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"The Gazette.
I ubMhetl J ry Tliundaj of
Cditor and Publisher
Ont Year, postpaid ,..,..... 1 C9
Eat err J t the Khmer, Tex., roitofflca m
econd tUss matter
1 nq II u j Nut ( nth r I in I It lint tlio
IllHCf Ih 1
outh's Companion thinks it Is no
Ion 'oi nccoBs iry to pioo tlio o
istencoof language) among lancets
What is no (il intoiost Is to Hud
out if wo can tho extent ami limits
of tholi language ami tlio Jdaa ami
llnf ruieo to which itgUos line.
it is still a question howeioi In
what w i tmnmunleatlon Is opened
and kept up Is it In nibbing tho
antenno togothoi 3 J ho movonents
jnt tlio Insect' raako this s cm i eason
able, jot a, piofo-jsoi or natuial his
toiy, In l'i ussla iccctiLl Htutod that
nnti uto ptoUdcd wiJi a sounding
appaiatus losunbling that of tho
wimp by moans of whitli faintsounds
milled to tho cms of tho ants aio
ptoducod ihU icnmiiis to ho
pro ed
How Is It that thote small eieat
wo c ui cntuiu fat fiom tho nost
ili tuneoi that are relutleli enoi
mous and noor hcssltuto ab mt tho
1 1 ad to take when they wish to io
ti lot theh htLps ' I oaim d nun who
have htudidl tho mattei attilbuto
tho powei to tho foinilo aold glcn
out bv tli inscet as It tt uols so
that it undi Its way In oxaoth tho
same way that a fox oi a dug does.
Ono du as M I ovallols I
followed an ant foi a longtime Mio
was fat fiom tho ant-hill 1 socmi d
to have no intuition of boon leturn
'In the mitlUlo of tho pith slit
came upon tho tloud body of a (rood
bI( d nail Mio Jlidt walked all
mound It then climbed upon tho
urIv tieutiuo'b buik eiauled all
oei it and aftoi this thoiough ex
amination instead of going on Im
mediately lctuinod to tho nest.
hen hull way homo bho met ono
of her companions In an instant
lhj had touched or rubbod antenno
with gieat animation, and oho was
puisulng bei course lhosumopcr
foirnanco took place when the met
a second and a thttd tied as soon as
sua had loft them they quickly
turned toward tho spot whoro tho
8 nail la
J ho first ant soon entered tho
nest, and I lost sight of hci but
doubtless she loutlnmd hei work of
Informing and exciting the lost for
a long line of ants immediately e ime
out and set forth fot the ptej Ion
minutes afteiuaid tho snail wu eu
timl covoiLd with tho jellowswu m,
and by o onlng nt a tia o of it to
matned "
Crlpplml for SU loan YWth 6c tut lea In
In lt Wont lnrm IIo xiieclert to,
Ulo but wan sue I In a Blar
telum At inner
Cli lh tt U1(htiin It licit
llundicds of mlitois havo boon
ruined by lamps being placed close
to them lo assist In toilot pinpo-.es,
und tho averago glass teems to be
exceptionally mean In tespoct of
tumpciatuio Of lato ous lirap
plashes have been mudo by a sec rot
piocess which makes them so tough
that, even if touched with led hot
lion, thoy will soldoia ciack Isow
an linentoi has gone a fatop faithnt
and h is pioduccd a glass which will
Mund a gicutci boat without bjnd
ing oi bieaklng than iton If thl
can bo put on tho maikoc on a com
more I ul basis It will piomptly e
olutlonlo our Ideas of building and
enable much laigci panes of glass to
bo used than is pnetlcablo now
n (11 I Irish shllllns
Goorgo'Kusboll of Itaywick.Kj .has
Bullish bhilllng which is piobably
one of tho fit st issuos of that coin
It is a family hell loom that has boon
bequeathed to tho oldest son In his
family through success ho gencia
tlotia. It is sllvei and about the
eioof our twenty flw cent cuuono.
