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The Gazette.
I'ublUhcd 1 inrj TliuriJny by
Editor and Publisher,
One Year, yostputl .. tlM
Filtered at Uio Shiner, Tel , roslofflco M
did clnsx matter
. . '
How They Should llo Met, Doled and
l'cntiadod to llio.
With tho intontton of obseiving
tho homo llfo of tho cicada, a re
porter for tho Iiow l'ork Sun went to
Maton Island ono day and walked
along llio terraco for a mile to an nc
companlmont of crunching insects
Maton island Is one mass of tho In
sects Thoy aro overhead and under
foot and tho troes aio obscurod by
them A mathematician In Woomlng
dalo has calculated that If a man's
vocal abilities wcro as groat In pro
portion to his sl?e as a cicada's ho
could mako himself heard thiee times
around; tho world and hao onough
volco loft over to tlo Inndoublo bow
knot at tho onds
What Is bothering tho Staten
Islanders now is to find soran uso tor
their visitors. This is particularly
intorostlnir, as It may bo that a sec
ond Instalment will anho later In
tho yoar 'lho roportor Interviewed
a number of Staten Island men on
tho vital question "What aro you
going to do with thorn?" and hero
ate some of tho answer
"Sot tho placo on flro and burn
'em out."
"Poison 'cm with parls greoa and
uso tho bodlos for fortlll7er."
"train 'om up to hunt mosquitoes."
"IHro 'om out In gangs to Woitern
Ian J improvement syndicates to clear
away underbrush "
"tlmlgrato to Europo and lot them
colonlzo tho island."
"IJnmtluo "
Most of thoso IntoniowA con
curred in tho opinion last given.
But tho oldest inhabitant thoy havo
a separate oldost Inhabitant for
every important occurreneo in Staten
island gives a still moro hopeless
"'laln't tho question," said ho,
"what wo'ro golu' to do with thorn
vermin lho question Is what's
thorn vermin goln' to do with us?"
'1 his particular oldost inhabitant
is an ox-snllor, with a littlo homo
near tho watorsldo. Ho sa)s he
knows all about cicadas, as he's
feon swarms of thorn in all parts ol
mo worm
"Thoro's trouble comln'," said bo;
"suro 'nough trouble Somotbin'
terrible always happlns when thorn
anlmllos heavos In sight. When I
was travolln1 acrost tho country
oncot out onMho plains thore camo a
swarm so thick It stopped the train
and near throw It off tho track. The
very next weok I lost a wallet with
(7.83 in it."
"Havo you oior soon tho inscats
on Staten Island before?" asked tho
"Yea, I soon 'em moro'n fifteen
yoar ago, an' that vorv voar mv
brothor William fell down and bust-,
ea His leg piumo oir short I knowed
tnose wore comln1 and I got all
ready for 'om an closed my housoall
up My littlo sloop, lies out there in
the bay, an' I stoned away all her
sail under look nn' key. What fer?
W hy, young man, tho las' time wo
had them anlmllos hero a swarm of
'era flew out to a schooner bolongln'
to mo an' my brothor an' ato every
stitch of canvass off'n her. They
didn't oven loavo tho ropos an' stays
I ain't runnln' any risks llko that
"Ihoy'ro cuto dovils Soo that
ellum treo out in my yard? Well,
that's a slippery ollum an' on Sun
day mornln1, whon tho anlmllos first
came up from tho ground, thoy
potted that tioo. Thoy went to
work an' oat all tho bark off In a lino
up an' down, an' thon thov wontslid.
In' down tho slippory placo Jos llko
a toboggan slide, an' they was so
many of 'em that It was 'just ono
long lino, roun' an' roun' until I got
so dizzy I had to got out my garden
hoso an' wash 'em off. That's tho
roaion you don't soo many of 'em,
for whon thoy sees I meant business
thoy loft.
'Spoaktn' oflocusos, I'll toll jou
how thoy saved my llfo onco when I
was climbing a South American
mountain by glttln' in botweon mo
un' a avalancho an' stoppin' tho ava
lanche, Talk about big swarms!
