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A tcr Making Donperato Krslitihcu
Surrendered to tlio OIUccm but a 3Io
IIunKtMt IHinnnl rlddlvU IIla Hotly VMtl
Sumter S C Jan 0 Simon Cooper
thD negro outlaw who Thursday mur
dered thrco members ot tho Wilson
family and a colored servant was
lynched near hero yesterday Cooper
was captured by the sheriffs posoe and
was being takom td Sumter when tho
mcb decided to hang him
The deputy sheriffs aided by two
men resisted tho lynchers but were
oveipo wered A rope was thrown oor
a limb of a tree and as the man swung
upward the body was pierced by more
than 160 bullets One bullet cut the
rcpe and the corpse tell to tho ground
where tho coroner found It some hours
later when ho went to hold an inquest
Cooper was captured about noon In
a cabin flvo miles from thl3 place
About 2 oclbck yesterday morning
lako Darwin colored went to the house
of V R Burkltt a white neighbor and
said that Cooper was at his house
asleep Burkltt rodo to Sumter with
the news and a deputy sheriff with a
posse of nlno men Immediately left A
woman and a man wero In the house
with Cooper He sent tho woman out
and later cent tho man out to buy him
ammunition In Camden giving him a
sample shell Tho man rode over to
tho posso and gave them tho shell
Cooper was well armed with Win
chesters and kept up a continuous fire
The house Is a small one and on a hill
In the cpen co that tho posso could
not at first como within range with any
degree of safety
Oneo Cooper came out of tho house
with a gun and was taking aim when
a Mr McCown fired at him Cooper
immediately dropped his gun and
seemed to bo hit Ho did not shoot
but returned to the house
About noon an advance was made
and tho po3so closed In After a parley
Cooper agreed to come out Several
men posted themselves at the door and
as tho outlawstcpped out ho was seiz
ed by armed men As he stood facing
the crowd a shot wa3 fired and Cooper
drepped with a rifle ball through hU
cheek Ho wa3 not badly wounded
> vRvcr and ao he rolled over ho1 made
an attempts ett bis hand to his trous
ers In his shirt a rezor wa3 found
while benorth his trousers band was
a leaded revolver
Cooper was drunk and after the shot
becamo almost unmanageable
A ecairch of the cabin revealed a
Winchester rifle two revolvers a va
lise filled with cartridges and a number
of flasks some empty and others filled
with whisky On a pae torn from a
blank book was written
Itememibcr that I killed myself
Thero never was a man that could tako
Cooper was placed In a wagon with
Mr McKagan of Sumter and Mr Tur
blvillo of Florence and tho party start
ed for town The crowd of nearly 100
men followed There were mutterlhgs
cf lynching but the trouble did not
culminate until Green swamp was
reached about two miles from Sumter
Vuen tho mob demanded Coopers sur
render tho officers wero overpowered
and the negro lynched as related
The coroners jury returned a ver
dict that Cooper came to his death at
tho hands cf a mob whose members
wero unknown to tho jury
ricked Up nt Sea
Jacksonville Fla Jan 9 As tho
United States revenue cutter Doutwell
was approaching tho mouth of St
Johns river late Thursday evening the
lookout discovered a catrigged yawl
Hying a flag of distress One of tho
Boutwolls boats sent to investigate
found a sailor la the bottom of tho
yawl unconscious He was wasted to
a skeloton and his mouth was on his
naked forearm as though ho had tried
to drink his own blood
ile proved to be Capt Charles Her
man of Providence R I who left
that ploco Nov 1 accompanied by
Charles Gladding In the yawl Cocheco
for a cruise along the coast of Florida
When they left Charleston on Dec 20
they were blown out to sea Their
provisions and water were soon ex
hausted Last Friday Herman thinks
it was the light house on Anastla is
land was sighted By this time Glad
ding was crazy and put off for shore in
a boat attached to the Cocheco and un
doubtedly was lost Herman remem
bers nothing else and must have be
come unconscious shortly after Glad
ding left The Cocheco then drifted up
tho coast with its unconscious master
until discovered by the Boutwell Her
man weighed ISO pounds when ho left
Providence He now weighs only 110
ant Is so weak he can hardly raise bis
Lula Jones was burned to death at
Hamilton O tho other day
Itchols MiUu nil Attarlt
Key Wcjt Fla Jan D AdvloC3 re
ceived here from Havana eIiow that nt
i oclock on the afternoon of Jan 3 the
