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,. Tho Qulckost-ancJ-Bost-Llnoto all Points
piETS -AsBTTX -A.S3?:
(pLoqALJ fnwiE tableV
v. ?
miraculous UecoiEnY'
, ' ,i
aii: Di:isa oiviaf iA" mu
Of 1H.0UI) lolo''1!,u
Ontnrknlil.Storr Tnllrf IaT..Hsted lir
"Tho iJiauultli" an ruuud to lie
Aliiulutoly True In ""i l'.rtlouUr
Mr. Kuehrle lrl.il t,,e MoIt lnin.
MctlWM Men of itftiropo nnd America
ttinl After Alt 1'"IB llalKlTl.il Cnlno
Homo iwiil M'uJ tureil b'lho Cook
llrintilr CoropA" ' '
f ,',?.''
jui-lCor. ciiflcpgoDttlly Dfflp.lteh.1
In tlieto dfV of frauouud deception
It U u piensiUto to find iniany'buH.uess
concern uttabsyluteregWyoi,.trutli.
1'robubly lb no Hue uf bftslness -has
uecppuon,1'eii nraciieeu us in incu.
.In.. Va'- 1,u ... .. ....,.....,.
cin. lOr this reason nnv uancirii
whieb lives strictly p o ijs promises' cases' treated by tho Coble Remedy
nade regarding my case m tho above.?
trucio aro true. m. uokiiieio,
Btato of Illinois, Cook county, st
Subscribed aud sTvurn to before mo, A
notary public iu nnd for Raid county,
this 14th day of June. 1894.
Scat M, Y. Johnson",
Notary Public
Many other remarkable cures are
accredited tho Cook llemcdy company.
This particular caso hat como under
the observation of tho Dispatch. Tho
man made whole through the ottlcien
sy of this wonderful remedy is a res!
lent of the city and known to bo
reputable and responsible, nnd tho
tory of his wonderful euro may bo
rerltied by nny ono who will call at
his icsidecco.
I)iorlng of Coti II tie nee.
Tho old-time orthodox physicians
iro slow to givo credit to any bocrot
foimula for tho euro of dlaeuse. Uhla
sowing lo the fact that so many of
them uro really rank frauds, gotten
up wholly for gain. Itis a well-known
(act that tho nubile is cnsllv Miutn
uugged whon it comes to pmehuslng
nostrums, but the many successful
Xockhart, MlxoiTNo) iiiX.!?. 12:55
San Antonio, Express No. 2. . . 1:2J
Waco, Express No. iii..
Xockhart, Mixed No. 21.
r. u.
For farther information cnl" pmjii J, MARTCT ; bneral passenger and' tlctrt
azont, Ban Antonio; pr.B.. J.JYQ.VJlP3i.t'Jk'tgcntfiUlncr. ,,-... .
Mil' rnv
"tt'i 1 1 ! i i i ..
?t rT i - l 4
-(Saccossor to tD EOiUM.)
desevves tho thunlis t everybody.
buch u concern Is tho Cook l.emedy
compauyr which Is located iribulto au?
Aluhonla temple in this city. S
ty oi
:oinpnny oitcr evldenco than can not
be successfully disputed and tho old
timo doctors are compelled to admit
that at last uu absolute specific for
blood dlseuses, both hereditary and
acquired, has been discovered. Magic
Cyphileno has made u fortuno for its
Dwner, saved in Any a llfo and allovl
itcd more iuilerlnff than any secret
formula for tho euro of blood dlsonscs
known to the world.
MbrIo Cyphileno was originally
compounded nt Omaha in lb7U. In
vouched for Wabolutoly l81,,i t'10 business hud grown to su:h
v articularlfe'w1'' 5 ltl extent that it was removed to this
A Imlv Mirttlani'Cnra.
