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me First Strike I nooks amid rural sights and
September 5 may not have been sounds on Dr 0 O Snklers
tin day sot aside by the laborers furra near ICyserlke Ulbtcr coun
of FJminohs time nnd there may
not have been organized trade
unions in those days 1150 15 0
but Pliaraoh found the work in
his Temple of Thebes effectually
delayed by a strike and as serious
a situation to face as ever a New
England manufacturer had to
The temple that was to astound
the world and stand as a monu
ment to Egypts greatest king
was under way Its graceful out
lines were well defined oven its
gorgeous interior decorations
were begun the alabaster wall
Inlaid with jewels representing
the fairest lowers on the banks
of the Nile were nearing perfec
tion The masons whose magic
hands were erecting this archi
tectural wonder received little
cash but large supplies of food
the lirst of every mouth These
supplies were to last them a
whole month Hut even thirty
three centuries ago things went
wiong in the commissary depait
meut and contractors grew rich
Time after time the food gave
out before the month had passed
uud the builders suffered But
once when the supply lusted only
two weeks the proverbial worm
doubled in its tracks and
the oppressed in its wrath
The contractor like all
his kind was obdurate lie de
elated the men had wantonly
wasted their rations mid should
have no more
The body of workmen marched
to the contractors house and
squatted at his palace gate and
vowed they would stay there till
they had justice They spoiled
the view their nose disturbed the
contractor and he weakened
When he offered to compromise
by laying the matter Jbefore Phar
j Aoh lhe obiikuQSviiAhat victiry
was theirs They grasped the
fact as fully in those days as now
that when a contractor yields an
inch the King of Labor can sweep
him a mile
Pharaoh wanted his temple
The bagatelle of a few million
sacks of corn was nothing to him
Pliaraoh ordered the request of
the workmen granted and all
went well for n time But the
same thing occurred next month
The men encouingod by their pre
vious successes struck again
They would have been the delight
of New Bedford mill hands and
would have aroused the envy of
New York cloakmakers But
again they were victorious and
the big granaries had to bo
drawn upon before they would
resume the woik thnt was to be
Egypts pride
So from the beginning success
has perched upon the banner of
the strikers
He Got Gay
The distinguished Boston au
thor was returning from New
York on the faith of Harpers
Drawer and was offered novel
after novel by the train boy Over
eacli and nil the author mur
ium ed that he had read it Then
the boy picked out a new book
just taken into stock and of
fered the distinguishe d one his
latest work Wrote it said
the author seeing his chance
The train boy like the worm
turned Fixing his eye firmly
upon the distinguished author
and with his lip curling with
contemptuous indignation he
cried Aw dont get gay
DriviniT Ilcos to 1 anturc
When Aaron Snyder of King
ston took his honey bees out for
a drive Ui the country the other
day andeft them to spend a few
ty he created quite a breeze of
excitement among the persons
along the road and had to stop
many times to explain what he
was doing The Idea of sending
bees to the country for the bene
fit of their health Is lull of novel
ty to the average man who has
come to regai d a bee as the most
cianky and pestiferous thing
Yet as Mr Snyder explains
there is an excellent leason for
taking the bees to the country
and it is really no more remark
able than taking rows to pasture
The principle is in the inula the
same although by moving the
bees even more is accomplished
for the color and quality of the
honey they make is thus con
tioiled It is a fact well known
to bee fanciers that bees will on
ly go about three miles from the
flowers Another fact equally
well known is that there is in
buckwheat blossoms a larger
amount of honey than in any oth
er flower that grows in any quan
tity This honey although dark
in color has a very agreeable
llavor and is preferred to any
Buckwheat is not very plenti
ful within thiee miles of Mr Sny
ders apiary and therefoio ho in
moving 100 hives of bees to n
location in the country where
they can llnd plenty of It Half
of these bees are taken to Kyser
ike nnd the other half to a place
about two miles north of Stone
ltidge When the buckwheat 1ms
died off the bees will be brought
back to their home in Kingston
Mr Snyder has kept bees for
twentyflvo years and has made a
