojist that tho milk cl
inobrlato mothers contains a small
amount of alcohol and it is his bt
1U f that fiuoh mothers communlcatl
to their offspting a dcslro for stltmfl
Arnrrlod Under hii Oak Iree.
Rockhuc, Tox., Juno 2 A ro
mantic mairlago occurred lucsday
evening, May 2U, tho contracting par
ties being C K Stilbbling and Miss
Muij Copeland, daughtor of lte, V
T Copoland, both of this city, lho
pa-ties drovo out to Little rivor
bridge, noir Cameron, whero thoy
wcro mot by Judgo E li. Muso and
City attornoy K A Wallace, and tho
knot was tied under a big oak treo.
fal j ears ago Mr. Stribbllng's broth
er, now deceased, was married under
tho samo troo
Man Found Deud.
Tort Worth, To , Juno 4rrod
Miller, aged about 23 years and un
employedf was found dead inalort
orth and Itlo Grando railway box
carat i 10 jesterday afternoon. CIoso
by his sldo was found a box labeled
morphlno About nino-tcnths of Its
contents was gono. Ho was first seen
by John SIcklar, who reported tho
ilnd to tho pollco. Coroner Kennedy
renderod a vcidlct in accordance with
tho facts as started.
tempeiatures, aro all dlioct or in
direct causes combining to make this
tho most conslstantly stormy legion
of tho world 1'earson's Weekly.
"V tinted Compmy
lIunMry, I guossP"sald tho sharp
faced woi&uji, as sho oponod tho door
just a little WV
"W'y no," ahswerod Mr Dismal
Dawson, I've pluni forgot how to bo i
hungij But I'm might) lonosomo "
"M'hm You see I hain't Lad noth-
lni in otit. Frti an lnnff tliflt. T trnt. nn
thTn that 1 can't cast noshaddoi, and to the roundhouse for repairs
joualntno Idoar Iiojv much com-1 An infant cyclone wont through the
panv a man's shaudor Is to him wulloj
ho is travolln' along tho roau
gtnljlilm; at Houston.
nocsTOV, Tox June 4. Last night
n inuncman.wniLwrtowas stabbed
by e.-'1 ukmwn nfro. I; JT m
walking along Brazus str!bTvvTOjn tho
negro approached and stabbed him in
tho loft breast Llmoro walked sev
eral blocks after bolng cut and was
bleeding all tho tlmo. It Is feared
that internal injury has beon inflicted,
woiso than appears to tho exterior.
Xo arrest had beon mado up to a lata
A llemnrlcaulo Accident
Caldwell, Tex., Juno 4. Oa tho
Santa To railroad Saturday evening
a railroad man camo cry near losing
his Ufo, IIo was brought to town and
treated by tho railroad surgeon hero.
Tho train was passing rapidly and
ran over tho handlo of an ax and
pitched It forty foot, tho blade strik
ing tho man's right Bido pnd cutting
a long gash, causing tho bowels to
Killed by lightning.
Crovfll, Tox., Juno 2. On the
Quanah road, thrco miles from this
pluco, Goorgo Uoldor was killed by
lightning. Ho and Robert Dean wcro
driving ton or twelve head of horses
It was raining very haid and tho two
men wcro standing on their horses
within fifteen feet of oach other. Mr.
Bean reeolvod a Bovoro shock, but
recovered in a few minutes. Holder's
horso was also killed.
rls was In hero yesterday from his rock
quarr; Ho lives six miles east of
hero. Ho roports Jio finding of a
skeloton of a man irhlch had been
thrown In a crevlctv botwoon two lod
ges of rock about four feet deep, and
from the condition of the bones ho
thinks they havo been thoto foi sov
cral years. 'Jho crovlco was eighteen
or twenty inches wide. Small rock
had beon thtown on top of tho body,
and not suspecting It was human
bones until several bad boon tin own.
out, he does not know whothoi thoy
wero together In regular ardor or
if thoy had boor, put thcro long
after tho person was klllod or
died Many old settlers aro of
tho bollcf that they aio tho bones of a
school teacher who disappeared nine
teen 3 cars ago 'Jho last seen of him
ho had loft u man's houso south of
whero tho bones, wcro found a mile
and a half. Jho teacher was going
north when last seen Aboutajcar
aftu tho teacher disappeared, Jack
Davis, who lived in that neighbor
hood, reported tothoofllccrsat Stcph
onvlllo tho ilndlng of a skeloton In
that neighborhood, and a plno box
win m (do and a partj, accompanlod
by S J Odon, who then lived at
Stophonvitlo started out to got tho
skeleton and hold an Inquost but on
arriving at tho plat o it could not bo
found, and at tho tlmo It was lollovcd
parties had got wind of tho discovery
and had moved the bnnos to a bettor
hiding place.