Tho case in queE.tfouW.thut of T.L
kTho Etandliig uiul" reliability of this
companytlias Herctoforo bf eijvvorably
comrdent&d upon by tho 1fapatuh, and
just now it comes to tho 'front with a
Cure ho Remarkable that an account of
It vill buound of umiauul interest to
the reudjng public. The casu iu ques
tion has been fully Investigutlivly
the" l)isp"aTchTttnd iheiolfovvlug recital
01 it can bo
truo in ovcrv,
tnterosttnarltflint CarcfaHrKoldcisJS'rqti
the I.eadlne Ditilla
f Saloon in Moulton?
Moulton, - - -
ropulax -w
- - .T. nUlohm
a T. j'llurkgtt.
).n. Fiato. Klmuuil AVolters,
SI. E. AVolUiy.
' SHINER LODGE No. Ill A. 0. U, W. '
ItreM th .-cond Mon2ar In each month at
"t6?.i!;r'istwl!;km t. M.tr.i ijml.Wcm.r.
M. W.l liuli Trautweln. F.i O. . rasnawltt,
O.JB V. WallBrs.lt. I i:dvanl BchuU. mnan.
Wn Wax E. Walters. II l li. F. Kuhmano, Q.l
l. h. Elo.nn. M. E.IM. L. j;idott, C. f. Bah.
Tninn and J. A. Walterj. truitees.
,"X- --WSflH S?"HK'7Vr
irrtilHrtl Fililny 1HI Jn !W
Depo,llfror Gold Known to CilUornU
i'rloiit. a Century Aro.
Tho discovery of gold lnCnllfornla
has recently called forth a coo4 deal
of discussion nnd also nn especially
Intorostlps story from Captain W. II.
Thomos, president pi tho soeloty of
California ploneors. Captain Ihomos,
beforo ho took up his permanent ros.
Idonco In Boston, spont many years
In California, and Is very much In
terested In tho early history of tho
gold discoveries, says the Chicago
lleruld. Ho taysi
"1 am perfectly satisfied that tho
prosenco of gold In that region was
known,, fo tho 'prlosts .In tho very
cufll&t'1 times... i.TtKi priests, who
wero'tho flrst'iHOoo'or7"'Wo'ro ',n
; rin. C.U. tf.if
Ttlil,rin!f V
"aT. ii.
& t ,f !1T,i,f?c&?t',1n:.M?,n; .?v'
.rTrr,ii'ivi'(a1''M.rK.t 'Aff' l,itrtf,' M. JVifT,
Vi . Il CWny. M, A. ,l- J. pil!.iiruj,'4. v..
M, r'. SiinteV, 0.0.
-" 0. D. -H. 8.
at Murri-
r rudtlthfl Mondai In caL-h month.
1 Uii.i "I J
i:-Frii..nl, rnjt U VnUfr' Pw-Mrnt,
VJerti.r , AHiln Ilnnimcl, Tit'Murcr, .) II
Hiifllmu TltrsinES
tivifi T.ncir AnttTultnti JirltrniC. tLfp, V''i'.
'Chan Pit.!, I G lOotHclwij.To. U.tW Y.
1'ietl f
D. A Papua J. Y. .!a(1bialk
Kuehrle. a tno-i)erous vounir Ucimuu
American of 63 Ka'bt Twcnty-Ufth
bticot. Mr. ttoehrig lnhciitcd ,a pre
dlbposKIou to skindisuuho, Yhun X
j curs old ho suffered much from ccic
inu, but thut In time was'curcd. bomu
timo ago ho contracted blood poison.
Tho symptoms became .alarming and
physician after physician was con
sulted. All th.fr ministrations, how
ever, seemed only to aggravate tho
dlauaBe. After almost every promi
nent specialist In Chicago had tried in
ulu to alleviate his guttering Mr.
J.oehrig acted upon tho advice of his
parents and went to Germany for tho
express purpose of being Heated by
tho most eminent physicians of Eu
rope. At Coburir he put hlmsolf un
der tho treatment of Urs. Kuhn and
Martinet, recognized by tho medical
pvofuihlon as nuthorltlcu on diseases
of tho' pkin and blood. ' They succeed
ed no betUr than tho many Chicago
doctors whotJmd tried to cure Mr.
toe brig's uwlul ailment. Meantime
tho condition ofvUiQ aufl'erer, became
limply appalling.
