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lot lie Had (111 Soft Spot and What It
Wai no One ICver Knew Until After
IIU Deatht When the Woman In tho
Caie Told Abont It.
Thoy were talking of him in Myra'i
bar, with Iho perfect frankness that;
obtains only behind one's back.
IIarrd as nails,"" tho Irishmnn had
said finishing up the remark inside a
tumbler tho rocoptaclo of many such
"Appleby," ropeatcd tho Irishman,
omorglnj; refreshed. "Appleby
don't toll mo hnrrd as nails."
"I was not telling you," answer-id
Sam Crozlor, lato of her mnjosty'e
navy,? at present a barltono Blngor
who names his own prico. "I wat
raorely observing, for tho benefit of
humanity at largo, that Appleby may
havo his soft spot.1'
"Well, an' if ho has, Samuel, mo
bhoy, it's so deep Insldo him that itV
of no use. What's tho good of a crab
being soft inside when ho turns and
nlpi yo by tho tooP Crab-Apploby
that's what ho ought to bo called
tho cross-grained son of a vinegar
At this moment tho curtain was
pushed asldo and a man came Jn who
nodded to nobody. Ills intrusion was
partially condoned at tho sight of his
face tho samo being tho physiog
nomy of a man in trouble. '
Hp asked Myra for some Scotch
whisky In that lamontablo volco which
betokens tho 'ha9-b2en1' tho thing
who was onco a gontleman, respected
of others, and oven of himself.
Before lifting the glass to his lips
tho new-comer tumbled for his money,
and at that moment tho man, Apploby,
of whom tho talk had been, pushod
tsldo tho curtain and came in. Ho
was a man of medium height, with a
irawn, narrow face streaked with
longitudinal linos; a man who had
avldontly gono vory deeply into some-thlng-sorrow
as likely as not.
In an instant tho hard, gray oyos
took in tho form of the new-comer,
tho whisky-glass, tho fumbling hand.
A crash and tho glass lay in tho
"Who for?" crlod tho owner of tho
bovorago thus rudely given to tho
"For mo."
Appleby was not pleasant to look
upon. Tho other looked and appar
ently camo to that conclusion, for ha
shrugged his shoulders and loungod
to tho curtain. Crab -Appleby, with
Dut i word of explanation, followed
the Intruder and Myras liar novor
saw him again.
As no ono had over seen tho in
truder beforo and as Appleby and his
affairs had always bsen exclusively
tho property of Appleby, (the subjoct
soon dropped, njin tnoy wo,ro talking
of other thAroflflMa vorv largo po-
llcornnaln a TWWBtfpo caipo in and
heroically ref rnlnOirTJ-om looking at tho
bottles ranged tier above tier ehind
Myra's fair head, whilo ho toushod
his helmet and epoko.
"Any gent hero intimately acquaint
ed with Sir. John Applobyp"
"Yes," said Sam Crozlor promptly,
"this gent."
Tho policeman looked ut him,
rocognlzed tho .great Bingor and
touched tho brim of his helmot a
second time.
''Should bo obliged if you could
sparo mo' a fow mlnutos, Mr. Crozlor,"
no snia.
Crozler wont out with tho pollco
man. When tho policeman told him, as
thoy walked to tho station together,
that Crab-Apploby was doad ho mut
tered an oxclamatlon of horror, and
that was all. Things rarely surprised
this man. It was a slmplo story.
Crap-Apploby and tho man whoso
boverago ho had thrown away omcrgod
from Myra's bar into tho littlo street
loading northward from tho Strand
They proceeded down into tho
.Strand, and as thoy passed this self
Bomo pollcoraan ho hoard them' dis
puting hotly, A few seconds later ho
saw tliq other push Appolby, who was
staggering sldovaya into tho Strand,
when an omnibus knocked htm down
and killed him. It is oasy killing a.
man, my masters, if tho consequencos
bo of no consequence.
Samuel Crozlor wont through certain
formalities at tho polloo station, whoro
ho aKo lookod his last upon tho most
disagreeable man ho had over known.
