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IIli Soul U Murchlng On.
John Brown's soul eccms to be still
on tho march. A national committee
has been organized among tho citi
zens of Harper's lVrry and of the
District o Columbia for tho punosa
of soliciting subscriptions to build a
splendid monument to the old rebel
at tho scene of his foolish rebellion.
The engine house which ho used as a
fort In his hopeless stand against tho
United States murines, under tho
command of the alter ward famous
Uobert K. Lee, has been permanently
removed. While It stood It was a
speaking monument of tho occasion,
but now there is nothing oven to mark
tho site, which is constantly isited
by a great many curious slghtsufiri.
Harper's Ferry does not care to have
this its greatest attraction to visitors
removed, and proposes to ralfco Fonio
H2.000 to mark tho BTOt and satisfy
tho curious
f I
115 H
small llrHlm
Scientists huvo agreed that it i not
tho amount o brain tho weight o!
tho bialn which dooides thofintel
leetual or idiotic dc&tlny ot- mane but
tho amount of noticing Bin-face o tho
brains that Is, tho number and intri
cacy of conjolutlonsfron the brain de
termine tho mental Btatusotjts owner.
Thus, a very largo brafn," if' compar
atively smooth, would hao a much
less thinking surface than a smallor
brain if highly toolnted. 'ihe brain
of Hyron was llnusuallj Bmnll. as was
also that of Sir Walter Scott, tho gen.
t. ..- .1 . 7l .. .1 ,. V. il,n im ii tlin
HO WliCUlU J ltlf IlUt VII. "iiu i w t u tuu
old traditions of hUfrcotland Into so
many charmlbg romances in prose
and poetry, 'ihe brain ofa statesman
seems much smaller after hols elected
than it did before. 'Ihere must be
expandlngrand shrinking brains thut
tciemisis.navo not jcl ui-uuruu,
Wliem tho Men. I
The tall of the kangaroo Is the flesh
(pet nnrt, of tho nnimnl It Hr"consld-
ered dainty food'' when bolledln Its
own skin, whlcbjnftorwardlinay bo
rim wni(f 1llrn i rtlrtv? "
It Is a little strange that tho crunks are
the most active when the machinery i till
Ho thatVorrlts u.uihelf with the dread ol
possible contingencies will never be at rct.
On the Snf Ride.
Ever) body lnows this la a good place to be,
hnt evertbodv does1, not take measures to be
there' jyn efficient preventathe places us on
the isafe elde of lnUpientydlenitse, and there
13 no oue more rcuuDiQ iuuu uuaieiier bhjui
ach Bitters In case wherethe kldneya are In
active, 'whtcU Is but the prollmlnary tb various
destructive raaladleH, which disregarded have
a lata! toimlnatlon lirlght s disease diabetes,
dropsy, crdenia, are bnt the outgrowths of neg
lected Inaction of the kldnejs and bladder.
They should be checked at the outset with the
Bitters, which wilt prevent their progress by
arousing the renal organs to activity, and thus
place those, w ho resort to this saving medicine
ott ine saie siue. ni pra.erami ui Naiviy
also conquers constipation, liver compi&li
malarial feer, nervousness and dj-pensia.
. - . .... ,
The nature of everything h teit consld
ered In the seed
. 41 .1 UI
tUwtZ of General Interest Carefully
Faiected I roin Many Sources.
Recently, near Dalngcrfield, ahoreo
rnn atvuy with Miss tMInnlo Hau and
killed her. Mio went with JMIsTKlHo
Owens In a road cart four miles to
church, and while returning homo
the cart wheel struck a stump MIbs
Mlnnlo was thrown out und hor foot
caught under tho single-tree. 'I ho
horse ran and Bhe was dragged over
a mile. Her neck was broken and
she was frightful! mutilatod. ,When
parties reached her she was dead.
Miss Owens jumped and was not hurt,
A negro, Cnll Davis, living about
five miles north of Klllnger, i'uvetto
county, had a quarrel with ono of his
neighbors tho other evening and left
homo in an excited condition and was
Beon no moro for several data when
ho. was found by some negioes in a
pasture near his home, taco down
waid, dead Iho vet diet of the cor
oner's juiy was death from heart
'Iho Colored Ulnptlst', association,
composed of Houston and evcra ad-
JU111I1J LUUIHltD, nua Il-tLllllJ in oi;-
kiuu ui, rocKeitr uer uuu peopioi
veio In attendance. Tho last night
the assembly split wide open. 'Iho
ministers and delegates became In
ohed In a general row, calling each
other liars. Several came out with
broken'heads and noses.
