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Shiner gazette. [volume] (Shiner, Tex.) 1893-current, July 19, 1894, Image 6

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I tttlIiir and Mi ittlanx k llftrnTiitnj
1 ojiulitr Vgitln (Iriii i Till mil
VtMt IlfWIlfllf il Moiim r
lhut gtiv Utile
-floor ii (1 sluitll
populni in mil
ohU ftiii t K n
the it un i n ot I
flf) ( It 1 10SGI 111
ospeital u-ttu'iu ii
ngllltv i ml us um h
comou c. r
J n the qmilnt n
worth t stone how
tne tinimi or u uiinsoi most uiuiim-is
ill nil it vvulsl 1 Ion cut jjovvns
uronlho thtm Iv about ns thtj os
Atytonitc th f In Ilk bit of noth
lnjrntst t mpo d if oik nnd fen the l a
vptnnlns1 li to t t ail i'iut in mid uu
am i call d bil lo
y ! hlth v as o
lothci i fl
"Illll Willi
)iii it
I i h no
!o Olllv
n i i in iv Ijc
i Aim iu JiU
-Hv and ulilh
1 i M n J.n
Hon tlio gills cliuso and mco hllhei
mid II ithci us It Uulca them' lion
huts tuinblo oil unil h in b thcii
sttlnjrs fiom the unit eis' netks lion
theoksiJovv undtvos d ituo utul how
tlio pi ill ill this is Inlhoold pUtmo
mhul vou ichous with thoh mmij
laiiffht '
lheto mo old-fushloncd folic still
who thin) that a seduto g-unio of cio
quct, oi cvui tho tuiibio nmost tcn
ills ulTotds no such iliiI spoil as did
this Minjip gimoof thopist 1'coplo
iiiiiKl, voik of thcii spoils to da
thest old folk biij bee iusl Hid uvoik
tidaj nc and thoj must LultUulo
their biuirwoi imhtlLd, oi both oven
m popul i pastimes
Iluttlc looi and shuttlecock inauies
on of tho most benefit. Inl mo ins of
loilKp tho conllnuiil up aid move
ment of tho aims tho lciUiinj?
l is tho host of tennis fiom the
athletic point of view It wn't an ex
pensive ffimo ellhu foi tho imple
ments tost almost nothing A buttle
doornnd shiittjtcocK club niaj bo
uT un ot of oun .Kjxoplo
who hmo a model ato apt o id of giuTn
an arc! nwi'lablo
A llttlo fjaidon hat with a bum vvido
onouh to Keep tho sun fiom tho cjes
V Vnr of Oct igoiinrl m Vre Itrnultmt In
thn 1 iKiphoii.o "
She urn only one of tho many who
walled In tlio Inlon station for u
train to be ir tho n to tholr destination
pujs tho Mortistoi (Mass. ) i?pj
ihoi uas nothing about hci to uttiutt
att ntion sivo thai hei kindly old fiito
nai a liillomoio wilnklod thu i tho
in ijoi it of those uho p isud In and
out of thu nnltlnjf-ioom llci hnu
too wiw a tilflo nhitoi hoi dietis is
1 1 hspli ii mslj plain and hoi bonnet
nasmUi as hei tfiundmothoi mijjht
h io wnii oononould hno looked
to liti foi a lomant-u jot hcis isi
btOI J full Of pltllOd
Mui th m slti joins a,ro thU wo
man bnol (.coio lulnj a joung
mhanh and when ho asked foi r-i
hand uho yno It and ptomUod to bo
a faithful ifo Ihtj lhtd togothci
In one of tho towns in tho noilhcin
put of tho statu foi sovoial joais
happilj oonlo ited J hen houblo cimo
and In a moment of anoi the eouplo
bepii lUil Iso dhoito wnsfloug-ht no
judgo was "ourIU to net thorn fioo Tiom
tho in ulajro joko fho UmjU
iiijiLOd to llo aput I his win llftj
K j eai s ujro and thoj hao Icopt
thoh on Dmhiy moiothm i half
. outui j thoj Inn e no oi socn ciilIi
othu though tit Units thei hnolioil
onlj i ft.u miles aput 1 nth miuiiut
aaln I ho husbands souond wlfo
dlodacai ago whllo Mi Inings
I Huond hu bund o-io Hemon has bcon
undu thofeolfoi twoho can hen
ho died 1 cniU i b-M. lino n public Umijft.
