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flrtnra Tarrlblri to VTIlnaait 1 nor Fan
Un Hcutiri."! uti 1 left Hlrollnc bj
Trtutlmtt ItlilnUl Not a tturiot
tuiiUlul Do Tiny Utter
on no mon ins
r mnio I h Lit bit u
In diligent iorn
spondencu nith the
Americans of Now
Mexico iti search
of Aoino definite iu
formation regatd
lug- the ei vieo of
th U most fanatical
of nil seuotordcrs
tlie 1'l ii i t o li to s.
Scint iucwm revwudi 1 m off i tB.
It was therefoi with stro doubts
as to iho iiltimiite milciss of ourexpe
ditiun f ui Utile party of four
two la ic urn! 1o men left Denver
on Tii n m rn n c f holy week for
the I ml of 1 co 1 tempo Wcdnos
day nr n found us at the forlorn &ta
tion of Trie, ritdras with the wind
blowm ha d anil 1 itteilv cold llow
ever, full of eimiiden. in the eflleacv
of our HiuttHudinouH ulsters mackln
toihrs, sialskhiR mi 1 Hleamcr iiigsivo
thinKd nto tho itn wagon which
there atraitcd us for our thirtv the
milo dri across the opon piairio to
tho little town of laos. bit hours
wort consumed in thU drive, and
punlhhmeiit to most mortals. Tho
Held was covered with u rank growth
of thorn cactus sigo brush and stones
and thefco blindfolded men must have
buffered untold agony as their bare
feet wcro pierced and bruised atovory
rIi li Halting until tho lino had
closed tip tho lender then started
again ut u slow pace and tho two men
who were stripped to tho waist com
m p need to apply to their back llcrco
blows with tlio cactus whips which
they carried iu their hands. t i very
other step thu whip was brought ilrst
over olio shoulder then over the
othct andntcverj blow bank deeper
and deepc Into their already torn and
bleedlnjr bodies. o sharp who these
needlcliko Mihciplinas that it was only
ly ii strong i flort that thoy could be
wrenched from out their bed of llesh
Isot i murmur nor a sound however
etc ipe 1 from tho lips of tho ft igollants
as they w allied along in tlieli slow
and terrible umich 1 icqueut stops
werLuiide during which tho blows
fell icn inuit. rapidly, till it
seemed an otetnity beforo tho
cross at ilio other i ml of tho iicld was
readied Wo estim ited that at loast
roo of these self iuflictod blows weio
administered In this journey and not
in a single Inst mca could wo discover
nnj falling oil in their beverltj Ar
riiug finally at the cross, tho entire
party fell on their km cs and continued
their mournful chant, while tho two
scourges, as though their endurance
hid not jet been fully tested com
incuced to movearouudin a wide cliele
about tho cross, still on tholr knees,
and still applying this awful knout
.- -if -- i
111 Hoy 11(111 Taken 1 rWonrr 1 j- tho ttr I
HUtrn Tlio J at her Striken tlio 1 rail
flint lct' ttltli Ills Stiii V It tltlt
nimLcB Jatal Itltc
"rn 170" said tho pionout -I
went to tt joining to follow the lino
of ttadlng and for a joar or two did
piotty woll My beat lay botvvoen
lotts latamio and Hrldgor and I
camo and wont In a little gig I had
Ono day I got a lottet fiom Iiojio
paying that ray wifo had died and
that my half brother, iib moan u una
us ooi Ilvod had sont mj Chi Is on
on to mo
U joining in thoso days was no .
