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General Summitry of Craps rroilucoil
Immlrrratloii and Improvement Noted of
Oar Slstor cities llckuns That aro of
General Intercut
A Methodht parsonage is to be built
at Trilby
The Odd Follows nt Caddo will bull 1
a now hall
Lnicdo Is to have an Irrigation con
volution uct month
StnlthvUlo cxpoctj to have electile
lights next mouth
A creosote lnanufnctQiy hTo bo es
taMlsTTiSd atKotiieivillc
Jefferson county has a lady deputy
county cleik who waits on thu court
Wimam Tolllier an old citizen ot
Kaufman was kicked to death by n
Tliii8 families nt Wills Tolnt were
poisoned by eating sour meat but all
i ecovoi ed
the fauneis of Tanant county aie
preparing to try the expeilment of
biigar boot culture
3 W Calvins stoic was enteicd by
burglars at iCorrvlllo and a quantity
of ptoilslous stolen
The Clay Station coal mines near
Bienham aie to be put In active opei
ntlon soou
J O Owcu a Southwestern unlvei
sity student at Georgetown was so
eioly crippled by a runaway hoi so
nuclnal county wants to cut loosi >
from Webbtor judicial and all othci
pmposes and organize ou her own ac
An enormous bear was brought In
Thmediy from the Neehes ilvei
swamp about eight miles noith of
Mr E T Holmes nftor having spout
one jear tiuck gaulenlng In Beau
mont has letuincd to Walllsilllc to
engage In tlio sime business
The schooner Meunald of Gnlies
ton owned by Dr T W Shenier of
Vi alllsvllle lias been sold to Captain
Hmanuel linos of Turtle Bayou
Tho body of a di owned man slip
posed to be Cornelius Giny n former
sailor was wnshed ashore noith pV 0 r
pus Chistl Sunday about j clock p
in Tlip Alvln pest GrandArmy of the
Itopubllc has orgauIzi dji colonization
BChenie to settle a largo number of old
soldiers and other Noithcrn people In
Oathino thIsH 110 3 and 4yearold
fed beeves foi
for ny
price paid
section thlsfall
This is the bigger
cattle sold In this
Tho cabbage ciop of Alvln Is being
moved and quantities are being ship
ped dally Ioar and pencil trees have
been blooming all tho fall A cold snap
would do good
Ilobert Davis and a white boy weie
playing with a supposed empty pistol
leeently nt Lyons The pistol went off
killing Ijaura Harris a jouug negicss
about 20 years old
Tho Dagllsh hardware company of
Tyler Too Dagllsh propiletor executed
n deed of trust Monday night nimln
W L Cain trustee to necure creditors
to tho amount of 27000 Piefened
list given
The fourthclass postmasters of 1k
as have been called upon by W C
Brwln postmaster nt Granger to meet
lu Austin the first Tuesday In Tanuiry
for the purpose of taking steps to hive
themselves placed under civil sen Ice
Millionaire Green and a spoitlug
paity of gentlemen from tho Noith ie
eently siwnt some timo ilewlng the
1eautles In and aiound the Bluff Cltj
Tliey left for Rockport In their special
car from which plaeo they will Jour
ney to their homes
A eiy sad accident occurred In Cor
pus Clulstl recently A little Mexican
girl fell Into a large furnace and her
body was biitnod to a crisp before her
patents could lescuo her She lived
two days In the gieatest agony She
was 5 years old
Mr N C Cunningham a highly le
speited citfrun and faimer who lives
tiix miles fiom Lexington was way
laid and killed about three miles from
town the other evening As yet no
clew Ins been found Parties are out
with bloodhounds
Messrs Baldwin and Yates two ot
tho United States engineers from
Washington D C arrived at Quin
tans recently Their chief Hon II L
Meridian having gono by the way of
Galveston will not arrive until Mon
Saturday ovenlng nbout 1 oclock nt
Grnpeland tho clothes of Mr G D
Mullens youngest child nged about I
years accidentally caught lire and It
died about two hours later There was
no one nt homo except some children
and by the time Mr Mullens got word
and got home the child was dead Ho
lives about two miles from town
The East Texas Telcplione company
has opened up licadquttcra In Beau
mont at the corner of Main nod Crock
ett streets near tho postofflce Tho
company Is getting along rapidly with
thu lino to Sabluc Pass
Messrs Roberts Mooro and Four
ney the commission appointed by tli
govoraincnt to Investigate deep water
facilities at the mouth of the Brazos
river will not nrrlve at Qulntana until
Jjinuaiy 0 and theso engineers have
come In advanoa so as to bo able to
report to them on their arrhal concern1
Ing the Biazos lher and Its sunound
A L Baldwin and C O Yates part