and foi Iho 1 ist docn ous she has
btoi In tho pom houso at 1 nllolil
Mnto ItInH wlfo dud ho has boon
an lam ito of tho llopklnton ulnn
house A lilllo while nao tho 1 nflold uu
thoiitlcs leu nod tho sloij of tho worn
nn life nnd distovoicd that living
hoi foi me i husbind was being tin oil
foi b tho town of llopklnton Aftei
t-omo coiit-spondonco It was decided
tliat Alls living Honson was still liv
ings wife ns sho had in vol boon dl
ottod in d thnt sho logillj had a
right to bo iiippoitcd bj tlio town of
HopUInlon Aeeoi Jinglj J unoi Hi
loj ono of tho oeiseei8of tho pool of
llopklnton went to I nflold and took
Ahs. living l'enson ulth him fcho Is
88 hih old and until fcho boauled
ut iSilchoitown had novei ildden on a
laihoad eu llei husband is 8J juua
old AIoio tin n flfij j an ago the
made thcii ons novci tolUo together
ngutn lute suens to hao ovenulcd
tho dorMon and 'ooi tho hills 'at
tho pooi house theso two limit lHo to
Sfothei UU do ith pints thorn
"AnBani," mild Undo Uilly ls bo gnzed
nt hi Iwy whllojio j.elionritd Sfajk An
tonj ovfiou "rVotl oiffltttl oj 's gwino
toi Jjol'tr tgg 'snultol plu o ou do stQgo
'jt ' M asuliigtoii Stiu
ell ' stxi 1 fatbci in law after moth
cr fa lun 1ml leturncl fiom u 'visit to tho
vouiiff tonile vvlmt ort of a fellow is
..... . . . . i tuuuu it'i I iv nuut Hurt, ui icumv 11
l.icttj bodices of Iho pcnsantstjlo 01 Jota, , ln ,,,, bes Ilot , ,or
liU Cn f . hnll.. !, ;1- t1A . a
with sI.s belts the undu blouse suf-
liclentlj easj foi fico arm movement
6kiitH shnit full and piquant (not
dml-tnins) and btout llttlo boots an
tho costuming essential' btilped
outing flannel hhlits beivofoi men
with lei nis caps and kneo bicotho-t
'Ihc game to bo intetcstlng mu t bo
ionducted upon tho gontial mlos
which pionll In ball g imea Aluch
ma j bo made or it bj tho o whoaio
skilh d in bill phi)in though it calls
rathci foi uiiKo tlian foi MttU or
lot hill il Knowledge
II itt edooi and ethuttlctorlc Is u Aery
old ganio 'Uohoui of It along with
othti light lollickiug spoils In vvliith
women pirtlcipatod among tho eouit
pistlmesof I ouis IV I.iotouitof
Homy Quitio was famou-. foi all soits
of tomplng gnnios Hcnij ofuvauo
was too lruch of a wauloi not to bo
fond of athletic spoils and many of
thoso indulged In bj tho queen and hor
ladies as w oil as bj the king and his
follow eis weio almost bojish In thnr
nctei Jhoio aie old pletuies which
glo tho shuttlecock quite tho foi in it
lias to dav though tho buttlodooi has
eh an god
VllOM o M ullli.
Accordlngto Tdmund Yatos $2 600 -000
of plato was displaced at tha
(iuoen's stato bunqtut ut U lndsoi
tastle Ono seivleo foi liOpoisons
is gold and tho Other of sllvoi A
gi eat slH ci w lno cooloi mudo foi
(leoigc IV weighs 7 000 ounces Iho
ontiio pi ito ut Windsor is valued ut
nearly o 000 000 and Includes quaint
plocos taken nom tho Spanish Aimad i
ti pencoelc of pieclous stones fiom
India, valued at 2uu uuu, a ugoi s
head also from India, which bus u
solid ingot of gold for a tongue and
cijBtnl teeth, and a wondoiful collec
tion of splendidly ornamented gold
shields one, made foi Gooigo IV. out
of his anutt-boKos being woith $50,
000 Che oilgln of 'windfall" la the
sense of 'good luck " dates fiom tho
time of William tho Conquoiei It
was then a criminal offense to cut tim
ber in tho forests Only such could
be gatheied aa tho wind had blown
down, hence a heavy windstorm was
hailed by tho peasants us so much
good luck, and from thU comes the
modorn application of the oxpiosslon.