Insurgent force commanded by Juan
Dclgado opened fire on tho forts a
Calabazar province of Havana The
military governor Major Justlz had
chargo of tho troops in thi garrison
and they resisted tho attack of the in
surgents so briskly that the latter were
obliged to retreat >
On tho following morning tho insur
gents renewed their attack simultane
ously on forts No 5 0 7 and 8 with a
lively dlschargo of musketry which
was answered by the garrison
At the same time the insurgents
burned tho dwelling of Senor Fernando
Garcia situated near the railroad sta
tion Tho bullets flow thickly many
of thp missiles penetrating tho storo of
Pedro Brdcena In twenty different
places The Spanish trocp3 finally
compelled tho insurgents to retrcit
While the Cubans wore retlrlns they
destroyed with their machetes all tho
tobacco that had been planted In the
vicinity Tho insursents also attacked
tho village of Ilancho Boyero but with
out result
Advices received yesterday confirn
tho report that Callxto Garcia with
5000 well armed Insurgents after an
engagement upon tho arrival offGen
Boschos convoy at Bayamo marched
toward Jlguanl which placo they be
bleged for five days It Is said that tho
garrison of the town resisted the at
tack of the Insurgents until tho arrival
of tho column of Gen Boscho when
Garcia and hl3 men retreated towatd
Santiago de Cuba countermarching af
terward In the direction of Holguln
Tho insurgent leader Jose Maria
Agulrre the dispatch also Eays has
been shot In the head but is Improv
ing Ho Is at Aguacato province of
One hundred and flftyslx wounded
Spanish soldiers arrived at Havana
from tho province of Plnar del Itlo on
Tuesday last
Advices from Havana say that a pe
tition was presented on Tuesday last
at the produce exchango by a number
of merchants requesting tho executivo
committee of tho exchange to send a
dispatch to Madrid on tho authority
of tho wholesale and retail merchants
ot Havana a ddressed to Premier Can
oras del Castillo protesting against
the action of tho marquis of Apezto
gula and other Spanish sugarcano
grinders who are agitating the ques
tion of Capt Gen Weylers recall from
Cuba These grinders claim that Gen
Weyler does not protect their Interests
by not allowing them
to grind but on
tho contrary thus favors the insur
gents plans The signers of tho peti
tion states that they aro above political
corruption and only wish that tho
truth bo made known
Guarding n Mlno
Ottowa III Jan 0 Sheriff Yockoy
has left for Rutland village with six
teen special deputies picked from tho
old militiamen and armed with Martin
repeating rifles on a call for help from
Deputy Matt Coulson who has been on
the ground ever slnco Monday night
when tho miners at Emerson Hakes
shaft threatened to raze the building
The telegram to Sheriff Yockey was to
tho effect that between 200 and 300
Italians and Austrlans were parading
the streets and threatening to loot
Hakos store and burn the shaft
The trouble grew out of a break In
the scales which weighed 450 pounds
light It was several days before the
miners discovered this Tho manager
failed to keep his promise to repair
the scales and tho men quit
Ho has refused to pay them the
money duo claiming that they ore not
discharged and must wait until pay
day Jan 1G for their money Tho
Rutland miners nave been joined by
miners from surrrounding towns
Many of them aro armed Rutland is
a vlllago of 1000 people halt way be
tween Wenona and Mlnonk
Held Up lUHl Iltubed
Kansas City Mo Jan 8 Frank
Stewart an Ottawa Kan farm hand
staggered Into the Kansas City pollca
station lato Wednesday night suffering
from loss ot blood He had been held
up and robbed five miles west of tho
city by two footpads who after shoot
ing him through the groin placed bis
body across the Missouri Pacific tracks
Stowart was scarcely able to roll him
self off tho track before a train ap
proached He lay in the snow uncon
scious several hours before being able
to start toward the city His wound is
Poultry Show
Guthrie Ok Jan 0 The attend
ance at the territorial poultry show
yesterday was largo and Judge H B
Savage of Belton Tex finished tho
scoring Tho association elected offi
cers yesterday for the year President
J J Wallace Oklahoma City reelect
ed first vicepresident Thomas Mor
ris Guthrie second vicepresident F
C Brown of Kingfisher secretary and
treasurer L F Laverty Guthrie re
elected executive committee L Obrel
