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L Com prelie afire I'pltomo of Serious
and Sensational fortluei condenBod
from all the Londlac Ualllet for tho
rait Welt
Tho engagement Is announced of
Miss Florence, a daughter of George
AX. Pullman, to tho Prince of Ison-burg-Iilrstoln,
tho eldest sort of Frl.ico
Charles of Isonburg-Ulrstein and tho
Ai'chduohess Mario Louise o'f Austria,
and a cousin of tho Era per of of Aus
tria. Hor father consented' to tho en
trapment onlv onicondttloii that her.
children shall possess tho full rlghtst
of succession to tbe tltlo, dignity ana
hereditary privileges of tho houso of
Notwithstanding a partial denial
made by the Southern Pact He compa
ny, It Is continuing an unrolontlng
persecution of GOO 'mSn inAVost Oak
land, Cah, who recently vrcno on a
strike i-ovoralof tho'Atnevican Hall
way Union members rolato oxperi
ences which go to show that tho rail
road not only remains unchanged in
Its attitude toward tho strikers, but
that U is successful. In Us battle
ugalnst them.
A purso of $25,003 has been offered
by Kansas, Indian terrhoryand Texas
citizens for tho.Corbott-Jackson fight
to take place at Wagner, I. T., whero
thore Is no law to prove at such a con
test. 11. K. Vox has telegraphed
Corbott and Jackson's acceptance of
tho offer, providing tho money was
deposited in Now York. Tho money,
It is said, will bo forwarded at once.
A terrible hurrlcano rocuntly swopt
over tho sea' of AzotT, Russia. Tho
force of tho wind wind raised heavy
waves which 'destroyed many of tho
soacoast vlllaos not leaving a houso
standing, and drowning a lurgo num
ber of people. In addition savorril
steamers wcro lost during the hurri
cane and their entire crows drowned.
Near Kalamazoo, Mich., having mis
taken his wife at tho bedroom window
for a burglar during a shower beforo
daylight ona morning recently, young
Frank Protoous, who was arousod In
bed, shot her through tho heart with
his ravolvor. Ueforo she sank to tho
floor dead BhOoxclalmcd, ''Frank, you.
have shot mot1 The husband Is'crazed
with grief atjMs "mistake.
Itobbora'attackbd the rosldenco of a
wealthy Jewish , farmer ndinecLJJIbro
vhvin'tho'Vlllago ofKH(?schowTn7- Aus
trla one night recently1' hridi murdered
tho whole- family, which numbered
eight persons besides Hc'rr Blbrovlc.
Tho robbers, after plundering tho
houso, set flro to It and it was burned
to tho ground. Thero Is no clow to
Iho perpetrators.
Itoccntly tho pollco of Culdad Juar
rez, Mox., while raiding a rendezvous
of thieves, found a well appointed
counterfeiting outfit and tho thieves
were at work making Mexican pesos
of lead when discovered. One of the
counterfeiter) escaped to tho Amer
ican side of tho border and has not
yet been apprehended.
Lit lie Theresa Hart, ngod 0 ycar3,
was left alone in tho kitchen of lier
home, at 1730 Waterloo stroet, Phila
delphia, recently, while her mother
wont into another room. Sho walked
over to tho stovo and grasped a coffee
pot filled with boiling colleo and upset
tho fluid over hor. Sho was badly
At Sau Francisco. Cat,, a fdw days
ago August lirciekenfelt,,, one of tho
handwriting oxplrts in tho Mara will
caso committed suicido by shooting
.mm sea tnrougii mo neau. ills wife,
who had been ailing for some time
past, died, and ho concluded that ho
coma not nvo wunout nor. ,
JJows has been recelvo'd from Lake
view, Ore., that a mob of masked
men surrounded tho county jail one
night recently und forced tho jailor to
surrender a prisoner named W S.
Thompson. Tho mob hanged Thomp
son on tho court houso stops,
A ltusalnn steamboat, with a hun
dred passengers on board, sank In
tho river fcheksna during a recent
storm., Tho captain tand ilyo. other
persons a vis missing and aro supposed
to bo d row nod.