Why, that was tho btggost What's
that? Your train Welcome down
again any time you want to know
anything about them anlmlles."
rlinlnilof tho Appropriation tllll la
I'msed by llio Hrimtn After Iseiirly a
1U'H lllH-ilHloti-Tiin IJI1I-, Irl-.ctl-.ncd
li the ifouov, f
WASHtvaioN, August I lire un
derstanding anions tliotarlllrQurercca
when the) ntljouincd Into vostcrda)
afternoon was that tho session to-dav
should bring out either nit agreement
on the sugar schcdrilo or a dedslon to
report n uisagn ( merit. 'I his schedule
lu detail provides foi a dntj of 10 per
rent nchalorim on sugar "bolow 1G
Dutch standard aud-lOpcrccnl on sugar
aboMi this grade, tho tint on thoie
lnipd sugai to iv tollccted oir tho
basis of the sauhUrluo stu'ngth oftho
raw sugar uscd,in K,Vltl? (inc-llith ol
it rent dlllerenUal on the refined and a
discriminating tlutj 'jnnl to the ex
port dutv levied In such strgnr prcr
ilucing counties as pav a ljouutv on
uigar product, 'Ibis schedule wn's
submitted to tho conference as the ul
timatum of the conservative senator,
coiiibig thro"."li Senator Snrltli, and
tlii-1 house conferees were given to un
derstand that tho schedule was the
nearest approach to tho requirements
that the senate could oiler with airv
assurance that the bill would pass,thi
Sennto roreciiRt.
Wariunciion, August C, "With tlio.
tnrlfl disposed ot the serrate corrlel
probabl) adjourn in three orfourdaj
time. 'J ho last of the gcncial appto-i
priatloii bills has passed both houses
aud a majorlt) ol them have been
signed b) the president. Some of
these bills aro lu tflhfcienco still, hut
If an agreement im them would bring
ou adjournment, it would not long be
delajed, as ttrere are uo 'irrccoucll
abjo dlflerences between the two
houses on appropriations, 'ihero is"
uo measure other than tho ttirifl bill
and the appropriation bills which are
strong enough to hold the serrato to
gether for even a da), 'lho proba
bilities lor tho week luclude a leport
from the tariff eoufe'rtueo committee
and subsequent debate and also tho
presentation oftho conference reports
on the suridrj civil, river and haibor,
Indian and general deficiency appro
priation bills arrd the consideration
of the calendar when these mora im
portant items do uotoceupj apositlon
to receive atteutlou 'the immigra
tion bill will como up to-dav at 2
o'clock arrd, in lieu of tho tariff, Irta)
exclto considerable debate, Tho Re
publican senators are Inclined to press
the question of further liinitation-of
immigration, but 60 far tho Demo
crats in the scUatc have not shown a
disposition to accept the challenge
and the) may choose to -permit the
liepublieaus to monopolize, the dis
cussion of the subject.
llou-e l-orecat.
"WAhiriMiro:,, August 0 -The
House will proceed this week, as it
did last, with a fixed programme. AH
its routlno business has been trans
acted and it is simply waiting To
dav, however, is to bo devoted to the
J.ettle-Willlarns contested election.
'1 he remaining daj s will bo assigned
to tho routlno business of the. com
mittee, sublcct trlwavs to conference
reports, lithe conferees ou the tarilf
reach an agreement tins wees., there
port will first lie considered in the
senate autl after being disposed of!
thero win (ome to tho houe. Jt the
report is not rrrado beforo Wednesday,
there, Isnopiobabllltj that It will get
to the house this w eok. -When it does
reach that bod) It is not the intention
ofthehoriso managers to alloxan)
protiacted debate.'
A LIUTerenoe of Vleire.
"I am almost afraid. Miss Squoers,"
Bald tho lmpocunlousyoungman who
had taken her to an aftor-theater
upper, for which ho had been hoard
ing monoy for months, "I am almost
afraid to ask you to oat such a meal
as this just before going to bed "
"Oh, novor mind," answered Miss
Squeors, smiling ploasantlj. "If it
doesn't answer wo can easily order
some more, you know." Chicago
The I nt Appropriation.
"Wasiiinciion, August i The last
of the appropriation bills the defl
cieuc) was passed b) tho senate ves
lerdav afternoon, alter it had been
under discussion nearly tho entire day.
