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B waa a genius
ftt any rate ho
himself often Bald
oo with consider
able fervor
One evening he
came > ln tired and
hot and very grimy
but fairly brim
ming over with Joy
Hullo Jim ho
crlod Its all
right Ivo succeeded at lasf 1
Whats the mattor I inquired
VOh you want to know do you
ho said Youre very curious for a
wonder Dut there Is no reason now
why I should not toll you about It
and oven show tho working of the ma
chine And you can prepare yoursolt
to bo very much astonished
Ho was right In saying that I was
very curious about his machine I was
and following his instructions I was
In the garden tho next afternoon at
5 oclock anxious to see the Invention
that wa3 to revolutionize tho world
When he carao ho brought with him
a bicycle
Hello ho cried an soon as ho saw
mo What do you think of this A
beauty isnt It
I looked It was not an ordinary
bicycle but one moro heavily built
with numerous additional cogs and
cranks and an air cylinder like that of
an air brake
What on earth 13 this clumsy thins
for I exclaimed
Clumsy bo hangedl ho replied Ir
ritably My dear fellow If you will
start criticising anything before you
understand It how can you over ex
pect to get on In Hfo7 Now follow mo
and I will explain It all You remem
ber my remarking some weeks ago
how extraoidlnary It was that as yet
no one had had tho Intelligence to In
vent a traveling machlno which could
surmount obstacles In Its path like a
horse by jumping over them Very
well hero you have tho first mechan
ical Invention to do so This bicycle
Is not an ordinary wheel which loses
half Us usefulness and charm by being
compelled to keep to the roads This
is tho famous jumping bicycle I havo
hrrd In my head so long Observe this
cylinder Is full of air at a high pres
sure As you see by this little gauge
it now stands at 150 pounds to tho
squaro Inch Tho cylinder Is con
structed to bear a pressure of 400
These four bars with Joints In them are
connected with the cylinder by means
of tho cranks and cogs which you see
they play the part of a horsos legsj
the Joints are of course tho knees
Now how simple tho whole thing lo
At my right hand I have a tiny lever
with the powers marked easy
strong and full Oh by tho way I
forgot to remark that as even you
can possibly understand there Is nn
immense waste of power in tho or
dinary bicycle Going down a steep
hill for Instance enough power Is
generated to run tho bicycle on a level
road for four to five miles All this
hitherto wasted energy I have uti
lized In compressing tho air In tho cyl
inder When I como to an obstacle
say I want to get across a ditch I
press tho lover to easy and tho ma
chine takes a leap In tho air of about
eighteen inches while tho forward
Impetus carries us easily to the other
side If I put tho lover on strong I
can tako a Jump of six or seven feet
whllo the full power means a leap of
anything from twelve to twentyflve In
height In point of fact it would only
require a hard run of about a couplo
of miles to generate BUlTlcient power to
carry mo over a telepraph wire or a
small house
At this point tbero was a loud clang
and hiss of escaping nir and the bicy
cle made n vigorous dash for freedom
The genius was pulled violently up the
garden and overturned whllo the bi
cycle made several futile attompts to
leap the fence at the end It failed
however and the genius after soveral
ineffectual trials succeeded In putting
the lever back to stop In a fit of
nbsontmlndedness ho had shitted it to
He led tho machine back again and
began explaining breathlessly
Confound tho thing ho growled
I Just touched the lover to see if It
was in pioper ordef and It wont off
Oh for oodness sako dont stand
laughing Uko an Idiot I believe you
are the most irritating man In tho
world Hco hold this whllo I brush
When ha had finished ho said he
would not try tho bicycle Until 8