ter of Edmond Frank G Kress of
Guthrie J J Cumlrags of Perry and
I A Deware of Oklahoma City
Two Ilpgroes Supported to Havo llocn
Itolilicit In 11104 round to he Still Alive
lluosla Obtul ling n Firm Foothold on
tlio Corcnu rcitnlroulm
Cleveland Ohio January 11 The
opinion nuiong those who claim to
know Is that Senator Sherman will bo
offeied nutl will accept he scciotniy
shlp of State In McKInleyB cabinet
anil that Mr Ilanna villi not be one of
the cabinet ndvlscra o tho next presi
dent It Is believed to bo certnln that
Mr Ilanna will bo appointed ns tho
successor of Mr Shcimnn In tho senate
a place which the piosldontcloct could
offer hlni Inasmuch rs tho senatorial
appointment would have to bo marto
by Governor Bushnell tho amange
incut herein suggest Is snld to Indi
cate tho filcndly feeling which Sena
torelect VoniUor has for tne president
elect and fotOhSfcilrman of tho na
tional committee fT
Regaidlug the selection of Cornelius
X Bliss of Now York for secretary of
the navy It Is salrttlwvt Mr Bliss has
boon offeied tho pte > but that ho de
ferred his acceptance until ho could
ucertain whether he could so nrraugo
his business affairs as to permit of his
taking tho place Geucial Alger of
Michigan Is counted ns certnln to bo
tho sueietaiy of jsrir
Wore Not lynched
Birmingham Ala January 11 In
he summer of 1804 II B Walker the
rullioad ngent nt Suspension On was
shot and lobbed by two negroes Do
teeth u Wnllnce of Columbus Gn
while hying to nnest Itlley Walker
and Richard Williams colored for the
crime was shot and killed by thom
The mmder caused gicnt Indignation
and when the negroes weie nirested
they only escaped lynching by being
limited off by timu to jail nt Mont
gomery In August of that year they
were taken back to Union Springs and
oaeh ghen n life sentence The ver
dict emaged tho people so that a mob
assembled The pilsoneis weie placed
on a train to bo huiiled away to Mont
gomery again Near Mitchell station
a mob stopped tlife train boarded it and
overpoweilug tho olllcers took tho nc
groes orf It was bupposed they were
SaturdayRJiKtard W llljoms waa
found and rcairested nt iilghlog Bui
lock county lie had changed his name
but finally acknowledged his Identity
He says ho and Walker while hand
cuffed together one with a lope about
his neck were pushed off the train
and then tho mob tprang off one hun
dred yards fin thcrup the track Mean
while the two uegioes had scrambled
oft and ran to a ditch near by where
they hid Tho mob passed near them
cursing because they could not find
them Enter tho pilsoneis went to nu
old negros house and got him to cul
off their handcuffs with an adze Then
they pal ted company and fled Walk
ors whereabouts aro unknown Will
lams has slnco been working at a mil1
twenty miles fiom Mltchells
Corcan Affairs
San Francisco nInuary 10 A corre
spondent of tho North China Dally
News says
Russia Is gradually securing n firm
footing In the peninsula of Coren A
fpy weeks ago a number of Russian
military officers anlved to drill tho
Coreab army Among those weie a ten
noncommissioned olllcers the number
to bo Increased In futuie who occupy
quarters within the enclosure of tho
now palace i These aro to act as a sort
of hotly guardto tho king who will
doubtless soon leave tho Russian lega
tion and occupy tho newlybuilt palaco
In tho foreign settlement of tho capital
Russians have olso received several
concessions ono of which Is tho cut
ting of timber tln the north and on Dal
got Island off the cast coast of Corea
CaBhlcr Kills Himself
Lebanon Ta January 11 John M
Gosslln aged 40 ycais cashier of tho
Lebanon National bank attempted to
commit sulcldo yesterday by shooting
himself In tho head Ho will < llo His
wife and two children hod gono to
church leaving him In the house alone
Besides his connection with tho bank
he was teacher of a largo Bible class In
tho Lutheran church For some time
past his health has not been good and
thla It Is believed prompted him to end
his life His accounts with tho bank
aro said to bo correct
Found Ilia Wife strangled
Cincinnati Ohio Jnnunry 11 A spe
cinl to the Commercial Tribune from
Shakertown Ky says William Do
vino a highly respected farmer wont
homo near hero Sunday plght after an
nbsence of several hours and found his
young wlfo dead and cold on tho floor
her two Infant children lying on her
breast crying bitterly finger marks on
her throat the clothing and all tho fur