The bill lor tho admission of New
Mexico to statehood wcro reported to
the senate ami placed ou tho calendar.
Mr, Davis of Minnesota Introduced a
bill defining operations in futures,
imposing tnes ou dealers theieltf,
etc, which was about to bo referred
to tho eomndttco on agriculturewhen
Mr. Harris objected on tho ground
that aS it w as intended to raise-rev -enuo
it should bo considered by the
comndtteo on finance. Mr. Georgo
made tho point of order that all bjlls
raising lev enuo should bo proposed
in tho house of lcprcsentatives. The
vlee,prc8!deut reserved his ruling on
the point ot order.
Two llllla irltcusicd.
IVASiriMiroN, August 4, The
house 6peut a largo portion ol jester
day discussing two bills, ouo for re
classification oftho railw ay mail clerks
and one for the classification of clerks
in tho first aud second class post
olllces, but neither was acted upon.
The conference report on the river and
harbor bill was agreed to without division.
A JJeniUock.
"WASMNaiON, August 1. Con-
fciees on tho Indian appropriation
bill havo coine to a deadlock over
some of the most important items In
serted. Although 1 20 amendments
weremadoby tho senate, an agree
ment vi as reached on all but tweutv
iour of them, the scnato iceedlug In
several cnse9 Irom Its Items, While
tho house confeiees aceepted the re
mainder. Ihe principal disflgiecinent
was over tho amendment to ratlt) trie
agreement made with the Yaukton
hionx Indians of South Dakota
Changes wcro mado itr the houc
plans for opening the lauds of the
Sioux reservation in Oregon, to which
tiro house conferees w ould lrot agree;
also tho senato struck out the provis
ion that sections 10 and 8(1 of the
lands should bo ceded to the stato ior
tho support of the common schools
Ihe house would not agree to tho in
sertion of agreements ior tho acqui
sitions ot the lands oi the Xez l'crccs
Indians of Idaho and tho Yuma In
dians of California and the senate
would not recede
Grrtham Informed,
AYasiiimhos, August 11 1 he sen
ate department was olllclallv Inform
ed vesterdav morning that war had
beerr declared between China and
Japan rlho inhumation came in a
etiepattli'liom .Vl. I Iinues Jjeimv, tho
thargo d'atlalrs at r'okln. mv. Den
by's dispatch does not sa, however,
which (roujihvuuWtJ'tJfc declaration.
Mr. Derrby alsd stated in his dispatch
that the J.Bpauej,r had, withdrawn
their char go d'allAlr'es at PcMu and
the American legatttHr te ctertlng Its
good oilees tOjprotryt the subjAts of
lammin china life Japanese min-
isier,vcK.iiiiniis uiso minister totureu
and at this time is irl the latter conn-
trv, leaving tho legation at l'ekju in
charge of tlrochargo'ti'allatres.
Cherokee Intruders.
WASirihciTosF. lAiimiBt 2. It is
doubtful whether' the provisions of
Assistant Attorney Uencral Hall, rc
uiectlnc cltiyenshilrMn. tho Cherokee
Xation, will evcrJe carried o Tjty tire
Interior department, a work1 Svhlclr
could bo accomplished only!)) strong
military alio There are no grinds at
preseut'to justifyrtber appraiseirrent Ot
the improvements madobytllo iutrrrtl
rs, vvirick IsvicqwretHo be douo be
foro their ejectment Is begun. An
nmeiid,ment t0' tho .Ipdlau Improve
ment bill setting Slvfc't 40,000 for the
cost ofap'praisenr'ofit will probabl) be
made, but no plan whatever for the
actual ejectment of these intruders
has been outlined. T j t
, I'; Mf-x.
lloutellWleeiolutloii. f
."WApiirNaaoN," Autrst , 3 The
Bohteile resbluticHf fprtnordctignltiou
of tl0 rejiublle of llawa,li'il'is dis
tussed by file foreign affairs commit
tee oftheIhoir6e yesterday, lho com
mittee decided in fitvBr of tho two
clauses , extending congratulations to
the now republioarjileoutmulug to
them the benellts ol all treafrU and
arrangements inado with tho mon
arch) lho clause 'directing the pres
ident to giv o uotlcgjlfjlio recognition
was left unactedJupjjBjthe corrmrlttee
adjourning until oturday.