much Kail niotbui in law Ho mntnds
uio t ry much of j ou ' Hurt u m liuui
1)1 1 jou toll that nidii 1 d gouo to ban
1 niiK it o, us I tol 1 3 ou to James f '
ta fir I toll him j on titnrtcd this
morning' 'Hints a Root I oj And
what ill 1 ho fin) Ho wiintel to 1 nun
ubMijnuillo lu 1 mil I told hln after
lunch hfr ' Huiiii s lJ7ui
Ui ma jdu getting on with tbo
1 imio ' aso 1 All honso of his bot belovnl
Mntil la 'Oil trj well I um Mtj,unt
piofii hs iu mj woik 'Hon U tbdtf'
'Will tlio fuuiilv that livol next dor
ni)vrlann within a week aftoi Iltgau
to jiactl o Iho noxt i eoj lo sttiji 1 a
month, tbo next ten wctl -i un I tbt family
thtro now have uiuuhied ucutlj tlx
months "- Niw A oik A otl)
Hoyr thn rcrformers I roilupft Tfrtnln
Itjthmla SouihIh Tlip I ipcuie
Inciirrel In i t ilpplnj
String ISnn I
Autialia Bhij s lingo numl trs of eggs to
IliitUh maikots It takes sit wtoU for
them to reach tho marl ota
lu Africa tbeio nio liiuncnso trntts o
wild cotton of oxcollo it quallt) awuitlnff
homo agency to m 1U0 it avntbule
A Umilian sjullcato hies Ktcurod tbo
Gen Icos of kov eral oxpci ts from 1 lttb it g,
whoVlll 1 ore welN ln tbo hope of obtain
lag oil or nututal (,
lbo 1 reneh hnvo lannol works at
Havre for utilizing tho tlb and How of tbo
tido to work turl lno whfls to gentrnto
lower foi dynamos to supply Vaiis with
A 1 hiladelhia lhiu is uml ia gteat sua
etna iu tinning nrll let inado of mst lion
Iho aiticlts so tieatol nro fai moiodur
ul lo tbau gulvanlo 1 or Jnpiumod waio
ani are equilly thoap
Tlio Molcnn government has teen ex
perimeuttng w itli a now mac bine ft r man
ufattuiing ramie Iho luuchino iuu lo onb
on 1 a quarter tons pei daj, mui tbo ox
jtenso of cleaning thu llbro was oulj 47-10
tents per pound
Hitter made from cocoanuts id lapldly
taking tho plato of tho ordinary t utter in
(lernmuy and Switzerland It is sutd to
bo healthful easily digested an 1 ns t alat
alio as butter mado from tho milk of tons
and much cheater
rho cultivation of lbo India ruller treo
on. tho island of Irinldad is receiving much
attention A row trees oi different varle
ties were imported some veara ago and
were placed lu the botanical gardens Tho
results havo bhonn that tho soil and ell
mato are remarkably fuvorublo to tboir
cultiv ation
Iho adulteration in toffee in 1 ranee has
reached ituch alarming rot ortions that it
has become a subject for investigation in
tbo chamber lbo adulteration is made
by a mixture of Hour and sulphate of iron
which is pressed Into tbo shape of a coffee
beau the resemblance being difficult for
ven an expert to detect by sight
Xhomdlnity Mongollin orchestra
such as is usuillj found dispensing
tunes foi tho dolecUtlon of (olostlil
oars at tho (- hlnoso tho ill o in this eit
3iys tho Snn 1 ruueisco (. luonlelo is
comp sod of ton plot oh aiidoichplujoi
has his poeullai instiunicnt onwhithj
ho Is nn adej t Ho also pet foi ins upon
it witi anappiients oleal imllireienco
as to tho seoros of his fellow-nusl-1
1 ins
lo Ihoioughlj opdp an oichostia
with piopei Instiuments oilalls a cost
of M ) 50 which amount aiij noivous
hou-oholdei w ho has ( v oi hud tho mis-
foi lunu to l esldo n ith in e u shot of ono
at piactico v ould bo willing to adv unco
twice ovoi In oidoi to hivo It moved
on Aftoi pinch islng tho Int umonts
plijoi iiuo necdod mid thcii seniles
vaij In pilro nccoiding to ability o
poitnoaa mil loputatlon J ho Mou
golinn musician initios his ability it
fiom $1 to 82 pci night but if ho bus
climbed tho liddoi of f nno ho will dc
in md fion ?o to sJO poi night.