Ho heard tho namo of tho individual
whr had d&no tho deed a namo he
knew lie did not know the man but
ho knjw tho woman who had married
Half au hour- later ho was shown
Into tho juburbah room of a suburban
villa by a singularly suburban lit
tlo hoa maid. Thoro ho a waited
tho arrival of a woman who, when alio
cam in a t.tiu room, taid
".Sum ' and utood looklhg at hlro
with. eys which ho had not mat siuu
their brightness had boon swallowod
up by maternal caro and ends that
would not moot.
"l'es!" answered Crozlor, with a
certain threctnons of manner that was
his. "Ihavccomo to tell you that
your husband is in trouble. Ho Is it
custody charged with murder or
'"Of whomP" nskod tho woman.
"John Apploby." .
Tho woman sat down rather suddon-J
ly on a chair which happened to by
behind her.
"John Apploby has boon keeping,
us," sho said, in a quoer olco, fhld
last year but for him wo should pavo
been in tho streets, or dead."
"I susppctod something of tho sotjt,'1
said Crozler qulotly. "Ho has not Had
enough to oat during tho last twevo
months or eo. Why did ho do it?"
She lookod at Crozlor with a wan
smile. J
"IIo asked mo to marry hla- yiars
ago," sho said.
Ah and your husband took tho
money ho nccopted John ApiflobyV
"For drink," oxplalncd tho woman.
"And you nccopted it?" in qui rod
Samuel Crozlor, who dabblod In human
naturo in an amateur way.
"Vor th'6 childron,"sho
BUjclc and White.
. i,
he Was excusable.
The Hitter , Jtlrulry Itotwoen Two !ml
ding Tnwnt In tlio Inr "wit, )
In tho formor days of the South
west, when thoro was t bittor and
bloody rivalry bjtw.-ca t!o budding
towns of Jack's Valley and kovqI L'labn
mtoen muoj up the river, tticroavas
man arrested for stealing horses, sayfi.,
tho Dotroltji'roq Pross. Not exactly,
stsaltng either, "for under those cir
cumstances 'tho arrest would hardh ,
havo been made. Tho ovidenco waft
not at nil' conclusive; It was so woak
that oven In this section it was thought.
only fair to givo tho man a cbancoW
Ho was before tho court, and thai
iudrro was soundlnir him. . "
"You feay," bald tho judgo, that.
you novor stole a horsor" tyn
"Novor in my llfo, jedge." y
"And you wouldn't do such a thing ?"$
Iho prisoner hesitated a moment.
Ho was an cntiro strangor, and il
thoy know of him was that ho had
boon seen in Lovcl Plain, which was
of course against him.
"Well, yor onnor," ho responded,
"that depends."
This was a poacr.
"Boys," oxclalmed tho juage, "ain't
that evidonco enough? Go and git
tho rope."
A rush was mado for tho hemp, und ,
tho prlsonsr bsgan to get Beared.
"Hold on, yor -onner," ho yelled.
"Lot mo oxplan that."
Tho judgo sucoooded In gottlng1
order among those who had gone for
tho rope,
"You've got a minute and a half to
do it In," said tho judgo politely
"I said,- yor onnor." proceeded tho
prisoner, "that it depended whothor'J,
xu dluui u nury ur nut, uu'-t au uunpc.
Now, of I was In tho town of Lavpti
Plflln find irtlvtrliOfr r!t mitnn it nn1
other way thrjn by stealln' a hoSSTto
rldo, I'll bo dernod of I wouldn't steal
tho boss." 1
Then a gtjlat shout wont up, tho
judgo camo ofT tho barrel ho was
benching on and shook hands with tho
prisoner, and they took him out and
gavo him tho best entortalnmcnt tho
town afforded.
TIo Mole tho CIiloftntn'H JlrMo on Her
Wedding Vny und ft Hloody Ilattl
rotlocI Ills Hut Itiillt Over the
lntro o( tho lovely I'rlonc
honor. Tho bodies of the enemy wero
thrown into tho brook.
His trlbo, dreading a descent fron
tho St. Francis nation in tho spring,
howovcr, moved to the south of i 10
White mountains, but Joo remained
and built a hut over tho gravo of
l'rioux, tho cauao of all this disaster,
and thoro was foi nd when tho palofaco
Worlchis on Ton ami CofToe.