'The BuiKlrj'C.lvIl Illll,
WASiiiNaTONi"tAuJfiist 3. l!ut one
more approprlatlmiabW,11iei,'tleficcne) ,
l emalns to bo acfed ,53 b) lire sehatc,
tllosuinlr) civil bill haying been passed
tsterda , nltertjfrcla 'a discussion
The most .Important atjienfluients
adojifod j estcrdajgwero, thV Inci'citso
9f tho quarantinojfundftrom B2t,000
to $100,000,00ttVrnMpIgrr(tt!rig 100.
000,000 acres" oTrtcsertJlfinels t'o tho
states to which Ills' desei t laud lav
applies, as welljrs to Jfebraska, Karr
sai UtabJAilzOtja, Ntfr fexlco and
Oklalr'oma ' ". ' B .
" "WaUimjjo,1 yVJiua 1, Tlie
UltOjyC'S 1UI Ui. Klt(j,IKU( 1A (1IC
tarift.w'ore much imiroved )esteidav.
I'ortiip first timeglrujinau) Ua)S the
lsntrse democratic coufereea eamofrom
tlje meeting wIUb tho statement that
previous 'irreeoncilablaTw dlircreuces
wi,re in pretcess'of adjustment. "With
much, satisfaction tho house members
slated to rlieirAsoelatetf that tho sen-
ale? showed a disposition fSr tho , first
time to Dle'e vrenpuse nari wav,
Denbr Mutit Iteturti. '
- .Wasj!;ci jpfjVulyJJJu v iW q j;
tho dlstrrrbcrl, miAthrcrfleuHig stato
of rjSjatibrii between Clilffii and Japan,
the State department has intimated to
his post. TJvoujJte .rkceWr) t this is
rather lrardunou.'Jno min1si?r.' who
has takeua lcavp'from JdSA duties for
tho first timevirr nlno vcars and has
been liomo only three weeks.
. ' i . e t
J-uhllo Lond 41111,,
M'AsiiifraTOK, July 31. Tho senate
)esterday passed tho house bill ex
empting thoso who hnfpntered pub
lic land under tho desert laud act
from making tho annual Improve
ments required by law autl extending
the period within w lilcli final proof
can be mado to 1H o v ears.
V Itcnllnl I other lrnlnn 1IU n llnuRh
ler olid Ile.M to Lneitpe I.jiicIiIiir
Simto In Sentencdt to Die by the tltill
lollno lit I yoim.
"WASiiiNcnos, August I Olllcial
notification ot a battlo between the
t bluest) and Japanese land lorUs in
Coiea vas received at tho ( hlnesc
legation hero last night fitim the for-
Igrr ofllce at loklo. lho telegram
containing the news stated (hat Jul)
29 n portion oftho Japanese troops at
Seoul marched against a much supe
rior force of Chinese cnti inched at
shan Yeng. A battlo ensued, ami,
after heavv fighting, thoChinesd wcro
put completelv to lorrto arrd a largo
number ol prisoners and munitions of
war were captured by tho Japanese.
On the morning ol the iiOtlt the Jnp-ane-o
proceeded to march against
ftasau Minn eng is situated be
tween Seoul and dasali.in Asla,whcre
the light between the Japanese arrd
Chinese, lesultiug in the loss ol 2000
Jap-rrreso is teportedtohavo occurred,
It is lho opinion oftho ( hlueso legn
tlou olllcials hero that the reports
from Chinese sources containing
uUuors of the defeat of the Japanese
at Crftsan aio probabh gross exagger
ations, though do dispatches lcleirlng
to a light ut tho latter place hive )ct
bc.cn received.
Snnlo Utility.