All Russell Inn bequeathed it to his
son Roily Hubsell, with Its tradition
hum lit.
hat havo you named your now
" ill! im I wanted to get a
name that would bo sura to fit "
I don't quite catch on "
Why, don't jou seo? If be grows
up to bo a real nice, good kind of a
young man ho will bo called Willie,
and if ho should happen ta tuin out
pretty tough bo can bo callod Hill"
lllack I-jbh ( luiiird to ltluc
A dark eyed man was kopt for fif
teen yours In an unlightod dungeon.
in bulzburg, Austria. Dm ing that
time ho never saw a human face
When ho came forth into daylight It
was noticed that Ills black eyes had
becomo bluo
(rom Vf Laihiytitii Ky J'tit)
Tho Hon John M. Itlco, of Louisa,
Lawrcnco County, Kentucky, has for
tho past two jours retired from attlve
life us Criminal and Circuit Judgo of
tho blxtocntb Judicial Dish let of Ken
tuckj. IIo has for many years Borvcd his
natho county and stato in tho legisla
ture at I runicfort and at ashlngtou,
and, until his lotirument, wus u noted
t guro in i olltlcal und Judicial circles,
lhe Judgo is well known throughout
the stute und i ossossos tho btst quali
ties w hich t,o to make a Kentucky gon
tlcm m honoi cd whotovti ho Is known
About sis. j cars ago tho bodily
ttoublis which llna'ly caused his te
tiremcnt ut a time when his mental
faculties were In tho zenith of thoir
stnngth, begun thoir encroachment
upon hU naturally sttong constitution.
A few dus ago a Kentucky lost re
porter (.alio I upon Judge Itico. who
In tho following words related tho
history of tho causes that led to his
retitomout "It is jubt about six
j ems since I had an attack of rheuma
tism tlight ut ilist, but boon develop
ing into ciatlc rhcumutlsm, which
btgun llrst with acuto shooting pains
In tho hips giadually extending
downward to rci Rot
My condition became so bad that
I eventually loat ud oucr otiuy legs,
and theu tho liver, kidneys and blad
der and In fact my whole bjstom, be
came deiangcd. I tried tho treit
ment of many hyslclana, but receiv
ing no lasting benefit from them, I
had lecoureo to j utcnt remedies, try
ing ono kind after unothcr until I be
llevo thco wuio nono I had not sum
plod ' In 1888, attended by my son John,
Iwnttoliot bprlngs, Ark I was
not much benefited by some months
staj thero when I icturned homo
Mv liver was actually dead, and a
dull persistent pain In its region kopt
mo on tho rack ull tho time. In IS JO
X was reanpolnted Circuit Judge, but
it was impOBblblo forme to givo atten
tion to my duties. In 18U1, 1 went to
tho fcllurian Springs, akeshaw,
Wis I 6tafd there some time, but
without Improvement
'Again 1 relumed home this tlmo
feeling no hopes of rccove Tho
rnuseles of mj limbs were now re
duced by atrophy to moro btrings.
Sciatic pains tortured mo tertibly,
but it was tho disordered condition of
wj liver that was I felt gradually
wearing my lifo awaj. Doctors gavo
mo up all kinds of remedies had been
tiled without avail, und thote was
nothing moro for me to do but resign
ni self to fate
I lingered on in this condition sus
tained almost entliely by st'mulants
until Apt 11. lbUS. Ono day John saw
an advertisement of Dr. WilllamB1
Tink Tills for I'ale People In tho Ken
tucky Tost, This was something now,
and as ono moro drug aftoi eo many
otheis could not do so much harm,
John prevailed upon mo to try tho
I'ink Tills It wus, I think, in tho
first week in May tho pills urrlvcd I
romember I was not oxpocted to llvo
for moro thun thieo four days at tho
tlmo Tho otloct of tho Pills how
ever, was marvelous and I could soon
eat heartily, a thing I hud not dono
for j ears Tho liver began almost In
stantaneously to porform its functions,
and has dono bo over elnco Without
doubt tho pills saved my life, and whllo
I do not crave notoriety I cannot re
fuse to testify to their worth
T ho roportor callea ucon Mr liugnes
the I ouisa druggist, who Informed
him that Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
hnvo been very popular, since Judgo
lUio used them with such benefit IIo
mentioned several who havo found ro
llef In their use.