placo foi chlldicn acarcolv for white I
men at cfl and I was nnttti oily an
noyed at tho boj h bolug sont o)T
without consulting mo as to what
disposition I wished made of him I
raudo u calculation bo, sod on what
Hentv hal ultton as to when thoy
would miivo and knowing tho
routo thoj must tiavol I wont down
tho worst I could at letist Roll mj
lllo as denrly as poshibio On camn
tho Indians and I soon made out
from tholr actions that they wer
not In puisuit of us but wore morolj
seaking a placo to camp foi tho
iho night seomod endless to mc,
fot tho Indian kept mwiko most ol
tho night tolling their Ititoiinluablo
jams concotuitu thf? numbot ol
scalps tho) had taken, tho doot thoy
hal killed and of tho cowaidlce ol
whlto men Hut at last dawn enma
and thoj went nway, and 1 put up
raj hand to awake, as 1 thought, tho
pooi boy above IIo hal not spoken
or moved as fai is I could tell, for
houisaudl hid bocti glad that ho
slopt Hut as I touched Id in his
hand felt so fey cold that 1 giow
ulatinod and dtaggod him without
moioalo out of that ttoo to tlnd
hltn still and dead u ith a giant t at
tlesnako e llod about his net It Ho
had caught tho loptilo about tho
throat and choked it to death, but
It hal fUod Us fangs In his wilst
and ho had not datol boeauso of
thoso del lis outside, to toll mo that
1 might admlnlstet such tdmplo
tomedlos as wcro possible iu om
destitute condition
I gougod out a graio foi him by
a hundred miloa in metst thorn
'Hut I waited nnd waited for that and by and wont on raj wiij to tho
emlgrnntraln mil it did not tome foi t, whoio I had a lonj Illness and
Aftor a ujillo theio caini nows that when I recovotol sold out my shares
tho train Jmd ben attackod bv tho in tho minos I spoke of and cirao
J lvOCl SSION Or 1 LAt.I 1 LA
every moment tho wind blew moio
and more ilercely tauhj biifteilng
which before the end c?mo had 1
coino simply exquisite
lnos and its immediate ueighboi
hood enjoys n population of probably
twelve hundred Mexicans and but si
AmTVieans. One of these latter a
physician, had been my corr spou
dent, and shortly aftci oui airlvHl ho
called on us in person greeting us
with nn air of hospitality and free
dom which hecmed thoi "My 'n ac
cord with his lingo fr .$ A native
of lsw orlc citj, anu graduate of
one of lis bct medical colleges he
drifted to laos some four jcus ago
and since then has risen to high favoi
with all the "Mexicans foi miles mound
by reason of bis ability as a phjsiclan
and surgeon and an intense peisunil
magnetism 1 rom him wo le trued
that in all probability we would be
nblo to heo tho lVnitents it theh best
on the following day bj drhing to
the Kanehos do laos four milesawa
Accirihngly( tho next aftotnoou wo
fitarted out accompanied by the doe
tor a civil engineer, gr idu ito of
Jjohigh unMrsltj and u mining man
from Montana.
Ihc ro id to hanehos de laos led
along tho foot hills of the bango de
Cristo ringe until climbing a htoep
liill from a little settlement of most
ancient looking adobes wo came to
the top of tho mesa Hero a most un
expected view met our oes About
four hundied Meicins men women
l and childtcn wcro druwn in a
Lrafght line, extending fioni a small
hut at ono end of tho
to a large cross btund-
lng about a quarter of a mllo awaj
bcowK and angry glances weio dl
rectod at us from all quartets as wo
drove along seeking a point of uiu
tn'c and cills to turn back were sent
after ns as wo drove beyond tho line
which thoy had formed Wo could
not approach tho line of tnnrch closer
Uian 1,5 feet, and here wo halted our
horses to await doielopments. ot
an American was to be been outside
of our wogon and the fact that our
prcsenco theto was most unexpected
and unwell ome was plainly indicated
by the gathering together and low
toned consultations which immediate
lv took placo among the natives.
Within a few inluutes a bimitl band
of men was been to emerge from tho
adobe hut, headed by ono carrying a
cruc-iux upright beloru mm, Directly
behind turn came anoiner, playing a
wcirtl and solemn tune on a piccolo.