niture disordered and other signs of a
struggle Ho ran and gave tho nlara
A hunt for the mutderer all night and
yesterday has been without result
A Tearful Crime
Ennls Tex Jan 8 E C Chapman
a well known citizen of this place was
found about 4 oclock yesterday morn
ing in a dying condition lying on the
sldpwalk on Main street near the Hous
ton and Texas Central depot He lived
only a few minutes after being found
HIS throat was cut A stab wound and
a short gash wero In the right side oi
his neck and there was a gash four
Inches long extending from tho throat
nearly to tho left car Ho had bled a
great deal From tho blood on the
ground it appears that tho cuts were
inflicted some thirty yards from where
ho fell His groans attracted Night
Operator B C Meredith at tho Cen
tral and the night watchman at the
Midland Tho body Was moved to an
undoi taking establishment and pre
pared for burial Justice Cochran
viowed tho remains A small pocket
knlfo wa3 found on the body De
ceased was a member of tho Elks and
will bo buried by that order this even
ing Ho was a brother of J W Chap
man of this city and was unmarried
Sovcro Snow Storm
Lipscomb Tex Jan 5 Tho weath
er has recently been phenomenal Till
Jan 1 there had been no severe weath
er On that date there was a heavy rain
and a thunder shower in the early part
of tho night About 3 oclock a m ol
tho 2d instant a snow storm from tho
north began which lasted for thirty
six hours and which in intensity ot
wind and amount of snowfall has hard
ly a parallel in this Bectlon The snow
is now drifted in great banks which
will impede railway and other travel
for many days The amount of snow
argues well for the success of tho far
mer but stockmen are uneaiiy Tho
storm Is now over
Mr Frank Patton of Hlgglns was
recently dragged Into Insensibility near
hero by a runaway team as well as se
riously mangled one arm being brok
en Ho is rapidly recovering
Now Waterworks Uompnny
Ranger Tex Jan 8 Ranger has
organized a full fledged water works
company consisting of the following
gentlemen G H Bohnlng president
W R Hodges vicepresident W C
Moore secretary W H Hagerman
This will bo a chartered company
with a capital stock of 3000 Tho citi
zens aro quite enthusiastic over the
mattor and most of tho stock is al
ready taken up 3 B Thatohor a civil
engineer of Dallas was on tho ground
yesterday and says Ranger has a nat
ural reservoir that with a thirtyfoot
dam will contain 50000000 gallons of
water giving tho town a pressure of a
sixtyfoot stream
Local Contest Looked For
Paris Tex Jan 8 T W Carlock
tho recently elected county attorney
notified all tho owners of slot machines
to discontinue the use of them or he
would proceed against them legally for
violating the law All of the owners
complied with his demand
Now he has issued a notice to all of
the saloonmen to remove the screens
and other devices for obstructing tho
vlow of tho interiors of their places of
business stating that ho would take ac
tion in tho promises should they fall
to promptly comply with tho law The
saloonmen have not as yet complied
and It is whispered that a legal contest
is browing of no small dimensions
Child Uurned to Death
Dallas Tex Jan 8 Tho 5yearold
daughter of Mr Joseph Thompson re
siding on the Dowdy farm four miles
southeast of tho city was burnod to
death Thursday evening The child
was In the act of placing a fow sticks
of wood In tho large open fireplace
when her dress became ignited She
was enveloped In flames before assist
ance reached her and died a few
hours later after enduring terrible
Hoy Charged With Murder
Galveston Tex Jan 8 Tho grand
jury yesterday returned a true bill
against James Louis Shepherd the 11
yearold boy who Is charged with hav
ing shot and killed Mary Falk Dec 18
Tha indictment charges him with mur
der in the second degree The case Is
set for Jan 21
William Hansen who was arrested
by tho police In connectldn with the
Martin murder case was released yes
terday The grand jury after hearing
all tho evidence in the case promptly
returned an order of no truo bill
Mudstono Applied
Bells Tex Jan 8 Wednesday a
alf belonging to Sam Hicks suddenly
became furious and ran bawling Into
tho wlro fence The watchdog attacked
the calf and Mrs Hicks and her 8
yearold son went to tho calfs relief
The little boy was bitten nearly
through tho hand by tho dog Mrs
Hicks received a wire cut on the wrist
which was wet with tho Ballva from the