of the engineering corps to examine
tho Brazos anil leport to congress the
extent of the woik done nt Velaseo nr
ilvcil at that placo Saturday The
cef engineer has jiot yet arrived but
Is expected joff overy train General
Robert VI f Itobeit Moore anil Secre
iniyi > o rney of the commission will ar
rive about the middle of January
The Jack county rallroid committee
has paid the Gulf and Brazos Valley
Itallwij company tho last Installment
of then cash bonus and a contract has
Inen iloised for the luiniedlito eon
sunetlcn of tlic road from Minimi
Wells to Jacksboio The work of con
struction between Mlllsap on tho
Texas and rnclfic and Mineral Wells
will be completed within thirty dtjs
A tenant house belonglrg to T II
Trlppe of Wnelder buinoi Monday
and In the rulus was found Mary Pul
len eoloied 18 years old with a hole In
her skull It Is supposed that tho
young negrers was murdered and then
tho hoiibo wns burned to cover suspi
cion As jet there Is no clow to the
ci lino
Jom Cunningham the 17yeaioId
stepson of Mr J C McMIckle of Bee
ilJlc Is a piobable ilctlm of the holi
day festivities Ho was found near
the Aninsas Pass stock pens Friday
morning with his abdomen and legs
binned to a crisp He claims to have
been shot with a Roman caudle
Thuisday night The unfortunate Is
In a doploiable condition and the phy
slclms say his iccoveiy Is doubtful
J J Taj lor who has been on trial In
Houston two dajs charged with cattlo
theft was found guilty and his punish
ment llxcd at two years In the peniten
tiary Theie weie neaily 100 witnesses
In the case and It was one of the hard
est fought cases of the teim Tho
Stockmens Piotectho association as
slsted In tho piosecutlon There Is an
jthoi charge ot cattle theft against
Tnjloi and It will come up next week
Iildgc Jumper Hlgglns jumped or
lather diopped from the San Jacinto
sheet btldge Into the bajou at Hous
ton Sunday afternoon A large crowd
tinned out to bee the performance
which wns fiee A ladder projected
out over the edge pt the bridge frame
and i Hlgglns swung down by his
jrinilfi anil fdrpjiiWdfMtjtlrst He wiaU <
pulled ouK orthe
friends and beyond a rip lu hls tights
no haim was obscnablo
S Ci Kiooklng a switchman aged
about 10 jeais aud an employe of tho
San Antonio and Aransas Pasa rail
ivaj was badly hurt while on duty
Sunday aioiulng at Yoakum It seems
lhit his foot became fastened between
two tails whllo attempting to make a
coupling and the cars knocked him
down mangling and mashing his left
foot The arm has been amputated
Just below the shoulder Joint and two
toes ot the Injured foot have been
amputated also
Improvements In Cuero for the com
ing spring In tho way of substantial
buildings are a threestory hotel on tho
Mutl site a brick block on Bunges
earner and the new power water and
light plant by Bushel Bros fiom thslr
dam on the Guadnlupe nuw In course
of conshuctlon There Is a chance for
moro good people tiheie with energy nnj
a little money with which to buy cheap
The sriange engineer corps at work
In the vicinity of MUlsap running lines
down tho Ulikos valley are still In the
field and It Is surmised that they are
in the employ of cither the Santa Fo
or Rock Island arranging for a con
nection with the Gulf and Brazos Val
ley load The gindtng outfit of the
Brazes Valley road has gone Into camp
here and will losuino work Monday
Iropeity In Mlllsap has doubled In
value since woik has commenced on
the Brazos Valley road and twenty
business lots wore sold last week
Strawbcnles aro coming Into the Al
vln market more fieoly and soma
crates are being slilppod out One
crate was shipped to Houston on tho
21st Tills fruit is all raised In tho
open field as there Is only one man
theie trying to grow berries under pro
tection and his berries are not In ad
vance of the opon field ns yet tho wea
ther has been so open and spring like
One crate was sent to tho Tremont ho
tel In Galveston Several crates are
brought In each day but most of them
ardsold to passengers on the trains
Miss Nettle Gray daughter of Coun
ty Judge E P Gray manipulated the
clolcal end of the special session ot
the commissioners court nt Beaumont
last week She Is the 11it lady to oc
cupy euch a position and she dhl It
with credit to herself and her sex
Albort Colin of Brenham dealerIn
dry goods notions and mens clothing
and furnishing goqds at 0 oclock Mon
day afternoon filetj In the county
clerks office a deed ef trust for the