study of their habits which fits
him tc can for them with the re
quired profit When nskedjiLhis
bees wouldk not get lost taking
them into a strange country liq
said No there is no danger of
that if thq hives are always
moved while the bees are in them
But if while the bees are out in
the fields gathering sweets the
hive is moved they will leturn
straight to the place where the
hive wus and cluster there A
bee returns on a route straight
as a bee line to the place it
starts lrom nnd as the queen bee
remains in the hive the bees go
light on making honey in this
hive according to their nature
It is said that the idea of mov
ing bees to pasture is carried on
to a large extent along the Mis
sissippi where tie hives are
taken from place to place down or
up stream on flat boats thrt an
chor dining the day ard are
moved on nt night while tin bees
are all in the hives thus 1 eeping
them in fresh pasture all of the
Hissing means different tilings
to be at tlie time In West Africa
the natives hiss when they nre
astonished in the New Hebrides
when tliey see anything beautiful
The Basutos applaud a popular
orator in the assemblies by hiss
ing at him The Jnpanese again
show their reverence by n hiss
which lias probably somewhat
the force of the hush with
which we command silence
Hicks Barton is quite Btrtick
with Miss Birdikin He had just
lighted a cigar last evening when
she hove in sight He threw it
away and went up the street with
Wicks And do you know
what she said to him She told
him thnt she appreciated liis self
denial in throwing tlie cigni
away but she never could thiuJs
nt marrying a man who was so
devoid of economy TitBits
Thn Offlclnl Time
Tlie necessity thnt there shall
be only one man who has thu
say in a litilltnry command is
thoroughly recognized in the
United States army A story is
told of General Shatter com
mander of the American expedi
tionary force for the invasion of
Cuba whiehillustrates the punc
tilio of thqjregulars in this re
gal d 4
At a certain frontier post at
which Swifter who then held an
inferior rank wns commander
many years ago a discussion
arose among several officers as to
the exact time of day A captain
with his wntgh in his hand said
It is now exactly 3 oclock
Oh no said a lieutenant by
my time its 8 minutes past 1
A third oflicer drew his watch
out of his pocket I know my
time is exactly right ho said
and my watch says 2 minutes
past 3
At this juncture Mnpor Shaf
fer looked ntuhis silver watch
I dont know what your
watches sny lic remarked bur
1 wish you toi understand that in
this command it is 5 minutes
past 3
Then the yo ung officer remem
bered that tile authority of tlie
commanding oflicer extended
even to the timevof day
Out of a Job
Hero is a good story of an old
colored man who asked ai white
man if lie could give him woik
The white man asked the negro if
lie had a boat
When the negro replied Yes
boss the white man responded
Well you see all that driftwood
floating downthe river
Yes sah was the reply
Well then continued the
white man yon row out in the
river andl > catclithatsdrift wood
nndpn v yfcmffBouJgetV v
The eoloredman worked hard
for a while when all of a sudden
he stopped and pulled for the
Bhore On being asked the reasom
for his return he replied Dnt
wood is jest as much mine nst is
his I aint gwine to give him
any and so Im out of work
again Tit Bits
Verdis House of Ileposo
Tht Ilbuse of Bepose for Mm
fliciuns founded by Signor Ver
di is now almost finished It is
nearly three years since the first
Btone was laid It is situated in
the 1Iazza Ilichelangelo Buon
arroti outside Porta Magenta
No exterior sign shows that
the house is Verdiswork and he
ordered the architect Colto to
avoid all external pomp While
preserving an elegant simplicity
Inside it is far grander than out
side It is designated to house
one hundred musicians sixty
men and forty women during
the last yeai s of their lives There
is a cential lmll for meetings
and concerts two open terraces
an oratory nnd an infirmary
Verdi wished that the house
should not bear his name but tlie
Milan people already call it Casa
Veidi London Daily News
The czar should not fail to note
the fact that we are doing the
best we can in the direction of
Ulsarmament having destroyed
nearly the entire Spanish navy
In the war of words now in pro
gress thero is n display of very
bad gunnery No one seems
be able to get the rhngo
1eople never know what rest
and relaxation arc until they re
turn from their vacations and set
tie down to work afto1 a several
weeks struggle with truuks and
summer hotel beef
