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Published Ecr > Thursday by <
C f WAIJD Editor and Put
Dno Year postpaid jiqo
Entered at the Shiner Texas lostofllco
as icconilcliiss matter
Tho most popular form of Beltdental
Is to inconvenience yourself In order
to splto Eomobody olsc
A coquette Is Ilka a rose Etch lover
plucks a leaf tho stem and thorns are
left for the future husband
Unfortunately for tho human race
few of us feel that our particular
sphere it worthy of our beBt energies
If is easj enough to borrow troublo
by Imagining what people ought to do
and then fretting because they do oth
To chaiactor and succesa two things
contradictory as thev may seem must
CO humble dependence and manly in
The only thing that can be compared
to a good ad In wot king ability Is a
mortgage They both work day and
night lain or shine
It Is a good idea to swear off some
thing at the beginning of the new ycir
even If tho monotony of habit 13 only
broken for a w days
Strict attention to tho small courte
sies of life will advance a man faster
than waiting to ride into popularity
on some tidal wavo that may never
If It were not for the unhealthy con
ditions of tho slums In largo cities the
vicious portion of the population would
Increase t enough to drlvo away all
other eU ts
In Lexington Ky there is a club the
youngest member of which is 89 years
old All the others aie over 90 Tho
club meets regularly for puipo3cs of
mutual Improvement and social pleas
A Now Yoik dentist has Invented a
new thing In teeth which ho sais will
place them within reach of the masses
The teeth aro made of lubber the base
or plate and the teeth being formed In
tegrally These now artificial raastl
etcrs will be sold tor 150 and 2 a
Tho word trocha Is of such frequent
occurrence in dispatches and news from
Havana that it seems likcli In time to
become Incorporated Into the English
speech An explanation having been
asked of the term which is pronounced
trotsha with the accent on the first
Sj liable It maj bo stated that original
ly it denotes a footpath pathway or
sometimes a short cut During the
present Cuban unpleasantness Its sig
nificance has been applied to a fortified
high road f
Dr Charles Sweet tho bonesetter
died at his homo in Lebanon Conn
last week He is said to havo oper
ated In more than 100000 cases ot
bonesetting His family for threo gen
erations have been renowned for bone
setting abilities although no member
has had more than a common school
education and none of them ever
studied anatomy Dr Sweet was In
Wisconsin about twenty 5 oar a ago and
many people will remember his mai
velous success in fixing dislocated
The announcement that dais of
graco have been abolished In ono more
state suggests that in old English law
the phraso had a meaning different
from the present well understood sig
nificance of the woids as used In busi
ness Law or custom allows threo days
bejond tho fixed day ot pajment for
paying a note or bill of exchange The
term days of grace as UBed In old
English law signified tho period of
threo class allowed by tho court for the
arpearance and answer of a person
summoned beyond the lay mentioned
in tho writ This old rrso thus point
ed to mercy rather than to mere busi
ness accommodation or convenience In
these days of trusts and shylocks there
is neither mercy nor business last
plain sandbagging and no more
Once nnd not very long ago tho pub
lic letterwriters of Paris made com
fortable livings by inditing epistles
sentimental or businesslike as the case
might require for peoplo to whom tho
mysteries of the spellingboolc had nover
been explained Compulsory education
has ruined the craft and tho few repre
sentatives of it that survlvo only avoid
starvation by getting occasionally tho
task of correcting the grammar and
heightening the eloquence of somo
Socialistic Deputy whose ability to
write Is not backed up by tho posses
nion of very much to write about
Thcycomo from Illinois Kumiis nnd n
rilan ttml nro Trlfty Citizen unit llavo
Homo M01103 Tlicy nil Ilko tho fcouth
we t
Lalto Charles La Jan ill There lo
11 great movement of Dunkards from