lhoduun In tho estimation of tho
Chlnoso mush lin is tho most impoi-
tant instiument, wiileh opinion Is 11 co
wlso shared by the juvcnllo Ameih in
V C hlnefeo diuin costs SU ml his
much tho simo uppoai uieo as a kog
constiuctod of ligh no3tl coveicd nltli
cowhklo Ihls lnstiumont is beatoi
with a jail of heivj wooden htlcks
und pioduco3 a booming sound vv.hit.li
glows oxtiomelj monotonous whoa it
is continued foi sovoial houis
Iho ahum oi tins is a Chinese
musical dev Ico of pocullar cousti ut tlon
It consists of a fiamonoikor wood up
on which i3 sot a conical top of luud
wood covciod wli calf skin Pro
jcctlng Jiom tho to) of tho finme U a
hollow squuo tho wio of a clgai bo
covorcd with law hide Sounds aio
piodutod bj sulking tho ton which
emits bass notes and tho piojjcllng
hlde-covcied hquaio with diumslieks
Ihls tmieuil lnstiumont costs sj ()0
Tho cimbals of tho C hlneso tuoof
hnmmoiod bias bhnlliu in design to
tnoso usou ov Amu u an binds ana
cost $1H
IJinss gcugs shnnod much llKe a
tambouilno aio used bv Jliie-nollau
musicians in tho make-up of thoh
oichestias A Hist class gong eau bo
bought foi 81 1
A gong of concav o form and of v ory
light vv eight that glv os foi th a tingling
sound is nnothei oichestral iusttu
menu It co3ls ? 10 Ivlongollan fid
dles no-wf-peculiar roststructlon aid
omit sounds which fiom a musical
point of view aio as Inhaimonlous as
tho Insttument Is uncouth in appeal -
unco invested oi Us stiings a Chlnoso
fiddlo has tho sumo nppeiranco as a
mallot with tho handle long und flat-
toned to about nn inch in width and an
oighth of an inch in thickness In tho
lonci part of tho handle aio Inseitcd
two keja ono above Iho othet lo
each of tho keje aio attached two
stiings of hoivj hull oi catgut tho
olhei ondi ato thmty wound about tho
mallot head What vailed and tils
coi dant bounds aio pioducel when tho
Chlnoso fiddloi urns htsbovv aeiots'ho
"trlncrs! And besides tho C hlncse
ha o tho temoi ity to ask $7 oO foi such
il uuviau
'Iho banjo of tho heathen mnj bo
voii nppiopi latch likened to a binall
slod fiving pin with a or long bun
dle Iho dtum is co oi cd with snake
skin diawn tight, Ihioo kes and
four stiings complelo tho instiument
which Is sold fot j
Iho bass bin jo is tho size of a laigo
sl7Q smuo drum and about half tho
de)th lour keys and tho same num
ber of strings aio used IhoHitm of
$2 50 will buj ono foi oidHurj uso
A Chlnoso tluto ts pmchasablo ut 7o
cents if of oidlnaiy make und without
ornamentation It has ton tlngoi holes
and glv os ont to slu III und dUeoi dant
noto3 which delight tho (hinosotais
but huishlj giao upon thoso of tho
Worked like it ( liiirni,
IMo lnsuianco agent I will do
tain jou only a moment I loeognUo
tho value of a buslnoss mans tlino
Voui ago I judge Is about twenty -five
lnsuianco in out coinpmj will
cost you "
Victim (with n sinllo") 'You nio
mistaken In m ago I um tioaily
fot ty -tin eo "
Hal ha! Verj good but tho joko
won't go down with mo 1 am soldom
dotoivod us to a man's ago At tvventy
lhe us I was saying tho cost of i
policy In oui company etc
Hnally hooks his pioy a wilnklod
prematurely old man of foi ty -two
youis eleven inonth and looking
fUty-sW J
El Jret Foot.