Hall Catarrh Ccr
Is taken Internally. Price,
Ice Is a great preserver, but love Is one
of tbooe things that won't kaep v. oil ou
cold storage
Fon Impure or thin lllood, Weakness,
Slalarla, Neuralgia, JudIgetIou aud llillout
nesii, take UrownV JrouJUtersH gives
strength making qldf perpont feel proving
end young j ersou. strong) pleutuntto take
Tlio way of tho woild ip make Icjwh
but followtcustgnj ' ' '
Brings comfort and Improvement and
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used. , The many, who Ihe bet
ter than others and enjoy life more, with
less expenditure, by more promptly
adapting the world's best products to
the needs ofnhysical being, will attest
the value to'liealth of' the pure liquid
laxathe principles embraced in the
remedy, Syrup of Figs.
Its excellence is due to its presenting
in the form most acceptable and pleas
ant to the taste, tho refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative; effectually cleansing the system,
dispelling colds, headaches and fevers
and permanently curing constipation.
It has given satisfaction to millions and
met with the approval of the medical
profession, because it acts on tho Kid
neys, Liver and Bowels without weak
ening them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable subntance.
Syrup of Figs is for salo by all drug
MitA In fiOc nndftl bottles, but it is man
ufactured by tho California Fig Syrup
Uo. only, w nose name is pnnteu on every
package, alw) the name, Syrup of FIgs
and being well informed, you will not
accept any substitute if oflered.
AtCiaHcston K. K Kphrlam, better
known as "Uncle Fph," tho pawn
broker, has been arrested ou a charge
of embezzlement preferred by II. L.
L'eal Deal claims to haa pawnod a
ring and watch with Kphiiam. Mien
he went to get the pledges, out of
pawn Deal says that Kphrlam told him
they had been etolen. Kphtlam was
released on 1300 bond.
'Ihe fiist standard range railroad
locomotho ever seen In ucogdoches
is nt the depot there. It was hauled
there apon a narrow gauge tlat car.
There aro some broad gauge boarding
cars on tho track also. Ihls Is pre
paratory to tho widening of the gauge
of the Houston, East and West 'iexus
railway, In which the people hero aio
greatfy interested.
Dr. O. II. Cooper, superintendent of
tho city schools of GaHeston, has re
ceded notice of his election as a mem
ber of the national council of educa
tion,, 'iho council is an Inner circle
of the national educational association
and elects Its own members, 'iho
selection was made by tho council t
Its late meeting at Asbury Park, N.J.
At Caldwell, two children wore at
tacked by a strange parasitic disease,
both of whom are of American birth,
and their paronts, though Doliemlaii,
were both born and raised in Texas,
'ins local physicians are much puzzled
as to the nature of the disease. It-Is
accompanied by a feer similar to
G. Angle, receiver of the Brazos
ltlver Channel and Dock company,
has just Hied his report at Galveston
fori the quarter ending Juno 30. It
shows tho total receipts and disburse
ments for the peiiod named to be
ltccclpts $ll,Su4.rll, disbursements
$10,978.90, cash on hand July 1, 1894,
jMfcf i. M , 't;f
l?qt longjago Moggie Jonos, col-
otcu, brought sun in tho J. arrant
county, district court against, her
husband,! J, A Jones, for'dUorco.
'Iho plalntilT has since died at Mar
shall, and the defendant was tho col
ored porter killed In the cannon ball
wreck at loarkana a few rtayif ago
William Schlotter. n Gorman, of
Cameronruccldentally shot and killed
hlmbelf u few dujs agoUloJJwas
hunting and In climbing a fonco tho
gun wasdlchaiged, tho Joad taking
effect In tha left Blde.'enttrel''8hat-
termg the heart. Jlo leacs u. laigo
family ln(poor circumstances.
The CItl?ons1 bank of Henrietta
failed to open tho other morning for
business and tho following notice was
posted on the front door; "I hate
this day made an assignment for tho
benetlt of all creditors. C. W. Kas
Lii, Pies. CltUons Dank, and C. W.
Kasley, indhldually."
A. J. Williams, about 80 jears old,
cut the arteiles of his leg und arm
one night recently, at Summit, Tyler
county, with suicidal intent, but was
found In time to check tho How of
blood und will recoer. Ho said he
was overburdened with trouble.
