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The Gazette.
Published llxnry Xlmrsilajr bj
Editor and Publisher
Ono Year, iwstptild
.1 1 Ot
Hutered at tho Shiner, Tor., PoBtofflco m
i.id-dnsit iiintthi'.
1'roprletor llortnre.l Soma Loveiicf ami
I oft Tlifin on llli l)ck.
Ho wna lu tlio habtt of kooplng
odd clgiirs, chocolate und thills' '
tluit ".ort lying" around his oilico dosle.
and tho clerks, messengers und
oilico bo, wero In tho habit of help
in? thotu-elves wltliout so much us
usUInjr tlio privilege It was some
time bofoi'o ho took tiny ofilclul
nctlco of it. ltut of Into ho could
scarcely turn around boforu every
iliiiiff wus uono. When this freedom
finally extended to tho disappear
ance of a little box of bon-bons pur
chased lor hU wife ho bogan to In
quire Into It.
It's thut boy," suggested tho
indeed, I never tech 'em," said
tho boy. "Everybody what comes
ulonp bites into everything."
Thu next day the proprietor
brought homo some doctorod loz
enges and wont out to lunch, leav
ing a box half full on his desk in
plain sight. About an hour after
his return to tho oilico ono of tho
lurks in tho next room came In and
asked to bo excused for tho rest of
tho day on account of illness. An
soon as tho man had gono an Inves
tigation of tho loetnfo bo betrayed
the fact that all had disappeared.
Ho rang his bell and tho oHlce boy
appeared, palo and trembling-.
Look hero, Hilly," says he. "I
loft some lozenge on my desk at
uoon I hope you "
No, sir; I didn't seo 'cm."
I'm glad of that,' said tho ora
plojer. "l)f course, you wouldn't
avo touched thorn. I was afraid
that you might havo dono so. Not
thut thoy wero of any value particu
larly, but becau-to thoy wore ilxod up
tor cat medicine Von see
Hut Hilly suddenly bolted for
loor. Ills unceremonious oxlt
mmodlately followed by tho
trance of another clerk. Ho
iocorapaniocl by a man frlond.
both lookod highly embarrassed and
uneasy. Hilly had rushed In upon
thorn and told llicm in an awful
vhUper that thoy had all been pol
toned. Thoy manfully faced the
1wo that Is"
Ah, 1 seel" Interrupted tho boss.
"Y'oti. too, havo been eating my cat
medicine!" Ho tried to look seri
ous, but his Is not a sorlou nature,
ind he laughed instead. Tho young
ncn began to brace up.
"Thou thoy ain'twore not pols
jnodi Hilly says thoy wero llxod
or rats, sir. I know wo oughtn't tc
have eaten them, but "
Oh, thoy wero not exactly pols-
inod, but let's boo (taking out his
watch) If you'll go down to tho
3ornor drugstore and tako an emntlo
, ou'll bo all right In a short time
Until young men disappeared in a
twinkling, and tho laughing old
irautlcal loUet leaned back In hi
jhalr and lighted a fresh cigar, "It
ii well enough not to lot them otl
too easily," he soliloquized. "They'd
havo got ovor it in another minute.
Thoro aro no mora potty pllforln"
..round that office. Hut then that
u'Hco boy has novcr como back,
was and
lliey Ohjeet to tlie Alirogntlon of thu
Treaty Wltlinut Hun Nntlei luilRC
Itemler a Heelitloii Sustaining tlie Ite-H-.il
of the Sugar Jlmiiillct.