An analyais of Dr. WlVims' Pink
Tills for Pale Poople shows that they
contain, In a condensed form, all tho
elements neccsBuiy to give new life
and rlehnoBS to tho blood and restoro
shattered nervcB. They are an un
failing specific for such diseuBes as lo
comotor ataxia, partial paralysis St
itus dance, sciatica, neuralgia, rheu
matism, nervous headuehe, the utter
effects of la grippe, palpitation of the
heart, palo and sallowcomploxions.all
forms of weakness either in male or
female, and all diseases resulting from
vitiated humors in the blood. Dr.
Williams.' PIn'n. Pills are sold by all
dealers, or will bo Bent post paid on
receipt of prtco, (50 cents a box, or 6
boxes for J.flO thoy are never sold
In I ulk or by the 100) by addrosslng
Dt Williams' Medicine Co, Sche
nectady, N. Y.
An OftTtcpKt(l Recite In nn MA World
Unrdc ii
An old -world garden, so peaceful,
quiot and still, whoie tho roses nod
thoir heads in tho summorbroezo
whlspoilng round them tho Bociots
of tho hlgh.ovorhanglng troes, bring
Ing them, too, the music of tho tiny
fountain blithely dnnciug In tho sun
light while tolloctlng back thoir
brightness In a thousand poaily
tints and singing swootly all the
Hie long iIhv to tho rippling brook
wending far away throjgli tho moad
ows boyond, to lose itself amid wav
ing Holds of coin, rleimlng Hko
yollow gold iu tho valley below
On tho close ciopped grass plat,
ringed over and over, where tho
fairhis hold their court on its greon
carpet night after night stun Is an
old moss covered buu dial, raatklng
off tho hours, keoplng steady pace
with tho match of titno How many
lovo tales could tiiat old dial tell
tho same sweet story bad boon
poured out po often b Its stonos
that it must know it all tho sighs
and tears, tho swoot lovo whispers,
tho hot, swift words that sprang so
quickly from tho paitod lips, tho
faltorlng ansvvor so low as to hardly
bieak tho stillness in tho seconds
piss under tho shadows of tho dial s
A joung man, strong' and straight
as nn Apollo kneeling by its vvoath
ei beaton stones, Is pojtlng out his
lovo story to a dainty maiden so
small and ftagllo that almost the
fairios might claim hor for their
own Thoro is a dclicuto ro3o flush
under tho tendor skin of tho maiden's
face, whllo her eyes aio shaded fiom
Bight under Ion, drooping lashes,
and tho sweat lips aio poutinglv
cuived as hor llttlo hands push back
tho loses ho oTots her so toudorh
Hor blue ojos cloud a moment as she
turns away hei dainty haul
4 Ihen you don't lovo mo any moio,
MlgnonP Anil plucked these prot
tj loses all for jou and these wild
flowers to twlno in jour hull and
crown you a quoo,n,my queen, mv lit
tlo quocn, Mlgnon " A touJoi thrill
runs through tho young man's oIco
"Mignon am I to go away? Don't
you want my lovo any moto? Is.your
lovo like tho roses and wild fibwois,
as quickly dying, Mlgnon?" Ills
faco comos closer to hers, and ono
arm steali gently around tho tiny
waist. Mlgnon," his pleading voice
gooB on, "you lovo mo, you're only
making believe not to "
Does a dimplo steal into tho maid
en's cheek and tho eyes shyly glnnca
at tho bravo 'follow kneeling at her
feot in aH'YVkdftgloi lona strength ol
his young manhood P Tho tiny arms
are clasped tightly around his nock,
her dainty cheok close prossos his,
and in a whisper sweot and low,
whtfo the seconds pass under tho
6hadow on tho old dial's face, comei
tho answer ho awaits "I does 'ow
oo, papa,"
City Meat Market
Tho Quickest and Dost Lino to all Points
:isro:R,a?:E3: .a-hstd east.