A Bhoo doalet in Middlotown N Y.,
on measuring a customer tho othei
day, was amazed to find his foot so
largo that shoos to lit could not be
found in stock anywhcio In town Ac
cordingly they woro mado to order,
and weio fifteen Inches long 0 Inchos
across the sole 14 inchos aiound the
Instep and 21 Inches in the heel
A Certain nmt ltapM Mimm of Heamcltat
tnjr rrnm
Colonol Homy 1 lsdalo of tlio Hoyal
Inglneets claims to havo discovoiod
a ect tain audi ipld means of resuscitat
ing poisons from tho olTocts of suffoca
tion sajs tho I ondon Chtontclo. A
Buppoi among tho mon wndoi UU coin
maud nt ( hathiun win ono daj found
enveloped lu tho folds of a half-empty
vs at balloon 1 ho co il gnq w 1th w hich
It had bum In Haled hud suffocated Win
und to all appeal ancos ho vvusudeud
man Hut cffoits wete mado to lostoio
hlin though tho pulseless hoatt i.nd
tadavoious fuco of tho man gave no
cncoutitgoniont to poise, oie In a
inomont of something like Insph ation
it oceuiied to Colonel 1 lsdnlo to send
foi some tubes of tonipiessod oKjgon
which hud been piopuied foi tho
ohdiogon light
lhls piuo oxjgen at a eiy high
piossuie was hunlodlj tonvoyed into
the mouth of tho piosti ito sappoi b
me ins of Insetting tho no zlc of the
v ah o bctw oen his teeth and tho suppty
was senlly tinned on to thosimllost
oxteiit IhoolTcCt was absolutoty In
stantanoous In an Instant ho opened
his oyes and seized tho no7lo between
hla ttet'i la short thu tapper not
onty thoioughh lovhed within a fow
mlnuto but in half an houi walked
aw ity quite well to thobinacks nnd
lofused to go to Hi MUltuv Hospital
us was suggebted b his commanding
oil coi
Of com io tho objcttloi v;IU bo
i uVhI that oveiy bad) hi? not tubes
of puio ojgen at high nossuto in
loadlnoss to nppty to such eisos Ilan
pilj ogon In quantltos us lniga us
thoso ndmlnlsteiod Is not needod und
it cin bo stoicd In small stiong bot
tles mado of tho Ilnost stool with n
v tho giving an absolute hoimotlo
soul" ihosovessols mnj bo us small
ni a sodu-wntet bottls und mav bo
iniJo put of tho medical stock of ov
ciy tloctoi Oxjgen ut any degtoo of
comptosion icquliud can in fact now
bo obtained and tho w holo nppni utus
for lostoilng vitality can bo pickod In
a small bo Quito poitablo
hat possibilities mnj not such a
dlscoveiy as that to which wo havo
diawn attention involve! It Is oqually
a illable wo aio nssuiod foi thoso
poisons who havo been asphj latod
bj choko damp in toil mlnos or by
oidinan coal ga l'toplo appuiontly
di on tied and thoso Insenslblo fiom
long oxposuio in tho ilggingof a ship
might also bo sued fiom an untlmoly
end by what Colonel I lsdalo calls a
doso of oxjgon' It would piobubly
be Invaluable too in caos of guffoea
tlon fiom tho fumes of ehui coil oi In
cases whole ihlorofoim had oporitcd
injurlouslj on a weak hciut buch a
discovery should at onco occupy tho
attention of tho Hoyal College of l'hj
slclans with a elw of aseettuining
whothei Colonel I Ibdalo has ovotrutod
tho benolleont elTcets to bo anticipated
from tho adinlnlsti ation of puio oxy
A mini pauses foi a ago If ho nooks wis
dom If be thinks bo has fouu I It ho Is n
fool Htl ion Standard
A litthl urg wl low has hud thuo bus
lands inch of whom was over six feet
tall Sho Isufnvorito with big nen
liuffnlo Lpies4
oimgmen just fiom collono who do
(ho to I ctomo JouinilUts bli ul 1 npi Ij nt
tbo i ttss loom fbey tnn tommento at