1 tttlo (llrl Alone
STFniFwiLir, Tex , Juno 1, 1ha
attention of an oRlccr was called to a,
strango llttlo girl 'Jhmsdav, who had
b?on roaming tho stroets alono for
several houis Her wild, frightened
look malo It evident that sho was in
a land of strangers, and her scanty
raiment, which scarcely hid her body,
told that sho waB poor. She told Dep
uty Sheriff J rank J rceman tho follow
ing story 'My namo is Annie lavors.
I am 10 jeais old. My father's namo
is Jesse lavors and lives thico miles
from l'arls. Last Monday week when
I was down in tho gaiden ulono and
beforo I know any ono was near mo a
man eolcd me and carried mo to a
wagon and diovo oil with mo I have
been with him over blnce until to-day,
when ho went away and loft mo here "
Tho abovo is in substanco tho entire
storj of tho child Gteat blackstrlpes
all over her back showed that the Ut
tlo ono had been brutally beaten
Sheriff Shands ascertained the name
of tho man who brought hei hore, and
immediately wiled Sheriff Hammond
at Tarls fot advlco Ho Is taking care
of tho child, awastlng developments.
Nothing moro has been heard from
tho man in tho wagon.
nz .-"-
'iun ' o m rJtra
Cisco, 'Jox., May 31. Tuesday eve
ning about sundown A. V l'aiks, liv
ing thieo miles wost of Rising Star, In
this (Lastland) county, was shot and
killed from tho brush whllo plowing
In his field. A courier reached hero
yesterday morning, and City Marshal
Appier leit immediately tor the scene
ot tho killing. Parks was near the
end of tho row ho was plowing. His
little Bon was Just ahoad or him and had
turned his row when a load from a
shotgun was fired, striking Farks
Dluitrnt tho Scrupalom Honest of
tho IfrtttTr I'rrMdmt
An fnterosting unecdoto of Un
coin's scrupulous honost as alawyer
Is rolatod In a recent numbor of tho
'J wo men had boon accused ot
murdoi', and tho ttlal was being con
ducted bofoio Judgo David Davis,
ono man boing dofondod by Lincoln
and tho othor by loonard Swott, a
piomlncnt lawyer of that daj Jho
judgo and tho two lawvors wcro por
Bonal frlonds, and mooting ono even
ing in tho rooms of tho forraoi Lin
coin was moved to epoak his opinion
frankly of tho caso In hand
"Wo havo boon engaged in this
trial for two das,' ho said, "and I
am satisfied that our clients aro
guilty, and that tho witnesses for
tho stato havo told tho truth It Is
ray opinion that tho best thing wo
can do for our cllonts is to hav o them
cotno in to mouow morning and
plead guilty to man slaughter, and
lot Davis glvo them tho lowost pun
ishmont." But Mr Swott did not concur in
this opinion, and declared his In
tention to continuo fighting tho caso
to tho last, adding that ho had
evidence In iosoivo of which Lincoln
did not know, which would counter
act tho effect of that of tho state's
witnesses "I don't caio what ovldonce you
havo got. Swett," was tho toplj,
"tho wltnosscs for tho stato have told
tho truth, and tho juty will believo
thora "
Howevor, as Swett would not con
sent toa plea of guilty thotnal went
on, but when tho tlmo camo for
m gumontB, Lincoln turnod to him,
"Now, Swott, I cannot aigue this
caso bocauso our witnesses havo boon
lying, nnd I don't bollovo them.
You go on and make an argument "
Swott did so, and when tho caso
wont to tho juiy, that body wero of
his opinion, not Lincoln's, nnd tho
nccusod woio ti lumphantly acquitted.
But tho next day Lincoln carao to
his friend with a check in his hand,
nnd Bald to him quietly i
"Swott, heio is tho five bundled,
dollais which I havo recotvod foi de
fending ono of theso mon It all bo
longs to jou, takolt "
Jive hundiod dollars was an im
portant sum to Lincoln at thatpciiod
of his life, but feeling that had his
advlco Doon followed his ollont would
havo BulToiod, ho wished immediately
to pay over tho money to tho man
whoso persistence in an opposite
com so ha J saved him
Whether tho decision of the iurv
hal shaken his faith in tho man's
kiillw hr iho-mu-u'j sr" which.
lq Jc 1 his nomma
cveWffursti-uu furtl?
was laid beforo tho cw.t does not
diieotly appear, but at any rate, on
Mt, Swett's doteimlnod tofusal to ac
cept tho monoy it finally tcmalncd in
his hands
luuu iu inu mans sa
, ffulJt v which. II
,ho tftw.t does not TJ
Our 1 rlrnds, tho Illnlj.