I assented to tho wisdom of this
and said that then nobody would bo
about If tho thing ran away with him
Ho turned on me fiercely
I toll you I havo the machlno under
the most absolute perfect control
I replied tjiat this was obvious
Thereupon ho completely lost his
temper and aftor maklng soveral un
founded suggestions as to tho condi
tion of my mind > Btalked Into tho
houso However at tea ho generously
forgavo mo and became enthusiastic
onco moro and said ho would write
out an agreement giving mo a third
sharo In his Invention before h6 went
to bod which sharo represented ac
cording to some close and intricate cal
culations of his a capital sum of
240000 Then ho borrowed half a
sovereign from mo for a couplo of
days In tho kindest posslblo manner
and said he didnt mind mo at all be
causo he understood mo and know that
there was not a bit of harm in me
Tho next morning I met hlra as
agreed Tho first trial of tho machine
was to take place down tho Chalk hill
as it is called This is a steep grassy
incline with a brick wall about six
feet high running along the bottom
Ho was going to leap tho wall though
if I had been ho I think I should have
chosen something softer than brick to
experiment on I did the best I could
though by preparing tho ground on tho
other sldo of tho wall with tho garden
tools until tho soil was beautifully
soft and loose qulto an Ideal placo to
fall on I didnt tell the genius about
my foresight in this matter ho had
such a wretched way of sitting on a
He said he would try It on tho road
though we begged him to desist He
said tho hill was not long enough he
found that what ho wanted was not so
much a hill as a good long level run
Ho also proposed that I should get on
an ordinary bicycle and accompany
him so I left Polly and mounted my
At this time the machine was act
ing In a Very peculiar manner and
seemed to have taken the bit in its
teeth so to speak It began to tear
along tho road with tho speed of a
runaway horse shying at every post
and making spasmodic Jumps at tho
slightest obstacles By the most fu
rious riding I was able to got along
side and excitedly advised the genius
to hurl himself from tho demoniacal
machine and risk the consequences
He didnt hear me or If he did ho
paid no attention Ho had an In
tenso faraway look In his eyes and
seemed to have no interest In mere
earthly matters The machlno re
joicing In Its newly found power put
on an extra spurt and drew well ahead
of me making the most extraordinary
leaps from tlmo to time
Wo were now close to tho village
and tho few people still lingering
about commenced to take a lively In
terest In the proceedings especially
tho constable who is a very stubborn
and officious person and seems to think
that if it were not for him tho nation
and the law would fall to pieces so
I cannot say I feel very sorry for him
ho should attend moro to his own
business When ho saw tho blcyclo
coming ho shouted to the rider to stop
To this tho genius gave no heed and
tho constable prepared for action Ho
ran out Into tho middle of the road
and clutched at the genius as ho flow
by Unluckily for him he missed com
pletely and the front wheel of the
machlno smote him heavily In the
loose ribsleaving him a dusty and
disheveled wreck on the side of the
road When I passed him ho was
slowly recovering and I Judged from
hU expression that his emotions were
violent and mingled We flod along
the main street amid a horrible clat
ter At tho end of tho vlllago the road
makes a sharp turn to tho left and I
knew that this would be the declslvo
point In the genius furious career
If ho could but turn the corner he
would have a nearly straight road In
front of him for three miles II he
could not there was the tenfoot wall
of the ladles seminary to be sur
mounted I confess I had no hopes
whatever either of his turning tho
corner or of his forcing the bicycle to
