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Published Every Thursday by
Editor and Tub
One Yoar postpaid
Entered at the Shiner Texas Postofflco
as occondclass matter
A Splendid Trnvolcr Iluo to Bo Within
Humnn Vision lit 1111
Halloys comet Is coming back the
comet which In tho year 10G6 shed a
celestial splendor over the Norman
conquest and whoso terrorInspiring
visit was commemorated by the hand
of Queen Matilda In tho Bayeaux
tapestry says the 1rovldence Journal
tho comet that In 1450 the yoar ot the
battle ot Belgrade scared the Turk and
Christian alike and was anathematized
by a bull from the pope tho comet
whoso strange sclmltcr form still
chilled the marrow of tho Ignorant
and superstitious at Its latest leturn
In 1835 It la yet far away but the
oye of sclcnco Eecs It already within
tho orbit of Neptune rushing sunward
and earthward with constantly Increas
lng velocity a3 It falls along tho steep
curve of Its orbit And a call to arms
a call for preparation has Just been
Issued from one ot tho chief watch
towers of astronomy Prof Glassnapp
announces that the computing bureau
established by tho Russian Aotronom
ical society has undertaken the calcu
lation of tho true path of Halley3
comet with a view to piedlctlng the
exact dato of the next return He
hopes that astronomers acquainted
with unpublished observations of the
comet will communicate tho Informa
tion to the society After Its peri
helion tho comet was watched retreat
ing out Into space until May 1836 when
It was finally swallowed from sight
It will bo In perihelion ngaln about
1911 but with tho great telescopes now
In existence and tho greater ones that
may then have been constructed II
la probable that tho comet will bo de
tected coming sunward a yoar or more
earlier than that Tho fact that tho
labor of computing tho precise time
of Its return Is already about to be
gin gives assurance that tho next time
It will not bo a question ot how many
days but rather of how many hours
or even mlnute3 tho calculations will
Tho Sunsets Then AVcro Far Moro
Southerners who lived In moro luxury
before tho war than they havo been
able to do slnco havo a very natural
way of dating everything by compar
ing every event of tho present time to
those palmy days befo the wa says
tho Country Gentleman It Is qulto un
necessary to add that all things suffer
by tho comparison It was the custom
of tho guests at tho sanitarium to as
semble on the porches just before sun
down to watch tho retiring process of
old Sol as he Bllpped away to bed be
hind Mount Plsgah ono of tho loftiest
peaks of tho Blue range Some of the
guests were asserting they could see
the gray hairs on the back of the Rat
another elevation so called from Its
resemblance to that animal A little
patch of fleecy clouds had evidently
caught fast on tho pines in passing a
cliff and somo one said Beancatcher
peak was flirting with Beaumont while
the Balsam range others said had al
ready put on a nightcap of mist with
now and then a blueblack peak pro
jecting abovo the clouds Otherwise
not a cloud was to be seen save a few
mackerel scales just abovo the western
horizon Just a3 but half of tho suns
orb was left In view and shadows were
rapidly deepening and the last depart
ing shafts of sunlight wero gliding the
domes of tho most lofty hills and every
ono was all but speechless with admira
tion at the splendor of tho sunset one
woman a northerner and a newcomer
was ablo to keep her tongue going
Oh I do think she was saying to a
southern lady that It Is tho most ex
quisite sunset I ever saw tell me Is it
a custom down hero for the sun to Bet
like ihatjV Oh thats nothing was
tlfe reply you sbould have seen it
befo tho wal
Now Use for XHays
It is said that tho Xraya havo been
successfully applied in France to the
detection ot adulterations ot food
where tho adulterants consist of some
kind of mineral matter The food to
be examined is reduced to powder and
spread thinly upon glass An Xray
photograph of the glass reveals the
prcsonco of tho mineral particles by