Early railway builders In Now Eng
land discontinued tho ancient system.
or serving alcoholic stimulants to their
men and substituted for such drinks
tea and coffoo. Nowly arrived Irish
immigrants wcrotho navvios of those
days, and tho contractors who adopted
tho total' abstinence systom found that
their men woro vastly inbra peaceable
and ouectlvo than those supplied With
strong drink. So striking" were tho
results that some railway companies,
in making construction contracts, stip
ulated that tho contractors should not
servo strong drink to tho navvios, and
In tho end tho best workmen sought
cmploymont of contractors working
under this stipulation.
Ail Jiyo to tho I uturo.
Housekeeper Considering how
much 1'vo done for you, 1 think you
might saw somo wood baioro you go.
Tramp I'd Uko to -obleogo yoh, mum,
but think how often tho whool o' for
tune turns over in this country.
"What's that cot to do with HP"
"Everything, mum. Sly grandchil
dren might gat rich, , and thon it
would bs so much pleasanter for thira
to bo ablo to snv their grandfather
was a gentleman 6' leisure than to
havo to admit ho was a wood sawyer."
New York Wookly.
Why Ho Xildn't.
LUtfe Willlo X wanted eo much to
pook through tho koyholo last night
while you were in tho parlor with Mr.
Castloton. Sister But, Uko a good
little boy, you didn't, did youp WiUio
No; tho sorvant girl gob thuro Ur&t.
4iow York Horald.
Her Latin All 1 Ight.
"What," a-ikcd tho flippant young
man, "wa tho name of Lot's wife"'
'toal, " answered tho y ounu woman from
l3oiiton;and tho flippant young man was
arraid to ask on what premises hho
b&soil her conclusions. Indianapolis
Whfin tho whlta man first, nxnlnrnd
',he Connecticut valloy them voro fow
Indians settled botwoen tho White
mountains and tho Canadian border,
but within the confines of Lancaster
there lived an o!l hermit Indian on
Iho very spot whoro rclic3 wcro
recently dif covered.
Ho traded tun with his new neigh
bors, and it was from his lips that tho
story of tho battle originated. Ho
was known to tho whites as Cd Joo.
Old Joo was tho nolo survivor of tho
engagement. In his youth ho was tho
heir to tho chieftainship of tho Cooa
branch of the Pnssaconnwnys, whoso
Iwadquarters were In tho extreme
apox of tho Grimlto hlito around tho
Connecticut lakes.
, Old Jos, or, as ho was then, Young
Joo, llko youths of other raros,
JAnjjed to aeo moro of tho tovA than
was afforded by ono day's hunt from
his native ludgo. 'Ihcroforo, ono day,
Ct tho cloie of a beautiful summor,
arosBed in his gayest trappings, and
accompanied by a scoro of the most
stalwart younir bucks of tho Coos vil-
Jago, ho set forth on an expedition.
'X'hoh destination was tho homo of tho
SI. Francis trlbo of Canadian Indians,
on tho shore of tho St. I rands lakos,
in the biart of what Is now tho prov
ince of Quebec.
, Keachiui: tho St. franc ta nation
Hhey were cordially welcomed by tho
chief, MaltonV although several years
ho senior of Joe, vus still a man in
Jho prime of Hfoi ' r '
There wevo'iruiny comely youg1
Iquaws among tho St. 1'rancls people,
3ut tho belle of tho trlbo was dark
skinned Prloux, tho daughter of ono
of tho foremost warriors and tho be
trothed brldo of Chief Maltou.
j Upon this damsol Joo often cast ad
miring glaneo3, which, tho Etory says,
wcro, clandestinely reciprocated. Tho
flirtation did not cscapo tho notice of
Maltou, who, while suppressing his
jealousy, urgod I'rioux's father to
hwtcn the marrlago between tho lat
tor's daughter und htmsolf.
; An undorbtnndlng was finally reached
that a banquot should bo given, eclips
ing all Its prodocossors in splendor,
at which thp nuptials of Maitou
should bo celobrated, and that thcre
ujion tho Southorners should depart.