Kansas Illinois and Indiana to the un
settled lands of Calcatlcu parish and
the southeattern rice bet Thursday a
fresh party arrived frani NappaUc
Elkhart county Indiana and were yes
terday prospecting In ths Bonalr settle
ment They are headed by J C Mel
linger Dr O L Shoemaker and
Messrs Good and Culp all from that
section of the Hoosler state somo of
tho party being Mcnnonltes a sect
very much like tho Dunkards propi
They aro thrifty desirable citizens and
all have soma money Thty uual y
oettlo In bunches and support churches
nnd schools of their own This com
pany was delighted with tho eouth
v est and the prospects sro that a b g
colouy will como in from Northern In
diana as the result cf this lnvestigv
A ohoit timo prevloiui to their ar
rival tho Watkins Raihoad company
had a party of Dunkard3 here irom
sections in Illinois In fact that was
tho beginning of what promises to lo
an enormous system Last fall tho
Dunkards hed a grand gathering a
kind of clannbh convention In Kan
sas where thousandr of tho Eert as
sembled Tho Watkins company sent
a representative to that convention
and told them of the lmmcnso agricul
tural lands In Southwebtem Louisiana
and on tho Texas border and invited
them to come and inspect the place A
party of twontyflvc as a committeo
from the convention was brought
down In a special car and shown over
the entlro country That shred move
ment is now boarlng fruit
The big colony at ltoanoko cf the
Southern Pacific railroad Is vel es
tablished There aro 100 of them and
they have a church of their own ev
erything about tho place denoting the
keenest of prosperity Theie is money
In the settlement and It is a custom of
their own that when ono membsr of n
colony gets behind or temporarily em
banassed financially all tho follow
members clip in and help him out
The Watkins comrany Uld out what
it called communities which should
bo especially adapted to this Bort ot
immigrants A community on an
aveiage conslsU of four sections of
land or about 2500 acres and there is
a church lot to each Eettlemnt
Thursday I S Metzgei cf Cerro Gor
do 111 contiacted for 300 acres of land
at the Donah community and left far
home to anange for the comlwg of sev1
eral families Joseph Shlve y of JIu
beiry Clinton county Indiana was
also of the party and he cxpcts to In
vest Tho movement of Dunkards is
slow but steady and a class of st
tlers that Is regarded as among the
most desirable now seeking homes In
tho great southwest
Vtunt Mnntiiulc 1nlnt
nivcr Head N Y Jan 10 Tho
Montauk tribe of Indians by their
chief and king Wyandank Pharlah
havo asked County Judge Benjamin
H Hcevo to biing an action against
tno Lrag Island llallroad company foi
tho recovery of Montauk Point The
suit Involves the title to the rcnlnsula
ot Montauk which consists of about
900 acres of land and v orth pchaps
500000 The summons and compalnt
drawn up by New York lawsers aro
reads for service but they havo not
been prsentcd to Judge Reeve
Tho Indians claim that they hold the
right to inhabit the peninsula and to
enjey all the benefits to bo derived
therefrom When the pioperty was
sold to Arthur W Denson in 187S it
was sold subject to tho rights of these
Indians to use and occupy cettaln por
tions of tho land lenovn as the Indian
The land In litigation fakes In Tort
Pond bay which the late Austin Cor
bln hoped to make a free port
When Denson purchased the prop
erty tho Montauk Indians were still
in possession and enjoyed their full
rights Benson soon began to remove
the Indians Ho made them liberal of
fers and finally purchased land near
Pelham anil established an Indian col
There aro not more than ten full
blooded Indians left ot the tribe Wy
andank Pharlah now king is a son of
King David whose foro fathers led
the powerful Montauks against the
tribes of Rhodo Island Connecticut
and Massachusetts
Tho queen of Montauk now occupies
a little hut In Freetown She is very
aged and is n genuine Indian squaw
Near Monterey Ky recently Jcnnlj
Drqwnlng drowned herself and child
At Aspen Col John
hantyii the other flay
Mocre was
aion AUtHt on Ice
uicacaincc JUfh Jan 16 Last
nl ht n n mcnBwere clinging to a