the failure of tho rays to penetrate
them as they penetrate the other con
stltuents of tho powdered food
Ilnl Hal
I cant make these matches strike
said Bloodumper after two or three In
effectual efforts Thats because you
are not a walking delegate explained
Mrs Bloodumper Harlem Lite
General Summary of Crops rroauocd
Immigration anil Improvement Notes pf
Our Sister Cities Pickups Tliat uro or
Goncrnl Interest
Six families of emigrants passed
through Corpus Chrlstl last week go
ing southward
Tho pooplo of Dickinson will likely
plant n good deal of cotton tills year
as It Is tho host first year crop for now
Everything Is being done by tho Al
vln gardncrs looking to their cary gar
dens nnd seeding has already com
Tho Influx of prospectors continues
and over 100 new houses have boot
sold by tho lumbermen during tho last
few weeks
Prince Khavenhullor do Mctsch
grand master of tho court of Austria
spent Sunday in San Antonio nnd loft
that oftcrnoon for Mexico
Murrnh Bros of Golthwalte have
bought 400 3yenrold steers In Bell
county nnd are now driving them to
their pastuies whence they expect to
ship to tho tenltory In the spring
Tho little negro who fell from tho
trucks of the Southern Pacific passen
ger train on Now Years day and was
bo badly mashed died Saturday
Governor L S Roof J II Suber and
C A Lewis of College havo just re
turned to Bryan from a holiday hunt
on tho Nnvasotn river dm lng which
they killed two doer one of which was
brought down by the governors uner
ring rifle The other killed by Mr
Suber was an Immenso buck with 10
point antlers
Dleklnbon can not report as many
prospectois as neighboring towns al
though It has somo of tho best and
prettiest located lands between Galves
ton and Houston It Is supposed that
the and owners knowing the value ot
their possessions nro not so eager to
tell and so do not take the troublo to
advertise them as others do
Those who were practically rice far
mers havo done remarkably well this
season In Jefferson county Their yield
has been good the quality up to date
and tho prlco lecelved netted them n
handsome Income There Is no question
but that the rice plintcr who under
stands his business can make money
In that locality nnd llvo royally at the
same time
The summer nnd fall havo been so
favorable for tho only Industry of Al
pine Browster county Texas stock
raising that beef cattlo aro being
moved to the markets very rapidly
over the Southern Pacific railway
During the month of December GO cars
of beef cattlo wero shipped from Al
pine to the New Orleans and East St
Louis markets
Tbo people of Dickinson Galveston
county havo planted celery this winter
on n much larger scale than ever be
fore nnd It Is looking very flnc Some
of the earliest Is ready for market but
prices are too low now to sell owing
to western shipments The market for
homo grown celery comes In February
nnd this section never failed to tenllsso
good prices for that raised In tho home
Captain James Garltty of Corslcana
one of the dliectors In the Texas Insur
ance company of Tyler returned from
that city Sunday where he went on
private business He reports that an
Inspection Into tho condition of tho
Texas Insurance company will bo
made and a meeting bo held at Hous
ton on tho 7th Instant to determine
whether or not a reorganization will bo
Cabbage raised at Dickinson has nnl
Is pnylng well this winter and up to
date Galveston has furnished a steady
market for them Strawbenles never
looked better and the acreage Is nearly
double that of last year They are
blooming very freely and It is feared
that a very cold spell should one come
will Injure them to some extent The
winter so far lias been so mild that
nothing has censed to grow and a
heavy freeze would likely causo wide
spread damage
There will be a considerable acreage
of ribbon sugar cane planted In Gal
veston county this year as there Is a
general disposition ninong the people
to make their own syrup thereby get
ting the pure nnd unadultcred article
something rarely to be had In tho
markets This cane grows finely hero