WASHiNtnoN, (Jet. 18. The abro
gation of thn reciprocity treaty be
tween the llnltcil blnlcs unit llrazll is
to have a sequel In the llling of claims
mid beginning of suits njaliibt this
goernnieiit fur total moonlit" of
duties colluded nnil bills covered by
the reciprocity treaty from Angus' 27
lat, thn (Into tho new tat-ill" kill went
Into ell'ect. until January I. In the
aggregate these duties will reach sev
eral hundred thousand dollars and may
1 each Into Mie millions. The claims
will not be made by Itru.ll as n gov
ernment, but by Individual Import
ers of llnizillnn ""'I8. 'I'lio
claims will Involve n conical of tho
right of congress to puss n law which,
It ulll bo asseited, is a violation of a
treaty. In tho exchange of ollkial
notes leading up to tho treaty, Minis
ter .Mendoea of lirn.Il wroto'lo Secre
tary lllalne that tlio treaty would be
proclaimed "with tho understanding
that tho commercial arrangement thus
put lu operation shall remain lu force
as long ns neither government shall
definitely, at least thrco mouths in ad
vance, Inform tho other of its Inten
tion and desiro to consider it at an
end. At the expiration of the time
indicated, provided, however, that tho
termination of the commercial ar
rangement shall bo lu oU'ect either on
Iho llrst day of January or the llrst
day of July."
. e .
itclglail Hlf-rllon.
IIiii'hmm.s, Oct. l.r. Elections of
members i'or tho chamber of deputies
were held throughout Delirium cster-
day. Tho voting was under the new
coiiipusnr sjsteui, which provides
severe penalties for lion voters. The
electors were dhided Into three class-
as follows: ItosldentsoverSr) vears
of age, who were entitled to ono vote:
married mennud widows with liini
illes who pay a personal tux of llo
francs to tho state and who had two
votes, and priests and others of posi
tion, who had three voles. The cleri
cal parly under this system hod great
voting strength. The socialists inndo
as strong u light as tlio Independent
party, Tho liberals were divided and
aro likely to show badly in the places
where tho clericals and socialists wero
in force. Klectlous were orderly, ex
cept at Alsost, In Flanders, where col
lisions occurred between tho support
ers of Abbe Christian socialist, and il.
Woost, tho clerical leader who n low
days ago was stoned by a mob w bilo
proceeding to a political meeting nt
(iraiumout, III Last Flanders, and
forced to lleo for his life.
purposes for "some tlmo lo come.
Sp.-aklng of tho first prevalenco of
liicso ciiarges, Commissioner iloosc
vclt said yesterday: "Wo havo had
more troublo ou 'account of theso
cases lids year than any oilier year
during which a campaign occurred. I
am glad to have n chauco to say some
thing about tho matter now, as 1 havo
always been bcfor.o presidential cam
paigns. Under tho decision of tho at
torney general wo cannot proceed
against tlieso persons who solicit by
letter. However, wo will publish
broadcast what Is Jtclngdouo and will
guarantee employees that they need
not pay ono cent. If in any wu
molested wo Shall try loliavo criminal
ly prosecuted those who molest em
ployees. We shall present the matter
to concrcss and unro as strcnouslj
ns possible that legislation be bad to
publish solicitation by letter as wen
as In person. During the month past
we have had two decisions favorable
to our position, one In Ohio and the
other In Kentucky, and both ollcnders
hare been licntllr lined. If we can
get nt tlio ollcnders wewill havo (hem
punished as rigorously as pussiiuo. i
want lo, say that no man In olllce,
whether Democrat or ltepubllcan, Is
under obligation to coutiibuto to a
campaign lund and cannot be molested
in uu way by his superior olllcers for
refusing to. This assessment business
Is merely foul blackmail and wo intend
to make war on it ill every possible
way. YVc intend to conduct a com
plete Investigation of theso eases.
I hero aro a number ot ollices wncro
new complaints of assessments have
been made and these will bo Invest
igated by agents of the commission.''
Am Impoirttnt Opinion.
Wakiunuton, Oct. 10. Secretary
Carlisle J estcrday received from Act
lug Attorney (,'eueral Maxwell an
opinion ill which ho holds thai the
word "wool'' as used lu tlio woolen
schedule of the new tarill'act refers lo
tho hair of tlio sheep only and Hint the
new and lower duties on goods mado
of tho hair of other auimais went into
ell'ect on tho signing of tho act. The
opinlou further states that the phrase,
inuuuinctures ol wool,' in that par
agraph is not applicable to
to articles of which wool, as so de
llned, although material is not the
article of chief aluc. Immediately
upon iccelpt of this opinion, Secretary
Carlislo sent tho follow ingtelegrmn to
all collectors of customs: "Attorney
(icneral has rendered an opinion that
the word 'wool' as Used in paragraph
297 of tho now larilV act refers to tho
hair of sheen only and that tho new
duties under schedule K, upon arti
cles mado ot.tho hair ot other animals
went immediately into cllcct when
tlio act took ell'ect. Custom olllcers
will bo gocmcd accordingly. Iu
structions of August 27 remain un
changed. Collectors will reliiiuldato
all entries covering goods classified
contrary to (ho above instructions.