' Ex- President Harrison' said at the
recent cUmbako of tho Now Jersey
Leather 'Manufacturers that if tho'
business '-cVtlook changed' at all it
must improve, us H could not grov
It -is reported -that Grand Duke
Taul Alexahdroviuoi, tho youngest
brother of tho emptror, Is betrothed
10 rrincess waua,'" aa youngejsi
daughter oi,tho Princp oj Wales x
Tho Wagner Palace Car company
has filed in tho New York railroad
commissioner's dfllce'thtiirannunl re
port, which shows gross- earnings of
J,2ftt.2ft) expenses, 42,812,702.
It is stated at Berlin that the aban
donment of the grand Uuissian.maneu'
vers at Sraolesk was determined upon
solely at tho wish of tbevlmpe-Hal phy
sicians that tho czar should avoid
fattgueJw His health U hot satisfactory.
Senator Hill expects to bo an at
torney, in tho first caso that Is broughl
up testing tho constitutionality of thq.1
incorao tax provisions oi ino new
tariff law. Senator Hill bollovca that
when brought Into tho courts that it
will bo docldod unconstitutional In"
whole orln part. vl
At Louisiana. Mo., recentlv, John
Irby, 30 years old, wus shot und
killed by Oscar Purgahn. a farmer.
whoso wlfo Irby had assaulted,
-Two boats collided on tho Schuyl
kill b river recently at' Heading, Pa.
and two young ladles wore drownod.
Ihetr bodega wrp recovered
Hop,ontatLve.wiIsp, cnalrnyao
afithtg ways aijqi racanspnimlttee
will sail for Kuropo Sept. lfi, to ua
absent about three wooks.
&Fouporsftn32fterklfod jby a train
ri feVdnyV since w1ill0"croMlng a
Bridge noar Worcester, Mass. iney
wcro walking tho bridge. ,
Several persons wro eorlously In
jured at Orange, N. Jj'jrocontlyby an
oleotrio car running "away, jumping
tho tru and oapsUlng.
Tho pJpo hau wrlVte'n a letter tovM.'
Turouet, formerly under secretary of
state, c0nflrml(ijffli0r papaWtldhcIon I
!otho trench republic. " ' ' f
Tt ha -Inat hnnn dUrnvnrntl hvtha
nunarous oi saloons navo paid no li
cense for olfiht years. . , ...
It Is officially denied In Mexico that
tho Importatlonduty on corn-Is off this
joar--us ntho vcropjs abundantr 'there
Is nojiieoa to Itnpbrt. , - .
Cunala's lablnei- has 'beoh'callod
together UttoVpectedly, o consider
now phases of tho llchrlng soa tituo
tlon, it Is reported.
It Is said labor organizations will
establish hofldquarters-at Washington
for tho purpose of inlluenclng legisla
tlon. ,lJsJ!iw'H'.Oii.
Mr. Waterman ot Dorchester, Neb.,
has 80,U00,00l).T4slielslo1'cprn whljh
he expects to soil for about 22,000
In sordid gold.
Polxoto has placed Itlo dolfanoiro
In tho hands of troops, but hTs friends
say a little rioting is tho worst that
can happen.
Tbe convention that shall goal tho
fate of Congressman Urocklnridgo of
Kentucky, will Do hold at Lexington
on Sept. 15,
Chicago banksihavo rofuscd to ad-
yance 2,000,000 to thowhlskytrust
uu luu security ui luu Hpiiibi tfuiurua
In Peoria.', ,. ;,(.ag
Tcnnessov6 KoDubllcan3st.iashedHho
Houlc machlno and nomlnaVd'VxonV
greasman Uenry Clay 'Evans . for.co.
ornor. ', " ' T' ' ' '"" '"''
John D. Norwood of Indianapolis,
Ind.t has nearly completed arrange
ments lor the formation of a corn meal
b.. mm o; .
iutcreuInxCulllns:! on Vnrlom Subject.
STakoii from tit. Unlly Tress.
aUiwftonay ront, ias ov
lUndlordftiaViaHjd lier
loTTelnirTahil dying child o
SfAtj'ortf,' Worth recently, while
drlvlngxto rher homo at Arlington
brldg'Sjof tho Clear Fork, Mrs. A. A.
Oroenaw n woman seated In a tent
on th'oanlc of the river with a child
in hor, arms and crying bitterly.