Lvoss, August 4 'llier'e were few
people arpnncl the palacu of justice
when the tiifll-of Cflserlo Santo, lho
assistin of Curnot,w as resumed v ester
clav. The court regulations anil mil
itary guard w ere 'about tho same as
the piecedlng da). The prisoner was
escorted to the dock handcullcd to
the two gendarmes and with two gen
darmes bringing up the rear, lho
prisoner seemed rrroro defiant than
jesterda) and took his seat with a
nrocking smile orr his face. fl he pros
ecuting attornev reviewed at length
all details oi tho trial and demanded
that the jmj should, not liesltato to
doltsdut). M. Dubrouallac, counsel
for the defense, follow ed aud made an
appeal for the prisoner. About noon
tho Jurj retired, and, after air absence
of about a quarter ei an houi, during
vr hicb there was considerable excite
ment in court, thejur) leturnednnd
announced a v erdlct oi guilt) without
extenuating circumstances. The pre
siding judgo then pronounced the death
sentence by lho guillotine. "When the
death sentence was uttered, Caserio
said: "Vhe la revolution soclale."
Atchison Keorffanlzatlou.
Niw Yoiik,' August 0 Mr. 'Ihos.
llaring of tho firm of illarlng llros ,
accompanied by HoUorablo Cecil llar
ing, arriv ed yesterday on the Cunard
line Aurama. Mr. llaring hod been
summoned hastily rrom Lngianct to
attend tho meeting of tho Atchison
reorganization committee ou Tues
day, Ho represents the Ihigllsh cap
italists who have mi interest in many
millions of tho road, lu speaking of
the large deficiencies, Ire said: "Ikuow
nothing of these tilings. I have oul)
heard of them aud have como ov er to
find out for in) sef. '1 hero Is a great
deal of English capital invested In the
compan) and I Intend to sAtlsfy1 in)
self as.to the real coudltlonof things."
ltevolutlou lu J'er". ,"
JLYATVAiaso, Chill, August' C, All
ferri Is in a state of ferment. "Tho
situation oi tho government is coti
sMdfipfl critical. 'I'lin rebels nin con
stantly gaining strength. Thoy seem
to navemiouoj lupientv nuttthcievoit
is evtciidlrrtr. Ihe rebels .rironoso to
plant torpedoes along (lie entire coast
of Peru, it is reported Chill has or
dered that the lroutler bo better de-
feuded and will prcseno ueutrallt),
though the svinpntu) ot the Chilian
people uncloubteiri) is with the reb
els. -
lll 1 Ire at Chlcns-o.
Citrc ao, 111 , August 2. Tho lum
ber district ot Chicago w as, last flight
visited b) one of tiro most disastrous
fires In its blstorv and the loss villi
probably fdcrf upfbetvyeen ($1,200,000
.,,.l..o r.Aftnnn e"nlfl,n,,,rl. It -lll r.u
twentv-four horns befoie tho damage
cau be accurately estimated, 'lho
burned district1 is a"bout six. squars
from east to west .and about tlrreo
from nort)r to south, w hero forty acres
ot lumber jarus are nothing nut smok
ing ruins.
J , , 8trlU,Oir and On.
, 'CitiCAHO,jVugujt,0 Uy, tho action
of the Chicago local unions of the
American railwa) unlon( tho great
strike has been declared oil"' on all
lines of this city with' the exception
of tho Chicago and Western Illinois
aud tho Santa I"e. Tho light will still
bo w aged upori tho two roads men
tioned. I'. '-
Trial of Santo.
Iaon, August 3 Caeslro Santo,
the nssa&sin ot President Canrot, w as
put on trial In tho asslo court jes
terdav. His lcmoval from tho St,
Paul prison to tho court was without
IncldeiitfNrlhopalaco of Justice was
guarded In tho most thorough nnn
ner ngainsl possible ebullitions of au
archlsm. Ilcsldes Caeslro Sinto, no
orrc, not nu olllcial of tho asslo, police
olllcei nor soldier "vv ill bo permitted
in or near the court, excepting eighty
specially selected newspaper men
After reading the indictment tin,
Judgo questioned the prisoner, who
eMiiuueu n spirit ol ornvacro Tho as
sassin drainaticall) told how ho ai
coinpllshcd his fiendish act. He snid:
I am an anarchist and hate lho bur-
geois and heads of the state. Afterlhjs
lejil) liom tho prisoner the weapon
with which heklllodthcpiesldentwas
brought into court arrd shown to the
Jim, tho president sajlng "l'ako
care, gentlemen; no no touch tho
blode. It is a relic which must bo
prcciousl) pic served.' On being
lurther questioned ho related liow ho
pushed his wav to ihe fiont of tlio
crowd- "I laid in) left hind ou llio
cairiagoand hustled asido a vouug
man who was In mv wav. Then 1
maden dish at Ihepiesldent nndilcnlt
him a violent thrust witli rm dagger,
llio blade stuck fast in Ids b'reist anil
m hand toudied hfc coat As 1
stabbed him 1 cried 'Vive la revolu
tion.'" Judge llrenillac asked the
piisonei what oceuned at the tragic
moment when ho caught the. picsl
deirt's e) e. 1 he pi leaner salel "Pres
ident Canrot looked ine straight in
face I felt his deep glanco tho moment
I ponlaided him " sensation and up
loni) ilepl)iug to the question,
'Did )ou uot vilsh to strike else
wlieref" Caeslro exclaimed fierce)):
"I wished to stiiko his heart, but mv
arm failed me, and the blow glanced."