CA11 was gayoty upon tho morn of
the wedding day. Weapons: Woro sup
posed to bo discarded, but tho wily
nsaacgnawayB and their treacherous
ticis IruWls hadrconcealed in
(eir loggings stout" tomahawks roady
tVll were asbomblod around tho fes-
tivo board, when, at a slenal from
Joo, his followers' fell upon their un
armed entertainers. Tho temneu bt.
1'rancls peoplo In their surprise wcro
driven fmi tho Mjllago to tho lake
shoro, and thonco took vefugo Iri ca-
Ai tho outset of the meloo tho not
unwilling Prloux was seizod by two of
Joo's men and hurried southward to
Iho mountains by a path previously
agreed upon.
Joo and tho rest kept tho St. Fruncls
warriors, at bay, looted tho ,camp,
seizing all tho bo3t woap'ons, destroy
ing others, and loading themselves
with 'tho corn and meat of tho nun
tlal feast','
Jott and his frlonds reached tho
Connecticut lakos b3foro being over
taken, but his own friends refused to
receivo thorn, fearing tho suporlor
numbers of tho St. Vrancls trlba and
the bloody war which would result.
Maltou shopped long enough at the
Coos camp tp obtain fresh supplies,
and, continuing tho chaso, overtook
tho refugees at Colohook.
Tho nttacX began at onco. Not
having had tlmo to replace" the bows;
which tho Paasaconawaj;8 had brokon
Ahe'St. Francis 'warriors' woro obllirod
to seek a hand-to-hand conflict Joo's
followers oxpended their arrows upon
inoir assailants wnuo jno latcer woro
crossing tbo bfook.-nnd laid a number
ot tho enemy low in tho sklrmi&b.
All wer dowr ut last except Joo
and Maltou, and. both were grlovously
wounaod. v
.Thon tho trA JqAWs faced oach
othor for tho final 'Btrujjfflo, with dos
peratton. insplid ty liato.
Near Joo po'wep4ithe guilty Prl
ouq. When jUkltoqJBatT for tho first
time tho form of TiflWmUfta brido
hiaiiigo overoam'0 4lVdIsortlon, and,
hurling nig cpoar at tb',glrl ho drovo
the weapon through her heart Tho
n&t instant tho tomahawk of his rival
had cleft hi skull, and ho fell to tho
earth to rlstj no moro.
Joo then proceeded tO dispatch elnglo
handed all jho wounded St- Krani'l1
can'j, wreaicing savago vengcanco
upon thbir bodies. Tho victorious
Vn IWltllO i i- 7n
A Spokane theater ha inrboeoi1
mulcted in S ) b'j :io of the fall !
au acrobat from i. lo.ty ' husk dtt
was n6t tho acrobat who got the
money, but tho man in tho audlflnceV
he fell on.
Mnuntntn 1 Ion, Itut ITo Owned
tho Wholo' ihlnv for n White.
Lnst winter when tho snowstorms
worobo fearful throughout tho moun
tains In Utah and tho earth was cov
ered with enow to tho depth of flvo to
ten foot, and remained hidden so long
tno animate woro forced to dospera-
tlon. Tho woh'03 woro starved and
woak, anl what is known as tho
mountain lion almost perlshol from
starvation, save tho Ch caco Ifocord.
Its groat strength failed It, und a man
with a kntfo could soon tako the llfo
of an animal that a short tlmo beforo
could hold a powerful ox or horse and
mako a meal of his llesh.
Iho hur-jry animals after a whilo
discovered that food was to bo had
along tho railroad track, v, hero pas
sengers throw bdnos -and scraps of
victuals from passing trains. Often
two blnrvinjj coyotes would cn-raero In
deadly combat over a chicken bono
that had a short tlmo boforo boon rid
den oT Its last vostlgo of nourishment
by some oconomlcal person who did
not caro to pay -To" cants for a meal.
mis was tno condition or things.
Knglnoor Cast had chanro of en
gine No, 151, which was known as
moneipcr, jrom tno iact tnat it
helped '.trains up tho mountain and
when nt thq summit cut off and
dropped back down to tho 'bottom
ready to holp another. Ono night
when buslnoss ontho road was slacic
Cast -noticed something wrong with
tho gearing under tho tender, arid ,ro?,
marked to tho fireman that thoy would
gotoi? andropalr It. When ha(.way
down tho mountain sldo'lio brought
tho engine to a standstill and Iho two
mon went to work on what proved to
bo a twenty minutes' job packing a
hot box on tho toudor. Tho tallow
pot was left at tho bollor's head.