calf The dog was shot the calf 4iod
and a madstone waa applied to the
wounds of both mother and son and
adhered firmly
Jim Hale n Young Fnrmor Loses Till
Life us Ho wn Kotnrnlng Homo Dogi
Were 1laced oil tho Track of tht Blur
dorurs at Onco
Mlneola Tex Jan 9 Jim Hale I
young farmer living near Quitman wai
ehdt and killed about G oclock Thurs
day evenlnB
Hale had been In Quitman Thursday
and had a dlfflculty with a man who
lives there About G oclock he left for
his homo on horseback
Tho horse reached homo and was
found at the lot gate about 10 oclock
with tho bridle rein securely tied
around tho pommel of the caddie This
excited Younc Hales father who im
mediately started for Quitman to loot
for his son On tho road he called on
some of his neighbors who wont with
him When about two miles east of
Quitman they found Young HaTo lying
In tho road shot through the head
Tho ball entered tho temple passing
through tho brain and came outon tne
opposite side of tho head Ho was
taken homo and dlod about 8 oclock
yesterday morning
Atelephone message from Quitman
just received statC3 that two men on
horseback wero seen riding hurriedly
away from tho place where Halo was
found Immediately after the pistol shot
was heard and ono of the horses had
been identified Also that an arrest
would bo made in a fow minutes
Hound s were placed on tho trail oi
the horses and tracked them by a cir
cuitous route into tho town ot Quit
man >
An Old Veteran Dead
Denton Tex Jan 9 John Bran
num a battlescarred veteran of two
wars died here yesteiday morning af
ter lingering In a helpless condition for
eight weeks aged 83 years The de
ceased had fought in the Blackhawk
Indian and confederate wars drawing
a pension from the United States gov
ernment for his services In the folmer
war Ho was a master Mason and
will bo burled hero today with the Ma
sonic rites by tho Standard lodge A
F and A M It being hhi expressed
wish that after a lapse of ono night ho
bo so interred Tho deceased was orig
inally from Tennessee and moved to
Texas several years ago but had been
living hero only about Two years
Found Unconscious
Mexla Tex Jan 9 An unknown
man supposed to be Louis Schillings
a spectacle peddler and a stepson ol
Mr Reese of Dallas was found about
ono mile south of town noar tho rail
road track yesterday morning by the
section men in an unconscious state
having received a blow near the base
of the brain as blood was oozing freely
from both ears He was brought to
town and placed In a hotel where ho
lingered until 2 p m when he expired
without ever regaining consciousness
Marshal Hughes arrested a young
man named Webb claiming to be from
Collin county He is now behind tho
bars awaiting further developments
Hurt by Log
Terrell Tex Jan 9 John Wayne
aged about 30 years was found east of
here Thursday with a log lying across
his body He states that ho made a
fire by some logs and went to sleep
The limbs supporting one of them
burned away and It fell on him mak
ing him a prisoner until released by
two tramps He was brought to town
by Constable Dave James and placed In
chargo of tho county physician He Is
badly Injured but no bones are broken
Waynes home Is in Memphis Tenn
Damage Suit
Ennls Tex Jan 9 Several months
ago two young men Mr Reed and
Georgo Davis wero working in the rear
of a laundry in this city when a can
of gasoline exploded burning tho
young men severely Reed has about
recovered but Davis died a few days
afterward from his injuries W C
Davis father of Georgo Davis has filed
suit against the WatersPierce Oil com
pany for 25000 damages for the death
of his son
Arrested for Murdor
Greenville Tex Jan 9 A negro
named Henry Strang was arrested
near Campbell Thursday who is want
ed In Shelby county to answer a chargo
of murder tho dead man being John
Richards another negro Strange saw
the Shelby county officers coming to
tho farm whore he was working and
ran off He came in later however and
surrendered There is a reward of 250
for his arrest
lee Factory to start
Sherman Tex Jan 9 It is stated
on good authority that Sherman Is to
have another ice factory and that it
will be an extenBlvo affair Ground
has already been purchased by Dallas
capitalists who will erect equip and
operate tho factory Thero is an air
of activity generally noticeable in
Sherman and the depression in busi
nes3 Is gradually lifting

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