ltcbellltin In China. .,
LoNWi.s,-, Oct. Mi. A dispatch from
Shanghai, dated yesterday, coulirms
tho report that rebellion has broken
out a hundred miles from Hankow.
Tlio rebels nre fairly armed and .cry
reckless, 'I hey attacked tho govern
ment buildings, which wero feebly de
fended by lojal troops, who were soon
defeated and manykilled, wldlo others
joined the rebels. All the provinces
in tho vicinity are almost denuded of
troops and thn rebels are dail gather
ing strength,
An Artllt' Dlnlniiiiitla Wity f A.ltlns
111. Sitter tu AVa.h Iter 1'nrr.
A young woman anco wont to the
studio ot the artist, Mr. lloaly, with
lior (aco so covorocl with paint anil
powder that overy characteristic
lino was obliterated. Ho was, ol
-iour.se, in u dllomma, says Kate
Hold's Washington. Ho could not
ardor tho girl to go and wash lior
bicoi ho would loso his commission,
and ho was too nollto a gonttoman.
lio could not lay tho Bamo paint on
:anvas that thoro was on hoc (aco;
it would not be satisfactory to tho
family. When tho sketch was lined
In, ho roso from his seat, Bat-down
bosido his subject, and kindly asked
her If sbo was fooling as well ns usual.1
Surprised, of eourso, buo ropllod
that sbo was. Mlss Jonos you
walked from your hotel, did you
uotP" "Yos." "And you camo hur
riedly upstairs without stopping to
iosIV" "Why. yos, ot eourso," "Ah,
sos, Miss Jonos;butyou soo, though
you may not btl feverish, you havo
excrtad yoursolf so scvoroly that
thero Is bo much color in your face.
that I fear It would mlslo-.ul mo
Now, 'to-morrowlf you will bo
ood, pleaso battnT your cbool,cs In
cool water thonast thing, como lu a
close carriago und stop and rost
yoursolt upon tho sofa you will And
jn each landing If yoa do that, I
im suro wo sliall havo no moro trou
ij!q " Tho faint Hush on her faca
t nun b!io camo tho next day was
perfectly natural, uud did not at ull
retard .the uict "
AnmrliUt Arsenal.
Ha villi, Oct. 1A. Huventy packages,
supposed to bo furniture, weso lauded
here recently from Houthainptou. Up
on examination they wero tounii to
contain a perfect arsenal of auiirehist
weapons, skeleton keys and burglars'
tools. Tho Havro polico commun
icated with tho Fngllsh people, who
are trying to track the package to tho
General Selioflelil'. ltfpnrt.
Washington, Oct. 12. Major (leu
end Scholleld has mado to the secre
tary of wnrhis report on tho operations
ot the army during tho past year
(icneral .Scholleld, who has bee'i at the
head of tlio army since tho death of
(ieueral Sheridan, announces his re
tirement next year. J ho report Is
principally devoted to a discussion of
tho nccessltj lor strengthening the
military arm of thu government to
copo with internal disorders as well
as possible danger from without, par
ticular reference being mado to tho
Debs strike.
An Awful I'lmt Tlie llmtleH of Tivn
Young tlerinnn I'nrmers Demi mill lie.
cinniioiteit I'nlil In Tlielr nun lllumt
'Ilielr HoiKe Is Itllleil.
CoM'MliiA. Tex., Oct. if). About
noon . estcrday Mr. K. C. Chambers, u
farmer residing about six miles from
here, camo posting Into town in hot
hasto to Inform .Magistrate It. F. Ack
nej that ho had just discovered that
two of his neighbors, lilchard Denke
and (iusfav Schmidt, respectable
young (icrman fanners, were' lying In
their house dead and in an advanced
statu of putrefaction, The scene at
the home of the young men was npall
Ing. Denke lay un his back, his head
Just behind the front door of the
house, his leet under a small table.