lfedwheel late models
all makes 3 to12
ir 8ftpoitopprotaw a
outacent payment Write
r bargain 11t and art rntalofrue
models UlflaOIKFlltE tor
season to adrortlse them Jtlder nsenta
rantedLearnnowtol ornnUlC7eleand make money
rheumatism cured
My wife litis used Chamberlains Tain
Balm for rheumatism with great re
lief and I can recommend It as a splen
did liniment for rheumatism and other
household use for which ive have found
It valuable YV J CUyler Red Creek
Sir Cuylcr Is one of the leading mer
phatits of this villnge and one of tho
most prominent men In this vicinity
W G Phtppln editor ilted Creek Hot
all lr
aid For sale by druggists
The expulsion of Zola from the le
gion of honor Indicates that that body
Is rather a legloa of corrupt men and
It can less afford to be without Zola
than he can afford to have anything to
do with it
A word to the wise Is sufficient
and a word from the wise should be
sufficient but you nsk who are the
wise TJioso who know The oft re
pented experience of trustworthy per
sons may too taken for knowledge Mr
W SI Terry says Chamberlains Cough
Iteniedy gives better satisfaction than
any other In the market He has been
In the drug business at Elkton Ky for
twelvo years has sold Jiundreds of bot
ties of this remedy nnd nearly all oth
er cough medicines manufactured
which syhows conclusively that Cham
berlains Is the most eatlsfntftorlly to
the people and Is the best For sale by
nil druggists
But few people who are born fools
ever succeed In living it down
Whenever a man falls In an under
tailing he attributes it to fatalism
Illch bachelors never realize how well
off they were until after marrying
I was reading nnd ndvortlsememt of
Chamlierlalns Colic Cholera and Diar
rhoea Itemedy In the Worchester En
tcdprlso recently which lends me to
w rite this I can truthfully say I never
used any remedy opual to It for colic
nnd dlaiTlioea I leave never had to
use more than one or two doses to cure
the wost case with myself or children
W A Stroud Topomoko City Md
For sale by all druggists
Lots of people are too conscientious
to He and yet manage to suppress the
Some women ntttact attention sim
ply because they make no effort to at
tract it
In 1SS8 my wife went East and was
attacked with rheumatism Sho re
ceived no relief until she tried Cham
berlains Pain Balm Since that time
we havo never boon without It We
And it gives instant relief in cases of
burns and scalds nnd Is never falling
for all rheumatic and neuralgic pains
D O Brant Santa Ynez Cal For
sale by all druggists
It you should wish to be miserable
you must think about yoursolf about
what you want what you like what re
spect people ought to pay to you and
then to you nothing will be pure You
will spoil everything you touch you
will make sin and misery for yourself
out of everything which God sends
you you will be as wretched as you
choose Charles Klngsley
30 J
H 2 WrH
S5zHC >
Harmless and Pleasant yet a Radical and Permanent Curefor
Hil PJlUrill nDCDATMUO A remedy wMehnf fords immediate relief Not iinlrrltttUttmtBprepara
ill lAinrUL UrCnAMUnOi tionwhlohwlllc IftytllinflammatlonftniJpromptiTCorretHandcnretbe
0U stubborn cane Where phynlclana hawfatledtnln remedy haa effected a radical and permanent cure
In special collapsible tubes as shown In cut Most convenient tn enses of Internal plies
Prioea In Tubes by mall 75oj Bottles 00c
JAMES F BALLARD Sole Proprietor
< V > North Main Street ST LOUIS tfr
For Sale by AUGUST GRAVE Shiner Texas
Ou Sale via the
San Mtu aid Aransas Pass Railway
To all
itf Coephs Christi Roctport Aransas Pass ant PorM
Apply to Local Ticket Agent
now acjr
h tirade all styles
oulpmont ou <
41rKl SO73 to SI 701
larole ai Granite
Chas S VanNosirand
Soulptou and Proprietor
MONUMENTAL WORK given our ra
cial attention
We solicit your patronage and GUARAN
We have as many monuments to sell ai
any one Prices are as low as Is consistent
With First OUss Work and Material
General Salesman
Local Salesmen
Future comfort for present
seeming economy but buy the
sewingmachine with an estab
lished reputation that guar
antees you long and satisfac
tory service o o o >
devices for regulating and
showing the exact tension are
> a few of the features that
emphasize the high grade
character of the White
Send for our elegant HT
I catalog
White Sewing Machine Co
For sale by
Now if Spain would only leave that
Cuban debt out over night In the vicin
ity of Santiago it could be readily dis
posed of The Cubans would carry it
off before morning hoof hide and tal

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