Ihey i.ould-'IltMHlIlm.
Whon tho most1 leai,uLuflS.vJnt, of
city und tho Cook Kemedy company
was organized under the laws f Illi
nois with a capital stock of SviO.QOo,
Its financial standing is strictly first
:lass, as a reference to tho commer
cial aeency reports will show, and it
is u corporation deserving tho confi
dence and patronugo of tho people.
Tho Dispatch is as ready to give credit
to deserving enterprises as it it to ex
pose frauds, and It has seen Indlsput
iblo proof of tho merits of tho medl
lno compounded by tho Cook Remedy
Tho Cook I'cmody company treats
ivory case under a positive guaranty
to euro or return tho money. Afc nu
morons other cases attest, tho medl
slno given olfccts a permanent euro In
i short time. In tho most advanced
:ntR of blood poisoning or syphilis
Magic Cyphileno has effected numer
jus truly marvelous euros, many of
which have attracted the attention of
the medical profession, which had al
most invariably pronounced tho cases
toneless. ,
No reputnble journal can niford to
commend an enterprise that is not de
ervlntr. Tho Dispatch knows tho
Poole Remedy company to be exactly
what it is claimed to bo. nnd the servi
ces it has rendered to suffering
Oi,ftJr,TCOJ'"w.7(il9i'niiasiOHai-uet v.iwjf
gaJiiOeX a) VonWu (nBQncp: mop
tho:." liitlro Indians, nna'jcradually
Kuropo were found unable to ten: tit ' liumnnltv entitle it to unlimited com-
him Mr. Koehrig was.rcady togivo up mcndiition. The Roehrlg case is not
all hope. Itolathes brought him ' matter tt hearsay. It Is positively
buck to America to die. Resigned to known lobe n matter of fact,
what threatened to bo it most Horrible jiownre of Imitatort.
fate, he caino back to his Chicago ThMr reimtation for oulck and ner-
homo and toolt. to his oca. Is hud ' Mrmnn(. M:r(tR in fln stapes of the dis-
MofMj-aHiiw ui Land , Agentr
i lm me-' intni4tP(l to thorn VJU InVJ?
Ut i iW ivci rufotlelltioiif Jr V . V
Oai- No -Hi kl , S.jnaro tin-atnlrt' In- JlnhMilg.
Giro Xllm Your Order and You
Will be Pleased.
Pianos g Orga'ris".
J. bandla the tho Wheolocl: and
fctefk & Co. celebrated Ti-
anosi Estoy, Camp & Co.
und Storoy & Clarlf
Fond AU Order, to
IVBerchant Tailor.
Casj.pe.it riao for Tour
SiSInt. - - Texas.
fio'rtttcd.tD country mvUU groat nnifa
or ti'.iop and cattlo that roamed ovov
rftmTuthousatids'of acres in oxtoat.
Thong hords tho Indhm3 tondod, and
it was. thorcroi'o, tho policy ot tho
priojit) to Uoop tho Indians iu subloc
tldn. r.vory priost had pobio pruettcal
t"ad'o which cnablod him to utllbso
tin labor of his converts building
mlaslons and constructing public
work j. Near San Uornnrdlno thoro
, nro Btlll rcmdln3 of nn nquoJuot that
brought tho wator for ten miles
through tho hills, .ep that it wouul
spout up In the public courtyard, and
sunnllod tho pooplo of tho town
That aqueduct ' wai raaclo of Bimill
atones, laid in a cement 1hat Is to-day
M bard.,n3 granitp harder than any
cdniant inatfis nprvKn.own. ,
''Iho priests' brouglifc with thorn
from Spain grapo vines and orango
troo3t and thoy sought to bring poaoo
and ploniy to the now laud Thoy
vrero who. longheaded men, und
inusthavo known or thOs existence of
gold, 'but thoy know also iho avorl
ebusness of tho Stanish pt,plo.