Visiting, the tont sho found lying on
a qlil$n thd tenter of ft tho corpso
of alihlo 8-year-old child dead from
ration. ',iiu woman, ooing un-
ieled by a
small qo
the river
bank 'and -' dumped thorn out. Tho
deud.,thlld: wasirlvon iurlnli'whilo
James 'Lawrence, whito digging a
wclniVCjildwell county, recently Hap
Jcnc31t6 an accident. At a depth of
Billow; feet, alter passing through a
samjliank, the woll cavod In on, him,
covringiihlm to- a, dopth of dix or
seven feet, 'I he windlass ropes kopt
tho dlrtifrom piling up so nollilly that
hftti'rifilit,nt hreltthfa. He remained
thcrtffbmo four or llvo hours. Tho
wholqncighbprhoo.1 turned put' o
rfes'cua"hjn. silo ls.allVlght, but says
nWaohWvftb' th'o'woll digging busi
.ness.,. r . . . . ."
jrhel'rarmers.Stlite.AIllance officers
clect-areins-followt Kvan Jonesof
Kriilh .ijpSuntyf'presJdcnf;- !i. Aj"(CiJ)n
of AVood1lcniintv. vlce.nesldGnt: Mrs.
1'iinuloJ.oakoof Austin, s'ocrolary'uSd
treasurer; r. J. Uawes, lecturer.
Kxecutlyoicommlltso: M'. v. Alttftln
rffgn5tttiCQn'nt, WrfSpsAtwoiJjbj
ot Donton''countyr 'SM
A tenmTbcloqglnj,ta &PJEpop3y
a rnrmcHllvip lS";rjiliyinDrttfvost
of Whoallan'dV-iDallai countyT while
attached .ton ulkv hlowfan awav
fmi,6ynj orfn.ur.gonevt lKTig
They aro in a (iticacondi-
thohf BJomo.d jstiihef,'''bi'i,'i
of'- ono'ifndvtlSo collar
At Forney, Kaufman county, Jao)
Oglesby was severely hurt recently
Ho was hauling large logs to tho Bav
mill, when, in crossing a slough, thi
wugon was suddenly turoad over. On
of tho logs fell across his hips.
Tho notorious h- Stephon Calvin
Howard, wanted at Birmingham,
Ala., for murder, at Savanab, Ga.,
and at Kunis, Tox., for killing an
olllccr, has been arrestod nnd Is now
in jail at La Grango.
A frelcht train was wrecked on the
Southern 1'aclflc tho other night noar
Kldridgo, 292,mllos wost of San Anto'
nio. i Two carat rolled down' a thirty
ftfat SoWbankment. dfarfes Ji "1'ord,
Ittrrlnh 1 iff nn Srltlrtrl. t I k
'iJoUtLtOiourl ftoift Majlis.; L
Abllono Is, under tho. .railway com
mission tarJ!),il7Jj()ensiior0(?;';0!.e
rato from ' Giilveston to. Apilpnn.
though abouf'tBreo titae'S tho' dis
tance, Is the samo ' .
At Uj)Sts!lo Ubdi'otbor' d"ny Fwcl
childron p! lgjankjlatew cjaqred gpt
hold of a pistol supposed to bo harm
lolls and while fooling with' the weapon
it was discharged, killing the young
er, aged 2 years.
Mooro Jorni'gaft, son of A. J. Jernl-
gan, Doruqcraticcandldato (or treaa
liToriBilollsWtfp'f.'iHt boat .at the dam
VOAu9tlnjJCiJntly a
and was
sslstaneo cnuld
Make yon weakLand wcnf, nnflt tot work, In
dlsiioied to cxcrtlfln. .ley efiow lliafc your
hcrro etrenh Is gone and that your nervow
'g Sarsa-
svycry pctvilta
lystem needs building
up. Tho surcit remedy
U Hood's SiiranpnrtlU,
It tmrlfleB'tho Wood,
Btrengthcns tlio ticrrcs, creates uu otipetitoand
circs sound, refreshing sloop, Get lluosl's dud
only Hood's Barsapnrllla.
itood'o Plllo euro ullllTtr Ilia. ff3o
flC lntlCC rrinCSutl. Keendahtrtior.
lid EVIlirXI Uoo.1, rong handle,
tllld (rii li tc1SI for 39 Xft- Lin Itatdi cut
irnrr Vton COffi'ft 'Wraphfru, nitil n 2 cnt uttnin toi
par roMatfO, nto wr im cr our duiit pej io
At Dnllas tho other night about
600 ,wago workers met In muErf neot
incr and 'adopted resolutions bv a
unanimous voto depouncinc J-)
drpvtnsil beford
Ducn jura- .