the 1 ottom in tbit wnj and woik up -
Boston itws
look out for tho miii who begins oj
fiaiughois not a bit suj trstitious Ho
is gohiL, to tell n ghost stoiy that woull
mid o till thills um up mil down tho
I uc II ont of winter Dctiolt hteo lioss
lbesc ul Is to niemorj ato all frnu Is "
biiid Mini MOI 1 ii!ed to lose mj night
kej and m j wife fastened it to mj wateh
chain I list night I wmt to tho lolso
uu 1 when I got homo touldn t find tbo
bouse " New ork ueior 1
Lleeiton (at the inns) 'Miatnthe
name of tbo homo ou lit oa last I '
Dahhnwnj (sudlj ) 1 biladtlphia -evv
oiic ilUtll
bat w old 1 v ou do if ou hn 1 n voic e
like minot'snil "inks wbo Is lather
pioul of his lasso pi of tin lo Id take It
out Into tho woods nnd jell with it till it
lust said Do (Jui i" wbo prifcrs his
own tenoi llaritrs lla'or
Is It fui miii Dennis O Mnley Is goin'
ter thijf' ball a laloihig man it is
that same ' 'V bv " lejolned tbo other.
scorn full j be don t Know enough nl out
fairuiulng to i lant is feet lu tho loal
an 1 luiso dust' Capo Ann Advertiser
Huld tho supeiluteiilent of the Texas
penitentiuij nt Iluntvlllo to a iionly-j
arrive i delegate 'lou navo tne privi
lego of w orklug nt any ti ado j ou prefer "
I d like to koep on drlv lug cattle to
loxns" Another gentleman in the buino
iuhtitutiou wanted to bo a sailor Texas
Living Skeleton (at dhuo museum)
'Tbt so fclks mako mo ttrtd " Bviupa
thetio Vixitor 4 In what way! ' l Hero I
am earning SoOO a week as the greatest
living wkeloton vet hour nftei hour dav
In nn day out one old woman after
uuotber stoj g nn talks nnd talks at me
about things I ought to eat to get fat "
Uootl PienB
He They loved each other devotedly.
They married and lived hnpplly till they
died. They never quarreled and he wai
seldom half an hour out of her presence '
Bhe "Oh bow beautiful! And yet they
say Bueh things never are ' He "They
are not often You see they were both
killed in a railroad accident the day after
their marriage Brooklyn Ufa.
I Can't Sleep
I lave a tired, worn-ont fooling This tneani
that tbo nervous Bjrstem Is out of order When
this complaint Is made, Hood s Sarsaparllla ts
needed to purify and vitalize tho blood, and, thus
eupply nervous strength TaVeltnow Remember
Hood's s
wsmws, partita
l&' Cures
Hood's Pills euro all liver ills, biliousness
ICirry linn Vllio Mould ICnoir tho
(rniHlTnillmi tho I'luln I'actM tho
on B)litcilCforifIii1Unl Sclcnco
ns Applied to Harried IMo, M Iio
Mould I to no for Vntt I'.rrnr nud
Aold 1 iiiuro I'ltlnlUt Should Se
cure tho W oiulerlul SIttlo lloolt
Culled "romplrto 1Iuiihoodf auti
Hun to ((alnll.
' Ilero nt list U information from a high
ftictllcilsoar otbat must utrkwmdert with
this gent r illon of mon
Tbo book fully destrlbes a motbol by which
tonttiln full vlgtr and mmly pwer
A melhol by which to end nil unnatural
drains on tho system
To cure nervousness lael of nelf control,
despondency etc.
Jo t XLlisnitfo n Jtidcl and orn nature for
on lot l)rlhlhOH4 btiny nicy and poutr
lo mro foi over otfetts of excesses over
work w irrj ti
lo Klvo full Htroiiffth, ilovrlopnient and
tono to i very prut I in in I orn in of ll obodv
Ago nn bun lor 1 alluro Impossible J 003
ref rtn es
rim hnok Is t iirf.himf Ural timl -irlenltflr nen.
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Davis Cream Separator Chum power
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