block of ico a Ifpjfycds square thft wao
be > ng driven tiat of Qrcca bay by a
fierce southerly tale
The wind wasjbiowins thirty mlle3
an hour rnd ciitjec with it a aero tem
psraturo sad Han occasional snow
cquall Tho men aro fishermen clad
caly in the > nono tso heavy clothing
worn whilo tc dlus their nets and
unless tho ico floo has been blown
against Chambera i3land or Greens
Island tLcro ia litto possslbillty that
they lived through the night
Tho doomed men aro residents of
Konekauneo and their wives and chll
dicn and neighbors spent tho night on
the mountains of ice barricading the
beadi watching
The missing men arc Neb Mattson
Otto Christlanson Ed Hcffman Lars
Larson Matt Hilgre Eetsli Jeltson
John Johnson Thomas Kutson aid
Tom Lund
Yesterday afternoon nt oclock n
strip of Ice about tea miles long ex
tending south fidm tho moutn of the
Mcnomlneo river broke from tho v03t
shore nnd Was carried rapidly toward
tho east shoto 0Green bay In the di
rection of Dfntlijs Door
When the ice floo left Its anchorage
wero on the IcjH tending their nets but
were so far Sway from tho track fiat
by tho time the alarm had been glvu
tho crack was sty vide that they cc Id
net C3cape to thohoie Signals of tl
tross weie displayed but < t was a iio
time Icfoio they were discovered aid
meantimo the ico had swept well to
ward tho middle of the hay Two
jawls weic manned and tour men
were brought to tho shore but tha
othcis fearing that help could not
leach them from Malnstee or Menomi
nee had rushed to tho eastern side of
thj Ice evidently intending to cscapo
to Greens island and thU3 reach Cham
bers island or Door uff on tho east
shore cf tho Green bay As the dark
ness settled down however the Ice
oould be soon carrying well Into the
lake and fishermen think t cape is
Mlnlater Willis Dind
San FranciEco Cal Jan 10 The
steamer Monowai which arrived hero
at midnsM r rlday brought advices
fiom HcnoluluUo tha effect that Uni
ted States Minister AlLert S Willis
died at 930 i m on Jan 0 after an
illness covering several monhs re
sulting from the attack of pneumonia
ho contracted whilo on his vacation to
the United slates
In AprilthOj minister and hi3 family
left liavall iioi a visit to their oldhomo
at Louisville Whilo la San Francisco
on tho retuin trip tho minister con
tracted a severe cold which scttld up
on his lungs Ths vva3 tho Immediate
cause of Ills death At noon on Dec 31
whilo leaving church his horse ran
away and threw Mr Willis to the
ground He was taken to a physicians
ofilce and soon lecovcred sufficiently
to retuin to hl3 homo at Walklkl He
never left It again
rover increased and tho cold taken
in San Francisco soon developed Into
pneumonia This settled so flrnly up
on the lungs that it could not bo
checked All human effort was ex
pended without avail Thiee physi
cians labored lacessant y and held fie
oucnt consultations upon the case A
lev days before Christmas tho crco
< as pronounced hopeless
ltfltl for Wlft Uuriler
Philadelphia Pa Jan 1C Patilclc
Domhoo who was married Thursday
afternoon at 1 oclock was anc3tcd
yesterday charged with murdering hta
wife A leception was given at tilth
home at 219 Darlev cticet which last
ed until 10 oclock Thursday night
That was the last seen ot the couple
unt 1 yesterday morning when a mlle
man came along and rang the door
bell Ponahoc camo to tho door at
frlghted and haggared and ask ° d tho
milkman to go for hl3 3loter saying His
wife was ill When Donahnes slser
reached tho houso she fund the wo
man dead Her face wai black her
head cut and blcody linger marks wero
on her reck Donahoe was placed un
der arrest hut dcnlos all knowledge of
the murder
A Setlniti CUtrft
Now York Jar 1C Theodore P
Steele a lawye vcis arraigacd in the
central police cjurt yesterday charged
with passing a worthless check for a
small sum > on Ctea A Davenport a
typowiiter whu al o says lis bestrayed
her while she was employed in his of
fice Ho was unsble to furnish 5200
ball and was taken to prison Mr
Steele came origlrLtlly from Lexington
Ky and belongs to one of tho oldest
families of thatstateIt is said that
Col W C P Breckinridge Is his first