Xhd otHorvniifht thtoVoa 'entcrtfa
'MrBlaiiksheark resldonco nt Kava-
JlnKreomari's wutch, 'UlUckshear's
watch' Xd25,jTil'ho enIro loss Is
TStn;clriUlnjj,aLwel'C)n his farm foun.i
mlleaJVejri)fiUuyj;er, Kuslland court-'
ty, Sam Jones wag-as nn uncompro-
rmlslitB w ar'oh 9tonocoal;abo,Ut twenty
kTjrgHTitfch'es thick. . , .'
J I- Foeter rrot un tho other morn-
rlng ai Grapevine, Tncrant county.
-ana louna nis paniaipon,s uang-itr oi
tno yard fence, minus t"ln.casn
and his store key.'
'1 "Albert Loostorjngcd 36, was found
VI and In hlsld, nt llan-Isan rftpnntlv.
Decddsed wa'l' tt KDaAceeper. LJelitU
treems to havo ucen- auo totJieart uis'
ease. 1 . ' ' -"
"Mary Taylor' In jail at Dallai
Charged with ohnterfeltlng, upon
oVnmination proves to bo a mun.
The prisoners "kungarooQd,, him.
Democratic stato.platformj condc;
inpr uiovoiana, ioi senarn iroopst ic . Tho ral0 on n0Ul. n9 flXed by the
MiicoKo..1uecwriP ino raewraa- .railroad commission, from Dallas to
... a ' '- , V r. ,..,. ..
ijpcaiur is ju cents; irum iiuivesion
and HoUKtnn it. la onlv 17)1 centa.'1.
"it'At 'the reques'tgof ' lfepre'entattva
Payers ?155;00Thas' cen'transmlttdU
tiBfi lo..votoilndonendent and-calllhir.
uron-wa'gQWorkera overy whoreJtq .
tafco'lTk-e'aottbn'.&S; '"-ilQSs
Two men were killed and elevon In
jured by an.oxploslon of gas in tho
Ullbcrton colliery near Ashland, Pa.
It Is announced by a Now York phy
sician that I)r. Koch has discovered a
speciue for tho euro of diphtheria.
Tho Knbyloi defeated tho troops ot
tho sultan of Morocco at Mazagan
and have besieged tho place.
Josiah Qulncy has resigned the
chairmanship of the Massachusetts
Democratic sfato committee,
Central American telegrams an
nounce tho greatest opposition thero
to a Central American union,
Two men wero killed and bIx seri
ously Injured by a recent, boiler ox
ploslon at I rankfort, Ind. ' ,
Postmaster Heed of Albion, Idaho,
is short In his accounts $2fOJ., Cause,
supposed to bo gambling, ,
Tho Japanese government has called
for a popular loan and ltj people aro
responding liberally:
A Chicago Syndicate has bought a'
largo tract of coffee land in tho stato
of Chiapas, Mex.
,, Tobacco Is being grown successfully
and extensively in thq Ylolnity', '
frprlog Hill, Kan., '
Thero aro C003 persons without
food at Pullman, 111., all ox-employes
of the company.
Tho cotton mills at Now Bedford,
Mass., aro all closed oa account of a
general strike. , ,
Tho queen' a'spcoch proroguing par
Uament is very conservative fealty
unimportant. , '
, JJour miners wcro. burned to .death
In the'Amothyst'mlneat Credo, Colo.,
'recently. .
1 'The Prussian government is block-
leg ., tho Itusslan frontier against
"German anfl English bankers haya
arranged to loan China tu,0a0)00.
Chineso behead all lapanose spies
that they capture on their territory,
A.mad'cayotQ near Coctrrit, Mexico,
recently bit four persons.
Sicily has experienced another se
vere earthquake. -
The 'president has signed alt tho
appropriation bills,
, The Kepublican party of Nebraska
.has sollt.