benefit of preferred creditors aamlny
Slg Lowln as trustee Liabilities about
CO00 assets not stated
Jamea U Burton 47 years old thot
himself through the head with a pistol
at Ms homo recently at Pralrljvllle
Kaufman county
Tho Pacific Express Companys safe
at Yorktown DeWltt countywas blown
open and robbed several nights ago
hut only 25 was secured
H Graves a white man was axrestol
and jailed at Bryan recently charged
as an accessory to tho killing of Tom
Rowden a negro on Thompson creek
a few days ago
Pearl Adams living at Blum Hill
county died from the effects of a blow
the other day which ho received a
short time ago Harry Hunnlwell was
arrested and carried to jail
F W Hensol employed at Nolan
Illgglnsons livery stable In DcnUon
got his hand caught In the gear of a
feed cutter a few days ago lacerating
the first and second fingers
John Hubbard a negro died a
short time ago at Lullng Caldwell
county from a blow received with an
axe during an altercation with another
negro a few days previous
George Daw3on a section labDrer a
Colbert Grayson county got the mid
dle finger of he left hand caught unle
tho end of a tie the other morning te
vorely mashing and lacerating It
Messrs Baes Coffey recently made
their last shipment ot turkeys 1800
from Denton Denton county malting a
total In weight of 10500 pounds having
left that town In tho last few days
W T Claffln was arrested recently
for selling patent medicine at Arling
ton Tarrant county without license
He entered a plea of guilty and was
fined 5 and costs the amount of tho
Glenn Lewis a 10yearold nsgro boy
who lived on H F Kowles place four
miles east of Brenham Washington
county drank a little over a quart of
whisky the other night and died tho
next morning
A few evenings ago the 14months
old child of Frank Sumrall about three
mlle3 from Colmeanell Tyler county
was fatally scalded by a stove toppling
over and causing hot water to fall on
the childs head
Several nights ago on the Galveston
Houston and Henderson track below
Houston a train Etruck a wagon driven
by Jim Arnold and cut It In two and
perhaps fatally injured Arnold Tho
hoijji were unhurt
bound frtlghtjon the Santa
son county several mornings ago dam
aging several ears ahd severely Injur
ing Conductor Osman and slightly
bruising the brakeman
Frank Clarks fine tin grist mill and
machinery burned tqo other day at
Rockwall Rockwall county The flro 13
supposed to have originated from somo
one stepping on a match In the cln
The total loss is 8000 and no insur
Oliver Llpplncott formerly an agent
of Parker Bros Merlden Conn was
arrested at San Antonio a short time
ago on an affidavit charging him with
embezzling a piano valued at 325 and
also 325 In money from Barker Bros
In Waco some time ago He was le
leased on bond in the sum of 750
A little son of Mr and Mrs W C
Hadley Bring at Hlllsboro Hill coun
ty while playing around a pile of burn
ing rubbish the other day got his face
severely burned by the explosion of a
cartridge that was in it His eyebrows
and lids were burned off and his hair
badly burned It is feared that he will
lose his eyesight
Dick Lane colored Is in a critical
condition and Jackson Jones colored
Is In jail at Sherman The complaint
charges him with having been the
cause of Lanes discomfiture A gener
al affray came up tho other night In
Shorman over a Jug of whisky and
Jones Is charged with having struck
Lane on tho head with a breastyoke
Mrs C P Stro was arrested recently
at Greenville Hunt county on a charge
of bigamy She had a divorce In Okla
homa last year from her husband G
F Norton and married Mr Stro Af
terward the divorce was annulledhenca
the suit
Tho new courthouse at DEcatur
Wise county Is completed and the dis
trict court met in It for the first time
the other day The building Is of gran
ite and one of the most substantial as
well as artistic buildings In the state
It cost 130000
Several mornings ago Walter Carr a
negro was shot and instantly killed In
Greenville Hunt county The affair
took place on Lee stieet In front of a
barbershop whero Carr was a boot
black A negro named Hall was ar
rested and put In JalU
Sam Smith colored whose homo la
In Jefferson Marlon county had both
legs cut oft at the knees by Texas and
Pacific train No 3 at Atlanta Casa
county a few nights ago which caused
his death In a tow hours He wa3 on
the train and attempted to get off bo
fore It stopped
lrof Cunninghams Froo Itondlnffs for