After completing tho repairs tho
men wero mounting tho onglno again
only to see a hugo mountain lion de
vouring tho tallow and holding full
possession of tho onglno cab. It was
a cold night and tho snow drifting.
Tho mon had already remained out
side until thoy woro very cold and
tho chances of dispossessing Mr. Lion
wero very meagor, as ho snappod his
toeth and flashed his oyes and fast
stored tho tallow out of sight. Tho
only consolation tho men had was that
tho tallow would not last long at that
rate, and oven this thought was not
ontlroly satisfying, as thoy had noway
of determining: that one qj. thorn woiili
ntrtTTO-ttT6 siJm0vaf at'he"6nd"bfthe
-tallow fpast. Finally, after fiftoon
minutes iitrthor delay tho tallow pot
was omn'ty, and giving a growl, as
much as to say, "I am vory thankful
gentlemen, and you ought to bo," tho
nnlmal leapod from tho cab and dis
appeared In tho hills.
Ilewnre of Ointments for Catarrh tlmf
Cfmtuln Morfiry,
na ir ireury will siirn do'lroy ":o remAol
sraoJlniul complut!': Wmi;ui'' thq vliolt ,
pystom when oiiiovluc it through tho mu
cous Btirtnrert Such urtlt'les frli ukl uovct
he wtn ei''t.pt on prtwji Iptk.-i-i irum i epn
table phjhfcfum , hh tlm dn -i v tlioy wll)
do In leu loiil to tho pood u ti nowiiily
derive from them. Unlrt Cmtrxn Cui.
mfimifnctni-j I i V .1 Clit" ey & C0.J
Toledu, O.. ctmti.ius i irtnury, raid h.
token mtprnnlly, nrtizig tliiet tlv Upou tbf
bloctl nrtl imitutih Mirliui'h of tbe tVHteui.
In trnyJug llnll u Litnrrh Cuiy tif1 finro you,
get tbogonu'no It Ia tuken ini mtlly.aiid
made fuTo'cd'j, Ohio, by F. J. Liipuoytft
Co TcHtiuiouIalB fu-o I
SrFoldbvDnietifhtK, prtcoic. per bottlo.
lltdl's FimiUy Mils,
What Beoris
spring from H
th' mo. ft n (Mdent
nt -ktmy.
srs nrs. imnvi:i;m ykt.low osul
ero irrmvn bv .John 'j !' itln Efl
fcaglnaw, from one pound of setfj
U. his trcmendoub yteiil. at tlv into '
1.0-18 bushels our ncio. Mr ttath Ril
Wiisoiuy pubMblo bt-caUT m- tmeu b
7erh seeds. Ho uiiciiu'suuiu .h.tt Ml
balzer's seeds are tho can.eist in Vn
woild, esnoeiallv his brcts, carrota
cabbage, cucumbers, onions. pens.conB
raainoa, tomatoes, etc . and tnat in
tells to mm Ice, gardeners ami farmej
at lowest whult-iilc prices. (ipleml
potatoes tor Tcxim and tho ooatn.
If You Will Cut Tins Uu' and S'nl
with 61 monrj order to the Jol
S,11pi SppiI rnmnnttv. T.n frni'i
vou will cot free tlilrtv-tlve naukfl
earliest vejretuhlo seeds and their vr
dcrful catulncrue, or for 13 cents In,
stamps a pnflaigo abovo rrlzo Humor
Onlona and their catalogue free. Tux.w
Mlud I. Die groat lei'uiicr of all tblu?s;
human thouiiht U tho iroce-s by which
Ininian'enHn art alterimtolv answered.
' 'Scrofulous Xaintb
Lurk-in tlo blood of almost cvciy .one.
fa many cases tliey avo lulieilted. Scrof
ula nppenrs In i mining sores, buuehes,
pimples and cancerous growths. Scrofula
3.m bo cured by purifying tka blood Vtlthi
Hood's Sai'sa-
Hood' s Garenparllln.