California fruit Is baing shipped to
COJO "busholSf
yalu'odliatj'-lOO.OP'J, ($0; cent's jpor
pusueis), . with nn average yield oi
fourteen audono-half bushels to tho
acre. Tho oa't crop runs up to 19,
000,0)0 bushels,, valued at ?4,6TO,000,
or about J7 cents a .bushel. " wlthton,
avcrago y!61ii OfHhirly-soveu bushels
,to tho acre. ''" , " ' ' '
Wm. Murdock,.a nogro, was trying
to ral6o'tho price' of a breakfast thd
oiuor morning py onering a revolver
or sale in a'outh Ifarapart street;
ew- urlcans, second-hand store, de
tectives satAhlm aiid as William was
Unable to stat.a how he got tho pistol,
thev locked him un. and booked him
pn tho lonHlylKargo-
Noar Tyler recjnfy In o difficulty
between Cllfto'n und lllram Harris,
tho latter was stabtfetl to tho hollow
with a pocketknife. Doth colored.
Clifton claims the stabbing was acci
dental. Harris may die. Clifton gave
himself'upand was granted bond in
tho'eum ofjioo uuvyalt the action o?
tho "f?fanujury. . - -
fjllss f,ark!n Criddlo of, Mlnerva,J
Mllatit county,!1 .wus. severely burned
oiie'dayrecently, Sho was starting1
a firo to 'cook'-. supper, and'threw a
pleco, of.pnp'er Into ha stovo Which'
contalnod p&wdi;r, and It cxploJed.
Her faco' was badly bbrnod and lier
oyobrows and hair werosnged.
i W. F. lirlce.;cashior o( tho City Na'
ttonal bank at Quanuh, was brpught
to Dallas recently by htiopUty Cnlted
gtatos'iuarshal, charged with making
a faiso'oport to tho comptroller of
thCLCurrcncy. tio gave bona n tho
Tlio LargOBt Atanufacturem of
Oa thU Coutlnenl, havo rrcelrtd.
AWARDS' "'"(
on all thtW Gtotta ttt,th
Vh!h,, ViUko (he t)lb rt l'q'"
maJi wlUiou t (ho tf rfr -A Ikalic
nth Ptir-vnMnli np T)ruL la haA
liitvlf nura alid uiltililii. nnii.cciill
lu tha on cal a tup. ,
e Mm
Ma i '! 11 M
wsu mm
. . mccL,Kt:b&)' .
HJ'V2iVrX m&msi,
I Foi Female Diseases.
Davis Inter
nal lonal Cream
nand or rower.
Every fsnner
that has cows
thould liavo
Dne. It savca
39,Y -
liilrd more but
ter. Separator
Eutter briuga f
one-tlum more
money. Send
for circulars.
AOCNTS W" "'-iVaRa, ill.
by the trcasuf department' JTor tho
work on Gdlveston.,harbor,
There 1$ a contast ot tho recent pro
hibition election in Umeatono county,
Tho Antls won by ar'fi votes. The
l'ros have fneu u contest. -
TVin rat.n nn finni ii'nyAfl hv ln half the labor.
rnmrfilsRinn1 frniVi U'uno tn Abllnnn ft makes OtlC"
SVjconta: frVmIIbiiston-and (Jalves
tOnt is 17 conts, ,
Tho city council of Hockport has
"passed lesolutions (hvitlnj; President
Cleveland 16 vlsifr that city and take
'Hih. , , ,
11 Pf Cantrell' has filod euH for
SUf)00 damages, for personal injury,
against thb street .car company oi
PUHS' .jj Tho Eminent Specialist,
Omtho 3321 ballot Charles H. Yoa-, ES!"' Cr?.!;-:
kumwaa nominated by tho Democrats, ni;tuni. Klaney o-"1 madder Fm 5J?i
of the Third district for congres's. k:"WtW2r
6 1'nlonwL Mryconln., Alcohol. BjillMj
Ar.enlo or other poUoa o( unrklnj used
car?4 wltlLOiit lupodormic lnleu.on or any
tt'-u. . Rfmntnm 111 4. nit.
this ruvsio-3ii:nicAi,- jKSTiTirra.