Our Headers Have IlOLOtna Very
Iopulur Somo Instructions for tho
Gutdanco of Applicants for Horoscopes
HE astrologer Is
receiving many re
quests for free
readings through
these columns
Each request Is
numbered when re
ceived and every
one will be an
swered In its turn
Tho astrologer
again calls atten
tion to the fact that each request must
state the date place and hour ot birth
also sex and color with full name and
address of sender The Initials only
and place of residence will be used In
the reading
Be exact about tho hour of
birth If applicants do not know the
date or hour they should send two
twocent stamps for special Instruc
tions Persons wishing their horo
scopes made Immediately and forward
ed by mall must send twelve twocent
stamp to coer oxpenses Name and
address must be plainly written Ad
dress all communications to Prof G
W Cunningham Dept 4 194 So Clin
ton street Chicago
This weeks readings are as follows
llotseyt Monroo Mich
According to data you aro a mixture
of the signs of Taurus and Gemini and
therefore Venus and Mercury are your
ruling planets or slgnlflcators You are
medium height or above and medium
to dark hair complexion and eyes the
eyes have a peculiar sparkle and
sharp light you aro energetic and am
bitious and will make a great effort
to rise in tho world yet you will find
many obstacles to overcome and will
not be appreciated or paid in accord
ance with what your ability should
command yet you will succeed far
better than the average of people You
aro a natural born orator and If you
tako ordinary care of the money you
get Into your possession you will be
como wealthy
C A J Webster City lown
According to data the sign Leo
which the Sun rules was rising at your
birth with Mercury and Venus on the
ascendant and therefore the Sun Vo
nusrflttd Mercury are vour rul lng plan
et sVrslgnlflcators 6
You aro medium height or above
medium to light complexion hair and
eyes you will be disposed to baldness
early in life you will be active ambi
tious energetic and will hold a good
position In any locality you wlllalways
be regarded as a leading man not so
much from your wealth as from your
ability You will also be noted as hav
ing a great gift of language and as an
orator you would make a great suc
cess You are very popular with tho
W A XT Dubuque Iown
You have the zodiacal sign Virgo ris
ing and therefore Mercury Is your rul
ing planet You are medium height or
slightly above with a well proportioned
figure tho complexion hair and eyes
from medium to dark you aro rather
reserved In your manner until you get
well acquainted When young you
were quite bashful modest and avoided
strangers You are active energetic
ambitious and Industrious you are
very humane In your nature kind to
all make many friends and will bo
very popular with tho ladles you are
gifted In one of tho fine arts and very
fond of any kind of art work you have
good command of language You will
rise to a high position In life and if
you avoid hazardous speculation and
take good care of the money that comes
Into your possession you will become
quite wealthy It will bo hard for you
to keep money after you make It
Gertrude St Joseph Mo
You have the zodiacal sign Cancer
rising therefore the moon Is your rul
ing planet you aro medium height or
above with rather well proportioned
figure the shoulders good width the
complexion fair eyes light hair me
dium you aro fond of making changes
In certain ways and will be rather of
an emotional nature and will some
times change your mind very quickly
and apparently without any good rea
sons for It Your constitution Is not of
a robust kind and you are subject to
feverish ailments and especially severe
headaches when these attacks come
on You apj fond of having your own
way and are liable to rebel If opposed
strongly You aro endowed by nature
With strong Intuitions and might easily
develop some mediumlstie powers It
you would make some effort In that
Jtemurkablo Conlldenco
She It Is remarkable what confi
dence that Mrs Storms has In her hus
band Believes everything ho saya
He Well why shouldnt sho7
Why man hes a clerk In the weather
bureau Fonkers Statesman
The principal vanlo 0 an educa
tion wroto a little negro boy recent
ly In reply to he question Is so you
can read tho signboards at tho cross
roads to toll j ou which road to go
What oducator 6buld glvo an answer
more condensod and comprehensive
Tho supreme court of Idaho decides