4 1119 , 1 UU b UII1I.'IIV V J
has hr.d wonderful nj V
success In curing this disease It
thoroughly eradicates tho humor from
the blood. Hood's Sarsaparllla cures tlio
lores and eruptions by removing their
gauge Impurities In tho blood.
Moodfs rJIHa ura nil ltvar Ut. EScT""
$1,000,000 CURE
Marry Inpr for money Is frolnjr into
partuershlp with tho devil for life.
Society women resemble hens In
that they cacklo a .great deal about
their Bet. '
The averogo weekly wages paid to
femalo'laborcrii of all classes in Ger
many is S3. 17.
A Now York contemporary offers a
prize ot 810 for tlio discovery of a
perfect mother-in-law1.
Real butterflies, fastened on to lon
spiral springs with a pin at tno other
end, are among1 tho latest novelt'oi to
stick on a bonnet or as an ornament
for tho head.
Ho You don't love mo as yon did
before wo wero married. I don't be
lieve. Sha-Qf course J. don't John.
You wouldn't expoet a Woman to lovo
ti marrlo'd man as she could a bach
elor, would you?
Thoro W an inexpressible charm to
carciworn njr in tlfo hopes which can
never more be its pwu, and the illu-
bions which can never again lend a
praco to existence It "is memory
that makes the old indulgent to the
young. ,
Josephine BuffeenEzka Javoska,
who is &aid to bo a grandnleco of
Pulaski, the Polish patriot who
fought for this country in the revo
lutionary war, and onco a countess
in St. Petersburg, eollsnewpapars in
front of tlio postofflcQ in Brooklyn.
A dog belonging to a Pittsburg girl
was accidentally .locked ia..a trunk.
When raleased, two days later, it was
fatlU alive.,. TUe following lay..il was
run over'iby an oxpross vagon, and
whon picked up saotnad to bo lifeless,
i but in the course or an hour it came
I iu uuu uuw n up tti-jt u,3 ctci.
. Sctirao.a's R.hf.unaiic.(3ffiL.
1 Nvr Fnllrt. piCKgant, li&rmltii. y
Ulrfliet cud or oi n eat from doctor. Uurei V
:icraji vuo mtu. irt invetigion. n
'! loitlinonlnl. Writo to-d Mall IL
nlam Ifllad. Tea TUounund TruUifulTe-
IC7 Dearborn St., CHICAGO.
W fluota New Cron Onion
teei for January (1 ana
tl.fr) per pound , alfalfa clo
ver 55.60 per bu. : triumph
potatoes h per carrei, i.ou
per but ouluu sots fJ M per
du Garden and Field Bfleds
ot every description. Catft
HniLriMttY A. CO.
Wholesale and ltetall beed Merchanti.
locue tree,
tyMention this paper.
Dallas. To?c.
Ilurbank'i 20 Million "new creations." STARK
Trees fflEPAID everywhere. SAFE ARRIVAL guar
antfed. 'ibc"Kreatnurserle8"6ave you ever HALF.
MtllloQSor tlio best trees 70 years' experience eatr
crow; they "llva longer anil bear better." Stf t
Morton, STARK.BJUu!Blana.MoRockpoft,l'
Im. Coi Bavod Koto t'ulr. A'lt'ti wanted. "1j Mom.'
und rrintlnK Co. , I'M Sluln vtruet, Hull an.
M xteU nrif
lepntfi, etc., ut
aiort not'oe 107 Muritet street
drv A Mmltini
Phop Co.iprmsus, flour MllH Wntvnrorks
OH Mills, (jl'ia. iue l'lantn, Kluutrlc Utilit, eXa.
rt fa l ri Writa m Muht '.ITtr Co,. IHllm
warriofoarud forhla surviving, frlonds
and refurnod to tho C003 carop for us-
si&taho to brlnsr haclc the wounded
A number of women at AVoddclliT,
N. J.hqvo hcon frequently fright
eneil by br(jara, uy con&tant vijrii
Iiowover, thoy managed to prevent
tho marauders froia carrvinj? out tholr
purpose. Thoy finally decided tdliiro
p. watchman, but on Uls first nijyht o(
iluty both he and uri dog- fell aslutip.
and yury tho doad, amonff whom tho 'l('ho burelar-a returned, and ovary
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