Wra.A, Boxtll, M' D.i'CnlllijPliylci8ii,
Rooms 2)T,'er8 nnd ISO Mneon Ploclt corner,
., !?S.t iod l llu.u av.nus. Houston OI0W.
bourn; giotli-lu.. i to 1 and ? to p. Jl,
rtl v' li SfJrfi V&J V'
jltalintl,Ai.i;eio,uii,K Uiwo
l.TXENK,1ftrollw Ilwt mid sl'tst Iron itah
snra.ofH20U ,for his appearanco on
tho'lOth of September.
f",jha. first bale j( cotton was.tnoughtsl
into, bmjOi fliontaguo couniy, a low
daya 'ago" and'" sbld' for a.lu In tno
seed t-jwolg'hed 1G10 pounds.-iA
premluci'd'tJloWas )iald,i J'bo cotton
was' ralsedBbyr'J.i O. "Wobb near ilou-
deal oi
not a
Thop05td31co dt Kbnedy, Kurno's
county, was recently robbed of ijliiO
by 6omo-unkjiowitTparty. J
Fronftwo to ?ous,cnr?,pf wheat aro
belng'"8hippedaally from Seymour to
GaH-eston an'4 Velasco.
Two colored women recently set
tled a JUpntn.flt Houston with. knives.
Kolther seriously )wt.
A mule fell In' V clstofn 'St' (Jroen-
AnldJman,'i?as' recently 'found on'
iliMorga'Ujroad, thvee mtles east ot
lloustnwitli nls shoulder blade
bVokonffan'd'6lbecwlse injured,
'claims h" was thrown oil a rail
TbrMga';by6ome one for tho purpose
WOnferoinng ryoenly in JH1U county
Xlrs. rJkJi''U'Stuart, was drlvlns with'
Her'littlo.'dausbter und her horse be-
plBngngi'J;BotiwoUtcolilil,ba,s topped'
it kjck'etfthe'girS; bjeaklng her thigh.t
,"' MossV4.OTate'riioniefahct:iiigbee at1
AVharldnnave Juit cut a three-arce
piav ui ueriuuu uuiieif uvu luns lu luu
aire. ' ThJ Is frpm. land -whicWhas
'n-lroad this vnur nutted 70 nBi"flopn
in Itisu,potatoei It-Wllf bo at once)
replanted in millet.
villertfew days ujpc'p.i blit. waSirpa.'
cued, and Is all right.
'The prosecution of tho bribery casos
ln-tho'eresent"Citynre-to 'bo -Jiushed
by tho authorities
UurBlarjrtoVBeH p.'IP. HamsT) (V
aays ago vi zuy. ,
A dead Infanl 'wp.3,found near the
cotton yardilt-Cumovoo a few days
finco. i ., .'
Shlnorcl-'svaea county, has received
so tar about 7UU bal oi ow- cottons
Attorney General Culberson. nf7
gono.to J.toakpo,- op.a nsning trip, u
man cbargalthvlftebjitl
Governor MdggijlJaiAgopa'Itock.
nni.f. on "n fifthlhff'aXDedttfoa.
,, '--$--(3-jr'iw&',!SiiY
HoL. cholera prevails in parts oi
'lwl nnnntv. r ' .
!!i,ll.r,',inj dnlO worn t tligraroiniuli a ItnS
f loth. !tli Hides hnlslicil .illku mid. hd nu n IB
IB. otio couwli ceu.ll I" l5 , . alho. Kind.
TcnCoilarsovl'lvoralrjW' wis for'rwent tlvo
CtntS. . ,, TibI- nt r(Ta hv mll t(tr
- r.... j Vl.n.n Btvl.t nml tlft. AildlPM
Ipy St., IMston.
'',rranfll0SJ.,0Wolk, S7UI)
i ".r.' ...t t.....
or avian jut ifutu
HYDHl)L:tJ.lL,wVAK UUUCJ.E.I .JNi--" .,!
ydkii k .TDnriiir. iiinNL
- ,TUE3(SAV. CUP.T.'IIH. '
,.. .. .,...( r n. -. Balnn.. T.ntff.
i:lvlln'lMecluDleftlFnEinecrlutf TJioroiwta
Houston. -, . .
Tort'Cavaca Issues (5903of scbooi
bonds. r"" "'
. :Sto'rehouse are in demand at Green'
vlllo.' "
Uurglars aro working Hempstead,
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