and following them were six otheis
chanting A short distance after the
chanters camo two men clad only in
whlto cotton drawers with black bags
faced over their heads and bound
out the forehead with red bandan
'nas, htreams of blood were gushing
dewn their backs, where deep cuts
had been made with pioces of flint
or glass. 'Iho day was cold, and
tho exposure to tho wind of the chill
March day would In itself under or
dinary circumstances have boon brutal
When the had completed this the
lino of luaieh was again usumed and
us tho procession pissed tlio on look-
eis iuvoluutaiily closed up slightly to
obtilu a nearer view cak and ex
haustcd by thib time, but ostill bring
ing that terriblo whip to fall
on then quivering and bleeding
backs thoy repassed us at
the sumo hlow and painful walk "We
were then veiy close but It was im
possible to uso oi r camera at this
range as tho Mexicuns weroall aroun I
and about us bo teiriblo hud been
tho punishment administered and so
sharp and knifellko were tho whips
mat uie enure covering or nesn had
been torn oil! leaving tlio bones of tho
ribs o posed to full view
As boon asthlspirty had cntciod the
doors of the moiada or Penlteiite
house of worship another and much
larger one started on tho same pil
grimago In tuis second party imme
dlitely following tho chantcis camo
two men stripped and masked 111 e tho
otheis but bearing on theh shoulder
high crosses ubout fifteen feet in
length made of rough timbers twehe
inches in diameter weighing, I should
judge between 300 and 400 pounds '
As this procession started at tho
same pace adopted by tho first two I
men armed with whips took their place"
behind tlio cioss bearers and at every
step applied vicious blows upon tho
naked bicks of the men In fiont 1 ol
lowing them caino a party of eight
llagell mts and behind them about
dozen rough uncouth unshaven l'en
itentcs carrying in their hands and
elevated in front of them primitive
and uncouth figures of all the stints
in tho litaii Again tho cuiol blows
resounded ucioss tho silent Hold, for
not a sound was he ird have tho occa
sional chant Liery held was uncov
ercd and the aspect of the spectators
during tho passing of the piocesslon
was most reverential All the way to
that far oil1 cross tho former sccno
was repeated, and upon the return of
this party wo tried to perpetuate tho
picture upon the 11 1ms, Tho distance,
however, was too great to do it full
justice In every case tho blood
llowed In torrents down the backs of
the flagellants, staining tho drawers
to tho ground and leaving tho subjects
of this terriblo sacrifice so weak they
wcro hardly nble to complete tho
A Mlleillne Statement
Until we evoluto to tho stato where
wo can perform miracles, or can take
on tho conditions and peculiatlties of
the lobster, wo can notexpect to have
any of our lost members organs or
fat lties reproduced and made as good
as new Iho doctoi who would take
tho care of a person having suffered
amputation and declaro that ho could
restore tho limb would bo hooted out
of a respectable community bo the
practitioner who tells the patient that
his medlclno and treatment will re
store wasted lungs and bring the tis
sues back to their original stato pro
fesses what he can not carry out and
is entirely unworthy of belief
Indians and over body killed I was
nrottv wild I can toll vou and in ide
up my mlhd to go back to Ohio and
muuloi my half brother Hut in a
da oi two thcio tode into tho fort
n half hieod that said he had seen n
whlto bo with a band of Cheyenues
ti uoling toward Dakota an 1 b
questioning him closely I gathored
that this boy must bo ( hii-j, mj sou
I piesently foil in with anothoi
tridoi named Hums a bravo and
good follow who had somo friends
among tho Choyonnos and offered to
go on with mo ns ho was on his wa
to Dakota anyhow Wo got on thou
ery woll for a while meeting plontv
of Indians who gaio us such in foi
million as tho possessed and wo
leuinol that tho band with who n tho
boy was lay in camp in wh it is
called tho Hateau du t ojteau uoai
tho not thorn pat t of tho toi i itoi
Wo hid gotten within twontj
miles of tho plateau and were eating
dlnnoi about noon ono na on tho
banks of tho MUsouti, when nil at
onto Ihoio was a wai whoop ringing
In oui eais and about twenty In
dlans lushed out fiom a heap of
rocks bohlnd which they had cropt
upon us. Burns held up his hand
and called How3' to show that wo
woio ftlendly, but oven as ho did
so a ball struck hlra In thobioast Ho
loapod four or ;ivo foot into tho ah,
tho blood fairly spurting fiom tho
nolo ovoi his heart. At tho same
time I foil with a brokon leg, and
Burns' dead body struck mo as ho
lollod down Tho Indians, thinking
tho had killed us both, came run
ning and seized our horses but tho
chief bent over mo to scalp mo .vhon
ha poicolved that I was still alive
IIo drow his knifo almost across my
throat then looked morn closely at
mo and rooognlzed mo Ho had been
In lort 1 aiatnf tho ear before and
had bcon quite filaidly with n.o
Ho otdercd mo bound, though and
tloil to a hoi so besldo which ho i odo
aa wo wont back to tholi camp
"Wo got there early tho following
morning and my nist look about tho
camp showed mo nothing of tho
whlto prisoner Hut tow at d oen
Ing auothc) poi tion of tho band camo
In from a hunting expedition, and
with them was Chi is, whom I had
loft a child ol 8 but who was now
about 12 I darod not approach hlra
then, hutojod him as indltTetently
as ho hud ( no
W hen dark camo tho ohlof called
mo to hlj sldo for a pow wow'
which, after lasting uu hout ot so
was endoc byin bein dUrais-sod to
my tout without a guai 1, an 1 I
strollod cnoi to whet o tho boy sat
pounding corn for a squaw How '
I said to hlra but ho did not lalso
last 1 10m th it da to this I havo
novor been ablo to see an Indian
without tho horror of that thing com
ing back on mo And I don't mind
tolling you sit that I wont back to
Ohio loi tho puiposo of killing Hon
i but hcto I found death had
cheated mo foi tho villain was dead
tl (a days aftor poor llttlo Chris
had diod in Bllonce with that twined
hoi ioi about his neck and with his
fathor who amid not saohlm within
touch of his hind '
nothor Kin t.