(Successor to ED BCE1IU )
A Pool Ilnll run In connection with tho Saloon Moat Topular I
Saloon In Moulton.
Moulton, - Texas.
M iiimotlk Ileus lav,
Poldon Spencer o( I ssox Conn
lias a hen wniLh lately ujtoelshtd
blra by laying an ege thut weighs
twenty ounces and mcasuie olgu
und hull initios In ciiLUinioi tite
zEjroEr: o. smith,
Agent for all Newspaper!. Magazines Etc State papers a specialty.
Office ut lhe rostofflco
1 Hand in .Your Money and Save Postage and Exchange.
A Mini AMio Converted With Them at
lur llurtc a 185
In 1857 Jules lUchard had occislon
to visit a Biok friend In a hospital,
whoro bo made tho acquaintance of
an old ofl.Mat of an institution from
tho south o Tianco who was oxcond
inglv fond ot animals. IIo claimed
also to bopoifoctly familiar with the
languages of cats and dogs und to
speak tho language of apos evon
bettor than the apos thoinsoUos.
Jules Richurd received this state
ment with an tncroduloas smile,
whereupon tho old man, whoso pride
was evidently touched by such sleep
tlclsm, invltod him to come tho not
morning to the zoological gaiden
I met him at tho appointod tlmo
and place, says Mr Richard, and wo
wont togothoi to tho monkeys1 cage
whoro he leaned to tho outer tailing
and began to uttei a, succession of
guttoral sounds which alphabetical
signs ara scarcely ablo to lopiesont
"Klrru, klrruklu klrrlklu" rep
resented with slight ailatlons and
differences of accentuation In a
few minutes tho whole, community of
monkeys, a dozen In number, assem
bled and sat in rows boforo him,
with thoir hands clasped In their
laps or resting on thoir kneos, laugh
ing, gesticulating, and answering
The conversation continued for a full
quarter of an houi to tho intense
delight of tho monkeys, who took a
llvoly part In it. As their lnterloo
utoi was about to go away thoy all
beaame Intensely oxcltod, oiimblng
up tho balustrade and uttering
cries of lamentation When he fin
ally departed and disappeared moro
and moro from thoir vlow thoy ran
up to the top ot tho cage and, ding
ing to tho trlezo, made motions as 11
they were bidding him good-by.
Ever' ono has bcird that old and
popularly accepted story of! Mario An
toinette and tho starving peasants, und
It is nlnajs'tofU as, an illustration of
thehcaitlcssneH8 and carelessness of
royalty concerning the common people.
It has 6erved its purpose well, but
unfortunately It Is not qulto true Mi
Mattieu Williams gives the correct ver
sion. Hosaja
"Wo are told that when Mario An
toinette 'was Informed of n famine in
the neighborhood of the Tyrol, wul of
the starving of some of tho p"isants
theic, she replied 'I would lathti eat
pie crust than starve ' Somo of tho
story-tellers, by tho vyay, hive it
pastry, others cake Theieupon tho fj STOLTZ
courtleis giggled at tho Ignorance of J niniirp
the pampeicdpilncess, who could (.up i ffi J uARllEoj
pose that staiving peasants had such
an alternative food as pio crust ' SHINLit,
"lhe ignorince, hovccr, was all on I
tho bide of tho courtiers and those who
repeat tho stoiy in its ordimuy fmm
Tho princess was tho only person in tho
court who reallj understood the hub
Its of tho peasants of tho pirtlcular
districts In question They cook theii
meat, chiefly j oung veal, by 1 oiling It
in a kind of dough made of siwdust,
mied with coarse flour to hold It to
gcthei, then placing In an oven or
wood cmbcis until tho dough Is hud
ened to a tough ci list and the meat is
roasted throughout to tho pioper point
of cooking Marie Antoinette bald she
would lather eat pie crust than starve,
knowing that these meat pie crusts
aie given to tho pigs and they arc
nourished by them, and digest them In
splto of the wood sawdust
SHINER LODGE No. Ill A. 0, U. W,
Mrets the B'ccma MonAaj In each montnsj
tbe Norrlihalt , .