cousin Steele has practiced law In
New York for thirteen years
V 11 lt vll
Fir3t Actor How much do jou earn
In jour nev role
fcecond Actorf earn about COO a
week but tho jntnager 0 nly jlvos ran
26 Toxiui eiHlnjrs
tlio llnmlnl WouiulM Spanish Soltllrrs
Cnrrlcci Into Ilitwimi VV ejlcr1 Ktnrlco
of Ptlennciitlon Sot Confirmed by tho
ItCHUltD ferrlouA Killwuy VVrosk
Santa To Unl January 18 Horace
Hall n white balfliiecd over 10 jiara
old and Win Iluik ato in Jail litre
cliiugeil with a 11uc11llit ofiense Itudv s
fathei is it wealthy tltlen of Atvvatci
ill The joung man left home aluilt
ten years ago lho schcnip was for
young Husk to putond that that he was
lead and the J under thu name of
Blown to become admlnlstintor of his
estate Hall vys then to vvtlto to
Rusks pnuiitH telling tliuu tint Rusc
wits dead 11111I that IltisU hml bouowed
IflCOO fiom Hull which Itrown the ad
niluNttator u lined to pij until he
heaid fiom Rusks father The letter
was couched In sjniptthctic terms but
made it vcrj plain that It was Rusks
duty lo send money to Uiovn so lie
ould iiy the debt of his nlegcrt deid
Hid It not been for the Illinois farm
ers losiio to vet > the lemalns of his
sou tho game would piolnlily have
noikeilj but nfter ttlcgiapbliig n num
ber of limes about the body to Blow n
and Hall nnd getting no sstslactloj
lie Lecame KOusplclous
rlIou < t Knlhrnj VVrotfc
TuMiiKuun Aik Jauuaiy IS Tho
Texas and Pacific pisseiwei train No
J which lift here at oclock Situuliy
night lo El Iuso was wrecked nt
Forest switch nineteen miles fiom
hero The engine tender mall ex
picss nnd bag ige cms were thiovvn
down an embankment and ciushcl to
spllutcm The engine fell on the op
posite side of the track ami caught En
gineer M Xi Cliincnx us ho attempted
to jump crushing his light leg to a
pulp and Indicting internal Injuiles
which he died t few houis later
A biikcinin whose name was not
given wab seilously hurt sustaining
the dislocation of a boulder and otbd
Railroad Mall Clerk William Rat
cllffe was also h idly bruised and R L
Mahaftcy ilightlj The latter Infoim
ed the lepoiter tint It was 1 mlraclo
how 1111V one trnpeil alive turn the
three wrecked ens The iusi > of th >
wicck was 11 cios tie which had llant
cd across the lack by r hcrvj fall of
rain which occtured lite jctcdtv
evening It was at almost this idcntl
eal hpot that a limllnr accident In
which the engineer and thice otheis
were Killed took place In Jul 1S01
ItobpltulM Grow lot
Key Woht Florida Januaiy IS
News was received by the jiteainshlp
from Havana to the effect that ovei
100 wounded Spinlsh soldiers lml 111
rlvcd In Havana within the past foity
eight hours lrom Arteinlsa and other
sections lu the west thus Milntnntlat
lug reports of Cub 111 vlctoiies In that
jectlon as sent in this corieinndence
some days ago It is lepoited in Hn
x 1111 tint the Held hofpltuls In 111 it
section are now overcrowded and tint
much against his will Wcjler hid to
older the 1unov1l hero ot these men
A huge piopoitlon me suffciliig from
machete j omuls show lug conclusively
the nnliue of the cngageincnts It has
leaked out that We lor did Intend go
lug lo the front in Ilnviui nnd Mittun
iis provinces this week but that owing
to the moie ieceit distillbamoreport
ed In and noir Aiternlsi Lo was tin
willing to leave Havana It Is stated
that Oc11c11l Rlveias movements nea
Arterulu are causing him eoiildeiiile
muMblncn as the Spinldi cotnimndei
theie have asked for lelnforc rn nlu
Dont get too thoroughly imbued
with the Idea that jou aro a tlgn
board to direct other peoplo on the
road to duty
Tho Orphnn Homo XlttlmH
Dallas Texas Januaiy IS The lit
tle suffetcra who are In the hospital
on account of burns caused by the
Iuniliig ot the Uuckuer Orphans
homo Filday night are lepoited l > j
Dr lluckuei last night to bo doing fali
ly w ell Tw 0 or three of them 111 e still
la a very serious condition The su
perintendent of the home repoits that
the donations have been genenous and
telegrams of sympathy fiom all paits
of tho state fietiucnt Tho school ut
the home will open today as usuil All
lho Inmates are now comfortably bedd