that women can vote If they desire to
and now that they can their desire to
do so is not as strong as it was Llko
lota of other pleasures we anticipate
a little realization wears off tho nov
A man carrying an armful ot fire
wood would not ordinarily be made tho
subject of comment When however
the man represents a people who used
to think that such labor was a degra
dation he Is Interesting from a socio
logical point of view A correspondent
of tho New York Evening Post writing
from Montana tells ot seeing a Chey
enne Indian walking from the brush
up to his lodge carrying wood By his
side was a tiny girl with a backload
of little twigs A few years ago an
Indian Would have been ashamed to bo
seen doing what he would have called
a squaws work Today the tribes are
directly and consciously and of neces
sity adopting civilized ways The little
girl at play represented the past tho
man a promise of the future
It is nald of a combined telegraph
and telephone apparatus tho device ol
an army officer that whllo ono soldier
Is sending a message In Morse charac
ters a second soldier may use the same
wire to talk telephonlcally with another
station Tho distant receiving opera
tors hear only their own messages
This apparatus It Is further said may
bo carried conveniently In tho users
hand What If Napoleon could have
availed himself of such a contrivance
at Waterloo Would history be jdst
the samo
Tho Interval between a presidential
election and an Inauguration affords
about four months for entirely profit
less newspapei speculation as to tho
makoup of tho incoming presidents
cabinet Coming Immediately after tho
seeming hysteria of partisan appeals
to voters thl3 variety of newspaper
folly amounts almost to a public of
Walter linker A Co of Dorchester Ms
U S A hwo given yonra of study 10 tho skilful
prepiufttlou oftojoa mul cliocolato and liuvo
dovlsed mnclilnory and systems peculiar to their
methods of treatment whereby the lmrlty
pal > fblllty ami highest nutrient characteristics
are retained ahelr prepaiatlons aro known the
world over and have received tho hlgheat Indorse
ments fiom the inodlcal practitioner the nurse
nnd tho intelligent housekcaper and caterer
There Is hardly any foodproduct which mav ho
80 extensively used In the household In eoirbln
Atlon with other foods as cocoa and chocolate
but here again wo urge tho Importance of purity o
and nutrlelft valuela rHtnese luipoitlnt nQint1 s < f
we feel sure may bo relied upon In linkers Cocoa
and Chocolate Dietetic nnd Hygienic lasette
I shall recommend Plsos Cure for Con
sumption far and wide Mrs Mulligan
Plumstcad Kent England Nov 8 1S95
Ebony knobs and handles aio of fre
quent occurrence on sllier tea aud cof
fee services
PITS stopped free and permanently cared No fits
after first day s use of Dr Klines Great Nerve
Restorer > ree 2 trial bottle and treatise
bend to Da Kuas Ml Arch bt 1hlladerphla Fa
The mother of Moses did more for
the world thau the king who built the
Mrs Wlmlowo Soothing Syrup
rorchiUron teething Heltonsthegums reducesrnuam
taatloo allays pain cures wind colic 25 cents a bottle
Mnny a life has been spoiled by not
snowing tho dlffeicneo between tlulft
and stinginess
Mrs Laura E Mims of Dawson Ga
says A small pimple of a strawberry
color appeared on my cheek it soou
began to grow japidly notwithstand
ing all efforts to check it My
eye became lertibly
inflamed and was so
swollen that for quite
a while I could not
see The doctori
said I had Cancer of
the most malignant
type and after ex
hausting their efforts
without doing me
any good they gave
up the case as hopeless When in
formed that my father had died from
the same disease they said I must die
19 hereditary Cancer was incurable
At this crisis I was advised to try
SSS and in a short while the Cancer
began to discharge and continued to do
so for three months then it began to
heal I continued the medicine a while
longer until the Cancer disappeared en
tirely This was several years ago and
here has been no return of the disease
A Real Blood Remedy
Cancer is a blood disease and only a
blood remedy will cure it S S S
guaianieed purely vegetable is a real
blood remedy and never falls to per
manently cure Cancer Scrofula Eczema
Rheumatism or any other disease of the
blood Send for our books
Cancer and
mailed free to
any address
Swift Specific
Co Atlanta Qa
Blood Diseases

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