nnd onequarter of an ncro will yield
enough syrup for any family supply
for ono year
Ganndo Is keeping abreast with the
general progress nnd development
which characterize Jackson county
Lots have been secured there for thl
predion of another mill nnd cotton gin
of tho latest modern Improvements
The rich country which surrounds that
promising Httlo city Is being Improved
nnd Bottled by Industrious Swedes
Germans and other progressive farm
ers from the northwest
Leading north Texas parties nro ne
gotiating with a view of putting in a
mammoth gin plant nt Port Lavaca to
bo la readiness for tho coming cotton
< rop
Vbeu tho safe In tho Qsto01co ot
Oat Springs Austin couuy was rob
bed on the day after Clrlstmas tho
money drawer was carod off to
gether with something over S0 which
was In the drnwcrrSalunUy the draw
er with two coppers was found by the
road working force half a tnllo from
Cat Spring
Lieutenant Governor ester is at
woik nt Corslcana arranging tho com
mittees of tho legislature which meets
on tho 12th Ho Is rctlnt as to tho
personnel of tho various committees
but It Is given out that Smator Perrj
J Lewis of San Antonio rvlU be chair
man of Judiciary No Governor
Jester will neither deny tor aftlrm this
The wool scouring mil at Colorado
hns closed down having scoured all
tho wool In sight and completing a
most prosperous season A Uttlo over
1000000 pounds of wool was wnslioJ
A big laud deal has Jti t been closed
at Wharton In which CiD Kemp It
E Vineyard and R B Huston pur
chased 7432 acres Thejcousldoiatlon
paid was 2072000 cash Tho land
was out of the Baxter citato
The conditions of the Alvln stiaw
berry crop remain fnvovjble The con
tinued open weather has forwaided the
fruit beyond what It should bo at this
tlmo and if this wnim weather contin
ues the shipments will s n bo large
Several crates are bioilgjit In dally and
tho patches aro white with bloom
Several parties are picparal to pto
tect portions of their ciop troni rod
weather but as yet ha not requited
tho piotectlon
Tho Alvln cabbage crop Is mo lng
freely nnd Is heading up nicely Largo
orders aro coming In forshlpinonts of
fering very satisfactory prices Thcro
Is also considerable quantities of caull
flower now ready for market and somo
celery The cabbage of this section 14
making n reputation wherever Intro
duced Hard green heads weighing
fiom 4 to 0 pounds very tender and
well flavored
Reports from points up tho Pan
handle report a heavy fall of snow In
that section last week The fall waa
so heavy that the soun th buuud Fort
Worth and Denver train was delayed
somo twelve hours Tho fnll Is report
ed to have been unusually heavy and
stockmen here are apprehensive lest
heavy losses result among cattle The
fact that tho snow was preceded by n
slow cold rain which chilled tho cat
tle on the range Is what occasions thj
Tho tcrrlblo cyclone that struck tho
town of Mooriugsport La located on
the Kansas City Sh rev iidrt and Gulf
railway has destroyed one of thomost
flourishing towns on tho line A largs
number of residences have been erect
ed since the completion of the railroad
and everyone seemed to be Interested
In the upbuilding of the place Today
a gloom of sorrow rests over this city
overlooking tho beautiful Fairy lake
and death nnd destruction are seen ev
Tho southern portion of Austin coun
ty which was formerly considered as
suitable mainly for cattlo raising Is
rapidly being cut up Into small farms
and not only the black hog wallow
lauds but also tho sandy soil havo
pioton surpilslugly fertile nnd better
adapted to resist the evil effects of a
summer drouth than the blnck uplands
which foimcrly claimed tho settlers
attention In the vicinity of Scaly San
Felipe and Wnllls frb ni 4000 to C0OO
acres of prairie land aro being placed
In cultivation every j oar
The contractors who havo the Noch
cs river bildgo near Beaumont for the
Knii3as City Plttsbuig and Gulf aro
on tho ground nnd tho bridge will bo
pushed rapidly Woik Is well under
way on tho Sabine river bridge Thcro