For I orclRn AllBHlons
Fort Worth Texas Jnnuary 18
Bishop C O MtCabo of the Methodist
Episcopal climch Friday night dellv
ered an eloquent lecture nt the First
Methodist Episcopal chuich on the
subject of foreign missions It Is snld
that he is able to laiso 51000000 1 year
for the cause and thobc who have
heard him and who know his earnest
rcss ern readily believe it Another
mass meeting over which the venom
hie bshop pi added was held Saturday
night In the First Baptist chuich In
clemtnt weather has Interfered with
both meetings
Emperpr William of rJcrmany asked
h 3sal6i41liflherlrecently Sslfcrf lro
could do to Satontlh tho world fhrj re
ply Remain quiet ono week and eeo
how dumbfounded everybody will be
suggests that power is not nlwava in
nolso and activity Pistol quoth
Shakeapeoro hath n hilling tongue
and a quiet cword
In tho faco ot tho fact that the
Princess de ChlmayCararaan refuse1
to permit hor gypsy lover to practice on
tho violin some ono is trying to sart
the absurd rumor that she Is dcnuntccl
Wo hear a farmer say when ho icads
that John Broidei Mlshicott Wis
grow 173 bushels of SalroiH Silver
King Barley per aero in ISiG Dont
you bcllevo It Just write hlml You
see Salzero seeds aio bred up to big
lelds And Oits 230 bushels corn 1IG0
Wheat CO bushels Potato 1000 bush
els Glasses G tons per acre etc etc
151000 ion 10 ciMS
lint Stnit llils Iwitlro Vlllli 10 Cents
stamps to John A Stizer Sd > d Co
La Cross Wis and get 1J farm seed
samples worth 510 to get a start wn
Tiajin tho Roman ompoicr knaw
the names of alt lho Praetorian
guards in tho city ntiout 100JJ In
Henry Clay know peisonally and
remembered tho names of thousands
of his constituents It was his stiong
point during 1 canvass
VIcks Floral Guide Is a blight lm
blnger of spring although In we vvilto
the air without Is nvv and cold We
have advertised Mcs rs James vlcki
Sons seeds and plmta Toi ninny 1
vitr nnd know that the give Kills
taction to those who ileal with ihcin
The Guide for 10T contains six full
page half tone llliistntlons jihoto
piiphcil fiom lite of Asteis Roses
Cm tuitions Gold Flowois inrtl Toma
toes It tells how to secure and glow
everthing wanted In the giidcn
See the advertisement In another
column of this film fiom Rochcstei N
JcflT try 11 IOo box of Cacnrols rfliiclv cflllmr
tic tbo llnost llvut ftiulliouel lppiliitoi malu
When the woild gives treasuie It nl
vajs scuds trouble thciewlth
ucnti oro csiiemlvc It Is no cspcrlmcnt to
tako trio l cilidno whloli tliowandii endorro ni
tho best which cjrea wheu otbcia fdl namely
Tlio Host In fact tlio One True Tlood Purifier
HoOflf Pll 3 curenitLica i idleestlon
11UUU tt t 111 j
U cents
Galveston h Porte and Houston
Tho Day Shoro Lino
e rDodly Traixacs e
ThMPT l > lelnifrtct > oicmb < r 15th 1HI10
liohiB mniVrd ptnpon ftpn l only
J r una Jo not etop n uu no tlmu In Iven
All ltit > tSliiirc Line tliilnt list Jiniut Con
t ml Sttttlon in lions on ivtul lliu Liilnu Dujid
linoiuli tickets on snl nt GaUeston Coi al1
1ki iitB n01 tli nt nnd e r
I Jose Lonncvllona tit Houston WLh all truul
nrHiunov a airSMini
Un 01 r c e t t lieiKnil Afifnt
lUnalon J1 frrniontSt lusHcalOi
Boro tycn i4 Q
Arn Sonic time
liut rotliall npei lmpiio our oiLharda unlef i
wo tiynew Kinds a Jiuo tholrlunipn am
l < ri > fii6lorfi leftclioaj ttio Ueil Juno unt
AVlrtiKon rinm i tlio Kouiirc and Uncoli
rorclees Itari mid otfei new tiutfl heIdes Hi
lirst ol thn old stondardti bent foi our new
lllU8tiattd cutalovtut met fee what la Huld oJ
them AldObccd mid 1 lowers
1JAUKU IlllOiIuit ortliTrirt
High Class Saods
Plants Itollv
In oi iloldes
Ganion lloic
PpraylnK OutlltB to V < l I < AitLltKN
KiilM JilmkAt Htrcot < i tlt Jtuiit Itxat
lor tracing and locating tiald or 8tlv v
Ore losloriiliidmitrtiaiirei AX XI FOW
tOSlU Vox 037 South tint ton Conn
tos Disc Plow CoDallasPLO WS
Write ioc u AoilernoQiCobUdFim Dallas I
MA nWQAItCAIr 10212 Mnln p noun
JtliluUIl ton DryUoulB Mlllln ry loth
Intf hootBnndfelioots etc liolit lllbioot Pi op
ITIiomiisonsiryo WctEf
Beat Caucli Bjrun Tastes Jowl Va Pit
j tatltno SoMbydniccl8l3 Wg

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