Thoy i-ensonod that if tho prosenco of
tho yellovv matnl should bccjrao
known in Spain, hordes otgrcody ad
vonti"er3 would rush In, robbing.
killing and ravishing; their psaeoful
relations with tho Indians would bo
broken off, tho great herds would bo
icnttcrod and tha supromacy of tho
priest thomsolvos .would bo lost
This euprcinacy was at ita hlghost in
17G5, vnoa from tho missions at San
Ulcgo a chain of twenty-four mis
sions was extended northward.
Junip-Vo So'ra was priest projidonto!
all tha missions in California, and
was ah intelligent", porsovcrlng. on
torpKslng tna'n; He-wai not only in
strumental In, founding mission aftor
mlssloa. but ho-iildod" t) the horda
t.m'fsaWs of1"ieop ad cattlo I
have been six $lmo3 to California and
havo talked with pvlcsti 0? ail na
tlonalltios, Mexican. Spanish. Ii'Ish
American, and" I amc'pnlidcnt from
what thoy ay tlmVJunlporo Hera
know ab)ut the gold; btit ho wai a
singular character, anl rubd with a
haul rtf st.'ol. so that gold wai a
word that no ono dared t; uttor. Ho
had tho history of Peru and otlror
muntrtoj In his inlnd. ard ho knew
that an laflus of gold huatora meant
torror nnd deitr lotion, and tho fail
uro of all his great plans,"
been 'dobcd.'di lie trod nnd'eovered with
buhe;o"no phyilcmiVrccommduded iho
amputation of his .toes,' and his rosl
dcitco'wnsfullpf bottles that hud con
Imnud modlqinos.rejlorlbod by ortlio
doK practitioners, aneVJnoroS modern
Bpecialists,' but as heonstantly grew
ivurhQ Mr ltoejirlg AvaCwllUng to quit
trying. Relatives, however; insUted
that efforts to cUro bo continued and
bo again called numerous export bpc
clalibts. Tho rc&lilt of their treat
ment was tho same as before tho trip
10 r mope. ,4
The uundltlon ofllicumavtiinatOfcuf
ierer w as at this .tlmo - truly pitiable.
hifo wjh Vvorao than aburden, not oolv
to himself but to hisfvclauvi's and all
who came in Contact with him, It
would bo ' diflicuUrto imagine tho
meubiiro nftho .mental and physical
turturo that hoTunderwent whllo in
tho grasp of-tho dtead 'poison. ' Death
not only s'pfnied imminent but the
fititterer nal rca'dy towelcomo it as a
ni. "a-
fcoiiipboity buscrBted WInR' C'jphltne.
About -till! 'r tfinV ' somebudy
Miggeslod 'tryiDgJ?tlio Cook Rom-
!liy COUipdUy. TJt' iAAyVVllUK UU UI11IU-
M, but len'dy'vtb try anything
thut promised ?Uef,-Ir. Hojhng put
himself uudBrthottreatiHont of tho
Cook iicimdCo3utJ!abonUi templo.
f:,ni-:i"o. ill.. 'tvlio .Kavo mado usnec'
laity of litating thif 'dlstasu for near
ly ion Year!. ' Wicn he leyan treat
ment in Deceintej; lalt ho wa3 ono
muhs of dibguatlng-' mattery soros.
The physlclanaconneeted with the
took Remedy C9ujpauy bay his was
the woist cab.u thiit oyer cirao under
their notice", llojiadflong been un
nblo to wear shoijs'undi was in ovtry
way about as bOrry'a' looking spdei
men of bumanlty.asfjvas ever seen.