will bo tho two connecting links for Jiy
the time they niAllnlshed the lino of
track will bo eompfcto fimn Kansas
City to Toit Aitltur Tills load with
tho Santa io headed this way and tho
Cotton Belt on tho evoj of following
make the rnllioad featuio of Jefferson
countys pi ogress full and complete
Tho commissioners court of Calhoun
county at the List sitting advertised
for bids to grade nluo miles of road In
tho Swedish colony nt Olivia Petitions
nio now being circulated for two oilier
leading roads to run across the county
from Port Laiaca ono to Seadrlft on
San Antonio bay and tho other to tho
county line through tho Six Mllo Creek
settlement When they are laid out
It Is understood that action will also
bo taken to grado them It Is found
that the graded roads not only afford
good means of epminuuleatlon and
greatly facilitate tho advancement of
the county but relievo the low places
on tho prairies of all surplus water
Tho tide of Immigration to Ooluound
county from north Texas exceeds that
from all otber parts of tho county com
bined but tho number from the Inter
ior states Is constantly oil tho Increase
and may equal tho Texas influx by
Good seasonable rains have fallen
In Taylor county putting the soil in
excellent condition for early plowing
Planters say that within a radius of
ten miles of Taj lor over 30000 acres
ot new land or virgin soil will bo put
Info a high state of cultivation for tho
first tlmo during tho coming ceason
Komo Instructions to Applicants for
rreo Headings Full Nanio anil Ad
dress Must Accompany Evory Letter
Xrhato Kcurilngs
HE Astrologer In
sists that every ap
plicant for a free
reading in thesa
columns must give
full name and ad
dress The answer
will bo by tnltial
unless some other
means of Identifi
cation is adopted
by applicant It
jou do not know tho exact dato or
hour of birth send TWO twocent
stamps for special instructions
Every request for a horoscope will
bo answered In Its turn Several
hundred havo already been filed Fer
sons wishing private readings by mall
at once must inclose TWELVE two
cent stamps Address all letters to
Prof G W Cunningham Dept 4 194
South Clinton street Chicago 111 This
weeks horoscopes aro as follows
X V Z Crete Neb
You are a mixture of tho signs Aries
which Mar3 rules and Taurus which
Venus rules and thereforo Mars nnd
Venus are your ruling planets You
aro medium height or above medium
to light complexion tho eyes have a
peculiar sparkle and sharp sight and
nro of a medium to light color You
are very active and energetic and quite
ambitious to push business yet If this
time Is correct you havo no constitu
tion that will allow you to carry out
your ambitions and your worst ail
ments will be in somo way connected
with your head You have a great lovo
for the beautiful in art and nature
you aro possessed with a great ability
to talk write and work fine embroid
ery and paint you have natural abil
ity in some of the flno arts However
only those that know you well will
fully appreciate you and the first half
of lite will be uphill work tho last half
will be some better Marriago is un
fortunate for you
Flnx Smltliboro 111
Data proclaim you a mixture of the
signs Libra which Venus rules and
Scoplo which Mars rules and there
fore Venus and Mars aro your ruling
planets You aro medium height well
set figure medium complexion hazel
eyes hair was flaxen when young but
has been getting some darker as you
havo grown older If you had been
born a few minutes earlier there would
be Indications of a dlmplo in your chin
You are endowed with the indications
of both tho gentle confiding modest
Venus also the bold aggressive re
fractory warllko Mars and you will
act In accordance with whichever one
of these happens to bo called forth
You are fond of anything that relates
to chemistry and mystery also the
beautiful in art such as music paint
ing drawing sketching etc You need
somo special instructions or you will
get rid of all the money you can mako
and havo nothing left to show for it
Marriage fortunate
airs Helena Cairo
According to data the sign Sagitta