It was abo it, 10 10 p m and tho
oung worn m was talking to tho
iian in tho ease. W hat I liko In a
man " she was 8 i ing, Is cnoigy
one that has somo go in him iho
young man glanced hastily at tho
clock thonatthe door then at tho
girl and got up I bog voui par
don, 'shosill blushing ou may
Btuj as long is ou ploaso ou aro
tho first rain that oot understood
that statement ptopoily Detroit
1 roe rross
Silv ith n rinj miT'
According to tho annual report is-
sued the last of May tho batvatloJ
army is now established In forty-twJ
countries It has 10J7 corps nuin-j
bcrlng 0-1 IJ olllcots 10 1JS local offi
cers, and JS11 bandsmen Iho nurai
ber of soldiers is not Btatcd but
' General ' 1 ooth claims that tho army
concerts to Christianity JOO.UOO teo
pic every joar
IIo Is (ol) exeunt fi m failures who
makes no ullorts
Abavo all thinxK, mj ou donttonib
younhlldtoriJi ulorujllihn,
Hull n ( ularrh i ur
Is a lonstltutional cute 1 tlco
It Is n form of oxium) for wrongdoing
that Tse meant to rljjlit, if wo have nut
used our liost powers to discover the rlht
Foa lmjure or thin IllnoJ pni noHs
Malaria, N i uralgin Inliffotllonaid Ullto is
nosw take Drown Iron Hitters It i,ivoa
Btrei)L,tb makinj?old tjiHonn foul yone
aaa ung j orsons strong leasaut to lak
Uio heights of great men uailied nod
Lot were not attained by hu 1 leu Hi(,ht
It Is Not
What We Say
Bijt what Iloods Sarsaparllla dws tUat Ut
thoetory Ihoprcjit oluuioof cvidciicoln Itw
form of un irchiscd voluntary teettiiilalA
prove bcyoaJ doubt that
HOOd'S Sana.
XL li-wwxiTt, parllla
Be Sure to Got TltffG.
BS' fhyi
Hood's Pills euro habitual comtlpaUoa.
1 aina was the goddess of gossip.
Uo was tho Greek go 1 of mUehlef
The ai ids wt.ro spirits of tho
The Lcmna Is watched over the
lakes and ponds of Greece
Greek and Roman virgins prayed to
Tortun for a good husband
Actors and public leaders offered
eacrifleo to Moraas the go 1 of laugh
Ilebo was adored among the Greek
women, that their leauty might bo
Tho 1'enitos wcro go Is of tho pan
tiy from a Litin woid signifying
whero foo 1 is kept
The Dn ads took care of troes and
prevented their being cut down until
their time had come
Cupid was recognized as a deity,
but his worship wis always merged iu
tint of his mother, onus
Itoman cipltilUts and xjersons do
siring to become iuch fcieriliced to
riuttis, tho god of wealth
'iho I mica weio old maids whose
countenances woro so tetrlblo as to
trinslK with horror cvety beholder
l For Female Diseases.
(fr anJl0& isthecest.
Ta vuriiwwvii,
S-4- 5 so piNE CAU&KM,6ABDa
You can nnre money by wearlntr l!o
Y. Ii Donolu 83 OO Slioe.
Itccnnit. w ar tb lariat manufsctnreM o
Ibli eroUeof BtKvs la the wuriJ ai i cuaraates Lhul
aluo by Btamplos tho name anil prlco vb tUj
bottom which protect you aualnit btehpriociand
ibo mlJdlemaa proflta. Our aboai equal cuitom
work la Ityla eany nttlnft an 1 wearing riualltlri.
WahaTathem aild eTerywbere altowtr prlceafor
ttaa value given tbao any nther maLa Take no ub
itltute IC your dealer cannot lupply you, wo can.