It was about bix. ino"ntli3 ago whon
Mr. llcchrig (began?), to take their
treatment. Since.beglnning ho has
followed instructions-carefully and
to-day is one of tho most healthy men
in all Chicago;,: When, ho first began
tho Mngici tjvplilleno treatment bo
weighed JflO poundsand now slnco
cured by this magic remedy he weighs
208 pounds and is aiHandowin appfar
nnro. Kverv soro has healed, nnd the un
sightly scabs that disfigured him havo
glyen Way to hcaljthyjcutlcle.
The C CefiillyltiitlBiiI.
As a. natural' result of tho f nets
narrated Mr. KQcKrlirJls a staunch ad
mirer of the Ccolc,Romedy company.
11a told Ms story-tactile Dispatch re
pouter who wassentitoinyestigato tho
case, bollet-Jng tliattho racountal of
his experiences moybo the means of
saving tho lives of 'others who may b
bo unfortunate as tobo afllictcd with
blood dlsfasea of any; kind.
Tha truthfulness" of tho reporter's
ttateraents In the abqve article nro
rcrlfled by the following aflldavlt of
Mr. Roehrlg: '
I herebx testUy that the atatcmenU
nse and evonwhen all other remedies
fall, has become bo wide-spread that
tevcral imitators havo como to light,
some oven going so far as to copy their
orluted matter advertising, and ono
loncern whlch'Is liable to deceive tho
public has uhhumed a similar name,
3-vllln7 themselves "Tho Original Dr.
L'ook Cuio company." Mnglc Cvphi
leno i owned'nnd controlled onlv by
tho Cook RialKliY Co., Chicago, 111.
now iio wii it."
"My wife and 1 had a lively 'dis
cission lust night," said the mild
mannered man. "But X got the last
Ofou don't say so1" - ' 4
'Yes. She aokhoxTlodgod lthcracU'
this morning." .
"How did you inanago Hr" ,
"Talked iu my sleep." ;
IrlKli Art und Cnfts. ' '
An Irish arts and crafts sooloty
has just boon fortnpl in Dublin for
tho purpose o: Htimuiallng tho in
dustries of lruland and attempting
to ralso tho craftsman to u higher ar
tistlo level- Tho soolotv isondcavor
log to organize an exhibition or Irish
arts und crafts, to bo held la Dublin
in tho autumn of 13 J J.
rurtult cf KnowlvitQiti
What ye looltln1 In do dictionary
fer?" asked the mcasongor-boy.
"I'm lookin fer do word 'poram
bulatc.' "
"Why. dut raeacs somethln' like
plain walk."
"iTep. Rut It bounds slower, an I
fought maybo I ort tor -havo it in
UJU uugim. , . iffWl Ofr
Those who declare' t)iatbo carjn"
is gruuuauy u Tying uu uuu ipuu
within a low centuries ovory drol.
water will havo disappeared frqm
our planet, will flndoonsolatlon la
tho announcement that the water
Uno has arisen "ono foot all around
the cult of Mexico since 1850. '
Difference In Method, tin . v f
Travolor, In Kuropo Who aro
those two beaut' fulclrls? '
r (earner Captain Ouo Is1 a Circas
sian whoso parents nro going to soil
her to a Tunc; tho other is an Araor
loan whoso paronts aro going to give
her ton nobleman.
I.Ittlo Choli-n I.rt lllnv.
'SIr," aid tho Indignant constitu
ent, "I am compoUol to say thut
you havo uotod tho part of a knave."
"Grout Jonah!" ropllod tho as
tontsbsd conarossmao, "would you
have mo, bo a fool?"
After tho division on tho, bouncef
cjrds on the. evicted tenants' bill, J)r.
Charles Trainer, Irish nationalist,
member of tho house Of commons for
Cork, approached tho marqUls of
Claneradoin control hall, and In a
menacing manner told him ho was
living on tho blood of his ton ants.