1 ho end ol tho table mid tho lloor
around Iho body was covered with
blood. It Is thought that ho was sil
ting at the table reading and the das
tardly assassion lircd through the
window, the bullet sinking just be
hind the rigid ear, piercing his head
and emerging from his right ej c. In
tho adjoining room (justav' Smith
wns fouud lying on Ids bin k. his head
Jammed Into a corner, his hand out-
btrclclied as it warding oil an assault,
ins mouili wide open and clotted blood
all around him. llu had been shot
twice. The fatal shot entered his right
breast and passed through his body.
I lo had evidently been reading n paper,
but ran when the llrst shot was llrcil.
N'ot knowing tlio position of the as
snsslu, he ran toward the liront door
and thej; assassin lircd. Ilo ran iu tlio
next room and fell in tlio far comer,
whero ho expired. Tho assassin then
went Into tin house and llred two
shots into the expiring man. Ho then
rilled the dead men's pockets, leaving
them turned out and broko open their
trunks, scattering the contents. Tlio
nssassiuallou evidently occurred Mon
day night and It Is very -strange that
It was not discovered sooner. Deputy
heill'Zeno i'hllllps is ou a hunt for
the murderer, but has reported no
It was about tho hour for changing
watch. Tho night barkeeper, Fred
Lolder, had liirued tho bar over to
Kd Williams, the day man. Thoro
wns five or six neotilo In thn mum.
singing and laughing and everybody
seemed to be happy. Suddenly two
pistol shots rang out and thocrowd in
tlio corridor ran Into the bar room.
Harry Hodge was seen sinking to tho
lloor and Morris was struggling to
free himself from tho two barkeepers
mid another man who wero holding
him, shouting at tlio top of his voice:
i.ci mo go, , or I will kill
you,' lie was dually subdued and
hen to tho olllcers. who arrived
shortly. He was very much under
the influence of liquor and talked very
loudly. lie said bo could "Ive
bond for 100,000 If necessary and
that ho could buy all of Dallas mid
everybody in It for a quarter. He
told tlio station keeper that the dllll
culty was about a dice game. Ilo
said that ho wns being crowded mid
bad to do something. Hodge is mor
tally wounded, both balls penetrating
the abdomen iu tho lower liaitninl mm
of them passed through the liodv and
was taken out at the hack, ill.swholu
nervous system was shattered by the
shock. It was six hours before ho
rallied and then only for a few min
utes. Morris refuses to answer anv
questions and tho all'alr Is shrouded
in in) story.
Wliulemile 1'nrBery.
III. 1'aso, Tex., Oct. 12. Treasury
olllclals here are much elated over the
recent unearthing of n schema of
wholesale forging of Chinese cerllll
cales. Several weeks ago Deputy
Marshal Scarboro arrostrdtwo China-.
men who presented certificates which
he at ouco pronounced forgeries, both
as to tlio printed form and to the sig
natures. Willi Special Agent Wag
staff ho began a search for the forger.
it was loumi mat tun pnntiug was
dono by a Mexican job printer iu Las
Cruces, Mexico, and the pen work is
thought to have been dono by a well
known man here, now supposed to be
lu Chicago.
Cnliltiilillitl Jllllf nullum.
Washington, Oct. 11. The treas
ury olllclals aro considering tlio ques
tion of cxclinugiug nt pur for gold tho
$175,000 lu Columbian half-dollars
iu liio treasury or sub-treasuries
Tlieso baif-uollars were held by the
Columbian olllclals nt S1.00 each and
nt tho close of the fair about 151.700,-
000 remained undisposed of and wero
redeemed by tho government at their
face value. What nctlou, If any will
bo taken, Is not fully determined, but
It seems very likely that an offer to
A Iteclile Hitler.
Honiiam, Tex., Oct. lo. Last night
Saul Wallace and two other negroes
left hero ou horseback to aflend a fes
tival across Hois d'Arc creek. When
they left the public square they started
their horses in a rim and wero riding
iu n reckless manner down the lane.