Antone Happy, now nearlng 80
years of age, and who has beon con
lined In jail at Fort Worth for ovor a
ear past under Indictment for tho
murder of Miss Margarot Towmej,
has at last mado the $4000 bond ex
acted und Is now at liberty.
"Brother Matlock," charged with
trying to get away with Sin Killer
Grlftin's collection at Cleburne the
other night, had a preliminary trial
and was bound over to await tho action
of tho grand jury in tho sum of $500.
DoWltt county has comptomlsed
the Tlmon bond suit for $7000 and
the draft has been received for that
amount. This is tho forfeited bond
of W. D. Meador of $10,000, taken
about thirteen years agcr. Metdor Is
now dead.
Robert Hcrveyj a voung man In tho
employ of the Lrlo TelophouflLCompa.
Fnt Sherman. BeriouslvlTutThimself
jjytha drawlngknlfo while, trimming
u-wpuiu ino omor uay. '"inc inss ui
bloou was very groat
Near Bastrop recently Mr, Schulke,
an old gentleman wus preparing an
old whisky barrel for wine, boring
into it ttjth a red hot poker, when it
exploded, tearing his hand very badly.
Tho old man is in bed from the effects.
The majors of a few cities and
towns met, at Dallas a fow days ago
and effected the permunent organiza
tion of the maors association D T
Barry of Dallas, president, and T M.
Tlmmerman of Arlington secretary.
Mn Killer (Iritliu was "touched"
for '-'9,00, the amount of the night's
collection al Cle'burne the other eve
ning before he dismissed the audience.
'Ihe money was tied Tip in a handker
chief and lv ing on a table,
- .. ..u- . .A..J .
unwtu iH'Vi vuiu nua juiicu ui
WaMihachlo a few dus ugo on two
chuiges. one for swindling and tho
other fOr Reduction, has married ihe
joung ludj. Ho is still in jail on tho
swindling case.
Another, babysensntlon has coma
to light In Dallas. H Is uj white baby
ana was loft by itsmammu with a
white lady to be boarded at fft a week.
Mamma has disappeared, and buby Is
doing wjell.
At Kerens, Navarro county Gld
Starr, a carpenter, fell from tho top
of a building a few du s ugo und badly
iractnred his unkle ana received inju
ries otherwise, though not considered
Highest of all in leavening strength. Latest D.S. Got. Food Report.
1 llJHS w$J lf.gawD
Economy requires that in every receipt calling
for baking powder the Royal shall be used. It
will go further and make the food lighter, sweeter,
of finer flavor, more digestible and wholesome.
Mosee Bailey, ono of tho prisoners
In the county jail at Hichmond.ls
suffering from the effects of a bite bn
the hand from a fellow ptlsoner,
which may result in tho loss of his
Kight-j ear-old Mamlo Bradley re
cently climbed up on the back end of
a bugg at Fnnls, Kills county, when
the horse Btnrted suddenly, throwing
her to the ground nnd breaking her
The late judicial convention at Dal
las nominated Hon. II. W. Llghtfoot
of Lamar for chief justice nnd Hon,
Anson Kar.cy of Kills and N. M. 1 in
Icy of Smith for associate justices.
A few dujs since the oto for the
Dcmocrutlc nomination for governor
stood as follows. Culberson 308,
Bcagan 171, Lunham 118, Mc Call GO,
unlnstructed and doubtful 92.
Tho clothing of tho .1-v ear-old child
ot Mr. aud Mrs. Georgo Kvans, of
Kagle Luke, Colorado county, caught
on fire the other day and was burned
so seriously thut It died.
At Italy, Kills county, the ox-slaves
of the lute Dabney Mms held their
annual reunion at the blms homestead
a fow davs ago. A barbecue was en-
jojed by the crowd.
John SimB, colo-ed, was mashed
while ho was coupling curs at tho
yards of the Houston and 'Iexus Cen
tral at KnnU recently, 'ihree finger
weio amputated.
Jasper Billings, who killed Willlna
Tuelsing in Gonzales county some
time sinco or insulting his wife, as
also In self-defense, has been tried
and acquitted.
A few da) s ago tho schooner Au
gustus Welt, Cuptain Spiodel, sailed
from Sabine Buss to Philadelphia, Pa ,
with u cargo of 1,000,000, feot of rail
road ties
A special train of seventeen car
loads of watei melons and canteloupos
left Henrietta the other evening for
Kansas City und bt, Louis via the
An unknown party recontly mado
an effort blow up tho city jail at
Hempstead. 'Iho explosion was ter
rific, but tho building was not huit.