The marquis was cOol, but talkod of
having Tainer arrostod. Ho did not
do so, and tho incident' was allowed
to drop. "
Tho great coal mines, near Donl
browa, Russia, government of Grad
no, aro burning. Thofiro startedJ)$r
un explosion of gas while the full
force of men wero underground. Tho
main shaft was wrecked and compar
atively fow miners have boon rescued,
Tho latest report la that 70J men 'are '
entombed in tho mines an1 that' all
hope of saving them has bood aban
doned. ,
Tho strlko commission, whose work
has begun ut Chicago, wlll sit from
1U to 12.3U and form. 1:30 to 4 o'clopk
Tho order of tho tostimony will bo
that of tho employes, second of tho
railroads. Tup llnoa In particular will
bo investigated, beng the Illinois
Central and Rock Island, 'those linca
being named In tho order of appoint
ment by President Cleveland
Tho local detective, bureau of Cht
cago has been asked by tho govern
ment service detectives to Iook out
for men who havo boon .mailing Im
mense numbers of lottery circulars
1'oslotllco inspector Stuart thinka the
olTendcrd aro amatours as their work
Is clumsily dono
At Indianapolis, Ind., Leroy Ton
pleton, rhlllp Rappaport, "iBfll." J(J
nings and 1'. J. Gilllgan, fj
lists, were a r rested for holdl
lltical meeting on bundayj
jail, rciuslng to giyo boni
acquitted of bonlg gull
Tho four bills to place!
free list all forms of ugar,
Iron and of barbed wire fonc
rods in its manufacture which
passed by tho honso are drawn
into otToct immediately upon 1
passage. Rut tho sonato will
pass thom.
Iho committee on appro,
has Increased tho head moil
migrants from 50 cent- to j
and diroctod tho secret aj
treasury to present u ptauJ
orcunlatlon of the Iminigil
tlon service.
Tho supronio court of Ahl
ting us u high court of lmil
iiftir a. Innrr nnd nvbii.nt.iviff
found John R. Tulley, judl
iNlntn uuiclal circuit court,'
unjudicial conduct, und remv
from olllco.
It Is understood that Senate?
burno of Kentucky has boon agrotS
upbn among Democratic leaders- ttP
till tho vacancy on the sonato llnanco
cominittoo caused by tho death Of
Senator Vance of North Carolina,
Dr. J. W. Davis, a prominent phy
sician of Coalburg. , Va . was llrod,
on from ambush while returning from
a professional visit rocontlv und will
AMarlns attempt was made to hold
up a Lake fchorc express at Kesscr,
Indvl recontlj-, where a similar uV
tempt succeeded a year ago.
Tho anarchist trial at Paris re
sulted in the acquittal of twoilty
, sov$n of tho thirty, throo being con-
victcu 01 criminal ollonses.
Miss Lulu, Randall, aeronaut, a de
scending by parachute at Nashvlllo,
Tenn., a few days slnco, was blown
against a troo and killed.
In order to still further restrict
production, It is said the whisky trust
will close distilleries In Chicago, Fo
ot'lu und Cincinnati,
An apple grown near Hutchinson,
Kan., this year measures fourteen and
ono-half Inches in clruumforeuco and
Mwolghs 17 ounces.
It is reported that, for tho fjrst time
in twenty years, tho corn crop al
northern Missouri will bo a total failure.
H6u. C It. Rreklnridgo of Arkan
sas has resignod his scat In congress
und qualified as minister to Russia.
Tho buildings ut the base ball
Grounds in Chicago havo been de
strayed by Arc. Loss 425,000.
Thirteen persons wero killed and
SO woitndod by the eurthquako shocks
at Aclrealo, b Icily, rocoutly.
Tho Blue Springs, Mo., cannery
"puts up" tomatoes at tho rato of
thirty-live cans a minute.
Tho qucon of Slum has tho sraallost
foot of any titled person In tho world,
fcho wears 1J In boots.
Citizens and horse thlevcB had a
fight recently at Altman, Col, One
man hurt only.
GovarnorStonaot Missouri recently
made a strong states1 righU speech
at Aaxvarso,
Telegraphic communication 00
tweon Core a and China has bcoo,
broken oX

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