tako the Jump Tho machine now
seemed to be pulling Itself together
for a final struggle which fact the
genius seemed to grasp and he
groaned audibly as he tried to pull the
handles round In order to take the
turn Dut the blcyclo was too much
for htm
It was a splendid effort Indeed I
never saw such a tremendous Jump so
gallantly attempted But as It hap
pened the plucky bicycle Just landed
on tho top of the wall and with a hor
rid crash both machine and rider fell
at tho feet of a procession of fourteen
young ladles who were about to take
their dally airing The bicycle used
the last of the compressed air In the
cylinder to deliver several violent
klpks at the genius as he lay on the
He will be carried down from his
bedroom Into the garden some tlmo to
morrow afternoon and the doctor says
that If his collarbone sets well ho will
bo fairly sound In about another week
Tho Boston Transcript complains
that loo muchjOf tho commercial spirit
has enteredInto tho shooting of game
In Maine fTho slaughter of moose
and caribou Jn Malne Is all tabulated In
tho newspapers nowadays says the
Transcript t Figures aro given with
countingroom accuracy concerning tho
number of animals killed with the
comparative Increase of shooting for
two years and the amount of cash ac
cruing to tho thrifty stato of Maine by
tho Increased Interest In shipments of
Lovo me love my dog Is an old
saying but It does not apply to cats
Mr George Flelschmann loved Miss
Stella Davis a Ml jourl belle He could
not go tho cal especially when ho dis
covered that Ml3s Stolla loved puss
better than George Whereupon George
took all tho cats nine lives at once
At least AIlss Stella says ho did Some
ono1 did and George was tho only ono
who esteemed tho cat hln rival for the
fair Stellas heart N D Tho cat did
not como backyielthcr did George
Mrs rotter Talmer has a Ci0O0
It Is a mistake that people
who are properly informed
and warned do not tike ad
vantage of the warning and
thus insure fcappiness and pro
long life
Perpetrating n ruse on truth Is
what a prominent statesman called a
roundabout method of bribery exposed
In the recent national election One
Is reminded of Pepys unblushing rec
ord of direct lying by telling a half
truth as given In hla famous diary two
hundred and fifty years ago Captain
Drove ho sayB did glVo mo a letter
directed to myself from himself I
discerned money to bo In It and took
It knowing It to be as I found it the
proceeds of tho placo I had got him
But I did not open It till I came homo
to my office and thcro I broko It open
not looking Into It till nil tho money
was out that I might say I saw no
money In the paper if over I should be
questioned Thero was a pleco of gold
and four pounds In silver So homo
to dinner
Ono of tho greatest afflictions that
can be placed on a person Is to bear
tho surface indications of being a nui
Chicago has on Its public school rolls
tho names of 200209 scholars Tho av
erage attendance Is 181862 Tho num
ber of teachers is 47S9
Simple precautions that May Provont Serious
V Consequences
Tho Danger oi Neglcciing a Common Cold
ScrioHs and Often Fatal Maladies May
tt Result from CarelessucGD
ZYom the Kens Hat rUonburg La
In most Instances colds tire tho result of Im
prudoncooralack ot forethought Ecn In
caios where a suddon change In the v cathcr or
an unavoidable exposure Is responsible for tho
first illjrht cold fresh and more sctcro colds
may bo avoided by observing a little caro
Hut a mero cold Is suci a common thlmr
and causes bo llttlo Incon enlenco that not
withstanding all ptnluus expcilcuccs wo ue <
loct to take tho most simple precautions in the
way of wenrimrsultableclothlns theatoldanco
of draughts etc
One should always beir in mind tho neces
sity of oxorclslnjr a constant vigilance to avoid
catohlnircold Whin the tompenituro In tho
home Is hUhor thin that out of doors never