A ltord Ilank Uonhery.
GuTiniiE, O. T. August 1 As a
result of another attempted bank rob
ber) in Oklahoma, one citizen Is deatl
and one outlaw d) ing end the whole
Terrltor) is greatly excited Soon
after ten o'clock this morning five
armed men rode Into Chandler from
the east, dismounted back oftho Liu
colu count) bank and three rushed in
side, while two stood guard at tho
door with AViuchesters Two men
covered the president, Harvey Kee,
and his brother, the cashier, aud de
manded that they hand out the cash
pretty d n quick, while the third
rushed into the private otllcc where
Teller Ho)t was seriously sick and
compelled him to walk to the nafo aud
attempt to open it. Though a Wln
che&tei was pointed in his face he
could not stand long enough to open
It and fell to the floor. The lobber
kicked him and shot at him but miss
ed fire. The men on guard called out
that It w as time to go and tho three
grubbed two or three hundred dollars
l)ing on tlio counter and ran to tho
horses. In the meantime tho guard at
the front door had shot and killed J.
M. Mitchell, a barber, who attempted
to give the alarm. Tho bandits had
scarcel) passed out ol the city wlrcn
a posse w ere mounting and starting
in pursuit. Twice were homes shot
from under the bandits, but they
compelled farmers coming to town to
giv o up tlreir mounts aud went orr.
1 iuall) a battle w as fought for nearly
fllteeu minutes, when ono of tho rob
bers fell, shot through tho hips, and
the others scattered anu escaped in
the hills of Creek county Tho
w orrnded man gav e his name aa fin
est Lucas, aged 21, He sa)s tho
others w ere tho notorious Cook gang
aud he bad been with them but r
Fostolllco Uublied.
ScuA-s'Tpi.,' Pa , August C Tho uow
5crantou postolllce, which has only
beeu'opened four months, was robbed
on Thursday night of stamps to tho
valuo of 1,5,800 'lire theff w'as d!s
covered )esterday by Assistant Post
mastei Qut-has, who had occasion to
enter tho vault for a tiipplvofstainps.
The combination lock had bceu opeu
eul and tho inner doors of tho lock
were pned oil. Tho thief oi thieves
must have beeu w ell acquainted with
the workings of the postolllco, as tho
mailing clerks on duty Thursday
night 6a) they neither heard nor saw
an) bod) about tho building after tho
doors were closed at 9 o'clock. There
is uo clew to the thieves.
Jupau Apologizes.
Tokio, Japan, August 2, sThe Jap
anese government has instructed' tho
minister in iTondon to apologize to.
Great liritlau for firing Upon aud sink
ing tho transport Kow.Shung while
she was 'fl) lug tlio llrltlsli flag The
Japanese minister has been Instructed
to inform Great Ilrltain that the com
mander of the Japaneso cruiser did
not know that tho Kow Shung was a
British vessel until after the fight.
Captain Calsworthy of the Kcw
Shung and other persons who were
aboard tho transport, were rescued
b the boats of tho Japanese warship,
An Actreee Sulcldet.
Hot Si'iriNas, Ark, July 31.
Maude Maddox, an actress, known on
the stage aa Trixle lieunctt, committed
suicide hero last night b) shooting
herself through tho head with a re
voh er. No cause Is known lor tho
act Sho is said to havo a husband
in an insane as) liuu.

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