Burglars broke Intu a hardware
store at Pottsboio, Grayson county, a
few nights ugo, and helped themselves.
Aunt Ann Seals, colored, died at
Galveston a few davs since at the ago
of 101 vears, 0 months und 21 davs.
The pioprloty of placing a watch,
man at all street crosslugs of ralltoads
at tort Worth Is being agitated.
Tho new court house at Hempstead
has been accepted by tho commis
sioners1 court, it cost $42,000.
I-lias Gaugh fell from a cart a few
dayB ugo at Fort Worth, receiving
Injurleo from which he died.
Fifty miles of tho Gulf and Inter
state railway is now graded. Work
was begun at Galveston.
At Dallas somo days ago Fannlo
Elliott, coloied, was burned to death
bv her dross caching fire.
Tho Democratic congressional con
vention for the 'Ihird district meets
at Mlneola August 8.
A factory for the manufacture of
oat meal and tolled oats is spoken of
at lort Worth.
A Dallas man. 1 Hcldlngsfeldor.
has a chicken that was hatched with
but one leg.
Considerable improvement of a
substantial character Is going on at
lort Worth.
forced tint Mcniittirei.
The saloonkeepers of Sioux City,
Iowa, were driven to desperate re
Riirt to iet tho number ot signatures
on their petitions, which the law re-' oul
quires, and now they are likely to get
Into trouble about it ihe untl.snloon :
element Is vcrj strong and nctlvo, and
some of them have beon at the pains
to erlfy tho signatures attached to
tho Tiotltlon, with tho result of ascer
taining that many of them were not
put the-eby their owners. 'I hero aro
some thirty saloons In operutlon, nnd
it is claimed that every ono of them
had forged signatures attached to the
petition for a llconso All tho propri
etors and barkeepers aro to bo prose
cuted under an old law of forgery und
Borne of those who took oath to the
correctness of the petition ure to be
prosecuted for perjury
1 lie vcuk in nn fcfivs "jes" wtiou ho should
fitiv no," nnd seldom stick to either.
"1 ho rnrefet fooling; that ever light aim
tunn fate It tho (.outeutmiut uC a loving
UnzrncIoiiMjesH In rendering a benefit
like ft homtia voho, mars the tuiulo ot the
bOIijJ , , ,,
'Ihe tiapplect life U that wliii h constantly
exercises and educates that which U best
In uh "
in'a Magic Corn Salv.'
i ii n dr money rIuaJmi. JUkjour
1 rku 13 cents, t
Warnum! to
rui,iiBt lufll.
Our tolf lov i) In ever readv to revolt from
our litter Judgment aud jolu tho enemy
Dr. .1. A. Hunter, SpctlutlU
Tn dlocnvo of tho Throat, Lunirs and
Heart. Catarrh aud Deafuedft U" Matu
titreet Dullim, lex Scud for puoi bleti
A Culnevn 1 ntorjirlnr.
A Chinese engineer, educated in
New Haven, Conn , Is ubotit complet
ing a telegraph lino 3000 miles long,
across the Gobi desert, from Pekln to
Kashgar, Chinese Turkestan It has
been thice jeuis under construction
and poles In places were hauled GOO
miles. Branch lines connect It with
tho Uusslan svstcin.
Hut Ilttlo Att i an cement.
The jewelry recently found In an
excavation near ono of tho pyramids
of old Memphis, I'gjpt, exhibit
about as much bkill In working gold
and pieclous stones us now exist,
although the ui llclnb found vv ere
mado 4.100 cuts ago. ihe figures
cut on ametbst and carncliau are
described us exquisite and anatomic
ally correct.
Nlie U CmK).
Ex-Empress Curlotta Is icportcd by
the latest Brussels papers us being In
a worso condition than ever. It is
known that she has been insane since
the tragical dcuth of her husband,
but It Is suid now thut tho moments
of lucidity which sho was having from
time to time huvo becomo moro und
more raie.
l'nor 31n.iV I.tchU
Iho rushlight, or rush candle, which
has been tho "poor man's light" for
many centuries, was prepared ny
stripping a dried tush of its batk, o-
copt ono small Btiip, which held tho
pith together, and dipping It lopeat-
edly in the tanow.