go out AYlthout putting on on additional wrap
Nevor elt In a cold roo n een though you do
not feoLchJllfc AwJ if ettcrto > suffer u
llttlo discomfort from weiring hcivy under
clothing than to run tho riifc of a chill
Tho following lettor fro n n la H In Mclly Is
land Ln graphically Jllustiatcs tho distress
ing consequences that are liable to follow a
fllmplo cold
In February 1800 I had a evero cold
which settled on my lungs resulting In a ser
ious cough My appetite foiled and I becanio
so weak that I was scarcely nblo to walk ncross
tho room I wolghed only ninetyfour pound
and had given up all ho > e of recovery when I
happened to read an articlo in n newspaper
No work Is hard for the man who
has God for his helper
Houston January 20th 1S07
Lecture Hon V J Brj nn
Agents from Cypios to Calvert and
Austin In Inclusive on the Houston and
Texas Central railroad for trains ar
riving at Ileinpstind and nirlvlug at
Houston on the evening of Jnnunry
20th will sell lound tilp tickets to
Houston at one faro account Leetuio
Hon W T Htyan Limit tickets Janu
ary 21st 1S97
M L KohWns
Tho man who knows Christ well will
not look for pcifectlon In nujbody
Tako Laxatlvo Bromo Quinine Tablets Alt
Druggists refund tho moneyjf It f alia to euro L5o
Tho person whostarts in tho morn
ing with no fixed purpcse generally ha3
troublo before night
Success attonda those who mako the
best of what Is near at hand without
waiting for rcmoto contingencies
tt is aJmirM
It is a mistake to think that
life is alla bed cf i oses
It is a mistake to go through
life and neglect the laws of
health and Life
It is a mistake at any lime
to allow sicknas or suffering
of a serious nature to come
upon you i
It is a mistake not to take
advantage of the best discover
ies of science for preventing
disease and banishing pain
It is a mistake if anyone has
not learned that the best and
most scientific preparation for
accomplishing this is
dcserlhlngBomo cures effected by Dr Williams
Iink Vllls and conclude I to try them
I commenced using them and heforo I had
tnken hutf it box I foil llko a now croituie
My appetite was restored my cough grew less
and I wasabo to sleep sound at night which
I had been unable to do for months before
After taking two boxes of tho pills I was
weighed agiln and to my astonishment my
weight was 113 pounds a gain of 10 pounds
Irolous to tiklng tho pills I had suffered with
cnld hands and feot but now ha e no troublo
whatever from that source
I can truly my I am now In better health
than I havo been for rears The elTeet of tho
Iink Tills Is wonderful and I can recommend
them in all cases of debility und weakness
Mas A L SrArronD
Dr Williams rink Tills contain in aeon
densod form all tho elements necessary to
gioncw llfonnd richness to tho blood and
lestoro shittered nerve Theynroan unfail
ing specific for such diseases as locomotor
ataxia partial piraljsls St Vitas dance
sciatica neuralgh rheu nntlsm nervous head
ache tho after effect of la grippe palpitation
of tho heart pale and sallow complexions nil
forms of weakness cither In mtUo or female
Pink Tills nre sold bj nil dealers or will bo
sent postpaid on receipt of price GO cents a
box or six boes for J 50 by addressing Dr
WJIUams Medicine Company Schenectady
Australia will havo to Import moro
than 5000000 bushols of wheat this
year owing to tho failure of tho Aus
tralian harvest Tho bulk will coma
from America and Canada
A L Doris a v oalthy farmer living
near Union Inil signed a contract last
week by the terms of which he agrees
to forfeit 1000 if he shavc3 or cuts his
hair until Bryan i3 elootcd president
It Is better to be right nml poor
than roiig nud ileh
Mrs Winalems Eoodilng Syrup
JorchlllrcntemlilnT nftetistlien no rtiiuinuifltim
tutlon alltOBimht ciirtd wltiil collo SLcnlBajuttlG
To obtain salvation the pinner neptl
to tnko nothing to Christ but his plus
High Class SeedsSS