John 0 Blohm P M W i Louie WtRener,
M W.tt)iliTrautw1n.r (Q A Pannewlta,
O jE V.Waltan K.,Kdward Schuli Finan
cier! MM E Waltera KE F Kunmann,
O A. Walters I w , o l.ueren, u
II I Etdnon M ElM L. l-iasoa,
raacaanaj.A. vaiter iruvo
un xinaaa
ihmano, O
O W Dr
E. F. HuM
Qlre Him Your Orders and Ton
Will be flensed.
If i Sclmol for TIipiii
It seems that In tho city of Wash
ington thero ara 4 0J colored children
of a suitable age for whom theio is
no tchouTl accommodations There
ate thuftOnds mure who are not old
enough to uttund tho pubuc schools
Pianos f Organs.
I handle tho tho Whoelook and
Steck & Co oelobrated Pi
anos, Estoy, Camp & Co.
and Storey & Clark
Send Alt Orders '
Quver Hffect of au I arthqnake
The correspondent at Atlantl of
tho London Times has visited dial
ols. thi capital of tho northern part
of tho island of Lubooa, which island
was greatly affected by the recent
earthquakes. A most peculiar inci
dent noticed by him was tho action
of the lofty enetlan towor In tho
center of tho town Vlt swung to and
fio so violently thht It knocked
down an a joining vail, though it
remained standing itself ana bua
tulned no damage.
Sheep u IleiisU of llurdcii.
In tho northern parts of India sheep
aio put to a use unthought of in Euro
pean countries. They are mado to
servo as beasts of burden Tho moun
tain paths among tho foothills of the
Hymalayas are so precipitous that the
sheep, moro sure-footed than larger
beasts, are preferred as burden car
riers, Tho load for each sheep is irom
sixteen to twenty pounds. The sheep
are driven from village to village, with
the wool still growing, and in each
tow n the farmer shears as much wool
as he can sell there, and loads the
sheep with tho grain wulch lie receives
in exchange After his Hock has ueen
sheared he returns it homeward, each
sheep having on its back a small bag
containing the purchased grain
A Cunning Thief
Since October 1, Joseph Johnson of
West, ballabury township, Chester
county, Pa , has lost 200 chickens
geese, ducks and turkeys The snow
at last enabled him to track tho
robbers He found their homo In a
hole In the hillside near by With a
llttlo powder and a pick ho unearthed
the thieves, and was astonished to find
two large polecats that his blast of ex
plosive had killed The cavity In
which tho poleeits lived was Immense
nud in It were the skeleton remains of
his lost Hacks and fully featheis
enough to make two large feather
Shiner, - Texas.
I-ockhart, Mlxod No 23 .... 12 SS Waco, Lxpress No 22 255
San Antonio, Express No 21. 121 I.ockhart, Mlxod No 21 ,'.'..'. 322
For further information call on E J -MAItTIN, Bonoral piwsenger and ticket
agent, Ban Antonio, or S J YOUNGS, ticket agent, Shiner
Office In National Dank Building,.;
J. A. MAK11S., Jl
merchant I ai or,i
..--- -
Cheapest Piece for Youx
- Te,

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