rius which Jupiter rules was rising at
your birth and therefore Jupiter Is
your ruling planet or slgnlflcator iou
aro medium height or above with a
wellset figure Tho complexion very
clear and healthy tho hair medium
to light eyes light you are noted for
being of a cheerful happy disposition
you do not allowanythlngllke the blues
to come near you you are also noted
for being fully appreciated by all and
you can secure and hold a good posi
tion at any tlmo you wish you havo
had a very eventful life and have been
a great traveler and the last half of
life has been tho most fortunate you
can always command a good salary if
you wish and will make and handle
large sums of money during your life
yet will meet with many losses You
aro a great lover of torses You havo
groat ambition for a largo business
You havo a remarkably strong consti
Helen Dulmque Iowa
You have tho zodiacal sign Libra ris
ing and therefore Venus Is your ruling
planet You are medium height or
above slender figure medium to light
complexion hair and eyes Jf born
four minutes earlier you have Uranus
also for ruling planet and that would
denote a little darker shado to tho
eyes You are cheerful and happy
most of the tlmejet will be subject to
short spells ot the blues and If any
one does you an Injury you aro not
apt to forget it very soon yet you
will foiglve them nnd bo very Just to
them it you had any dealings with
them for you aro a lover ot Justice and
have also a great admiration for tho
fine arts You will havo very strong
intuitions at times yet this will only
be spasmodic In ts actions Marriago
will be moro than average fortunate
for you
Cole Wood Dealers In WoojJ and
Coal b tho way a Boston sign reads
Uncle Samfl deadhead mall matter
last yoar amountod to E3130OO
An Atchison Kan man who ato
crow on an election betsays It la bet
tor than possum
Unnffer Kmlrrns Us
If wo llvo In a reelon where malaria la
piovalcnt It ts useless to hope to scan
It It unprovided with a rnedtclnl safe
guard Wherever tho endemic Is most
prevalent and malignant In South anl
Central Amerlcn the West Indies and cr
laln portions of Mexico and the Istlimus
of Panama llostetters Stomach Ulttcts
has proved a remedy for and prnventivu
of the disease In every form Not loss
effective Is It In curing rheumatism liver
and kidney complaints dyspepUti bilious
ness and nervousness
Artificial flowers are made of bretd
Texas pecan crop Is worth 5300000
Merit la characterlstloof Hoods Sarsapirllja and
Is manifested orcry day lrrlts remaraablo cures
of catarrh rheumatism dyspepsia
Ts tho best In fact tho Ono Trno Tdood Parser
H nrfc Dillc act hanronlously villi
S flllSs
tlOOU HoodsSarsapaiIlia SCO
If your skin isnt healthy
maVe it so HEISKELLS
Ointment will do it It cures
all skin troubles tetter ec
zema pimples etc If it is
due to humors in the blood
take two or three HEIS
KELLS Pills daily They
purify the blood
ointment fiOc Pills 21c At druggists or by moll
JHIITM UOlLOfl IV CO 631 Comincrcs St f lllluda
jUARTiirc or crrsTpnv oTn
No ItUST nor UATTIIi OtiriiM Kn or tW
A nurnMe iibulltiitiitor PlnNlerntt MB
Viiter TrooT Wlientlilnff of name muter altho
b8 AoheipeitlnthBiiirkft WrftoforcmnplcBrto
Galveston La Porte and Houston
The Bay Shore Lino
S ZDaily Traina S
TlmcTnblo In KtTect November 10th 1800
lirlns mmlcd stop on signal only
Uinins cln not stop wuuo no tlmo Is given
All lint Bhoro Un trains two Oianil Con
trol Mntinu at Houston and tho Union Depot
n Tlirot iuh ° tickcts on Bato at palvmton for all
nontanojth east and west
Close connexions at Houston wltuall truui
Unlo i Tc Hi Agont General Agent
nJiulon 210 Treroont M Ualvesioi
r IV Niu > ON O r A Houston
Tho befit aud Ohcapoitt tonco ou earth told by
allUioprlncipallumbor dealers la Toxaa Wrlto
tor circular and m J allot i this paper
t Bupplytng
sgontt a spec
and te
wiiw too n Aaawoa co mnna i °
MKCmlTIOAItCADE J10212 Main St Hons
IMuUN u ton Dry Goods Millinery Cloth
ligt Boots and Shoes eta Boot Ullbroukliop

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