Mhoso who havo mado a stud of
bird habits say that birds of almost
all sorts aio rathei tho frlonds than
tho enemies of farmois and gai don
ers Not only do tho song birds by
In the head and killing him instantly I destroying Insects earn their right to
Tho llttlo boy did not seo who hred
the shot During tho Decombor term
i oat a few berries, but oven tho crow
I that generations of faimcis havo
Rich Bmucclcr
Eagle Pass, Tex , June 1. T. G.
San Miguel, ono of the most extensive
stock handlers in Mavcuck county.
was arrested 'ijiursaay night on a
chargo ot being implicated in the
smuggling of 2000 head ot cattle
whllo ho was in the Unltod States
custom eorvlco. IIo Is out undor
Too Uluch Morphine,
San Marcos, Tox., Junol. Ilairls
Dougherty, commercial traveler for a
Memphis, Tenn., firm, but whose
homo Is at Thorndalo, Tex., took
twenty grains of morphine at the
Phcenl. hotel and died about 11
o'clock yesterday morning. Supposed
to bo sulnae.
An Accident.
SnERMAN, Tex., May 31. Mrs
Teurman of Pottsboro, who had been
visiting her sister, Mrs. Davis, in
Dast Sherman, was paimuiiy injured
In a runaway yesterday. Ono arm
was broken and she was tho recipient
o! soveral other Injuries
A Skeleton Found
jtoRDON", Tor,, Juno 2. J. W. Mor-
of tho 1 astland district court Parks
was tho most Important witness in tho
trial of tho "mob cases," which grow
out ot tho Illegal executions in this
county in 1885. Parks swore that he
had boon induced to join tho mob
thiough fear, and that ho stayed in It
in oi dor that ho might find out who
belonged to it, but never participated
in any of tho hangings, and finally
drew out beforo tho final disbanding
Colonization Schomo
SavAmomo, lex., May 31. An
extensive deal In land was closed hero
yesterday, involving 2,500,000 acres
of land lying on the ltlo Grando in the
Mexican states of Coahulla nnd Chi
huahua Tho land was Bold by ex
Gov. Gonzales of Chihuahua to the
Mexican coffee, cotton and coloniza
tion companv , with headquarters
hero, and ropresontod by J. b. Me
Kamara W. II. Ellis, who Is Inter
ested in Mexican colonization schemes,
will colonlzo 10,000 negroes on part
of tho land.
scurod and klllod, is said to profcr
insects to corn and often to bo in tho
very act of destroilng posts when
farmers eupposo him to bo malicious
ly bant on undoing tho work of the
And Surltler la Out
Tho assistance of a Louisvlllo al
doiman was invoked by Miguel
Snoldor in tho collection of a claim of
10 against Meyer Bans 'J ho lattei'
brother courted Sarah Annls in vain.
Mojor loved her, too, and engaged
Sneider to court her for him. Miguel
sajs he spent thtoo full days in the
effort beforo ho obtained hot consent
to sign a license application with
Bans Now tho latter refuses to pay
and the alderman declines to compel
him to do bo.
Dead Uaby In a Grip.
Waco, Tex., May 31. Jimmy Mel
ton, a printer boy, whllo playing,
Belzod a gripsack containing adver
tising matter belonging to Bojano &
Dolgado, and whllo running lot It fall,
when out fell tho dead body of an In
fant apparently only a few days old.
A negro boy had been distributing
posters from tho gilpsack, and It Is
beliovcd that when he put it down
Eomowhero tho baby was put In it.
Slieopinen Hit cou raffed.
Colorado, 'Jox , June 1. The
sheepmen aro much dlscourged over
tho outlook for their buslnoss Tho
open range is very poor, and sheep
and wool bring next to nothing.
Soveral small lots of sheep havo been
sold during tho past weok at 50 and
00 cents per hoad. Considerable wool
is boing shlppod, but owners can
draw only 3J cents per pound on It.
Japan Iorglnsr Ahead
It Is a matter of singular Interest
that Japan is now manufactuvlnir
modern war material for tho use of
Wostern nations Six guns manu
factured at tho Japanese arsenal at
Osakahavo boon supplied to tho Port
uguese government Amonthor so
since a British firm took tho fiist
stops in tho establishment of a
watchmaking concern in Japan for
tho manufacture by Japanese work
men of watches for Western maikats.
An Old Irish Shllliiiff.
George Russell, of UaywIck.Ky ,has
an Irish Bhllllng which is piobably
one of the first issues of that coin
It Is a family heirloom that has been
bequeathed to tho oldest son in his
family through successive genera
tions. It is silver and about the
sizeof our twenty-fivc-cent currency
Mr. Russell has bequeathed it to hlu
son Kelly Russell, with Its tradition
Tux on Hoard.
JJgarly ovory woiklngman in Italy
wcais a beard on account of tho cost
or shuving Now It is proposed to
aid tho barbers by putting a tfx oa

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