SnrayW Outflta Me r O IjAllVLItLNZ
201M Markut Streot Gtilvettou Texan
For traclnz and Incatln Gold or SIItm
Orelo lorulddeotrca urei M D 70W
LE1L Sox Q37 Qouthluftton Coon
A Lost Voice
Advertising will do a great
many things but itwont bring
about tho return of a lost
voice Tho best thing to do
is to begin at once the use of
the sovereign euro for nil affec
tions of tho throat and lungs
Bronchitis Asthma Croup
Whooping Coujh etc It has
a reputation of fifty years of
cuies and Is known the world
over as
Cherry Pectoral
A Philadelphia oyster dealer 13
named Snellen
Tho covn crop this year amounts to
2209000000 bushels
Thoso who get the best of a com
munity lho longest In Us memory
Dont bellovo It nor did tho editor
until ho saw Salzers great farm seed
catalogue Its wonderful what an ar
ray of facts and figures and new
things and big yields and great testi
monials It contains
Sonil Thin Kotlco unit 10 Cents Stump
to John A Salzer Seed Co Ia Ciosse
Wis for catalogue and 12 rare farm
seed samples worth 10 to get a start
England mnLes copper coins for Itus
llctraro of Ointments for Catarrh That
Contain Mercury
as mercury will surely destroy the sonso
ot smell and completely deranco the whole
byatem when entering It thiough the mu
cous surfaces Such articles should never
be used except on prescriptions from rep
utable physicians as the damage they
will do Is tenfold to the pood > ou can
possibly derive from them Halls Catarrh
Cure manufactured by F J Cheney
Co Toledo O contains no mercury and
Is taken Interrally actlntr directly upon
the blood and mucous surfaces of the sys
tem In buying Halls Catarrh Cure bo
sure jou get the genuine It is taken In
ternally and made In Toledo O by r J
Cheney Ai Co Testimonials free
Sold bv druKRlsti price 7fic per bottle
Halls Tamlly Pills are the best
According to a statement made In
pnillnmcnt thorp nre In England nml 1
Wales moro than 40000 pauper chil
FITS utoppod freo and jiermnnently cured NbCtf
niter lint < taj una of Dr KUiicm Great Nervo
Keuloivi 1 roe 2 trial hotlle ana treatis
beitd to bit KiiNt UJ1 Arclt tit llilladelplila To
Jermany has 1000000 textile cpuro
I belfco PJsos Cure la the only medi
cine hat will cure ccntumption Anna
M Hoss Wmtamsijort ia Nov 12t 05
Whatever we would do If he had tho
power Is what tho Loid will give us
the credit of having done
Balier Eerdt ore Wnrrantcd to rro < tucoi
joliti Iroidir Itlalilcott Wis tutoniitiedtv
ratftJuworl l ltli a ylotd otl73Lu of SnlzcrBV
f Silvrr Don tyoubiltCTeV
MnglbuUy peracre
i Itl Juftviltoliim In order to gain ttUMKV
Jitoo 0 > i ne cm tomers va nond on trial H
Xjli i > kt > of ihw and rare farm needs JtuKiUnp
Z abovft Llnrlci Tcoslnte Giant Bpurnr SarnllJ
jJVVettit iic Wheat and other no eltf s pocj
A ItlvolY worth 110 to rctaeta t allpostpaldT
3i Including oi rgirutincd rotrtlfur forlOo
A Larjet probers of fai m ko < 1s and pota
toco In tho world 3B pkT carlleet
veffetabl iiocdi 91 Cutalofr tclli
all abouattGludly mailed to
IntenJlnjLiujere Sond
this notice tt
W < H
g Rheumatic Neuralgic Sciatic Lumbagic
jiitii > litiwiiai ii < ii i mi > twtiitiwmiwit iwii ii > iwiwiaiai iraiKiii iwii iitiwiwii > ii iwittitiiniiwmitoiitiwiPlicioilt
ocs not always mean comfort satisfaction and
enjoyment of life There is always the dan
ger of falling off To stay op needs confl i
dence bred from constant vigorous health
As soon 33 you get to wobbling take
mate your liver lively send pure blood pulsing j
through your veins keep your bowels open i
lift the strain from your brain rad stay on the 5
high horse Buy a box today at the near1
est drugstore 10c 25c or 50cor mailed forj
price Write for booklet and free sample
lt IMIMIHI l ll > l l l l IMl IMIMI IMI l l l IIUII IMI lllllll l l l IMI l l t l l t IMIMIMI l IUIMMt l5
J 1 16 l Mttsy N1iit till
Car9dDRJLOTaf ME43
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