Sam was in the leud, and when he
uearedtlio creek, lust at tho eastern
lino of tho city, he ran upon two white
men on norseuacK and two ou loot. A
quarrel ensued during which ono of
tho white nicu drew a pistol and llred
four shots at Wallaco in quick succes
sion, one of which struck liim In tho
back, the ball ranging Inwardly.
AVallaco was convoyed to Ids homo by
his companions nnil Is in a critical con
dition. No ono seems to know who
did the shooting.
lltaii! l.uiu Her I'oeUetlmult.
I'ai.imtini:, Tex., Oct. 1.1. A negro
woman, accompanied by a negro man,
walked Into a leading drygoods house
in the city Thursday ostensibly forthe
purpose of purchasing some goods.
Tho woman had a pockctbook iu her
hand. After parleying with tlio clerk
and making a l'nw turns, sbo claimed
somo one had taken her pockctbook
ami accused tlio clerk ot It. She culled
in nu olllccr, who was well aware of
the Honesty ol tho clerk, uud mistrust-
cunt onco something wrong, ilo in
sisted on searching tlie'womnn for it.
She became very indignant, but bad
to submit. Tlio pocketbook wns con
cealed In iter corset. She und the
negro mnu wero put in jail, but after
ward liberated.
Mulitliti!iu He nleil.
Wasiiinciton, Oct. 18. Judge Mc-
Coinns of tho district supreme court
yesterday denied the application, of F stealine stump.,
tho Miles sugar manufacturing com- -Washington, Oct, 12. -Win. 1!.
pany of Louisiana for a iiiandanmSito Smith of New Jersey, nlaborer join-
compel Secretary (Sarllslo to ap-pomf ployed lu tho bureau of cngmvlngaud
Inspectors to ascertain tho sugar pro- prjutlug, was arrested yesterday on a
duct ion ol mo company.
HenTntlonal ltutnor.
"LoNnoN.'Oct. 12. Nothing Is known
here 'lu. regard to tho rumor that
China lias asked the-good ollices of
(icriiinuy to bring about the termina
tion of the war wllltJapau and it is
believed that the report is unfounded.
Yellow Fever In Mexico.
O.vxAUAfMox., Oct 12. (Jrcnjt o--
Cliemcui provanii nuiu over jcutw
fever, which Is causing!! lurgonuniber
of deaths. Tho Norwegian bark
Dolly li'in lost three of her crew aud
ou shoro deaths aro numerous,
Han Into a Huck.
1ai.i:(,tini:, Tex., Oct. in. As C.
(J. Hamilton was returning to his farm
tako tho exchange will soou bo made, house, several miles north of town
auoui uariv caiuruoy evening, iu ins
hack, lio was overtaken by three ue-
rcroes driving a team to a wagon.
I hey ran into his hack, the tonguo ol
their wagon striking lilm iu tho side,
hurting ldm considerably, lie remon
strated agalnstthclr careLessuess,when
one of tho negroes jumped out of the :
wagon, pulled film out of tho hack,"
aud gavo hlnf a' terrible -beating. Ho
returned to town and notified lt.o olll
cers. Shcrifl l'ierco and. Constable
Watts went out to arrest th'n negroes,
one of whom resisted by drawing a
pistol, but all Ihre'o werfrarrcstod'aud
Jailed. ,. - ,
Mutt While HenUtlUK Arienl.
Kdsmi:, Tex., Oct. 11. (Jeorge Mc
Wllliauis, constable for tills precinct,
went estcrday to arrest A. ,1. lie
Milan i'or some small ollensc, taking
with lil tti It. A. Hum-ill to nssist lilm.
Yesterday morning they went to his
liouso and his wlfo told the olllcers ho
was not at home. Ou returning last
night they found him at home. Ho
camo out on his gallery with a shot
gun and llred. His tiro was returned
by Iluttrill with a shotgun, wouudlug
McMilan badly. Iluttrill went Imme
diately for n doctor and has given him
self up to await the' result of Mi-Milan's
Henil Ctillil I-otiml.