-a u.vca
Davis Inter-
Janus at tho t'O J ot nil g itcs una national Cream
doors lie hnln ays loniusonua with "P."''1"1
to ruewkauhoo door looks both , j rlfr
"aJ" , , , , , , that has cons
Iho llomans had n (,rl1 ' uounda- phoulj have
ries, icnnlnus 1IK stutuo was n post ( one It saes
set in tho y'onuil to matk tho limits half the labor,
iho prlnclpil wind dcltlos wcro
llon-as, tho north wind, ephrus tho
hta head until I laid my hand on hln I ., ' t , ,
lhen ho irlancod up ut mo with that ... ., ,, ,.,,
v cstJ. was mo guuuusiui mu uuu ut
glanced up at mo with that
samo totilble lack lustto ok and I
saw that tho poor child s mind had
glvon way under his suffoilngs.
I hadvioftvalt some wooks foi tho
sought for c poitunity to escape but
all tho tirao I was busy Becrotln
piovislons and suoh urtlcles as we
would need on our long and hard
l journoy that wo had bofoto us At
1 last tho night came I had protend
ed to sprain ray ankle, as an excuse
not to join a patty that went out on
an elk hunt of soveialdays and only
squaws weio loft to guai d us and tho
camp Ihoro was no moon and tho
stars oven wero obscutod by tho
clouds whon wo startod Ho had
gone nearly forty miles whon, ono
evening a fow black specks appealed
on the horizon, and I knew that our
foes wero on our trail
I descended and wo left tn c hurry,
mukmg for a little shallow Btream
Qowlmr towaid the Uig Muddy, and
homo, her altar stood on ovory hearth
btono her flro burned on tho floor of
every puuiio uutiuing
Young girls in Greece and Italy
v orshlpod Diana until thoy wero of
age, when thoy dedicated theltgirdlos
to her by hanging them up in her
temple or grove, and turned to Aphro
dite hen a Greek was In a tight placo,
where bodily strougth and vigor
would help him, ho prayed to Hercu
les, wheu he noeded shrewdness, not
to say roguery, ho betook himself to
After Venus had answ erod tho
prayers of the young girl and had
sent her a husband she next wor
shiped Hymen Ihls god was adored
onlv on the day of the marriage cor
oraoni, never beforo uoi after
Vulcan, tho god of ancient black
smiths and metal workers was lame
In consequence of a pretty hard fall
ho had In his eirly days Jupiter and
JP & J
v. r -;J
makes one
third more but
ter Separator j
Butter brings?
one third mon. E
money Send
f o r circulars
Dams & Rankin Bldg k Mrc Co
AGENTS VV' ' Hro Til
Tk Be tli Alwaja
th Caeapcfcl
IUulon Tnu,
lU S hbT not ud oi j U m1 n
tccoutit or yt wbkn u ti fw m(u,m
I. iw rtkkl Aft. ma wit It k f r iU
II mb1 b Same Bo t tMy pelJ H
".".r''"" v- . r: ;:..-.
BeKAl.il rlnoinii r wn maium-r -m
cklM, plmj Irt, trmn n ran, --i-.Kit
tTi r Ink r nwf bn
Mma.A. BUPPERTtO B. 1 4th 8tN.y.Oltj
JKfiVv fia
nrthiUMlt nH
h r W, VB
nlilyplJ '"BWBBm
Ft i-t IU. AC1 V
down this wo waded foi sovotul hun- In consequence of u pretty hard fall T11IC IfMIFF 1 lQo8teo1 Kwnaaaraaor
uruu Yurua tu iui uw kiubo uuuiuu no nil in nis einv uuvs uunimr uuu a -' .. ,. -. .,. ..j-
blood hounds off tho rack. Then ' Juno had a row and Vulcan sided wlth1 tram unncofreaCwr,pirm,ai.j u ient BiAmpto
ua want tntunn,! Ihn tU.t.i. nn,l c. i.i 41 -.t !. T,1 .mtl. ( VJ POttUBB Writ for lint Of OljrMbPr Cn "
..v ..wP .,. u ..-.-., . - ma uiu.uoi "K"'"'"' " " OUH- ialuin. WOOUSOV SPICE CO
.cwiiug u mn uuiiuw tieu j. iuuhuuwu man, vviio promptly kiukku jiiiu out oi
Chris to ollmb in and up, while I heaven Ho fell for a whole doy and,
took iny psltIon near tho holo near- lighting on the island of Lemjuoa.
Br down, where, if tho worst camo V) brokohla log
450 IIoroD brToLKDO, O
n 1 prfdilT
tion l'ai tciiLrt ruaa.
rm a i ap ( rrru
Dr. Coe a Sanitarium, UausacHy, Mo

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