There Is u prent dltrcrtuce Letweeu a
wolf in hhtcpx ilothlu? and o. sheep tu
wolf s clothing
Kiirl'K Closer Knot left,
Tl pr tl IIIihh! i inflr (,ivi nfrcKln mi,n !rtiarneM
lull ul-unii kllunaliii'.j'iMLui rtil uliuu Hi. rK ,1
Iniprotcineitts tn bgricultiirc constitute
the otilj xolid foundation for f uther prog
rc In all other I ranches of knowledge
Fob lypepIn Indlfiestlon und Stomact
dlsordem uoo llrou s Iron Hitters thl
Best 'Ionic 11 rebuild)! tho system, cleaui
theB'ood and btrengtbens tho uiutrles A
splendid medltlno fur weak aud debilitated
'Ihe immortal part of a man U not that
which he -hares with the reht of his race,
but that which he poFsesi-es of hll own
Mif m
of DeoDlo -bo vlilt tbo Inv&llds
.-d, T - A tl..Jul fnA.i.tk.a Bfr llllf.
JT-" falo. N. Y., aro mny who re sen!
!" 'thcrfitbrthosofho havo alrea-T, from
rersonalciperKnce, learnod of tbo great
Triumph In Conservative Surgery
achieved bv tbe Burpeoos of that famed Insti
tution. Little heroic, or cutting' turnery is
found noroflsary. lor Instance,
TIIMflRQ Ovariaa. Fibroid (Uterine) ad
I UinuiiO nianv others, aro removed by
ElectrolTdls dad other conservative means and
thereby tbo perils of cuttlnir operations
avoided. , , ,
lower bowel, uro permanently cured without
pain or resort to the knife.
PltPTIIPP or Breach (Horn!) Ifl radically
nUrlUntf curcd without tbo knife and
without pata. Trusuea ran bo thrown awayl
QTnUP -n tho DladJer, no matter bow
O I UliU lorire. Is crushed, pulverized wash
ed out and Aatt.lv removed without cutting.
CTPirVTIIRFQ of Urlnarj I'luwairu are al
OlnlulUnCO so amoved without cut
ting In hundreds of eases .
For Purniitilctfl. iiuraeioua reforences and all
particulars, pend ten tents tin stamps) to
Worlds iMspc iiMtry Medical Association, (Jul
Main Mrut, HuffIo, N. Y.
MaTHOA. It was a ffood turn you did me when you told me ol
Clalrette Soap. It makes the clothes whiter than any other, and save,
time and work,
Mxav. Yes, and It does not Injure tho hands or the clothes.
BollKrcrmim AInde bv THE N. K. FAIRDANK COMPANV. St. Loul3.
-rr7T . izy? w
CutHloaiie frev Aildreti
II II 1111 T
ltutikt witli Mm t m ItufhipfHC llfifJ In the Unltetl
Hat ti Kxioiichely enU i eil 1 lnuu cost I y banks
IfttHt Inriilir tti(itiy i nf i t(iiiri tl ttliiUfiilit t Rt
frnr Jrt ut loitrttfii nt-ti.ii i.ruiluiue lnt'Uloiii
run fiut iJ tr mi nth Awautc I W 1 tueJili
nml nri'iiiliitni at DiiIIum nnil thctr ftutu fjln
I'reildcnt VVnco 1 en
HIUJ iia.0'io wa
llul(l tin nrt rup-tum-Kii
i iroiiiiinunt r 1 1 riiri
AdiiiKtmrnt C otiiforl I
ImprOTomei c iimiv
timd catuUtrut) nJ
rulrf for lf inf."uro.
tntJtit sent m imlj
entinl U V 110L-B
UHi CO, 74 iirRd.
WY. lew .urL Clt
fin I 11 or ,lvor tly fouml wttli MAtiM r
I i 1 1 I II " H'i I vr v iriirumre mini
1 U 1U 11 IjxuldiH llnv 'Id Mnnl
',iloxMjT gutlilrkt-i; tuna.
1 r-wMr . m
1 CoiittHinptlve-aa I, pgoplo Wt
VI wliabaTe wouk Iminior Ailli- EJj
f ni, mould u-e Imu turn for m
iM Cut fumi Moti It hUR cmeJ Kl
1 tltmunili. t lian not Injur- tj
e I ni i It Is not unit to tu-O. 'W
ZTl UUtliO bentouBbirrup.
fci Id OTcri wnpro aie. fol

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