(lAHLANii, Tex., Oct, 10. At an
early hour yesterday morning n dead
female child was found by the sido of
the Missouri, Kansas &- Texas railway
track just west of town. Tho baby
was wrapped iu cloth and wns evi
dently born the night before. It was
a largo' child, fully developed, and was
evidently dropped lrom the north
bound passenger at 11 o'clock night
before last. There wero no marks of
violence on its body, 'Squlro Swim
hud tho remains burled and the (use
will bo Investigated.
- -
Snooting Anru).
lloi'STON, Tex., Oct. 11. Yesterday
at the Merchants' aud 1'lauters' oil
mills thero was a shooting all'alr Ihat
will prove fatal, the doctors think, to
one of tho parties. The participants
wero ilnmos Coultrup aud Ilenry
(lebes, both workmen at the mills.
Coultrup did tho shooting. Tho
troublo aroso out of tho discharge of
(iebes from the mills by Coultrun,wlio
was foreman, Ouobnllpnssod through
tlie body and tho right lung, auotner
shot look ell'ect ill tho "back. Coul
trup telephoned i'or nu olllccr lo sur
I'or rolllleiil I'l
WariiInuion, Oct. 11. From pres
ent Indications the civil service com
mission w ill bo busy with Investigating
cases Of u-scssnleiits i'or jiolilu-ul
charge of stealing 2000 2-ceut postage
stnmns from tlie o-ovcrnme.nL Mlllth
., .. -.".-." i .
went to mew lorn a low nays ngo
and, It Is alleged, placed tho stumps ou
sale there. This fact becamo known
through tlio postal authorities aud
subsequently wordVamo from a post
master that a package of stamps was
ou.uuo snort, u is oeiicvcu omer em
ployces are Implicated.
Two TuxaN Cunts.
AVashinhion, Oct, 10. lu tho su
preme .court yesterday, the case of tho
Texas and I'acillc -railroad company
against tho Intcrstato coinmcrco com
mission, involving n questionni of
foreign rates which was on tbo'len
dar for six months was reassigned for
November 12 ou motion of tho gov
ernment. Consideration of tlio enso
of the United States against the state
of Texas, known as tho Greer count
-;i-e. a us also postponed.
Killed III) Hrolhrr,
Vai.hntinu Tex.
playing with a target rlllo yesterday
mornlug n young son of J. M. Tnlley
Shot aud instantly killed his brother,
a cujld ot two years.! jiVa. usual tjio
rille was not supposed to Ije. loaded.'
Fntitl Holler Kxplonlou.
Habtlani), Tex., Oct. 10. Yester
day morning tho boiler of L. (!. Down
tain's gin blew up, killing Kuglneer
W. 1). SkelloU and slightly injuring O.
C. Scnrborough'T'.Ooo. Parker. ud.. I.
Y, Hill. Their yn-ouuds. were hastily
dressed and they aro resting easily.
Mr, Scarborough says tlio only cause
ho cau assign is that a few seconds
beforo the explosion occurred liu
heard Mr, Skcltou sav to Parker: "X
havo' about 140 pStmds of steam,''
wlilch Wnf nlinilt t'nrtv nnumla inr.eit
tbnn wns needed. Two or llirpn line-''
ties barely escaped with their lives.
CruiilieuMolloiitli. w
(iATiisvn.LK, Tex., Oct. 10. 1'arties '
just froni nurst.avlllagqabouttwenty
milcs north of horc, report a shocking
accident which occurred nt the gin at
Unit placolast Saturday evening. Mr.
llilbert Holllugsworth, pressman, had
spread tho bagging on the lower block VM
A Dallas Trncedy.
liAi.i.AS. Tex., Oct. 12. Harry
llodgo w asshot and mortally w omitted
vostcrda) mornlug by J. T. Morris lu
the bar room of tin- Wind-ur hotcL
ofthi press and had stepped into it
lo ride up to tho Hut room above
when from sotne unknown cause thp
power" was thrown on, wlieu tho
packer deccuded and crushed him to
death iustantlv. breaking cvci- bone
in hi--body. lie leave-1 lanuh
r . a , k tit
.V 1U- ' :

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